Monday, October 11, 2010

A word about bullying and the Roloffs

As most of you probably know, Matt Roloff has been posting on his Facebook Fan Page earlier this week, claiming that he's been contacted by "national news agencies and the FBI about cyber-bullying and how it applies to "reality people".

Although Matt has this hang up that he doesn't actually say the name "Spiritswander", I don't think it's any secret what he is referring to when he rants about "bloggers".

These are some of Matt's Facebook posts about it earlier this week:

Matt Roloff: Got contacted today from several national news agencies and the FBI re: Cyber bulling situations.. and how it applies to "reality people". Sounds like fantastic and significant investigation going on. Finally those sour pusses that hide behind ghost identity gonna get exposed. :) Gotta love that. Hope investigation only last couple years and I not a life time. :)

Matt Roloff: Cyber Bully is a crime. People says things that are NOT rooted in any facts. It's a very real problem.

Christine: "Can I ask a question Matt? Why do people think it's ok to tell lies about one another? Your family is a good inspiration to people, I want to be just like you. Why are there so many liers out there?

Matt Roloff: Christine... We're trying to figure that out as well. We think its only people that hide behind their keyboard. Nobody has come forward with their real name as yet. They're afraid of the truth I guess.

And some counter good counter points:

Micah: "What's the difference between cyber bullying and someone just being critical of something as it applies to reality people? I can understand that if people were harassing or threatening your your kids, for instance, but how is that different than saying "Boy you should clean up your messy house" or "that was not the best way to handle that situation"? I am just not sure where one can draw that line is what I am asking about when people put their personal lives out there, they invite at least some scrutiny. I am sure you also get some psychos in the mix and that I understand that. I guess I am wondering what the difference in your eyes are between a "Cyber Bully" and a "Sour Puss".

Peter: "Matt, I've seen your kids and their friends on Facebook groups that ridicule 16 year old Justin Bieber (I was a member of one of them, haha)

But the point is maybe you should talk to your kids and their friends that you like so much about not being "cyber bullies".

You are both public figures. Micah made a great point above.

Look at what happened when you mentioned Kate Gosselin on here? People were very vocal and mean spirited and blunt about bashing her and what they think of her. If you think you're a victim of cyberbullying then your own fans cyberbully another reality person way worse than anything you face.

The idea that our site is somehow "cyber-bullying" the Roloffs is too ridiculous to even rationally discuss -- but I'll try. The Roloffs are public figures, television stars, authors, participants in "celebrity" basketball games, stars of "celebrity cruises", guests on The Oprah Show, The Rachael Ray Show, Good Morning America and The Today Show. When you're a public figure, people are going to comment about you. Sometimes, those comments are going to be negative.

It appears as though, in Matt's mind, when people don't agree with him, or his opinion on events and issues -- in his mind they are lying and bullying him and his family.

We've stated our goal with this site many times, to provide fans with an up- to-date and almost daily place for people to hear what is going on with the Roloffs. We aim to be informative and fun. We post all information, promote their public events and charity activities, articles that put the Roloffs in a good light, articles that put the Roloffs in a bad light, reports and sightings from other fans -- some of those are positive, some of those are negative. We pass it along to fans and everyone can form their own opinions.

However, it was never our goal to become Matt Roloff's best friend. It was not our goal to "earn" personal phone calls or shout outs from Matt by always agreeing with him or posting content that only he approves of. Our allegiance was to fans and followers of the Roloffs and Little People, Big World to post whatever is going on with the most accurate and truthful information. Sometimes I pass along my personal opinion on the subject as well, and sometimes I disagree with the Roloffs. In reader comments, we try to allow people freedom to express their opinions - although I don't personally agree with them - this site isn't just about one person's personal opinion - so we try to allow people to express those opinions -- some readers like Amy and don't like Matt, some like Jeremy and don't like Jacob, some like Matt and don't like Zach. However, one of the lines I've always tried to not to cross because I find it to be destructive is personal comments on appearance of the Roloffs or the friends on the show (the making fun of Zach's dwarfism related features that sometimes occurs on LPBW message boards or making fun of the weight of Jeremy's ex girlfriend) -- you don't see that on our site.

I don't think it's any secret that the original reason why Matt deems our site to be evil and "hateful" is because we posted about Jeremy's language scandal and I stated that I felt Jeremy was wrong, hypocritical and it was disappointing considering the message of the show. Even more disappointing was the fact that Jeremy never -- to this day -- felt it important enough to use it as a learning moment to apologize or say that he realized he was wrong.

From that moment on we were....not on Matt's Christmas card list to state it mildly. No matter how many positive articles we have about the Roloffs or promotion we provide the Roloffs -- we went against Matt's wishes and had a different opinion on the matter than the Roloffs did. And then on many subsequent events, when Matt states something that we know or hear to not be accurate, we voice that too. Obviously Matt doesn't like to be contradicted. And that's fine. As I stated, it was never our goal to be a Matt Roloff lackey or a fluff site. That's what official sites are for. On official sites you don't expect to hear all the news about the Roloffs or the show, you're only going to hear what fits their agenda and that is perfectly understandable.

It's always been our goal to be a thorough, fair and objective site that fans can visit and feel that they are "in the loop" regarding what is happening with the Roloffs and Little People, Big World.

