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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World Nov 29

The guest reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to Rap541.
Written by Rap541


Nov 29, 8:00 pm
Ask the Roloffs: Farm Life

All 6 Roloffs come together to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about their fun, chaotic life on the farm, highlighting their experiences across 229 episodes of the series.

Nov 29, 8:30 pm
Ask the Roloffs: One By One

Learn about each member of the Roloff family as they answer more viewer questions, focusing on their personal experiences over the past 5 years.

Oh where to begin? You know the show is done when they haul out the clip show. This is a huge money saver for production since they don't actually have to film much new footage at all. They just string together clips of old episodes and pretend that someone asked a question.

Viewer questions, really? Where did they gather these questions? How *old* are some of these questions? How honestly do you expect people to answer these questions as Matt and Amy sit in the same room? Basically they're killing two episodes here with old footage. Which is fine, but always remember that Matt speaks for the family and doesn't allow the children (20,20,17,13) to answer unless he's already approved the answers. This is a carefully orchestrated event where there will be no surprise questions or difficult questions, or questions that Matt and the production staff haven't already decided on the answers.

The trebuchet? "We're still rebuilding and it was great parenting all around"
Mike's death? "We're still sad."
The marriage? "We've had our ups and downs but we love each other no matter what!"

The only interesting thing will be the questions not asked. You know, about the stalker, and Matt's fight against Cyberbullies and Ghost Ids! I fully expect Matt to be asked about "public opinion" and we'll get his standard speech on how he welcomes criticism but really hates all the "unfair" remarks since the show is real and raw and accurate but no one should base their opinions of the Roloffs from what they see on the show since it's highly edited.

If they even go there. My bet? The trebuchet, cute moments with the kids, Matt's baby talk and projects, vacation hijinks, and of course "the Roloffs give back" charity sequences.


Show begins:

Interview episode!

We start with a montage of crazy crap events. Amy says they’ve gotten lots of questions in the voice overs. I’m curious where the questions came from at first but then I realize the questions probably came from the Roloffs themselves.

Matt’s playing to the cameras. He’s a bit fake feeling here. What’s it like to be a Roloff? Yeah I am sure that is a constant viewer question. The kids note there’s no communication. Matt badgers them that it’s all about his telepathic powers. They dully agree. The energy levels are HIGH! They all seem like they’re really in no mood.

More montage of the Farm. What’s the farm like? Jeremy likes the farm because its fun. Amy likes making memories. And now we have clips of previous episodes. Apple wars with the kid who died. Molly picking peaches, long sunsets. Amy refuses to be pinned down because everything is always so awesome at Roloff Farms!

Why has the house been remodeled so much? Because Matt’s addicted to remodeling. Amy doesn’t care about the remodels. Zach likes living in a pigsty and misses the old house. That, and his comment about how it was really home then is interesting to me. We get clips from LPBD. And then endless clips of the remodel. Matt micromanaging…. Oh god really, are we doing every year’s changes? More montages of the filth hoard. Matt notes how it was all worth it. I note that the hoard really hasn’t changed much.

I must admit, I always liked the first remodel, that added the great room and kitchen. That made the place look like it was still a farmhouse but a very modern, nice farmhouse. The McMansion thing with the eight car garage just seems a bit cold.

Matt? Why do you do projects? He notes again in front of all of his kids that without *projects* he has no reason to live. We get a montage of Matt’s ego moments. More projects. Matt insists he needs a waterfall. Amy hates the grand canyon. It does look like crap. Matt notes the castle is a gem! Everyone doubted it! Wasn’t the completed castle essentially a freebie and sat unfinished for years? Wasn’t it started when Molly was six?

And what about the Tower of Terror?

How many vehicles on the farm? Matt wants a group photo with the vehicles. Montages of the vehicles. Jake on the hay bale looks like puberty has reared it’s head. 34 vehicles, really? I trust we’re not supposed to mention how one vehicle could feed 100 starving Haitians?

Why no family dinners? No one wants to bother basically, and really, its not as though the Roloffs ever did the family dinner thing. We get clips from one family dinner, and then a series of meals that didn’t include everyone and don’t count as family dinners. Matt notes that Zach is a failure as a cook and basically describes Zach having ADD. Jeremy notes how ridiculous Matt’s toasts are and does a mocking salute and we get clips of Matt doing the same thing, only taking it far more seriously

Now we have a forced moment of “twin talk”. Zach and Jeremy harass Molly, asking her about her boyfriend or if she will rob banks and hey, what’s her boyfriend’s name? This goes on and on like a bad Saturday Night Live skit. You know the ones? Where the joke isn’t really that funny and Will Farrell just keeps going? Molly looks bored and embarrassed.

Has there been any episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska that didn’t involve some animal getting shot? I mean I love hunting but really.

Are the Roloffs pet people? Really the answer is no. Jeremy says they aren’t professional pet take carers. Yes, “professional pet take carers”. Good job Faith Bible! We get a montage of the pets and the petting zoo animals. I assume we aren’t going to mention the chicken bloodbath that took Dudley and the lady chicks’s lives. Now endless Rocky shots. Matt encourages Rocky to chase Spike. Molly apparently is the only one who loves Spike. Spike does have an evil cat look. Jake makes a joke about road kill.

Now “Twin talk” has the twins interviewing the dog. Really? You didn’t get enough “viewer questions” that you had to resort to interviewing the dog? Ok the “how is single life treating you” followed by Rocky licking his man parts was hilarious. This truly is a show for all ages!

Pumpkin season? We love pumpkin season! Montage of pumpkin season! Amy notes how the pumpkin season has picked up in the last few years…. Gee I wonder why. More pumpkin shots. Cops! Matt yelling! Oooh Mike! Mike and the trebuchet! Did I call that or what?

More shots of the demon treb! And Jacob is going to talk about the accident!

More trebuchet horror! Complete with ominous music and flashbacks! Yay! Blood everywhere!
Jake says he remembers something. Everyone cuts him off. He says his vision was black, and he asks if anyone actually saw it. No one did. More flashbacks. Jake hay bales how he’s very lucky at times. Matt voices over how he loves the farm. Amy notes how she loves the memories!

No mention of how they tried to rebuild the trebuchet and sorta gave up when it got hard.

2nd Episode
Next clip show!

Montage of crazy crap. How would the Roloffs describe themselves to others? As competitive? But in different ways? They snicker about being flawed.

Describe Matt Roloff? Dramatic, intense, crazy. Montage of Matt doing stuff, including his “lets make our own grand canyon” and endless clips of Matt suggesting crazy projects, a lot of which never happened. What? No clips of Matt pitching a fit over his precious salami?

Oh the DUI trial. Amy is actually interesting here because she still seems pretty intense about it. But lets remember the good times!

Matt goes on about how he does things for dwarfism awareness. Oh look its Chance! You know, Matt really does tend to make things all about him. Funny, no shots of the Salmans.

What’s Jeremy like? Not very talkative? Interesting. But then we get clips of Jeremy walking away when asked questions or ignoring questions. Jer says he lacks motivation. We get clips of Jeremy ignoring school to sleep, quitting work. But if he WANTS to do it he is great at it and we get a montage of Jeremy playing well. Snowboarding is a life skill. Oh, now we get Jeremy with his bitches. Amy alludes to “things could happen”. I assume she means an inconvenient teen pregnancy a la Bristol Palin.

Oh the show finale commercial alludes to Matt selling the farm. How dramatic. And the twins moving out! Yeah, pretty certain they still live on the family farm.

How has Amy changed since she became an evil working mom? We get a montage of Amy doing silly things on vacation. Oh a montage of Amy waking the twins up over and over. Now a montage of Amy hugging the kids. Now a montage of Amy “giving back”. There’s a pitch for ARCF.

More Twin Talk! Now they are interviewing Amy. Zach asks who she loves more. Amy and Zach go back and forth on who she loves best. Yeah I think this is a pretty good indication of how no one really wanted to answer questions from viewers.

Why does Jake bother Molly so much? Basically because no one else has time for him. We get a montage of Molly beating up Jake and then how she’s successful in things. Jake seems impressed with her. Molly seems to like school. Jeremy is sorta horrified at the idea of reading for pleasure.

Am I the only one who finds Sarah Palin of the teen mother daughter saying “no boys upstairs” hilarious in a too little too late way?

Why is Jake moody? He’s the youngest, he’s volatile, impulse problems, attention seeking. Gosh maybe his parents should spend more time with him instead of fobbing him off on his sister? Zach says he’s naturally smart. Jeremy says he gets As. Molly wishes he was sweet all he time.

Why is Zach intense? There’s really no answer, and we get a montage of Zach being angry. So we get “Describe Jeremy” and Zach and Jake get leading questions like “Why is Zach so intense”, “Why is Jake moody?” Funny - “Why is Jeremy so scattered and lazy?” seems as fair.

Apparently Zach is into soccer. I had no idea! We get the cute clip of Zach from LPBD. Oh Mike again in the soccer montage. Soccer soccer soccer. Jeremy thinks Zach should do more chicks.

Who is the coolest Roloff? Matt votes for Molly. Amy and Zach agree, calling her “the glue”. Then Zach jokes and says he’s the coolest. Matt voices over how they are very unique and Amy notes how special they are as well, the end.

Hard to believe they’re getting a check for this, huh?

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People Big World Nov 29

The guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements belong to Expresssed.
Written by Expressed

This is going to be a difficult show to "review" without typing straight question and answers.

If you didn't see it, basically all the Roloffs are sitting on the couch together. They flash up a question on screen. They say something about it the topic and then show a bunch of old clips. I think I would have rather just heard them talk more than all the old clips I already knew.

*They started off being asked "What's it like being a Roloff? Jeremy says there's no communication. They all agree on that. They talk about the farm and love the freedom of the farm. They show several old clips of apple wars, water slides, Molly picking peaches and sunsets. I could do without these old clips. I'd rather hear more talking and less old footage.

