Monday, October 18, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World: October 18

The guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong to Expressed.


Written by Expressed

I'll admit I don't have high hopes for his episode. An episode where they want to trick people into thinking Rocky is dying ...mmm. I can already see Matt's dramatic speech about how it's time to put Rocky down...cue commercial, and then Matt's happy speech at the end that Rocky showed that old Roloff resliency and kicked death in the butt!

Plus I think there is something fundamentally wrong when Rocky gets more screen time than Jeremy, but enough complaining. The episode starts!

*Matt is on the floor with Rocky. Matt says Rocky can't walk. It's a good thing Matt exagerrates everything! :) Rocky is 10 years old.

*Zach enters Matt's office in one of those scenes that you can almost hear the producer saying "Matt, Zach, talk about Rocky in the office". For the second episode in a row, Dani makes another appearance. With the subtitle "Zach's friend". The producers aren't giving up on the whole Zach is dating Dani failed story line are they? Hey TLC, Dani is engaged to Brendon now!

*Matt, Zach and Dani take Rocky to the vet. Rocky won't get into the van for Zach. I get the feeling Rocky doesn't like Zach much. Just saying.

*Amy, Molly, and Jake arrive at the vet. The whole family is there except for Jeremy. Rocky is actually Jeremy's dog, at least he picked him out. Matt says call the next of, Rocky Matt is a little too into this whole 'It's time for Rocky to die' theme.

*The vet notices another spot in Rocky's eye. She says they'll give him some pills for it. The vet seems very, very unconcerned. Hmmm. TLC and Matt are acting like Rocky is ready to drop dead any minute. The vet doesn't seemed concerned. Who to believe??

*Matt isn't a cat person. They show two Roloff cats. The veteran Spike and the black and white cat Mo.

*Zach and Molly apparently caught a poor little barn kitten and brought into the bathroom. They get the good idea to introduce him to Spike. It goes well for about 2 seconds until Spike swats and hisses. I'm worried for this little kitten. We never see it again and given what we hear later about how the Roloffs deal with animals, I don't think I want to hear what happened to the kitten. Did Jeremy take it to the barn with a gun?? I wouldn't be surprised!

*Rocky is laying in his bed on the floor. The Roloffs determine Rocky can't move and is ready to die. I think Rocky is just being a dog...

*Amy gets into the act and talks about the day Rocky is gone...poor Rocky, only the Roloffs are ready to bury him!

*Matt gets an idea to give Rocky his arthritis meds because he doesn't think the stuff the vet gave him were working. Jeremy! Jeremy pulls Rocky's bed with Rocky on it to Matt's office. Jeremy actually is talking very sweet to Rocky. I'll admit it's kind of surprising given some of the stories I've heard about Jeremy and his friends and animal cruelty (killing squirrels, chipmonks and birds for kicks), but I guess that doesn't apply to dogs! I admit that's the one big realization I've come to about Jeremy "for real" that I don't like.

*Anyway, Rocky likes Jeremy! A lot more than he likes Zach. Jeremy calls him and he comes.

*Matt tells everyone and Molly that he doesn't like Spike. Matt says Spike has always been nasty to Rocky. I remember the scene when Rocky was chasing Spike around in the second season....even Matt jumped in back then.

*Jake has a turtle...he named it Ardvark...he decides to introduce it to Spike and Rocky. They looked like they were chilling with each other. He puts it on the floor and seems to walk away. It's going good until it moves. Rocky barks, Spike hisses!

*Matt is again going on about how bad Rocky is doing and how he's in so much pain. Matt says it's time to put Rocky down. But he gets more graphic than that. Matt is planning to have Jeremy take him outside and shoot him! He's serious too. This is kind of shocking. Could Jeremy really do that? It is Rocky, so I don't think so, but see the above stories, maybe he could. I remember my Mom telling me about her dad who was a great big strong macho guy who when the old barn cat that had been around for years and years got old and sick, he took it out to the barn to "Matt Roloff" it and came back inside and couldn't do it. But that was years and years ago! But the Roloffs are kind of hillbilly country in some of their ways.