So back to the issue -- Matt's posts about cyber-bullying -- I have to personally say I think it's disappointing, perhaps bordering on distasteful, that Matt chose to take an issue that is in the news recently for very tragic reasons and make it about himself and his issues with our site or perhaps other LPBW message board sites.

If you don't pay attention to the news, the reason why cyber-bullying is in the news right now, is not because television celebrities are occasionally having people make comments about them that are negative or that they don't agree with.

It is because of the number of recent stories of teenagers who were gay that committed suicide. Talk show host Ellen Degeneres had a very poignant and heartfelt message about this subject.

To quote Ellen: "There are messages everywhere that validate this kind of bullying and taunting."

I find it very sadly ironic that Matt would use this issue to make the Roloffs into the victims when one of the primary reasons why Matt dislikes this site: Spiritswander: Keeping Up With the Roloffs -- so much is because we took a stand -- unlike Matt's staff and moderators that take their orders from Matt that said things like "Words can't hurt" -- and we said Jeremy was wrong to use racist and homophobic slurs, perceived mocking actions, and derogatory phrases such as "I had a great soccer game. Not to be a gay bragging f*ggot but I completely raped their defense, I scored 3 goals..."

And we said that was wrong because of the deeper message it sends and spreads. Yet now Matt is seemingly using this issue to make the Roloffs sound like victims and the Spiritswander site are the bullies? Ridiculous. And distasteful.

Lastly, we do have a positive Roloff connection and the *real* reason why this is an issue in the news to pass along. People have alerted us, that they noticed Jeremy's ex-girlfriend - Sarah (seen primarily on the first season of LPBW) supports Facebook events that are dedicated to bringing attention and awareness to the homophobic bullying the led to these teenagers taking their own lives.

Speaking Out Against Intolerance

On Oct 20, 2010, wear purple in honor of the 6 boys (I am sad to say now the count is at 8 suicides) who committed suicide recently due to abuse and bullying. This is for every kid who was or still is tormented because they are different in anyway. The boys' names were Tyler Clementi, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase, and Billy Lucas. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s what we’d like all o...f you to have with you: spirit. Please know that it gets better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on Oct 20th. Tell everyone.

There is a Youtube channel called the It Gets Better project. There are videos from all kinds of people who let you know what they've gone through and to give anyone going through this sort of thing advice. If anyone is interested in checking it out, here is the link:


Jocelynn said...

Bravo Spirits! Excellent.

Rap541 said...

I concur! I hope this is a wake up call.

Lynn C said...

A wake up call for what, Rap?

Matt might be over-reacting, but I can forgive him. Who would enjoy being criticized or seeing their kids criticized? Even if they did open themselves up to scrutiny with the reality show.

Anonymous said...

What about various Roloffs mocking Justin Bieber? What about Jeremy and his buddies mocking that girl? What about the eff off and die comments?

How does Matt roloff feel about that srt of bullying? His sons pals do it... and he says nothing. If he's not complaining about them then why is he accusing ohters? oh right, *he doesn't like it when he or is family is in the sites".

if its not his family... they can all go hang. When it affects him, its a problem. What a hypcrit.

Rap541 said...

Well, Jeremy certainly feels free to bully others with his *f*ggot* remarks. Lynn, do you think Jeremy is being *kind* when he calls someone a "f*g"?

Oh and in case the FBI is watching, it's not a lie. Please check out Jeremy's comments, some of which Spirit quoted.

Isn't that bullying? Or since Jer-bear is Christ's Second Coming, is it ok for Jeremy to bully?

Rap541 said...

Lynn - do you seriously feel Matt is cyberbullied? The way various now dead and not necessarily gay teens are?

Do you think Jeremy - of the various ethnic slur comments - is the *bullied* kid at Faith Bible?

Do you think Matt is in danger of committing suicide over the public opinion he actively seeks not only as a reality show star but as someone who clearly understands and enjoys online posting?

Do you feel Matt Roloff is facing tragedy in the making due to people bullying him and or his children?

I'm not asking this to be flip or to deride you. I am geniunely surprised that you feel someone who actively seeks the public limelight and who was warned as early as 2005 that his kids needed to be careful on line with what they said, is somehow a victim.

Do you believe Matt Roloff is being cyberbullied, Lynn? Should we be worried about his potential for suicide?

Anonymous said...

I happen to know for a fact that the FBI is involved in dealing with some very scary situations that have been plaguing the Roloff’s for several years. It is very egomaniacal of you to believe that he is speaking of you and your silly blog. But if the shoe fits, feel free to lace up!

BeckyM said...

Matt is the one who put his children and family out there as "public figures." As a former journalist, he doesn't have a leg to stand on because this blog is covered by the Fifth Amendment and is a critque of a public person.

Matt stop trying to drum up some sort of interest in your dying show! Not working.

Keep the faith, Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lynn. Celebrities are human beings with feelings. If people believe that celebrities are free game to attack just by being in a television show then those people should also not have a problem with a counter attack.

Brandon said...

Anonymous, give it up. Spirits and everyone else knows that Matt is talking about the Spiritswander blog. Even Matt's own *boardies* know what he's talking about.

