Saturday, October 16, 2010

Roloff Farm Pumpkin Season 2010

Updated October 16th
The third week of reports and reviews we're getting from readers and visitors that went to the Roloff farm this weekend (with Sunday still to go) have been a little more mixed than the previous two weekends.

As usual, as it gets closer to Halloween, the Roloff Pumpkin Patch/farm gets busier and busier. That is the dominant comment today. The super long lines and the amount of waiting people are doing. Still, I'd say the response has been probably 70% to 30% in favor of being positive. Most still saying they had a nice time in spite of the long wait. Others are saying it didn't live up to all the hype.

The long lines being the main complaint, some saying they would never wait 40 minutes to an hour to get from the road to the parking area. Some that are reporting they didn't enjoy it seemed to mostly base it on the fact that the lines for everything was so long that they didn't wait -- the lines for the tours, the lines to talk to the Roloffs or get a picture.

It seems to be rather random as to which Roloffs people see. Pretty much everyone except for Molly (apparently at a volleyball tournament) was spotted by different visitors. Zach and Jeremy are driving the tractors so it depends on which tractor people get as to whether they see Zach or Jeremy. Most people we heard from today met Matt, Amy, Jacob and one of either Zach or Jeremy. As noted before and as Matt mentioned, the biggest change this year in that regard is Jacob being out with the guests as opposed to waving from a distance in Molly's castle. The soccer game challenge appears to be an excellent idea to get Jacob more involved while still keeping it fun for him.

Most of the feedback we're getting from teenage girls are raving about the cuteness of Jeremy and Jacob. So the decision to put Jacob more "on the front lines" seems to have pleased the teenage girl crowd.

As we passed along yesterday, today was also the day the parents of the missing boy - Kyron Horman, were at the farm selling t-shirts, bracelets and buttons to go towards the search efforts. A local station did a story about it.

Updated October 11th

We will keep updating this item as more stories pour in from pumpkin season.

2nd weekend of pumpkin season for the Roloffs is in the books. The most interesting story we heard was from Sunday -- a near miss at Roloff Farms! Tragedy avoided. Apparently an elderly woman was parking her car near the food area. She accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake and plowed into the fence. Witnesses say she narrowly avoided hitting a couple of families. Those that were close apparently were shaken and frightened by the near miss, but otherwise alright.

Once again, the majority of stories we've heard this weekend have been positive. It was rainy and muddy this weekend, but most telling us they enjoyed themselves.

As Matt mentioned on his Facebook page, They set up something new for Jacob to be more involved with the guests. Basically it's one of the pumpkin signs with a painted pumpkin faces with holes in it that people normally pose with by sticking their head through -- except the contest for people is to try to kick the soccer ball into the openings. One of the people we heard from whose daughter tried it out said Jacob seemed to be having fun.

Some people were reporting Sunday that Jeremy was their tour guide. Others said Zach drove their tractor.

One of the trends we're noticing in the reports are that pretty girls are saying that Jeremy was flirting with them and they were quite pleased about it. One visitor told us that when there was a pretty girl around it's actually Jeremy that approaches and says "Hi, what's your name? I'm Jeremy".

One guy we heard from said "The prices suck", but he seems to be in the minority as most seemed to have a good time.


Original item posted October 4th

It's another season of Roloff Farm pumpkin season! We will attempt to keep this article going and add to it so people can comment if they wish, much like we do with the item about Matt's Fan Facebook page.

Opening weekend of Pumpkin Season is over and reviews and reports are coming in. All reports that we have heard thus far have been extremely positive. Pretty much everyone who visits and has wrote about it on the internet or sent us a note about it have said they had a great time at Roloff Farms. Most people we're hearing from are families with young children.

Some visitors that have been coming for years and years do report that they feel the farm has lost some of the charm it used to have because now it's structured to handle thousands upon thousands of people.

Others that have been there in the past are pleased to mention that they have some new attractions.

They added a hay pyramid. More animals to the petting zoo, including a baby lion and a baby tiger that play with each other. There are blow up play centers for kids and a slide.

Here is a good article about the attractions and the Roloff Farm experience this year:

Here is video of the baby lion and tiger:

One thing that we're hearing that viewers might be surprised to hear is about Matt's assistant Caryn. Viewers watching Little People, Big World, generally have been rather negative about Caryn as she is portrayed on the show. "Kate Gosselin-esque" is a description some viewers have used. However, the visitors to the farm this year (at least the ones more familiar with the Roloffs that know who Caryn is) have told us they've been very impressed with Caryn, going out of their way to compliment her in saying how nice she was and made sure they had the most enjoyable experience possible.

As always seeing the family is the highlight for most visitors and who you see always varies. Most people so far are saying they saw three or four Roloffs. Every Roloff has been spotted and had their pictures taken with people. Some people that missed some Roloffs said they were told Jeremy and Zach were in school, another said Molly was at volleyball, Matt was running errands, Jacob was in the house or Zach was at his job at Indoor Goals (the soccer facility). Some people have got pictures with Jacob, meaning he was out and about. Last year, he spent the majority of the season standing off in the distance at Molly's castle with his friend Levi, waving to the wagon riders as they drive by. Some people won't like this, but hey, we aim to pass along what we're told is the true story -- if you're wondering why that was, we're told the inside story is Jacob finds fans to be annoying so last year the compromise was that he would just stand back in the distance and wave because he didn't want to need to talk to people and pose for pictures. However, on opening weekend, some people did have pictures taken with Jacob, so perhaps that's changing.

As usual, a lot of visitors are very complimentary towards Matt's parents, Ron and Peggy in the western town (especially if they agree with Ron's politics), but overall people comment about how nice they are in the western town. Amy also gets a lot of positive comments about how she interacts with people, especially couples with young children.

