Saturday, October 23, 2010

Matt Roloff and the Dixie Chopper

There is another article about Matt Roloff and the Dixie Chopper lawn mower. It explains the process of how Matt approached company for equipment to use on the show (aka. trade outs).

"Matt Roloff became acquainted with Dixie Chopper mowers because of his association with the local New Holland farm equipment dealer, who has provided machinery used at the Roloff farm. The Portland area dealer also handles Dixie Chopper mowers, and it was there that Roloff became infatuated with "The World's Fastest Lawn Mower." Matt wasted no time incorporating the mower into the operation of Roloff Farms, where it is being used constantly by the family and their staff.

How did this all come about?

"Actually, Matt Roloff himself called last April to say he was interested in getting a Dixie Chopper mower to use on the show," Dixie Chopper Communications and Public Relations Director Eric Bernsee explained. "Interestingly enough, as we were discussing the possibilities, he was walking into NBC studios in Hollywood to go on 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno and talk about the new season."

Agreeing to provide a mower was the easy part. Getting it to the far Northwest was another story..."

You can read the full article here:


Greg said...

What is Matt going to do with the show being cancelled? He might need to buy things with his own money like normal people! No wonder Matt is scrambling around Hollywood to get another gig.

Ashley said...

Product placement is one of the many reasons why the show went downhill leading to its cancelation.

Dana said...

I don't know why people get upset with the trade outs. It's a business deal. Matt is smart. The companies aren't forced to supply their products.

They feel the exposure to Matt's millions of fans is worth having their product on display instead of a competitor. Matt is smart for completing those deals.

Timothy said...

" One of Dixie Chopper's biggest fans is one of the world's most famous "Little People."

Matt is a big fan of anyone that gives him something for free.

This sense of entitlement explains a lot about why the Roloff kids are so spoiled and have such poor work ethic.

Mike P. said...

Don't mean to change the topic, but I'm just curious: What became of the dwarf step-stool business?

That seemed to be going great guns a while ago. He's not going back to pushing those things?

Eric said...

It is clear that the advertising and marketing professionals at Dixie Chopper jumped at this chance. They understand the great opportunity of having their product used and endorsed on national television by a popular and respected celebrity who represents and appeals to their target demographic. Endorsement is so valuable that any cost that would be incurred in product and delivery is far less than it would be to launch a national television commercial campaign reaching the audience. First it was Tim Allen, Price is Right, then Orange County Choppers, and now Matt Roloff. It would not be surprising to see Dixie Chopper helping the Duggers out next, it is just good marketing.

Rap541 said...

Mike- there hasn't been a lot of discussion about it. The website for it seems a bit hit and miss. Matt certainly hasn't been talking much about it.

Expressed said...

Honestly, I don't think it's good marketing. How many companies feel burned after their big episode airs?

I remember the Resort Homes General Manager posting on here about being disappointed at their lack of push on the show after comping a luxury resort home for the Roloffs.

There are some others that I forget but Spirits usually has the stories of some company releasing something about when their product or service will air. Then it's barely even shown.

I think the one that got burned the most was Rockstar. They blur out the Rockstar logo! After they gave the Roloffs like a year supply of the drink and dressed the Roloff kids and their friends (Mueller for sure) in Rockstar hats and shirts.

The company in California that did Matt's yellow VW got screwed too, imo. They basically made a new car out of Matt's old VW, it took them a long time. When the show aired Matt said it was a friend of his, they might have showed the sign once and that was it except for flashing it up in the credits at the end that nobody watches.

It's hard because if they do give a lot of time to the product and sell it, we fans complain (and rightfully so!) because we don't want to watch an infomercial on LPBW.

If I had a company or a product like that, I don't think I'd do business with LPBW. I don't think most viewers pay attention when they flash up a logo.

I don't remember the names of the 2 places where Jeremy took his BMW. What was the name of the gliding place that Jeremy and Zach did for their 17th birthday? I don't know.

Rap541 said...

"It would not be surprising to see Dixie Chopper helping the Duggers out next, it is just good marketing."

I just wouldn't characterize it as "helping out", Eric.

Its a business transaction. Matt gets a free mower, Dixie Chopper gets a free half hour commercial.

