Monday, November 22, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed; Little People, Big World Nov 12

The guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements belong to Expressed.


Written by Expressed


This is the 3rd last week of LPBW. Is it starting to hit anyone else? Yeah the show isn't what it used to be but it will be strange not to have the Roloffs on Monday nights.

This could be the last real episodes of LPBW. Next week is "The Roloffs answers viewer questions" and then it's the finale the week after that. Who knows how they're going to do the final episode but I'm guessing it won't be a usual episode.

By the way, quick detour to the finale. Has everyone seen those commercials for the final episode when they act so serious? Am I the only one that remembers that commercial wasn't filmed for the finale? It was filmed for Season 5. I remember one of the promos. The theme of Season 5 was the kids growing up. They made it sound like Jer and Zach were moving out. They even had Jacob say "Yeah I'm going to miss them" (said with typical Jacob enthusiasm!). I guess that didn't happen did it? :)

Anyway, because of that, this could be the last real episodes of the show. And definitely the last full episode that will have Jeremy as the focus! One last Jeremy episode! Hooray! It should be good. Unlike a lot of LPBW episodes in the last couple of seasons, the subject is actually real! We know Jeremy is actually interested in photography. At least we know it won't be something done just for a plot.

The 2nd episode should have some Jeremy in it too. What's the title? Giving Back? Amy, Zach and Jeremy travel to Haiti. On this one the thing I'm curious about is how they present it. Are they going to show them arriving by canoe to make it look like they toughed it out? I hope they're honest. If you're reading this and you don't know, Amy, Jer and Zach were on the most epic of cruise ships, Oasis of the Seas for 7 days. One of the stops was in Haiti at the beach. When they were there, one person on the cruise said they were docked for about 8 hours, the Roloffs and Amy's charity team brought some supplies to an orphanage. Then they got back on the cruise and continued partying with the rich people :) I don't hold it against them that they had a luxury vacation and I think it's good they did something to help, I just hope they don't totally lie about it. It would be cool if we saw some of the cruise but I'm guessing not. I think all the filming will only be in Haiti and it will all be done by Jeremy or Zach on their hand held camera because the crew didn't go with them.

I'm looking forward to these episodes.

Show begins!

*Molly is cutting Jake's hair at home. I'm surprised. Jake is taking after Zach and not Jer, by getting his haircut at home. It must be the one thing where Jake isn't copying Jer :)

*Amy tells us that Molly is visiting George Fox University. She calls Amy her straight A student that is "already" visiting colleges. I think Matt and Amy are really loving that they have at least one kid that is getting grades. They are hyping her big time!

*All the kids and Amy are at George Fox except for Jeremy. Wow, what is this? Molly isn't shining! All the Jeremy criticizers of how he was at PCC please take note :) Molly goes all quiet and asks Amy to do everything. Amy asks all the questions. Amy was disappointed in how unprepared Molly was at the college.

*First Jeremy sighting of the night! With a camera. He's taking pictures, around the farm? Soothing music plays. I can't quite pin point it, but something about Jeremy looks different here? Is his side burns longer? Anyway, Jeremy says he loves photography and can't wait until he starts making money at it. Hmm, I'm not sure if that's the sign of true love.

*Molly is running a marathon relay race. Amy gives her a book on marathons. Molly doesn't care.

* In a typical thing that happens to every person that likes photography, the air show invited Jeremy down to shoot them. Jeremy wants to work on his portfolio because he says he's finally decided that photography is his career choice. Then they play a montage of Jeremy listing his career choices over the years: a driver, a pilot, a soccer player, something about polar bears....this is mean! They're trying to make fun of Jeremy! Hey, is Shadow and Rap the editors for this segment? :)

*The air show people pose. Jer snaps away. Then the plane takes off. The girl hangs off the front. Jeremy is taking pictures, but more amazed by the girl hanging.

*Amy says this is what Jeremy loves, the action adventure photography. She calls Jeremy her Peter Pan. She says Jeremy has been Peter Pan since he was 3 and she wonders when he will grow up, but she hopes he doesn't grow up too much. Hmmm...I don't think Amy meant that as a bad thing, but I'm not sure how many 20 year old guys would take being called Peter Pan as a compliment. But I know what Amy meant! One of the cool things about Jeremy that makes him a bit different is that he seems to have a bit of a childlike quality in how excited he can get at things. It's cute.

*Molly's relay is a week away. She's being lazy and refusing to train. There's a long scene of Amy trying to get her to prepare. Molly's being lazy! Pay attention people! Molly "the good Roloff kid" is being lazy! She goes running, for 5 minutes. She then calls herself lazy. I have to be honest though. If I'm running a marathon, I don't think I would run a marathon to prepare for the marathon if you know what I'm saying?

