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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World Nov 29

The guest reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to Rap541.
Written by Rap541


Nov 29, 8:00 pm
Ask the Roloffs: Farm Life

All 6 Roloffs come together to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about their fun, chaotic life on the farm, highlighting their experiences across 229 episodes of the series.

Nov 29, 8:30 pm
Ask the Roloffs: One By One

Learn about each member of the Roloff family as they answer more viewer questions, focusing on their personal experiences over the past 5 years.

Oh where to begin? You know the show is done when they haul out the clip show. This is a huge money saver for production since they don't actually have to film much new footage at all. They just string together clips of old episodes and pretend that someone asked a question.

Viewer questions, really? Where did they gather these questions? How *old* are some of these questions? How honestly do you expect people to answer these questions as Matt and Amy sit in the same room? Basically they're killing two episodes here with old footage. Which is fine, but always remember that Matt speaks for the family and doesn't allow the children (20,20,17,13) to answer unless he's already approved the answers. This is a carefully orchestrated event where there will be no surprise questions or difficult questions, or questions that Matt and the production staff haven't already decided on the answers.

The trebuchet? "We're still rebuilding and it was great parenting all around"
Mike's death? "We're still sad."
The marriage? "We've had our ups and downs but we love each other no matter what!"

The only interesting thing will be the questions not asked. You know, about the stalker, and Matt's fight against Cyberbullies and Ghost Ids! I fully expect Matt to be asked about "public opinion" and we'll get his standard speech on how he welcomes criticism but really hates all the "unfair" remarks since the show is real and raw and accurate but no one should base their opinions of the Roloffs from what they see on the show since it's highly edited.

If they even go there. My bet? The trebuchet, cute moments with the kids, Matt's baby talk and projects, vacation hijinks, and of course "the Roloffs give back" charity sequences.


Show begins:

Interview episode!

We start with a montage of crazy crap events. Amy says they’ve gotten lots of questions in the voice overs. I’m curious where the questions came from at first but then I realize the questions probably came from the Roloffs themselves.

Matt’s playing to the cameras. He’s a bit fake feeling here. What’s it like to be a Roloff? Yeah I am sure that is a constant viewer question. The kids note there’s no communication. Matt badgers them that it’s all about his telepathic powers. They dully agree. The energy levels are HIGH! They all seem like they’re really in no mood.

More montage of the Farm. What’s the farm like? Jeremy likes the farm because its fun. Amy likes making memories. And now we have clips of previous episodes. Apple wars with the kid who died. Molly picking peaches, long sunsets. Amy refuses to be pinned down because everything is always so awesome at Roloff Farms!

Why has the house been remodeled so much? Because Matt’s addicted to remodeling. Amy doesn’t care about the remodels. Zach likes living in a pigsty and misses the old house. That, and his comment about how it was really home then is interesting to me. We get clips from LPBD. And then endless clips of the remodel. Matt micromanaging…. Oh god really, are we doing every year’s changes? More montages of the filth hoard. Matt notes how it was all worth it. I note that the hoard really hasn’t changed much.

I must admit, I always liked the first remodel, that added the great room and kitchen. That made the place look like it was still a farmhouse but a very modern, nice farmhouse. The McMansion thing with the eight car garage just seems a bit cold.

Matt? Why do you do projects? He notes again in front of all of his kids that without *projects* he has no reason to live. We get a montage of Matt’s ego moments. More projects. Matt insists he needs a waterfall. Amy hates the grand canyon. It does look like crap. Matt notes the castle is a gem! Everyone doubted it! Wasn’t the completed castle essentially a freebie and sat unfinished for years? Wasn’t it started when Molly was six?

And what about the Tower of Terror?

How many vehicles on the farm? Matt wants a group photo with the vehicles. Montages of the vehicles. Jake on the hay bale looks like puberty has reared it’s head. 34 vehicles, really? I trust we’re not supposed to mention how one vehicle could feed 100 starving Haitians?

Why no family dinners? No one wants to bother basically, and really, its not as though the Roloffs ever did the family dinner thing. We get clips from one family dinner, and then a series of meals that didn’t include everyone and don’t count as family dinners. Matt notes that Zach is a failure as a cook and basically describes Zach having ADD. Jeremy notes how ridiculous Matt’s toasts are and does a mocking salute and we get clips of Matt doing the same thing, only taking it far more seriously

Now we have a forced moment of “twin talk”. Zach and Jeremy harass Molly, asking her about her boyfriend or if she will rob banks and hey, what’s her boyfriend’s name? This goes on and on like a bad Saturday Night Live skit. You know the ones? Where the joke isn’t really that funny and Will Farrell just keeps going? Molly looks bored and embarrassed.