I don't know of any other Roloff blog except for Spirits. Even the other Little People Big World message boards like Television without pity, TLC and IMBD are dead compared to what they used to be. But Matt talks about bloggers. Spiritswander is the only active Roloff blog discussion. Matt talks about the same subjects that are disccused here. He had "Jolie" obviously a friend or an employee post here. Then he posted about it on his facebook. Spiritswander is the one name as per Matt's own website that he won't allow be said on his site or his facebook.

It's not hard to figure out what "blogger" Matt is so hot and bothered by.

Brandon said...

"If people believe that celebrities are free game to attack"

No, they don't get to play that game when the invite scrutiny by putting their lives on tv in a reality show.

People are going to think that the house is messy or that Matt is a douche for being late to his own sons graduation or that Amy doesn't support Matt or that Jacob acts like a brat or that Jeremy is a hypocrite with no character for using hate slur words after standing on his soapbox about the word midget and not having the character to admit a wrong.

The Roloffs made millions off opening themselves up to scrutiny, they built a mansion and have something 15 cars and trucks. That's the trade off. People are going to talk. Matt thought it was worth it to sign contracts 6 times. Now he wants to be Mr. Thin Skinned.

Also I think the word attack is dramatic since Matt thinks any disagreement with him is an attack.

Timothy said...

Spirits, nicely done. Well said. I wonder if Matt realizes how insensitive he is when he makes everything about himself?

Cyberbullying isn't about gay teens that are killing themselves. It's about Matt Roloff not having everyone on the internet kiss his butt 24/7.

The Holocaust speech was the same. He needed to compared his own experience to the what the victims suffered during the Holocaust.

I don't think he's able to see how offensive he is when he says stuff like that.

Susan said...

I don't know why Matt is acting like it is a badge of honor that he feels his family is harassed and tormented (I don't agree, but that's not the point).

Why is he willing to say it publicly? He wants sympathy?

If his kids were in danger of crazies or they can't emotionally handle the public criticism that comes along with being on television, that is a reflection on Matt and Amy as parents.

They sold their kids privacy for fame and money. Vacations and cars and mansions. Many parents, myself included, would never put my kids on tv for no amount of money.

Matt and Amy threw their kids on tv because they wanted fame and money. They allowed Jacob to be portrayed as a brat. Jeremy would not be called a racist bigot hypocrite liar if Matt and Amy didn't put him on the show and have him write in a book.

Matt and Amy put their kids in that position because they wanted the money and fame. If they are saying their kids can't handle the criticism if they want the FBI to treat it as bullying, than Matt and Amy are truly awful parents.

Austin said...

I'm not surprised Matt would do that. I think the whole family are a bunch of homophobes starting with Matt's golden boy Jeremy.

I don't think Matt can stand their being concern for gay kids. He goes and shifts it all to himself.

baxter said...

@Anonymous 9:10--

The Roloffs CHOSE to make themselves public figures, thus, he can't whine or complain when someone takes an unfavorable view of him or his family.

@Brandon--I wholeheartedly agree.

Rap541 said...

"I happen to know for a fact that the FBI is involved in dealing with some very scary situations that have been plaguing the Roloff’s for several years."

Anon, put up or shut up. Are these scary situations concerning cyberbullying? Or not?

Based on comments Matt has made previously, I have every reason to believe in years past, there was some sort of creepy stalking issue going on with a fan. I don't know the details (Matt alluded to it in a few intereviews and thts about it)

But now he's making vague comments about cyberbullies, people lying, ghost identities, and the FBI investigating. Brandon makes the excellent point, that disagreeing with Matt or how the Roloffs live is not attacking them.

Here's an example. I think it's ridiculous, the number of cars these people own. I do. I dislike their consumer driven lifestyle.

Have I just cyberbullied the Roloffs?

As shown on tv, Matt and Amy are played by the kids over discipline. I don't like it. I don't like the messy house either.

Have I just cyberbullied the Roloffs?

Further, have I *lied* about anything? The messy house, Jeremy saying racist things, Matt and Amy having marriage issues, heck, Jake being a brat, Molly being disrespectful, Jeremy and Zach partying in Europe, Matt being quite arrogant and attention seeking on line....These are all things that have appeared on his show, in print media, or on line (some with photographic proof). He's a public figure, people are going to talk about what they see in public and not necessarily agree with his interpretation when he declares his reality show depiction to disagree with real life.

Oh and anon? You do realize Matt dislikes people who hide behind ghost identies? Although he allows fake ids on his own forum....

And btw - thats not a lie ;)

Rap541 said...

You know... not to put too fine a point on it, but if Matt wanted to, he could name what blogs he felt were in need of investigation.

And, more to the point, if he *doesn't* mean Spirit's blog, its within his power to say so.

Julia said...

Egomaniacal, yes. SW and many of the posters twist the Roloff’s words, mangle the truth, reshape events and hypothesize and conjecture on what the Roloff’s think, want, do, and say, stating these hypothesizes and conjectures as fact, instigating ridiculous arguments between Roloff Fan and Foe. I am not sure how SW believes that type of dialog is productive or how they think this services the fan/followers they claim to have allegiance.

Mike P. said...

Roloff is engaged in a long and oily ad-hominem attack.

