Friday, November 26, 2010

Jeremy Roloff sketches

Some people have been requesting pictures of Jeremy Roloff's sketches that were featured on the November 22nd episode of Little People, Big World -- 'Little Brother, Big Sister', so here they are:


Judy B said...

Jeremy is very talented and creative. It's nice to see a young person that does more with their time than play stupid video games.

Chris said...

I'm not trying to be funny, but what is the big thing in the charcoal drawing? The left object is a coffee cup, what about the right?

Expressed said...

I think Jeremy is really good. I liked the one they showed 3 years ago in the episode Jeremy went to the beach with Kirsten's family. Before he left, he was drawing a cabin or something. That was good too. Jeremy has talked about his sketch pad.

He should upload some of them to the internet, but then again Jeremy isn't very interactive with people or maybe he's just private about his drawings? I wish he wasn't, he's good.

IMO, his pictures of the air show and some of the Sam Roloff pictures were good too, but I'm still trying to warm up to Jeremy's love of photography because I think Jeremy should be in front of the camera, not behind the lens.

Sabrina said...

Jeremy, like Matt, is left handed. It's a fact that left handed people are more artistic.

Timothy said...

He's got his signature down pat. Hm.

Honestly I think they are ok, but I've seen a lot of kids that can draw.

Dana said...

Some of us always knew Jeremy had a bright future no matter what he chooses to do. Matt has been saying that for 5 years. It's about time people start listening to Matt.

God has blessed Jeremy with many talents. Jeremy is grateful and thankful for the gifts God has given him. No matter what field Jeremy chooses to express himself I have faith that he will be successful.

Greg said...

Oh gawd. You'd think some people have never seen someone sketch before.

Roloff Rule #323: If Jeremy does something, it is without a doubt, the most talented, brilliant thing ever.

Hypberbole much?

Rap541 said...

Greg - Dana just needs to pump Jeremy up (and to HATE Molly, never ever should anyone praise Molly without stating "But JEREMY IS BETTER ALWAYS!! Molly NEEDS TO HEAR SHE'S ALWAYS GOING TO BE NOTHING COMPARED TO JEREMY!!!)

He's not bad at sketching. It's nice. Can he make a living at it? Who knows?

When is he going to stop goofing and start doing? He's 20 (dare I say - 20 and a half) living at home, living off his folks.... rumor has it someone is going to local community college so Jer-Bear isn't making any move to start doing. Rumor also has it that now he's into video photography and I imagine by spring he'll be considering professional hike guide or whatever else sounds cool and doesn't involve putting in a lot of effort to get attention.

I found Sam's opinion more interesting than Matt's. (And I wouldn't call Sam's opinion harsh either, but a lot more realistic than "JEREMY IS TALENTED SO KISS HIS ASS! MATT SAYS HE'S TALENTED AND NO MATTER WHAT JEREMY DOES, HE'S AWESOME AT IT! AND IF HE'S NOT AWESOME AT IT, THEN IT'S USELESS TRASH THAT ONLY HATEFUL LOSERS LIKE MOLLY DO WELL IN!")

Dana said...

"I found Sam's opinion more interesting than Matt's. (And I wouldn't call Sam's opinion harsh either, but a lot more realistic..."

Quotes from Sam Roloff about Jeremy.

"His skills are budding. I see him as warming up."

"I was very impressed for his first attempt at doing photography. He has a very natural way of expressing himself."

"Jeremy's performance as a photographer was spot on. He's really comfortable with his surroundings. He already had some ideas of shots he wanted to capture. He was very open to listening to some of my ideas of shots I wanted to do."

"These are beautiful. This is awesome. Those colors are just amazing. You really punched those blues out. Very nice."

Irene said...

Watching how people react to celebrities is funny. That's why kids shouldn't be celebrities.

Any little thing they do is praised to the sky. A normal kid does it, it would go without notice. A celebrity kid does something people slobber all over themselves. A good example was when Matt posted the picture Jacob took of the farm. The comments from fans about how amazing it was...c'mon. Same thing goes with Jeremy's little video about Sam. The way people gush over anything one of these kids do is embarrassing.

Rap541 said...