More than one person that we've heard from said they went later in the day. They report that was the best time to go because it wasn't busy. One couple reported that they were the only one on the wagon, so they got the private tour on the "mule" with Muel (Jeremy's best friend, Jacob Mueller, is apparently one of the tour guides).

Everyone likes to see pictures, so here is a smattering of pictures that are trickling in:

As you can see in the first picture, Jacob has a brace on the wrist that he fractured a couple of years ago. The kid that posed with Jacob for the picture said he asked Jacob what happened to his wrist; Jacob told him someone stepped on it...

One visitor had a sense of humor in capturing his pictures. A heterosexual man taking a picture of his girlfriend with Jeremy in the background, captioned his picture this way:

"Courtney had a crush on this normal sized son. He has a nice ass. I can't lie."


"Zach hollerin' at one of his women..."


Expressed said...

Great post, Spirits! :)

Love the comment from that guy. lol. I want to marry a man that can be honest about Jeremy's nice ass. That girl is a lucky girl. She has an honest man!

Greg said...

I still think it's disgustingly greedy that they have charge people $300+ for a tour. I don't care that people have a choice not to pay it, to charge that much to someone tells me all I need to know about what kind of people the Roloffs are.

Jason said...

Spirits, don't go soft!!! Of course the Roloffs are going to be nice to peoples faces.

Rap541 said...

Aw come on, Spirit has to be fair, you know. The pumpkin season going well? I don't begrudge them that.

Judy said...

Good to hear things are going well. Congratulations Matt and family.

I don't know about that Jacob though. What is wrong with him? Someone stepped on his wrist?? Was he kidding? I wonder if he is just an attention seeker. It's a long time ago to have re-occurring problems.

Jackie said...

Is parking better this year?

Ashley said...

Is this the first year that Mueller is working for them during pumpkin season? I was surprised that other friends were around in the past, but no one ever had pictures of Mueller.

I wonder seriously if it took them a while to trust him not to be mean to fans, afraid he would say something stupid.

Karen said...

I wish I lived closer, I would go. Love the Roloffs.

Lynn said...

You have to hand it to Matt Roloff. Look at what he has turned pumpkin season into. He makes his dream a reality. He has the vision and successfully enhances something that was already a success.

Matt was right when he said his dream used to be to work for Disney. They missed the boat by not having Matt's mind working for them.

Diane said...

So Jeremy and Mueller are nice to people face to face, everyone knows what they are like once people leave and it's just them. They trash people.

They are not nice people. Seriously I know for a fact some of the people Jeremy hangs out with. They are nasty and they still use offensive language and "party".

Jocelynn said...

It probably would be better to go early in the month. The long lines would make it tough, particularly for people with kids. When it's not busy it's easier to enjoy it because you don't feel like you're being rushed from place to place. That can grate on people after they waited so long to get in.

Bev said...

Poor Jaocb! What did he do now?

I'm glad to hear people are having a good time.

Justin said...

I wonder what Ron would be like if someone chatted polotics with him, but had an extremely liberal point of view? Bet Ron wouldn't be so friendly then.

Giles said...

If the people that are going are happy that's what matters.

But I firmly think the entire family should be on duty (greeting people) every day (with the exception of school on Friday for the younger kids). It is 12 days of the year. Show some courtesy to the people that travel large distances.

The fact that some family are busy doing other things don't impress me. What are they going to be like in a real job if they can't make themselves available for 8 days of the year in their own back yard?

Erica said...

I wondered if Spike was an outdoor cat. Nice to see Spike get some attention instead of Rocky for a change.

baxter said...

Hi Justin--I really don't know who would chat politics in such a situation, although I'm sure some people would.

The Roloffs are a bunch of right-wing jhihadists. I'm thankful they are in the minority.

Brandon said...

I'm not that surprised that some people said they like Caryn.

I never thought Becky was that bad either. They have a job to do. They are trying to make sure piumpkin season goes smoothly. If I was a customer waiting in long lines, I would want to know that one of the people in charge had a firm hand and was dedicated to making sure it was going as good as possible.

David said...

I'm glad people are having a good time, but no one should get carried away.

The Roloffs are making money hand over fist during pumpkin season. You bet they better be polite to people. I don't like the "Godlen Pass Tour" booth behind Jacob in that picture. Take Matt or Amy out of action for a half an hour because someone has $300 to blow?

Casey said...

What is the fence for in the picture above the ark? They don't have animals running loose do they?

Justin said...

Hey Baxter, I've seen more than a few people say they chatted with Ron and Peg about politice or religion while in the western town. It's always people that share their opinions. That's why I wondered how nice they would be if someone had a differing opinion.

Susan said...

I'm sorry, but I'm not impressed by Mueller. He is a coward. When faced with adults in a public situation he is going to act like he is decent. But faced with teenage girls on the internet, he is going to be a mean spirited bully. I have no respect for him, or Jeremy for that matter, because they've shown their true colors.

Vicky said...

Jeremy and Zach still drive the tractor tours? I've always wondered if that was the best use of them. I think it would be better to have someone else drive the tractor. Maybe have them be the guides, but I guess whatever their doing is working if people are happy.

Christian said...

" don't know about that Jacob though. What is wrong with him? Someone stepped on his wrist?? Was he kidding? I wonder if he is just an attention seeker. It's a long time ago to have re-occurring problems. "

Once a joint is strained or sprained, it becomes more likely to be reinjured. Jacob appears to be an active child, living in an environment where he's encouraged to attempt potentially risky physical feats. I don't see what the complaint is. He's accident prone. A lot of kids are.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy and Zach still drive the tractor tours? I've always wondered if that was the best use of them. I think it would be better to have someone else drive the tractor. Maybe have them be the guides, but I guess whatever their doing is working if people are happy.

I suspect the twins are allowed to do the jobs they like, not the jobs that they would be good at or that would please the guests the most.