Has there been any episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska that didn’t involve some animal getting shot? I mean I love hunting but really.

Are the Roloffs pet people? Really the answer is no. Jeremy says they aren’t professional pet take carers. Yes, “professional pet take carers”. Good job Faith Bible! We get a montage of the pets and the petting zoo animals. I assume we aren’t going to mention the chicken bloodbath that took Dudley and the lady chicks’s lives. Now endless Rocky shots. Matt encourages Rocky to chase Spike. Molly apparently is the only one who loves Spike. Spike does have an evil cat look. Jake makes a joke about road kill.

Now “Twin talk” has the twins interviewing the dog. Really? You didn’t get enough “viewer questions” that you had to resort to interviewing the dog? Ok the “how is single life treating you” followed by Rocky licking his man parts was hilarious. This truly is a show for all ages!

Pumpkin season? We love pumpkin season! Montage of pumpkin season! Amy notes how the pumpkin season has picked up in the last few years…. Gee I wonder why. More pumpkin shots. Cops! Matt yelling! Oooh Mike! Mike and the trebuchet! Did I call that or what?

More shots of the demon treb! And Jacob is going to talk about the accident!

More trebuchet horror! Complete with ominous music and flashbacks! Yay! Blood everywhere!
Jake says he remembers something. Everyone cuts him off. He says his vision was black, and he asks if anyone actually saw it. No one did. More flashbacks. Jake hay bales how he’s very lucky at times. Matt voices over how he loves the farm. Amy notes how she loves the memories!

No mention of how they tried to rebuild the trebuchet and sorta gave up when it got hard.

2nd Episode
Next clip show!

Montage of crazy crap. How would the Roloffs describe themselves to others? As competitive? But in different ways? They snicker about being flawed.

Describe Matt Roloff? Dramatic, intense, crazy. Montage of Matt doing stuff, including his “lets make our own grand canyon” and endless clips of Matt suggesting crazy projects, a lot of which never happened. What? No clips of Matt pitching a fit over his precious salami?

Oh the DUI trial. Amy is actually interesting here because she still seems pretty intense about it. But lets remember the good times!

Matt goes on about how he does things for dwarfism awareness. Oh look its Chance! You know, Matt really does tend to make things all about him. Funny, no shots of the Salmans.

What’s Jeremy like? Not very talkative? Interesting. But then we get clips of Jeremy walking away when asked questions or ignoring questions. Jer says he lacks motivation. We get clips of Jeremy ignoring school to sleep, quitting work. But if he WANTS to do it he is great at it and we get a montage of Jeremy playing well. Snowboarding is a life skill. Oh, now we get Jeremy with his bitches. Amy alludes to “things could happen”. I assume she means an inconvenient teen pregnancy a la Bristol Palin.

Oh the show finale commercial alludes to Matt selling the farm. How dramatic. And the twins moving out! Yeah, pretty certain they still live on the family farm.

How has Amy changed since she became an evil working mom? We get a montage of Amy doing silly things on vacation. Oh a montage of Amy waking the twins up over and over. Now a montage of Amy hugging the kids. Now a montage of Amy “giving back”. There’s a pitch for ARCF.

More Twin Talk! Now they are interviewing Amy. Zach asks who she loves more. Amy and Zach go back and forth on who she loves best. Yeah I think this is a pretty good indication of how no one really wanted to answer questions from viewers.

Why does Jake bother Molly so much? Basically because no one else has time for him. We get a montage of Molly beating up Jake and then how she’s successful in things. Jake seems impressed with her. Molly seems to like school. Jeremy is sorta horrified at the idea of reading for pleasure.

Am I the only one who finds Sarah Palin of the teen mother daughter saying “no boys upstairs” hilarious in a too little too late way?

Why is Jake moody? He’s the youngest, he’s volatile, impulse problems, attention seeking. Gosh maybe his parents should spend more time with him instead of fobbing him off on his sister? Zach says he’s naturally smart. Jeremy says he gets As. Molly wishes he was sweet all he time.