Yes Dana - you'll notice what Sam isn't saying is "Jeremy is talented and will succeed based on the incredible work I have seen, Jeremy is better at art than I, Jeremy will sell his work to muesuems, Jeremy *will* be successful at art!"

See the difference?

Could Jeremy go somewhere with photography? He's certainly welcome to try - and I wouldn't begrudge him success - but frankly, its not a field where "I'm Jeremy Roloff, I'm special!" is going to take him places. Sorry, but its not.

Dana said...

Jeremy won't be successful because his name is Jeremy Roloff. He will be successful because Matt has taught him well, he's talented and creative and let's God rule his life.

Jerome said...

Chris - i think that "big thing" in the right of the charcoal drawing is a thermos...and the little thing sort of in front of it is the little plastic cup that comes with the thermos...not 100% sure of this though...just speculating.

rumpus said...

While I don't comment much, I do read frequently enough to understand the general attitudes of the regulars here, and I just wanted to point out what I have noticed. Dana is either a fantastic internet troll, or severely disillusioned in her love for jeremy. I don't know if you know him personally, but if not, I just can't see how anyone can fall for someone on tv so hard considering he is a tv star who is portrayed however the producers want. There may be some truths in there, but please realize that tv editors can do amazing things. Dana, it seems as if you started off liking jeremy, but then had to defend him so much that you even fooled yourself into thinking he is the one and only jeremy jesus, not to be criticized by anyone. Or else. Please take a step back, for your sanity and everyone else, and remember that this is a tv character who probably couldn't give two ish about your efforts to defend him.

And rap, I don't know you, but I think I love you. Your comments are spot on and hilarious. Keep up the good work.

Brandon said...

Rumpus, well said!

BeckyM said...

Exactly Irene....

All of the Roloff kids have now grown up under the camera and the public. I predict some long term problems for each and everyone, especially Jacob who was filmed at the youngest age and who is obviously now acting out under permissive parents.

I have two kids in school and have seen high school art shows and the first is a basic shading exercise for a still life. The drawings are nice - not anything unusual for someone of that age.

Brandon said...

Irene and Becky, I agree.

In my opinion, the biggest accomplishment by any of the Roloff kids is something that is not extraordinary at all for most kids, but stands out to me for the Roloff kids? Other than Molly apparently getting straight A's, that is nice although I do honestly wonder about Faith Bible's iterary (based on some of the stuff they've said on the show, I think if a kid puts reasonable effort into it and does their assignments it's pretty easy to get A's.) But other than Molly's grades?

The thing that impresses me the most from any of the Roloff kids is the fact that Zach, apparently, has been able to keep a real job for about a year. A job that he doesn't answer to Matt and isn't paid to goof (TLC). I assume that if the owner still employs Zach, that must mean Zach shows up on time, works when he's supposed to and does his assigned duties. I also assume he's not being paid top dollar for that.

That impresses me most of anything from one of the Roloff kids because it shows some character and some life skills and is something he's doing on his own without Dad doing everything for him (I take it back if he *actually* slacks, skips constantly and is late all the time and is only employeed because Indoor Goals wanted the publicity, but I'm trying to be optimistic here! haha :))

There is nothing extraordinary about that, but for the Roloff kids, it impresses me.

But that little "accomplishment" doesn't get talked about, instead it's Jeremy's talent of the week...whatever it is that week!

Jason said...

Oh yeah, lets all praise Jeremy for doodling. He probably did that while he was waiting for Mueller to come over and play like all 8 year olds when waiting for their friend to come over.

Rap541 said...

"I have two kids in school and have seen high school art shows and the first is a basic shading exercise for a still life. The drawings are nice - not anything unusual for someone of that age."


I think the litmus test I would put to this is "If I saw it and didn't know who did it, would anyone call it exceptional and *want* to know who did it?"

It reminds me when Matt put up one of Jake's photos and everyone ran to coo over how talented Jeremy was and when it was pointed out that Jake took the photo.... all the praise eased off a lot.

Rap541 said...

Thanks rumpus :D

Mike said...

