Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Matt Roloff on radio station -- Golden Pass tour contest

Matt Roloff was a guest on the morning show for Portland radio station (country station) 98.7 KUPL Wednesday morning. Matt had posted on his fan Facebook page Monday night the he would be doing a series of radio interviews the next day discussing his messages referring to the Roloffs being stalked and the victims of threats and harassing phone calls.

Fans have been anxious to hear more details and are interested in seeing if there is confirmation of what Matt said from someone or some organization other than just Matt himself.

Unfortunately, the only radio station appearance we have heard about in the last couple of days was on the above mentioned station. A reader of our site that is loyal listener of KUPL apologized for not having a more thorough recap, but said they didn't recall Matt talking about stalking, bullying, police involvement or anything along those lines. The listener said all they remember Matt talking about was the radio contest.

He was on the station to promote Roloff pumpkin season. The radio station gave away a prize -- 4 free tickets for the Roloff Golden Pass Private Tour.

The going rate the Roloffs charge their fans for the private tour (a party of 4) is $350 for the 30 minute tour with one of Matt, Amy, Jeremy or Zach.


Ashley said...

Odd. Why didn't he talk about it after saying he would? Maybe he did and the person missed it?

$300 is outrageous! Anybody notice when Matt talks about the private tours he never tells people the price? All this innocent facebook fans think Matt is inviting them out of the kindess of his heart. lol.

David said...

Does anyone see the delicious irony?

We're supposed to believe that the Roloffs were terrorized by crazy fans. Matt implies that's why his kids (Jacob) used to stay away from fans in October.

Days after he breaks this news about all this scary stuff happening, he goes on a radio station and offers completely random strangers a private tour of his property.

Rap541 said...

For Free! That is indeed deliciously amusing and says a great deal about how Matt is concerned about random creepy strangers entering the sacred homestead.

He's so worried, he's enticing them in for free!

Oh Matt! hee hee hee

Lynn said...

What is so funny Rap? It's nice of Matt to make the offer of the free tickets. I'm sure some family will be very pleased.

Just because they apparently had a weirdo or a couple of weirdos doesn't mean they should live in a bubble.

Rap541 said...

Right... :)

Because all responsible parents who have stalker problems and open cases with the FBI - and Matt has made it clear he is dealing with open cases - wants to reward random strangers with access to his family :)

Lynn - your kids - you have a stalker that you've involved at least four law enforcement agencies to stop. Do *you* invite random strangers to your home to hang out?

Yes or no :)

I bet you don't answer :)

Annette said...

I always find it interesting how people without children always seem to be on a soapbox about how others should be parenting theirs. Lynn was right, you do not raise your children in a bubble. This would instill fear which would be more detrimental to a child in the long run. It is more important to empower them with self ownership by letting them know that they don't have to agree to anyone's wishes if it makes them feel uncomfortable. Stop playing the sideline Rap, you don't have a clue.

Rap541 said...

Annette - Do you emulate Matt and Amy in how you raise *your* children? :)

I know this may be hard to believe, but there's a difference between encouraging your child to be social and to try new things, and encouraging your children to interact with strangers when you have a known stalking problem.*

Its funny actually, how the Roloffs get all this praise for raising their children to be risk takers and go getters and oh so independant... Yet the twins literally looked like five year olds being led by mommy to see their new school when visiting colleges. They show no real interest in becoming adults, and both mom and dad ennable them acting that way by cleaning up their messes. They balk at eating anything that isn't some version of ground meat and on so many occasions appear to be completely clueless in how to function without a parent helping them.

Yet Matt and Amy are praised for raising "independant" children.

Annette - I always find it amusing when parents get all offended at non parents finding fault in some parenting technique. Really, ever been to a male gynecologist?

*this all assumes the situation was as serious as Matt makes it sound. Take that as you will. ;)

ppe said...

When I went to the farm last year, I spent some time chatting with one of the workers. She had worked there the year before too but for the first time (2009) they were given a specific talk about stalkers. One individual in particular (from texas I believe) they were warned about and if anyone realized that the person was there they were supposed to contact Matt asap and they would have him removed. I don't remember the details, but she said this person (I think it was a guy???) knew a lot of their personal details and contacted them often, including the kids. He had private contact information. I dunno the details, but the family was wary. The sense I got was that the person didn't mean harm, but wanted to be super bestest friends and know everything about them. I'm assuming there are other super-fans out there too. I'd like to think that if safety was a true concern that they would make their privacy a higher concern than the show. But I don't know enough information to pass judgement on that.

