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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541; Little People, Big World Nov 15

The guest review is Rap541.
Written by Rap541

Episode one
Anyone watching The Walking Dead? Because I had this amusing thought about how long the farm would last. And the commercials for this show sound so ominous, with that final shot of the family entering the barn… perhaps the barn of HORROR? Dun dun DUUUUNNNN!

Anyway, Matt and Amy start with arguments about food. Amy is letting her trainer throw stuff out. Matt wants all the stuff he likes left. Matt has no problem with things he doesn’t like leaving, but he must defend his food. Isn’t he diabetic? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a little irritating when one person decides to radically change the household food plan but really, Matt’s diabetic. It sure seems like there’s reason to be more careful about food, you know?

The trainer arrives and meets the twins. Amy hay bales how fat she used to be and wants to lose more weight. The trainer wants to throw out all the instant stuff and things with sugar. He’s also on the high fructose corn syrup hate train. He did haul away a lot of stuff. Or rather, he donates it to poor people… Let them eat high fructose corn syrup!

Sub plot “Jake is a loner in his room”. Matt decides to spend time with Jake by sending off to mow the lawn by himself. I mean, is anyone shocked that this is how Matt thinks to spend time with Jake? I guess Matt was too done in from touring the Alps with Jeremy alone, and vacationing in the Bahamas with Jeremy and skydiving with Jeremy to stop and think that Jake mowing the lawn by himself is actually a rather solitary process. Matt describes some process of moving the lawn. Jake is offered 15 bucks. I’m of two minds on this. On the one hand, I never got paid for mowing the family lawn and we had a push mower. On the other hand, we only had an acre of land. If you’re going to offer pay as an incentive - and I am not certain one should, but if you are, the amount really shouldn’t be insulting. Jake notes that while he gets praised a lot there is underlying criticism which means its not praise. Interestingly he says that he’s often over praised for work he knows isn’t truly excellent, which seems to bother him? That is Matt hay bales how this is all about Jake being the youngest. Jake pretty much bails on the chore Matt has arbitrarily assigned him and heads to his room. Jake has a tone of crap in his room. Tv, fridge… hey Matt, I have an idea why he likes his toy filled room so much….

Meanwhile Amy and her trainer bond. They have a work out as Amy explains how image is important. Insert training montage. Really, Amy dragging her trainer around like a dog on a leash may be a lil voyeuristic.

Amy makes salad. Matt is annoyed that he’s being fed salad. He wants salami. Matt whines about his salami. Again. Amy thinks it’s a crock. Matt waxes on in the hay bale about his love of ground meat, and how he doesn‘t want to change. Matt sure likes to talk about his salami

Now Jake and Jeremy carry wood. Jeremy goes on about how he’s a father figure. There is manly work done. Jeremy wants to give Jake healthy attention so of course he puts Jake behind the wheel of his BMW. Now really I feel bad for Jeremy every time Jake grinds the gears since this was probably producer suggested. Jeremy hay bales how he’s a father figure again.

Amy meanwhile is prepping for her next fight in the ring. Jeremy comes in and mocks her a bit in good fun.

Oh our first appearance of Zach. Jeremy hay bales how he doubts mom can keep up with their hiking. So is Zach, so I guess the twins get that “badmouth others in the hay bale” from Dad. They hike on a pretty obvious trail. I mean there’s a fence to keep people on the trail.

So Amy hay bales how this may kill her. Inspirational music plays as the twins voice over how amazing it is. Amy goes on and on about the joys of working out and eating right and I think the fitness zombies got her. I mean listen to her…

Back to the Jake plot. Amy notes how intense he is and how bottled up he is. Zach waxes magnificent on how Jake is different. As does Jeremy. Then they make cookies and we get a flash of the earlier over praising problem. Ie he’s making cookies and Amy thinks its amazing and fantastic. Amy does seem to appreciate that Jake seems to have a drier wit than others in the family.

Now we have Jake doing a voice over of how he feels he needs to do the lawn right. Wow this felt very much like Jake reading lines off a cue card. Matt goes on about how Jake is awesome and we get another flash of what was discussed earlier - the over praise “excellent job” followed by the truth “you missed some spots.”