Craw said...

Jacob...I won't even say what I think of him. All I'll say is....not surprised. I wonder how much crying he did this time? Thank God for Jeremy. Without Jeremy the Roloffs boys would be a laughing stock, he's the only one that doesn't break bones or get knocked out at an embarrassing rate.

"I suspect the twins are allowed to do the jobs they like, not the jobs that they would be good at or that would please the guests the most."

Why do you think that doesn't please guests? I think people like getting Jeremy or Zach as their tractor driver. They stop in the western town, get out and pose for pics.

Rap541 said...

Craw - Specifically I think the twins prefer to drive the tractors and let the tour guides field all the pesky questions.

Also - after seeing both twins have accidents or near accidents driving, I'd have them doing something less likely to get a guest killed, and more likely to allow guest interaction, like cashiering or assisting in the parking lot or working the lines as a greeter.

You've said it yourself, people go to see the Roloffs, why restrict the twins to non speaking, driving roles when they could be glad handing the crowds?

David said...

I think Rap is bang on why Jeremy and Zach drive the tractors. Out of all the "jobs" they could have for pumpkin season, driving the tractor is the most fun, least annoying.

I understand they get off when they stop at the old west town and pose for pictures then. But the rest of the time they are driving the tractor, sealed off from the fans because of the noise from the tractor.

I think that is precisely why they drive the tractors.

From the standpoint of pleasing the guests, it would make more sense to have the family's only job be to talk with the fans and pose for pictures. That seems to be what Amy does

From what I read, I think they have changed it, Molly is now in the old west town with Ron and Peg? I think it would be better if separated the family into different parts of the farm, but it's better than having Molly as a cashier. Don't give them real jobs. People want to talk to the Roloffs, get a picture, ask a question. They don't want her to hand them change. It must have slowed up the process too, all those people trying to chit-chat with her.

Jocelynn said...

David, they might have made Molly do the cash for the same reason as Rap said about the twins. She knows that will be less talking with the fans. The thought might have also been that it encourages people to buy merchandise if they want to talk to a Roloff, if she is working the cash.

I don't know what the typical customer is. I assume it's fans of the show, but there are a lot of families with very young kids that wouldn't even know who they are. Maybe some visitors don't care?

Christine said...

What about a list of prices? I think it's getting outrageous (start with the "Golden tour" at $300!)

They have food that they slapped on the Roloffs name. You can buy "Jeremy's Bacon Cheeseburger for $8.00. That's worse than sporting events!

C1rca said...

I wonder how many people have taken the $300 tour since it started. I guess they can ask for as much as they want but for that price I can go to a Maple Leafs game!

aponce16 said...

Hey, they don't like talking to their fans because they despise them. They love the money they bring but they really fell that they are too important to be talking with normal average people. Can you believe the sense of entitlement of those people?

Cassie said...

Jer Ber has no Ass. I wish people stop saying he does.He is the Ass less Jeremy Ass less James Roloff with no Ass.

Em said...

Cassie, you're fighting a losing battle. Jeremy can be criticized for many things, but not for his ass!

It's amazing. Even straight men must concede that greatness of Jeremy's ass.

Candice said...

I want to go to Roloff farm.

Phyllis said...

I think it appears to be going so good this year because the cameras again. They don't need fake drama pretending like it's going badly.

Phyllis said...

Oops. I meant I think it is going smoothy because the cameras are gone. They don't need an episode arc to pretend like it's going badly and is a success at the last minute.

ppe said...

I live nearby and have been to the farm many times. Went a couple of days ago, and last year went 3 times. It's a nice cheap form of entertainment since I take care of children. If you skip the souvenirs, food & tour, you're left with some interesting attractions. You're out $2 for parking, $1 to feed animals in the petting zoo, and possibly $ for a pumpkin. The last 2 to 3 years have had a very formal seamless experience, with minimal crowds and easy parking. Years before that is a different story. Parking lot is usually half full. I've been a couple of times with crazy long lines, and those crowds are no fun! (usually Saturday afternoon a week before halloween is busy).

Mueller was driving tractors, twins do too. He also chats with people in line, and gets out in west town to pose for photos. Very nice to us.

I'm not sure who Caryn is (haven't watched the show much), but Becky is someone I didn't care for. A few years ago when they hadn't worked out their kinks yet (like people standing in line for the tour not realizing they needed to buy a ticket first), Becky was out there barking orders, berating peggy in front of customers, and snide with people. Didn't like her one bit - but the organization was definitely needed.

The lion cub and the hay pyramid were there last year. Hay maze was missing. They added a pay bouncy slide. The ark is at the back of the property behind the soccer field (see it on the tour). I didn't see any animals or a fence.

Jacob has been friendly and chatty in the past. I have several pictures of him posing with different kids I've brought. In the past I've seen him wandering around on the mule, sitting in the tree house, hanging out with Molly, in the old west town, walking around the food court etc... Last year he was running the hay maze. Never in the same place twice, but he's always been approachable to me. I didn't see a cast on him, maybe I'll have to look through my photos again.

I think a vast majority of people going to the farm are locals looking for a fun pumpkin patch. Many people don't watch the show. On the tour they'll ask where people are from and there might be one or two groups from out of state. In the wagon you'll see maybe 20% snapping tons of photos, the rest just enjoy the ride.

I've seen the other kids doing a variety of jobs, but still very approachable. Jeremy is often running the tractor, but he still stops and poses for photos. I've also seen him sitting and chatting with fans, scooping mushy pumpkins into the garbage (and stopping every 30 seconds to take a picture), and hanging out in western town. Zach usually does tractors, but my favorite memory was when he stood outside the gift shop just chilling. 10 minutes later people started coming up for photos, then suddenly there was a long line for pictures with him. Amy is the one that is all over the place and very easy to get to (she also tends to get mobbed). Peg & Ron in the old west town are also easy to talk to briefly before the wagon loads up again.