*Matt gives the' Roloff Farm will never be the same without Rocky' speech.

*I gotta jump in here. Seriously I think this is all true for people that have pets that they love (except for being able to shoot them to death!) it's just it seems so out of place since Rocky doesn't seem that bad. It's like they wanted to do the "Rocky dies" episode before the show goes off the air but Rocky wasn't co-operating by not dying.

*They show Rocky at the top of the stairs looking like he can't get down...until Spike jumps out from around the corner and attacks him! Spike gets Rocky to move down the stairs. Good job Spike! He's like Rocky's personal trainer :)

*They play great music in a scene of a showdown between Spike and Rocky. Spike wins. Rocky wanders outside. Zach says Rocky is demoralized because the cats own Rocky. Jeremy in a hot tub! Zach tries to get Rocky inside. Rocky once again won't move for Zach. Like I said, I really think Rocky doesn't like Zach much. I don't think this scene had much of a point except to show Jeremy in the hot tub. Thanks producers! :)

*Matt was determined to get genetic testing done on Rocky. One of the sponsors works at the genetic testing place or something. They come out to tell the Roloffs that Rocky is a Bull Mastif. Matt asks how long they live, she says between 9 and 11 years usually. Since Rocky is 10 and the Roloffs are being kind of morbid on this subject, they take that to mean it's time for Rocky to die.

*The Roloffs tell this dog person about how bad Rocky is and ask when is the right time for...the end to come. She gives them good advice. Wait until you see obvious signs of pain like wimpering, then you'll know that the humane thing to do is euthanasia....but Matt wants Jeremy to shoot Rocky with a shotgun!

*By the way, some of this Rocky stuff is really old. They have a whole scene talking about Rocky's impending death during the Risk game with Jake. I think they showed us this Risk game about 2 seasons ago. It's the one with Jake wearing a white shirt and for some reason he reminds me of John Travolta (don't ask why!)

*Matt and Amy get into a serious discussion about Rocky's death during the Risk game. Matt is determined that they're going to kill Rocky. He thinks it's the way to die with dignity. Amy says no, the humane thing to do is let the vet give him a needle. Jake doesn't seem to get it because he's asking Matt how would they do it at home (He means he's going to have Jeremy kill Rocky with a shotgun, Jake!!!!) Suddenly Jake is on Matt's side and wants to do kill Rocky at home. Matt says it's the way they did it in the old days. Amy says things aren't done that way anymore. They are getting intense. This is an issue. Matt is set on him and Jeremy shooting Rocky. Amy says "I said we shall do it the humane way and take him to the vet". I totally agree with Amy on this one. Unless it was financial and it's obviously not for the Roloffs, I can't understand why anyone would want to shoot their pet at home instead of letting the vet give it a needle. Actually I can understand not wanting to take your pet to the vet because it makes it all nervous, but for people with money, there are vets that will come to your home and put your pet down at home (with a needle, not a shotgun!)

*But wait! I'm getting caught up in this faux storyline. Should we remember that Rocky doesn't actually seem to be dying and any of the animal professionals didn't act at all like Rocky was in bad shape.

*It's a commercial for the rest of the season of LPBW. Matt says something like "I/You should get a way from the farm for a while", they show Amy in the doorway. Amy says "Sometimes you have to move on"...oh yay, more marriage drama crap that the Roloffs say is all fake anyway.

*In an anti climatic close to the episode, Matt says they decided to let Rocky live out his life for a little longer. Matt talks to Rocky about who will be his faithful friend when he's gone as Amy watches.

My final word? I think this whole episode was a plot line, let's do an episode about Rocky dying, that's something regular people can relate to...except Rocky isn't actually dying. What did we actually see? Rocky lying down being lazy. Shocking for an older dog! Matt saying Rocky can't walk, but we did see Rocky walk a lot and he's been walking around the farm this last weekend!