I know that in the beginning of the show there was no security gate, and I had heard of & seen pictures of random people driving up to take pictures. Their driveway is kind of a long rural gravel road that is shared by a few other homes. They are at the very end (half mile maybe), and now have a large metal gate leading up to the home. Before that there's a turn off that leads to their parking lot, that too now has a metal gate. Seems more secure than it once did.

Brandon said...

PPE, the description of the "stalker" you were given sounds like practically every person on Matt's site and on his facebook page. Fans that don't mean harm but want to be the Roloffs best friends.

If that's what this whole stalking hullabaloo is about I think it is much ado about nothing.

Susan said...

"knew a lot of their personal details"

Like what, oh what school the kids go to?? Maybe the Roloffs shouldn't have done a friggin reality show where they broadcast that information to the world.

Christine said...

ppe, OMG, the person you were told about sounds familiar to me. If it's the same person, I think this is classic Matt Roloff making something seem worse than it is for attention and sympathy sake.

Matt says stalker and people think they are in danger of violence!

The guy I'm thinking of I saw his Myspace. He was from Texas and made a few trips to the farm. He had albums of "Trip 1 to Oregon, Trip 2".

They were good pictures actually! If I remember right, Zach might have even friended him on Myspace and I think a couple of their friends did. The thing I remember is a comment he made to one of their friends something like lets hang out when I come to the farm or something and the friend was like "What??"

He seemed a little lonely, but a dangerous stalker? lol.

Could Zach have told Matt that some annoying fan from Texas is coming to the farm and thinks he's going to hang out with him? He doesn't want to. Matt called the cops or warned security against stalkers and is now using it as a dramatic stalking case against them?

That would be typical of Matt. Wrench on the sympathy card by making it sound like they are in physical danger if it really was only about wanting to avoid an annoying fan that wants to hang out.

Annette said...

Rap, actually yes, I do get irritated when someone makes claims to know better about parenting children when they have never even had children themselves, and clearly you have never had children.
You said “I know this may be hard to believe, but there's a difference between encouraging your child to be social and to try new things, and encouraging your children to interact with strangers when you have a known stalking problem.”
What I find hard to believe is that ridiculous statement. What exactly are you saying that you believe is somehow enlightening?
Again, you miss the mark and you pepper it with speculation and exaggeration. There is a known risk that every time my teenager drives a car they may get into an accident. Using your solution, I would be discouraging them from driving at all? Your parenting opinions are ignorant.
As with all people, the Roloff children have diverse strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes that make them individuals. It is fascinating that you have an intense desire to frequently single their traits out to make fun of or demean them. No one is perfect, they are growing and learning children, give them a break and stop being a bully.
And by the way, it is funny, that you ask about whether I have gone to a male gynecologist, my husband is a gynecologist, so yes I go to one often and he is very good.

Shadow said...

" it is funny, that you ask about whether I have gone to a male gynecologist, my husband is a gynecologist, so yes I go to one often and he is very good."

Thereby *proving* Rap's point - you don't have to BE a woman to understand "female" problems, nor do you have to BE a parent to distinguish good parenting from bad.

Jocelynn said...

I strongly object to the word bullying being used to describe negative opinions of the Roloffs. It's like a Survivor villian complaining that people react negatively to them. Matt and Amy put themselves and their family on television for six season, they bragged about reaching 200 episodes and now they complain about negative comments. They diminish a very real problem facing many kids in schools.

I think it's noticeable that no one has been about to react to the very real point that the Roloff kids mock and speak negatively of Justin Bieber and/or that the Roloff kids and their friends have been very nasty/bully-like to their adoring fans.

But think that Jeremy and Zach should be able to wake themselves up or fill out their own forms and that's being a bully to the Roloffs?? Contrary to what Matt thinks, people don't have to only express positive opinions like "Matt you're the best parent ever with the best kids ever".

The aspect of Matt's complaining that I think is extra petty is that if someone expressed disagreement or a negative opinion about something the Roloffs did on Matt's site or TLC's site, people would say freedom of speech doesn't apply because it is owned by Matt or TLC and to go elsewhere. Yet when they do, Matt isn't happy about that either.

