Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Matt Roloff Facebook Fan Page updates -- November 2010 and beyond

Jan 2
My 2011 Project list..... I've narrowed it down to 14 focus areas... And we're still in January.
Jan 2
Little Man, Big Nose... New Projects. Who knows someone with an amazing backyard project? Send me a Youtube link. Something to Make our Molly's Castle look like child's play.

Jan 2
Amy and I just finished watching the Propsal with Sandra bullock together. Very cute movie. I've been on a major holiday movie marathon. Between applelTV and streaming Netflix its so easy

Dec 31
What an eventful and incredible year 2010 was... I love the saying.. "It was real... and it was fun.. but it wasn't Real Fun!" :))) Have a G R E A T New Year everyone! Warmest Regards to all.

Dec 27
‎2011 looking so fun.

Dec 24
To all our friends and fans...Merry Christmas everyone. from Matt, Amy, Jer, Zach, Molly and Jacob

Dec 23
Tupid redeye flights-- They poop me out. I was in the air for 4 days...but I just slept in my own bed for 11 hours straight. ahhhh.. nice! ..Now I'm ready to go again. Sorry about all the typos in last nights post.. I was very tired and posting from iphone. Amy and I had a wonderful din din together. She was up early today doing last minute shopping. I'm all done thanks to Jacob helping me last week.

Dec 22
Crazy long but productive day.. Woke up in San Juan after late nite meetings. Then flew to DC for quick followup meet in the airport then on to Seattle. Just landed in Portland just in time to meet Amy at our favorite reserant for day night. Good thing I started the day with four extra hours time zone

Dec 19
Rain in LA?? I thought it only rained in Portland.

Dec 19
....speaking of baggage claim... I was clearing out old photos and just love this one. guess you have to fly a lot to appreciate it. :))

Dec 18
Check out my buddy Spencer Mackenzie's new song on iTunes... "My only One". This guy's got it gonnin' on. Spencer was working on creating this kool tune.. while Jeremy and I were with the Mackenzie family on a boat together.

Dec 17
Last trip of the year coming up.. Oh Joy.. A stop in LA, Washington DC and even a 1 day meeting in San Juan. Home in plenty of time to be with the family for Christmas.

Dec 16
Hi Everyone... With Molly having finals... we got behind on our influx of Christmas orders this last couple of weeks. Honestly, we didn't expect this much interest this year. Anyway... We brought in reinforcements this week so I think we're mostly caught up as of today. Unless you have an email from someone at our on-line store... your order should be on it's way to you in time for Christmas. :)

Dec 15
Thank you .. Thank you to all the fabulous people on here that helped me with my facebook problem. ITS FINALLY FIXED!! yea!! A special thanks to Dallah who helps admin my facebook.

Dec 13
Thanks for many nice messages about June. Many don't know..but June is blind. This is why Jer is carefully bringing her down. She can't judge the ground. She knows her way around the office..can even make her way onto my desk but has trouble getting back down. A precious addition to Roloff farm. June has yet to catch a mice. Vet says..maybe one day other senses will kick into high gear and she will. I hope she does.

Dec 13
Sucessful completion of... Operation rescue office cat, Ms June Bug from atop a tree.

Dec 12
Someone asked to see a photo of our Christmas tree. We all went to cut it down together but Amy and Molly decorated it. I just noticed that Jacob must have outgrown the train cause this is the fist year in past 20 no train around the tree. Oh well. Life keeps marching forward:). Btw. Jacob, Amy and I just got back... from seeing "the tourist". It was pretty good ... Not great. A bit slow but fun in the end. Nite everyone

Dec 12
... a nutter great Quote from Ole' Benny boy...

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do"
Ben Franklin

...This one make me chuckle every time I read it. :))

Dec 10
I love this quote-

"They that sacrifice essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

Dec 10
Ok.. ok.. I finally sat down on this raining Saturday here in Portland now ... without further delay ..."almost live"... from Roloff Farms...

Dec 8
For u that have been on this fan page more than a few months... I wanted to update u on something that still exits.. My facebook STILL has a warning paragraph needing to "authenticate" the page is the real Matt Roloff. I've tried all the questions and even put the facebook Icon button on my website. If anyone knows someone at facebook?? Plz Help. :))) Our staff is no longer worried.. after months and months.. that they are going to take my page down but it's still an irritation. Here is a photo of my page just FYI for you all to enjoy as well.