Amy weighs in again. Ominous music as Amy waits for the results! Will she die? No, in fact she’s right on track. Hurrah! She does look like she lost weight.
Btw what kind of lawn mower is that? I ask because no one ever said what kind it was or whether it was new or even if it was good….


Second episode!

Amy walking, looking for an event while ominous music plays. She has found the event. Amy is helping a local children’s hospital (aka Shriners) God, helping kids at the local charity hospital, she should be burnt at the stake!

More “save a child” music plays as the charity board meets. Wow, a meeting. This is like watching the Senate in “Star Wars - The Phantom Menace”. There’s minor arguing about how they MUST NOT FAIL.

Amy packing for something! It seems to be the board going to some team building event. Matt hay bales how they need team building because women catfight. Ah, way to be an ass, Matt. Particularly when Amy’s projects generally come off like well oiled machines while Matt has to constantly scream at everyone as he micromanages his projects.

Molly and her buddy Paige are at the retreat. There is much hand clapping and high fiving. No cat fighting though. Amy starts the team building with a glass of wine. Then she goes on about how this event is all about proving herself. It gets a bit cloying but so far no one has pulled any hair or wrestled in mud, *Matt*. Everyone drinks wine except the girls.

So the ladies are doing group challenges . Oh we did these in ROTC except it was less touchy feely and graded. The introductions are like watching paint dry. Then they do board walking and Amy interrupts to argue how to do it during Gail’s turn. Now they are on balance logs. They are FAILING so Amy must dig deep! Its quite fun when Amy shouts them down with “One at a time” and then everyone shuts up dead silence. Now we’re rockclimbing? Some sort of zip line? There’s mondo “you inspire us!” coming from the board. There’s zip lining. Then Paige has a bit of a freak out and I feel really bad for her having this filmed. Everyone shouts self actualizing messages to Paige. I think Paige was pretty ready to vomit there. The board is riding high!

God, this never ends. Now they are building a boat? Out of plastic? Cardboard? Actually this would be a hilarious obstacle on Survivor. Now we get more of the endless “god I love you all” and “we love you”.

Matt, you sexist ass, there was no catfight.

Now it’s the event. Things seem busy but organized. No rushing or freakouts… must have been all those *catfights* that led to the organization. You know, because women can’t be in groups without *cat fighting* and needing Matt the Man to settle it. We see Molly and Jake helping briefly. Lisa and Gail “catfight” aka have a mild disagreement but seem to be handling it maturely by choosing to avoid each other. Amy seems to take this as “everything falling apart” when its really two coworkers having a bad day, and wonders how she will ever resume her leadership role. Easy on the drama queening, Amy!

Amy has to *resolve this*. She talks to both. Neither woman seems all that upset, and seem to be handling the tiff maturely by not having screaming fits at each other. Of course it all ends pleasant with hugs. See the difference here between Amy and Matt is that Matt would have just ignored it and shouted. Apparently Amy raised 100,000 dollars for the Special Olympics and the Devil Scum Who Hate Children And Like Torturing Them (aka Shriner’s Hospital). So happy ending there, go figure.


Brandon said...

Rap, I didn't even catch that about the lawn mower. Was that the lawn mower that Matt did the commercial for? This was their episode??

Rap541 said...


Dude, they didn't rate a PARTY CITY IS WHERE THE PARTY IS! :(

Jocelynn said...

I don't always agree with you 100% Rap, but I always get a laugh out of your reviews.

"He’s also on the high fructose corn syrup hate train. He did haul away a lot of stuff. Or rather, he donates it to poor people… Let them eat high fructose corn syrup!"


I thought that part was them learning their lesson. I remember the outrage in season one when they cleaned out the closet and threw out a bunch of old clothes. I believe they showed them stuffing it into black garbage bags and tossing it in a dumpster. People couldn't understand why they didn't donate the old clothes to a homeless shelter.

Lynn C said...

In my opinion, Jacob's attitude was depolorable. That kid is so negative. He has a loser mentality. Even before he starts something, it won't be good, someone won't like it so I won't even try.

I understand why Matt often seems frustrated with him.

I also understand what they are trying to do with the praising followed by mild criticism. It's not uncommon when dealing with kids to cushion criticism with praise.

