Monday, November 15, 2010

Jeremy Roloff and the Brooks Institute of Photography

Potential big happenings in the world of the Roloffs. Jeremy Roloff has been accepted to the Brooks Institute of Santa Barbara, California.

We first heard talk that Jeremy was interested in the photography school last year. Actually, Jeremy has a lot of friends (not necessarily just the ones that have been seen on the show) that attend 4 year colleges. As we've reported before, Jeremy has a lot of friends and girl friends that are never talked about or hinted about on the show contrary to what the most recent of episode might have portrayed. Many of those friends go to 4 year colleges and universities. Jeremy spent last year visiting quite a few of them while he attended Portland Community College. Apparently he loved the college atmosphere and wanted to transfer, even applying to places like Oregon State University. This is also when we heard Jeremy was interested in attending a photography school.

When Matt and Jeremy went to California last month, while Matt was hush-hush about the reason or purpose, apparently one of their stops was at Brooks in Santa Barbara.

Visitors to Roloff Farms for pumpkin season on the last weekend (which was after the Matt and Jeremy trip to California) reported asking Jeremy about his future plans regarding college, he was telling them that it looks like he might be going to a Photography school in Santa Barbara, California (where Brooks is located).

And now multiple friends have said Jeremy told everyone that he indeed did get accepted to Brooks. Congratulations Jeremy! :-)

However, one of his friends informed us that Jeremy told him that he isn't totally sure he is going yet -- but getting accepted is the first step of course. Will Jeremy leave his beloved Oregon and all of his friends and family, and Jacob Mueller to attend a school in another state? That remains to be seen, but we can confirm that Jeremy did apply and was accepted.

You can check out their website to see what they're all about.

Brooks Institute
The Digital Photography School That Offers Training
in Filmmaking, Graphic Design and

Are you considering photography schools, film schools, or graphic design schools? Brooks Institute is designed for anyone who aspires to a career in photography, filmmaking, visual journalism, or graphic design. Whether you are completely new to the field or seek new skills to advance an established career, Brooks' educational philosophy of "learning by doing" can provide you with the artistic, technical, and business expertise needed to succeed.

Classes are taught by world leaders in professional photography, motion picture, visual journalism, and graphic design at beautiful locations in Santa Barbara and Ventura, California. From this base you will have the opportunity, literally, to explore the world. In this era of global communication, Brooks will continue to offer a responsive, active, and innovative training in photography, filmmaking, photojournalism and graphic design.

Apparently, not all reviews of Brooks are stellar, although I suspect you can find disgruntled former students at just about any institute. There appeared to be some controversy with Brooks in the mid 2000's -- they were reportedly investigated for misleading recruitment practices. Former students claimed they were promised job placement upon graduation, however, there were no jobs and they were in debt to the tune of around $100,000. We can't confirm the legitimacy of the people contributing to the article linked below of course, but there appears to be several disgruntled ex students.

Here is another article with some statistics about Brooks.

However, as I said, I think you could probably find detractors for any learning institution, just as many would sing their praises. Here is one that highly recommends Brooks as a leader in visual arts and photographic education.

We knew people would be curious in learning more since Jeremy has been accepted so we thought we'd pass those links along for your information or to dismiss as you wish.


Lynn C said...

Way to go, Jeremy!

Brandon said...

It's not a secret that I'm not a Jeremy fan, but I hope he goes. I mean it. The best thing for him as a person would be to finaly, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y separate from the DBU and kindergarten club.

I don't put much stock in the negative reviews. You get what you deserve if you think a trade school can 100% guarantee that you'll have a high paying job as soon as you graduate. It still depends on the individual to secure a job.

Dana said...

This is wonderful. I am really thrilled for Jeremy and I know Matt must be very proud.

A lot of people must be very embarrassed. Where are all the Jeremy bashers now? Who was it that was doubting Jeremy's photography skills? I believe a certain loudmouth on here just finished saying last week "What is Jeremy doing? Is going to a photography school? Or is he taking a course at a community college"" or something along those lines.

Now look at Jeremy. A leader in photographic education is beating down his door,

Some people never doubted Jeremy. It's as Matt said all along. He had zero doubt that Jeremy would be successful. I always had faith Jeremy would be successful. Some people have "it". Matt has "it". Jeremy has "it". Like Amy said, when Jeremy is interested in something, watch him go because he is bound and determined.

Some people made fun of Jeremy because he went through that normal teenage stage where he was finding his interests. They would change. Some recognized it as it was, some only offered ridicule. Today Jeremy proves them all wrong.

I have confidence Jeremy will make the right decision because Jeremy has said before, he leaves all important life decisions to God; as he should. God will not steer Jeremy wrong.

Congratulations Jeremy. Congratulations Matt and Amy for raising such wonderful talented Christian young man with the world at his feet.

Expressed said...

Congrats to Jer!
On the bad side, I guess if he's ready to commit or seriously consider going to school in California that rules out any spinoff or entertainment/tv show career for Jeremy. I don't see why he'd apply if he had a tv show in the works.

Austin said...

I don't know anything about this Brooks, but in my opinion Jeremy is a bigot. What will he do when he runs into gay people in Calfornia?

Greg said...

Matt must have arranged it. But without a show, what is he going to do? I won't be surprised if Matt promotes Brooks non stop on his facebook page. Maybe that's how he got Jeremy in?

Michelle said...

How hard is it to be accepted? I'm asking honestly, I don't know.

David said...

I will wager a pretty penny that Jeremy will not go.

He doesn't have the confidence and isn't developed enough as a human being to live without the constant support of his friends 24/7.

I wonder if Jeremy realizes that any photography program that is valued will not simply be snapping snazzy photos? It will require lots and lots of Jeremy's favorite thing. Math.

Craw said...

I wish people would shut up if they're not going to be supportive.

Dana is totally right. Stupid people said Jeremy was lazy and would never go anywhere in life. Instead he gets accepted to a good school.

Jason said...

Matt probably got him in. God knows Jeremy can't do anything for himself.

Craw, as far as I'm concerned Jeremy is a jerk. I won't wish him well. Stop trying to control everyone's opinions.

Samantha said...

I think Brooks is very good from what I've heard about it. Congratulations Jer! I think he should go. It's not like he will have a hard time meeting new friends

Rap541 said...