Deb said...

Matt's insane! How could anybody with a heart shoot their own pet when it is so easy to do it the humane way?

Would Jeremy do it? They never told us what Jeremy thought of it. Matt was so gung ho about Jeremy shooting Rocky that I assume that's what Jeremy wanted to do too.

Cindy said...

I also wonder if Jeremy could shoot Rocky? Probably!

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the show yet and I wonder if i will after reading how morbid and cold Matt seemed to be. But, I have to weigh in on Rocky's health. I've noticed for the last year or so that he moves with what appears to be discomfort and difficulty and have felt quite sorry for him. Despite anyone's opinions, imo it's obvious the dog is in pain and it won't be long before he is put down.

mythoughtis said...

In some states, it is now illegal to kill your own pet. So, I think Matt better check some laws now that he has said (on TV) that he wants to kill his pet himself.

It's hard to follow the timeline here...and Rocky didn't see all that ill yet. Old, yes, ill no. Little melodramatic about the entire dog/cat relationship also.

I think another indication that these are old scenes is the fact that Dani is there.

As to Zach and Rocky, our Lab never wanted to get in the car either... because getting in the car meant going to the bet. She was every big as big as Rocky, so it was quite a production trying to get her in the car. Rocky probably weighs as much as Zach does.

Jason said...

I probably shouldn't say it, but gotta be honest.

If Rocky and Jeremy went into a barn and only one comes out, I know who I'd want to see emerge!

Scout said...

I watched the "Little People, Big World" episode tonight and couldn't agree with you more. The show's become so boring that they're trying to find ANYTHING that will make it more interesting whether it be their poor dog Rocky dying or their cat Spike attacking an innocent barn kitten.

It was very obvious to me that Rocky was NOT in his last stage of life. Though he might suffer from achy joints and fatigue, I think that Rocky's just an old dog that wants some rest and relaxation.

This show has gotten so boring over the years that they're now sacrificing animals for our entertainment.

C1rca said...

lol Jason.

I couldn't believe Matt. I have to agree with Deb, no one with a heart would do that, or think of it.

Good review Expressed!

Expressed said...

C1rca, thanks!

My Thought, I think it was more of a Rocky/Zach issue because Rocky never seems to give Jeremy a hard time. I remember the first Rocky episode, he didn't give Jeremy that bad a time getting into the car. Rocky also didn't want to move for Zach into the office or into the house.

Vicky said...

If Rocky likes Jeremy and not Zach, he has a bad sense, because Jeremy is the one that is going to gun him down!

Carol said...

Just when you think Matt and Jeremy can't get any more repulsive.

Oh and there was the obligatory Jeremy himbo scene!

Shadow said...

I think the tease for the next episode was *supposed* to make you think that Rocky's time had come, and Matt was sending Amy "away from the farm" so she wouldn't have to witness the "humane" ending. You would think TLC would have learned their lesson with the whole "Matt's heart attack" episode about these stupid "cliffhangers," but noooooo...

Fortunately, those of us who hang out here are well aware that Rocky is still roaming Roloff Farm. Guess we should alert the media! Oh, wait, no, that's what TLC WANTS us to do! Yawn, think I'll go to bed instead...

Expressed said...

Shadow, I didn't think of that. You might be right. I thought it was more marriage drama crap. but maybe it was meant to be a Rocky cliffhanger.

BeckyM said...

This is why this show has failed... they could have used this episode as an education to viewers to discuss senior pet care with their vet (not go through some hokey genetic testing which is very questionable in dogs BTW) and discuss realistic options.

Instead we get a lot of crap. Again.

Mike P. said...

Roloff hitches up his macho, and decides . . . that Jeremy will shoot the dog.

Geez. Euthanasia today is quiet, loving and painless for the pet. If Rocky is as beloved as Roloff claims (and I think this claim is the only true claim that Roloff makes), doesn't he deserve the best end?

