Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TV ratings for Little People, Big World and Roloff family and TLC: October 18th, 2010

The Rocky episode of 'Little People, Big World' on Monday Oct 18th drew a 1.232 rating.

'Cake Boss' was 1.209 and 1.407.

It appears TLC's new hit show is 'Sister Wives'. On Sunday night it received ratings of 2.670 and 2.744 million viewers.

This is the full list of ratings for 'Little People, Big World' Season 6 thus far:

Sept 6 (Premiere)
LPBW: 8pm -Little Pain, Little Gain = 1.753 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - Everything Must Go = 1.791 million viewers

Sept 13
LPBW: 8pm - All Talked out = 1.319 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - On The Road with Matt and Zach = 1.614 million viewers

Sept 20
LPBW 8pm - Camp Roloff = 1.142 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Zach Rides On = 1.362 million viewers

Sept 27
LPBW 8pm - Matt's Massacre = 1.069 million viewers

Oct 4
LPBW 8pm - Micromanager Matt = 1.060 million viewers

Oct 18
LPBW 8pm - Rocky's Last Stand = 1.232 million viewers


Ashley said...

Wow, Sister Wives are blowing away LPBW. I wonder how much the people on Sister Wives are making?

Anonymous said...

disgusting as the Rocky episode was it did get some reaction

Anonymous said...

Sister Wives,toddlers in tiaras
TLC is trying to corner the market on sexual deviancy