I don't know if the Jeremy and Jacob time was suggested by the producer but it's nice to see because it is obvious that Jacob looks up to Jeremy.

David said...

Jacob definitely has brat tendencies, but I believe he is more intelligent, sharper and more aware than Jeremy or Zach. He could be trouble when he gets into the wild teen years because I think he's more deviously clever than Jeremy.

Ashley said...

I think the Lisa/Gayle argument was serious. Gayle seemed upset. Didn't Gayle have a breakdown at the first charity dinner? Maybe she's not cut out for that type of work or else Amy and Lisa are difficult to work with.

Shadow said...

Y'know, I'm actually with Jake this time. He nailed Matt early on - "He'll tell me how great it is, but he thinks I suck." Kids RECOGNIZE fake praise when they hear it over and over, and yeah, generally, they *all* respond just like Jake. Why bother trying when you know that no matter what you do or how hard you try, your dad is going to tell you you're fabulous, then point out every little mistake you made, and really thinks you suck? The answer is, after a while, you DON'T. Losing Mike was a really bad thing for Jake - Mike actually took time to *teach* the older boys how to do things, and encouraged them without all the fake "You're awesome!" crap. I think Jake would be a far different kid if Mike hadn't died.

But I have to point out one thing - didn't Matt pay Jeremy and Zach like $200 each for sticking pumpkin seeds in little cups several years ago? And now he offers Jake $15 to mow all the lawns? Maybe he thinks that getting drive the gazillion-dollar tractor is so exciting that Jake should be paying HIM for the privilege?

As for the Amy show, there was a little too much (okay, a lot too much) "positive affirmation" crap going on. Gag me with a spoon...Of course, it's also next to impossible to know how much of all this drivel was forced by TLC for the show.

Lynn C said...

"Mike actually took time to *teach* the older boys how to do things, and encouraged them without all the fake "You're awesome!" crap. I think Jake would be a far different kid if Mike hadn't died."

I don't know about that Shadow. I recall Mike telling Jake that his kick was marvellous. Jake was doing what Jake has always done. Getting upset the moment something wasn't going his way. Matt was registering his kick with the radar gun. When Jake's kick wasn't as hard as Jake wanted, he got upset. Then, *suddenly* just in the nick of time, Mike said Jake's kicks got harder and harder until he was pleased.

It was Mike appeasing a tempermental Jacob by heaping praise on him.

Lynn C said...

I wish I could edit. I meant to say *Mike* was registering Jake's kick, not *Matt*.

Brandon said...

"didn't Matt pay Jeremy and Zach like $200 each for sticking pumpkin seeds in little cups several years ago? "

Shadow, you might be thinking of the room clearing. He paid Jeremy and his friends $250

If I remember right, Jeremy and Amy thought Matt was being cheap about the pumpkin seed planting. That was so long ago when they actually did some farm work! But I remember that. Jeremy got up and left the table. He wanted Matt to pay Mueller or Dan $10, but Matt was paying 5.

I agree with your point though. According to Zach, Matt paid Jeremy ridiculous amounts of money to clean up a room in the house.

I think it is obvious Matt throws tons of cash Jeremy's way any chance he gets. I'd like to know how much Matt pays Jeremy when he does something like pick up the wood from a demolished barn?

Judy B said...

I'm amazed that people continually make excuses for Jacob.

His behavior was autrocious. Awful. If I knew how to post pictures I would. They showed the lawn after he was done. There was a big strip that he missed.

Rap or any of the others defending Jacob, please answer. Do not include the name Jeremy in your answer. You saw the grass. What should have Matt said to him?

If Matt had said, you did a terrible job. Look at all the grass you missed. Go do it again because that's not acceptable, you know what you would say. "No wonder why Jacob doesn't want to work with Matt! No wonder why Jacob doesn't have confidence!"

I saw the criticism of Matt and Jeremy when they were honest about Jacob's fort building skills.

Matt tells Jacob he did a good job, yet points out what he missed. What did you want him to do? Not a say one positive word? Or is it that you didn't want him to point out that he missed a whole strip of grass in between cuts?

I agree with you on one point. Jacob driving Jeremy's BMW was producer suggested. Jacob let out a big sigh when Jeremy said he could drive. Neither Jeremy or Jacob looked like they wanted it to happen. I don't believe Jacob asked him and I don't believe Jeremy volunteered.