But no. Ever insensitive to his family, Roloff invokes Old Yeller, the barn and the shotgun. Yup. Like the Old West.

Fortunately for all concerned, the show will be dead before the dog is, and none of us will need to watch any of this again.

Natalie said...

I think they should keep the mean cats away from Rocky. Let him have the house in peace.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't he want zach to shoot their dog? He never thinks zach can do anything. It's always jeremy. Same with jacob. jacob is treated like a 5 year old. Matt's got some mental block going on. He doesnt think right.

Craw said...

Where are all the people that used to say Jacob is so much smarter than Jeremy?

Did Jacob ever realize what Matt was talking about??? Was it that hard to understand??

Christine said...

"Why doesn't he want zach to shoot their dog? He never thinks zach can do anything. It's always jeremy. Same with jacob. jacob is treated like a 5 year old. Matt's got some mental block going on. He doesnt think right."

I though that at first too, but after though I will give Matt the benefit of the doubt.

At first I thought it was because Jeremy is Matt's *macho* son that proves his manliness by killing things. Jeremy and his friends do kill innocent animals. Jeremy is Matt's Golden boy. Matt hinks of Jeremy as his manly son.

But on second thought considering Zach's problems shooting the rifle, who would want him shooting at Rocky? He would probably hit him in the leg.

But the whole idea of doing that to your pet when money is not the issue is twisted and sick just like Matt and Jeremy.

Jerry said...

I think it was all a hoax to get people talk. Matt is a genius! :)

Anon111 said...

Jeremy macho?!!!! LOL Did you see that pink sweater tied around his neck? I'm not saying he's gay but he does not dress very macho. He also looked too big last night. I think its gotta be steroids at work there. If so lay off them drugs Jer.

Juile said...

The sweater tied around Jer wasn't pink. It was green. IMO, he didn't look big at all. I don't remember seeing Jer's complete body either.

Expressed said...

Anon111, people mean macho in attitude :) I think that's accurate.

Julie is right, the sweater around his neck wasn't pink, it looked like the fluorescent green or bright yellow sweater Jeremy wears.

Julie, last night they didn't show his complete body. It was from about the middle of his stomach up when he was in the pool sitting on the steps.

I think Anon111 might be right on that one. All I can say is I think Jeremy got extra huge real quick and sometimes his body looks weird and not natural. I'm not an expert on the stuff so I don't know.

I hope he's not. That's dangerous stuff. I don't know why he would think he had to. He looked great with a little working out. He doesn't have the type of build where he needs that huge pumped up look.

Chris said...

I would be shocked. S-H-O-C-K-E-D if Jeremy and Mueller aren't taking the stuff.

Mueller was talking about his cycle ending, post cycle, and the next cycle beginning in 4 weeks. Ever know anybody that took steroids or is taking them? Look it up. It describes it to a T.

I hope Jer isn't one of these guys that drops dead at 21 because of the sh*t he's taking.

Ellen said...

Isn’t it pathetic when a bunch of guys who apparently don’t have fulfilling lives sit around their computers mindlessly BS-ing. Anon111, Expressed and Chris, your obvious attempt to build yourselves up by making fun of and telling lies about others is ridiculous. Are you even adults? Really how old are you? This is unfortunately typical of the information the people here base their statements and opinions on. Rubbish!

Chris said “Mueller was talking about his cycle ending, post cycle, and the next cycle beginning in 4 weeks. Ever know anybody that took steroids or is taking them? Look it up. It describes it to a T.” --- It actually describes a work rotation, but don’t hurt your two brain cells thinking about that.

Everyone here has been bashing Matt for talking about cyber-bullies, but here you all are attacking Jeremy’s masculinity and questioning his sexuality on the color of his sweater and style of dress?

You are constantly accusing the Roloff's of a superiority complex, but you don't have the courage to look at yourselves. Does it make you feel like big men sitting up there so superior in your own minds?

