Monday, November 29, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People Big World Nov 29

The guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements belong to Expresssed.
Written by Expressed

This is going to be a difficult show to "review" without typing straight question and answers.

If you didn't see it, basically all the Roloffs are sitting on the couch together. They flash up a question on screen. They say something about it the topic and then show a bunch of old clips. I think I would have rather just heard them talk more than all the old clips I already knew.

*They started off being asked "What's it like being a Roloff? Jeremy says there's no communication. They all agree on that. They talk about the farm and love the freedom of the farm. They show several old clips of apple wars, water slides, Molly picking peaches and sunsets. I could do without these old clips. I'd rather hear more talking and less old footage.

*Why is Matt always doing crazy projects? He says it's his reason to live and there's a long montage of his projects. Jacob looks very bored during this couch segment. Molly looks embarrassed.

*Maybe the most surprising subject tonight? They have the Roloffs count all the vehicles they have! They include the mules and tractors and the grand total......34! OMG! Seriously, they showed them all! lol. They have 6 mules, something like 3 or 4 Polaris Rangers. I think the actual cars and trucks were 12 or 13. I'll be honest when they count out all of the stuff they have...34, the thing that I keep on thinking about is Amy's quote in one of her charity interviews. Her exact quote about the reason for doing her charity is "You can only have so much stuff"....yeah I guess when they got over 30 vehicles and machines she started thinking about having too much stuff? lol.

*They're asked why they don't have family dinners like they used to. They say it's because the kids are older. I think that's typical for most families but I don't know how many they really had before.

*Oh, "Twin Talk!" This is a "talk show" this their attempt at a spin off show I hope?? It's a talk show with Jeremy and Zach as hosts on the couch. Their "guest" is Molly. They ask her repeatedly for the name of her boyfriend. She says she doesn't have one. They ask her what's something she doesn't like, she says her feet. They ask again about her boyfriend's name, she says she doesn't have one but if she did she likes the name James. They ask again about the boyfriend. Molly says this is ridiculous. She looks very embarrassed. Well, that segment was a dud!

*Back to the whole family. They're asked if they're pet people or why they aren't. Jer says they are pet people they just aren't good at it...Zach says they do take them to the vet...Jake chimes in that they take them to the vet because they don't feed them...nice. Then we get long montages that we all saw a couple of weeks ago in the Rocky episode.

*There's some Spike. It sounds like Molly is the only one that likes Spike. Poor Spike. Jake and Jer don't like Spike. Jeremy says Spike is the least coolest Roloff. Both Jeremy and Jake say Spike gets in their way, Jake says that's why there is road kill and calls him fat. Go get revenge Spike!

*Another segment of Twin Talk...with Rocky....really? Why does he stare? Rocky is silent. It is cute at the end, he flops on Jeremy. Jeremy says that's why he loves Rocky. Aw. See, I said I can tell Rocky loves Jeremy way more than Zach! :)

*Now the topic is pumpkin season. Jeremy says he likes it. Molly says she likes it until it starts. Come on, I know why they like it. The money they make!!!!!

*They show clips from the trebuchet accident. Jake starts to talk about it. He doesn't sound shy about it, but everyone interups! Zach tells everyone to be quiet because Jake is talking. I agree with Zach for once! Jake says all he saw was black...Jeremy asks him what was black? Jake gives him the "Duh" look, he says his vision was black. Jake asks if anyone saw it because he wants to know how far he flew in the air. I can't tell if Zach says he saw it or not. He said he was right there, but didn't say yes he saw it. Jake says he was a 9 year old that got hit with a 2000 block of cement and lived so he's very lucky.

*They end this part of the show (the next part is the exact same concept) with Matt saying they can't imagine the Roloffs without Roloff Farm. Cue the dramatic plot for the finale next week!
Oh brother. We know they aren't selling the farm. I was hoping for something different for the finale next week instead of a fake misleading plot.


2nd Episode

*In this episode they flash up a question to describe someone in the family, the rest of them blurt out an answer and then they show clips of whatever they said.

*They start with the Roloffs as a family. Zach says they're competitive. Someone says flawed. Jake asks "What does flawed mean?"....this show isn't much of an endorsement for Faith Bible is it?

*What is Matt Roloff like? I think Jeremy said intense and dramatic. Zach said creative. Amy says a dreamer. Jeremy said one of a kind.

*They show clips of Matt's DUII trial. Amy says it was stressful time for the whole family, Zach says it was intense between Matt and Amy. They show the judge saying he's not guilty. Matt hopes viewers remember the good times. Then they show old clips of Matt talking to kids, Jake saying Matt just wants to help people with dwarfism and CoDA stuff with the adoptions.