I have to agree with Expressed tho. The folks looking for product placement don't always fair well on LPBW. And its not always such a great deal. A business person who was involved with Millionaire Matchmaker made a good point over on that tv companies (Bravo in this example) will always try to get comped for services and then all the business gets is a mention in the credits.

But since so far this seems to be getting portrayed as an entire episode of "Matt gets a new mower", Dixie Chopper might get its money's worth.

To me, it sounds like a half hour commercial but the show has already been canceled so I wasn't expecting much anyway.

Tom said...

Product placement is in all media now. They have been doing it in movies forever. People don’t watch tv like they used to. Commercials are skipped over most of the time. Product placement is one of the only ways to really get your product out there. If you haven’t noticed manufactures and other companies are getting into producing their own programs for tv and the web to manage how people are seeing their products.

Jocelynn said...

"To me, it sounds like a half hour commercial but the show has already been canceled so I wasn't expecting much anyway."

Rap, that's what the company might be expecting :) I doubt it will be like that.

The episode is called "Take a Hike". I'm guessing it's about the Roloffs hiking since we know Jeremy and Zach go on a lot of hikes. I bet the Matt part is the second part of the "story". I wouldn't be surprised if it's one scene showing Matt mowing the property.

Nate said...

I have the Xcaliber 3356 for my 4.3 acres, Matt you are going to love it.

Cindy said...

I doubt Dixie Chopper got into this willy nilly. They have a savvy marketing team and have partnered with many other companies, and even another TLC program before. They are probably loving it that we are already talking about them and so is Matt Roloff. It is part of the buzz that helps their marketing.

Brandon said...

"Matt wasted no time incorporating the mower into the operation of Roloff Farms, where it is being used constantly by the family and their staff."

In other words, it was a freebie for Camerino. Roloffs don't actually do work themselves unless it's for filming purposes.

Seriously, it's one of the noticable things from people's pictures this October. Look at all the landscaping. There is no way the Roloffs (yes that includes the Golden Boy) could keep it looking half as good as all the work that requires.

Dawn said...

"A business person who was involved with Millionaire Matchmaker made a good point over on that tv companies (Bravo in this example) will always try to get comped for services and then all the business gets is a mention in the credits."

Agreed. I used to be the General Manager of a hotel. We were contacted by a major television network asking if we would exchange three hotel rooms for a several month span while a Home make-over show worked on the house for a family. They said the hotel would be featured on the show. We provided them with three prime hotel rooms during a busy time of the year. The cameras filmed the family arriving at the hotel. The family stayed for two and a half months. We waited for the program to air.

It wasn't what I was expecting based on the initial letter received from them. The only footage they used on the show was a brief 2 second clip of the family walking through the lobby. No shots of the hotel sign. No mention of the hotel name. There were no comments from the family about how they enjoyed their stayed at the hotel. All we got was the hotel name in the end credits along with 75 other companies. It was not worth it, but I used it as a learning experience of what not to do again.

Shadow said...

Re: the dwarf stepstool business - this was another case where someone else did all the work. Mike was the prime "production unit" of those kits, and with his death, the business just faded away. Matt probably couldn't find anyone else willing to work for basically nothing, and the cost/benefit margin on paying someone else to actually build them was just not there. They were a great little attention-getter for the show, but like the pumpkin farm, not actually profitable in and of themselves. And once Matt started getting the TLC money, he didn't need the bother and fuss of an actual side business.

Lois said...

Looking at the Dixie Chopper, I can see why it would appeal to Matt. He has limited mobility and most things he drives need some sort of modification. I bet it was great to be able to just jump on it and go. I can’t wait to see him on his new Dixie Chopper. Yeah Indiana!! Go DePauw Tigars!

Kandy said...

My uncle got himself a Dixie Chopper because Tim the Tool Time Taylor had one. That was a while ago, but I think he still has it.

Ashley said...

I thought I remember reading about some company buying into Matt's accessibility kit/stool business.

Justin said...

The stool business, like everything else, Mike did the work and the Roloffs took the credit (see everything Mike ever "helped" Jeremy with.

I think Mike was so used by the Roloffs.