Expressed said...

Whoa!! Was I just called a Jer basher? And a guy? hahaha! I guess there is a first time for everthing!

I was honest. All I said was Jer has got big real quick and I don't think he needed to to still look great. I never said he is definitely taking steroids. But honestly it's something I think about when a guy gets huge quick.

I'm not an expert on steroid lingo, but I've never heard a 19 year old talk about work as a post cycle. I don't think Mueller talks like that. He would probably say "I'm off for 4 weeks". Does he even have a job back in Hillsboro?

As for Jer's clothes, I like them. He has his own unique style. I think it is lame that he gets called both gay and a gay basher. But usually it's not the same people saying both. Having said that it's not that shocking that somebody is going to say he's gay because he's a guy wearing a pink shirt. Yeah it's stupid but any guy is going to get that from some people if they wear pink.

Chris said...

Ellen, why so defensive? You must work for the Roloffs or you are Mueller.

I don't know for a fact if they are doing them or not, but I have my opinion.

Jason said...

Ellen, speculating if Jeremy and Mueller are using something to enhance their builds is tame stuff.

They are mean spirited jerks that have mocked, ridicule, insulted and made fun of just about everyone.

Being a jerk is one thing, but that they think they are "living for God" annoys the hell out of me. Self absorbed jerks that think they are God's chosen ones because they say they love Jesus. They treat people like crap, but it doesn't matter, because they think they love Jesus! To quote Jeremy (about fans), people like them "suck the unsuckable".

There is so much worse that can be said about those two self asorbed bullies (bullies that cowardly humiliate their fans one on one, but smile when they are surrounded by hundreds of people in October) than pondering the possibility that they are getting help with their bodies.

Rap541 said...

Ellen - in all seriousness, check out this website for the lingo.

I ask this next question because you are portraying yourself as someone with direct knowledge. What sort of job has someone working for 12 weeks and then off for four? At last check Mueller was a summer fire fighter but back to school this fall.

Believe me - I would much rather hear a plausible (and not a wishful thinking) explanation for what Mueller is saying because steroids kill.

Personally I am unimpressed with Jeremy's state of dress on any given day but having known gay marines and police officers, clothes don't make you gay or straight.

Em said...

Ellen, I don't see anyone saying for a fact that Jeremy and Mueller are taking steroids, like they have knowledge of it. I think only Jeremy and Mueller would know that. But people are allowed to think what they want.

I don't know why you act like it's so far fetched. Have you looked at before and after pictures of Jeremy and Mueller? The difference is startling. I don't know how anybody smart doesn't at least wonder if that's what they are doing.

I don't think Jeremy is the poor victim of bullies. I think Jeremy and Mueller had a TV network and Jeremy's dad working PR for them to portray them as sweet nice kids and the image doesn't fit the real people.

Like other people have said, I've seen the way Jeremy and his cool friends have insulted their fans. Not people criticizing them, but people that actually like them! Jeremy and friends were so mean spirited. I'd also bet anything they were the school bullies. I know some people that went to Faith said Jeremy and his gang acted like they ruled the school and making fun of new kids was not foreign to them. IMO, it's not a stretch for me to believe that.

Melissa said...

Ellen, if Jeremy didn't want people talking about how he dresses he shouldn't have kept on signing the contracts to be on tv. He obviously thinks the money is worth having people talk about him. Only someone dumb or with an enormous ego would think everyone would love everything about him.

Ellen said...

Chris, in your mind I must either work for the Roloff’s or be Mueller to be offended by your thoughtless unsubstantiated comments? Classic narcissistic attitude in action.

Expressed is under the impression that since she is actually female, her comments should be seen as less stupid or offensive? NOT. I will say kudos because she is the only one that acknowledges that the statements made were in fact gay bashing and that there has been other gay bashing by posters in the past. Yes, it is epidemic here, but no one seems to acknowledge it as a problem.