Sabrina said...
It's a fact that left handed people are more artistic

When I see something like this posted, it always makes me go research it. I found quite a few sites that said the same thing, but none of them cited any studies. I know a few left-handed people and it's true a few are "artistic" - one bakes some pretty cool cakes- but none of them are what I would call true artists, that is to say, gifted in painting/sculpting, writing, music. I have a left-handed distant cousin who once pitched for the Braves, but I never considered athletic skill to be "art". (I also don't consider actors to be artists -talented, sure, but not artists) I also have another left-handed cousin who was a successful florist "to the stars" in Vegas and made a great living at it...and while that might not fit my strict definition, I'd allow that as art if someone objected.

I did find this "fact" that would (might?) pertain to the Roloff twins: Left handedness are more common among twins. It is often found that one among the twins is going to be left handed and the other one will be right handed.

(I grew up w/ two sets of twins from the same family, and they were all right-handed)

I also read this: "Research reveals that left-handed people are in fact high achievers."
(always that "in fact" statement w/out any cites or sources) I'm not so sure Jeremy is a "high achiever". Time will tell, but it doesn't look that way at the moment, at least not to me.

I also found this: The Left-Handed Advantage

"Statistics show left-handed people are more likely to be schizophrenic, alcoholic, delinquent, dyslexic, and have Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, as well as mental disabilities. They're also more likely to die young and get into accidents."

That article, which at least reveals its sources, also says there are "more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than right-handed people." Another website said Mensa says a large percentage of its members are lefties, but again, I saw no official source.

His sketching isn't bad, but I'm easily impressed because I can't draw a lick. With some art education, he might become very good at it.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"Jeremy won't be successful because his name is Jeremy Roloff. He will be successful because Matt has taught him well, he's talented and creative and let's God rule his life."

Dana exactly which psychotropic drugs are you on.

Jeremy isn't that talented at photography and his art is on par with what I saw at school art shows when I was in high school.

Matt certainly has taught Jeremy well, his attitude of entitlement his egotism arrogance and self importance are all things that Matt has done a wonderful job at feeding and will guarantee that Jeremy has little success in life because people generally don't like being around or working with people who act as if they are the center of the universe for very long.

Not to mention the fact that all of the opportunities Jeremy has received in life came because daddy was good at twisting arms and getting his precious baby boy into programs that he probably didn't deserve to be in.

In other words Jeremy only got to where he is because of his name and not because of his "talent" "creativity" or "skills".

Wendy Gordon said...

I've watched the show from Australia & loved first! Now,I cannot stand Matt & how fake he is. Pretending to be a family man...pleeeeeease! Who goes on vacation with their family & leaves weeks early? Who watches their youngest child in hospital having surgery on their skull & heads home to look after the farm on the pretence to look after the other kids, who had their grnadparents there to look after them? More like he wanted to get home to concentrate on the media attention. Yes, Amy is not the best house keeper but she does put her family first, which I CANNOT say for Matt! Move on Amy, find someone who puts their Family FIRST!

Mike P. said...

My career has been in advertising (and newspapers).

In its course, I have seen many, many portfolios offered by illustrators and photographers.

For what it's worth, my opinion is that Jeremy's work--the little we've seen of it--is competent for a student who is just beginning.

"Competent" is the operative word. It says, in my view, that he has an ability that he could develop should he choose to learn and to apply himself. With Jeremy, that is a good question.

But "competent" is also faint praise. It suggests a lack of spark, of sophistication, and of special insight. These can come, but they aren't obvious yet.

I would not buy anything from Jeremy at this point, nor would I trust him with a client's commission. But he has an undoubted initial grasp, and if he develops himself, his marketability could change.

One thing: I thought that the finished shot of his uncle, the one framed in glass, was quite nice.

BeckyM said...

I also have a career in newspapers and in Public Relations.

Reality? Newspaper as a media is dead. No jobs there.

Reality? Advertising is going to use computers for drawing. Hand drawing is seldom used anymore.

Reality? I do my own photography, as do my three brothers, and I know how to work a darkroom. Now everything is digital. Anyone with an eye for framing, and who can use Photoshop can take a photo that is good enough to sell.

Jer will get a job due to his money and connections. His talent is passable for a high school level (but let's remember he is no longer a high schooler)... and I do not see the creative "eye" that would be needed to be at the top of the fine arts game.