"How hard is it to be accepted? I'm asking honestly, I don't know."

All you need is a GPA of 2.0 (a c average) and the ability to pay. There's no portfolio requirement for entrance. Thats a bit of a red flag, btw.

Also Brooks, per its website has a graduation rate of 36%, and was recently engaged in a class action lawsuit where students were suing because they were promised pie in the sky job opportunities that would justify their student loans running to over 100k.

Dana - I think its great that two years after graduating high school, with no job to entangle him, that Jeremy has finally made a decision to not be a child. Having perused the Brooks website, I hope Jeremy realizes that their program isn't going to allow his play time and that in order to succeed, he's going to need to work hard.

I, like David, question whether he will go, but like Brandon, I think it would be a good thing for him to do... I just hope he's careful. This tradeschool looks like one could easily waste a lot of money with nothing to show for it.

That 36% completion rate means out of every 100 people who shell out the tuition, only 36 end up with degrees. And per their own stats, only 28 of those graduates end up working in their respective fields.

(waits to see if Jer-Bear can bear leaving home)

Megan B said...

Uh, being "accepted" at a for-profit vocational school with dramatically falling enrollment is hardly a stunning accomplishment. High school diploma, anyone?

Vic Rattlehead said...

Dana if you think that Jeremy got into that school based on his own merits you've got another thing coming.

Any school with a sharp public relations department would jump at the chance to accept the spawn of a famous or even semi-famous person into their program even if they aren't scholastically accomplished enough to get in because it provide them good press and raises awareness of that program.

In contrast to Jeremy who despite his distinct lack of talent maturity or intelligence has been accepted into what would be a very exclusive education program yesterday a 24 year old (yes he's only four years older than Jeremy) German Formula One Driver named Sebastien Vettel won the world drivers championship becoming the youngest man in F1 history to take that title.

Sebastien Vettel got to where he is today because of his genuine talent, a maturity way beyond his years, his keen intelligence and intensely passionate desire towards achieving greatness like his hero Michael Schmacher.

As opposed to Jeremy who has many hobbies but no real desire to achieve anything because it would mean he'd have to leave to comfortable confines of the "farm" and go out into the big bad world to try and make it on his own.

In the end it really helps when your father has money and can pull strings to get you what you want as opposed to working hard and clawing your way up through the ranks before achieving your goals.

Shadow said...

"A leader in photographic education is beating down his door."

Dana, part of the enjoyment of reading your posts is your overwhelming hyperbole. Jeremy APPLIED to Brooks and was accepted.

I, for one, hope this is a new start for Jeremy. I don't care for his type, but I don't wish evil on him. Maybe photography *is* his thing, and he will flourish at Brooks. Only time will tell...

As for Brooks, well, it was once a well-respected trade school, but after being sold to a for-profit organization, it has had a rough go of it for the last few years. Their enrollment dropped by half between 2004 and 2007.

On the other hand, it appears to offer Jeremy a lot of the sorts of things he most enjoys - like the extensive travel program. Plus it's located in Santa Barbara, which should suit Jeremy to a T. And he's well-off, so he'll be able to fully indulge himself in the SB lifestyle...

Of course, it remains to be seen if he actually enrolls, but I would think that Santa Barbara would be a strong lure to the Jer-Bear...

Shadow said...

Michelle - as for admission, the latest data shows that about 1 in 3 applicants are accepted. Tuition is about $27,000/year.

Interesting that the graduation rate is only 41%. Wonder if students leave for art-related jobs, or just never finish...

Jerome said...

How is the college "beating down his door"???

All you do is fill out paperwork and they accept you...probably one of the only reasons he got accepted is because the school knows they will get tuition off of him because his parents are loaded. that is all... i am sure you don't need a high GPA in high school to get accepted to Brooks Photography School.

You can't honestly believe that the school sought him out and then made a call and asked him to come there...if they did then he would be on scholarship and I am pretty sure that is not going to happen. Colleges aren't stupid...they will take anyone that they know they can get the money out of. I had a friend who was a steady 1.6 gpa all through high school and he went to one of the top schools in my state...and you know why...because his parents were millionaires and the college saw the $ signs in their eyes.

All of you jeremy fans need to get off your high horse and quit making this out like it is some sort of accomplishment to get accepted to a "trade school"...

now if he actually goes and graduates with either a 2 or 4 year degree THEN and only then can you get some kudos for your beloved jeremy.

just for the record I am not a 100% jeremy fan but nor do I hate the guy...I am just fed up with reading all the comments from ill minded people who are praising him for things that shouldn't deserve praise...

let's see how this pans out...

Brandon said...

"Of course, it remains to be seen if he actually enrolls, but I would think that Santa Barbara would be a strong lure to the Jer-Bear..."

Shadow, I don't think so. I feel Jeremy should go. I think it would do him wonders of good to go to another state where he actually needs to meet new people that haven't known him since first grade.

But like David said, I'm betting Jeremy doesn't go. I don't think he's matured at all and that means hanging with his buddies still is what makes Jeremy's world go round.

Maybe he applied just to see if he would get accepted? I bet it's hitting him right about now that he wouldn't be surrounded by his support system and he wouldn't see Mueller every two hours of every day. Ooh no! What is a 20 year old to do when he can't see his best friend since Grade One ever day?

I really hope he goes for his sake, but I don't think Jeremy has the gumption to follow through.

Trying to get into Oregon State seems to me like more of a Jeremy thing to do. He would still be relatively close to home (a few hours I think). If he already has lots of friends there, his heart would still beat because he would be surrounded by them. It would be party central.

Any of the Christian fans wonder why Jeremy supposedly loves the "atmosphere" at 4 year college? Gee, I wonder what that could be.

Shelly said...

It's good that Jeremy is showing some initiative.

Timothy said...

I'll believe Jeremy has grown up when he ACTUALLY leaves, but at this point he hasn't done anything except he has a ticket out. I will be shocked if he goes.

Judy B said...

I agree with Dana. Listening to some people, I would be led to believe Jeremy is spending his days skateboarding around the farm playing video games.

Instead he obviously has a very real interest in photography. He made the effort to investigate the school, visited it, applied and was accepted.

It's a big decision. Why ridicule him for weighing his options.

Leaving everyone you know is not what makes every person on the planet happy. He doesn't necessarily need to go that far away from everybody he knows to get an education in the field he desires.