Rap541 said...

"I think the Lisa/Gayle argument was serious. Gayle seemed upset. Didn't Gayle have a breakdown at the first charity dinner? Maybe she's not cut out for that type of work or else Amy and Lisa are difficult to work with."

It easily could have been, Ashley. My point is that they didn't "cat fight" or have giant public meltdowns at each other (unlike say, some of Matt's employees) they both made the decision to put it aside until after the event.

" It was Mike appeasing a tempermental Jacob by heaping praise on him."

Lynn C - then you believe Mike is part of the problem, gotcha :) After all, Mike was probably *frightened* of Jake at age nine. So are Matt and Amy, which is why they heap praise on him?

I still find it telling that this sub plot was all about Matt and Amy spending time with Jake and um... Matt sent Jake off to do a solitary chore. Must not have had any airmiles for a cool one on one trip.

Rap541 said...

Judy - You misunderstand. If I had been Matt, yes, I would have pointed out the missing strip. And I would have refused payment until Jake did it, with no praise at all

Personally I think "confidence building" is a bit of well, witchcraft, and the way the Roloffs do it is exactly why. For starters, while I think it would be nice for Jake and Matt to spend time together, Matt is making it very clear what the pecking order is when a) He spends time with Jeremy going above and beyond to provide Jeremy with treats abd b) he spends time with Jake telling Jake to do choirs or to complain how Jake doesn't like Matt's favorite activities.

I mean, you do understand that realistically, what we saw of Matt spending time with Jake was Matt spending about five minutes telling Jake to do a chore, and Jake spending probably an hour or two by himself doing said chore while Matt did something more enjoyable?

You're also assuming I'm impressed with Jake. He's certainly brighter than the twins but that means Matt and Amy are going to need to be better parents instead of "Well, we raised Jeremy, we're done!" and "We have one good kid, Jeremy, so we're done"

Susan said...

That was obviously the "Jeremy/Jacob" day of filming. The learning how to drive scene and the teach Jacob how to do soccer tricks scene were obviously shot on the same day. Same clothes, some hair.

Judy B said...

I don't believe you're being honest, Rap. If Matt had done what you're suggesting, I believe you would have been lamenting about what a terrible father Matt was for being hard on Jacob.

You were not happy when Matt and Jeremy pointed out the flaws with Jacob's fort, correct?

I don't think Jacob is brighter than the twins. Having a sassy attitude doesn't make a kid "bright".

I felt bad for Matt at the disrespect Jacob showed him in the office. He flat out refused to do the chore.

Timothy said...

Rap, you raise a great point. That was the Dixie Mower. I would love to know what they're thinking today. I only know what it was because I watched the episode after your comment. I was specifically looking for the brand name.

Natalie said...

Did anyone see Jeremy's expression when Jacob was mixing the cookie dough? He looked very peeved for some reason.

Susan said...

I also don't think Jacob "went back out" to finish the lawn. His hair was frizzy when he said he wasn't going to do the lawn. His hair was in the exact same condition when he "went back out" to finish the job.

Judy B said...

One day Jacob will regret how badly he treated Matt.

Em said...

Rap, nice observations.
ITA about Jeremy letting Jake drive. Did you see his expression? It was so pain-filled!

Rap541 said...

"You were not happy when Matt and Jeremy pointed out the flaws with Jacob's fort, correct?"

I think there's a difference between a play time activity and a job one is being paid for, yes.

I also had a problem with the fort criticism because Matt was criticizing an eleven year old's building skill, allowing Jeremy to tag along and then playing "Poor me" because Jake wasn't into the activity and therefore Matt can't be expected to spend time with him.

Building a fort is a play activity and Matt micromanaged and criticized and wonders why Jake doesn't like to play at that particular activity. Mowing a lawn (and I notice you're unwilling to address how this isn't really Matt spending time with Jake) is technically a paid chore. All Jake has learned here is that Daddy is a pushover who will reward him for bad work.

Thats kinda smart :)

Rap541 said...

"If I remember right, Jeremy and Amy thought Matt was being cheap about the pumpkin seed planting. That was so long ago when they actually did some farm work! But I remember that. Jeremy got up and left the table. He wanted Matt to pay Mueller or Dan $10, but Matt was paying 5."