For those not familiar, ad hominem means "to the man." It is a response that attacks an opponent's character or motive instead of answering his argument; worse, it appeals to the prejudices and feelings of the hearer or reader, thus seeking their sympathy but not answering the issues.

An ad-hominem attack is disreputable. It is a tool of the demagogue and the dishonest, and not of those who value civil discourse. If Roloff were in a formal classic debate, he would be disqualified immediately, escorted from the platform and drop-kicked across the parking lot. I suspect that he would wonder why.

This tactic--attacking the other person, while avoiding questions posed--is routine for Roloff. Most egregiously, we saw it in the episode in which Amy had a speaking engagement and Roloff--apparently on purpose--scheduled a family vacation at the same time. Amy couldn't participate and this put family members in a bad situation. When Zach saw that it was mischief and stood up to Roloff, Roloff attacked Zach's character and motives, but never answered the issues.

Now Roloff reads criticism of himself and his family, probably on this blog. And he responds, but not to the issues. Instead, he attacks the people making the criticism; he calls them bullies, and mean, and conscious liars; he implies that they are dangerous to himself and his family; he hints that Big Guns (the FBI) are on the case, so serious is the threat.

And so on. Do you see a pattern?

Many are the aspects of Roloff's pathology (a word I use on purpose): a blindness to nuance, a lust for sympathy, a vain sense of personal exemption, highly elastic ethics and grasping cupidity. And more.

But shadowing everything is his thin-skinned refusal to be criticized, and the resulting disconnect from reality. The refusal is seen first in the series, as he bullies and bamboozles his family (Amy particularly), and now widens to his public critics--those of us who have gasped at his loutish behavior and have had the gall to point it out.

Roloff hasn't the capacity to examine his behavior and, most important, its effect on others. But he has a great capacity for personal attack, and that's what we see at work in his posts.

Poor little beset Matt Roloff. Once the money runs out, he's going to be completely alone.

Spiritswander said...

Another quick reminder about comments:

#1. Please do not post as Anonymous. Name/URL (leave URL blank) is the solution. Comments as "Anonymous" may be rejected regardless of their content. It is too confusing for other people that want to contribute to the discussion to see multiple posts from "Anonymous" not knowing which Anonymous people are referring to or if it is the same Anonymous adding to a point.

#2. Mike P. makes an excellent point that ironically applies to a couple of comments we received last night that were rejected.

Ad hominem attacks on poster are not permitted as they do not add to the discussion of the topics.

As the example, if the reader, Brandon, commments that he thinks "Spirits and everyone else knows that Matt is talking about the Spiritswander blog. Even Matt's own *boardies* know what he's talking about."

Brandon stated his opinion and explained why he has his opinion.

It is okay to disagree with Brandon and explain why you disagree or your opinion on the subject that was being discussed.

It is not acceptable to ignore the subject that was discussed and instead post about how you believe Brandon must talk behind the backs of his co-workers or peers and how Brandon must not respect his superiors out of jealousy, etc.

As Mike P. explained, that is an ad-hominem attack. It does not address the topic or issue that is being discussed.

Any person is welcome to disagree and in this case say "Brandon, I think you (and Spiritswander and others who believe the same thing) are wrong. I don't believe Matt was referring to Spiritswander when he made that post. And here is why I don't believe that. I think he could have been referring to xxxxx (and explain your opinion).

However, ignoring the subject and discussing what you think the commenter must be like at work are not comments that are acceptable. It is not discussing the subjects or the issues.

Rap541 said...

Considering his moderator at says that this blog is forbidden to be mentioned by name, there is plenty of reason to suspect matt has this blog in his sites.

After all... what *other* blogs are on the Matt Roloff "do not mention on my personal forum" list?

Disruptive Spirit? If you're reading or if a "boardie" is reading, perhaps a post on matt's official website would clarify what sites Matt forbids any mention of?

BeckyM said...

@ Mike P.
CLAP CLAP... well said and comprehensive.

David said...

I second that Becky. Great job Mike P.

Vic Rattlehead said...

It would appear that Matt doesn't like any negative comments about him or his family because he's just so sensitive to the horrors of honesty that other provide.

If he doesn't like hearing what people actually think of him and would rather live in a deluded world where the most obvious of their flaws "don"t count" because of "editing" or some other excuse that's perfectly fine.

Matt thrives off of always being the victim because it feeds his delusions of persecution and the world being out to get him.

Petra said...

We have laid down a blanket of judgment time and again, thinking that the narrow viewpoint we have on the Roloff family’s life gives us all the information we need in order to stand on high, with our hands firmly gripped on the stones that we throw. Clearly the family has been enduring a situation that now sheds light on previously confusing attitudes and behaviors.

baxter said...

Who knows what to believe when Roloff speaks. The only thing I will give any credence to is what he says about a stalking fan. People in the public eye have MORE to fear from those obsessive fans than their detractors, Keeping the memory of Rebecca Schaeffer in mind, he could be telling the truth this time, but who knows?

Jocelynn said...

Matt keeps on talking about how their should be a show about being on a reality show. He's talking about these sensational stories and situations but isn't being specific.

I think he's angling for attention. Maybe he is pitching for a book deal or another show or tv special about them being victims.

Jerome said...

