Monday, November 8, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World

The guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements belong to Expressed.
Written by Expressed


This episode is called dating daze. The preview says Zach takes a dating course and the family wonders if Molly might have a boyfriend soon. Wow and episode about the personal lives of the kids? Haven't seen one of those in a while! But the "dating course" thing sounds staged. Also....what about Jeremy??? If you don't hear any of the gossip ever, there have been rumors for a long time that Jeremy has like 30 girls around Hillsboro and Portland that he "hangs out" with, wink wink nudge nudge. But we never hear about them because the show isn't real at all and it's easier for them not to have the world know if their dating, who they're dating. I'm curious to see if they finally talk about some of these girls if this is the dating episode or if they'll ignore Jeremy totally.

The episode begins!

*The Roloffs at the Portland Timbers game. This looks like old footage from when Zach was introduced at the game. But the gang of girls that won Amy's charity auction to watch a soccer game with Zach are there. I notice Jeremy in the background. Be honest. We all know who the girls want to spend the game with and it's not Zach.

*Zach avoids them. Zach explains that he doesn't like conversation because you have to talk. That's true. Ha :)

*Zach wants Jeremy to entertain all the teen girls. Jeremy obliges. He mingles with them right away. Zach is kind of there but looks away a lot. Zach explains why he's shy. He says he knows people are judging him. He judges people, people judge him. I give Zach credit because he doesn't only play the dwarf card. Zach says they judge him because he's quiet and doesn't know what to say, then because he isn't saying much, they're thinking he's boring and a loser. That's true actually. Well, that people think like that during conversations.

*There is a scene with Molly, her friend and Amy. There is a boy at school named Nathan. Congratulations Nathan. You will now get the Dani treatment. The world thinks you're Molly's boyfriend even though you're not. :) Molly's friend and Amy talks about Nathan liking Molly. Amy says "At least she has a guy friend". Ouch. Was that a shot at Zach? I'll take this time to remind people that for all Matt got bashed for pressuring Zach about girls at the LP conferences, Amy did that a lot too.

*Jeremy takes Zach shopping. Jeremy is really into shopping. He explains the importance of clothes in impressing girls. Jeremy also explains that he judges books by their covers. lol. I guess everyone does to some extent.

*Jeremy picks out outfit after outfit for Zach. Wow, Jeremy is really really excited about shopping :) Jeremy loves the clothes he picked out for Zach. He asks Zach if he's excited. Zach correctly says he's not as excited as Jeremy. Jeremy gives the quote of the night "Oh my golden baby bear" after excitedly looking at clothes he picked out for Zach.

*Idea. After seeing how excited Jeremy is in helping Zach shop, I wonder if the stuff Matt is pitching in LA is a "What Not To Wear" type of show with Jeremy?

*Now Jeremy is taking Zach to meet Portland. Jeremy says he has a hard time talking to girls? What the...? Are they actually going to try to convince us that Jeremy has a hard time meeting girls? Whoa. This show is so fake!!!

*Yep! That's what they're doing. They show Zach and Jeremy sitting in a park waiting to meet girls and no one comes up. Are they really doing this? Trying to make it look like girls won't come up to Jeremy? Even ignoring the very big celebrity aspect, they're trying to make it look like Jer has a hard time meeting girls? Fake fake fake!

*I'll remind everyone again that there are tons and tons of rumors and evidence that Jeremy has like 30 girls that think they're Jeremy's girlfriend that he calls up whenever he's in the mood. He goes on a cruise and he has a beautiful girl that everyone is convinced is his future wife. And that's what happens to Jeremy whever ever he goes (except for this park apparently!) At pumpkin season practically every pretty girl comes away saying Jeremy was flirting with them. And now they're trying to make it look like Jeremy can't meet girls.....

*Zach says quiet people are looked at as weird and boring.

*Zach or Jeremy voice overs that they "struck out" at meeting girls in the park. What a crock!

*Zach AND Jeremy sign up for a dating course! Jeremy needs a dating course. haha. This show is sinking to new lows of lack of realism!

*Back at the house, a brief scene about Matt talking about wanting Molly to marry a guy like him. Hmm.

*Back to the dating thing. As they're going there, Zach says he's boring. Jeremy asks him why he thinks that. Jeremy thinks Zach doesn't have confidence because he's LP. I don't. Uh, do they realize that there are thousands and thousands of shy people in the world that are average height? I actually agree with Zach about this. This is about Zach's personality. He's quiet and not big on improv conversation. It's not a LP issue.

*They are doing speed dating. Jeremy seems into it. Now the instructor is making them go into a supermarket, pick out random people and hand them their phone numbers! Awkward! I don't like this idea. It's forcing people to be someone they aren't.

*Jeremy seems to give his number away (like that would be hard!!!!) According to Matt girls give Jer their numbers when they're eating dinner! Zach is rightfully nervous and embarrassed and wanders around for what seems like hours with the instructor lady encouraging him to give his phone number away. She leaves and tells him not to come back until someone has his number. We see Zach sitting out in front of the store. I don't think he ever came back.

