Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amy Roloff did a live chat -- Final Episode of Little People, Big World Dec 6th

Amy Roloff held a live chat Friday Nov 19th at 11:30am Pacific time or 2:30 pm Eastern. It was on the following site:

If you missed it, we have a summary (thanks to the people that emailed recaps!)

It was Amy in a coffee shop with a laptop. Random people would walk in and talk to her in the other chair. Lisa Dixon (seen on the LPBW episodes about her charity foundation) was with her.

-She discussed her charities of course. Visit Amy's website:

-They are almost at their goal for building the water well. Amy and Lisa want to exceed their goal of $3000. They sent out a special thank you to Taylor Williams, a 10 year old girl at the Aim High Martial Arts academy. You can donate here:

-Amy is also holding a toy drive.

Now to the questions and tidbits people might be interested in.

-Amy said she was having conferences with all of Jacob's teachers. Amy said Jacob is so smart, but had trouble with not handing in she was having conferences with all of his teachers.

-Amy confirmed that the last episode of Little People, Big World will air on December the 6th.

-She mentioned that she will have a book out, probably around May, but was vague on the details. Might be a cookbook.

-Amy was asked about previously stating that she was against her kids becoming models. She's not as against it as she used to be. She would want her kids to do it (modeling, television...) for the right reasons.

-She was asked if Jeremy is going to Brooks Photography Institute in California? Amy said Jeremy has a great eye for photography. He has considered the place in California but is also looking at a lot of local places. Jeremy is into that "action" photography kind of thing. He needs some schooling and is just starting out. He's looking into some sort of internship.

-When she was talking about Jeremy and photography, she said people should go on Jeremy's facebook page and checkout his photos. Although, we should add, as of November 19th, there is no public page where Jeremy has posted his photos for the public. (there is a small fan page he created in August, but at this point it's not even worth mentioning - he hasn't posted any pictures and has only posted on it about 3 times (things like "lots of homework tonight") since August. There are no other photos on it, so that's not what Amy is referring to)
Jeremy, like all the Roloffs, has a personal facebook page, but it is private, Jeremy does not allow fans to see his pictures, Jeremy does not add or interact with fans from his personal page so people might be confused by that comment from Amy, but I'm sure she meant well.

-Another question was asking Amy what Jeremy and Zach were like when they were Jacob's age and if they were similar? She said Jacob is very much like Jeremy. She added "but Jacob is definitely my teenager".

-Molly likes to bake, not necessarily cook meals, but baking cookies and pies.

-Amy was asked if she is excited about the end of LPBW? Amy loves the producer and the crew, so she will miss the crew.

-More random people were sitting down talking to Amy, seemed to be business people. While talking to one guy, she again mentioned that her son (Jeremy) is into photography. She has encouraged Jeremy to take business courses because it will help him promote his photography.

-One person was attending or went to George Fox University. Amy said her kids had checked them out. Molly visited.

-Amy loves peanut butter. She feels sorry for people that are allergic to peanuts.

-She was asked about how her charity came about? She wanted to help DAAA, but said she couldn't do it by joining their non-profit, so she started her own.

-There was a question asking if Molly was going to get a normal teenage part time job? Amy said she will not pressure her. She might during the summer, but while school is on, Amy wants her kids focus to be on school. Amy said it was totally different for Jeremy and Zach because they had the television show in their lives. Jacob might get a job when he's in high school.

-Amy was asked about Zach and Indoor Goals. Zach loves coaching, Amy said he's great at coaching youth soccer. Zach lives and breathes soccer.

-Amy will have more of these chats in the future, December 10th at 11:30, but maybe the first week of December too.

-She was asked what Jacob, Molly and Zach wanted to do for a career (since she was already asked about Jeremy and photography)?

-Amy sees Jacob making video games. He's good at math and science. He is also (like Jeremy) getting into taking pictures and photography.

-She's not sure about Molly and Zach is all about soccer. She also mentioned teaching for Zach.

-Amy said she hopes to go back to Haiti in 2011. Lisa said Monday's episode of LPBW will be about their trip to Haiti.

-Amy closed it out by reminding people that the final episode of Little People, Big World will be on December 6th. She said just like anything in life, there were ups and downs, good and bad, but it's been a wonderful experience and now she's in a position to help with her charity foundation.


Judy B said...

I find it very hard to believe that Jeremy was similar to Jacob or vice versa.

It speaks volumes that Amy needed to have conferences with all of Jacob's teachers.

It's not the first time she has said Jacob "is her teenager". Should we read into what she means by that?

Expressed said...

I couldn't figure out how to work the chat thing! I listened to it all though!

Judy, did she mean they were like each other in behavior? I think she did, but I think that's when she said something about Jacob's eyes and said all her kids are good looking. Maybe she meant in appearance?

DJ said...

I think she only wanted to talk about her charity and about food. What people liked to have Thanksgiving, what Thanksgiving meant to them. Stuff like that.

I did get the impression Jake is a handful. Read between the lines. He's not doing his assignments. Then she had to meet with all of his teachers.

Susan said...

I feel Amy underestimates the importance of having a part time job and what that means and instills in a teenager. It's beginning of work ethic. Learning how to deal with a boss and being responsible.

It doesn't surprise me that Amy is not going to pressure Molly to get a job. That's the problem with Amy and Matt. The kids might not like it if they are pressured to get a job. As a result, they don't.

I think the lack of a traditional part time job is what was the first big setback in Jeremy and Zach's development.

Diane said...

Ha! Amy doesn't realize just how stuck up Jeremy is.

Greg said...

Is it so hard to see? Maybe Jacob isn't caring about school because he's hanging out with 20 year olds. 20 year olds that didn't care about school either.

Michelle said...

I thought it was cool for Amy to do it. It's a nice concept.

Nat said...

Amy seems like a cool person to talk to

Joan Richards said...

I can't believe there are only 3 more weeks left :( I am going to miss the Roloffs on Monday nights.

Justin said...

I was surprised Amy said Molly has no idea what she wants to do. It seemed like Molly was the only one that gives her future any thought.

The chosen field for the other 3 sounded childish to me. What kid doesn't want to be a "video game programmer"? I wasn't surprised Jacob said it, but surprised Amy is taking it seriously. Then soccer for Zach. And taking pictures isn't that much of a more realistic profession. How many jobs are there in photography?

Brandon said...

It sure doesn't sound like Jeremy is making the move to growing up and leaving the DBU. She was quick to say he is looking locally.

Lynn C said...

An internship would be great for Jeremy. Perhaps Matt, the producer or someone on the crew can arrange something? Maybe one of the photographers Amy is using can help Jeremy with an opportunity?

Brandon said...

Lynn, you say that like it's something to be proud of? Isn't it about time Jeremy starts earning things for himself without Matt or the show dragging him along and doing everything for him?

Quick story. I have a friend with very wealthy parents. HE chose to cut himself off from his parents financially and moved to another state for college, that he is attempting to pay for himself. Because he wants the satisfaction that whatever he does, he did on his own instead of coasting off his parents.

I think an immature kid thinks it's cool for your parents to pay for everything and arrange everything for you, but when a person matures some sense of pride should kick in.

Anyway, I was one of the people that thought it would good for Jeremy to go to Brooks and move to California. Too bad I think it's unlikely now. I don't think Jeremy can stomach the thought of leaving Mueller.

Em said...

My guess is Lisa does the ARCF tweets?

Ohgross said...

"Might be a cookbook."