And if *I* remember right, Jeremy (aproximetely 15-16) left that job undone and went off to play with his friends.

Of course, the Jeremy fans will run to insist how Jeremy leaving a chore his father was paying him for at fifteen was mature, respectful, and loving. :)

Even though Jake, as a *man* needs to be vilifiied for his work ethic at 13. Jeremy is so precious perfect, his doing the same thing at an older age isn't indicative of the *same* behavior... even though its the same exact before in an older boy.

Brandon said...

Btw, to add to another conversation, I think the Jake's lawn mowing skills kinda prove that the Roloffs beautiful landscaping is NOT done by those hard working farm kids known as the Roloff children...

Mike P. said...

I'm with Shadow's whole comment.

Among other things, Jake knows he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, and he's beginning to find his own voice on the topic. Good for him. He's a smart kid, who I think has been short-changed in this weird family dynamic; he is the only one of them I'd really like to know. (Maybe Molly, too.)

Further, Jake has, from the very beginning, obviously idolized Jeremy, his big brother, and has simply been dismissed as a nuisance. This is probably not unusual (I couldn't stand my younger brother), but if you want to trivialize a kid, make him feel inept and in the way, this is one way to begin. And you don't repair it by telling him he's "awesome" every time he pours a glass of water.

(And I notice that those support Jake, in opposition to Judy's opinion, still offer mere "excuses" for him, while Judy offers solid truth.)

As for the Amy show, gag me, too.

I guess if you have editing control, you can insert "You inspire us!" as often as you want, just to be sure everyone gets the point. Too much is not enough, and never mind that you create a nice portrait of sycophancy.

The real hero here--by a long shot--was Paige, who genuinely suffered as the onlooking old bags tossed useless platitudes at her. She overcame nothing by forcing herself through that exercise, and for that reason should have been excused from it.

Expressed said...

Btw a FYI that is kind of useless but some people might like knowing :)

You know Jacob's friend Levi? Paige is Levi's sister.

Debbie said...

Hi, my biggest problem with Little People Big World is the way it is edited. I don't watch all the time for that reason.

I don't like how it goes back in time. If I'm going to invest my time in watching a reality show I want to feel like I'm seeing the family progress.

When I would watch Jon and Kate at least I felt like I was watching the people progress and get older.

When I try to watch the Roloffs, one scene it is October, the next it's last summer, then it's Christmas. One scene Jacob's voice is deep, the next it's not.

That aspect of the show makes it hard for me to stick with this show.

oma504 said...

So many people seem to extoll Jacob's intelligence by referring to him as as "smart" or "bright." In all of the seasons, I have yet to watch an episode in which I think to myself that he is anything of the sort. In fact he really seems quite dense and dull. I realize that he is the youngest and I risk drawing the ire of Rap in suggesting as much, but Jacob has never presented himself as any more intelligent than either of his brothers. At least Jeremy can string together complete sentences--malapropisms aside. Remember Jacob's profound explanation of how he named his turtle aardvark?

His lassitude and overall negative attitude don't do him many favors either. What will become of him? Will he be gunning for Camerino's job one day? I hope for the sake of the farm, no.

Craw said...

oma504, clap clap clap. THANK YOU.

tay said...

bravo oma504. i asked rap the first time i read rap's reviews.

rap is so hard on jeremy and so easy on jacob. my guess is rap won't respond to your comment. rap takes the weakest thing anyone has ever said about something relating to the subject and will talk about that instead of responding to your point.

why does rap and all these other people think jacob is so "bright"? people call jeremy dumb but call jacob bright.

why? having an attitude is not an example of being bright or smart.

Rap541 said...

Tay - and I answered you then, as I will do now.

I'm "easier" on Jake because Jake doesn't get a paycheck to do this show and because Jake isn't an adult at 8. He's not an adult at 9. He's not an adult at 10. He's not an adult at 11. He's not adult at 12. And he's not an adult at 13. I know, I am a monster for not attacking a child as though they are fully adult, you're such a better person than I, Tay, running to the computer to bray to the world how much you think a 12 year old on a reality show sucks. You're a real man :)

Generally I think Jake is brighter than Jeremy because I have seen Jake reading for pleasure in a variety of scenes and because unlike Jeremy (and Zach) Jake isn't sitting in summer school or reading behind grade level at Sylvan Learning Center or needing his sister and mom to help him fill out his community college application.