And now Jason pipes in stating that those comments were tame, therefore they don’t count as lies and gay bashing? Not sure of the point there, but he goes on to say that because in his view, Jeremy and Mueller are jerks and that they [allegedly] have said negative things behind the fans backs, any bashing that goes on here is justified. Wow, so if you want to bash and bully someone, just claim that they deserve it, and it will make it okay? Gosh, now that is an attitude we all will benefit from.

It is interesting how so many here defend their bashing and lies using the above examples as well as a plethora of equally ridiculous defenses. No one here sees themselves as bullies and bashers, but they are. Nor do they see how hurtful and damaging these ‘opinions’ can be to all of us, not just the Roloff’s, but all readers. How can we as a society teach each other to be better when this is the example we set? What really is the code here? Tit for tat? This platform encourages the generation and regeneration of more lies, derogatory statements and negativity than anything positive or educational it claims to be about. It hurts its subjects, its posters and anyone else who happens upon it.

Think whatever you want, but any declarations attempting to defend the right to write and publish your ugly ‘opinions’ will never excuse the damage those misguided rants have done and continue to do.

On the new show, The Talk, Christie Brinkley shared about how painful the blogosphere has been on her daughter, Alexa, who was recently hospitalized due to depression and heartbreak. All people’s hearts can break and as Ms. Brinkley points out that even celebrities, who people believe deserve it and should have a thick skins to criticism, can be hurt by a bunch of people gathering on a blog and making fun of them.

In the future, platforms like this will be held more accountable for their content. When legislation creates clearer liability when providing a venue for the dissemination of defamatory statements, we will see an improvement in the content of not just the internet, but of our character.

Peter said...

Ellen, you keep talking about lies? What is a lie? Because you don't agree?

What about the Roloff boys making fun of Justin Bieber? Do you want Jacob, Jeremy and friends "held accountable" for their bullying comments about Justin?

If the criticism is so damaging and hurtful to celebrities that put themselves out in the public maybe you should question Matt and Amy? If you're to be believed and the Roloff kids crumble at criticism, what do you think of Matt and Amy putting their kids (at least Molly and Jacob) out in the public for about 5 years? If the criticism is so bad, are they good parents for deciding to remain celebrities because they wanted the 15th vehicle, the next free vacation and the mansion?

Jeremy (and Zach) both elected to sign the contract themselves for the last couple of seasons.

Public figures especially on reality shows are going to be criticized. They make the choice to do it.

When TLC finally cancelled it, what does Matt say? "It's not over!!!"

Susan said...

I've thought about this subject lately.

Matt is guilty of being television bully. Do I need to remind you, Ellen (and Matt when he complains about comments) that Matt Roloff (and Jeremy joined in) called his then 9 year old son "a little sissy man" on national television?

If someone else said that I guess you would call that bullying and cruel? Matt said it about his own son! When Matt is saying that about his own 9 year old son on television is it surprising when some of the audience joins Matt and begins calling Jacob a "cry baby" and names like that. Thankfully most people are more respectful than Matt and Jeremy and don't call Jacob a sissy like they have done.

Rap541 said...

I'm still curious as to what Ellen's opinion is of what being post cycle is etc when the terminology Mueller is using is sounds a lot more like steroid cycles than work shifts.

Anyone have any idea what sort of job Mueller has now that he's off four weeks and on twelve?

Brandon said...

Ellen, you sound like you prefer Nazi ways when it comes to freedom of expression.

How about creating some legislastion to prevent liars and hypocrites from getting television shows while being phonies?

Jeremy lying in the book about drinking. Jeremy about standing up against the word "midget" when he was saying all those awful slurs. Matt and Amy saying "midget" is hurtful but want people to shut up about their own kids slurs about others.

Gay bashing? I think that describes the Roloffs. Jeremy's own words. Matt Roloffs own website definitely. Matt's mod made it clear Matt monitors it and has the final say on what's allowed. People that Matt Roloff personally calls post offensive terms to gay people, proudly and mockingly doing so.