For a 10 minute drive and low cost, I don't mind making the stop at least once a year to see what's new. I'm glad they don't have a cover charge to get in ($2 parking). I wouldn't drive from out of state or plan my vacation to come here because we can usually get in and see everything in an hour or two. Others make a full day of it making an effort to talk to all the roloffs they can find. To each his own.

Casey said...

ppe, thanks. What is the fence for in the picture above the ark?

I've seen a lot of people's pictures and stories. Jacob is usally not approachable. They see him way back with his friend or riding his bike.

ppe said...

I didn't notice the fence in person... from the wagon tour with a whole soccer field in the way you're back a couple hundred feet. I'm assuming you mean the small one in the foreground. I dunno. Maybe it's an old fence, maybe they are trying to keep the soccer balls away. Definitely didn't see any animals back there, so I don't know what it's for. They just said that's Matt's latest project.

Ashley said...

Ppe, thanks for sharing your story. Did you ask what happened to Jacob's wrist?

Bauman Farms in Gervais, OR....Loyal customer said...

Skip the over-priced, over-crowded celebrity gawk fest that is Roloff Farms and visit Bauman Farms Pumpkin Patch. It a much better time for families than the Roloff Farms.

There is no danger of being insulted when you walk away either, which is more than can be said for the Roloff brats.

Go to Bauman Farms for a great day if you're in the area.

ppe said...

jacob didn't have a cast on, so no need to ask what happened.

V said...

Why does Jacob ride his bike away from customers?

Jocelynn said...

V, take it how you want it, but someone said it's because Jacob thinks the fans are annoying. He doesn't like talking to fans or posing for pictures. That's why they said he stays back most of the time.

I recall last year there being some pictures of him opening weekend amongst the fans but after that he stayed back. Maybe it's following the same pattern this year.

Mike P. said...

Re: Jacob. Maybe he's shy?

I was at that age; my parents had restaurants and the last thing I wanted to do was mingle with our customers, especially if they wanted to talk to me.

Judy said...

Why do people continue to make excuses for Jacob? In my opinion, he is not shy. Not one bit. I think his avoidance of the customers is another way he is being pouty and creating problems. It's not that difficult for a 13 year old, almost 14 now, to be polite to people.

Craw said...

Tell it like it is. Jake is an unfriendly brat. That's why he's the way he is.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy was calling fans names and hiding from the attention at 15. He was old enough to be polite to people, right? Yet he was excused. :)

A legit point can be made that the bulk of the people going to the pumpkin farm go to see and interact with Jeremy. So why is he hiding on the one job that allows him to tune out and not speak to the fans?

Shouldn't he, as a twenty year old man with no other job, commit to spending 8 hours a day 4 days week during pumpkin season in what we amusing call a "customer facing position"?

Since all reports so far for this season indicate Jake - a minor - has been out and about with the crowds, and in fact our person who actually attended also said Jake has been friendly and chatty in the past.... I really am unsure why fault is being found?

Seems like Jake at 13 is managing better than Jeremy did at fifteen...

cake said...

some say he hangs back, others say he's friendly, approachable and poses for pictures. sounds like he may just be *gasp* a normal kid who sometimes isn't in the mood to chat it up with folks and other times is happy to do so. note Ppe claims to have had several different experiences with him, none being negatiuve.

i don't know where the claim is from that Jake finds fans annoying, it may be true it may not. Jeremy however has definitely been caught in his little myspace scandal talking about Matt wanting him to hang out with fans and he doesn't want to because they are losers.

Mike P. said...


I said that about Jacob because I believe that it is exactly right. He is shy; his diffidence is obvious in the barn interviews.

In no sense is my observation an "excuse." Because someone doesn't see it your way doesn't make his opinion a mere "excuse."

You have a history of attacking Jacob, but no concomitant history of granting courtesy to those whose opinions differ from yours; you denigrate the insights and observations of others as just so much foolishness, as only "excuses."

And you seem to do it as casually, automatically and thoughtlessly as Roloff himself insults his family.

Shadow said...

"I think a vast majority of people going to the farm are locals looking for a fun pumpkin patch."

I really have a hard time believing this, only because there are dozens of pumpkin patches in the area that are equally or more entertaining, not nearly as hard to get to/park at, and don't nickel and dime you from the moment you enter. I suspect if you interviewed the people visiting, a strong majority would say they came there PRIMARILY because they heard of or saw the Roloffs on TV first, and were curious.

The pumpkin patch was a non-starter before the show started airing. If you remember, when the show started, they also had U-pick peaches, which went nowhere and was quickly ended because they took too much time and attention, and (as Matt said) all you do with pumpkins is stick $200 worth of seeds in the ground and wait until fall, then make all your money in a couple of weeks.

Rap541 said...

Cake, it's just a classic arguing point for some people here.

Jake at 13 (and 12, 11, 10, 9) is continually derided for not behaving perfectly in all situations. Of course he's not a perfet kid, and frankly with the minimal discipline he gets from his mother *and his father*, its pretty clear he's headed down the same "no job, no ambition to do anyhing other than play" road that the twins are on.

But - as stated, Jeremy at 15 has behaved no better, and I am willing to bet now that its been pointed out, the Jeremy fans will play the "but he was a 15 year old boy!" game, and completely refuse to acknowledge a) In fact so far this season there are no reports of bad behavior by Jake, and b) Jeremy at fifteen (two years older than Jake) was graciously saying the fans who spent money on the farm "suck the unsuckable".

I'm always amused when Jake is compared to Jeremy with no regard to the age difference, but here we have an example where the behavior that Jake is deemed a "brat" over is actually less offensive than the behavior Jeremy was a blessed widdle boy who was just making a mistake and really needs a cuddle and kiss and maybe a cookie as a treat over.