*Why is Matt always doing crazy projects? He says it's his reason to live and there's a long montage of his projects. Jacob looks very bored during this couch segment. Molly looks embarrassed.

*Maybe the most surprising subject tonight? They have the Roloffs count all the vehicles they have! They include the mules and tractors and the grand total......34! OMG! Seriously, they showed them all! lol. They have 6 mules, something like 3 or 4 Polaris Rangers. I think the actual cars and trucks were 12 or 13. I'll be honest when they count out all of the stuff they have...34, the thing that I keep on thinking about is Amy's quote in one of her charity interviews. Her exact quote about the reason for doing her charity is "You can only have so much stuff"....yeah I guess when they got over 30 vehicles and machines she started thinking about having too much stuff? lol.

*They're asked why they don't have family dinners like they used to. They say it's because the kids are older. I think that's typical for most families but I don't know how many they really had before.

*Oh, "Twin Talk!" This is a "talk show" this their attempt at a spin off show I hope?? It's a talk show with Jeremy and Zach as hosts on the couch. Their "guest" is Molly. They ask her repeatedly for the name of her boyfriend. She says she doesn't have one. They ask her what's something she doesn't like, she says her feet. They ask again about her boyfriend's name, she says she doesn't have one but if she did she likes the name James. They ask again about the boyfriend. Molly says this is ridiculous. She looks very embarrassed. Well, that segment was a dud!

*Back to the whole family. They're asked if they're pet people or why they aren't. Jer says they are pet people they just aren't good at it...Zach says they do take them to the vet...Jake chimes in that they take them to the vet because they don't feed them...nice. Then we get long montages that we all saw a couple of weeks ago in the Rocky episode.

*There's some Spike. It sounds like Molly is the only one that likes Spike. Poor Spike. Jake and Jer don't like Spike. Jeremy says Spike is the least coolest Roloff. Both Jeremy and Jake say Spike gets in their way, Jake says that's why there is road kill and calls him fat. Go get revenge Spike!

*Another segment of Twin Talk...with Rocky....really? Why does he stare? Rocky is silent. It is cute at the end, he flops on Jeremy. Jeremy says that's why he loves Rocky. Aw. See, I said I can tell Rocky loves Jeremy way more than Zach! :)

*Now the topic is pumpkin season. Jeremy says he likes it. Molly says she likes it until it starts. Come on, I know why they like it. The money they make!!!!!

*They show clips from the trebuchet accident. Jake starts to talk about it. He doesn't sound shy about it, but everyone interups! Zach tells everyone to be quiet because Jake is talking. I agree with Zach for once! Jake says all he saw was black...Jeremy asks him what was black? Jake gives him the "Duh" look, he says his vision was black. Jake asks if anyone saw it because he wants to know how far he flew in the air. I can't tell if Zach says he saw it or not. He said he was right there, but didn't say yes he saw it. Jake says he was a 9 year old that got hit with a 2000 block of cement and lived so he's very lucky.

*They end this part of the show (the next part is the exact same concept) with Matt saying they can't imagine the Roloffs without Roloff Farm. Cue the dramatic plot for the finale next week!
Oh brother. We know they aren't selling the farm. I was hoping for something different for the finale next week instead of a fake misleading plot.


2nd Episode

*In this episode they flash up a question to describe someone in the family, the rest of them blurt out an answer and then they show clips of whatever they said.

*They start with the Roloffs as a family. Zach says they're competitive. Someone says flawed. Jake asks "What does flawed mean?"....this show isn't much of an endorsement for Faith Bible is it?

*What is Matt Roloff like? I think Jeremy said intense and dramatic. Zach said creative. Amy says a dreamer. Jeremy said one of a kind.

*They show clips of Matt's DUII trial. Amy says it was stressful time for the whole family, Zach says it was intense between Matt and Amy. They show the judge saying he's not guilty. Matt hopes viewers remember the good times. Then they show old clips of Matt talking to kids, Jake saying Matt just wants to help people with dwarfism and CoDA stuff with the adoptions.

*Best subject of the night....Jeremy Roloff! "What is Jeremy Roloff like?" That's not exactly the best question. Someone says "capable"? Zach says Jeremy is "not talkative". Wow, that's actually surprising. I remember a few years ago when Zach said Jeremy can talk about nothing for hours.
Jeremy looks startled at that answer. I thought Jeremy was Mr. Talkative. But there seems to be something to what Zach is saying. Molly backs Zach up. Molly says Jeremy doesn't talk or answer you unless it's a subject he likes. They show the clip from earlier this season of Amy asking Jeremy about Mueller's job and Jeremy not answering.

Jeremy says motivation is his weakness. They show him not wanting to get up for school. He says when he likes something, he's determined and nothing holds him back. Amy says people are naturally drawn to Jeremy. They do an old clip segment of Jeremy with Sarah and Kirsten. Amy says it was a scary time when Jeremy was dating because "a lot can happen".

*Now Amy's the subject. They're asked how Amy has changed with her speaking career and charity? Jeremy said they used to be her focus. Molly thinks Amy has become unpredictable and is nuts. Amy's the Roloff alarm clock. Clips of that from over the years. A nice segment of Amy comforting Zach and Jacob when they were sick or having surgeries. Amy talks about her charity foundation and asks why else are we here if it's not to help people? To have 34 vehicles??? :)

*Twin Talk is back! Amy is the guest. Hm. Interesting question, Zach reads a question asking Amy if she likes her dwarf children better than the average sized children. Then it gets more specific asking Amy if she loves Zach more than Jeremy and if she would like Jeremy more if he had dwarfism. Amy says she can relate to some of the things Zach talks to her about but denies that she loves Zach more than Jeremy. I gotta say that seemed like it was more of a real issue in the early years of the show but she's been a lot easier on Jeremy in the last couple of seasons. I don't know if that's all editing, but she's been positive about Jeremy in the last few years. This was a "hard" question for this episode considering all the other questions.

*Jake is the subject. They're obviously editing the "question". The question is "Jacob seems like a great kid. Why is he so moody?" lol. That question kind of contradicts itself doesn't it? They also ask why he pesters Molly so much. They say it's because he's the youngest. Jake says it's because Jeremy is always gone, Zach is either working or playing FIFA so he bugs Molly. Molly says she can still beat up Jake? Jake didn't seem to like that Molly said that. They say Jake can be cute and cuddly, but can also be volatile. Zach says Jake has impulse control issues. I think Zach might have that too!

Zach says Jake is naturally smart. He says if Jake is motivated in school he gets straight A's. This is an example of how editing on the show makes people think something that's not real. People will come away from this episode thinking Jake is getting all A's like Molly. Really we know his grades must be so bad that Amy needed to have conferences with all of his teachers because he doesn't do his assignments.

*Molly's segment. They say she reads during the summer. Jeremy said that and has a dumb-founded expressed on his face. lol. He can't understand why she would want to. Jake says Molly goes to bed by 10pm all the time. That blows Jake's mind.

*Zach's segment. The family is asked if Zach is hard to live with because he's so intense? lol. This whole concept has the potential to be embarrassing. I wouldn't want my family to do this! Jeremy says Zach loves drama. Is he being sarcastic? Matt says Zach doesn't have a filter and that can be both good and bad. They show old clips of Zach being totally disrespectful to Matt. Lots of clips of Zach yelling at Matt. Hey, they made a mistake! They put up that Zach was 15 when they showed him from Big Dreams yelling at Matt to "be a parent for one week!" Zach wasn't 15 in Big Dreams.

Zach's redeeming part of this segment is kinda week. Jeremy says Zach is hilarious. They show some clips of Zach's random sayings but the clips lack something and it's not really that funny.

*Zach says he loves Mountain Dew, FIFA and the Previa. For the emotional serious part, they go all the way back to Big Dreams and play Zach saying there must be a reason why God made him small. What does it say when they have to go all the way back to the original documentary in 2003/04 to find something emotional and deep?

Amy and Jeremy talks about Zach's love of soccer. Jeremy wants Zach to put his love for soccer into girls. I haven't seen that side of Jeremy for a while, but it's obviously still there. I get the feeling the whole family is kind of obsessed with Zach getting and girlfriend and they're bothered that he doesn't seem to care. I kind of feel sorry for Zach about that.

*They're asked who is the coolest Roloff? Matt says Molly. They all agree, Molly is the glue that holds the family together. Then Zach says it's him, but I think he was joking. Jeremy gets his insults in at Spike when Molly says Spike is the coolest Roloff, Jeremy said Spike is the uncoolest Roloff.

Matt ends the show in a voice over by saying the Roloffs are awesome because they're unique and they wouldn't be the Roloffs without all 6 Roloffs.

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Jeremy Roloff sketches

Some people have been requesting pictures of Jeremy Roloff's sketches that were featured on the November 22nd episode of Little People, Big World -- 'Little Brother, Big Sister', so here they are:

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Molly Roloff makes 1st All Star Team in Volleyball for the District

Molly Roloff (along with 3 of her teammates) was selected to the 1st All Star team in Volleyball for her District. Their coach was named coach of the year and Faith Bible won the Sportsmanship award.