Going to a mediocre, tech school is not a plus in that direction either.

Like it or not, Jer is only average in his talent. And just like everyone who writes a blog now thinks of themselves as a journalilst (hm non-paying most of them), anyone who has a camera thinks they are a photojournalist. JMO.

Shadow said...

Great quote from a piece in the Oregonian this weekend..."Everybody in Portland paints. Everyone in Portland is a photographer, and does music."

Too true...

Vic Rattlehead said...

That's exactly right Becky.

To be an artist of any kind you need to develop a style refine it be willing to work very hard and suffer through periods of deprivation for your chosen form of art and I just don't see Jeremy ever eating hot dogs and pork n' beans for months on end while he works to develop himself.

I am a musician (I play neo classical guitar) and when I was a teenager I really wanted to be a professional touring musician in a band but after a few years of living in rat trap apartments eating yellow label no name canned food making little to no money and being passed up several times by record labels because my music wasn't "popular"I woke up and realized that my actual chances of getting to the level of someone like Joe Satriani Steve Vai Michael Schenker Yngwie Malmsteen was pretty small and I decided to refocus my attention onto something else while still playing guitar in my spare time for fun.

I was 22 when I matured enough to realize that I had to reevaluate my decisions and the direction my life was taking.

If Jeremy thinks he'll have overnight success as a photographer artist or anything else to do with fine arts he's dreaming.

abstractdaisy said...

I'm somewhat amused whenever someone says "with his or their" money they can do this or that--remember folks, the Roloff's have money now (or did)because of TLC. Money doesn't last for ever, especially the way Matt and his gang have spent it like there's no tomorrow. They're not the Trumps who invested, work very hard or inherited family money. They were paid every time the show aired and that's over now. Id bet $100 that Matt hasn't invested a dime nor has he thought about his financial future.

Nicola Bayley said...

Looks like we have a slew of amateur art critics here. I am certain that if Jeremy were to show skills of a master, the people here would still shoot him down. Jeremy clearly has talent that with the right instruction can bloom into something special. At this point his talents are still raw and I have never heard Jeremy claim otherwise, or that he was an artistic savant who expected overnight recognition. He is simply an artist sharing his art. Unfortunately he has to deal with all you people who are on standby to chew him up and spit him out whenever he makes a move. And for those of you who think that what he has produced is no big deal, or that anyone could sketch like that. I challenge you to sketch the same and post your work for us to critique. For Becky that said "hand drawing" is seldom used anymore. Not true...That statement shows lack of knowledge in this area. Illustration is alive and well and is frequently used in many industries including advertising. And even though the final product is rendered electronically, many projects start with hand to paper. In addition, direct sketching using a tablet in a graphics program still takes the same skill sets and artistic talent as sketching onto paper. Jeremy comes from an artistic family. He will always find ways to express himself artistically because that is who he is. Whether he makes his living from being an artist is ridiculous to debate.

Brandon said...

"He is simply an artist sharing his art. Unfortunately he has to deal with all you people who are on standby to chew him up and spit him out whenever he makes a move."

Nicola, I think Jeremy has the opposite problem. If he's going to pursue anything art related, he needs to learn how to take criticism without thinking everyone is mean hater.

Instead all Jeremy gets is "You're amazing precious Jer-Bear!" From family, from friends, from suck up fans. The over the top praise is way more damaging than criticism.

By the way, I don't see most people here being harsh. They aren't saying Jeremy sucks at drawing. They are correctly saying that they know lots of people that can draw like that.

Nicola, you don't know anyone that is good at art (but not a professional) that can draw something similar to Jeremy?) I bet you do. That's the point most people are making.

But family and friends and suck up fans do what they always do to Jeremy, they tell him he's extraordinary talented and he believes it.

Jason said...

Jeremy is a wimp that will crumble if he's not told that he's awesome.

Why do I think he is a wimp in public? He disabled comments on that "trailer" video he made because people weren't telling him he was awesome.

Rap541 said...

I challenge you to sketch the same and post your work for us to critique.

And if I did and you rightfully said it wasn't going to get me anywhere professionally, would you be wrong?