Anon24 said...

Actually Shadow, your facts are wrong. Mat still has that business and ships products to hotels around the world. Most of his business is from Hotel supply catalog orders. I have sprayed coated his steps for past 4 years.

Dana said...

Anon24, thank you for proving Shadow wrong once again.

Oh and Shadow? You did say or imply you were a neighbor of the Roloffs. Maybe not a next door/farm neighbor, but live close. What are you afraid Matt will figure out who you are? I think you might be that Arvit or part of the family that was giving Matt a hard time in the papers.

The latest thing you wrote that implied you were neighbor was after the episode about Jeremy's BMW. I can't be bothered to find your exact quote but you wrote something like you don't want Jeremy driving down YOUR streets without a license plate/unregistered car. You've given yourself away with your knowledge of the area. I am convinced that you are a jealous neighbor.

Rap541 said...

In fairness Dana, anyone can say "I work with Matt and he's sending out massive orders of his kit".

Mind you - I happen to think it's plausible, although I remember the show showcasing how Matt has a shop of developementally disabled people actually making the steps.... I just think it's pretty amusing that, if it is even sorta positive about Matt, you rush to insist an anon poster is proving Shadow wrong with nothing other than... an anon poster's word as your proof.

And Dana - *you* are the one insisting Shadow is one of Matt's jealous neighbors, not Shadow. Shadow has always been upfront about living withing driving distance of Roloff Farms - hence the comments about not wanting people like Matt who are proud to "drive sloppy" despite being an adult who clearly knows he needs his peddles perfectly adjusted or else he's weaving like a drunk.

*You* are the one making a public accusation. You need to show some *proof* since I don't believe your lies.

And yes, I am calling you a *liar* since you are making public accusations you can not prove... like a cyberbully, but since you're pro-Matt, no doubt Matt will soon call you to praise you for your bullying lies :)

Dana - what if someone here *is* a close neighbor who doesn't like Matt? Are you the Neighbor Police? "LOVE MATT OR GO TO HELL! LOVE MATT OR MOVE! IF YOU DON'T SUPPORT MATT JESUS ROLOFF, YOU HATE GOD AND DESERVE PUNISHMENT!"?

Seriously Dana - I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of the neighbor disputes, but I do know enough to know the answer is not "ALL OF MATT'S DECISIONS ARE PERFECT AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES IS ALWAYS AND FOREVER WRONG!" - There's been some legitimite issues that the neighbors have won...and they didn't win because they worship Satan. Matt isn't perfect. If you want to insist you don't believe he's perfect... then you need to reasonably look at some of the issues... including things like "I wasn't drunk, I just didn't give a damn about driving safely. I know I need specially adjusted pedals but I didn't bother but I am a dwarf so aint I a cutie pie".

Rap541 said...

Anon24 - Matt Roloff is on record stating he doesn't like anon posting. Who are you and what is your relationship to Matt's stool business?

Personally, I think it's telling that the stool business's website has been fairly messed up and difficult to access for some months (if you search on yahoo for Direct Access Solutions, the website is able to be found but full of dead links).

It's a bit of a specialty item - how many dwarfs do high end hotels get and how many hotels don't already have reasonable accomadations in place? I stayed at the Hilton in Atlanta over Labor Day and honestly, I was impressed at how accomadating the room was for people of short stature - the remote was on the nightstand, there was a sturdy, wide stool in the bathroom under the sink.... the only necessity I could see someone of short stature needing was a low rod in the closet.

Any big contracts out there, Anon? Or is this all still "secret" until the show goes off the air?

Shadow said...

"I am convinced that you are a jealous neighbor."

Bwahahahahahaha...oh, ok. I'm not sure what different it makes who or what I am, but if that's something you need to be convinced of, then go for it.

"I have sprayed coated his steps for past 4 years."

I'm not quite sure what this has to do with having an inside knowledge of Matt's stools, but good on ya!

Lynn C said...

"I'm not quite sure what this has to do with having an inside knowledge of Matt's stools, but good on ya!"

Well, if the person works on Matt's stools, they would know if the stools were still selling and shipping out.

Rap541 said...

Lynn, I then raise the valid point - why be anonymous about that... now?