If he goes, I wish him success. If he doesn't, I totally understand.

Regardless, it shows Jeremy is doing something with his life and isn't content to go to PCC forever and live at home.

Sykora said...

I think Jeremy would like it. Brooks sounds like it has a lot to offer. I think Jeremy is also interested in video and editing. They also have programs about that, not only photography. Go Jeremy!

Justin said...

Well, if I'm understanding the story right, Matt took Jeremy to Brooks. A couple of weeks later, Brooks accepts him.

Sure sounds like same old. Matt arranged it. I don't believe Jeremy decides what to eat for breakfast without Matt setting it up and approving it for him.

The school is probably so scared of Matt. If there are other upset parents of rich kids feeling ripped off. I could imagine Matt telling them he would sue and have his FBI friends after them! That's what Matt does right? Don't mess with Matt's precious Golden Boy or else Matt will make them sleep with the fishies!

Anonymous said...

1 in 3 admission rate? The real rate is likely the 95% that is quoted in some online sources. This is now a for-profit vocational school with drastically declining enrollment trading on their old and diminishing name. If you have a GED or better, are basically literate (I realize that is the big challenge here), and apply, you will get in.

M said...

I have 3 friends who went to a good college for photography and none of them we're able to find real photography careers after. These friends have real talent and I'm not just saying that because they are my friends. One of three's photos has been featured in magazines, websites and she's shot big time famous musical acts. But she was unable to support herself with just photography. She is now teaching art in a middle school and is doing photography on her free time. My advice to Jeremy is to get a degree in something like buisness and open like a photography studio.

Shadow said...

Well, Brandon, I still think that Santa Barbara is a HUGE draw to Jer - he loves the beach, the weather is nice, wealthy people are all around, etc. When he went down there to visit, he knew the show was ending, and without that to occupy his time, really, what else was he going to do in Portland? This way, he gets to go play in a nice new sandbox with Daddy's money for a few more years. Because Brooks is a trade school, they don't require any of that "boring" stuff like English or math, so he'll get to play with his expensive camera equipment and maybe even learn a little bit. And I'm betting that his buds will be down there *frequently* to visit.

I absolutely agree that it will be good for him to get away and live "on his own," but let's face it, when you can afford to live in a nice place in a really nice beach town in southern California and eat out or order out whenever you feel like it, and you have a nice car to drive and money to go places and do stuff, "living on your own" is not exactly the toughest challenge. And let's not forget, he's also got his "fame" from the show as a draw - I'm sure there will be plenty of groupies ready to help him with any "loneliness" issues.

Ashley said...

Shadow, doesn't Brooks require a lot of math? I thought it does.

Shadow said...

Ashley, I stand partially corrected. Brooks requires ONE mathematics class (the only one they offer, other than a remedial class) and THREE English classes (out of a choice of five). The math class appears to be an entry-level review of basic high school math. So while Jeremy will have to take a few typical college-style classes, "a lot of math" does not appear to be accurate.

DoubtingDonna said...

Translation...Matt R. connives another 'freebie' off the 'celebrity' of LPBW. Relax's not like Jeremy was accepted to Yale. lol That said, he should attend. Maybe he'll mature a bit if he does.

Alicia said...

Is it true that Matt hired a personal teacher for Jeremy to learn photography and film editing from?

Brian said...

With Matts connections, he would be better off finding someone to be an Assistant to. Someone working in the type of Photography he wants to do. I am guessing he wants into the Sports Photog Field so he should go to someone in that field. That would help him more than a trade school. He would learn more and make more contacts than he would in the school.

Amanda said...

The reps for Brooks practically beg you to attend the school. No surprise he got in. There is an arts school in Portland called PNCA which Im most positive he will attend

Brandon said...

Amanda, if Jeremy gets accepted to PNCA, it will show me that he is creative.

He will need to be creative because it won't be pretty if he gives the honest answers. They require applicants to write essays on these questions.

1. Describe your imaginary best friend?

"I would have known him since I was 4 years old. His initials would be JM. He's tall. We have a great time using racist language, mocking gay people and trashing my fans. That's how we show our love for Jesus that we both think we have."

2. If someone were to search for your name in 100 years on the internet, what would they find?

'Had a bit of fame and made some money off of a reality show based solely on the fact that I had family members with dwarfism. They would find that I was know for being hypocrite that used racist and bigoted language and mocked gay people. They would find that I hid behind my dad and let my dad talk for me well into my 20s because I couldn't be trusted to speak for myself. Oh, and some people said I was hot and had a cute butt."

What do you think? Would art schools be banging down Jeremy's door based on that? :)

Mike said...

I am a current student at Brooks Institute, and I feel the need to clarify some things:
1.) It is true about the lawsuit against the school; however, the school doesn't guarantee that you will get a job upon graduation--just that it will work with you to assist in finding a job. That being said, some people just don't have the ability to promote themselves or the work ethic to get off of their couches and actively search for paying photography jobs (especially in the midst of a slow economy).
2.) Although the graduation rate is very low, there are several factors to consider as to why it is so low: The coursework is fast-paced and intense, the school is expensive, and many choose to drop out because they can't keep up with the class load year-round for 3 years (we don't get summers off). Also, people often are offered positions as interns or assistants prior to graduation, and because of the narrow windows of opportunity, choose to not finish.
3.) Brooks is not a "trade school". I am working towards a BFA degree and have to take a lot of Business, Communications, History, and English/Literature classes as well. Yes, there is only one Math class required, but it covers Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and some Calculus. Anyone who compares it to a vocational school, technical school, trade school, or certification program have not done their research.
4.) Brooks Institute was purchased in 1999 by the CEC, making it a for-profit private college. Because of this, it is quite easy to be accepted. The school doesn't actively seek out people who haven't previously expressed an interest or requested information. If you don't have the dedication and passion for photography to work hard at it, this school will eat you alive.

I don't watch the show, so I don't know anything about Jeremy's alleged use of racist and bigoted language or mocking gay people. All I can say to that is that, by attending Brooks, he is going to have to make some BIG adjustments, especially around his fellow students.

Jocelynn said...

Mike, thanks so much for posting. It's great to hear from someone that is actually going to Brooks.