Dec 7
TLC and our production company GRP , very very happy about last nights highest ratings of season 6. LPBW Goes out on top. :))

Dec 7
I just received a very nice congrats phone call from the President of TLC. LPBW pulled into the station under full steam. Thank you everyone... for so much warm, love and support. We owe it all each and every one of you!

Dec 7
Amy and I just woke up to this incredible LA Sunrise. Last night a wonderful
Sunset on LPBW Today a new sunrise.

Dec 5
A quick little "tune-up" ...and attitude adjustment ... In Maui ... along the way. Now on to Los Angeles tonight to meet Amy for a couple full days of meetings and events. LPBW wrap party tomorrow night. How fun!

Dec 2
Up up and away. Travel blitz on.. First stop

Nov 29
Don't u love it when a plan comes together?? Doesn't matter what the plan is.... So long as it comes together

Nov 28
The entire family went together to get our tree today... Then Jer and I spent the last 5 hours at the mall. Wasn't too bad... Still plenty of major sales... Almost finished my Christmas shopping in one trip. :)) That's a good thing cause the rest of my month is going to be busy.

Nov 27
A late Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We had a very nice and relaxing weekend here at the farm. Amy cooked a big meal, We went and saw a couple of movies and I've been working in my office quite a bit on our new projects. Another round of travel to LA for promos, meetings.. and some fun along the way.

Nov 21
Spent today doing Barn Bites wrapping up LPBW... Gettin' very close to having our big barn room back for family use. It used to be like a bonus room before the crew took it over for production purposes about 6 years ago. I gave a tour on the Inside Edition promo piece?? ..but you never know what they might show...... They tape for 4 hours but only show 90 seconds.

Nov 21
....And we're heading down the home stretch... tomorrows episode.. Rob and Amy's newly adopted son Aiden, CoDA's new bike program and my Amy in Hatii with Jer and Zach

Nov 20
Molly and Jeremy off to youth group. Jacob and I went to see "Unstoppable" YEA! Loved it. Zach and Amy workin'. Interesting and fun time with Inside Edition here at the farm all day.

Nov 17
A new Video update out soon

Nov 17

Thanks to my facebook fans for keeping up with the current family happenings... I realize it's frustrating for twop bloggers that fall behind and try to play catch up with the facts. :)) Life is soooo fun...

Nov 17

Cool little video jeremy put together bout what my brother Sam's doing. Wait till you see what else he's got going on...

Nov 17

Amy's new car :)

Nov 14
Home again ... home again. :) 30 year reunion was a blast! San Francisco is still amazing.

Nov 8
I haven't felt this free to examine my wild ideas and brand new projects in years.. What a great feeling to be exploring again. Only now the options are even more interesting. :)

Nov 8
Up at 4am... flight at 6am... Travel blitz on... looping in a swing thru Maui for a few days ... Gettin' in a little R&R on this trip. First to LA, then Maui, (Using up some expiring refunds from last year)....and then San Francisco for a couple of meetings with old Software buds in San Jose.. then my HS reunion in SF. Same hotel we had our senior Ball 30 years ago. Going to be a Walk down memory lane.

Nov 8
For those that like the really long interviews.... This is one of several in-depth spots that I taped awhile ago and is now out. Who knows when the others will be released.

Nov 6
Jump in and help Amy get a water well built.... only a $5.00 min. Helping people feels good.

Nov 6
Molly's team WON!! Only first round of multiple-week championships.. But they (the faith bible falcons) won in three straight games. Wooo hoo! Molly scored ... like a lot! What a great team of incredible young women. Congrats to my Molly and her team!

Nov 6
My berry favorite wittle Girl... Molly... Is playing Volleyball in the State finals.. I'm off to the first round of games tonight. Go Sister Girl Go!

Nov 5
Still sorting thru all the cool messages and stories to add to our list. Thank you Facebook fans for helping out on this very cool catalog of LP legacy's. If we seek more details someone from our staff will let you know. THANKS again everyone!!

