Monday, November 1, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World Nov 1

Our guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong to Expressed.
Written by Expressed

*It starts with Amy pulling into the garage. She's pissed because there's bikes laying in her parking spot. She parks behind Matt's car...or let's be honest, one of Matt's many cars.
Matt gets pissed Amy blocked his car. Matt explains how many spots he has, how many Amy has, how many Jeremy has, how many Zach and Molly have....I think this is a sign that they might have too many cars. It's times like this I think back to Amy's quote about her charity foundation, that they can only have so much stuff. Yeah. Hmmmm.

*Amy and Molly are planting a garden. Matt puts a mound of dirt where she was going to plant her garden. Matt's decided to expand the chicken coup in the exact space Amy is going to have her garden. He moves some out play structure. Jeremy helps him move it but then says he doesn't want to get caught in the middle. Jer fesses up, he thinks it's ridiculous Matt is putting it in the exact spot Amy wants to have her garden.

*Btw if you don't follow stuff closely, the chickens and the sign about Dudley is still there...Dudley is dead. Matt said there was an animal attack, maybe coyotes (or Jeremy and his friends??) and Dudley and his hens were slaughtered. They leave that detail out of this episode...

*Amy's pissed Matt put the structure right by her garden, she works in it anyway.

*Matt and Jeremy. By the way, anyone else noticing that this season is featuring a lot of Matt with Jeremy as his helper. Is this the spin off Matt was hinting about? There seems to be a lot of Jeremy helping Matt and they do things together this season. Anyway, they are getting bees. Matt says it will help with pumpkins? Ok.

*They get into beekeeper suits that basically look like space suits. Jeremy cracks up and says he's going to say what everyone thinks, little people look adorable whenever they dress up in outfits. I don't really think that honestly but it's nice to see Jeremy amused :)

*Matt and Amy argue about the chicken coup vs garden. I find this boring. Matt thinks Amy should be grateful he wants to do that. He says he arranged the dirt. They argue because it came from farm money. Matt says it's him, Amy says she lives on the farm, so it's her money too. Matt gives in and moves the structure, but it's many months later because her garden has grown in.

*The bee guys comes out. The Roloffs have honey! Jeremy tastes it. He is excited. Like really, super excited. I bet it does taste really good. Jer says it is really rewarding. I'm surprised they didn't get attacked when they took off their gloves to taste it.

*Amy's working in her garden. She runs inside. She has a bee up her pants! She calls Jake into the bathroom. He's wearing head gear. Must be some video game stuff. He laughs. Amy is in the kitchen behind the counter. Jeremy walks in, with a buzzed hair. He doesn't like that Amy's in her underwear. He's embarrassed. Amy wants him to be sympathetic to her pain. Jeremy turns his back. Yeah, I can see why a 20 year old guy doesn't want to see his mom running around the kitchen in her underwear.

*Commercial for the "final season". But I notice these commercials aren't really from the final episode, but they make everything sound like that. Is that Jake driving? It is! I think Jeremy is letting him drive his BMW? Dramatic music plays as Jeremy says it's amazing all the Roloffs are home at the same time. Amy tells Matt that "your life will change dramatically". I'm curious how they're going to end the show (still weeks away!) when they have never, ever acknowledged that they have a show on the show.

*The first thing after the commercial is the same clip of Jeremy minus the dramatic music. He says it's amazing all the Roloffs are home at the same time. Jeremy has longer hair now. They go outside. We're supposed to think this is the family meal Amy was getting from her garden when she got stung. They eat outside on the deck.

End of show.

Sorry I didn't have more commentary in this review, but there wasn't much to say! I thought it was a really boring episode. The big drama was the Matt putting the play set chicken coup by Amy's garden...he moved it later.


Bob said...

Here's my comments about the episode. Contains a few things you missed:

Precredits: Matt & Amy fight over where Amy has parked one of their 8 cars, as it blocks in another of their 8 cars.

Segment 1: Matt and Amy fight over a 15-foot patch of dirt on their 36-acre farm.

Segment 2: Matt and Amy fight in the kitchen over where to put Matt's salami. Insert joke (or salami) here.

Segment 3: Matt basically gives a " you!" to Amy as he dumps his chicken skyscraper right at the edge of her garden

Segment 4: Bees. Matt and Jeremy dress up in bee suits. The bee guy doesn't, but there is no indication he was stung. So were the bee suits needed?

Matt's voiceover says it is months later. Amy's plants are taller than her, yet in the kitchen Matt and Amy are wearing the same exact clothes they wore in the earlier fight. That's because it's the same fight and the makers of the show are trying to pull the wool over our eyes (aka lie to us) and make us think this is a new fight that happened months later. I don't like being lied to, I don't know about you.

Jeremy and Matt suit up again, the bee guy doesn't again. Jeremy has some fresh honey mmmmm mmmm he loves it. I wonder if he knows what honey is? Here is the description from Wikipedia: In the hive the bees use their "honey stomachs" to ingest and regurgitate the nectar a number of times until it is partially digested. The bees work together as a group with the regurgitation and digestion until the product reaches a desired quality.

Yes, there's nothing I like better than bee vomit that has been vomited and eaten and vomited and eaten and vomited and eaten and vomited many times over by many bees. Eat up Jer.