I agree with you on the first point. I didn't put much stock in that part of the lawsuit. No one can expect a school to guarantee them a job. That sounds lazy on their part.

Would you say that the atmosphere around Brooks is more Liberal?

By the way, if you don't know much about Jeremy, I understand why you could think it was just rumors, but it is true.

Spiritswander is the authority on all REAL Roloff information. There was a scandal that involved Jeremy using racist and homophobic slurs. It was a few years ago, but Jeremy has never apologized and his maturity level at 21 is still in question...

The Roloffs are very right wing conservative Republican. It's a fact that Jeremy is an usher at this church that he loves. If you listen to this video starting around 2 minutes, it will give you an idea of Jeremy's feeling about gay people. His church is one of the churches that promotes gay rebab, curing gay people of their "disease" or "perversion". It also has extreme beliefs about women and how their role is to serve their man.

Brandon said...

Mike, it's nice to have the perspective from you. Thanks for the info.

How difficult is the work load?

A lot of us have serious questions about Jeremy's ability to be successful there.

Is there a lot of math? Jeremy hates math.
Basically I think a lot of us think Jeremy wants to go to Brooks because he thinks it's going to be cool to take pictures and learn the craft.

He has an expensive camera (Nikon D5000) and likes going around snapping pictures.

Jeremy's level of focus has always been an issue and one of the trends in his life is that when things get difficult he usually quits.

Also, how much constructive criticism is there from Brooks? Jeremy is very much the special snowflake if you know what I mean.

He went to a very small Christian Private School. He played soccer and was the best player. Thus, his family and friends said he was the greatest soccer player he likes taking pictures. His family and friends rave about how talented he is....and Jeremy has the arrogance to believe the feedback he gets.

I wonder how Jeremy is going to handle it if Brooks doesn't coddle him.


Expressed said...

Mike, thanks for the info. Nice pictures btw!

Did you see Jeremy today or yesterday? Or the TLC crew? The Roloffs were in Santa Barbara yesterday and today.

Craw said...

"All I can say to that is that, by attending Brooks, he is going to have to make some BIG adjustments, especially around his fellow students."

@Mike, what do you mean by that? Do you mean there are a lot of gays at Brooks?

Some of us ARE conservative and believe in the Bible like Jeremy does and I like that Jeremy isn't accepting of the gay lifestyle.

Kayla said...

Hi Mike, if you don't mind me asking, how expensive is housing in Santa Barbara? Brooks doesn't have a campus right?

How much does an apartment nearby cost?

From what you say about the workload, I'm not optimistic for Jeremy. lol.

Brandon got it right. I don't wish Jeremy failure, but I think Jeremy is going because his friends and family tell him he's talented. He wants to build on his talent.

I don't think Jeremy wants to work, I think he wants to have fun taking pictures. If they make the in class stuff fun, maybe he will do well. But if a lot of people drop out...I'm not optimistic for Jeremy.

Michelle T said...

Mike, how big is the party scene at Brooks/Santa Barbara? Do you get a lot of students that are more into partying than serious about the school?

Jason said...

Actually Craw, artsy people tend to be a lot more diverse (not the Roloffs version of diversity that boils down to 'accept us') than Jeremy's little mentality of "gay people are boogeymen!"

Vic Rattlehead said...

Craw take your 2000 year old storybook that was written by superstitious ignorant bronze age nomadsand shove it where the sun don't shine.

This is the 21st century not the 1st century.

I for one am much less accepting of any hardcore evangelical christian because they are so self righteous and arrogant in their condemnations of anyone who is "different" (meaning isn't a sniveling idiot who can't think for themselves)just because they dare to show individuality common sense or intellect.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Brooks will "handle" Jeremy by booting him out on his arse if he doesn't pull his weight.

I give him three months before either dropping out or being forced to leave the program.

Mike said...

Sorry for the late response...I just now checked the blog again, and saw a lot of replies to my post, so I will try to answer them in one long post:

Enrollment - Jeremy and his family (with camera crew in tow) took another tour of our school last week. I have friends who do work study for the school, and they were the ones who initially told me about him. Apparently, he is on the delayed enrollment program, scheduled to start in the fall. That's all I know.

Tolerance - The environment around Brooks (much like any other Fine Arts school) is very liberal. Granted, there are some students who come from very conservative, religious backgrounds; however, due to the a large population of LGBT students (like me), LGBT faculty, and progressive gay-friendly students and faculty, bigotry, prejudice, and hate speech is not tolerated. This is, after all, California.

Difficulty - There are only a couple math classes here, but photography consists of a lot of mathematical calculations to determine how to control light, so he might not like that. A Nikon D5000 is not a very expensive camera (relatively speaking), but the school has various cameras, lenses, and other photographic equipment that students may check out for assignments. One thing that Brooks doesn't do is coddle. It is a very difficult program, and not many students who come here are party animals, simply because most of our time and money is spent on photo assignments and supplies. The teachers are pretty critical of students because they want them to constantly strive to better themselves. Fellow classmates are usually the harshest in class critiques, so if your work isn't up to par, you will definitely hear about it. I don't like what I hear about Jeremy's propensity to quit things if they become difficult--this school isn't for people who think it would be cool to take pretty pictures but aren't willing to dedicate themselves to the craft. The first 18 months are the most difficult, when you are expected to learn the technical aspects of photography, and a lot of the assignments aren't very fun. The really fun classes are taken once you reach upper division.

Housing - Housing in Santa Barbara is very expensive. Most single bedroom apartments run between 1200-1700/month. I share a two-bedroom with a fellow Brooks student, and we pay $1850/month.

From what it sounds to me, Jeremy needs to do some serious growing up. Moving away from home will definitely teach him about responsibility, respect, dedication, and acceptance (especially here at Brooks in Santa Barbara). However, based on comments that I have read from people on here, I am skeptical that he will make it past the first year.

Brandon said...

Thanks Mike.

I'm not a Jeremy supporter by any stretch of the imagination, lol. I think he lacks a lot to even be a decent person with an acceptable level of character, but I've always thought going to Brooks would be good for him.

He really needs to get out of the environment he's been in for his entire life and away from his parents that enable him to live like a child at age 21 and his friends since kindergarten that he still plays with 24/7. I'm still skeptical that BFF Jacob Mueller won't find a way to travel with Jeremy to Cali.