Nov 4
As many of you have gathered. I'm working on several new projects. If you are a Little Person and have an interesting job or compelling life story, I'd like to hear about it. Please send me details. Include height, jobs, hobbies, life accomplishments or even significant challenges and/or failures. Anything compelling you want to share. Send PRIVATE FB message only. Stories posted on my wall, may not get selected.

Nov 2
Nutter travel blitz coming up.. Soon as I get this flu bug completely behind me

Nov 2
Life is so wonderful. The entire Roloff family is Totally enjoying our new adventures. Thank you everyone for all the love and support


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We have decided to start a new item for Matt's November and beyond Facebook comments, due to the other item having over 200 comments.

It was suggested that we open this up because some fans aren't active on Facebook, but still want to express themselves on some of Matt's updates and information, and some people just don't feel comfortable saying what they really want to say or what they think about a particular Matt Roloff posting because his Facebook page is strictly a fan page and some people don't feel comfortable expanding on their thoughts beyond "That's wonderful Matt, you're the greatest Matt" which is the response to most everything Matt posts on Facebook.

You can find the log of Matt's previous comments before November 2010 and subsequent discussion about them located here:


Greg said...

"As some of you may have gathered..." that's because all Matt does is tease is fans by bragging about things without any details or facts.

Expressed said...

About Matt's post about one of his new projects, asking Little People to share their life stories with him...I honestly don't think it will work.

It sounds a lot like that thing they have on TLC, "Matt's chats with other Little People".

IMO, Little People, Big World didn't last so long because the public wanted to know more and more about dwarfism. It lasted because people became interested in the Roloffs.

Oh, and there is the main reason, because Jeremy is hot :)

Greg said...

"As many of you have gathered. I'm working on several new projects."

I think what he really means is "I am out of work and looking for another gravy train".

David said...

Realistically, I don't think that concept will work for any substantial amount of time.

People will want to know about the Roloff family, want updates on the kids. While Matt will be focused and promoting the new project.

I've seen it many times before in the entertainment industry when someone is known for something and then jumps into a different project. People don't care about the new thing, if it's Matt Roloff, the people watching will want an extension of LPBW.

I doubt if it ever gets off the ground, but after the first part of it is posted, watch. All the comments won't be about the subject at hand, it will be people asking Matt about Amy and the kids and telling him they liked LPBW.

Jen T said...

What, so Matt will talk to other dwarfs about how they lie and use their dwarfism to their advantage to bypass lines because they think they're better than average people?

Or use their dwarfism to physically assault average height people and get away with it.

I'm getting a little tired of the disrespect coming from some people with dwarfism to other people.

Rap541 said...

Heh. He's telling people to send him private facebook messages only, but the fan facebook has no "send message" capabilities.

And then he apparently links in what I assume is his private facebook.

I am not sure, if I was a little person with a compelling story, if I would go to Matt... Seems like there's a market for this sort of tale without going thru Matt, if you know what I mean.

Shadow said...

Hey, Expressed! Did you know that Jeremy is a dog? No, no, not in a bad way,'s just that someone sent me another copy of "Excerpt from a dog's diary," and the minute I saw it, I thought of Jer-Bear!!

"8:00am-Dog food! My favorite thing! 9:20am-A car ride! My favorite thing! 9:40am-A walk in the park! My favorite thing! 10:30am-Back rub! My favorite thing!" ...and so on...

I may have to get a dog and name it Jeremy, just because it would make me laugh every time I thought about this!

Lynn C said...

What is wrong with Matt asking that LP send him a private message? Fan pages don't have a Send Message button. When you're the Admin of a FB fan page or group, you don't see what your fans see in terms of functions. I think that's why he asked people to send him messages, then linked his personal profile.

It makes sense that he would want the stories private. If he's going to do a show or some type of project around it, he doesn't want it public. It defeats the purpose of having a special about it to deliver their story. I would assume that if the person's story was used and featured, they would be compensated.

If you're a LP sitting in Ohio, you might not have access to any media that you're able to share your story. I would take Matt up on his offer if I fit the criteria.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - he doesn't link his personal facebook until sometime down in personal comments... if you read the comments, you can see there's a lot of confusion and people asking where to post, or pointing out he doesn't have send capacity. They're even posting on his wall.