Really, I don't even like Jake that much, I just have moral compunctions about writing off a person based on their behavior at 9. I'm sure he'll give me reason. In the meantime, I will continue to point out that its a bit asinine to expect him to act like an adult at 13 while excusing much worse behavior from his still older brother because "I love Jeremy so his crapping on the fans that feed him at 15 wasn't rude as hell".

ppe said...

Not sure how this turned into a jacob debate. I don't want to have to defend him, people can make up their own minds. In my opinion he's a normal 13 year old kid. He's been doing the show since he was little, and doesn't really know anything different. It's hard to cope with fame and having strangers come up to you. He said it used to confuse him when strangers knew his name. I've seen the family around town many times. Usually they blend in, but sometimes they get spotted and are bothered. Like when we saw Zach and some friends at a restaurant. Most people didn't pay attention or notice, but one with some girls was giggling and bugging them. You could tell Zach just wanted to be left alone. Some loss of privacy is to be expected with fame, and they are old enough to make the decision. The fame can be difficult, and people deal with it in different ways. I don't know anything about them saying bad things behind fans backs and I don't really care. People can make up their own minds and choose what to believe and how much evidence they need. Being in their shoes I might make comments when fans leave. I've seen some of the over the top people there taking lots of pictures, gushing over them, chatting as if they've been best friends forever, and explain every little thing about the show to everyone they can tell "oh that's Sven, yeah that's the rope Jacob used for a project 3 years ago that had a bike on it, the red barn was refinished last year and that's where they do the barn bites..." I'm not super bestest friends and I don't want to be - seems one sided and kinda like a fantasy. Some of the family members recognize me and ask about things we've discussed in the past. That's fine by me.

Of the family members, Matt is the most difficult to track down. He's usually in the roped off areas, dealing with camera crews or other VIP people or press. The few times I have seen him in the parking lot or in the crowd he gets mobbed really fast. I can only think of 2 times he happened to be accessible to fans and he was surrounded on his mule both times. Ironic that he's the one that has this pumpkin dream.

Jacob is the next most difficult to track down. I've probably been to the farm a dozen times, even before they were on TV. Jacob was rarely seen early on. And a few years ago he was usually in the roped off areas, sitting in the tree house (the cargo net thing) etc... It's only in the last couple years or so that I've spotted him really help run things or mingle with the crowd.

I don't necessarily go to see the family, so I'd rather see them when they want to be seen. But maybe that's just me. People should just make up their own minds and that's fine by me.

Expressed said...

I've seen lots of pictures and stories. I think it's fair to say Jacob doesn't mingle with fans much. Almost all the pictures last year was standing at the castle with Levi, looking bored to death waving as the wagon tour drove by. Or people said he was hiding in the house.

Rap, I have to defend Jeremy and legitimately! You can not like him, but people say Jeremy is ver friendly at pumpkin season. You can say he's just doing it because it's in public and it's an act and he's different in private. That's probably true and fair too. But at pumpkin season people always say Jeremy poses for pictures all the time, when they stop in the western town and before and after tours.

Rap541 said...

Expressed - you're confusing the arguements.

I have never said that Jeremy at 18-20 was rude to guests. I think he's learned from past mistakes that the money for his treats depends on him displaying a pleasant demeanor at pumpkin season. But at fifteen, he was known for snickering with his buddies about the loser fans who "suck the unsuckable".

Now if Jeremy is forgiven because he was a child at fifteen, why is Jake accountable and responsible at 9-13?

Expressed said...

Gotcha Rap. I agree that Jeremy hated fans if we're being honest and still hates fans. I like him, but he ignores fans for a reason. His friends insult his fans for a reason.

I was just making the point in response to people saying Jacob is friendly to pumpkin visitors. I don't think he is most of the time. I think he hid in the castle because he does think fans are annoying.

About Jeremy I was responding to what you said about Jer driving the tractor to avoid people. I don't think he does. You can say he's being fake and I think that he is. lol. But honestly from what I read and see I think Jeremy is very nice to people during pumpkin season and is very accomodating about pictures.

Helen said...

I hope to go to the farm this weekend. I'm so excited.

Shadow said...

Helen - Have fun in the rain...You might want to wait for better weather.

Go Ducks said...

I went to the Roloff farm Friday. Had a great time. We didn't have to wait and there were no lines! I saw Matt and Amy, Matt's parents, Jeremy, Mueller and Jacob.

Cynthia said...

I went to their pumpkin patch last weekend. We had a blast! By the way Amy is in awesome shape. I was impressed. She is very down to earth.

Expressed said...

Ha! I knew Jeremy was a flirt! Lucky girls!

I've noticed that in pictures before too. The prettier the girl, the bigger Jeremy's smile is. He's a guy so what do you expect? lol.

Diane said...

Jeremy was a big time flirt even when he was with Kirsten. I'd feel sorry for any girl that actually dates him. I doubt he will change his ways.

DJ said...

Why would they have parking near the food court? Roloffs are lucky or they would been sued for everything!

Russell said...

I wouldn't want to bring my daughter there knowing that the Roloff boys are known for making fun of girls behind their backs if they think they aren't good looking enough. Young people are self conscious at that age they don't need to be worried about being insulted by the rude Roloff kids and their friends.

You don't need to worry about back biting at Bauman farms. The prices are better too. I've never been nearly hit by runaway cars or trebuchets either! :)

Jerome said...

Russell - that is real classy to demean the Roloffs farm and then plug another farm...

Rap541 said...

In fairness, Matt himselfs demeans his neighbors as "martini farmers" who get in his way merely to spite him. :)

Russell said...

Jerome, I am entitled to my opinion as you are to yours.

I will not be taking my family to Roloff farms. The prices are too high, the waits are too long and I don't want my daughter to need to worry about being insulted by the Roloff boys and their friends when she turns her back or online.