Unless Matt has been living under a rock for the past 40 some years, he has to realize that ANYONE in the public eye is going to be scrutinized thoroughly and have many fans...some of which are going to be of the crazy variety.

I thought this was common sense and that most people had an inclination that this could possibly happen to a celebrity at some point or another.

He had to of known that this day would come when he would be getting stalkers and weirdos coming out of the woodwork. If he didn't realize this then he is dumber than i thought.

David said...

What radio stations did Matt talk to? Why didn't he give the links so people could have listened on websites? Where are the articles about the stalkers? Is there any confirmation or proof of arrests?

Or is it all Matt Roloff attention seeking?

Jordan said...

No wonder why Jacob has been what some would see as standoffish. I would be too if I knew that there was someone out in the world trying to get close to me and my family and who has threatened to do harm. It would be scary for anyone to deal with having people approach you acting like you are friends and you not actually knowing them at all. Weird really. Petra is right, we need to stop judging.

David said...

Jordan, I'll be waiting until their is proof of what Matt says.

I think anybody would be foolish to take Matt's word about anything without some facts.

You don't know that someone threatened to do harm. Once again, Matt carefully avoided saying anyone was arrested. If there was a threat and multiple threats for a period of years there should have been an arrest.

Don't be a fool and take Matt at his word without some proof or someone other than Matt confirming it.

Susan said...

I see this will be used as a cure all answer to all the stories of the Roloffs being rude and disrespectful towards their fans. That isn't entirely true, because in person usually people say the Roloffs are friendly to fans. It actually is a point against what Matt's story.

If Matt is to be believed...I would like to nominate Matt and Amy as worst parents of the decade. Seriously. If Matt is being truthful, they have had threats against them for the last 4 years. It terrified poor little Jacob so much that he is scared of people. In addition to the threats, the Roloff kids are so fragile re: public criticism that Matt considers it bullying that should be investigated.

What do Matt and Amy do as parents? They sign contacts six consecutive times so they can get that 15th vehicle and another free vacation!

That is how much regard Matt and Amy gave their kids emotional well being and safety? Their kids are frightened, emotionally scarred from being in the public, but Matt and Amy kept forcing them to be on this show??

If that is true, Matt and Amy are truly awful, awful parents in my opinion.

Ashley said...

Susan, good point about how the Roloffs are to their fans. That's why I don't believe Matt. I think he is greatly exaggerating the story. Death threats? Threats of harm?

I doubt it. The Roloffs get very close to the paying fans at pumpkin season that they let in, they put their arms around them.

That's not consistent to how people would interact if they were receiving all kinds of threats.

Anonymous said...

Justin Beiber is a wuss.

whatever said...

I think you all missed the point. Matt said he received threatening phone calls and email for years. That is more than just Bieber bashing. Also, I have known good kids who have made rude remarks online and their parents have had to tell them to knock it off. Kids are not perfect. They are a work in progress but adults should know better. The person harassing the Roloffs was an adult.

Rap541 said...

Susan! You're not suggesting Matt (and Amy) made a bad parenting decision when they sacrificed their privacy for LP AWARENESS, are you?

Be careful with your answer - if you don't somehow praise Matt, you're a cyberbully!

More seriously - I'm mostly in agreement but I have always been bothered by how TLC's reality shows tend to sacrifice the privacy of the child participants. Really, if the Roloffs were terrified and involved in multiple stalking investigations that involve what, five different investigation agencies, yeah, I doubt I'd continue doing the show and I really doubt I'd invite the public to my farm for the chaotic pumpkin fest where I allow several thousand strangers to interact with my children.

On the other hand, I tend to agree with Ashley. Matt's talking to "several national news agencies" but there's no news stories even with vague mentions of Matt and cyberbullying. And his description is remarkably unclear as to whether an arrest was made. And its not a privacy issue - arrests are public.

Ashley makes a good point. If someone is sending hundreds of emails and phone calls that you catagorize as scary threats and tirades, do you really just send your kids out to take pictures with strangers roaming your property?

Was this person actually on their farm? Matt's language suggests it, but as usual, he could at any point say " I never specifically said this person was on my property."

I mean, "will not be visiting anymore" really doesn't mean there were ever actual visits by the stalker who may or may not have been arrested.

Brandon said...

Anon, you are cyberbullying Justin Bieber...or not because it is not about a Roloff. Just like Matt allowed cyberbullying of poor Kate Gosselin on his facebook page.

*Whatever*, You're lumping issues together.

Matt alleges the stuff about the stalker, there is no confirmation of anything.

But is Matt talking about the stalker when he talks about cyberbullying? Phone calls and visiting the farm? Is Matt talking about the stalker making scary threats when he posts about bloggers?

They are not the same thing.

Matt is whining that blogs like this are cyberbullying him because people have negative opinions.

Anon called Justin Bieber a wuss. That's negative. The Roloffs kids like to make fun of Justin Bieber. Obviously according to Matt that is cyberbullying.

Matt is such a whiner! Oh, that's cyberbullying? What happened to the guy that used to say he welcomed criticism? Now he's all pitiful, crying 'Meanies are picking on me cuz they call me selfish! Help! I'm being bullied, people should only say they love me! Go pick on Kate cuz her name isn't Roloff!'

Dana said...

Susan, you are wrong.