Why is Zach intense? There’s really no answer, and we get a montage of Zach being angry. So we get “Describe Jeremy” and Zach and Jake get leading questions like “Why is Zach so intense”, “Why is Jake moody?” Funny - “Why is Jeremy so scattered and lazy?” seems as fair.

Apparently Zach is into soccer. I had no idea! We get the cute clip of Zach from LPBD. Oh Mike again in the soccer montage. Soccer soccer soccer. Jeremy thinks Zach should do more chicks.

Who is the coolest Roloff? Matt votes for Molly. Amy and Zach agree, calling her “the glue”. Then Zach jokes and says he’s the coolest. Matt voices over how they are very unique and Amy notes how special they are as well, the end.

Hard to believe they’re getting a check for this, huh?


Expressed said...

I'm also wondering who asked the questions? I never saw a "Ask the Roloffs for their 2nd last show" thing on TLC?

It would be funny if they asked them when they are going to write the tell all truthful book about how fake the show was? :)

Dana said...

People are always so negative. Fans enjoy it when the stars answer questions viewers have had for many years.

It's a different kind of show. Don't people always complain about the same old?

I think it will be a good show.

Brandon said...

Dana, I'll bet you there are no interesting questions and you don't learn anything knew.

This is Producer Chris letting the Roloffs say whatever they want about what they want. No hard questions, nothing interesting is my prediction.

I wonder if they'll be honest at all? One thing I always gave Jon and Kate credit for was Kate being honest on their viewer question show about the freebies. They were honest and people criticized them for it. Then there's the Roloffs that lie about it and pretend all the freebies are done by friends of Matt or outright lie and say they bought or rented whatever it is.

abstractdaisy said...

..."say they bought or rented whatever it is"

Brandon--they probably really do "buy" what they own. However, the difference between the Roloff “buys” and John Q. Public "buys" are that we earn our money to pay for things the hard way--by actually working and not mugging on TV for six years claiming to be people we're not. I chalk the entire Roloff clan up as selfish, ego maniacs with seriously low self-esteem and zero talent. Glad the show is over and done. Chances are I won’t even waste my time watching their Q&A segment since the answers will be scripted and twisted by Matt the Master Puppeteer..

I would, however, be interested in watching a show where the Producers of LPBW answered questions. I’d be more inclined to believe their truthfulness since they aren’t having to “protect the talent” any longer. I suspect we’d learn a lot about the real Roloffs since these production folks actually lived on site for several years.

abstractdaisy said...

Questions I’d ask the LPBW Producers:

1. How dirty (really) was the interior of the Roloff house and did they (crew) ever have the nerve to eat in that nasty kitchen or use the bathrooms which had to be gross?
2. Does Matt actually work for a living?
3. Did the Roloff’s in any way feel a bit embarrassed about their over the top material possessions when so many people go without?
4. Does Matt really believe that people believe his lies and made up stories?
5. Do the Roloff’s really practice a Christian lifestyle (their words) since we never once saw them go to church?
6. Are the Roloff’s kids really that disrespectful to their parents with no significant repercussions?
7. Are the Roloff employees compensated for their work in a fair manner?
8. What do the Roloff’s plan to do now that their free ride is over?
9. Is Jacob really that bratty off camera?
10. Does Zach and Jeremy have any plans to work and support themselves outside of the Roloff compound in the near future--after all, they‘re 20 plus years old?

Brandon said...

Abstract, what I was thinking of when I said that was Amy's bold face lie in her voice over during their trip to Orlando.

She said "We rented a resort home in Orlando".
That was a lie. Spirits had the article on here from the resort company. It was a freebie. After the show aired, the GM of Global Resort Homes posted here. He said he was disappointed at the lack of return they got considering they comped a luxury resort home. The name wasn't said on the program and the only comment about it from the Roloffs on the show was something from Amy about not liking the kitchen.

That was an example of the Roloffs getting a freebie, but they lied about it on the show. It's the same as Matt saying "a friend" fixed up his yellow VW.

I only ever watched parts of J&K episodes but I did see part of their viewer question episode. They were honest about the freebies. People then criticized them for it. The Roloffs are the same except they lie. But I can remember countless times over the last few years of people ragging on Jon and Kate for getting everything free and then making it sound like the Roloffs were different.