2010 Volleyball All-Star Selections
Volleyball - Volleyball All-Stars
Written by
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 03:20



Coach of the year: Rachael Rethwill, Faith Bible

Sportsmanship: Faith Bible

FIRST TEAM: Jackie Stein, jr, Faith Bible; Emily Kozlowski, jr, Portland Christian; Molly Roloff, jr, Faith Bible; Hannah Johnson, jr, Faith Bible; Sara McMahon, so, Vernonia; Hanna VanDyke, sr, Gaston; Hannah Carbonaro, jr, L, Faith Bible

SECOND TEAM: Brittany Hurliman, jr, Nestucca; Taylor Forney, jr, Portland Christian; Shannon Pieren, sr, Nestucca; Rachel Tadei, sr, Knappa; Lauren Seal, sr, Portland Christian; Kelsey Wright, jr, Faith Bible; Telisha Barth, jr, L, Gaston

HONORABLE MENTION: Brianna Chatelain, sr, Nestucca; Kelsey Hutchin, sr, Portland Christian; Rea Elliott, so, Knappa; Arial Rock, sr, Vernonia; Seair Wade, sr, Gaston; Alexis Anderson, jr, Neah-Kah-Nie; Addie Nichols, sr, L, Knappa

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Previews for the Series Finale of Little People, Big World and the Roloff show

As Amy Roloff recently said in a live chat, December 6th will be the Series Finale of Little People, Big World. These are the 19th and 20th episodes of Season 6.

Despite what the previews suggest, Jeremy and Zach have not moved out and Matt and Amy have not sold the farm.

Dec 06, 8:00 pm
Twins at Twenty

The twins face challenges growing up when Zach puts off buying a new car and Jeremy has a tough time applying for a job.

Dec 06, 8:30 pm
Moving Out

While the twins explore moving into their own apartment, Matt and Amy reevaluate their lives and seriously consider selling the farm.

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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541; Little People, Big World Nov 22

The guest reviewer is Rap541.
Written by Rap541

So we start with Molly cutting Jake’s hair. It’s cute as Molly debates whether she is messing it up or not.

So Amy and Molly are heading to George Fox U. Amy brags about Molly in voiceover as Molly as usual is the one making sure people leave on time. So Molly, Zach, and Jake go on the tour with other people. Molly seems nervous and hay bales how she’s nervous. Amy is all full of questions and seems surprised that Molly had no questions. Considering that this is possibly being done entirely for the cameras, I am not shocked.

Meanwhile Jeremy plays with an expensive camera. He waxes philosophical on his photo missions. He notes he’ll never know how good he is until he starts making money with it. That’s an interesting philosophy. I wonder if he’s read how photographers average about 25k a year. That’s not “buy old cars and have someone remodel them for you” money.

Molly is doing a relay marathon and Amy gives her a book to learn from. Molly seems like she has sorta been volunteered by a friend for the marathon. This isn’t especially interesting.

Now Jeremy is off to the air show with a special invite from a flying group. He is excited about photography. Oh we get a montage of Jeremy’s careers. Its delicious. The taking samples of the grizzly/polar bear hybrid was especially well thought out. Yeah, lets see. He takes pictures, his parents give him fancy photography toys, and he wanders about holding a camera taking pictures. This is certainly going to be a career.

So he gets a special tour with Mom of the wing walker job… There’s an intensive bit of wing walking film interspaced with Jeremy muttering “omigod… extreme… it’s a rush….” Lets hope he doesn’t add wing walking to his career goals. Now he wants to shoot action adventure photography. I’m honestly curious how he plans to parlay that into a paycheck. Amy calls him Peter Pan and yeah, that’s pretty apt.

Back to the farm. Molly seems to be slacking off her running practice. She actually sounds kind of sick, voice wise but I might have misheard. Then Amy does her parenting, aka tickling and not really doing much. Molly jogs off with a camera person tailing her. Apparently she ran five minutes. Amy complains and notes it will be hard.

Sam Roloff wanders in. Jeremy wants his drawings examined. Yeah, this doesn’t feel staged for the camera either. The drawings we see aren’t bad. Sam says his skills are “budding” and “warming up“. I notice he avoids the hyperbole some of the fans and Jeremy’s parents tend to throw out. Then they look at photoshopping pictures and Sam casually offers him a job taking pictures of his studio. Ahem. Yeah, that wasn’t awkwardly set up now was it? On a more interesting note, Sam looks a lot more healthy than Matt.

Amy helps Molly prepare for the marathon relay and there seems to be some tension that Molly hasn’t prepared adequately. Amy throws out her typical can do patter.

Jeremy heads to Sam’s studio. It’s a photo gig. Sam asks about the lighting what Jeremy would like, and Jeremy is all “uh….um… whatever you like”. Sam’s paintings look interesting. Sam seems to have a sense of humor, not quite as bold as Matt but a bit of a quiet ham. We get Sam on the hay bale noting how it was fun. They talk about portfolios and it seems like Jeremy may not understand the difficulty of the job, or what a portfolio is. Sam seems pleasantly concerned.

Now we’re back to the running plot. Amy is worried Molly will freak out. Molly takes the relay! Its ON! Molly notes how the night and darkness frightens here. Amy is interviewed at the race wanting to root her on. Amy hands off water and shouts more encouragement.. Meanwhile Jeremy shows up at Sam’s studio in the middle of the same night? Nicely done, TLC! Jeremy hay bales how photography is what he wants to do. Yeah, rumor has it making videos is now his career goal so….

Were we supposed to believe this was the same night as Molly’s midnight run? Or are we to be mocked for pointing out we can tell the time frames have been manipulated? Are we wrong and stupid for believing the show as presented? Or are we wrong and stupid for pointing out we know the situations presented are exaggerations and lies?

Oh god, do we really need to see more of the Gosselins?

Back to Molly running. She’s dragging tail. But she pushes through the pain! Triumphant music plays! Molly makes the race! Amy goes on about how amazing her kids are but they will have to sink or swim on their own?

2nd episode

So Rob and Amy show up with Aiden their new adopted son. There is diaper discussion. Yeah, we can move on from that.

Marty Klebba shows up. Apparently no one knew he was coming. Matt hay bales what CODA is. Matt goes on about how riding a bike needs special customization. So Coda is getting six bikes to six kids. Now I think that’s awesome. However, I often wonder if some of Matt’s low grade resentment towards Amy’s charity is because ARCF seems way more successful at raising money. Last year the gold thing earned what? 50k? And this year it earned 100k? And CODA gave out a 5k scholarship and six bikes.

Amy goes on about *her* charity and drives off with a cup of coffee on the car. She says her next event is a trip to Haiti. You know, the “voyage of hope”. So they put their kids like Molly and Jake and someone’s little kid to pack duffles for Haitians. Amy hay bales how she needs to do something. They’re shipping 100 backpacks. Molly and Jake fill the backpacks and Jer-Bear and Zachie get the free cruise. Interesting choices there.

Back on the farm the bike guys are there to measure kids in the garage. So we see kids measured. Zack hay bales how awesome it was to get a bike. They have the kids biking on bikes.

Meanwhile it’s the day of the Haiti trip. There’s the typical no one has packed until the last minute rush. Amy notes how the twins don’t understand the horrors of Haiti in the slightest. Matt hay bales how it’s a disaster in Haiti.

Now they’re on “the cruise to Haiti”. The little kid who was packing backpacks is there. Amy and her buddies discuss the plan. This is all on “twin cam” as the budget for this sort of trip was cut. By the way everyone is in stylish evening wear. For a relief trip.

Matt goes on about how amazing his own custom bike was that he got when he was 15. I find myself wondering if it was that great and all, and the Roloffs weren’t poor, why didn’t Zach get a custom bike until he was old enough to drive a car?

Haiti! Danger music plays! The road isn’t paved! This could turn bad at any moment! They may not make the cruise ship dead line! Ominous!

This episode by the way, seems to have lengthy commercial breaks.

Off to Port Au Prince! Jeremy’s mind is blown by tent cities. Amy is all “wow this is huge”. They have the little kid with them. There’s rubble everywhere. Its basically awful. Now they are at the hospital/orphanage and its heartbreaking. They hand out sample backpacks.

Ohnoes! The driver has disappeared and they’re behind schedule! And there’s a storm! Will they make it back to the cruise ship loaded with food?? Chase music plays! Jeremy remarks how “insane” it is! But they make it back and toast themselves with wine over their good deed. The cruise by the way probably cost each cruiser several thousand dollars. Just putting it in perspective.

Back at the farm, Matt has the twins putting the bikes together. Matt insists this is a scramble bamble (its cute when dwarfs baby talk, apparently). I find myself comparing the giant mess of crap everywhere and Matt calling it a scramble bamble, while Amy’s charity events never seem to have people running around in hysterics over last minute details.

Matt goes on about how awesome it is that he’s doing bikes. EEP! My cable totally went out just as Zach hauled out a bike. Waiting….Now I see four kids bike off and Matt is all “..IS REALLY REWARDING”. Aw well.

And remember, the show is real and raw and not staged, and don’t you dare suggest it’s scripted, but when you point out the “beat the clock” timing, someone will mock you for believing the show is reality. :)

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed; Little People, Big World Nov 12

The guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements belong to Expressed.


Written by Expressed


This is the 3rd last week of LPBW. Is it starting to hit anyone else? Yeah the show isn't what it used to be but it will be strange not to have the Roloffs on Monday nights.

This could be the last real episodes of LPBW. Next week is "The Roloffs answers viewer questions" and then it's the finale the week after that. Who knows how they're going to do the final episode but I'm guessing it won't be a usual episode.

By the way, quick detour to the finale. Has everyone seen those commercials for the final episode when they act so serious? Am I the only one that remembers that commercial wasn't filmed for the finale? It was filmed for Season 5. I remember one of the promos. The theme of Season 5 was the kids growing up. They made it sound like Jer and Zach were moving out. They even had Jacob say "Yeah I'm going to miss them" (said with typical Jacob enthusiasm!). I guess that didn't happen did it? :)

Anyway, because of that, this could be the last real episodes of the show. And definitely the last full episode that will have Jeremy as the focus! One last Jeremy episode! Hooray! It should be good. Unlike a lot of LPBW episodes in the last couple of seasons, the subject is actually real! We know Jeremy is actually interested in photography. At least we know it won't be something done just for a plot.