Really... Matt's on record not liking "ghost identities" so I assume he's not liking it when his friends and employees defend him with ghost ids.


baxter said...

Out of curiosity and some time on my hands, I googled hotel supply catalogs and all they seem to sell in the step stool dept is Rubbermaid. No mention of Roloff or his product.

Shadow said...

Lynn - If "steps" means stepstools, then the person might know something about the business. If "steps" means porch steps, then there's no connection. I read it as the latter, but I agree it *could* be the former.

Rap541 said...

To be perfectly fair, Baxter, I doubt Matt has ever had the stepstool in a catalog. It really is a bit of a specialty item

Greg said...

But Rap, that's what the person claiming to have painted Matt's stools is saying. That Matt's stools are selling in hotel supply catalogs.

abstractdaisy said...

Really? How many step stools do Hotels need for their "little" clientel? I just cannot see this product selling " 'round the world" as one poster suggested. Frankly, I've run across one 'little person" in my entire life and I'm 48--really how many little people are there and should I be concerned that I'll be a minority because I'm not? I'm 5 foot 3 and there's lots of things I can't reach so I pull a chair over and make do. Much ado about nothing. I'd be more inclined to believe that Matt has suggested to Hotel managers/owners that they better buy his product or they could be sued for discrimination and he'll be first in line to do so.

Rap541 said...

Greg - I don't necessarily put a huge amount of credence in the claims of the anonymous "local friends of Matt".

Rap541 said...

Daisy - along with my own experiences with the Hilton (see above) I asked a friend who is a concierge at a local resort hotel what they would do with an lp guest. He answered it pretty quickly - it being a "classy" establishment, they wouldn't be giving their guest or guests rubbermaid stools, they would send someone to the local furniture store and buy a nice stepstool if the ones they already have weren't acceptable.

And they'd still be spending less. So I can see why the hotels aren't *racing* to spend this kind of money.

Shadow said...

Just out of curiosity, I looked at a few major hotel supply sites. None listed a "short stature accessibility kit" (as Matt refers to it) in the items they offer, nor anything else that resembles the DAS kit. Then I looked at the company info for Direct Access Solutions, which oddly enough, for a COMMERCIAL business, is located not on its own website, but on Matt's personal site (in fact, click on the News link and it takes you to the Roloff Family site!).

It lists a lot of big hotel chains as stocking the kits, but as I vaguely recall, Matt's selling pitch was to get one kit per location. That could still be a significant amount of money, but I'm betting they got quite a discount if they bought a large quantity, as I suspect $345/kit would send most supply managers headed to Home Depot for stepstools, fireplace pokers, and "grabber" extension wands. Especially since, except for the pretty wooden stool with a handle, all the components look like ordinary stuff you could pick up anywhere.

Impossible to tell if DAS is still in business from the website or the Internet. I'm guessing if they get an order, they make the stools, kind of a "just in time" manufacturing process. Warehouse space is going begging in that area right now, so keeping a location would be cheap.

Stephanie M said...

For many of you this seems to be quite an obsession. Kind of sad when you think you all are spending so much time investigating hotel stools.

Rap541 said...

One would think Matt would welcome people attempting to find his products... ?

Shadow said...

Stephanie...kinda sad you're spending so much of your time reading our posts, but to each his/her own...

Stephanie M said...

It is equally sad, correction, more sad that the people here have such thin skin. You can give it out, but you sure can't take it. Just a little criticism and you whine and attack. Not all people agree with you, get over it. Rap, what a spin! Right, like we believe you are actually looking for product, BS you are creating trash content for this blog. Always scrapping the bottom, hurling up the dirt. Shadow, kinda sad that you keep posting. If you don't want people to read it, don't post it. But to each his/her own...

abstractdaisy said...