Amy gets stung on the butt by a bee. She goes back to the house and calls Jacob to the bathroom where she is standing in her underwear. Jacob finds it funny. She then walks to the kitchen in her underwear (thank god for the counter hiding her) where Jeremy sees her and is embarrassed and doesn't think she should be walking around the house in her underwear. Meanwhile how many times have we seen Jeremy walking around the house in his underwear or less (just a towel). Double standard Jer? Oh, during this segment Jeremy hardly has any hair. Keep that in mind.

Next segment: Amy has a voiceover saying luckily before she was stung she gathered enough vegetables for that night's meal. They sit down for that night's meal. Jeremy's hair has grown 4 inches in 4 hours! Miracle grow? I mean come on producers. You want us to think both these things happened the same day??? We can see Jeremy was basically bald in the previous scene and now he sports a full head of hair. Another case of being lied to. Is this fake reality show off the air yet? How many more episodes of lies remain?

Expressed said...

Bob, good review. Yeah, I had trouble getting into this episode. Sorry!

Haha about Jeremy's double standard, but I gotta say, I certainly don't object and I know lots of fans don't object to Jeremy walking around the house in just a towel or in his underwear! :)

JeremyFan said...

First of all, I love Jeremy but when Bob said, "Yes, there's nothing I like better than bee vomit that has been vomited and eaten and vomited and eaten and vomited and eaten and vomited many times over by many bees. Eat up Jer" It made me LMAO! I noticed Jer gets excited easily. He said he was getting really excited twice in a single episode.

Did anyone notice when Jer was eating the honey, after he said he was getting excited his left hand was touching a certain area of his body??

@ Expressed: I don't object to seeing Jeremy walking around with nothing but a towel either ;)

Em said...

"Did anyone notice when Jer was eating the honey, after he said he was getting excited his left hand was touching a certain area of his body??"

JeremyFan, I noticed that too!

Expressed said...

Jeremyfan, oh my gosh, I missed that! lol. See what concentrating on writing the review causes me to miss? ha.

Jeremy does get very easily excited. That's one of the things I like about him. It's cute.

Vicky said...

Matt said it hurts his feelings when he is called selfish. Did he mean when Amy calls him selfish or the general public?

Timothy said...

Re: the commercial, it is painfully obvious they are attempting to cash in on the end of the show by making viewers think every week is the final show.

Can't say I blame them. The last two seasons have been horrid. Before the cancellation was announced Matt said this season would be the best ever. Yeah right, Matt.

Greg said...

I noticed all the open wine bottles in the fridge. Just saying.

safado said...

I thought that Jeremy walking in on his mother on her underwear -- and his look of amused confusion -- is one of the funniest moments on the entire series. No teenager could handle that!

The Truth And Nothing But The Truth said...

OMG! why people on this blog are acting like Jeremy was playing are fondling himself after he had a taste of honey when all he did was just reposition his posture and rest his hand in that area of his crotch.

Haven't you all notice that Jeremy is just about lazy on everything he does even down to his posture.

So to all on this blog who is trying to start a controversy on him trying to say that he was playing or fondling himself get over it please already.

Do you all who made that stupid remark think for a moment that TLC would have allowed for us to all see Jeremy fondel, scatch, or for that matter play with his crotch on national tv during primetime. Did they let us see Amy in her undies? No

Move on to something else that is worth talking about and stop trying to be messy about something that didn't even take place or happen this is what I call trying to be messy but you all can't.

If you all won't to see a 20 year old male mess with himself how about buy your self some porn or subscribe to the playboy network.

But please move on from this pointless topic of Jeremy having is hand by his crotch please already.

Expressed said...

Wow Truth and Nothing But...nobody seems as into that scene as you do!

It's hard to say whether Jeremy was innocently resting his hand there and picking at his clothes or whether he was doing something else.

It wasn't that front and center. I didn't even notice until JerFan and other people mentioned it. Then I watched it again looking for it. lol. I think it's possible the editors would let that slide.

I don't think Jeremy is lazy in everything he does.

Expressed said...

Spirits, I'm requesting a screen cap!!!! :)

Judy B said...

Truth is right. Jeremy was not playing with himself. He had his leg bent on a log. He rested his hands there because his knee was bent.

IMO, it was nothing, nothing compared to the scene last year when Jacob went waltzing through the room with his jeans around his thighs and his boxers totally exposed. That one shocked me from a kid in a Christian family.

The Jeremy scene was innocent. People are using their active imaginations.

Victoria said...

This LPBW season is becoming the season of sexual inneundos and vomit.

Lonestarmom said...

A side note : Amy the reason you didn't get any sympathy from Jake is perhaps because he's had his skull cracked open not once but twice!! Not to mention multiple broken bones!!! Get ahold of yourself woman!!!! It was A BEE sting.....
Lastly I didn't happen to think Matt was completely unreasonable regarding the fridge I mean honestly the man can barely reach the second shelf!!! Is it too much to ask for one little spot where he can find his fav foods?? It's not as if he can climb like Amy and Zach or dang near reach the ceiling like Jer and Mol??

Rap541 said...

Lonestarmom - with respect, the fridge issue seems to be that Matt simply wants the space open and free for his personal use at all times, whether or not he has salami in the fridge at any given time.

It's a large fridge, but its also a large family that seems to restock constantly and Molly even made the point (although it was in the background) that they did leave space that Matt didn't use so it subsequently was filled.

Considering how all the alcohol was placed out of reach of all the legal adults, I don't think its the issue Matt made of it.