Brooks being Liberal with a large population of LGBT students will be very interesting for Jeremy. The environment Jeremy puts himself in right now is "I love Jesus, gays are going to hell because it's one man, one woman, so are drunkards, but I get drunk and then ask Jesus to grant forgiveness and then celebrate Jesus by saying I live for him".

Lynn C said...

Is it fair to say Jeremy quits things when they become difficult? Any examples?

Rap541 said...

Soccer. He didn't make ODP and that ended the dream. Flying. At one point Matt was bragging about Jeremy going to ground school to pursue his dream of flight... the big boy isn't a pilot... Filling out a job application at Lowe's... it was just sooooo hard to remember his SSN or to call his mommy to tell him. Hey, how about changing his writing class? He sadfaced how hard it was, he wandered around expecting someone to do it for him, and then he went home to mommy with the job undone. He rams the trailer into the garage, and its too hard to face Daddy so Jeremy walks away. His brother is in the hospital for surgery, and Jeremy's too distraught to be at home, he needs to walk away and be with friends instead of deal with the crisis.

Makes me wonder what Jeremy would do if being Christian ever required him to anything that wasn't fun.

Rap541 said...

I am curious to see if Jeremy goes. The big boy, not a man, not EVER a real man, always Mommy and Daddy Matt's *boy*, has not been allowed by Mommy and Daddy to say for certain whether they will allow him to leave home for the very first time all by himself. ;)

I do agree with Brandon - I hope he goes. I think it would be good for him. Jeremy at 21+ is a little old to have never spent a night away from home without an adult chaperone making sure he tends to business.

David said...

Rap, you forgot changing the flat tire. He went inside with the job unfinished because it was hard. His disabled dad did it for him.

Lynn C said...

Rap, a lot of boys have dreams of being a professional athlete "when they grow up". As they get older and mature, they realize it's not going to happen and move onto more realistic goals.

I don't think it's fair to say that's quitting when it gets difficult.

Would you rather have little Johnny floundering his days away thinking he's going to make the majors?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't you said exactly that about Zach? That he should be realistic and realize that he's not going to be a professional soccer anything and should give it up?

But Jeremy is a quitter because he isn't a pro soccer player.

Which is it?

Rap541 said...

Lynn - I think, if people are going whine even now that Jeremy had the talent to be in ODP and was kept out by "haters" among the coaches who were "just jealous" of his talent - and I can direct you to the conversations where this happened on this board alone, then I expect Jeremy to do something with his shining talent other than nothing. There are more paths to pro-soccer than ODP. Jeremy tried *one*, and quit when he wasn't immediately successful.

The difference between Jeremy and Zach is that Zach has a physical handicap that will always keep him from professional soccer. I know you're bright enough to see that, Lynn. So explain to me, was Jeremy hatefully denied an opportunity his talent at soccer earned him? If so, why didn't he pursue that talent he so obviously has?

What about ground school and being a pilot? What about being incapable of filling out a job app? (I mean sure, Jeremy is a rich priveledged boy who doesn't need to work - unless Matt feels the farm is too much for him and then the Roloffs are poor and need Jeremy to work manual labor to help them survive...) Hey, what about manning up to his own mistakes? Hey what about showing his family some support?

Hey what about failing to register for a new class because it was too hard? Lynn? Lynn? Is that an example of Jeremy showing me how he perservered? When he sadfaced how hard it was to register fr a class and went home to mommy and then lipped off to his mom, and spent his first semester of college taking ONE course because he couldn't figure out how to register for a different writing course and no one would just do it for him? :)

Jocelynn said...

Lynn, even Amy, Zach and some of Jeremy's friends have said one of the reasons why he didn't make ODP was because he didn't put any work into it.

He just went in, expecting it to be easy. When it wasn't and he wasn't hearing that he was the greatest, he gave up.

Lynn, your point would be valid if Jeremy put hard work into it and just didn't make it, but nobody says Jeremy put work into it.

I see the connection being made between soccer and photography.

It's fun to get out on the field in soccer and win when you're the best player out there. It's fun to take pretty pictures.

Few things in life are fun all the time. We know what happened when soccer required hard and not fun all the time for Jeremy.

From what Mike says, photography school will not be all fun, especially in the beginning. Will Jeremy repeat his pattern or turn over a new leaf?

Jocelynn said...

Thanks Mike. I also have doubts, but hope I'm wrong.

I don't think Jeremy is serious about photography. I think he likes it, but that's not the same as being serious about something and prepared to put in work. I think Jeremy wants to have fun and a photography school in California close to the beach sounds fun.

Ellen said...

You people are judging Jeremy and you haven't even seen his work. I am friend of Jeremy's, he is VERY talented and will blow everyone away when they see how good he is already.

As for the college being Liberal, John Mark Comer has talked about that at Solid Rock. Jeremy was listening.

John Mark encourages followers of Christ to pursue fields that are dominated by people that reject God or might be living in ways that displease God. It gives glory to God by having people who are serving Christ in fields that desperately need more of Jesus in that particular element of society.

Rap541 said...

Ellen, please explain why Jeremy drinks alcohol at all, when he knows Jesus, per John Mark Comer, doesn't approve?

Wasn't he listening and being a soldier for Christ then? Or was it too hard, so he whoops it up and takes that "Sorry jesus!" free pass to heaven?

Or is this how being a Christian works? You say you love Jesus, but whenever the rules are too hard, Jeremy can just break them, smile and say "I'm fallen, sorry Jesus" and then continue sinning?

This is exactly the right faith for Jeremy... he doesn't have to make any effort at all to ACT christian... Unless of course, he has the opportunity to look down his nose at someone.... After all, he's a CHRISTIAN!

Ellen - if Jeremy is *listening* so hard, why is he *doing* the things John Mark Comer says are wrong? Why doesn't Jeremy actually have to ACT like a Christian in order to be lauded as an excellent Christian? I mean, it sure seems like if I declare myself Christian right now, I don't have make ANY effort to act Christian... and you'd be praising me, right Ellen?

Anyone who says they are Christian is an excellent Christian to be held up? Actions mean nothing?

Hey Ellen, since you're a friend... how about some examples of Jeremy showing his Christian nature thru actions? Has Jeremy ever done anything *difficult* for Jesus? Hanging with his friends on friday night and then getting blasted downtown btw does not count as difficult.