Matt Roloff, Mr. Diversity speaker allows it on his website. He personally calls the person making the offensive comments to thank them.

How about some legislation to prevent people from being diversity speakers that have their own kids using awful slurs and allow offensive comments to minority groups on their own website?

I think it's a bit amusing that some people think Jeremy and Mueller are gay. I don't think they are. I think they do what they do to mock gay people. But they mock something long enough and people begin to take it as it is.

Still waiting for your opinion on the Roloff boys insulting Justin Bieiber? It's another case of the Roloffs wanting double standards. They can insult a public figure, but whine when people watch their show and find fault with then. Just like how they don't want people saying "midget" because it's about them, but don't expect people to be offended when the golden boy Jer throws the slurs around.

Ashley said...

Ellen, no one forced the Roloffs to put their lives on tv.

They did it for the money and fame. Then they whine if not everybody loves what they do or when people discover that they don't walk the walk of their own image.

David said...

Ellen said "This platform encourages the generation and regeneration of more lies, derogatory statements and negativity than anything positive or educational it claims to be about. It hurts its subjects, its posters and anyone else who happens upon it."

Actually it is important to speak up and out about the transgressions of people in the spotlight like the Roloffs.

When people see a celebrity like Jeremy living a lie, saying one thing when the cameras are on him, but actually behaves differently, if they don't speak out what message does that send? That it's okay to lie? That there are special rules if you're on tv? That underage drinking, lying about God and using a number of hate speech words should be tolerated without correction or apology?

Taylor said...

In my opinion, Jeremy and Mueller are blemishes on society. An example of people that destroy the morale of others that lack self confidence. They are so caught up in their own arrogance and ignorance that they don't even notice or care about the wreckage they leave due to their ignorance and mean-spiritedness.

It's sad that those two jerks were able to con and lie their way into being paid and given red carpet treatment. I like it more when good things happen to good people.

Cathy said...

"‘opinions’ will never excuse the damage those misguided rants have done and continue to do."

If that's true, the blame lays at the feet of Matt and Amy that made the decision to sign the contracts to have cameras in their home. I would never do that to my kids, even in exchange for a mansion and a fleet of cars and trucks in double digits. Matt and Amy, and later, Jeremy and Zach made the decision that it was worth it to them.

When I used to see people criticize Matt and Amy for putting their family on television, I used to think they weren't wrong as long as the kids had thick skin when they are discussed. Matt and Amy wanted to put their kids out there. If their kids can handle it, who am I to say they were wrong.

But if you are right about the damage negative feedback (and some of it is very fair and accurate) does, than Matt and Amy made a major mistake.

Carol said...

Susan, excellent point about Matt calling Jake a sissy boy.

What kind of man does that? I know, the same type of man that is determined to shoot the family pet to prove the manliness of himself and his favorite son.

Greg said...

Right Ellen...make a law that people are only permitted to praise, kiss butt and believe every word from a celebrity's mouth when people like the the Roloffs and Gosselins splash themselves all over the television screen.

Expressed said...

"Expressed is under the impression that since she is actually female, her comments should be seen as less stupid or offensive? NOT."

No, I'm under the impression that you called me a guy and I corrected you. I'm also under the impression that you're calling me a Jeremy basher which is ridiculously hilarious. I've been called a Jeremy worshipper, but not a basher until you came around :) I like Jeremy a lot but I can still be honest. His look went through a huge change real fast. I'd be lying if I said I never considered the possibility that he's taking something.

"I will say kudos because she is the only one that acknowledges that the statements made were in fact gay bashing and that there has been other gay bashing by posters in the past."

Save your kudos because I don't think it's gay bashing for someone to say they think Jeremy might be gay. I just don't think he should be called both a gay basher but have other people think he's gay.

Austin said...