Bauman farms is fun filled day for the entire family at an affordable price. As a bonus, the Baumans are good people, none of them are known for trashing their teenage customers behind their backs like the Roloff kids have been caught doing.

Trina said...

Russell, I agree with you. Look at Baumans facebook page if you haven't seen it

I've been going to Baumans for over 5 years. The carmel apple pie is too die for! Nothing the Roloffs have could ever match that. Baumans is a real farm. They have delicious fruits. I love the pairs.

There is so much to do at Baumans. The Roloffs have tried to copy some of them but they will never match it. Baumans have Corn Maze
Dark Maze
Zip Lines
Kids Maze
Mystical Maze
Obstacle Course
Jumping Pillow
Giant Slides/Swings
Kids Zone
Frontier Fort
Climbing Wall
Hay Rides
and so much more!

I went to the Roloffs a couple of Octobers ago and never again! It's ridiculous to wait that long. Where is the pay off (except your money going to the Roloffs pockets? $300? That's obscene!) My family is not that obsessed with so called celebrities that it's worth wasting a day and money just to be near them especially when there is all those stories about how rude the son Jeremy and his friends have been. They are not going to get the chance to treat my kids like they are in some kind of beauty pageant where they get insulted and treated like they are less if they aren't pretty enough.

Have fun at the Roloffs if you're star struck and obsessed with ego maniac celebrities that think they're worth $300 to talk to and have fun trying to calm your restless kids down when they are stuck in your car waiting in lines forever, but I will be having a wonderful time at Baumans Farm and Garden like always.

Shadow said...

Martini farmers? Hahahahahahahaha...Matt has NEVER relied on the income from the farm to support him or the family. Before the show, he was in computer sales, and now the TV show not only supports the family, but increases the farm income by drawing in people who would never otherwise bother with Roloff Farms. The farm has always just been a playspace for Matt, where he can have "big boy" toys and build his silly self-fulfilling toys. Remember, nearly all of those "attractions" were built (or at least started) long before the farm became a tourist spot, and Matt talked about how they were all built "for his kids" so they could have the childhood he never had. They only became "agritainment" structures when the show started drawing in enough visitors to let the farm turn a profit (not as a farm, though).

If all the other farmers are "martini farmers," I guess Matt would have to be a "tinker toy farmer."

Rap541 said...

In case Matt feels the need to call the FBI - his comments about martini farmer neighbors were on the TLC forums.

Jerome said...

Trina - "Bauman's is a real farm."
And do tell me how Roloffs is not a "real farm"?

In case you didn't know...the definition of farm is as follows..."A tract of land cultivated for the purpose of agricultural production."

Hence...Roloffs and ANY OTHER farm that produces some sort of agriculture is considered a "real farm".

Kay said...

I wonder how suitable the Roloff farm is for children? Between the faulty pumpkin launchers, cars crashing into the food court, Jeremy + friends foul language and insulting of fans, people shooting guns at the signs, stalkers that were wondering around?...I think I will pass on taking my kids there. Baumans it is. Trina, thanks for the link.

Ally said...

We went to the Roloff Farm this weekened. We had a good time. There are a lot of things for kids to do.

Trina said...

Jerome, I don't consider the Roloffs to be a real farm. They grow some pumpkins. That's it. Do they even do that anymore? I know they truck most of their pumpkins in from other farms. Nothing else. They have a bunch of structures. They are more of a poor-man's version of Disney than they are a farm.

As far as I'm concerned, a real farm has fields where they grow their own fruit and vegetables. That is Baumans. Look at everything Baumans have. Baumans only gets things shipped in during the winter months when it's not possible to grow their own in Oregon. The rest of the year they have delicious fruits and veggies coming out of their ears.

Trina said...

Baumans have free parking too unlike the Roloffs.

Judy B said...

"As noted before and as Matt mentioned, the biggest change this year in that regard is Jacob being out with the guests as opposed to waving from a distance in Molly's castle. The soccer game challenge appears to be an excellent idea to get Jacob more involved while still keeping it fun for him."

That's good to hear because it's about time Jacob stops slacking. He is old enough to help out and be social. I bet Matt gave him a private (as it should be) talking to about not giving him a free pass this year.

Greg said...

Judy, actually I think the reason for this soccer thing with Jacob (and I agree, its a good idea) is that Matt knows it was leaked that Jacob thinks the fans are annoying turds and that was the reason why he wouldn't go near them last year. Matt always loves trying to make people that say things he doesn't want being said look wrong.

I agree with you, I think Matt did have a talk with Jacob. But I think Matt was bound and determined to make sure Jacob was in the middle of the action.

Rap541 said...

Judy - because Jeremy was a man! At 13! Out with the tons of fans who mobbed the farm! Jake needs to be like Jeremy! Man up!

Only thats not actually how things went down now is it? When Jeremy was 13, the farm wasn't getting 60k guests (including people who also apparently call and email scary tirades) and Jeremy at *15* was badmouthing the fans.

Sure hope you have an opinion about Jeremy's behavior since apparently Jake is doing much better at 13 than Jeremy managed at 15.

Yet I am sure you will just continue to complain about the work habits of a 13 year old. Oh and Judy, did you know in Oregon that legally, children under fourteen aren't even supposed to be employed?

Oh sure, kids over age twelve can do agricultural work... but running the soccer game isn't exactly farming now is it?

Craw said...

Judy, maybe Jeremy slapped him upside the head and told him to stop being a miserable hermit.

Rap, Jake isn't even working. He's walking around his yard. It's the family business. Kids can do that.

Unless you're stupid of course you know that really they all think fans are annoying. But at least Jeremy had the decency to be polite to people faces at pumpkin season. Jeremy was said to be nice at the farm even at 15. Do you want to bet that Jeremy was there for pumpkin season before the show started and before they had all the staff?