The 2nd episode should have some Jeremy in it too. What's the title? Giving Back? Amy, Zach and Jeremy travel to Haiti. On this one the thing I'm curious about is how they present it. Are they going to show them arriving by canoe to make it look like they toughed it out? I hope they're honest. If you're reading this and you don't know, Amy, Jer and Zach were on the most epic of cruise ships, Oasis of the Seas for 7 days. One of the stops was in Haiti at the beach. When they were there, one person on the cruise said they were docked for about 8 hours, the Roloffs and Amy's charity team brought some supplies to an orphanage. Then they got back on the cruise and continued partying with the rich people :) I don't hold it against them that they had a luxury vacation and I think it's good they did something to help, I just hope they don't totally lie about it. It would be cool if we saw some of the cruise but I'm guessing not. I think all the filming will only be in Haiti and it will all be done by Jeremy or Zach on their hand held camera because the crew didn't go with them.

I'm looking forward to these episodes.

Show begins!

*Molly is cutting Jake's hair at home. I'm surprised. Jake is taking after Zach and not Jer, by getting his haircut at home. It must be the one thing where Jake isn't copying Jer :)

*Amy tells us that Molly is visiting George Fox University. She calls Amy her straight A student that is "already" visiting colleges. I think Matt and Amy are really loving that they have at least one kid that is getting grades. They are hyping her big time!

*All the kids and Amy are at George Fox except for Jeremy. Wow, what is this? Molly isn't shining! All the Jeremy criticizers of how he was at PCC please take note :) Molly goes all quiet and asks Amy to do everything. Amy asks all the questions. Amy was disappointed in how unprepared Molly was at the college.

*First Jeremy sighting of the night! With a camera. He's taking pictures, around the farm? Soothing music plays. I can't quite pin point it, but something about Jeremy looks different here? Is his side burns longer? Anyway, Jeremy says he loves photography and can't wait until he starts making money at it. Hmm, I'm not sure if that's the sign of true love.

*Molly is running a marathon relay race. Amy gives her a book on marathons. Molly doesn't care.

* In a typical thing that happens to every person that likes photography, the air show invited Jeremy down to shoot them. Jeremy wants to work on his portfolio because he says he's finally decided that photography is his career choice. Then they play a montage of Jeremy listing his career choices over the years: a driver, a pilot, a soccer player, something about polar bears....this is mean! They're trying to make fun of Jeremy! Hey, is Shadow and Rap the editors for this segment? :)

*The air show people pose. Jer snaps away. Then the plane takes off. The girl hangs off the front. Jeremy is taking pictures, but more amazed by the girl hanging.

*Amy says this is what Jeremy loves, the action adventure photography. She calls Jeremy her Peter Pan. She says Jeremy has been Peter Pan since he was 3 and she wonders when he will grow up, but she hopes he doesn't grow up too much. Hmmm...I don't think Amy meant that as a bad thing, but I'm not sure how many 20 year old guys would take being called Peter Pan as a compliment. But I know what Amy meant! One of the cool things about Jeremy that makes him a bit different is that he seems to have a bit of a childlike quality in how excited he can get at things. It's cute.

*Molly's relay is a week away. She's being lazy and refusing to train. There's a long scene of Amy trying to get her to prepare. Molly's being lazy! Pay attention people! Molly "the good Roloff kid" is being lazy! She goes running, for 5 minutes. She then calls herself lazy. I have to be honest though. If I'm running a marathon, I don't think I would run a marathon to prepare for the marathon if you know what I'm saying?

*Sam and Jeremy. Sam is introduced as "Jeremy's uncle". He's an artist. Jer says Sam is his art mentor. Jeremy has some drawings. They look really good! It frustrates me that they never really let us see Jeremy's drawing. They did this about 4 seasons ago when Jeremy drew something with Kirsten. Jeremy has a charcol drawing of his fort. It looks good! Sam is impressed. Sam describes Jeremy's photography talent as "budding".

*Sidenote on Jeremy's appearance....I really wish he would shave! The facial hair does NOT suit him.

*Jeremy takes pictures of Sam for Sam's website. He says he hopes won't be a bust. Don't worry Jer. This is LPBW. There is always a happy ending! It will turn out great! Jer says he's nervous because even though Sam is family, he's his first ever client. Jer takes pictures. Sam has fun. Sam compliments Jeremy. Jer comes back later to show Sam some of the pics. Sam loves them. See Jer! I said there was no reason to be all gloom and doom about it being a bust. It turns out better than expected like everything the Roloffs have ever done, just like real life. Uh yeah.

*Sam asks Jeremy about his portfolio. Jeremy seems a little confused. I don't know if he had one at that point. Sam doesn't think Jeremy realizes how hard it is to get into the photography industry to the point where you can make money at it. But I'd point out, that most people don't have Air Shows calling them and inviting them to come do a film shoot.

*Molly's at the race. She's, why? It's a volunteer race for charity? Molly runs. I think it's cool to run at night with the full moon. Amy goes ahead and meets Molly on the road. Surprise! Molly did it! She ran the whole race and didn't die!

Phew! 2 for 2 in that episode. 1) Jeremy was nervous about his film shoot with Sam. But in the end, Sam loved the pictures. 2) Molly wasn't prepared for her race and might die, but in the end, Molly does great! LPBW, the predictability with the plot lines are wonderful aren't they? :)

2nd Episode

*Matt and Amy's friends, Rob and Amy visit. They have their newly adopted son with them. I think this was filmed a while before the stuff we just saw with the air show and Molly's race but going out of order is nothing new.

*Matt starts to talk about when his kids were babies and changing diapers. Please No! Not diaper talk. Please! Jeremy starts to say something but they cut to the credits! Thank you. So much better to see shirtless Jeremy in the credits than listen to the details of Matt changing his diapers. lol

*Marty is there. He sort of just walks in, Amy says she doesn't even know he's there. He's there supposedly for a Coda meeting. Matt is building custom made bikes for 6 LPs.

*Amy has a trip to Haiti scheduled. Like I said in the preview, if you don't know what really happened, the whole thing was originally called a Celebrity Cruise with Amy and the Royal Carribean Oasis of the Seas. One of the many stops was in Haiti. Then after the disaster Amy decided when they stop they would bring some relief items. But of course for this episode they are putting the focus on Haiti and not on the dream cruise.

*Amy, Jake and Molly are packing backpacks for the kids in Haiti. Lisa's son is there, Amy forces him to be on camera even though he clearly doesn't want to be on camera. Nice Amy!

*The custom bike guys arrive at the farms and the LP kids are there to be measured. Some of the kids look like they have a lot more physical problems then Zach.

*Amy is talking about the "Haiti trip". Matt says goodbye to them. He tells the audience that when he heard Amy is going to such a wrecked and diseased country like Haiti, he said are you sure you want to go?....Uh, I think the week long luxury cruise before and after the Haiti stop will make it worth it! But of course they left that little detail out :)

*They do show them boarding the Oasis of the Seas on "the twins cam".

*Oh no! I just found out the bad plot for this episode. They are worried that when they stop in Haiti, that they won't make it back on the cruise ship and they'll be stranded in Haiti until the end of time. Seriously, this must be the worst plot ever! Does anyone really think they are going to leave without Amy considering the ship had a "Amy Roloff Celebrity Cruise"? Amy and Lisa? If you're so worried that the ship will leave without you, maybe you could have mentioned to the captain when you had dinner with him the night before! They left that little detail out too ;)

*They arrive in Haiti. They already put the countdown on the screen. They have 8 hours in Haiti. 7 hours left...what a bad plot? This must be Chris Cardamone's style? What happened to just showing whatever they're going to show without having a "plot" about something stupid like pretending that they're worried that the ship will leave without them?

*Haiti is sad. Rubble everywhere, they see all the tent camps. They give out a few backpacks, but say the rest will arrive later. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of their visit? I guess the main purpose was to give them something to film so they could make it look like the luxurious Oasis of the Seas cruise was all about Haiti.

*Oh no! The driver is missing! Oh, they found the driver! Oh no! There's bad weather! Oh, wow, they made it! They are back on the ship! Shocking! All that worry for nothing! Imagine that.

*They're back home. Matt asks Jeremy and Zach to assemble the bikes for the LP kids. They're arriving and they must have the bikes ready for them. Are you kidding! Not again! Another beat the clock plot! Jeremy does most of it as Zach watches, but they did it! Phew! The bikes are ready and they kids arrive. Some of them don't look like kids. I think some of them are as old as Zach.

*They showed a commercial for next week. The 2nd last week. The Roloffs answer viewer questions. I'm wondering, who asked the questions? Producer Chris? :) The positive side of next weeks episode is they can't have a stupid "something is going to go wrong, oh no, and then it all turns out great" plot, can they?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Matt Roloff spokesman for Green Grease

Readers will recall Matt announcing in August that Jeremy and Matt will represent Green Grease.

Aug 13
Matt Roloff = Advertisement: :)) Jeremy and I are proud to represent Green Grease.. as the very BEST and ONLY truly waterproof Grease on the market. We'll be making appearances at future AutoZone shows on behalf of this product that Roloff farm now uses in all our cars and equipment. We fell in love with this product a year ago..... and then they asked us to share our opinions. we are....

Green Grease put out a news release announcing Matt Roloff as their new spokesman. Green Grease's release only mentions Matt as the spokesman, although Matt mentions Jeremy's name.

Green Grease Hosts Little People Big World Celebrity, Matt Roloff, at AutoZone National Sales Meeting

Lewisville, Texas (September 27, 2010) Green Grease, The Best Waterproof Grease Money Can Buy, had a very busy booth at the AutoZone National Sales Meeting on September 21st. Matt Roloff from Little People Big World, the hit show on The Learning Channel, and big fans of Green Grease, was promoting the product and signing autographs.