Hillary said...

Can someone fill me in, who is John Mark Comer? I've never heard of him? Was he on the show?

Samantha P said...

Rap, you would benefit from listening to this..

I don't know how to make the link clickable, either copy and paste or click on my name.

It is the teaching called "Black, White + Gray"

Samantha P said...

To be more specific if you won't listen to it all, John Mark speaks about having alcohol with friends at 37 to 46 of Black, white and gray.

Rap541 said...

Samamntha - having listened to this... you do realize that this is not an endorsement of alcohol, right?

In fact, he asks a good question... is the action worth imitating?

Jeremy, by drinking, clearly does not think that John Mark Comer's example of NOT drinking, is worth imitating.

Mike P said...

LOL. Jeremy will be a light among the Godless photographers.

Question to Mike: Does Brooks ever flunk people out?

Rap541 said...

Hillary, John Mark Comer is the pastor of the Solid Rock church that Jeremy attends.

Christine said...

Hillary, John Mark Comer is Jeremy's spiritual mentor.

Jeremy quotes him and tells people to listen to him. In Jeremy's group of friends, most of them list John Mark as their inspirational figure and that God is doing great things through John Mark's ministry at the

Craw said...

Rap, I listened to the link Samantha P posted.

He says it's a gray area. The question he wants to ask is is the action good for your community and the people are with. The people Jeremy parties with are Christians. They are celebrating Jesus by having a good time.

John Mark says he doesn't drink, but makes it clear that he doesn't expect everybody at the church to be like him.

Timothy said...

Samantha P, I share Rap's opinion.

But the other part about that clip I found interesting was the bits from John Mark about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are not followers of Jesus.

Tell me, Samantha, how many of Jeremy's friends that he surrounds himself with are not followers of Jesus? Almost none?

I have so I wouldn't be ignorant, listened to a number of JMC's archived podcasts on that website.

I don't agree with JMC with his interpretation of the Bible for certain subjects and how conservative he is, but I find it humorously hypocritical that Jeremy is such a big fan. JMC does have some good life lessons that Jeremy and his Jesus contingent clearly don't follow.

Justin said...

Jeremy fails in John Mark's biggest thing for being a "follower of Jesus". Are your actions bringing people towards Christ?

Jeremy does the opposite. I'm serious.

Justin said...

Thank you for the information Mike. I think you are going to be right.

If it's true that Brooks has a high drop out rate in the first year, I think Jeremy is a prime candidate for that.

Do they boot anybody out if they are doing too poorly?

David said...

As a prep for Jeremy's experiment with Brooks, he should use the rest of the summer to get acquainted with living on his own.

Get an apartment (not on the farm) for the rest of the summer. Work. Speaking of that, Matt hasn't pumped up how busy they are with the dirt project. How is Jer Bear spending his days now that Matt can't even present the illusion that Jeremy is busy working for him?

We all know. Jeremy isn't working. He's playing every day because that's fun. It's easy to live off his parents and let them take care of him.

If he was smart, he would at least get some experience in being independent before he tries it for the first time while needing to balance a new school that he's not prepared for.

Rap541 said...


He clearly states drinking under age is wrong and we know Jeremy "Stealing vodka from Daddy at sixteen" Roloff was drinking under age, and therefore has sinned.

We know Jeremy drinks now, despite John Mark Comer's example... again, does Jeremy think John Mark Comer's actions are worth imitiating? Obviously not.

Does partying with alcohol build up the community? Does that help the Gospel go out? Can I be blunt, Craw? As a Christian, what I am about to say should bother you - your attitude and Jeremy's keeps me from wanting to know Jesus because you're so unpleasant, and because you excuse every wrong act with "I'm saved so all I have to is say sorry and I can do whatever! Jeremy loves Jesus and none of his actions matter since he's a Christian and better than you." Justin sums it up nicely... if being Christian means being like Jer-Bear... then I'd rather not.

Btw apparently the Bible says if you're drinking to get a buzz or to relax with friends, you're sinning, according to this preacher. Who wants to see Jeremy, hand on the Bible saying he never gets buzzed?

Shelby said...

Sorry to sound stupid, but what is delayed enrollment?

Aren't you either signed up to start in the fall or you aren't?

Craw said...

@Rap - We are imperfect people in need of a perfect savior. We have that. I've heard what John Mark said. He said Jesus is in the business of healing and saving. Jesus won't hold it against Jeremy for what he did at 16 because Jeremy accepts Jesus as his savior.

Did you ever see Jeremy's real Facebook fan page? One of Jeremy's quotes was "The church is not a museum for saints, but a hospital for sinners". Think about what that means and why Jeremy quoted it.

Greg said...

"Btw apparently the Bible says if you're drinking to get a buzz or to relax with friends, you're sinning, according to this preacher. Who wants to see Jeremy, hand on the Bible saying he never gets buzzed?"

Rap, I'd say that Jeremy's friends at the LPA parties asking how Jeremy was feeling the next day after a night of wild partying indicates that he gets more than buzzed...

Rap541 said...

Craw 0- I have heard about the "Whoopsie, Sorry Jesus!" attitude... I mean, I get it... you're imperfect, Jeremy's imperfect, so he and you don't even have to try... you can sin, and then you grin and say "Whoopsie Jesus!" and snicker how you're Christian and you get a free pass.

Thats why I don't respect you or Jeremy. You grin and sin, and act like doing whatever the hell you please, treating people like garbage and pulling the "I'm imperfect so I can treat you like crap, say sorry Jesus, chug a beer, say sorry Jesus, kill someone, say sorry Jesus."

I get why Jeremy quoted it, Craw - its his free pass to not act Christian at all. He can do whatever he pleases as long as he admits after all the fun, that he's sorry. Why be a better to begin with when you can sin sin sin and you don't have to care in the slightest who you might hurt... Why do right when you can party hard and just throw down "I'm a Christian, I'm imperfect, whoopsie, now gimme a beer!"?

Thats exactly what I mean when I say Jeremy likes his version of Christianity because its not hard. He doesn't have to try to be a good person, he can just sin and grin and grunt out a 'whoopsie Jesus, I'm imperfect!' and he and you, Craw, act like thats being a good person.

Its not. Its actually being a nasty person.

Rap541 said...