The only difference was the Roloffs lied about what they got free from the show and Jon and Kate were more honest.

Alexandria said...

"9. Is Jacob really that bratty off camera?"

Yes he is. Fans have no idea. Jeremy is a jerk too.

Z to the Zee said...

Abstract, #5, Jeremy does go to a church. I've tried to post the name of it before but Spiritswander must not allow it. I won't say the name but Jeremy does attend a cool church and hardcore believes in traditional values and gender roles.

Jacob says he does not go to church.

abstractdaisy said...

Alexandria: I forgot to address your comment/answer in my previous post.

Hence, I'm just not surprised about Jacob. And, I get the age and gender and the cameras 24/7. I've got kids. I can tell you, from one mom to another, that Amy should be ashamed of herself (as should Matt but he's too full of himself and money hungry to care), for allowing their children to be on this show for as long as they have. A documentary detailing the life of a Dwarf would have been enough--subjecting your kids to constant media scrutiny for six years is more than some adults can handle much less kids. Maybe Jacob's brattiness, rudeness, obstinance and staying in his room is his elementary way of saying (wisely) that this just isn't normal. I do hope the Roloff's have tucked some TLC cash away for the intense therapy some of their children will need in the future.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"Jacob says he does not go to church."

They say the fastest way to become an atheist or agnostic is to actually sit down and read the bible so you can see first hand the inconsistencies and contradictions within it.

Jacob certainly seems to be someone who is intelligent and capable of thinking for himself (unlike Jeremy) so it doesn't surprise me that he sees the cultist group think fundie version of christianity his parents believe in for the fat load it is and chooses not to participate in it.

Parents should encourage children to think for themselves not try to turn them into unthinking drones.

Brandon said...

So we get “Describe Jeremy” and Zach and Jake get leading questions like “Why is Zach so intense”, “Why is Jake moody?” Funny - “Why is Jeremy so scattered and lazy?” seems as fair.

I noticed that too. Matt must be in charge of putting these together to make sure the Golden Boy comes out shining.

Kayla said...

Rap, what did you mean by the puberty comment about Jacob? His voice is deeper, but did you mean bad acne? I didn't noticed any of that.

Timothy said...

Excellent observation Rap and Brandon.

Is this coming from Matt? The producer everyone talks about? Chris something? There must be an agenda to make Jeremy shine.

Describe Jeremy?
Why is Jake so moody?
Is Zach hard to live with?

Wow, that's fair.

Rap541 said...

Kayla - honestly - he had, sitting in the hay bale room, the look of someone starting to sprout up. His neck looked longer, and he had the look not of a boy but a gangly teen.

rumpus said...

Kayla said...
Rap, what did you mean by the puberty comment about Jacob? His voice is deeper, but did you mean bad acne? I didn't noticed any of that."

Now that you mentioned it, I was actually thinking how bad all the kids' skin was. Maybe it was their times of the month.

For those that don't know everything there is to know about the show, I would like to know what LPBD is, and if anyone can provide any more info about this Dudley incident.

Brandon said...

Rumpus, LPBW (Little People, Big Dreams) was the original one hour documentary with the Roloffs back in 2004. From that, came the series LPBW.

On his website, Matt said Dudley and the hens were slaughtered. He said maybe it was an animal attack, but I think people suspect either they didn't feed them or Jeremy and his friends used them as target practice or stomped them to death (Jeremy and Mueller kill birds on their nature hikes).

Shadow said...

I liked the TV description best..."The Roloffs answer *probing* questions" Hahahahahahahaha...

What do you like best about the farm? Ooh, quit probing like that! You might hurt someone!!

Seriously? This was truly pathetic, especially the "Twin Talk" segment. Guess once the show was cancelled, errr, taken off the air at the Roloffs' request, nobody, including the crew, was interested in making up storylines any more, so they just threw together whatever they had and made up silly questions to match.

David said...

Shadow, that was as "probing" as the Roloffs put up with.

Contrary to what Matt likes to suggest, the Roloffs are afraid of the tough questions, avoid challenges and don't show the "ugly" or the "bad".

GSX said...

Jeremy looked hot. He was barefoot for his interviews.

Jason said...

What a complete joke that they painted Jeremy as the victim by asking Amy if she favors Zach.

Ok but if they're doing to highlight that, what about asking Matt about worshipping the Golden Boy????????