"My son, Jeremy and I fell in love with this product a year ago and the Roloff farm now uses it on all our cars and equipment,” said Matt Roloff, star of TLC’s Little People Big World. “I am proud to represent Green Grease as the very best and only truly waterproof grease on the market.”

"We were absolutely thrilled to introduce Matt as the newest spokesperson for Waterproof Green Grease during the AutoZone National Sales Meeting,” said Spencer Mackenzie, CEO of Green Grease. “He is an inspiration to so many people. Matt also has his “toys” and with Green Grease he knows they will last a long time."

Waterproof Green Grease™, as seen on Two Guys Garage, Truck U, Inside Drag Racing, Trucks, Pleasure Boating and the Lokar Car Show series, is professional-grade high performance synthetic polymer grease and is ideal for:

• Cars, trucks, boats, trailers, ATV's, RV's, motorcycles.

• Mowers, farm and construction equipment

• General chassis lubrication, including U-joints, tie-rod ends, upper and lower A-arms

• Heim joints, ball joints, steering linkages and bucket pins

• Ball/roller and sealed-for-life bearings

AutoZone is the leading retailer and a leading distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the United States. The annual sales meeting introduces their top 10% salespeople to all the new products carried by AutoZone.

Green Grease is a Brand of OMNI Lubricants and has a 30+-year history of selling to major manufacturers throughout the world. Available at AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, Lowe's, Tractor Supply Company, Bass Pro Shops and participating NAPA stores, or visit 1-877-Go-Grease (1-877-464-7327).

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Amy Roloff did a live chat -- Final Episode of Little People, Big World Dec 6th

Amy Roloff held a live chat Friday Nov 19th at 11:30am Pacific time or 2:30 pm Eastern. It was on the following site:

If you missed it, we have a summary (thanks to the people that emailed recaps!)

It was Amy in a coffee shop with a laptop. Random people would walk in and talk to her in the other chair. Lisa Dixon (seen on the LPBW episodes about her charity foundation) was with her.

-She discussed her charities of course. Visit Amy's website:

-They are almost at their goal for building the water well. Amy and Lisa want to exceed their goal of $3000. They sent out a special thank you to Taylor Williams, a 10 year old girl at the Aim High Martial Arts academy. You can donate here:

-Amy is also holding a toy drive.

Now to the questions and tidbits people might be interested in.

-Amy said she was having conferences with all of Jacob's teachers. Amy said Jacob is so smart, but had trouble with not handing in she was having conferences with all of his teachers.

-Amy confirmed that the last episode of Little People, Big World will air on December the 6th.

-She mentioned that she will have a book out, probably around May, but was vague on the details. Might be a cookbook.

-Amy was asked about previously stating that she was against her kids becoming models. She's not as against it as she used to be. She would want her kids to do it (modeling, television...) for the right reasons.

-She was asked if Jeremy is going to Brooks Photography Institute in California? Amy said Jeremy has a great eye for photography. He has considered the place in California but is also looking at a lot of local places. Jeremy is into that "action" photography kind of thing. He needs some schooling and is just starting out. He's looking into some sort of internship.

-When she was talking about Jeremy and photography, she said people should go on Jeremy's facebook page and checkout his photos. Although, we should add, as of November 19th, there is no public page where Jeremy has posted his photos for the public. (there is a small fan page he created in August, but at this point it's not even worth mentioning - he hasn't posted any pictures and has only posted on it about 3 times (things like "lots of homework tonight") since August. There are no other photos on it, so that's not what Amy is referring to)
Jeremy, like all the Roloffs, has a personal facebook page, but it is private, Jeremy does not allow fans to see his pictures, Jeremy does not add or interact with fans from his personal page so people might be confused by that comment from Amy, but I'm sure she meant well.

-Another question was asking Amy what Jeremy and Zach were like when they were Jacob's age and if they were similar? She said Jacob is very much like Jeremy. She added "but Jacob is definitely my teenager".

-Molly likes to bake, not necessarily cook meals, but baking cookies and pies.

-Amy was asked if she is excited about the end of LPBW? Amy loves the producer and the crew, so she will miss the crew.

-More random people were sitting down talking to Amy, seemed to be business people. While talking to one guy, she again mentioned that her son (Jeremy) is into photography. She has encouraged Jeremy to take business courses because it will help him promote his photography.

-One person was attending or went to George Fox University. Amy said her kids had checked them out. Molly visited.

-Amy loves peanut butter. She feels sorry for people that are allergic to peanuts.

-She was asked about how her charity came about? She wanted to help DAAA, but said she couldn't do it by joining their non-profit, so she started her own.

-There was a question asking if Molly was going to get a normal teenage part time job? Amy said she will not pressure her. She might during the summer, but while school is on, Amy wants her kids focus to be on school. Amy said it was totally different for Jeremy and Zach because they had the television show in their lives. Jacob might get a job when he's in high school.

-Amy was asked about Zach and Indoor Goals. Zach loves coaching, Amy said he's great at coaching youth soccer. Zach lives and breathes soccer.

-Amy will have more of these chats in the future, December 10th at 11:30, but maybe the first week of December too.

-She was asked what Jacob, Molly and Zach wanted to do for a career (since she was already asked about Jeremy and photography)?

-Amy sees Jacob making video games. He's good at math and science. He is also (like Jeremy) getting into taking pictures and photography.

-She's not sure about Molly and Zach is all about soccer. She also mentioned teaching for Zach.

-Amy said she hopes to go back to Haiti in 2011. Lisa said Monday's episode of LPBW will be about their trip to Haiti.

-Amy closed it out by reminding people that the final episode of Little People, Big World will be on December 6th. She said just like anything in life, there were ups and downs, good and bad, but it's been a wonderful experience and now she's in a position to help with her charity foundation.

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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541; Little People, Big World Nov 15

The guest review is Rap541.
Written by Rap541

Episode one
Anyone watching The Walking Dead? Because I had this amusing thought about how long the farm would last. And the commercials for this show sound so ominous, with that final shot of the family entering the barn… perhaps the barn of HORROR? Dun dun DUUUUNNNN!

Anyway, Matt and Amy start with arguments about food. Amy is letting her trainer throw stuff out. Matt wants all the stuff he likes left. Matt has no problem with things he doesn’t like leaving, but he must defend his food. Isn’t he diabetic? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a little irritating when one person decides to radically change the household food plan but really, Matt’s diabetic. It sure seems like there’s reason to be more careful about food, you know?

The trainer arrives and meets the twins. Amy hay bales how fat she used to be and wants to lose more weight. The trainer wants to throw out all the instant stuff and things with sugar. He’s also on the high fructose corn syrup hate train. He did haul away a lot of stuff. Or rather, he donates it to poor people… Let them eat high fructose corn syrup!

Sub plot “Jake is a loner in his room”. Matt decides to spend time with Jake by sending off to mow the lawn by himself. I mean, is anyone shocked that this is how Matt thinks to spend time with Jake? I guess Matt was too done in from touring the Alps with Jeremy alone, and vacationing in the Bahamas with Jeremy and skydiving with Jeremy to stop and think that Jake mowing the lawn by himself is actually a rather solitary process. Matt describes some process of moving the lawn. Jake is offered 15 bucks. I’m of two minds on this. On the one hand, I never got paid for mowing the family lawn and we had a push mower. On the other hand, we only had an acre of land. If you’re going to offer pay as an incentive - and I am not certain one should, but if you are, the amount really shouldn’t be insulting. Jake notes that while he gets praised a lot there is underlying criticism which means its not praise. Interestingly he says that he’s often over praised for work he knows isn’t truly excellent, which seems to bother him? That is Matt hay bales how this is all about Jake being the youngest. Jake pretty much bails on the chore Matt has arbitrarily assigned him and heads to his room. Jake has a tone of crap in his room. Tv, fridge… hey Matt, I have an idea why he likes his toy filled room so much….

Meanwhile Amy and her trainer bond. They have a work out as Amy explains how image is important. Insert training montage. Really, Amy dragging her trainer around like a dog on a leash may be a lil voyeuristic.

Amy makes salad. Matt is annoyed that he’s being fed salad. He wants salami. Matt whines about his salami. Again. Amy thinks it’s a crock. Matt waxes on in the hay bale about his love of ground meat, and how he doesn‘t want to change. Matt sure likes to talk about his salami

Now Jake and Jeremy carry wood. Jeremy goes on about how he’s a father figure. There is manly work done. Jeremy wants to give Jake healthy attention so of course he puts Jake behind the wheel of his BMW. Now really I feel bad for Jeremy every time Jake grinds the gears since this was probably producer suggested. Jeremy hay bales how he’s a father figure again.

Amy meanwhile is prepping for her next fight in the ring. Jeremy comes in and mocks her a bit in good fun.

Oh our first appearance of Zach. Jeremy hay bales how he doubts mom can keep up with their hiking. So is Zach, so I guess the twins get that “badmouth others in the hay bale” from Dad. They hike on a pretty obvious trail. I mean there’s a fence to keep people on the trail.

So Amy hay bales how this may kill her. Inspirational music plays as the twins voice over how amazing it is. Amy goes on and on about the joys of working out and eating right and I think the fitness zombies got her. I mean listen to her…

Back to the Jake plot. Amy notes how intense he is and how bottled up he is. Zach waxes magnificent on how Jake is different. As does Jeremy. Then they make cookies and we get a flash of the earlier over praising problem. Ie he’s making cookies and Amy thinks its amazing and fantastic. Amy does seem to appreciate that Jake seems to have a drier wit than others in the family.

Now we have Jake doing a voice over of how he feels he needs to do the lawn right. Wow this felt very much like Jake reading lines off a cue card. Matt goes on about how Jake is awesome and we get another flash of what was discussed earlier - the over praise “excellent job” followed by the truth “you missed some spots.”