*Best subject of the night....Jeremy Roloff! "What is Jeremy Roloff like?" That's not exactly the best question. Someone says "capable"? Zach says Jeremy is "not talkative". Wow, that's actually surprising. I remember a few years ago when Zach said Jeremy can talk about nothing for hours.
Jeremy looks startled at that answer. I thought Jeremy was Mr. Talkative. But there seems to be something to what Zach is saying. Molly backs Zach up. Molly says Jeremy doesn't talk or answer you unless it's a subject he likes. They show the clip from earlier this season of Amy asking Jeremy about Mueller's job and Jeremy not answering.

Jeremy says motivation is his weakness. They show him not wanting to get up for school. He says when he likes something, he's determined and nothing holds him back. Amy says people are naturally drawn to Jeremy. They do an old clip segment of Jeremy with Sarah and Kirsten. Amy says it was a scary time when Jeremy was dating because "a lot can happen".

*Now Amy's the subject. They're asked how Amy has changed with her speaking career and charity? Jeremy said they used to be her focus. Molly thinks Amy has become unpredictable and is nuts. Amy's the Roloff alarm clock. Clips of that from over the years. A nice segment of Amy comforting Zach and Jacob when they were sick or having surgeries. Amy talks about her charity foundation and asks why else are we here if it's not to help people? To have 34 vehicles??? :)

*Twin Talk is back! Amy is the guest. Hm. Interesting question, Zach reads a question asking Amy if she likes her dwarf children better than the average sized children. Then it gets more specific asking Amy if she loves Zach more than Jeremy and if she would like Jeremy more if he had dwarfism. Amy says she can relate to some of the things Zach talks to her about but denies that she loves Zach more than Jeremy. I gotta say that seemed like it was more of a real issue in the early years of the show but she's been a lot easier on Jeremy in the last couple of seasons. I don't know if that's all editing, but she's been positive about Jeremy in the last few years. This was a "hard" question for this episode considering all the other questions.

*Jake is the subject. They're obviously editing the "question". The question is "Jacob seems like a great kid. Why is he so moody?" lol. That question kind of contradicts itself doesn't it? They also ask why he pesters Molly so much. They say it's because he's the youngest. Jake says it's because Jeremy is always gone, Zach is either working or playing FIFA so he bugs Molly. Molly says she can still beat up Jake? Jake didn't seem to like that Molly said that. They say Jake can be cute and cuddly, but can also be volatile. Zach says Jake has impulse control issues. I think Zach might have that too!

Zach says Jake is naturally smart. He says if Jake is motivated in school he gets straight A's. This is an example of how editing on the show makes people think something that's not real. People will come away from this episode thinking Jake is getting all A's like Molly. Really we know his grades must be so bad that Amy needed to have conferences with all of his teachers because he doesn't do his assignments.

*Molly's segment. They say she reads during the summer. Jeremy said that and has a dumb-founded expressed on his face. lol. He can't understand why she would want to. Jake says Molly goes to bed by 10pm all the time. That blows Jake's mind.

*Zach's segment. The family is asked if Zach is hard to live with because he's so intense? lol. This whole concept has the potential to be embarrassing. I wouldn't want my family to do this! Jeremy says Zach loves drama. Is he being sarcastic? Matt says Zach doesn't have a filter and that can be both good and bad. They show old clips of Zach being totally disrespectful to Matt. Lots of clips of Zach yelling at Matt. Hey, they made a mistake! They put up that Zach was 15 when they showed him from Big Dreams yelling at Matt to "be a parent for one week!" Zach wasn't 15 in Big Dreams.

Zach's redeeming part of this segment is kinda week. Jeremy says Zach is hilarious. They show some clips of Zach's random sayings but the clips lack something and it's not really that funny.

*Zach says he loves Mountain Dew, FIFA and the Previa. For the emotional serious part, they go all the way back to Big Dreams and play Zach saying there must be a reason why God made him small. What does it say when they have to go all the way back to the original documentary in 2003/04 to find something emotional and deep?

Amy and Jeremy talks about Zach's love of soccer. Jeremy wants Zach to put his love for soccer into girls. I haven't seen that side of Jeremy for a while, but it's obviously still there. I get the feeling the whole family is kind of obsessed with Zach getting and girlfriend and they're bothered that he doesn't seem to care. I kind of feel sorry for Zach about that.

*They're asked who is the coolest Roloff? Matt says Molly. They all agree, Molly is the glue that holds the family together. Then Zach says it's him, but I think he was joking. Jeremy gets his insults in at Spike when Molly says Spike is the coolest Roloff, Jeremy said Spike is the uncoolest Roloff.

Matt ends the show in a voice over by saying the Roloffs are awesome because they're unique and they wouldn't be the Roloffs without all 6 Roloffs.


Greg said...

34 vehicles. The Roloffs should be ashamed that they pretend to "give back".

It's disgusting really.

Nancy said...