You do understand that for a professional project, "Message me on Facebook!" comes off a bit cheesy?

If the story is compelling enough, the media will find you. The reality, Lynn, is that most LPs live just like everyone else. The only "compelling" part of the story of a middle aged business man wit a family who runs a pumpkin farm as a sideline is that Matt is an LP.

Lynn C said...

Rap, I explained the probable reason why Matt didn't link his personal account until later. As an Admin, you don't see what your fans see. He obviously thought there was a send message button on his fan page.

I don't think you can edit posts. He had a choice of deleting it and including the link or do what he did, add it in the comments.

I don't think there is anything "cheesey" about sending facebook messages. It's the way of the world now. Facebook private messages are just like emails.

Dana said...

Lynn is totally right. Rap is just looking for something to bash Matt about. Big deal. Matt made a mistake and thought there was a send message button.

Lynn is right. Facebook has become like email. I think it was the Frogtown creator that said he reached out to Amy via Facebook messages. For a business person, Facebook messages is essential for communication. Facebook is more popular than offical websites, it is also more convenient since everyone has facebook, especially the people Matt is talking to who are already on their facebook accounts if they are reading his fan page there.

Esme said...

It looks and sound like to me that with this statement with Matt's new adventure being posted on this blog via face book sounds like to me for this reason along that must have been why Matt and Jeremy was in Los Angles about two weeks ago.

I now beleive Matt was trying to pitch this sort of idea to some of powers that be in the Tv Network world in LA and with some of them thinking and considering such a show he then went back to Orgeon and put his plan in to motion thru his face book page to get other Little people to talk and share their life story with him.

And in return he would then befriend them along with him using them by going back to the networks with all of his responses from all of his new little people friends in hope of getting the green light on his project so he can start filming it.

With such a concept of such a show that would require for Matt to travel all over the world to do such filming sense his soon to be show is seen across the globe and he and his family has such a large fan base. Just a thought to put on every ones minds.

BeckyM said...

Just me but I wouldn't share my story with Matt; it would open up the possibility that I would no longer own 100 percent the rights to it.

I'd send my Agent to talk to Matt. And yeah it would be privately but over the phone. And there would be a contract before we ever discussed "my" story.

Sorry Matt no cigar.

Rap541 said...

The "cheesy" aspect is the cattle call aspect, coupled with gosh... making people jump thru hoops to tell their stories.

Sorry Dana, you don't forgive my mistakes so why should Matt be praised for his lack of professional presentation? That tells me a lot about how he'll be running this particular project and if I was a little person, I'd seriously considering letting Matt have my story to whore for his project. If there is a project....

After all, Matt sure showed us how he did all those interviews about cyberbullying, didn't he? And there sure was an arrest of a stalker of the Roloffs. Oh, and there sure will be at least two more seasons of shows, *just like Matt said in May*.

The lives of other little people, like I said, once you strip away the "golly gee little people can be doctors/chocolatiers" and/or "little people often suffer from severe depression and discrimination", I just don't see how much of a show there is.

I mean.... look at how people insisted they were *bored* when other little people were featured on LPBW - some of whom had much more compelling stories than "matt buys a new car".

I mean a show, or even a book about the trials and tribulations of other dwarfs won't have Jeremy prancing about shirtless and indeed, would sorta have to not focus on the Roloffs....

(This ignores how the media just might be dwarfed out - the ratings ain't hot, you know)

William said...

Matt expects people to tip the person working the parking???

Rap541 said...

William - I thought Matt was making a joke there to the Pondo guy - that the person in question was so cheap, he didn't even tip Pondo's waitress.

Shadow said...

"If you're a LP sitting in Ohio, you might not have access to any media that you're able to share your story."

On the other hand, every time I go out of my house in semi-rural/suburban Oregon, I have to fight my way through the CNN, ABC, MTV, TLC, and CBS reporters. friends in Ohio will be terribly sad to know they don't have any access to media.

And anyone who would *give* their story to Matt is a fool and deserves whatever they get shafted out of.

NJC said...