Amy weighs in again. Ominous music as Amy waits for the results! Will she die? No, in fact she’s right on track. Hurrah! She does look like she lost weight.
Btw what kind of lawn mower is that? I ask because no one ever said what kind it was or whether it was new or even if it was good….


Second episode!

Amy walking, looking for an event while ominous music plays. She has found the event. Amy is helping a local children’s hospital (aka Shriners) God, helping kids at the local charity hospital, she should be burnt at the stake!

More “save a child” music plays as the charity board meets. Wow, a meeting. This is like watching the Senate in “Star Wars - The Phantom Menace”. There’s minor arguing about how they MUST NOT FAIL.

Amy packing for something! It seems to be the board going to some team building event. Matt hay bales how they need team building because women catfight. Ah, way to be an ass, Matt. Particularly when Amy’s projects generally come off like well oiled machines while Matt has to constantly scream at everyone as he micromanages his projects.

Molly and her buddy Paige are at the retreat. There is much hand clapping and high fiving. No cat fighting though. Amy starts the team building with a glass of wine. Then she goes on about how this event is all about proving herself. It gets a bit cloying but so far no one has pulled any hair or wrestled in mud, *Matt*. Everyone drinks wine except the girls.

So the ladies are doing group challenges . Oh we did these in ROTC except it was less touchy feely and graded. The introductions are like watching paint dry. Then they do board walking and Amy interrupts to argue how to do it during Gail’s turn. Now they are on balance logs. They are FAILING so Amy must dig deep! Its quite fun when Amy shouts them down with “One at a time” and then everyone shuts up dead silence. Now we’re rockclimbing? Some sort of zip line? There’s mondo “you inspire us!” coming from the board. There’s zip lining. Then Paige has a bit of a freak out and I feel really bad for her having this filmed. Everyone shouts self actualizing messages to Paige. I think Paige was pretty ready to vomit there. The board is riding high!

God, this never ends. Now they are building a boat? Out of plastic? Cardboard? Actually this would be a hilarious obstacle on Survivor. Now we get more of the endless “god I love you all” and “we love you”.

Matt, you sexist ass, there was no catfight.

Now it’s the event. Things seem busy but organized. No rushing or freakouts… must have been all those *catfights* that led to the organization. You know, because women can’t be in groups without *cat fighting* and needing Matt the Man to settle it. We see Molly and Jake helping briefly. Lisa and Gail “catfight” aka have a mild disagreement but seem to be handling it maturely by choosing to avoid each other. Amy seems to take this as “everything falling apart” when its really two coworkers having a bad day, and wonders how she will ever resume her leadership role. Easy on the drama queening, Amy!

Amy has to *resolve this*. She talks to both. Neither woman seems all that upset, and seem to be handling the tiff maturely by not having screaming fits at each other. Of course it all ends pleasant with hugs. See the difference here between Amy and Matt is that Matt would have just ignored it and shouted. Apparently Amy raised 100,000 dollars for the Special Olympics and the Devil Scum Who Hate Children And Like Torturing Them (aka Shriner’s Hospital). So happy ending there, go figure.

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World Nov 15

The guest reviewer is Expressed.
Written by Expressed

*Amy is really into this personal training thing. Her personal trainer is coming to the house to raid the pantry and throw all the unhealthy food out (or take it to a food bank). I gotta say I don't really agree with this type of mindset. Moderation is the key in life! There's no reason to get rid of stuff or never have it. Especially when there's a lot of people going through the house. Matt makes that point. I agree with him. He doesn't want his stuff thrown out. Matt makes a speech about loving hamburgers.

*The personal trainer arrives! He's going through the pantry (it's really that huge closet that is really the size of some rooms in some people's homes! It's interesting they blur out most of the names of the food and snacks. Did they blur out Goldfish crackers? They didn't used to. I guess as the show went on TLC demanded these companies pay or get blurred out but didn't do that when the show was new?

*The scene ends with a random shot of Spike the cat growling. Hey, what's up with the editors hatchet job on Spike??? Spike has been getting a terrible edit lately. Molly, threaten to quit unless they edit Spike in a better light! :) It's obvious to me that Matt the Spike hater is using his producer influence to conspire against Spike! lol.

*Jeremy is highly amused watching the trainer tell Amy everything is bad. Amy tries to justify all the snacks. Jer laughs. There is a lot of random Jeremy in this episode. That's a good thing!

*The secondary plot in this episode is about Jake. They voice over how Jake has no confidence and spends a lot of time in his room alone. Ok, I don't believe that because it seems like he's always hanging with Jeremy, Zach and their college friends. Even at home look at how often we see him in the twins room playing video games with everybody. But whatever, they're telling us Jake is a loner that hides in his room.

*After looking at his room, it's not a surprise! He has everything a person needs! A large flat screen HD TV, a lap top. I think I saw a fridge. Jake's room has more stuff than a lot of families have in their family living rooms! Rich people, Grrrr! :) Anyways, supposedly Jake is a loner with no confidence living in his room with everything.

*Matt summons Jake for filming, mow the lawn. He says he will pay Jake $15 to mow all the lawns (they have the riding thing) including the soccer field. I'm kind of mixed. My first thought was that's a lot of grass to mow for $15, but then I remembered I never got paid a cent to help around the house! Shovel the drive, rake leaves, mow the grass, us kids needed to do all that as long as we were living at home.

*Matt says Jake has "self-image" problems. I think a lot of people including myself call it being a brat. As evidence, Jake tells us his thoughts. He refuses to mow the grass as Matt asked. His theory is that he won't do a good job, he will do it crooked, Matt will criticize him, so he's just not going to do it. Gee, wonderful attitude Jake!

*The personal trainer obviously has a company called "Suck It Up" fitness because I keep seeing the shirts. Cheers for product placement! I think they're using footage from before when Amy vomited when she was working out.

*Amy and Matt talk diet. Amy is all about being healthy. Matt isn't. Matt says he needs his salami. Again. What's with the theme of Matt and his salami? Do we really need week after week of Matt talking about his salami? I think this is the producers version of a sexual joke.

* Jeremy and Jake! I think everyone knows how I feel about each of them. lol. But I gotta be honest. Anyone else notice how much in the last season they've been showing of Jer bonding with Jake? There was the fort stuff, then there was the camping trip throwing axes against the trees and now this episode. I kinda thinks it's a reaction to all the criticism before about how Jeremy never spends time with Jake.

*Jeremy gives a speech explaining that he spends more time with Jake because he wants to build his confidence and stuff. Yeah, that seems so natural and like something Jeremy would think. lol. Jake says he likes hanging with Jeremy and follows him around. Aww. Someone has a hero, someone has a hero!! :)

*Jeremy gives another forced barn bite about giving Jake positive attention. He said Mike Detjen taught him alot, so he wants to teach Jake. This is such a dramatic change that I'm not really buying it as the way things really are. I'm thinking it was on the story line cheat sheet. What I think is real? I think the twins have parties with 50 friends over and Jake hangs out with them then. I think that's where he hangs around with them, not that Jer has special one on one time with Jake, but this episode attempts to prove me wrong so I'll go along with it!

*Jeremy lets Jake drive his baby, his BMW. Jake is 13 right? But it seems to be down the long road/driveway? Jake doesn't seem that excited. Stop the press! Jake doesn't seem excited! I know, hard to believe. He says he was surprised Jer let him drive it because usually Jer is very protective of his BMW. Oh but Jake, it's part of the storyline cheat sheet so Jer is making an exception :) Jer says Jake is only the second person ever to drive his car. What, Mueller hasn't driven Jer's BMW??

*Jeremy is very patient and good with Jeremy as Jake tries to shift gears. Btw, Jeremy said this is practice for when Jake gets the camaro. Now that's a rich family. The 13 year old already knows he's getting a Camaro. He drives the BMW down the road. Jeremy tells him he did a good job. Jake doesn't seem happy.

*More Amy training in the garage. Jeremy watches. A lot of random Jeremy showing up in scenes in this episode.

*Btw, Rocky's bed is kept in the garage?

*Amy is going on a hike with Zach and Jeremy. Jeremy doubts if Amy can do it! Jer, this is LPBW! Of course she can do it! We've seen this theme 2087 times! The Roloffs are going to try something. Someone says they won't be able to do it. They play dramatic music and say it looks like they'll fail. But then they are always successful in the end! I trust that will happen this time and Amy won't be stranded on the mountain.

*Amy goes on about how hard it is, Jer and Zach walk on ahead. I'm not a hiking person, but...hiking seems very boring? Jeremy and Zach must do something different when there isn't a camera crew filming because everybody seems very bored. Amy makes it to the top. They all say it's amazing in the most boring tone of voice you can imagine. No one seems like they're excited or having fun even though they all keep saying it's amazing.

*Back to Jake. Amy says Jake is intense. She says Jake doesn't express himself but she knows there's a lot going on inside. There are scenes of Jer and Zach kicking the soccer ball with Jake. Jeremy says he wants Jake to be his own person, but Jake is always trying to impress...that's because he idolizes Jeremy. It is so obvious.

*Amy says when Jake finally smiles you can tell that there is actually a boy in there that is nice. Hmm.

*Amy is making cookies. Jake wants to make a giant one. Zach asks him why he's making a cookie. Jake says because he's awesome....yeah, Jake is really lacking confidence. I think this whole "Jake lacks confidence" story line is a crock. I know a lot of kids that have no confidence. I think Jake is just spoiled and bratty and the nice way of explaining it is to say he "lacks confidence" to excuse it.

*Jake is reading lines now. He says "I messed the lawn up for my dad", but Jake has that inner drive to make right and make Matt proud because that's what the story line cheat sheet must say :)...because that really seems like Jake's natural personality, right? Wrong.