"Most of the feedback we're getting from teenage girls are raving about the cuteness of Jeremy and Jacob. So the decision to put Jacob more "on the front lines" seems to have pleased the teenage girl crowd."

Jake with Jeremy status? Crazy! I don't see what girls see in Jake...

Jocelynn said...

I can't blame the people that didn't like it or didn't want to wait to "talk" to the Roloffs because of the long lines to get to them.

After the long line I waited in to "meet" them at the charity basketball game in Michigan, never again! I still don't know why I waited. lol. It was the thing to do after the basketball game, I guess.

You can't even call it meeting them because it's for 5 seconds. They smile, take a picture and move on. It's not like you can have meaningful conversation with them. It's a long time to wait just to exchange hellos and a fake a smile.

Ashley said...

This sorta off topic, but I've always wondered what the people in the grey house think about Roloff pumpkin season?

Can you imagine having thousands and thousands of people wandering around on your neighbors lawn where they can see your whole property. It doesn't look like they have a swimming pool on that side of the house, but if they did, you would be entertainment for thousands of people! "Hey little Billy, look at the funny looking lady in the swimsuit climbing into that pool over there!"

Rap541 said...

Craw, are there any reports of Jake being rude to a pumpkin customer's face? If not, he's managing better at 13 than Jeremy was required to at the same age (since Roloff Farms didn't get that sort of crowd at Jeremy's age.

As for work... I'm curious if Jake gets paid. If he doesn't, then he's sacrificing his childhood for Daddy's business while his big brothers get to hide on tractors and get paid.... and if he does get paid, I wonder if he has a work permit or if it is all under the table....

Ashley - a lot of the neighbors, per Matt's own comments, haven't been enthusiastic about his turning the area into a tourist site.

Lynn said...

I think Jacob should be involved in pumpkin season. He is. Apparently fans and Jacob think it's fun. No problems here.

Judy B said...

*Someone* needs to brush up on the laws...


From the U S Government - What Jobs Can Youth Do?
When You Are 13 Or Younger . . .

•You can deliver newspapers.

•You can work as a baby-sitter.

•You can work as an actor or performer in motion pictures, television, theater or radio.

•You can work in a business solely owned or operated by your parents.

•You can work on a farm owned or operated by your parents.

However, parents are prohibited from employing their children in manufacturing, mining, or any other occupation declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor.


He is working in the family business. It's not manufactuing, mining or hazardous...He is handing out prizes at a kick the soccer ball through a hole prize game.

Leave it a certain person to try to find something illegal with it....

It is good to see Jacob pulling his own weight for a change. He has been old enough to do this kind of thing for a couple of years.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - agreed - so why are Judy B and Craw bitching?

Oh right, because they think Jake is scum and never walk away from an opportunity to run him down. Hey remember when Jake was helping his mom by driving the Mule for her while she took her Danish guests on a farm tour? Judy B said Jake wasn't appropriately sitting in the Mule. When asked what the proper mannerly way to sit in an atv was, Judy had nothing to say.

I only find the work permit issue curious because so many people (Judy B, Dana, Craw) run to complain that Jake, the 8-13 year old, hasn't been working a full adult work week. Apparently Jeremy needs to play - and Jake his younger brother needs to work.

Did it ever cross anyone's mind (and I suspect it hasn't) that one significant reason why Jake and earlier, Molly, weren't on hand so much for pumpkin season is because of child labor laws?. People are complaining that Jake wasn't *working* at 12, that he was playing in the castle... did it ever occur to anyone that this was possible a nice compromise so that Jake could be seen (because we know people go to Roloff Farms to see the Roloffs) without having it look like a 12 year old was working 8 hours a day?

I mean, I know some of you think Matt's word is the law, but it actually isn't. Lets all remember that Jake damn near died working at pumpkin season (at age 9) before we bitch and moan how he's a disloyal little brat who isn't involved in the family business.

Rap541 said...

Judy B - You might want to check out the hours involved. And considering in years past that Jacob was hospitalized with a skull injury due to his non hazardous work, I think perhaps you should stop bitching about how that 9 year old doesn't pitch in.

I mean thats your point right? Jacob needs to work MORE?

Judy B - whats your opinion on Jeremy having no other job at twenty than working in October for pumpkin season? Does jeremy still need 40 hours a week to play and worship jesus?

Rap541 said...

Oh and raise of hands, parents - how many of you expect and demand your 8-13 year old to work?

Judy? You have kids. How many hours do they work at jobs? After all, you believe kids should pull their own weight (except Jeremy Roloff who is forever a boy who needs PLAY PLAY PLAY) so at what age do you sit youre kids down and tell them to get jobs?

(recalls how Jeremy Jesus at 20 spent his summer wakeboarding and cruising and vacationing and wonders how that was "pulling his own weight")

Mona said...

All the Roloff kids benefit from having fans. It is not too much to ask them to cordial. Kudos to Matt if he needed to kick Jacob in the butt to get into the flow of things.

My cousins in Forrest Grove are considering going.

Brittany said...

I was there yesterday! Jacob is my new bf :))) He is very hot. It was super busy too. That was the only part that wasn't good about it.

Rap541 said...

All the Roloff kids benefit from having fans. It is not too much to ask them to cordial. Kudos to Matt if he needed to kick Jacob in the butt to get into the flow of things.

Mona, there's no evidence that was necessary for Jake, and plenty of evidence that Jeremy and Zach did indeed need a talking to about about being cordial about fans. At an age older than Jake now is.

Paula said...

Russell, your plugging for Baumans farm must have worked! Haha. I went there yesterday to discover it was packed! I bet it was as busy as the Roloff farm. That's good thing for the family, but not as a customer!

One employee we talked to said they had never seen it that busy. It's hard to enjoy a down home farm experience when you have to wait a long time for everything.