Out of curiosity and yes, Stephanie, I do have that much idle time on my hands--I googled Direct Access Solutions. Here's the link: However, the strange part--when you click "Testimonials" it takes you directly to Roloff's website. Must be their the only family who can testify that the items in the $345 kit really are worth the cash outlay--if they're really serious about these products wouldn't you think they'd have some Hotels, Motels, Inns, B&B--anybody but them praising and gushing. Seriously though, the items in the kit can be purchased at any local hardware or big box store. My kids had the gripper thingy majigy when they were kids--I think it cost me $2.00 at Toys 'R Us and my FIL made me a stool (remember I'm petite too) thats probably as nice if not nicer than the one in the kit--he said it cost $10 in wood and stain. That foldable hanging rod--huh? I travel extensively for business and I can tell you I live out of my suitcase and don't hang one single thing--ever. Maybe I'm just being nit-picky but I grew up in a family where I really am the tallest and never, at any time did anyone in my family need these items (example: my grandmother was 4'8"). We/they just made do. I think this is just Door-Matt's way of attempting to capitalize on being, well, short.

abstractdaisy said...

Stephanie, if you're pro-Roloff, this might not be the site for you since a majority of us viewers started out watching the LPBW in 2004 with great interest and a majority, myself included, have become disillusioned--hence, the snarkiness. They were/are a family like mine/ours with kids, bills, jobs, issues and the like--except they had an interesting twist to their life. I originally found the show to be interesting and insightful. Not so much anymore. Matt AND Amy have taken their good fortune and turned the show into a gimmee-more-fest. They have never, to my knowledge, ever acknowledged the fact that TLC or the viewers are the reason they have the material possessions or the success and notoriety that they now enjoy. It's insulting honestly but I continue to watch simply because it's habit for me on Monday night. Their children are spoiled, rotten, enabled brats. Simple as that. 20 and doing absolutely nothing with their lives--why? Because I suppose they thought and may still think that the gravy train called TV Land will live on forever. They really, as do Matt & Amy, owe a tremendous amount of thanks to a lot of people and for some reason, just cannot wrap their brains around the fact that because of us--me and you, TLC and all other viewers--they have a very, very nice lifestyle. And there you have it--I certainly cannot speak for anyone but myself but I'm glad the show is ending. I've really just had enough of listening and watching this family spend money earned off of purportedly just being themselves all while proclaiming that they are just like us but not giving credit to us for their good fortune.

Shadow said...

Back atcha, grrl...

"For many of you this seems to be quite an obsession. Kind of sad when you think you all are spending so much time investigating hotel stools."

And this was NOT an "attack?" You can give it out, but you sure can't take it. Just a little criticism and you whine and attack.

BTW, for someone who's not "obsessed," you're spending a lot of time telling us how obsessed we are. You know, not all people agree with you, get over it.

Have a happy! I am! You read my post!!!

Brandon said...

Abstract, well said!!

Matt and his staff/butt kissers that hope to get on his personal call list, don't like it when people actually look for facts and don't take Matt's words or the words of Matt's friends and staff as gospel.

If you actually look into it and find it to be flimsy and lacking truth, they have nothing to say so they resort to ad hominem attacks.

Notice that none of the Matt brigade ever has any intelligent response to the bullying discussion? Nothing to say about the comments from Matt's fans about the inspector. Or the Roloff kids bullying of Justin Bieber. Or Matt's "cyberbullying" type comments about his neighbors. It's the same with the stools. When they don't have anything to say, they insult because that's what people do when they can't win a debate.

Brandon said...

Abstract, I also agree about the Roloff kids being spoiled enabled brats that are content to rely on tv, the one thing I'd add to that is even stuff they'll get now all extends from the show.

You can see it in how Amy tried to plug Jeremy with the photographer from her photoshoot. They'll try to use their connections from the show to get the kids something in the future, because they sure as hell can't and won't do anything on their own merit.

Nancy said...

Nicely said about what happened to the show and the Roloffs. That is the straight truth right there.

Rap541 said...

Stephanie - seems like you, on behalf of the Big MR - is the one with the thin skin. I mean, you do understand "being thin skinned" is a reference to being easily offended, right?

I mean, for the record, your insult amounts to "Don't talk about the Roloffs unless its positive and anyone who doesn't do as I say is lying and therefore trashy."

Oooh :)

So whats the lie? What's the trash talk? Been to Matt's DAS recently? Lots of dead links for a successful business. Is the Anon lying about the stools being in hotel supply catalogs? Are people wrong to *look and see* if the anon source (you know, someone with a ghost identity that Matt dislikes) is accurate?