*Zach tells the camera in a heartfelt speech that if he ever meets a girl that understands he's quiet, then he will open up and it will be perfect.

*They're home now. Zach seems to be moping in his room. Amy asks Jeremy downstairs how it went. Jeremy said Zach was fine in class. Amy is all serious and tries to give Zach a pep talk. She says she lacked confidence when she was Zach's age. She doesn't want Zach to be like her. Amy kinda goes into the "Zach is shy because he's a LP". Once again, I don't think that has anything to do with it. It's Zach's personality. Tons of average sized people have the same personality. Look at some of Zach's LP friends. They clearly aren't shy! This isn't an LP issue.

*Back to the 2nd plot of the episode. Molly. Nathan is playing soccer. Zach insists nothing is going on between Molly and Nathan. Molly says she doesn't see the point in dating. Then she promptly says "No comment" when asked if she's dating Nathan....

*Amy is trying to hook Zach up with a girl at a Martial Arts place. They set it up so she's Zach's kick boxing instructor. It goes well. Zach breaks the helps when there is a muscle bulging guy hold the board ready to give it the extra snap. Zach says he likes the girl and leaves it with an open ended comment that "things can develop".

End of episode.

So I was right! It was even more deceptive than I thought! Not only didn't they mention Jeremy's hoard of girlfriends, but they actually tried to make it seem like Jeremy has a hard time meeting girls.

I am convinced more than ever that the Roloffs are nothing, nothing like what they're portrayed as on the show. No wonder why Matt says in that NY interview that kids portray characters on the show. I don't think LPBW has anything do with the Roloffs real lives or real personalities anymore.


Chris A said...

I think the only women that want Zac are the ones that want a piece of that 34 acre estate.

Expressed said...

I don't think so Chris A. Zach is actually one of the better looking LPs that I've seen when he takes some time with his appearance.

Bob said...

Some things I noticed in this episode.....

Amy is involved in a safe driving campaign, meanwhile in two different driving scenes Jeremy was seen with his foot hanging out the window and not wearing a seat-belt.

Oh, and what was Zach driving during these scenes? The Previa that he was selling. You can see on the back window where the price and contact info has washed off with age. So much for selling it. Was that all made up for the show?

Zach and Jeremy go to a flirting class. All the women are dressed nicely. All the men are dressed nicely, well at least in long pants. Jeremy shows up in his undershirt, shorts, and a shirt over his shoulder. He eventually puts it on. Someone must have said something.

Jacob made only a cameo appearance tonight. Sitting on the couch with a severe case of bed head. Hair going every which way but mainly straight up. You're on International TV. You think you could at least comb your hair for the cameras?

Amy trying to play matchmaker and setting Zach up with a woman just because she's LP like him. How embarrassing for him. Her heart was in the right place but he's a grown man now (no pun intended). Is she going to be doing this in 10 years when he's 30 too? "Zach honey, I want you to meet this lady who works down at the Sizzler. She's LP like you so you two should hook up." He's a grown man, stop with the babying.

We see a commercial saying "Next Monday on Little People, Big World" yet it's the same scenes they showed last Monday for this Monday's show - yet none of those scenes were in this Monday's show and I doubt they will be in next Monday's show either. Why do they show them every week and proclaim these are scenes from the next week's show? Very strange.

Overall more made up storylines: Jeremy has trouble getting girls or even talking to them? Yeah right! More product placement for free things - Whole Foods, you can bet the class was free for the Roloff boys, Karate School - you can bet that class was free too, etc. etc.

Is this show over yet? It's getting boring, repetitive, and I'm sick of being lied to week after week. Unfortunately I've seen every episode so I can't stop watching until it's over. It's an OCD thing.

Dan R said...

The grocery thing was BRUTAL! I could never do that.

I hate outgoing people that are usually very arrogant and full of themselves (that's why they have no trouble coming onto people because they think they're so awesome) that think that is the only way to be and every person should be like them.

Expressed said...

One thing I forgot to say? After the speech about Zach looking all depressed in his room and Amy talking about how he is so shy.

I thought of all those pictures of Zach at the dwarf parties in Belfast and all the LP parties.

Zach didn't look shy at all in those things. I don't think he's as shy as they make him seem on the show, but that wasn't as bad as trying to make it look like Jeremy has a hard time talking to girls. Blatant lies!

Shadow said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - the BEST thing Zach could do is to move far away from his family for a while. Yes, it would be hard, but he needs to get away from the mindset and environment where Matt and Jeremy are considered the standard, and anyone who isn;t like them is somehow inferior or bad and in need of a makeover. And yes, Amy is guilty of laying this on Zach just like his dad and brother - for all the conflict between her and Matt, she MARRIED the guy, so even sh has it in her mind that Zach needs to be the outgoing party animal to be happy.