The Roloff family are strong people, led by Matt. You cannnot not live your life because of a weirdo.

You are suggesting they should have quit because of a deranged individual. They would have been letting that person have power of them. They would let their lives be dictated by the stalker instead of by God.

Do you think athletes that have stalkers should retire? Do you think singers and actors with stalkers should quit the business? Politicians that get death threats should resign? Well left wing Democrats should resign anyway starting with our joke of a President!

Matt is not that weak. He is stronger than that. He is not going to let that person run his life. They were committed to doing the show for the sake of LP awareness to educate society. They would have been wrong to let some deranged stalker ruin a good thing.

I feel some people are using it as an excuse for Jacob. Matt doesn't live in fear. Jeremy doesn't live in fear. I don't think Jacob is the way he is out of fear of strangers. I think he simply has a bad attitude. He doesn't have the charming personality that Jeremy has. Jeremy got it from Matt. Jacob is a far cry from Matt and Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

"Do you think athletes that have stalkers should retire? Do you think singers and actors with stalkers should quit the business? Politicians that get death threats should resign? Well left wing Democrats should resign anyway starting with our joke of a President!"

I think all of these people don't whine about their stalkers, Dana. Including our President, who frankly gets more cyberbullied (what with all the Hitler comparisons) than Matt "I'm the victim!" Roloff.

Personally, since I can find no mention of any arrests and no news media stories other than Matt's facebook, the jury is still out on whether this sort of event was even occuring.

But I do like how you took the opportunity to cyberbully one of Matt's children, Dana. Ever consider that he's refering to *you*, an adult who can't have a conversation online that doesn't somehow end up with you saying something nasty about Jake?

And when you counter with "its the truth" - thats exactly what a lot of kids who get caught ragging some poor kid to death over how they were "irish sluts" (its not just gay kids who end up dead)

baxter said... do you know Susan is "wrong?" Are you intimate with this family?

You are exactly the obsessive type of fan that people such as the Roloffs have to fear. I'd seek professional help if I were you. This is an unnatural mental defect.

NJC said...

Let me see if I get this straight: "We are being constantly threatened by anonymous sickos and stalkers but for the low sum of $300 you can come hang out with me and my family?" Something doesn't add up.

I have no doubt that during the course of the show the Roloff's have attracted the attention of some creepy people. The very nature of reality shows plays into that stalker mind set that they have a special connection with the people on their TV. I'm just not buying that Matt's original cyber bullying post had anything to do with that.

Matt says "Finally those sour pusses that hide behind ghost identity gonna get exposed." Sour pusses? is that how you describe "The individule who made scary threats and trirades"?

Come on. Matt was making a shallow attempt to jump on the cyber-bullying band wagon and compare his plight with that of several young people who have been so bullied that they killed themselves. It was inappropriate, he got backlash, and now he's spinning.

By the way, where are all the news stories from the "several national news agencies" that contacted Matt that day? Spirit are you hiding them from us? Typical! Such a sour puss. :p

Georgio said...

This whole conversation is taking on a real mob mentality. If we were in a street having this argument, I think it would come to blows. Everyone is acting like a bunch of hoodlums here. This is gossip people. Options and gossip! What a pathetic joke! The people here that don’t like the Roloff’s will never admit they may be wrong, because they are too committed to being right even if they have to stretch the story in order to sit there. And the Roloff fan, right or wrong is not interested in hearing negative conjectures about the Roloff’s because they are committed to the Roloff’s. Let's go to the middle, or we can all resume banging our head against the wall.

Jocelynn said...

Georgio, If you don't like the discussions, you don't have to visit this blog and comment. I've never liked the people on the internet that ride in on their white horses to tell the rest of the people that they should stop talking about a subject. If it doesn't interest you, don't read it.

NJC, very well said.

They Roloffs have a reality show. They begged people to watch, to care about what they do enough to watch week after week. They filmed themselves going to school, eating dinner, rolling around on beaches, parents arguing with the kids, parents making comments about a potential divorce, etc.

People watch and talk.

You need to be more specific about what you think is gossip.

Jeremy using those horrible words is not gossip. People like myself that thinks it makes the Roloffs hypocrites have our opinions. We are allowed to talk about it.

Talking about stuff like Matt's favoritism of Jeremy because he ditched Zach's dwarf team because he didn't want to be bored, the messy house comments, people's opinions on Jeremy not working for anyone other than Matt and TLC al comes with the teritory of people public figures.

Saying that Jeremy is a hypocrite for his language or his position on drinking from the book is not gossip. Speculating on how many girlfriends Jeremy has or why Jeremy and Muellers appeare to be side by side all the time is gossip. That's what comes with the teritory of being celebrities. If the Roloffs didn't like it or were to thinned skinned to handle it they shouldn't have stayed on television for over 200 episodes and written books.

In my opinion, Matt is being a suck because the show is now over. That's the con part of being public figures. People will form opinions and talk about them.

I think people are right to bring Kate Gosselin into this conversation. Does Matt want to take up Kate's cause? Tell the world that Kate is bullied? Kate gets more of it and it's harsher than what the Roloffs get.

Matt and Amy put themselves and their kids on the platform in front of the world to be discussed in exchange for fame, money and free vacations. Now they are whining about it.

Rap541 said...