Not one word about that. That's the most blatant favortism on the show.

Ashley said...

It was really surprising that Zach and Molly described Jeremy as not very talkative.

Em said...

What was the point of Jeremy saying Zach really liked Sarah and Kirsten? I didn't know why they had him say that.

I thought it was a put down of Zach by Jeremy when he said he was the first Roloff to date? Who was his competition? Zach. He's 3 years older than Molly and 7 more than Jake. Yes Jeremy, we know you're more of a stud than Zach.

Shadow said...

"It was really surprising that Zach and Molly described Jeremy as not very talkative."

Not really. Jeremy, like Matt, loves adoration. His family figured him out a long time ago, so they don't listen to the bs that he throws out in social situations. Conversely, Jeremy doesn't like being asked uncomfortable questions, like "Did you do your homework?" Hence, I'm not surprised to hear he's not talkative in family situations. We all know he can turn it on when there's someone he wants to tap, errr, impress.

Kapper said...

Excellent observation, Vic Rattlehead. I couldn't agree with you more...

Mike P. said...

@Shadow: You made me laugh.

"Oh! Ohhhh! Quit probing. . . ."

This was the Roloffs "like you've never seen them before"? (Or whatever phrase the teaser ads used.)


Begging to differ, this was exactly the Roloffs as we've seen them the last few years: Junk episodes in which they claim to be one thing while proving to be just the opposite.

Open and candid, in Roloff-speak, is totally scripted.

Casey said...

I thought the Twin Talk thing was pretty cool. They were laughing and having fun with it. The one with Molly- "But what's your boyfriend's name?"- reminded me of the way my brothers and I acted towards each other as teens.

Molly was more talkative in the family answer session that I would've expected her to be.

Brandon said...

Twin Talk was lame.

Anonymous said...

AbstractDasiy-- The Roloffs weren't filmed on many Sundays, unless they wanted the crew to film something special. I think the crew filmed Tuesday-Saturday, or something like that. I think it would be a little imposing to have a film crew at your church. It would be distracting from the service.

Rap541 said...

Actually Anon 7:54 - what I have always found curious about the Roloffs religious practices is that, having been raised with church, it simply surprises me that the Roloffs weren't participating *on camera* in very much church activity at all.

For starters, the cameras don't need to follow the Roloffs into church and show the sermon... but did we ever once see Sunday morning getting ready to go to church? Returning from church? Did we ever hear about scheduling conflicts with church and school activities? I mean, churches have more than Sunday service... for such a religious family, where were the bake sales and Christmas plays and youth groups and retreats and bible studies and youth mixers and missions?

For a family proud to stand up for Christ, as I am told they are, they were happy to accept TLC's money and sanitize Christ from their show.

But then, dangle a dollar and Matt will give a hater a tour of the farm personally so....

abstractdaisy said...

Anon 7:54 - I still find it odd that for six years, we watch a family during some of their most private times--surgeries, DUI’s, holidays, etc., --yet they deem going to church or being in church too private to film? And I honestly don’t care whether they attend church or not--its just strange to me that this seemingly important part of their life (their words not mine) is completely left out of filming.

Lynn C said...

I don't know why people doubt the Roloffs religious views. It seems some viewers are angry that the Roloffs are more staunch in their religious views than they express on the show. Others don't think they are Christians at all?

I think it's clear from the stories that have come out and from the Roloffs talk during interviews. Amy had Jacob find passages in the Bible when he cursed.

They have referenced church on the show and Church youth group for the kids several times. If they spent segments doing religious Barn Bites people would criticize them for shoving their religious beliefs down the throats of others.

abstractdaisy said...

Lynn: Who’s angry? Don’t you think it’s odd that the Roloff’s profess Christianity but not once have we seen them at a church service or church function? Not once have they “hosted” a picnic or devotion or potluck for the congregation but have done so for every other group they can think of. Nor have we seen them attend church or heard them talk about attending church. Simple as that. I’m certainly not angry about it. I just find it odd. Actually the word hypocrites comes to mind but certainly not angry.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - abstractdaisy summed it up well. Going to church is too private?

We can see the twins take off their underwear and let their man parts swing free but Jeremy saying "I am a christian and I love Christ" is too private?