Ellen is insane. It's gay bashing to mock gay people. Jeremy and his friends have done that. It's gay bashing to use gay slurs and homophobic language. Jeremy has done that.

It's not gay bashing to wonder if someone is gay. I'm not surprised you think that's gay bashing, because you probably believe being gay is so horrible that it's a dreadful insult if anyone thinks you might be gay.

Jason said...

Ellen, you struggle with reading comprehension.

"And now Jason pipes in stating that those comments were tame, therefore they don’t count as lies and gay bashing?"

Rather than restating what I said, I'll copy what I said.

"Ellen, speculating if Jeremy and Mueller are using something to enhance their builds is tame stuff"

2 guys that were skinny guys not too long ago suddenly look like they could play Hans and Franz on the SNL sketch. Of course people are going to ponder how they got looking like that.

You're obsessing because some people said he thought Jeremy was gay? I don't really care, but I doubt it considering their own bigoted and homophobic views through their church.

I whole heartedly believe that Jeremy and Mueller are jerks. They deserve to be called jerks instead of being patted on the back because TLC fooled the audience by leaving their nasty and offensive side out of the editing during the run of the show.

If the world was run according to Ellen, Celebrities and producers of television series would be allowed to tell as many lies as they want, act as bad as they want, but the public would be restricted from ever saying anything negative about the celebrities.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, highly amused that Expressed is now a "Jeremy basher". Welcome to the club, Expressed.

I would point out for those who have reading comprehension issues, that "is he gay" is not necessarily considered a vicious insult by a large portion of the population. Also, if that *is* considered a vicious insult, then only a dimwit twisting in the wind would then insist "not to be a gay bragging f*ggot but I raped their defenses" is also offensive and not "Jeremy's right as a Christian".

Now, do I think some people speculate that Jeremy might be gay simply to offend the Christian crowd? Sure.

On the other hand, I'm not going to lie, there are things - not clothing but comments and actions - that both Jeremy and Mueller have done that have made me wonder. Specifically Mueller insisting Jeremy wanted his birthday party to be no girls and the reality that Mueller and Jeremy take a lot of photos of themselves shirtless, hugging each other and spend a lot of time declaring each other to be their best friend forever.

Are they kidding around? Maybe. But that's odd kidding around for the sort of conservative Christians they profess to be.

On the larger point - Ellen, in all seriousness, you really don't understand that Matt Roloff et al are not private citizens. To use the most recent example, if Matt goes on tv declaring how he wants to shoot his dog like in Old Yellar because thats how he wants the dog to meet its end.... You know what? People are going to have an opinion on it because Matt made it a public matter for discussion when he accepted a paycheck to air the episode.

And not everyone will agree. Check out the boards at television without pity. There's people calling Matt a monster. and I am always amused at how Twop never seems to get included in the hater site rants by one Matt Roloff when each and every forum is a rant fest about a celebrity.... oh right. Because having a negative opinion on a message board isn't against the law.

David3 said...

To be fair it could be a cycle of duty for a fireman. It is time all these boys got a real full time job.

Christine said...

David3, Mueller's fire fighter job was for the summer in another part of Oregon. It sounds like he's playing with Jeremy at the pumpkin patch every weekend and going to PCC (with Jeremy of course!). I doubt that cycle/post cycle talk has anything to do with a fire fighting job that he apparently doesn't have right now cuz it was a summer thing.

Martins of VA said...

To Expressed: I congratulate you for such a wonderful script. It was almost as entertaining as the show. As for the "Star of the Night" Rocky, I thought it was a good interesting story line because most of us can relate to it. The shooting suggestion by Matt was genious because as you know, Matt is an actor and neither he nor Jeremy has the heart to take out Rocky in that manner, it was more like an episode of Ole Yeller, & Matt gets it. Amy is a perfect balance to Matt & plays the level-headed one. We love all the shows & especially the whole Roloff Family. I don't want them to stop filming. We will miss them. The Martins of Virginia.