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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World Nov 15

The guest reviewer is Expressed.
Written by Expressed

*Amy is really into this personal training thing. Her personal trainer is coming to the house to raid the pantry and throw all the unhealthy food out (or take it to a food bank). I gotta say I don't really agree with this type of mindset. Moderation is the key in life! There's no reason to get rid of stuff or never have it. Especially when there's a lot of people going through the house. Matt makes that point. I agree with him. He doesn't want his stuff thrown out. Matt makes a speech about loving hamburgers.

*The personal trainer arrives! He's going through the pantry (it's really that huge closet that is really the size of some rooms in some people's homes! It's interesting they blur out most of the names of the food and snacks. Did they blur out Goldfish crackers? They didn't used to. I guess as the show went on TLC demanded these companies pay or get blurred out but didn't do that when the show was new?

*The scene ends with a random shot of Spike the cat growling. Hey, what's up with the editors hatchet job on Spike??? Spike has been getting a terrible edit lately. Molly, threaten to quit unless they edit Spike in a better light! :) It's obvious to me that Matt the Spike hater is using his producer influence to conspire against Spike! lol.

*Jeremy is highly amused watching the trainer tell Amy everything is bad. Amy tries to justify all the snacks. Jer laughs. There is a lot of random Jeremy in this episode. That's a good thing!

*The secondary plot in this episode is about Jake. They voice over how Jake has no confidence and spends a lot of time in his room alone. Ok, I don't believe that because it seems like he's always hanging with Jeremy, Zach and their college friends. Even at home look at how often we see him in the twins room playing video games with everybody. But whatever, they're telling us Jake is a loner that hides in his room.

*After looking at his room, it's not a surprise! He has everything a person needs! A large flat screen HD TV, a lap top. I think I saw a fridge. Jake's room has more stuff than a lot of families have in their family living rooms! Rich people, Grrrr! :) Anyways, supposedly Jake is a loner with no confidence living in his room with everything.

*Matt summons Jake for filming, mow the lawn. He says he will pay Jake $15 to mow all the lawns (they have the riding thing) including the soccer field. I'm kind of mixed. My first thought was that's a lot of grass to mow for $15, but then I remembered I never got paid a cent to help around the house! Shovel the drive, rake leaves, mow the grass, us kids needed to do all that as long as we were living at home.

*Matt says Jake has "self-image" problems. I think a lot of people including myself call it being a brat. As evidence, Jake tells us his thoughts. He refuses to mow the grass as Matt asked. His theory is that he won't do a good job, he will do it crooked, Matt will criticize him, so he's just not going to do it. Gee, wonderful attitude Jake!

*The personal trainer obviously has a company called "Suck It Up" fitness because I keep seeing the shirts. Cheers for product placement! I think they're using footage from before when Amy vomited when she was working out.

*Amy and Matt talk diet. Amy is all about being healthy. Matt isn't. Matt says he needs his salami. Again. What's with the theme of Matt and his salami? Do we really need week after week of Matt talking about his salami? I think this is the producers version of a sexual joke.

* Jeremy and Jake! I think everyone knows how I feel about each of them. lol. But I gotta be honest. Anyone else notice how much in the last season they've been showing of Jer bonding with Jake? There was the fort stuff, then there was the camping trip throwing axes against the trees and now this episode. I kinda thinks it's a reaction to all the criticism before about how Jeremy never spends time with Jake.

*Jeremy gives a speech explaining that he spends more time with Jake because he wants to build his confidence and stuff. Yeah, that seems so natural and like something Jeremy would think. lol. Jake says he likes hanging with Jeremy and follows him around. Aww. Someone has a hero, someone has a hero!! :)

*Jeremy gives another forced barn bite about giving Jake positive attention. He said Mike Detjen taught him alot, so he wants to teach Jake. This is such a dramatic change that I'm not really buying it as the way things really are. I'm thinking it was on the story line cheat sheet. What I think is real? I think the twins have parties with 50 friends over and Jake hangs out with them then. I think that's where he hangs around with them, not that Jer has special one on one time with Jake, but this episode attempts to prove me wrong so I'll go along with it!