Greg - I know - but see, Jeremy doesn't have to *try*. He can go out, get drunk off his ass and SIN SIN SIN and as long as he trots out "I'm imperfect, whoopsie Jesus!" he's NOT ACTUALLY SINNING. Being Christian means you can SIN ALL YOU WANT as long as you follow up with a "Whoopsie Jesus!

No wonder Jeremy loves being Christian... He can sin his brains out and still be praised as an excellent God Fearing Christian since he pays lip service to Jesus. Some faith.

Christy T said...

Mike Thanks for the description of Brooks.

Rap, the thing I find to be a joke (in a disgusted way) is the way Jeremy is supposedly focused on bringing people to Jesus according to his pastor.

He has some fame. I'm not even meaning in a Billy Graham way. But does Jeremy even set the example by being nice to people?

No, he insults them. He's a snob. He wants nothing to do with them. That's how someone at Solid Rock church brings people to Jesus? By being a rude snob.

If anybody associated with Solid Rock church reads this, for what its worth, I think you guys that church are a joke. Jeremy is an usher there? Look at his example.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Jeremy is in no way a real christian.

Real christians live their lives with grace humility humbleness honesty and genuine concern for the well being of others not the fake concern that fake christians like Jeremy show towards others by adjudging them to be evil or dirty and in need of being saved by a self righteous fool who misunderstands what the true message of christianity is: be a decent person, live a humble life, take care of those around you and those in need in your community and you will be rewarded, or at least that's what I learned in catacism class.

Jeremy clearly uses his religious beliefs as a crutch to excuse his bad behavior and justify his ignorant hateful beliefs because he is far too weak minded to just come out and admit that he is an ugly human being inside and out.

Brandon said...

Sorry this is off topic to Brooks, but with some of the posts about Jeremy and his Solid Rock Church.

Y'know what I've always found hilarious? Jeremy and his friends love the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was wondering if they toned it down to get popular with kids today, but in the mid 90s the RHCP were very vocal about being pro-gay?

I was reminded of this because I just saw the bassist, Flea's twitter account and his tweet yesterday.

Who else (the person he's laughing at) does this sound like?????? :)!/flea333

flea333 Flea
i hear michelle bachman's husband "cures" gay people....hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah! ........what a moron......#gay people be gay!
15 Jul


I wonder if Jeremy and the DBU even know what the RHCP are about.

Vic Rattlehead said...


I highly doubt that Jeremy and his friends actually understand or even realize that the guys in the red hot chili peppers are still very much involved in the gay rights movement both through donations both personal and professional to organizations like GLAD.

Of course people like them also think that the Police classic Every Breath You Take is a love song when it's actually about an obsessed teacher who is stalking a female student he is infatuated with.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Her's a fun fact for everyone here:

Can you guess which famous shock rocker (hint he's from Phoenix Arizona)is also a born again christian.

I'll give everyone a minute to think about the answer.


Alice Cooper became a born again christian in the early 90's as part of his recovery from twenty years of alcohol abuse, the difference is that he keeps his beliefs mostly to himself and he genuinely wants to help others like any genuinely good christian would (his dad was a minister) even going as far as being a mentor in recovery to former Metallica member and Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine who for twenty five years battled with drug and alcohol addictions.

Dave Mustaine himself eventually became a born again christian and used his own money to establish a recovery house for drug and alcohol abusers.

The difference between Alice Dave and Jeremy is that they freely admit their own failings and weaknesses they keep their faith a private matter and they don't act as if they are superior to others for being christians.

Mike said...

I can't name anyone that has been kicked out of the school from poor academic marks; however, after failing/re-taking a class 3 or 4 sessions, you're just throwing literally thousands of dollars away.
Ellen, it isn't about talent's about hard work. One of the best pieces of advice I have heard is that no matter how good of a photographer you are, there will ALWAYS be someone better. If Jeremy has the ability to take good photographs, but not the drive to actually do the assignments, then he will fail. Plain and simple. If he actually steps up to the plate, does the work, and doesn't have a bad attitude, he will do well. Also, due to being emotionally close to Jeremy, your opinion about his photography is biased in nature (and I am also guessing that you are not a professional photographer), so it holds no merit, especially in the eyes of teachers, fellow students, and future clients.
I am going to limit my comments about the "God vs. Gays" argument, because it is a moot point--no religious person who thinks that they can "pray away the gay" is worth arguing with. Their beliefs are deeply rooted, and they need to accept that others' beliefs are as deeply rooted as well. It's easy to change an opinion, but it's much more difficult to change one's values. If Jeremy has a problem with homosexuals/people of other faiths/races/backgrounds, he most definitely won't be a welcome addition to the school. Because, historically, many of the strongest opponents of homosexual lifestyle have been actual closeted homosexuals themselves, I honestly wasn't shocked from what I had seen while watching my first few episodes of LPBW the other day. That's all I'm saying.

Timothy said...

Mike, will you still be a student at Brooks come the fall when (if) Jeremy attends?

I couldn't agree with you more about the religious vs gays issue.

I think the quote Brandon quoted from the RHCP musician about those who "cure" gay people sums up a lot of people's feeling about it and how extreme it really is.

And it's absolutely true about Jeremy. Spirits has the original article from years ago, where Sy Rogers (an "ex-gay" that now runs his own ministry) was recruited to help them with the "gay problem". The article described the church and the method as very controversial.

Years, ago the Roloff family church, Harvest Community Church, the church that was on LPBW for Mike Detjen's funeral memorial, invited Sy Rogers to speak there and the Roloffs attended.

Then in the last year or two, Jeremy has really gotten into this Solid Rock church in Portland. Matt even admitted Jeremy is an usher there and loves the church....and it also preaches "curing" gay people. Jeremy's pastor recommends this website:
in videos that have been posted.

It is shocking that people still think that way in 2011, but even more shocking that so-called "diversity" speakers that got a series based around the message of accepting people that have difference than you do, support a church that teach these beliefs.

That's why so many of us here have come to lose all respect for the Roloffs. Jeremy, out of all of them, is the one that is totally wrapped in the church and this belief. Almost all of his friends are the exact same way.

Rap541 said...

Actually, speaking as an Arizonan, Alice Cooper is like, one of our icons here... He does all kinds of good things for the community.

Vic Rattlehead said...