That may very well come - frankly it's obvious to me that Jake wants to please his folks and he does that best by being like Jeremy and will likely buy into his father's anti-educational views in order to garner positive attention.

Tay? Would you like to compare dumbass remarks of the Roloff boys? I'll start with Jeremy remarking how they were "going up into the abyss" at 19 on the tramway in Europe. I'm pretty certain we can all think of the less than clever things Jeremy says... hey how about Genius Jer having what? Three seperate inabilities to drive a car without hitting something, showing us what a *man* he is by griping about women drivers. Gosh he's soooo clever, Genius Jer.

Jeremy is a genius and a sports star and a model and sooo wonderful at everything! And yet he's not modeling, not playing pro sports, and attending community college because he was lazy, per his own words.

For the record, Jake is definetely getting to the age where he starts owning his own behavior, in my opinion. It just amuses the hell out of me that Jeremy fans get so offended when jeremy is required to own his own behavior. I mean we have a classic example right here - FIne, Jake, as a man at 13 and responsible adult, is a bad person for not finishing the lawn and not doing as Daddy asked. Now, since we've ascertained that - is Jeremy also a man, at 16, and a responsible adult, and a bad person for not finishing the pumpkin planing and not doing as Daddy asked?

If the answer is "Yes Jake is bad, but no, Jeremy is excused because of x, y, and z...." then I am not the person being unfair.

I'm waiting.

Lynn C said...

Rap, getting back to OMA504's point...why you and others label Jake as intelligent, bright and smart?

From your answer to Tay, am I to take that your entire opinion is based one or two scenes in the 5 years of the show that depicted Jacob reading? One of those scenes was at the twins 16th beach party, when Jacob was 9. Almost 5 years ago.

Just so we're clear, that is your entire reason for believing Jake is bright? Because he was shown reading a book in one or two scenes during the 5 years of the show.

Rap541 said...

And because until recently he was shown to be doing well in school and because he seems as articulate as the twins at a much younger age. Also it's comparative. We don't have scenes of Jake catching bumble bees and talking about how they make honey, proudly stating how he's never read a book, or watch as Jake as a 17-18-19 year old is led thru an activity by an adult because he can't handle it. (That last one also encompasses Zach)

Just so we're clear, do you think Jake's dumb, Lynn? I've answered your question... will you answer mine? Do you think Jake is less intelligent than say, Jeremy?

I mean, why do you label Jeremy talented? I've heard and seen both Matt and Amy refer to Jake as bright, but you'll note that I don't cite that as evidence so please don't cite their opinions when speaking of Jeremy's talent.

I'm also curious, Lynn - youhave kids, right? Would you, if you were on a tv show, prefer people to consider the really harsh "what a slutboy brat" criticism to be reserved for older teens or would you be telling your ten year old "yes you were a slutboy brat!"?

Rap541 said...

Also lynn - why no answer to my example?

Why are you afraid to give your opinon?

I am perfectly willing to say Jake was BAD for not finishing his chore that matt gave him, if Jeremy fans are willing to acknowedge that Jeremy was BAD for doing the same thing at an older age.

Do you think its fair to say BOTH boys were BAD? Or are you going to pretend the question wasn't asked - and since I have now repeatedly answered oma's question (as opposed to "ITS MY OPINION I DONT HAVE TO PROVE MY OPINION SHUT UP MY OPINION MY OPINION MY OPINION) please don't use that as an excuse to not answer my questions.

Or are we back to "Rap has to provide proof but Lynn/tay etc can just sit like little princesses in Jeremy's Court"? I'm fine with the double standard but don't think I won't remind you of your refusal to give an opinion while you attempt to tear apart mine. :)

Lynn C said...

Rap, you are attempting to deviate from the issue by putting words in mouths and by changing the subject.

The issue is Jacob being annoited "bright" by yourself and others. Why? Other than being able to read. Ironic in this review you said Matt was guilty of lavishing praise on Jacob for minimal achievements, but you're declaring Jacob bright, partly based on his ability to read a children's book.

