Sunday, October 17, 2010

Little People, Big World Roloff previews for the next few weeks

Little People, Big World returns Monday at 8pm for one half hour episode on October 18th at 8pm. If you're wondering, LPBW wasn't on last week due to TLC running a 'Cake Boss' Marathon.
Below are previews or titles of some of the upcoming new episodes for Season 6 of LPBW.

Oct 18
Rocky's Last Stand

As their lovable dog Rocky faces a health crisis, the Roloffs worry that they might be forced to say goodbye to him sooner than they expected. Meanwhile, Rocky has his hands full with the Roloff cats when they move in on his turf.

Oct 25
Little Noah

Matt pulls off a minor logistical miracle transporting an oversized replica of Noah's Ark to the farm. Amy is dead-set against it, but when a government official trespasses to investigate the giant attraction, she defends the project and her property.

Nov 1

Get Off My Turf

Nov 8

Dating Daze

Nov 15

Take A Hike

The 2011 Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle 2760HP will be featured in an upcoming episode of TLC's "Little People Big World."

The half-hour episode will feature Matt Roloff acquiring the Dixie Chopper mower to use on the 34-acre Roloff Farms, a pumpkin patch operation north of Hillsboro, Ore. For six seasons, TLC has chronicled everyday life for Roloff, his family, and their experience of running a farm.

Roloff and his staff aren't strangers to Dixie Chopper mowers. But the new mower arrived by special delivery. Dixie Chopper Marketing Manager Kraig Richmond, Territory Manager Tom Metz and Marketing Assistant Bryon Hurst delivered the Silver Eagle 2760HP to Roloff by truck and trailer, driving 5,000 miles round trip from the company's headquarters in central Indiana to the Portland area.

The model features a new roll bar and retractable aircraft-style seatbelt. And while Roloff might be small in stature and unable to reach the floor, he can operate the zero-turn mower without any modifications because its steering, acceleration and braking are done with hand levers.

The new Dixie Chopper can be seen in action in the upcoming episode "Take a Hike," which is scheduled for 8 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15 on TLC.


Anonymous said...

Oh look, a product placement infomercial. No wonder this show was canceled.

Chris said...

They have a thing for tricking viewers into thinking someone is dying don't they? Those moral Roloffs! First Matt and now Rocky. I can see it now, all those 5 year olds that watch because Little People Big World is something the whole family can watch. Tricked into thinking Rocky is dying after Matt's gloomy speech.

Nina said...

Since their show is now canceled and they are still in production of the show, they could have at least stop having the show staged and scripted and went back to the simple basic family oriented show that it once was.

But I guess going out in style and with class and going back to a basic concept of this show being real and not being stage or fake is no longer a thought to be taken in to consideration in the last few weeks of filming with the Executive Producers meaning Matt and Amy Roloff. How How Pathectic and sad is that.

Cathelitou said...

The next episodes seems not very interessing! I agree with Nina. They should be back with the basic oriented show it was before. Before, it seems not script or it was less we didn't notice. Now, it's like a infomercial. I hope for the very last episode, it will be more personal like it was before.

M said...

Oh Rocky... Wait haven't they already done that episode before? The one when Rocky got attacked by some animal, it ended in a happy ending. They really have run out of ideas.

joni said...

sooo sad to lose a faithful friend.I cried when Rocky died. He will be missed. What a good boy.