Georgio - To be fair, a large part of the problem is Matt Roloff making vague open ended statements and accusations.

I don't think its unreasonable or "too committed to being right" to want more than Matt's say so that he's being being cyberbullied by ghost identities who lie. Also, if he is interviewing with major national news vendors on cyberbullying, and doing radio talk shows on being it really unfair to ask where since he's making a point of saying its true?

He's also saying that a serious crime has taken place and been dealt with by the local sheriff, the FBI, the TSA, the Port of Portland and Discovery Security. Am I really being unreasonable in asking what took place? If I am supposed to show sympathy? I mean, I am willing to - I just need something more than matt's say so.

And remember, no one would be discussing Matt's stalking/cyberbullying woes if Matt wasn't gossiping about it. It's not like there's been any news stories, or arrest reports. Right now, all of the reports, including earlier claims of FBI involvement in open cases, are coming from one person - Matt Roloff, making comments online.

Believe me, I think it's possible someone has been stalking them. But... stalking is *different* than cyberbully... and Matt is the one making the claims of both. If it was my best friend, I'd be asking for more proof than just their word on the matter.

Christine said...

I think Matt is throwing sympathy cards out to justify that he helped raised four very bratty and spoiled kids. Kids that that don't do anything if they don't get a dollar for it. Kids that treat their own fans with disrespect and behind the back trashing.

I think he's trying to give them an excuse even if they did have one looney.

Julia said...

I don’t understand why the few staunch Anti-Matt Roloff extremists on this blog believe Matt owes them some sort of detailed explanation on what is going on with him and his family. Matt has thousand of followers and supporters that he focuses his communications with in a way that works for them just fine. He doesn’t have to go into detail on anything if he chooses not to. He is not under oath in a court of law or giving a legal deposition of any sort. He is just posting on his facebook like millions of others do everyday, no proof required. If you don’t like what he posts, or believe what he says, so what, who really cares?

David said...

Julia if you believe Matt's every word and don't like hearing people doubt him, why don't you stay on Matt's "not a democracy" facebook?

Matt (and you) acts like he is some kind of King whose every word should be taken as fact. The man contradicts himself practically every week.

Furthermore, Matt is the one that began whining about being bullied and now stalking. If he didn't want people to think about it, he shouldn't have posted it. He said he was doing radio interviews about it. He said he's done interviews about bullying with national publications. Why not say the name? Why the secrets?

Why post something like that if he doesn't want to give any details that can verify his story? I know the answer to that. Because Matt Roloff lives off creating sympathy for himself and his family.

Rap541 said...

" He is not under oath in a court of law or giving a legal deposition of any sort."

No, he is not in a court of law, swearing to God that he is speaking the truth, and that is *exactly* why people need more proof than Matt's word. Julia - I don't consider it "extremeist" to ask *who* got arrested if they are an adult since that information is, if it *happened* already public knowledge.

If Matt and family was stalked by someone under 18, its also perfectly legal for them to say it went to the juvenile courts.

But since Matt has stated the FBI, the Sheriff, the Port of Portland and the TSA was involved... there really should be SOME record. And if Matt - who stated on his facebook that he was interviewed recently by several national news agencies - was actually interviewed... why is it such a secret WHO he did interviews with over *cyberbullying*? If he was interviewed by *reporters* then whatever he said doesn't concern an open case.

Whats so secret? Why isn't Matt proud to tell us how he was fighting cyberbullying?

*FBI please note I am only asking for Matt Roloff to clarify what national news agencies he spoke with on cyberbullying as his facebook comments say he did. :)

Rap541 said...

Also, frankly, you have to consider the possibility that "the FBI is involved" is Matt's version of a big stick to silence criticism. Say something critical of Matt and you're a big bad cyberbully/stalker!

I took a peek over on and sure enough, someone was critical of Matt... followed by someone who identifies themselves as a matt roloff "boardie" saying the criticizer was "suspicious".

Now personally, I have no fears in this regard - I don't stalk the Roloffs, and don't call them, and don't really have any interest in the farm activities, and Matt's a public figure so the reality is that there's a higher standard to "cyberbullying" when it comes to reality show stars - but some people can and will be intimidated into silence by Matt's comments.

That makes it fair to ask what law enforcement is actually investigating. And remember the only reason people are asking the questions is because Matt has been claiming to be cyberbullied and stalked.

He also said he planned for the show to be on the air for at least two years, this May, and now says he wanted it to be done in Nov 2009. There's ample reason to wonder about the facts as Matt says them.

Julia said...

David, Rap and the few others, it is clear that your need for proof and details is not a focus or priority. And the lack of proof or detail does not constitute deception. Guess you will just have to remain curious and unknowing.

BeckyM said...

A sad attempt by Matt to stay relevant. Sorry Matt but you put your family out there, season after season, selling their privacy so you could enjoy the money. Don't shoot the messenger.

I am SO TIRED of these reality-hos then calling foul - they are the ones who are choosing this method for fame and fortune. Not me. So eat the good with the bad people and stop your whining.

Your 15 minutes will soon be up... your feeble attempt to ride the wave of current news, is not working. Only the Portland area seems even remotely interested in you.

NJC said...

Julia said...
"I don’t understand why the few staunch Anti-Matt Roloff extremists on this blog believe Matt owes them some sort of detailed explanation on what is going on with him and his family."