The Roloffs books are VERY MUCH shoving their religious beliefs into the faces of the audience. When you write a book about how God sees you thru the hard times, then film a show where after the first episode, God is removed from the daily discussion, people are going to question your beliefs. I was geniunely touched in LPBD when Zach was stating he knew God had a place for him... yet that, and Amy using the Bible for punishment drills are the extent of the Roloffs religion.

If Matt is such a Christian, as his books suggest, why doesn't Matt ever praise God on camera? Matt's successes are due to *Matt being a fighter* - I have never seen the "I thank God and pray to God every day" Matt Roloff that Matt says he is in his two books.

If Christ is such an intimate part of Jeremy's life that he's lauded in public for it, why no "I love Jesus with all my heart" on camera? I'm told Jeremy loves to quote the bible... why, if he loves Christ so much, has he accepted money to sanitize Christ from how his family is depicted.

I may disagree with Kirk Cameron's methods, but I at least respect that when you dangle a dollar, Kirk won't take it if he has to shut up about loving Christ.

Expressed said...

Abstract and Rap (we've been agreeing more lately) but I totally disagree about this.

I don't think the Roloffs hide that they're Christian at all. Matt mentions God or Church activites a lot on his Facebook a lot. So does Amy. So does Jeremy in the very few things he's done that are public.

Abstract, they actually have hosted religious picnics. I remember seeing a Church from Hillsboro or Beaverton saying they were having a picnic at Roloff Farms last summer.

The Roloffs hide that they're Christians at all, just like they don't hide that they are conservative Republicans. They hold fundraisers, Matt joins groups and is vocal in his support of politicians.

It's not fair to say he's hiding his political views or religious views on the show just because there aren't episodes featuring Matt shouting "I'm a proud Republican!"

I don't think the decision to not have episodes where they are saying "I love Jesus" to the camera is up to the Roloffs. It's up to the production company and TLC. LPBW is not the same type of show as the Duggars. TLC tried to market LPBW as "they are just like you, everyone can relate to them". The quickest way to divide people is to talk about religion and politics. TLC didn't do that with LPBW.

It's not fair to pin that on the Roloffs and say they are hiding that they're Christians or doubt their Faith.

Like you said, you heard that Jeremy likes to quote the Bible a lot. I hear that too. There's also a lot of people talking about Jeremy always going to a certain Church. I don't understand how he somehow isn't a proud Christian unless there are LPBW episodes about him attending the Church or saying "I love Jesus".

When I've seen Growing Pains reruns I don't remember any episodes where Kirk Cameron was on camera saying "I love Jesus". It was the tv show. Off the show he didn't hide that he was Christian. Off the show, the Roloffs don't hide that they are Christian.

Samantha P said...

You people don't know anything about Jeremy's life. How ignorant of you to assume you know what is in his heart about Jesus from what you see or don't see on a television entertainment program.

Whether you believe it or not I know for a fact that Jesus Christ is central to Jeremy's life. He gives glory to God every week and every day. No, he's not perfect, we are imperfect people with a perfect savior. Jeremy does worship Jesus. It doesn't matter if it's said somewhere that you can see it or not.

abstractdaisy said...

Expressed: Fair enough. I can see your point of view and will allow that I may be a bit dubious regarding their faith simply because there's not a whole lot that's believable about the Roloffs true way of life--especially when it comes out of their mouths.

Counterfeit God said...

I think one of the biggest reasons they didn't want people to see the cultist fundamentalist church they attend is because it features a "reverend" and guest speakers who are openly extremely anti-gay anti-science and anti anything that is different or requires one to be a free thinking individual capable of evaulating and the coming to their own conclusions about issues.

They preach fundamentalist group think to brainwash people and that would turn off any viewers who aren't into psychotic versions of christianity that preach about the "end times" the "great cleansing" "the second coming" and that type of rubbish.

Rap541 said...

Samantha, Jeremy's lack of perfection isn't really the issue.

You would not be the first person to come running with "Jeremy loves Jesus, Jesus is central to Jeremy's life, Jeremy gives glory to God every day!!" The problem, after all is said and done, is that if Jeremy starts every morning by getting up and falling to his knees to pray, prays at every meal, openly ponders "would Jesus want me to drive my BMW to the beach", reads the Bible for pleasure etc etc etc.... over five years of being filmed for a reality show.... it sure seems *odd* that we've *never* seen a statement of faith from Jeremy.