Don't put words in my mouth. No, I do not think Jacob is dumb. I don't think Jeremy is dumb. The issue is people annoiting Jacob "bright", "smart", and intelligent. You realize that people do not have to feel he is "dumb" to object to the "bright" label?

Jeremy planting pumpkin seeds at sixteen has nothing to do with this. I'll explain. Teenagers not wanting to work is normal. Jeremy didn't want to spend the day planting pumpkin seeds. Jacob didn't want to mow the lawn. Do you understand that is not what most people are objecting to in this conversation?

It was Jacob's reasoning that he explained. Before he even started, he declared that he would do a horrible job, that Matt would hate it, that Matt would praise him, but not mean it, that Matt would criticize him. He decided to not even try to before he even started.

That mindset obviously earns him "bright" remarks from yourself and others. I can think of more appropriate adjective than "bright".

Rap541 said...

No Lynn, you're just pissed because I've answered your question as you demanded, and you don't like the answer so you're going to leep asking it.

I've answered. It's right there. Now my questions are up. Are you too cowardly to answer?

"It was Jacob's reasoning that he explained. Before he even started, he declared that he would do a horrible job, that Matt would hate it, that Matt would praise him, but not mean it, that Matt would criticize him. He decided to not even try to before he even started."

Yes, you've nicely summed up his reasoning, which btw was accurate.... interesting you think that's dumb. Particularly in comparison to Jeremy's "I just want to play" excuses.

"Teenagers not wanting to work is normal. "

Jake is thirteen, a teen, and unforgivable. Jeremy is a teen and its normal for Jeremy to be lazy and not want to work.

See the double standard? You're upset about one boy's laziness and fine with another....

Btw in case you misunderstand, Jeremy just wanting to goof with friends vs Jake understanding the complex reality that Matt isn't interested in his lawnmowing but that the end results will be Matt hating the working he's done, will praise him publically and then pick apart his work, not really meaning the compliments, is yes, an indicator that Jake is a little brighter than Jeremy, since Jeremy never seems to understand Matt's passive aggressive attacks.

Gonna have the cojones to give an opinion now Lynn? Instead of attacking mine?

Or will you ask me to answer the same question *again* since you don't aparently read very well?

Lynn C said...

Rap, you have proven you cannot have a rational discussion.

Me: No, I do not think Jacob is dumb. I don't think Jeremy is dumb. The issue is people annoiting Jacob "bright", "smart", and intelligent. You realize that people do not have to feel he is "dumb" to object to the "bright" label?"

You: ".. interesting you think that's dumb."

Lynn C said...

As I'm sitting here, I'm thinking of other examples if Jacob applies his reasoning with the mower to all areas of this life.

Why take a test in school? I'm just going to fail. Why even bother answer? Heck, why I even bother showing up at all.

Why cook this food? It's going to be terrible and no one will like it. I'm not going to make it.

Why go out for dinner? The service will be awful and I won't like the food.

Why apply for a job? I'm not going to get it and I'll hate it if I do get it.

That is Jacob reasoning. That is what was wrong with Jacob's attitude.

Apparently some people think if you have that attitude it makes a person bright.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - your saying its not a rational discussion doesn't mean you're right, you do understand that?

So if you don't want to go on record calling a 13 year old dumb in public.... but you're objecting to calling him "bright" after given examples of why...

Perhaps you could clearly state an opinion?

Try answering this. If Jake is BAD for walking away from a chore at 13, is Jeremy also BAD for walking away from a chore at 16?

Rap541 said...

"Apparently some people think if you have that attitude it makes a person bright."

You know Lynn, overstating things doesn't make you right. You're ignoring the unpleasant reality that Jake was right, after all - Matt overpraised him and then criticized his work, not really liking it even though he praised it. Wow, accurately assessing another person's actions... how stupid Jake is, huh?

Oh wait.... you're unwilling to actually have an opinion, I forgot. You're protesting anyone calling Jake bright but you have no opinion of his intelligence personally, you're just....

What exactly are you doing here, Lynn? :)

Yikes said...

Why on earth would Jacob be so negative? Hmmmm, three older siblings and two parents that apparently haven't instilled much self estemm in him... Try being the youngest in THAT family, good luck.