It's just another attempt by Matt to use his fans to make money much like his October 13th fishing expedition: "Doing research for one of my new projects.... Post what you did "outdoors" as a kid.. that kids don't seem to do anymore... i.e. play kick the can... Build a tree house. etc.. Plz Don't post these experiences on my wall but rather as a comment to this post. Thanks! I look forward to reading how you had fun outdoors... back in the day.."

Brandon said...

I find it a little humorous that Matt asks Little People to send him their stories and then the majority of people that are saying they are trying to send him messages do not appear to be Little People if their profile is any indication and usually it's assumed the person in the picture is the person themselves. Some are even volunteering Little People they met once in their lives. lol.

Ah, Matt's crazy facebook fans, I guess that's the downside of having a fan page full of "Yes Men and Women"

Timothy said...

Call my a cynic, but if this is indicitive of the projects Matt is working on, I think Matt is in trouble and whatever entertainment company or individual sinks money into it will be throwing money away.

Like Rap said, I think the public is all dwarfed out.

Dwarfism education just isn't that fascinating. LPBW worked in the beginning because it was new and there were several different level at work that people could identify with.

And if you're reallying analyzing it and being honest, LPBW worked in large part because the Roloffs are a fairly good looking family. I think Matt talking to other little people about their lives will bomb.

Rap541 said...

"I think Matt talking to other little people about their lives will bomb."

Timothy, the bone I will throw Matt here is that we really have no idea if this gathering stories would turn into a tv show or is possiblly some sort of book project.

Actually, there was a neat series of books in the eighties that focused on particular professions (cops, vietnam war soldiers, paramedics, doctors) where various members of the profession were interviewed and their experiences, done in an anonymous first person sort of storytelling format. They were really interesting books because they got into the nitty gritty details of professions where people tend to keep silent.

A book about the lives of dwarfs in a similar format would be pretty interesting in my opinion.

Expressed said...

Timothy, I agree with you. A show or a book, about random little thank you. I don't think there will be a market for it. The LPBW episodes about other little people were boring. People watched LPBW for the Roloffs.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, I agree with Timothy too. Look at the Foos family show. It was arguably more focused on Dwarf issues and more educational than most LPBW episodes, at least the last 5 seasons. Whether it's a show or a book, I don't see a demand for dwarf education.

There have been some other specials, I didn't see them, but apparently they were good. Some that didn't paint having dwarfism in the happy light that the Roloffs do. If I recall correctly, there wasn't a lot of interest in them.

Little People Big World wasn't about dwarf issues at all. It was about the Roloffs. The dynamics and it had 2 cute average sized boys to add to the appeal.

What I'm saying is that quality and educational programming rarely transforms into good ratings.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - I pretty much agree. I just like my book idea :)

Jason said...

Some poor Little person shares the intimate details of their life to Matt just because he asked and then Matt can't even bother getting back to them, it's someone from his staff. Classy.

abstractdaisy said...

Sometimes things are just over and sometimes things are broken and can't be fixed. Maybe Matt needs to call it a day, appreciate the good run he had and just move on so his family can heal and move forward with their lives. I can't imagine this has been good for his and Amy's marriage and I know this four year endeavor couldn't posibly have been good for their children--a reality show filmed 24/7 for 60 months during a crucial period of growing up which no doubt will leave an indelible impression on them. How incredibly sad is that? Even sadder is the fact that Matt can't or won't see the damage he's already done and wants more. The Roloffs had their day and maybe it's just time for them to go back to really being normal people without cameras, production crews, piles of cash and easy access to mountains of material things clouding their judgment about what's really important in life. Trust me on this Matt--"stuff" won't make you happy or more famous or more loved. The show's premise/message has clearly been made about the trials and tribulations of being little in this big world and if indeed they really, as professed, are just small people living in a big world, then they should be delighted to go back to living a normal life like the majority of us.

Shadow said...

Matt Roloff, Kate Gosselin, Richard Heene and their ilk will never "just move on." Narcissists crave the spotlight and will continually do whatever it takes to have it shining brightly on them. When they actually get a full taste of it, as Matt and Kate have, it makes them all the more desperate to stay in it. A "normal" life is the LAST thing these people want, because that, to them, means there's nothing special about them, and that is just their ultimate, unspeakable fear.