If God, praising God, giving glory to God, and worshipping God is such a huge part of Jeremy's life, why would he be happy with his depiction on LPBW? Where Jeremy is depicted delightly discussing how he's going stag so he can get several girls at a dance, grinning as he drinks on camera and touring the Amsterdam red light district?

Believe it or not - I'm really more questioning the morality of calling oneself a good Christian who gives glory to God every day... when one participates in a "reality" show that carefully sanitizes one's religion off the show. The Roloffs get paid to do the show... I'm told by the fans that its *TLC* who insists that Christ has no place on LPBW...

The Roloffs *agreed* to that. The Roloffs could say "No, we are a faith based family that loves Jesus, depict us that way or not at all" and instead, the Roloffs take the money. Please don't suggest that the Roloffs were forced by TLC when the Roloffs proudly insist they were offered new contracts each year.

Expressed = the show is a *reality show about a family* not a fictional show. If the reality of the Roloffs is "we love Jesus! Jesus rocks yay! We love republicans!" then how can anyone insist the show is real when the Roloffs are *forced by TLC* to conceal their religious beliefs?

Is it real and raw as Matt says if he also accepts money to shut up about Jesus? *Does* TLC tell the Roloffs "no Jesus talk"?

Or is that a decision the *Roloffs* made to make the show more popular? And if so... isn't that selling out their faith for money? Keep in mind, the Roloffs insist they sign new contracts each year so its not like they got *stuck* with bad terms.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - btw the only time I get angry is when I am called a liar because Jeremy James is a christian and Jeremy James says he does not drink so all tghe photographic evidence and all the witnesses and Jeremy's own word are to be disregarded as Jeremy's faith in the Lord jesus Christ means his every word is truth, shut up hater!

If I am expected to put Jeremy up on that pedestal, then I expect *Jeremy* to have the balls to say "I am a Christian, I love Jesus Christ, I swear on my love of Jesus Christ MY LORD every word I ever say is TRUTH".

Not you. Not his buddies. Jeremy. Jeremy is a man, let the man speak for himself. Let him point to those photos of himself drinking and say "As a christian, I do NOT drink, and these photos are a lie sullying my reputation".

BeckyM said...

Why do I doubt the strength of the Roloff's religious convictions? Let me explain.. as someone who lives in a state stuffed with evangelists and right-wing Christians, I am prayed over, blessed, and basically shoved in the face on a daily basis with someone's religious beliefs. If I could move, I would.

Now, what I have learned after 4 decades of dealing with Christians, having worked for them, suffered their rantings, and been helped by them is that they fall into two camps: 1.) the camp that goes Rah-rah "I'm a CHRISTIAN! I live by God's word."

Every time these are the people who DON'T live by God's word. When someone prefaces a statement to me that begins, "Don't worry, I'm a Christian" my alarm bells go off and I RUN AWAY!!

They cheat, screw, and basically live the life they want and are sanctimonious idiots to the rest of us. *cough* Roloffs *cough*

To Jesus it was those "believers" who lied to themselves in order to get what they materially wanted, that pissed him off the most.

Then there is the second camp: they are Christian and live their life from what they believe Jesus preaches. There is no rah-rahing. There is no banner waving. There is nothing but giving to the poor, helping their neighbor, stopping and helping me fix the flat tire, praying for those that they feel need help, and living quiet, unassuming lives.

Which camp do you think the Roloffs fall into? There's ample evidence that it is the first.

Matt and Amy (as I've written before) are poor parents. They give their children poor direction - do not hold them accountable, do not expect manners (esp. to adults), do not have regular chores, no homework schedules, and do not do charity work (without anything being given back to them). They don't even EAT TOGETHER!! Does no one think this is strange for a Christian family?

Sorry but if I was a Christian, I would not hold this family up as an example of the best my religion has to offer.

Bird said...

This is explained with two words. Pseudo Christian. Jeremy is a Pseudo Christian.

I want to barf when Jeremy says he's living for Jesus.

If you ever hear Jeremy and Mueller mumble about Narnia? Do you want to know what that's about? It's not because they're big fans of children movies.

It's an inside joke about when they get drunk and stoned and wander out of the woods through the bushes, Jeremy said they were in Narnia. Their Narnia jokes are about being wasted. But the next hour Jeremy, in total seriousness, will say he is living for Jesus.