Thank God there are places like this where people are still free to express themselves or else only the rich and powerful would have a voice. That's the way I think Matt would like to have it.

Rap541 said...

Annette - have you ever heard the joke "Why would anyone go to a male gynocologist? Its like going to a car mechanic who's never actually owned a car."

Now that we've laughed - think about that when you insist that by dint of procreating, parents somehow know more than non parents.

Personally - no, I'm not an expert parent (and I think that title goes to a rare few) but I do have some common sense concerning child rearing. Common sense says if some creepy stranger is calling your family and emailing them with creepy scary tirades... perhaps sending your little ones out to meet strangers on your property thats filled with a series of outbuildings and hiding spaces isn't a wise decision.

You're the parent - enlighten us all on what *you* would do. :)

And keep in mind, as a non parent, I foolishly and wrongly thought Jake was way too young to play with a medival seige engine. Matt and Amy sure had the wisdom of parents on that one! I was sooooo wrong :) Nothing bad ever happens to children playing with weapons and only a non parent doesn't have that wisdom!

Or lets use your car anology - not really comparable but I can make it work. Of course you don't refuse to let your teen child drive... But maybe as a crazy non parent, I am just stupid to think that a wise parent doesn't just hand over the keys without a serious talk about the responsibility of driving and then actually makes an effort to monitor how the teen driver is doing in order to prevent accidents.

Or is that just crazy non parent unreasonableness?

Hey how about waking up one's twenty year old children by hand? As a non parent, I think that's unreasonable and even a 14 year old should be responsible enough to use an alarm clock. As a parent, do you agree with me? Or with Amy, who has actually given birth?

Rap541 said...

This is what cyberbullying is.

Jocelynn, you make excellent points as always. I'm no Justin Bieber fan (I think I've seen him once on CSI once but aside from some commercial I have not heard him sing) but really... whats the difference?

I mean I know the *real* difference - he's not a Roloff so.... But really? What else? Bieber is a celebrity, the Roloffs are celebrities.... what makes Bieber ok to target and the Roloffs hands off?

(and if wikipedia is correct, Bieber is actually younger than the twins and Molly)

Nadia said...

Christine, that's an interesting story. While I don't think the Roloffs have any obligation to pal around with fans or be friends with them, it does kind of show the Roloffs to be the elistist snobs that they are.

When Matt was telling Jeremy to be nice to fans on Myspace (and Jeremy ignored him) the only fans Jeremy was nice to were very pretty girls.

If fans are rich and can afford to take the Roloffs on vacation, the Roloffs are up to being best buddies.

But a fan that gives someone the impression of being lonely? The Roloffs call the cops!

Rich and pretty fans = ok and welcomed by the Roloffs.

Poor and uncool fans = dangerous stalkers that the Roloffs call the police about.

Like I said, I don't think the Roloffs have an obligation (I do think they have an obligation to interact with them online and be nice to them, only Matt does that - the stuck up 20 year old twins don't) to be best friends with fans at all, but it tells me a lot about the Roloffs as people that they welcome rich and pretty fans, but people that aren't are annoying and potential stalkers.

Kimberly said...

What is the story about the bad things jeremy is accused of saying on myspace? there are many jeremy roloff myspaces. how do you even know which one is real, if any of them are even real? just like there are many facebook profiles too. there are so many imposters out there. None of them are probably real.

Jocelynn said...

Kimberly, Spirits' article has everything about it.

It was Jeremy's real page. Jeremy did really say those things. It's not even a question. Matt was forced to admit it by calling it "inappropriate language". Jeremy's friends admitted it.

Rap541 said...

Kimberly, after the National Enquierer wrote a story on it, Matt conceded it occured in a vague response that amounted to 'people should mind their own business'. And as Jocelynn stated, one of Jeremy's friends also confirmed it.

Christine said...

Even before all that stuff that Rap and Jocelynn said, there was no doubt if you had an inch of a clue about them. All of his real friends were on it. Hundreds of people from Faith Bible and around Hillsboro.

But it doesn't matter anyway because once it became serious where they needed to either confirm it or deny it, Matt confirmed it in that vague press release about "one of my childrens inappropriate language online".

That was great, wasn't it? Matt threw his 3 other kids under the bus to protect his golden boy.