*Jeremy lets Jake drive his baby, his BMW. Jake is 13 right? But it seems to be down the long road/driveway? Jake doesn't seem that excited. Stop the press! Jake doesn't seem excited! I know, hard to believe. He says he was surprised Jer let him drive it because usually Jer is very protective of his BMW. Oh but Jake, it's part of the storyline cheat sheet so Jer is making an exception :) Jer says Jake is only the second person ever to drive his car. What, Mueller hasn't driven Jer's BMW??

*Jeremy is very patient and good with Jeremy as Jake tries to shift gears. Btw, Jeremy said this is practice for when Jake gets the camaro. Now that's a rich family. The 13 year old already knows he's getting a Camaro. He drives the BMW down the road. Jeremy tells him he did a good job. Jake doesn't seem happy.

*More Amy training in the garage. Jeremy watches. A lot of random Jeremy showing up in scenes in this episode.

*Btw, Rocky's bed is kept in the garage?

*Amy is going on a hike with Zach and Jeremy. Jeremy doubts if Amy can do it! Jer, this is LPBW! Of course she can do it! We've seen this theme 2087 times! The Roloffs are going to try something. Someone says they won't be able to do it. They play dramatic music and say it looks like they'll fail. But then they are always successful in the end! I trust that will happen this time and Amy won't be stranded on the mountain.

*Amy goes on about how hard it is, Jer and Zach walk on ahead. I'm not a hiking person, but...hiking seems very boring? Jeremy and Zach must do something different when there isn't a camera crew filming because everybody seems very bored. Amy makes it to the top. They all say it's amazing in the most boring tone of voice you can imagine. No one seems like they're excited or having fun even though they all keep saying it's amazing.

*Back to Jake. Amy says Jake is intense. She says Jake doesn't express himself but she knows there's a lot going on inside. There are scenes of Jer and Zach kicking the soccer ball with Jake. Jeremy says he wants Jake to be his own person, but Jake is always trying to impress...that's because he idolizes Jeremy. It is so obvious.

*Amy says when Jake finally smiles you can tell that there is actually a boy in there that is nice. Hmm.

*Amy is making cookies. Jake wants to make a giant one. Zach asks him why he's making a cookie. Jake says because he's awesome....yeah, Jake is really lacking confidence. I think this whole "Jake lacks confidence" story line is a crock. I know a lot of kids that have no confidence. I think Jake is just spoiled and bratty and the nice way of explaining it is to say he "lacks confidence" to excuse it.

*Jake is reading lines now. He says "I messed the lawn up for my dad", but Jake has that inner drive to make right and make Matt proud because that's what the story line cheat sheet must say :)...because that really seems like Jake's natural personality, right? Wrong.

* Matt tells Jake he missed a few spots, but overall did an amazing job and surprise, we get the LPBW happy ending that every single episode ends with.

*Amy has a dramatic weigh in? I didn't even know it was coming. It the same test that told her she was obese. I still don't believe that. Or at least that it doesn't matter because she is obviously not obese for a dwarf. I think these gyms and personal trainers try to convince people that they are fat and unhealthy so they'll pay them their money (or get product placement if the person has a tv show).

*Amy's test results say she lost 4% of fat. The trainer is all "yay" you did great. Another LPBW happy ending for another storyline! Yay!

2nd Episode

I'll be honest, I gotta go somewhere right now, so I'll leave the detailed review to Rap.

My super quick recap? Episode is all Amy and her charity team. Amy wants to be a leader. They go on a "team building" trip. It seems like an excuse to have a fun weekend at a posh resort! Molly and her friends go. They do a bunch of crazy team building exercises, like trying to step through ropes set up like giant spider webs. They force Molly's friend Paige, who unlike Matt, really does seem to be terrified of heights. Poor girl. Even after she does, she still looks traumatized but LPBW needs their happy ending so suck it Paige, you're going to face your fears whether you like it or not! They have their golf tournament charity thing. Didn't they already show this from this year? Same old story line. In the beginning it's all going horrible and they think it will lose money. At the event Lisa and Gayle have a fight. Gayle cries. Amy shows her leadership skills. They hug. Surprise! The event was a huge, huge success! It made over $100,000, over double what last years event made. LPBW happy ending! :)

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Timothy said...

Matt recently explained the orginal premise of the show was to have the family run out to the mailbox everyday where they would get a letter that would tell them what to do that day.

I think this episode's "letter" was have Jeremy show Jacob how to drive.

He is 13. Doesn't make much sense. Perhaps they wanted to get that episode in, but with the show ending they need to FF things.