There is lots to do, we still had a good time and the food is definitely more delicious than anything I've ever got at the Roloffs.

Deb said...

I had no idea pumpkin patches could be so lucrative. I thought the only reason why the Roloffs were busy was because of the celebrity obsession and people wanting to be on tv.

But other farms are crazy busy at this time too?

I guess it's time to grow some pumpkins and put my land to work!

Brenda Sangster said...

I went to both places (or tried to) I have an opinion.

The kids wanted to go to see the Roloff farm from tv. I didn't want to go because I've heard about Jeremy's unwholesome language. I don't put up with that crap around my kids. When someone offends me I tell them right there on the spot. Doug said we should go for the kids. We went.

Until we saw the line. I said to Doug, I'm not waiting this long to go there.

Doug and me had heard a lot of good things about the Helvetia Tavern. I don't know why. I was disappointed. The food was cold, the service lousy. Why do people say something is good when it's not? They are misleading others.

The kids wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, I suggested we try out Baumans. It was a long drive. Then we find another log jam of traffic to get in. I threw my hands up and told Doug we should go home and call it a failure of the day, but the kids wanted to do something. We did stay. The kids did three or four of the activities. The lines were very long. I will say the food was good, better than what I got at the overrated Helvetia Tavern.

I hate waiting. Places shouldn't be open if they expect people to wait excessively long period of time. My time is precious, why should I spend it waiting?

It was not a good day.

Barbara Landon said...

Jacob was so fun at his soccer kick game. He was very nice to my kids. He joked around and was laughing, he really made it a nice memory. We are going back next weekend.

Shelby said...

I went to the Roloff farm this year. It was a zoo to get in and wait. The pumpkins are over priced too. Other than that it was fun. Amy is the most geniune out of the Roloffs to meet.

Craw said...

Barbara must be a Roloff or part of the publicity team ;)

Kristy said...

I went last Friday. I have a new tv crush :>) Mueller is wayyyyy cuter than Jeremy in person.

Diane said...

Ew Mueller. When theres not a crowd of people around or cameras he's uber mean and calls fans all kinds of nasty names.

Lottie said...

I agree, Mueller is a cutie. He wasn't a meanie at all.

Brandon said...

Well, as Diane said, what a person is like is not going to come out when surrounded by cameras and hundreds of people.

Kind of like how Jeremy and Mueller don't unleash the nasty slurs and insults about people when cameras around but it's a fact that's how they talk when they think people aren't paying attention.

Mueller might have failed high school, but he's not that dumb that he'd be the nasty jerk he was to fans online, in person at pumpkin season

The same as how Jeremy and Zach smile and take pictures for the paying customers, but are known (still) for trashing fans behind their backs (see the Oasis of the Seas video from the "not pretty" girl).

Christine said...

I think Mueller is a bully and a jerk, no doubt about it. I also think it's cowardly that he's a jerk to fans online, but when lots of people are around he has the nice guy act. It shows someones true colors and character. No wonder why Mueller and Jeremy are best friends. They both have that nasty habit.

BK said...

I've talked to one of Mueller's and Jeremy's friends and they admitted that Mueller says a lot of things that people would find offensive. They said Mueller hates fans and can be a d*ck to people.

I think naive if they don't think Jeremy and Mueller have a blast ridiculing the fans after they leave. Once behavior like that is exposed and known its hard to believe they've suddenly stopped being jerks.

John said...

Mueller and Jeremy are the type of arrogant a-holes that I disdain. Bullies and jerks when they feel they can get away with it, but then two-faced when a camera and crowds of people are around.

I wonder how many kid's feelings they've stomped on? And they think they're Christian? What a friggin joke. Jesus would weep over the way they treat his children.

Colleen said...

If Matt reads this, I hope he has talk with Jeremy. My girls, 16 and 14, were very excited to go to meet Jeremy. We put up with the long lines just to go. Jeremy was very under whelming. He couldn't have looked or sounded any less excited if he tried. He isn't even smiling in the picture I took of my girls with Jeremy.

I would have given him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was bored of the whole thing, but what we saw was discrimatory. When two blonde girls that could have been Barbie twins were around Jeremy he suddenly was all talk and all smiles. He even posed for pictures with them kissing him on the cheek. Jeremy was all smiles.

It's clear Jeremy treats girls he thinks are pretty a heck of a lot differently than girls that he doesn't think are pretty enough or doesn't want to flirt with.

I'm very upset that Jeremy uses pumpkin season like it's his own bar to pick up "hot chicks". We paid our money and we spent a considerable amount of our day there just like the barbie twins. My daughters don't need to feel like second class citizens because they get the brush off from Jeremy while they then watch him transform into mister animated full of energy and smiles for pretty blondes.

It might be surprising from what I've read but Mueller was much better with my girls than Jeremy was. Amy was great with everyone.

We won't be back again, but someone should have a talk with Jeremy that he shouldn't treat girls that aren't blonde stick figure models like they are inferior. It was very clear to watch him how his demeanor changed based on how the girls looked.

Greg said...

Colleen, Matt is probably proud of Jeremy after stories like that. You know how he loves to brag about what studs his sons are.

Jason said...

Jeremy is just a selfish jerk. Accept it. Stop being surprised people.

Susan said...

Colleen, well said. I'm not surprised. Liked the comparison to Jeremy treating it as his own personal bar to flirt.

Trina said...

I'm sorry to read you and your daughter's unfortunate experience at Roloff farm with Jeremy.

I suggest you try Bauman Farms. They value all people. Your daughters won't feel like they are the rejected pile in Jeremy's fish market! ;)

Michelle said...

Jeremy has always been a judgemental jerk. I've noticed in the pumpkin pictures the difference in Jeremy's attitude depending on the attractiveness of the girl.

Way to raise a judgemental sexist pig, Matt and Amy!