Here's a clue for the entire Roloff family - quiet, shy men can be happy without being the center of attention!!! Hard to believe (well, for Matt and Jeremy, impossible to believe), but oh, so true. And there are women out there (average AND LP, I'm sure) who will appreciate a quiet, shy man who ISN'T the kind of guy that walks around grocery stores handing out his phone number (I've seen this tactic on other shows, and it horrifies and disgusts me) or sits in a park trying to pick up girls.

Zach, use your LPBW connections/pull/bank account and MOVE AWAY! Move up to Seattle and hang out with Jen, or move to LA and hang out with your buds down there, but find people who don't want to "fix" you, 'cause there ain't nothin' that needs fixin'!!!!!! Yeah, letting go of the TLC money will be tough, but hey, the show is ending anyhow, and Dad is apparently only interested in pimping out Jer, so this would be a great time to break free...

Run, Zach, run!!!!!

Brandon said...

Shadow, I TOTALLY agree with you about Zach. Unfortunately I don't think Zach will do it because he uses Jeremy as a security blanket in a way, but I've always thought the best thing for Zach would be to get away from where Jeremy is considered the standard of perfection.

It would be hard at first but better in the long run.

Ela said...

It was funny that Jeremy is the expert in fashion. The same Jeremy that wears pink shirts and ugly brown coveralls! Jeremy thinks he's hip but he's not.

Dana said...

Shadow and Brandon, Matt and Jeremy are the standard.

You have to be social in the world. People aren't going to magically see inside of Zach's soul if he won't talk to anybody and open up.

Who do you think those girls at the soccer game had a better time with? Jeremy or Zach? It was obvious. It's not all about looks. It's personality and being sociable. Zach does need to be more like Jeremy. Everyone except for Zach realizes it.

Karen C said...

I am not a person who criticizes other people and I realize Zack does have a disability...however when it comes to Zack...that boy needs to get some manners and learn to speak properly.

He does not show any respect to his dad...his dad has done a lot for that family. Zack is to old to speak and talk to his dad the he does.

It has got to the point that I do not like watching the show now because he seems to be the only one doing the talking now and I really do not want my children to see Zack's bad behaviour. So sad because we all at one time really enjoyed and loved watching the show.

Shadow said...

"Matt and Jeremy are the standard...Zach does need to be more like Jeremy. Everyone except for Zach realizes it."

Oh, well, then. If EVERYONE realizes it...except for me, and Brandon, and millions of other people. If Matt and Jeremy are the standard, then all of the introverted, quiet, shy people I work with in high tech should all be miserable single people who slink home to a basement apartment every night andcry themselves to sleep. Funny how SOOOO many of them managed to meet people who found out what really nice, interesing people they were...wonder how they did that without Matt and Jeremy to show them the way? God must have worked a miracle!!!!

Hey, maybe that's what Matt and Jer-Bear were doing in LA - getting ready for the franchising of "Matt and Jeremy Tell Everyone How To Be Just Like Them." Gag...Dana, you normally amuse me. But this time, I think I threw up a little.

Lynn C said...

Expressed, I didn't take it as Jeremy trying to pretend like he doesn't flirt with girls. I think he was trying to the show that everyone, even him, isn't comfortable in all those situations but he still goes ahead and makes conversation.

Dana, I'm in agreement. If Zach doesn't get over it, he is going to find himself alone in his 40s still waiting for that special woman who will break through his shell.

JakeFan said...

"Jacob made only a cameo appearance tonight."

Bob, he was in it in another part. Before the soccer game with Molly's "boyfriend". He jumped into the pool.

The worst part about the show ending is we won't get to see Jake become a studly looking teenager :) I predict he will be much better looking than Jeremy.

Annie said...

Shadow, very well said.

I felt really bad for Zach. No wonder why he is self conscious. The entire family constantly compares him to Jeremy.

The Roloffs annoy me so much. The entire family, including Zach, act like Jeremy is a God (Zach's comment in the grocery store that Jeremy "is a pro, I can't compete with that"). He's not! He's arrogant, full of himself and insincere.

I agree with the person that was unimpressed with Jeremy entertaining the girls at the soccer game. When he was talking to them and not watching the game, he was totally going through the motions. He looked very uninterested.

Susan said...

What a disaster. Forcing Zach to emulate Jeremy (who is not as smooth as the Roloffs think).

Zach will meet someone in a natural setting when he is being himself and is relaxed. Shoving his phone number on someone or attempting to engage in phony small talk (pardon the pun) will never produce any substantial relationship.

He will meet someone in a setting where he is natural, maybe someone that goes to college with or works with or is a friend of someone in his group of friends (however I completely agree he needs to get out of Hillsboro and away from people that have the mindset that Jeremy is God's gift to the world). It won't happen by forcing Zach to be someone he's not.

Bob said...

Ah yes, JakeFan, the pool jumping scene. Another very quick 3 second appearance by Jacob.

Austin said...

I think it's pathetic the whole family worships Jeremy. As far as I'm concerned he is a bigoted jerk that sucks as a human being.