Would you feel better if we all just said "Way to go Matt! Whatever you say Matt! Bless you Matt! Matt Roloff, while not perfect, is never ever wrong and is always successful so let us praise him always! If Matt takes a crap, bless it!"

Is that better?

Or perhaps you need a reminder that this board is a discussion board, not a fan board, and all opinions are allowed, not just yours. All you've done is personally attack people because you don't like their opinions. So instead of doing the "Anyone who says something negative about the Roloffs is poopy!" ad hominan attack... why not provide evidence that their opinions are incorrect? The fact is, most people are pretty reasonable but nothing ever seems to come from the "We love the Roloffs" contigent except "SHUT UP! YOU MUST BE A MISERABLE PERSON TO NOT AGREE THAT MATT AND HIS FAMILY ARE INCREDIBLE AND ALWAYS WORTHY OF PRAISE!"

For me or Shadow or anyone else to qualify as "thin skinned", we'd need to be responding to your insults with insults in kind. Instead you're being presented with reasons why people have doubts about whether Matt's stool business is booming... and your response is to insist everyone is crying their eyes out over how you've dished it out.

Do you want to discuss the Roloffs or stamp your feet and declare everyone "poopy" for not agreeing to shut up? Because right now you're doing the later.

baxter said...

Rap, you forgot "jealous neighbor" in that list. There you go again, confusing them with facts and logic.

Happy Halloween.

Mike P. said...

Here in my idle time, I wanted to add to what abstract said, when responding to Stephanie.

I stumbled onto the show a few years ago while channel surfing on a Labor Day. I hit the LPBW marathon, stayed to watch, and was instantly hooked.

They were so sweet, those early shows (and I use the term "sweet" deliberately): An unusual family, yet typical too, amiably schmoozing their way through life, carrying each other along, handling events and problems we all face. Just, of course, in a different way.

"Amiably" is another word I use deliberately, because it fits: they were friendly to each other, even delighted by each other, and it showed. Not that there weren't spats, but they were resolved, and things moved on.

How disastrously it has changed! And what a charmless betrayal of those earlier episodes.

I needn't list all that I find wrong nowadays; everyone here sees about the same things (except for the Roloff moles). But I can say that it now is a show about quarreling, about pushing and shoving, about blind ego. There's no love left.

To Matt Roloff, I'd quote Robert Burns:

"O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us."

But I don't think he has the capacity to understand what I just said about him.

Stephanie M said...

Rap, your response is so convoluted. I stated my opinion about how obsessed I think you all are about what I consider to be stupid and ridiculous things to focus on. I am honestly amazed at the amount of time I know it takes for you and others like you to scour the internet day in and day out as you do, looking for tidbits of this or that to bring back to this blog in pathetic attempts to buoy up your hate mongering position. It is seriously a full time job. And the way you read words and phrases into people’s statements that simply don’t exist, is mind blowing. I couldn’t care less how many step stools Matt Roloff sells, or even if he is still in the step stool business. I don’t find it valuable to sit around and discuss hour upon hour about such nonsense. It all means nothing. And yes, you and Shadow are responding with insults, you are thinned skinned and every time someone turns the mirror towards you and questions your motives, you attack back. Don’t try to disguise it otherwise. To use your own ad hominem attack tactics, It is clear you believe that “PEOPLE SHOULD NOT TALK ABOUT THE ROLOFF’S UNLESS IT IS HATEFUL AND NEGATIVE.” Or “ANYONE WHO DOESN’T DO AS YOU SAY IS A ROLOFF INSIDER AND IS SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF THE BIG MR.” or "HATE MATT ROLOFF OR GET OFF THIS BLOG! HATE MATT OR MOVE ON! IF YOU DON'T SUPPORT THE DEMISE OF MATT JESUS ROLOFF, YOU ARE STUPID AND DESERVE PUNISHMENT!

Greg said...

Stephanie is mad because people actually look to see if there is any truth in what Matt and people defending him says. When they find out that there isn't any facts to support what he's saying, they need to attack people that didn't take Matt's words as facts. Matt's lied about so many things. You'd be stupid to take the Big MR's word for anything.