It was nice that they were altogether.

Matt and Jeremy were the best at talking. I would have liked to hear Jacob talk more. Molly looked very uncomfortable.

Carol said...

No memories of Mike? That was disappointing and disrespectful, imo.

Carol said...

And I was shocked they didn't find an excuse to do a Jeremy shirtless clip show. That was his role on the show for the last 2 years.

Leanne said...

The family doesn't let Jacob speak. I wanted to hear what he had to say. They wouldn't shut up and let him talk.

I liked his roadkill comment. Clever.

Melissa said...

It wasn't very emotional for the second to last show.

The 34 vehicles or machines is a reason why the show started to go downhill. There is such a thing as being too spoiled and being too greedy and materialistic.

Craw said...

Jeremy should have knocked Jacob off the couch. He was so rude to Jeremy when asked what was black.

Judy said...

I liked it. It was good to have something different.

Jeremy and Matt were the most into it.

They need to teach Jake proper posture and manners. Is it so hard to sit there without putting his chin in the palm of his hand and his elbows on his knees like he is bored to tears?

Craw, agreed. I saw that too. The look and tone Jake gave to Jeremy was very disrespectful.

Aidan said...

The fact that Molly looked embarrassed talking about herself and the family throughout the whole two shows shows me that she's the most real and will have no problem transitioning into a life without the cameras. "Reading all summer and going to bed at 10" only adds to the point that she's got her head on straight.

Shadow said...

Hey, Expressed, did you catch the part where Amy mentions how *hardly anybody* came to the pumpkin patch at first, and then "Suddenly, in the last four or five years, it's really caught on!" Hmmmm, let's think...I know, it must be all of Matt's SUPER 'agritainment" attractions! Surely it didn't have anything to do with the fact that THEY WERE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!!! Nah, couldn't be...I'm sure it's just coincidence.

Hate to break it to you, Roloffs, but we're not dumb. Easily amused at times, but not dumb. We get the whole charade.

Sasha said...

It's sad that Matt says that his projects give him a reason to live. Shouldn't his family be what gives him a reason to live?

Mike P. said...

I'm all for Jacob, and I'm happy to see him stand up for himself.

How Jake fares in that family was so obvious: He begins to talk about the trebuchet incident, and they drown him out; it's as if he has no voice that they can hear. Too darn bad if he was short with Jeremy.

I liked Jake's snark about the roadkill and, especially, about taking pets to the vet "because we don't feed them."

@Sasha: That "reason to live" crap isn't new, it's a part of Roloff's histrionics and it forms his lame excuse to disregard the needs of his wife, family, neighbors and Oregon land-use law. And yes, you'd think family might come first, but in this case, I think Roloff is truthful about his priorities (if not about his reasons).

Vic Rattlehead said...

Judy & Craw

Jeremy asked an incredibly stupid question with an answer that should have been obvious to especially if he'd bothered to listen to what Jake was saying (Jake was saying that he blacked out when he got hit and didn't remember what happened immediately during and after the accident).

So Jake had every right to be a little miffed by Jeremy asking something so obvious and stupid even for a simpleton like him.

Craw said...

Vic, you have to remember, Jeremy unlike Jacob, doesn't get knocked out every few months. LOL!

Jacob said "It was black". Jeremy asking "What was black?" is totally reasonable. Jacob should have answered it instead of looking at Jeremy like he was an idiot and sounding pissed off and annoyed.

Vic Rattlehead said...


When you talk to someone who has had a serious accident that involved a major head injury they will almost always say "things went black and all I remember is waking up on the ground or in an ambulance a few minutes later or in the hospital a few hours/days later and didn't know what happened until someone told me" in other words "I blacked out and don't remember certain parts of the incident in great detail".

Jeremy asked a really dumb question with an obvious answer that was inferred by what Jake had just said but because Jeremy's brain obviously can't process the obvious answer in what had just been said he asked a question he already knew the answer too which elicited an irritated response from Jake.

BeckyM said...

Scratching my head why this family was ever interesting...?

They show no compassion to animals - actually the contrary. Cruelty to the most defenseless is a sign of sadism that runs contrary to the Christian values this family totes about on their banner of privilige.

They show no compassion to each other, spend no real time together other then when there is some goal to be accomplished, usually to serve Matt's whim. Not having family dinners? Ever? Once again we are shown how truly poor the parenting skills and the lack of knowledge of family social issue that Matt and Amy has demonstrated again and again.

What real connection do these parents have with any of these children? What family bonding has ever been done? When have they ever helped their children understand responsiblity, consequences, goal-setting, and let them make their own mistakes?

I'm not talking about trips. I'm talking about a real connection of listening, communicating and modeling behavior for your children about how to be a responsible, caring and compassionate adult.

I predict some really big issues with these kids in 10 years or less.