* Matt tells Jake he missed a few spots, but overall did an amazing job and surprise, we get the LPBW happy ending that every single episode ends with.

*Amy has a dramatic weigh in? I didn't even know it was coming. It the same test that told her she was obese. I still don't believe that. Or at least that it doesn't matter because she is obviously not obese for a dwarf. I think these gyms and personal trainers try to convince people that they are fat and unhealthy so they'll pay them their money (or get product placement if the person has a tv show).

*Amy's test results say she lost 4% of fat. The trainer is all "yay" you did great. Another LPBW happy ending for another storyline! Yay!

2nd Episode

I'll be honest, I gotta go somewhere right now, so I'll leave the detailed review to Rap.

My super quick recap? Episode is all Amy and her charity team. Amy wants to be a leader. They go on a "team building" trip. It seems like an excuse to have a fun weekend at a posh resort! Molly and her friends go. They do a bunch of crazy team building exercises, like trying to step through ropes set up like giant spider webs. They force Molly's friend Paige, who unlike Matt, really does seem to be terrified of heights. Poor girl. Even after she does, she still looks traumatized but LPBW needs their happy ending so suck it Paige, you're going to face your fears whether you like it or not! They have their golf tournament charity thing. Didn't they already show this from this year? Same old story line. In the beginning it's all going horrible and they think it will lose money. At the event Lisa and Gayle have a fight. Gayle cries. Amy shows her leadership skills. They hug. Surprise! The event was a huge, huge success! It made over $100,000, over double what last years event made. LPBW happy ending! :)

Jeremy Roloff and the Brooks Institute of Photography

Potential big happenings in the world of the Roloffs. Jeremy Roloff has been accepted to the Brooks Institute of Santa Barbara, California.

We first heard talk that Jeremy was interested in the photography school last year. Actually, Jeremy has a lot of friends (not necessarily just the ones that have been seen on the show) that attend 4 year colleges. As we've reported before, Jeremy has a lot of friends and girl friends that are never talked about or hinted about on the show contrary to what the most recent of episode might have portrayed. Many of those friends go to 4 year colleges and universities. Jeremy spent last year visiting quite a few of them while he attended Portland Community College. Apparently he loved the college atmosphere and wanted to transfer, even applying to places like Oregon State University. This is also when we heard Jeremy was interested in attending a photography school.

When Matt and Jeremy went to California last month, while Matt was hush-hush about the reason or purpose, apparently one of their stops was at Brooks in Santa Barbara.

Visitors to Roloff Farms for pumpkin season on the last weekend (which was after the Matt and Jeremy trip to California) reported asking Jeremy about his future plans regarding college, he was telling them that it looks like he might be going to a Photography school in Santa Barbara, California (where Brooks is located).

And now multiple friends have said Jeremy told everyone that he indeed did get accepted to Brooks. Congratulations Jeremy! :-)

However, one of his friends informed us that Jeremy told him that he isn't totally sure he is going yet -- but getting accepted is the first step of course. Will Jeremy leave his beloved Oregon and all of his friends and family, and Jacob Mueller to attend a school in another state? That remains to be seen, but we can confirm that Jeremy did apply and was accepted.

You can check out their website to see what they're all about.

Brooks Institute
The Digital Photography School That Offers Training
in Filmmaking, Graphic Design and

Are you considering photography schools, film schools, or graphic design schools? Brooks Institute is designed for anyone who aspires to a career in photography, filmmaking, visual journalism, or graphic design. Whether you are completely new to the field or seek new skills to advance an established career, Brooks' educational philosophy of "learning by doing" can provide you with the artistic, technical, and business expertise needed to succeed.

Classes are taught by world leaders in professional photography, motion picture, visual journalism, and graphic design at beautiful locations in Santa Barbara and Ventura, California. From this base you will have the opportunity, literally, to explore the world. In this era of global communication, Brooks will continue to offer a responsive, active, and innovative training in photography, filmmaking, photojournalism and graphic design.

Apparently, not all reviews of Brooks are stellar, although I suspect you can find disgruntled former students at just about any institute. There appeared to be some controversy with Brooks in the mid 2000's -- they were reportedly investigated for misleading recruitment practices. Former students claimed they were promised job placement upon graduation, however, there were no jobs and they were in debt to the tune of around $100,000. We can't confirm the legitimacy of the people contributing to the article linked below of course, but there appears to be several disgruntled ex students.

Here is another article with some statistics about Brooks.

However, as I said, I think you could probably find detractors for any learning institution, just as many would sing their praises. Here is one that highly recommends Brooks as a leader in visual arts and photographic education.

We knew people would be curious in learning more since Jeremy has been accepted so we thought we'd pass those links along for your information or to dismiss as you wish.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Molly Roloff and Faith Bible Volleyball team advances to State Championship game

Congratulations to Molly Roloff and the Faith Bible Falcons school volleyball team!!
They have advanced to the Championship game in the whole state of Oregon in their category.

The championship game is Saturday night. The team they're playing hasn't lost a set in the tournament yet. Molly's team also hadn't lost a set until the semi-final match up, when they pulled out a victory 3-2.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Previews for Final Season of Little People, Big World.

Here are previews for the final season of Little People, Big World. The final season is only 20 episodes. (the crew packed up and left the Roloff barn a couple of weeks ago).

Important note: Starting Monday, they are going back to the traditional format of two 30 minute episodes on Monday night. The last few weeks have featured only 1 new episode.

If you're counting, these descriptions go up to the 18th episode.

Nov 15, 8:00 pm
Take a Hike

Amy's quest to improve her health hits new heights when she trains hard for an adventurous hike up a mountain with her twin sons. Meanwhile, the whole family chips in to provide Jacob with a boost in confidence.

Nov 15, 8:30 pm
Amy In Command?

Amy hopes to guide her charity foundation to greatness, but when her board members find themselves at odds with one another, her leadership skills are called into question. Can she pull it together in time for this year's big fundraiser?

Nov 22, 8:00 pm
Little Brother, Big Sister

Inspired by his artistic uncle Sam Roloff, Jeremy experiments with becoming a photographer. Meanwhile, Molly may have bitten off more than she can chew when she tries to balance schoolwork, a job, a college search, and running a marathon.

Nov 22, 8:30 pm
Giving Back

Matt launches a bicycle donation program benefiting dwarf children while Amy, Zach and Jeremy journey to Haiti to provide relief for earthquake victims.

Nov 29 8:00pm
Ask The Roloffs: Farm Life

The Roloffs answer frequently asked questions about life on the family farm

Nov 29 8:30pm
Ask The Roloffs: One By One

Viewer questions are answered by members of the Roloff family

Monday, November 8, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World

The guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements belong to Expressed.
Written by Expressed


This episode is called dating daze. The preview says Zach takes a dating course and the family wonders if Molly might have a boyfriend soon. Wow and episode about the personal lives of the kids? Haven't seen one of those in a while! But the "dating course" thing sounds staged. Also....what about Jeremy??? If you don't hear any of the gossip ever, there have been rumors for a long time that Jeremy has like 30 girls around Hillsboro and Portland that he "hangs out" with, wink wink nudge nudge. But we never hear about them because the show isn't real at all and it's easier for them not to have the world know if their dating, who they're dating. I'm curious to see if they finally talk about some of these girls if this is the dating episode or if they'll ignore Jeremy totally.

The episode begins!

*The Roloffs at the Portland Timbers game. This looks like old footage from when Zach was introduced at the game. But the gang of girls that won Amy's charity auction to watch a soccer game with Zach are there. I notice Jeremy in the background. Be honest. We all know who the girls want to spend the game with and it's not Zach.

*Zach avoids them. Zach explains that he doesn't like conversation because you have to talk. That's true. Ha :)

*Zach wants Jeremy to entertain all the teen girls. Jeremy obliges. He mingles with them right away. Zach is kind of there but looks away a lot. Zach explains why he's shy. He says he knows people are judging him. He judges people, people judge him. I give Zach credit because he doesn't only play the dwarf card. Zach says they judge him because he's quiet and doesn't know what to say, then because he isn't saying much, they're thinking he's boring and a loser. That's true actually. Well, that people think like that during conversations.

*There is a scene with Molly, her friend and Amy. There is a boy at school named Nathan. Congratulations Nathan. You will now get the Dani treatment. The world thinks you're Molly's boyfriend even though you're not. :) Molly's friend and Amy talks about Nathan liking Molly. Amy says "At least she has a guy friend". Ouch. Was that a shot at Zach? I'll take this time to remind people that for all Matt got bashed for pressuring Zach about girls at the LP conferences, Amy did that a lot too.

*Jeremy takes Zach shopping. Jeremy is really into shopping. He explains the importance of clothes in impressing girls. Jeremy also explains that he judges books by their covers. lol. I guess everyone does to some extent.

*Jeremy picks out outfit after outfit for Zach. Wow, Jeremy is really really excited about shopping :) Jeremy loves the clothes he picked out for Zach. He asks Zach if he's excited. Zach correctly says he's not as excited as Jeremy. Jeremy gives the quote of the night "Oh my golden baby bear" after excitedly looking at clothes he picked out for Zach.

*Idea. After seeing how excited Jeremy is in helping Zach shop, I wonder if the stuff Matt is pitching in LA is a "What Not To Wear" type of show with Jeremy?

*Now Jeremy is taking Zach to meet Portland. Jeremy says he has a hard time talking to girls? What the...? Are they actually going to try to convince us that Jeremy has a hard time meeting girls? Whoa. This show is so fake!!!

*Yep! That's what they're doing. They show Zach and Jeremy sitting in a park waiting to meet girls and no one comes up. Are they really doing this? Trying to make it look like girls won't come up to Jeremy? Even ignoring the very big celebrity aspect, they're trying to make it look like Jer has a hard time meeting girls? Fake fake fake!