Rap541 said...

"I am honestly amazed at the amount of time I know it takes for you and others like you to scour the internet day in and day out as you do, looking for tidbits of this or that to bring back to this blog in pathetic attempts to buoy up your hate mongering position. It is seriously a full time job. "

Actually it takes about five minutes a day. I mean, go to google or yahoo, type in the name roloff, and scan for news articles. And really, thats about it. You really have no idea what my real hobbies are :)

" I couldn’t care less how many step stools Matt Roloff sells, or even if he is still in the step stool business. I don’t find it valuable to sit around and discuss hour upon hour about such nonsense. It all means nothing."

Then why are you posting at all? That's a serious question btw. If you seriously don't care... why are you commenting at all? I mean, you *don't care* what my views are... so why are you attacking me over my interest in knowing whether Matt's stool business is successful?

If you don't find it a valuable use of your time and yet you're continuelly responding to my posts and shadow's posts.... what does that say about you?

"And yes, you and Shadow are responding with insults, you are thinned skinned and every time someone turns the mirror towards you and questions your motives, you attack back."

And you *don't care* but you are here attacking Shadow and I over something you *don't care* about and consider a waste of your time? And I still make the point that you don't seem to understand what "thin skinned means".

Oh and see, the problem is that I don't tell people their opinions shouldn't be allowed and if people disagree with me, its because there is something seriously wrong with their personal lives that I will then allude to in an attempt to encourage others to also make personal attacks.

There's a difference, and you know there is, and that is why you're angry. Because it's obvious to everyone reading this thread that you are expending a lot of energy declaring how you *don't care*... you *don't care* to the point that you're making personal attacks.

So why not attempt the discussion? Lets try again.

Have you been to Matt's DAS site recently? What do you think all the dead links and difficulty navigating to the order page indicates? Do you know if that Anon is telling the truth, that there are hotel supply catalogs that feature Matt's products? Which ones? Do you think people are wrong to check and see if the Anon poster is telling the truth?

Do note - none of these discussion points attack you in any way. And they weren't attacking you when I first asked them after you first noting your opinion that everyone in the conversation was "sad" and "obsessed".

You know - when you made an ad hominen attack?

Lynn said...

Abstract, Over the years, I have heard Matt and Amy Roloff thank their fans on several occasions and tell interviewers that they are grateful to their fans. I have heard them say how fortunate they are for what the show has brought their family. Matt has thanked his fans several times on his facebook. Their thankfulness and gratitude is not a secret unless you have not been willing to hear it. What exactly do you want them to say, that they have not already expressed? Why do you take their success so personally? It is as if you expect them to send you a personal note of thanks, or maybe you expect them to send you some cash.

abstractdaisy said...

Yes, Lynn. I would love for the Roloff's to send me some money. I would like for Jeremy to fly the entire family here to my house and drop a large bag of money onto my roof. Then I'd like for Jeremy to circle over my subdivision with a large white banner that reads "We Love Abstract". Jeremy could then climb out on the wing of the plane (putting the plane on auto pilot of course or wait, Amy's a pilot I think) and snap some really cool photos of me waving to him from the ground and then, wait for it, he could parachute down, land on my front porch and he and I could finally meet in person. I heard he was a great guy. Ahh. Back to reality. You clearly missed my key points Lynn but that's not surprising.

Greg said...

I'd like to know how these people feel today? They've been advertising last nights episode for a month! Gave them a free mower, went on a 5000 mile trip to deliver it.

Betcha they were lead to believe Matt would say he bought a fabulous new mower.

Instead the name wasn't mentioned once. When it was used, the finished product was a piss poor job.

Craw said...

Greg, it was Jacob that did a piss poor job not the mower.

Greg said...

Craw, it doesn't matter when a company thinks they're getting good publicity. There is a reason why John Deere commercials don't show 13 year olds leaving a lawn like that after using the equipment they're selling.

Do you think there was one viewer last night that came away thinking "That's a great mower that Jacob used. I want one!"?

Brandon said...

Greg, to quote Jeremy from an earlier season when Matt was negotiating with someone.

I think Matt "just schooled them".