How about because without more explanation it appears he made a disgusting attempt to piggy back on a tragic teen suicide trend for the purpose of publicity?

By the way, I know it's easier to just write off anyone who disagrees with you as some kind of extremist nut, but I generally like Matt. I just think in this case he was wrong and since this is a website where we discuss all things Roloff good or bad I thought I'd state my opinion. Hope that isn't too crazy extremist for you to handle.

David said...

NJC, nicely said.

Julie, in my opinion it does constitute deception and skeptism when a person makes a claim, but offers no proof. Especially when that person is Matt Roloff. A man that constantly has changing stories about a myriad of subjects.

As NJC, it appears to be a disgusting attempt by reality show celebrity to use the tragedy of teen suicide to stay in the news and gain publicity for himself of his pumpkin season at his farm

Rap541 said...

"David, Rap and the few others, it is clear that your need for proof and details is not a focus or priority. And the lack of proof or detail does not constitute deception. Guess you will just have to remain curious and unknowing."

That's entirely possible, Julia. However, the lack of proof and details then becomes a fair discussion point. It's not "cyberbullying" to ask someone to prove their claims. And if Matt chooses to make vague statements and then go radio silent... thats certainly his right, but people are going to talk about a public figure stating he and his family has been stalked and the FBI and sheriff etc have somehow dealt with the problem to where all is well... but there's no arrests and no media on the situation other than Matt's claims? People will ask questions... questions about Matt's public statements and whether they are true or not.

NJC - We disagree a lot but I happen to agree with you here.I understand your irritation with the cyberbully remarks and you're hardly an anti-Matt Extremist.

Unless, now all criticism of Matt Roloff = extremist hater who is secretly jealous... which is definetely the tone I am getting. :)

whatever said...

Don't you think it ironic that many of you who bash the Roloffs on a regular basis are now very defensive about Matt talking about cyber bullying?

Diane said...

I think all this "bully" nonsense is Matt's smokescreen.

The Roloffs are the bullies. Even now Matt tries to bully people that don't agree with him.

Jeremy and his friends are bullies. They told fans that they were losers that suck the suckable, called girls b*tches and made fun of the way some teenage fans of Jeremy looked.

They are the crule mean spirited spoiled bullies... Jeremy, Mueller and gang.

Brandon said...

I agree Diane. Matt will never address those points.

Seriously, I have a feeling that if Molly had received cruel email messages on the internet like the kind that Mueller and Jeremy's pals sent some of his fans, Matt would seriously have filed lawsuits for cyberbullying. But in the Roloffs world, it didn't happen to a Roloff so it doesn't matter.

Whatever, not defensive, more like outrageous! Outrageous that a person that willing puts himself and his family into the living rooms of millions in exchange for money and fame, then has the audacity to complain when every single person that watches doesn't kiss his butt.

Has the hated Kate Gosselin stooped to that level of whining?

Rap541 said...

Whatever - I ask this seriously - do you consider a website about a reality show star that often has people making critical remarks the equivalent to a a fifteen year old female private citizen being emailed "irish slut" by fifty different kids in her school and on a daily basis having to walk a gauntlet of "slut" remarks at school and be threatened physically by her school mates?

I think it's ridiculous of Matt to claim to be "cyberbullied" when a)He's not powerless to stop it - the reason kids often feel overwhelmed is because the police/schools/parents don't take bullying situations seriously. If Matt goes to the cops with "someone calls my house and uses filthy language and says they want me to die" - he's an adult so its a crime. If that happens to a kid Jake's age, its just teasing and the kid is told to suck it up. B)Matt tends to use terms he doesn't fully understand - its obvious from his descriptions of "cyberbully" that what he feels is cyberbullying is not what the media considers. C) Matt is a public figure. He can insist all he wants that he isn't, but he is, and therefore he is going to see opinions of his actions/words/show that he doesn't like. But, much like the "Obama=Hitler" nonsense (really, I may not be a huge fan of the president but this comparison always makes me laugh) its not cyberbullying.

The Roloff kiddies mocking Justin Bieber is an excellent counterpoint. Why is that *not* cyberbullying? Because Bieber is more famous? Well, where is that big old line and how does Matt define it?

That Matt doesn't like to be criticized does not make him a victim.

Rap541 said...

Btw still no news articles from national news outlets on Matt Roloff, reality show stalking or cyberbullying. Also no news reports on anyone being arrested for stalking the Roloffs.

David said...

Someone else made the point in the episode review, but it should be said here, too.

I want to see Matt on Facebook crying about his fans are bullying the person from the county. I've seen the comments. People are very harsh. They're calling him a jerk. And a moron. They're saying he assaulted a woman.

Where is Matt to whine about cyberbullying done by Roloff fans? If Matt had any integrity he would complain now. But of course he does not.

He is the same man that used cyberbullying tactics (along with his father Ron) on the TLC message board to bully his neighbors and incite his fan base against his neighbors.

His neighbors and the county inspector, unlike the Roloffs, do not get paid to be public figures.

When is the only time Matt whines about it? That's right, when people are criticizing the Roloffs. Nevermind the county inspector, his neighbors or Justin Bieber.

Anonymous said...

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