*I'll remind everyone again that there are tons and tons of rumors and evidence that Jeremy has like 30 girls that think they're Jeremy's girlfriend that he calls up whenever he's in the mood. He goes on a cruise and he has a beautiful girl that everyone is convinced is his future wife. And that's what happens to Jeremy whever ever he goes (except for this park apparently!) At pumpkin season practically every pretty girl comes away saying Jeremy was flirting with them. And now they're trying to make it look like Jeremy can't meet girls.....

*Zach says quiet people are looked at as weird and boring.

*Zach or Jeremy voice overs that they "struck out" at meeting girls in the park. What a crock!

*Zach AND Jeremy sign up for a dating course! Jeremy needs a dating course. haha. This show is sinking to new lows of lack of realism!

*Back at the house, a brief scene about Matt talking about wanting Molly to marry a guy like him. Hmm.

*Back to the dating thing. As they're going there, Zach says he's boring. Jeremy asks him why he thinks that. Jeremy thinks Zach doesn't have confidence because he's LP. I don't. Uh, do they realize that there are thousands and thousands of shy people in the world that are average height? I actually agree with Zach about this. This is about Zach's personality. He's quiet and not big on improv conversation. It's not a LP issue.

*They are doing speed dating. Jeremy seems into it. Now the instructor is making them go into a supermarket, pick out random people and hand them their phone numbers! Awkward! I don't like this idea. It's forcing people to be someone they aren't.

*Jeremy seems to give his number away (like that would be hard!!!!) According to Matt girls give Jer their numbers when they're eating dinner! Zach is rightfully nervous and embarrassed and wanders around for what seems like hours with the instructor lady encouraging him to give his phone number away. She leaves and tells him not to come back until someone has his number. We see Zach sitting out in front of the store. I don't think he ever came back.

*Zach tells the camera in a heartfelt speech that if he ever meets a girl that understands he's quiet, then he will open up and it will be perfect.

*They're home now. Zach seems to be moping in his room. Amy asks Jeremy downstairs how it went. Jeremy said Zach was fine in class. Amy is all serious and tries to give Zach a pep talk. She says she lacked confidence when she was Zach's age. She doesn't want Zach to be like her. Amy kinda goes into the "Zach is shy because he's a LP". Once again, I don't think that has anything to do with it. It's Zach's personality. Tons of average sized people have the same personality. Look at some of Zach's LP friends. They clearly aren't shy! This isn't an LP issue.

*Back to the 2nd plot of the episode. Molly. Nathan is playing soccer. Zach insists nothing is going on between Molly and Nathan. Molly says she doesn't see the point in dating. Then she promptly says "No comment" when asked if she's dating Nathan....

*Amy is trying to hook Zach up with a girl at a Martial Arts place. They set it up so she's Zach's kick boxing instructor. It goes well. Zach breaks the helps when there is a muscle bulging guy hold the board ready to give it the extra snap. Zach says he likes the girl and leaves it with an open ended comment that "things can develop".

End of episode.

So I was right! It was even more deceptive than I thought! Not only didn't they mention Jeremy's hoard of girlfriends, but they actually tried to make it seem like Jeremy has a hard time meeting girls.

I am convinced more than ever that the Roloffs are nothing, nothing like what they're portrayed as on the show. No wonder why Matt says in that NY interview that kids portray characters on the show. I don't think LPBW has anything do with the Roloffs real lives or real personalities anymore.

Guest Episode Roloff Review By Rap541 - LPBW Nov 8

The guest reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements belong to Rap.


Written by Rap541

Episode starts:

So this is about dating? Meh.

So a soccer game - a Timbers soccer game and the girls theoretically won a game with just Zach as a host at one of Amy’s charity events. Amy gives Zach tips on scoring. Zach hay bales on how he finds speaking to people in a social setting to be pointless. This is complete with Zach scowling on the hay bale.

Zach at the soccer game, and Jeremy too, which makes me strongly suspect that the actual prize was “Timbers soccer with the twins” and Amy tells Zach to chat people up. Jeremy hay bales how Zach sucks. Both are wearing special jerseys, because really, this is about the only way the Timbers get their product placement. Amy hay bales how its all about Zach’s dwarfism. I don’t disagree although if this event was genuinely “win a soccer game with *Zach*“ then perhaps its time Jeremy stayed home and let Zach flail about on his own. I must say, its pretty clear the girls are making eyes at Jeremy, not Zach, and duh, lets not ignore the elephant in the room. Zach’s a dwarf and people pick first on appearance.

Amy meanwhile interrogates Molly on who she’s dating. It’s Nathan! Or is it? Molly is horrified and hay bales how he’s nice but…. Her friend rats her out. Amy asks her if she has been asked to “do anything”. Amy is super pleased Molly isn’t a lesbian. I find myself wondering why Amy isn’t inviting males roughly the same age to head on up to Molly’s bedroom while she is sleeping and have the boys wake her up as a way to *teach her to mingle*. I mean, Matt did that to Zach and Zach is clearly more confident and open now. Oh wait, no he’s not. Interesting.

Jeremy is all “clothes matter” and “looks matter” and takes Zach clothes shopping. I’m not shocked that he’s into appearances. Molly is brought along and is helpful. No mention of that should be made though as Jeremy is just prancing about the store in a frenzy of shopping joy. Jeremy notes that he believes books should be judged by their covers. Jeremy calls a dressed up Zach his “golden baby bear”. Yeah that’s not condescending or humiliating. And this is the second time in as many episodes where Jeremy comments on how dressed up dwarfs are somehow cutely amusing to him. I only draw attention to it because you’d think he’d be more concerned about LP Awareness than to dress his LP brother up and refer to him as a cute baby bear.

Now Jeremy takes Zach to score chicks. Jeremy suggests he has a hard time finding women and Zach doesn’t realize it. Wow this is super dull. Zach notes how he’s quiet and therefore shy and uninteresting. There are no women wandering about the empty courtyard that Jeremy has taken Zach for filming. Really if MSNBC is to be believed, they just have to drive downtown to pick up people who will date them for just a small exchange of cash and or cough syrup based homemade medicine.

Jeremy and Zach are doing a dating “thing” after they strike out. Zach notes that he has no girlfriend and never did. Which is an interesting contrast to several other episodes and also puts the whole Nathan thing in an interesting light. He rattles on for a bit on the hay bale but I have no idea what he said. Jeremy and Zach leave and Amy gives Matt food and he compliments her cutely and Amy is having none of it. Matt hay bales how Molly should marry someone like him. I find myself pondering whether wanting your daughter to marry someone like you is or isn't creepy. I vote creepy. Amy is less than thrilled with this and notes that marrying someone like Matt would not be good. She seems to vehemently agree with me.

Now the boys are off to “flirting class”. They natter at each other. Jeremy hay bales the obvious - that Zach lacks confidence due to being “a golden baby bear” aka not average height. Having your twin call you something like “golden baby bear“ may not help, that’s all I am saying. The class itself seems like an ice breaker sort of class we have at work. There’s some staring contests, and I can see why Zach might be uncomfortable looking up at some girl. Now they have to give out their phone numbers to people in a grocery store. A little creepy but ok. The teacher tags along for the cameras. Its rather awkward. Zach hay bales again, something about rejection but again, I can’t make it out. Zach is finding it super difficult. Zach needs to buck up, we average heights don’t bite and the older we are, the more flattered we are, no matter what the guy looks like. Zach asks why he has to do the hard thing. He hay bales how he wants someone who likes him for his quiet side.

Amy goes on a rambling monologue about how this is all about confidence. Yeah, I think we all clued in on the episode theme but thanks there, Amy.

We get several scenes that may or may not have been filmed at the same time of friends playing soccer in the yard. Zach notes that Molly likes Nathan. Nathan is cute. Molly is cute. I’m inclined to agree not much is going on there. But they seem cute.

So now Amy is hanging with martial arts friends with her charity but *really* she’s setting up Zach by making him take a kick boxing class. The girl is cute, a bit of a shorty but still nice looking. The dojo is very well appointed.

Now they have Zach kicking stuff while Mommy watches… that’s so conducive to dating. And every girl wants a 20 year old who hangs with Mommy. Then they have Zach break a board with his foot. Now Zach hay bales how he now wants a girlfriend as we see the girl basically say complimentary things to Zach over his skills while the camera is on her. Yeah, I can see why performing like a trained monkey for the cameras and for Mommy just might not be Zach’s thing. Is it really that important?

And overall this was as dull as dishwater and I wish they’d go back to subtitling Zach.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jacob Mueller

We've already received some email comments about this, so because it is currently his public profile picture, we're passing this along.

Jacob Mueller...

Jacob Mueller is of course the best friend of Jeremy Roloff, often seen in the Little People, Big World episodes with Jeremy. Most people know that Jeremy and Mueller are quite intertwined in just about everything they do. Ever since people noticed Jeremy's dramatically different physical appearance over the past year or so, people have been specualting and questioning how Jeremy and Mueller have achieved their new muscle-bound looks.

We're not making any claims of course, people form their own opinions as they should, however the above picture did startle some people, so we're passing it along because people are talking about it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Amy Roloff attempting to raise money to fund a water well

Amy Roloff and the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation are attempting to raise money to build a water well in a poverty stricken country.

Amy Roloff PSA from Generosity Water on Vimeo.

It takes $3000 to build a well, so that's Amy's goal. You can also see the list of people that have donated. You might recognize a few of the names. Amy of course, Chris Cardamone is the producer that is closest to the Roloffs and the Senior Producer of Little People, Big World. Lisa Dixon is Amy's friend who is on the board of the ARCF and was featured in some of the LPBW episodes about Amy's charity foundation.

You can help Amy fund a water well by donating on the following link. As of November 6th, they've raised $460.