I hold him in the highest regard for his charitable activates, including his yearly charity golf tournament his participation in the community at large through philanthropic work and his genuine concern for anyone in need.

Alice Cooper is a genuine example of a real christian who cares about others and he is to commended for it.

Rap541 said...

Vic- Agreed. He's a good guy. He does commercials for a car lot here and the story is that he went shopping for a car and no one would give the scruffy rocker guy any attention until he went to this one lot. Bought five cars and does their commercials. He also financed some huge youth community center. I'm not over fond of his music (he was a lil before my time) but he's a geniunely nice guy who does good works.

Rap541 said...

And I think, to your point, the things Alice does for our community are very much downplayed. Its not "I'm Alice Cooper and look at how awesome I am" but more like "Yes, I'm Alice Cooper, but this is about the kids here at the new community center, isn't that awesome?"

Dana said...

Jeremy, by all accounts, is a talented photographer. There is nothing wrong with Matt promoting him as such and being proud of him.

Dana said...

Mike, it sounds to me like you are not very accepting of Jeremy's Christian beliefs which are based on the word of God in the Bible.

From what you've said, I think Brooks seems desperately in need of followers of Christ like Jeremy.

Vic Rattlehead said...


I had the great pleasure of meeting Alice Cooper after a show in New York City on his "Theater Of Death: North American Tour" early last year and he is a genuinely nice guy who actually takes the time to listen to his fans (he even signed an autograph for me and personally thanked me for coming to the show).

He's such a nice guy so down to earth and most importantly he really appreciates his fans because without them he knows he wouldn't be where he still is today after more than 40 years.

That five minute interaction made me respect him even more not just for the charity work he does but also for the kind and decent man he is.

Rap541 said...

Has anyone other than a friend or a family member called Jeremy a talented photographer, Dana?

And frankly, I get the sense that Dana believes that Jeremy *shouldn't* be challenged. He's a Christian and everyone else should kiss his ass for it as Christians are BETTER and ALWAYS RIGHT. Have I summed up what Christian means, Dana? I mean, we've already clarified that Jeremy can drink and drug and screw as long as after he drunkenly fornicates, he mutters "whoopsie jesus, put me in that hospital for sinners cause I LOVE THE SINNING and I AM GRINNING! Whoopsie I am SORRY now pass me a beer! No one has to TRY to live right, I get to sin and grin and as long as I say "Whoopsie Jesus! Sorry!" I get my free pass to heaven!" Right Dana? You ARE a "Whoopsie Jesus!" Christian correct? WHere you get to claim to be a good Christian while making no effort to actually live Christian?

Mike said...

FYI...I was raised in a Christian household and studied the Bible for as long as I can remember. I am a Christian. Why would I not be accepting of Jeremy's beliefs? People are free to believe whatever they want; what I am saying is that if Jeremy (or any person) who behaves in a disruptive or threatening manner towards others, he will not last long at any non-conservative school OR in the photography business. If you are in a business where many of the people with whom you will work are of differing beliefs, orientations and backgrounds, you need to be a professional and know what lines you don't cross. I am a 10-year veteran of the United States Air Force, I have lived and traveled all over the USA and the world, been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan 3 times, and I am still amazed at the ignorance, disrespect, and lack of professionalism that some people display when they find out that I am gay as if I am less of a person because of that singular trait. You can't "cure" homosexuality, because it is neither a disease NOR a choice. It baffles me that people can't comprehend that. What is worse is the emotional, physical, and psychological trauma that is caused towards fellow human beings because they pick and choose passages from the Bible instead of understanding the purpose of the entire book. This video clip says it all:
Jeremy will see how the real world operates when he leaves that bubble of a pirate ship/wild west/pumpkin patch in Oregon and has to fend for himself without his family/boyfriend/church to take care of him. Since I have only seen a few episodes of the series (which, in my opinion, is a terrible show), I won't be putting any more posts on this blog.

NJC said...

Yeah Mike why aren't you more accepting of Jeremy's belief that you are a perverted sinner who needs to pray away your gay and live a lie so you don't offend his version of Christianity? Why so intolerant? The guy just wants to make your life as miserable as possible. :-p

Jocelynn said...

Mike, please don't allow the ignorance of Dana (and Jeremy!) keep you from contributing. I enjoy your posts about photography and Brooks. It's nice to get some insight on it from someone that attends.

In fairness to Jeremy, I don't know how vocal Jeremy is about his religious beliefs re: homosexuality towards strangers. I doubt he is vocal in that setting.

It's absolutely true that's what he beliefs, what he supports. I just read the twitter blog of one of Jeremy's close girlfriends and yes that's totally what she believes, sounds very much like Dana. She takes a hard line on homosexuality "one man, one woman", then gets upset when someone asked her question about her friends being drunkards after she declared Jeremy her favorite friend in the world, no one is supposed to judge her or her friend's frustrating.

Jeremy definitely has those beliefs and I believe it makes the Roloff family phony and as another Mike (P.) once wrote on here, demeans a noble cause (speaking on diversity and acceptance) the Roloffs pretend to support, Jeremy and the Roloffs obviously know to tone down their controversial beliefs publicly because of how it contradicts the whole message of their show.

But I believe they tone it down more out of cowardice and self preservation of a false image (diversity speakers) than they do out of respect for others.

Natalie said...

I am very curious to see how Jeremy does in California if he is living on his own for the first time. If it's not instant fun and they don't lavish Jeremy with praise like he's used to, I think it has the potential to go very badly.

I also wonder how much partying Jeremy is going to do since he clearly parties a lot and thinks life is about having fun all the time.

Erica M said...

I hope Brooks likes liars. Jeremy is a lying piece of crap. I know for a fact that Jeremy is a bold face liar. He has no conscience.

Jem said...

I can't help but hope that a terribly selfish and mean spirited liar like Jeremy fails miserably the first time he's out on his own in the real world (finally!).

Brianna said...

Well he must be going to Brooks, or UCSB, just saw him and Amy at Home Depot in Goleta!

DJ said...

Brianna, he is going to Brooks. That's not in question. How well he will do and how long he will last is the question :)

Did you talk to them?

Anonymous said...

the episode showing him photographing his uncle and the plane proved that he has no natural abilities. he had absolutely no idea about lighting or depth of field. he seemed to be relying solely on the cameras auto functions.