*Sam and Jeremy. Sam is introduced as "Jeremy's uncle". He's an artist. Jer says Sam is his art mentor. Jeremy has some drawings. They look really good! It frustrates me that they never really let us see Jeremy's drawing. They did this about 4 seasons ago when Jeremy drew something with Kirsten. Jeremy has a charcol drawing of his fort. It looks good! Sam is impressed. Sam describes Jeremy's photography talent as "budding".

*Sidenote on Jeremy's appearance....I really wish he would shave! The facial hair does NOT suit him.

*Jeremy takes pictures of Sam for Sam's website. He says he hopes won't be a bust. Don't worry Jer. This is LPBW. There is always a happy ending! It will turn out great! Jer says he's nervous because even though Sam is family, he's his first ever client. Jer takes pictures. Sam has fun. Sam compliments Jeremy. Jer comes back later to show Sam some of the pics. Sam loves them. See Jer! I said there was no reason to be all gloom and doom about it being a bust. It turns out better than expected like everything the Roloffs have ever done, just like real life. Uh yeah.

*Sam asks Jeremy about his portfolio. Jeremy seems a little confused. I don't know if he had one at that point. Sam doesn't think Jeremy realizes how hard it is to get into the photography industry to the point where you can make money at it. But I'd point out, that most people don't have Air Shows calling them and inviting them to come do a film shoot.

*Molly's at the race. She's, why? It's a volunteer race for charity? Molly runs. I think it's cool to run at night with the full moon. Amy goes ahead and meets Molly on the road. Surprise! Molly did it! She ran the whole race and didn't die!

Phew! 2 for 2 in that episode. 1) Jeremy was nervous about his film shoot with Sam. But in the end, Sam loved the pictures. 2) Molly wasn't prepared for her race and might die, but in the end, Molly does great! LPBW, the predictability with the plot lines are wonderful aren't they? :)

2nd Episode

*Matt and Amy's friends, Rob and Amy visit. They have their newly adopted son with them. I think this was filmed a while before the stuff we just saw with the air show and Molly's race but going out of order is nothing new.

*Matt starts to talk about when his kids were babies and changing diapers. Please No! Not diaper talk. Please! Jeremy starts to say something but they cut to the credits! Thank you. So much better to see shirtless Jeremy in the credits than listen to the details of Matt changing his diapers. lol

*Marty is there. He sort of just walks in, Amy says she doesn't even know he's there. He's there supposedly for a Coda meeting. Matt is building custom made bikes for 6 LPs.

*Amy has a trip to Haiti scheduled. Like I said in the preview, if you don't know what really happened, the whole thing was originally called a Celebrity Cruise with Amy and the Royal Carribean Oasis of the Seas. One of the many stops was in Haiti. Then after the disaster Amy decided when they stop they would bring some relief items. But of course for this episode they are putting the focus on Haiti and not on the dream cruise.

*Amy, Jake and Molly are packing backpacks for the kids in Haiti. Lisa's son is there, Amy forces him to be on camera even though he clearly doesn't want to be on camera. Nice Amy!

*The custom bike guys arrive at the farms and the LP kids are there to be measured. Some of the kids look like they have a lot more physical problems then Zach.

*Amy is talking about the "Haiti trip". Matt says goodbye to them. He tells the audience that when he heard Amy is going to such a wrecked and diseased country like Haiti, he said are you sure you want to go?....Uh, I think the week long luxury cruise before and after the Haiti stop will make it worth it! But of course they left that little detail out :)

*They do show them boarding the Oasis of the Seas on "the twins cam".

*Oh no! I just found out the bad plot for this episode. They are worried that when they stop in Haiti, that they won't make it back on the cruise ship and they'll be stranded in Haiti until the end of time. Seriously, this must be the worst plot ever! Does anyone really think they are going to leave without Amy considering the ship had a "Amy Roloff Celebrity Cruise"? Amy and Lisa? If you're so worried that the ship will leave without you, maybe you could have mentioned to the captain when you had dinner with him the night before! They left that little detail out too ;)

*They arrive in Haiti. They already put the countdown on the screen. They have 8 hours in Haiti. 7 hours left...what a bad plot? This must be Chris Cardamone's style? What happened to just showing whatever they're going to show without having a "plot" about something stupid like pretending that they're worried that the ship will leave without them?

*Haiti is sad. Rubble everywhere, they see all the tent camps. They give out a few backpacks, but say the rest will arrive later. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of their visit? I guess the main purpose was to give them something to film so they could make it look like the luxurious Oasis of the Seas cruise was all about Haiti.

*Oh no! The driver is missing! Oh, they found the driver! Oh no! There's bad weather! Oh, wow, they made it! They are back on the ship! Shocking! All that worry for nothing! Imagine that.