Or would you call me an artist and note how I was putting myself out there and praise my work and note how it will lead to all sorts of awesome things?

Jeremy is never going to be a photographer/artist/videographer unless he accepts that he's occassionally going to hear something other than "You're an amazing talent!".

He's twenty. He's old enough to hear he's not perfect in all ways. The art we have seen is certainly not bad but its hardly "OMIGOD HE'S TALENTED WHY HAS THE WORLD NOT DISCOVERED HIM" so why do we have to act like it is?

If these pictures were drawn by Molly, Jake, or Zach, who would mind if its pointed out that they aren't especially above and beyond a high school art class level?

BeckyM said...

@ Nicola ROFLMAO!! You must not be a commercial artist. I have been associated with graphic art in one form or another for over 2 decades and the field has GREATLY changed and it is all due to technology.

My brother who has been drawing for over 3 decades and is a phenomenal artist makes his LIVING by being a NURSE... not with art skills that far surpass the high school drivel that Jer produces.

Computer skills are far more in demand then any hand sketching of anything... unless of course Jeremy is going to set up in a tourist town doing pastel portraits for the summer crowds. And I doubt that would keep this good Christian boy in beer money.

If you doubt me, go look at a college catalog and read course descriptions, and then go read some job ads... I'd LOVE to see an ad that states: "freehand artist needed, top salary, no computer skills required."

Is that the sound of crickets I'm hearing...

BTW Rap if you looked cute w/o a shirt on, I'm sure you will have folks stating your art is phenomenal.

Carl said...

People kiss Jeremy's ass at an embarrassing rate. Neighborhood children can draw as good as Jeremy.

Greg said...

Becky, you're one hundred percent right with the comment about looking cute shirtless = "you're so talented" comments.

Jeremy was said to be immensely talented at soccer. Has even played since his little private high school team? Oh, an indoor rec league with Zach and his mom, when he's not ditching it.

Jeremy was said to be a talented car mechanic. Who takes his BMW to restoration shops that call him back to show him their finished product.

Jeremy was said to have shown a knack for sailing and being a captain of a ship.

Jeremy was said to be a future pilot. Matt even blabbed once about flight school being in Jeremy's future.

Now Jeremy is so talented, he's going to be a professional photographer.

And videographer.

And an artist!

....because his talented for all of those last three things are bursting at the seams?

Funny he has all that talented but what is he doing? He's living at home, with no job (not counting daddy handing him cash), going part time to the community college 5 minutes from home, spending his days and nights playing with his the same group of immature friends he was caught saying bigoted things with, friends he's been playing with since he was 6 years old.

Funny. You'd think someone with that much talent would be doing a little more with their life than living the life of a spoiled 10 year old at age 20.

Ah, but that's discounting that he's "cute" and has some degree of "fame", things that make people want to get on his good side by being pathetic sycophants.

Rap541 said...

BTW Rap if you looked cute w/o a shirt on, I'm sure you will have folks stating your art is phenomenal.

Thanks Becky :)

I'm pretty sure having a nice ass would also mean I am a super Christian... Because Jeremy being a nice looking kid means he's super talented and super Christian. :)

After all, he's never required to *act* Christian. Hell, he doesn't even have to *say* he's Christian. He takes off his shirt and "oh that Jeremy is blessed by Christ! Let us all praise Jeremy!"

I've asked for years for examples of Jeremy acting like a phenomenal Christian, showing his big Christian heart and his Christian love for his fellow man - examples that show that he's significantly more devoted to Christ, and spreading Christ's love and message than the average kid.

You know what I get? A lot of "shut up hater" and "how dare anyone judge!" and occasionally things like "Jeremy goes on school required retreats" and "Jeremy participates in school required charity projects" and "Jeremy helps out on camera with the show's charity projects that he gets a paycheck for participating in".

You know what would impress me? Jeremy - speaking for himself and not thru Daddy - stating he's donating the money he earned for filming the Haiti episode to the school he visited in Haiti. That would be an example of someone doing something really above and beyond, really showing a charitable side.

Instead I get to hear how skipping out on a scheduled soccer game for a night on the town is an example of Jeremy showing his maturity and discipline and respect for others in his life. :)