*They're back home. Matt asks Jeremy and Zach to assemble the bikes for the LP kids. They're arriving and they must have the bikes ready for them. Are you kidding! Not again! Another beat the clock plot! Jeremy does most of it as Zach watches, but they did it! Phew! The bikes are ready and they kids arrive. Some of them don't look like kids. I think some of them are as old as Zach.

*They showed a commercial for next week. The 2nd last week. The Roloffs answer viewer questions. I'm wondering, who asked the questions? Producer Chris? :) The positive side of next weeks episode is they can't have a stupid "something is going to go wrong, oh no, and then it all turns out great" plot, can they?


Brandon said...

I agree with you about the Haiti trip. I'll be surprised if they let the viewers know that it was a posh cruise.

Rap541 said...

Wasn't the point made already that the tlc crew didn't go? So the only footage will be video camera shots.

Expressed said...

Yeah Rap, that's why I think that :) Matt said something while they were away like "Jer, how's the video camera shooting going?" or something like that. I think one of the other people on the cruise said there weren't any crew on the cruise. And the video Amy put up of her handing stuff out to the kids in Haiti was shot by Jeremy or Zach. Or maybe that video was shot by Lisa or Gayle because I remember in that video you could see Zach recording it.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused as to why you put the words Jeremy's Uncle in quotes. He is his uncle, no doubt. It's Matt's brother. The resemblance is uncanny.

Frank said...

You all that are just now figuring out how, editing, and the "beat the clock" theme is in every TV episode ever made, crack me up. No one should be as surprised as you all seem to be. Mat has been hinting at this in his interviews for years. Why does anyone seem surprised now?

Frank (a TV producer)

Expressed said...

Frank, I didn't need Matt to tell me :) It's not that hard to figure out the "beat the clock" plot. It has just become increasingly annoying.

Anon, no particular reason. I put it in quotes because I was quoting what was on screen.

Justin said...

Producer Chris sucks. If he's the one responsible and it seems like he took more control as the show went on, he sucked out any sense of realism this show might have once had.

Christine said...

Frank and Expressed, to me, it's not beat the clock episodes that make it laughable.

It's the need to always make the Roloffs heroes by the end of 30 minutes. Act like something is going to go wrong complete with the Roloffs lying in their commentary and then the hero ending. Every episode.

If the show had stuck to real life things maybe it wouldn't have gotten cancelled?

Brandon said...

The stupid thing about "beat the clock" drama on LPBW is that they add nothing.

Do you think there was a single viewer that was on the edge of their seat thinking "Hurry Jer! Hurry Zach! Get the bike ready before the kids arrive!! Please hurry!!!"

It's so unnecessary.

Christine, I think painting the Roloffs as successful in every episode is what happens when you have the stars as producers and one of the main producers on set crosses the line of professionalism and becomes personal friends with the subjects.

Timothy said...

The Roloffs should have had the decency to let the tv viewers know that the *Haiti trip* was only one very small part of a dream vacation that most people can't afford or can only afford to go one once in their lives.

They really downplayed their partying on the Oasis of the Seas to trick viewers into thinking it was some kind missionary trip to Haiti.

The Roloffs are masters at using the banner of Charity to get free things for themselves.

Shadow said...

Aw, Expressed, I TRIED to be the producer for this show, but my daddy didn't know anybody, so I didn't get the job. I've, like, ALWAYS wanted to be a TV producer, ever since I was 4. It's such an AWESOME job, y'know?

David said...

Frank, actually a lot of people have been saying that you can't take what you see of the Roloffs as the real them.

Matt only talks about editing when it's negative and making him look bad. Matt doesn't mention it when people are saying how much they love him because of what they see on the show.

The rest of are aware that while they like drama, the Roloffs as producers and the executives want people to like the Roloffs.

That's why there are so many factual stories about what the Roloffs are really like in real life and it differs dramatically from the cutesy way they portray themselves on their own show.

Greg said...

David, I totally agree.
Frank, contrary to what Matt thinks, it's usually the "Roloffs are Gods" crowd that believed Matt when he said the show was real and raw.

I saw so many Roloff fans use the defense for Jeremy about his nasty bigoted language that it couldn't have been true because "Jeremy has never said that on the show!"

I think they used the same formula because the producers became old and stale and it's easier for the Roloffs to be less personal and film these goofy plots about not finishing some crazy project in time before disaster strikes.

Rachel said...

Jacob might be a brat but he is an absolutely beautiful boy. He's better looking than almost all kid actors and all kids they use in commercials.

Laura said...

I thought it was sweet the way Amy said Jeremy is Peter Pan, she hopes he grows up someday "but not too much". I like the way she said that and the way she smiled.