Whatever Matt decides to do next, you can be sure it WON'T include going back to what he considers "an ordinary life."

Ashley said...

Shadow, I think you're right about Matt. Remember Matt gave a speech once about "How to live an extraordinary life"? I think Matt believes ordinary normal lives are a waste.

Esme said...

What Abstractdaisey said is so true. But people like Matt Roloff can not accept that life on Tv is now over with,because he has let fame and fortune go to him and his whole family heads and going back to a much quiet, peaceful and private life is now no longer a factor or issue in their lives.

Due in part to the fact they have now all forgot where they come from and they do not want to go back to that life style they used to have before being on cable tv.

With that being said that is why this show is now over with and will now soon be off of the air except in old rerun form because they lost their true selves with all of the fame and fortune.

So I am like you Abstractdaisey they really need to get over it and move on and at least try and go back to basic living and having some what of a normal life sense they have all got out of touch with them selves and others.

So Move on Matt Roloff move on with your life and start a new venture out of the Tv Land Biz, but move on already.

abstractdaisy said...

Truer words were never spoken Shadow and that's really the saddest factor in this entire Roloff saga. I know I said they should just move on but in reality, we know they wont. Once big bucks and a whole lot of notoriety (I just can't find it in myself to type fame since they've done nothing substantial to merit that label)lands in your lap it's difficult to separate normalcy from reality and there really isn't anything special about the Roloffs other than they're little and grow pumpkins. Matt doesn't strike me as the realistic type (insert sarcasm here) so we'll see them again, someday, one way or another. I honestly think Matt feels so incredibly slighted in his life due to his handicap that he is compelled to "show the world" just how mighty and deserving he is--regardless of who he steps on or how he looks while he's doing it and that includes his family. Ugh. How does he sleep at night or look in the mirror knowing what a complete and utter tool he is.

Z to the Zee said...

I just read Matt's post about Molly VB team, all the fans wishing Molly well.

It's funny because Molly and her friends think people like that are creeps.

Rap541 said...

Heh. Molly outshines the twins again. I guess it *is* possible to have good grades and be good at sports... and Molly actually wins games too.

Dana said...

I don't think you understand anything about team sports.

So what if Molly's school volleyball TEAM is better than the school soccer TEAM Jeremy was on. It doesn't mean she is out shining Jeremy as a player. Jeremy was a district all star soccer player every year. Is Molly on the all star volleyball team?

I'm glad Molly's team is winning, but it's unfair for you to compare Molly's team success in volleyball to the team success of Jeremy's soccer team.

Rap541 said...

Yes, Jeremy losing almost every game he ever played in at Faith is *better* than Molly playing on a winning team.

Let us all never forget that losing is winning when it's Jeremy! :)

And when it comes to team sports, the important thing is that Jeremy is The Star... not if the team wins :) Yay!

Now let us all remind Molly how she'll never be anything but less than Jeremy, right Dana?

That's your point right? :)

*I suspect the only reason it's "unfair" to compare Jeremy's team success to Molly's team succes is the same reason it's "unfair" to compare Jeremy's school success to Molly's school success. Molly does better, therefore Jeremy's fans need to *tear her down and belittle her accomplishments to make Jer-Bear look better*.

Mike P. said...

@abstractdaisy 3:45 -

You hit it smack on the head about Roloff and his sense of being slighted, and his response to it.

I've wondered if the terms "short man syndrome" and "Napoleon complex" apply, since I've known short men whose aggressive, chip-on-the-shoulder behavior somewhat mirrored Roloff's. But I think those terms are simplistic, applied to Roloff; there's more involved than simple short stature.

Roloff had a lot of painful medical attention as a child. No apparent attention was paid to his mental processes, specifically to his handling of his situation, and we see the result. He should have had counseling.

This is not to forgive him as he is today. He is old enough and experienced enough to have come to proper terms with his history, and he has failed. He grasps his anger as a weapon and swings it against the "enemies" around him (including his self-martyring wife).

Yes, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. That's Roloff's gospel, far as I can tell; it's what he preaches in his speaking.

But Roloff poisons his lemonade.

Dana said...

Rap, this was about Molly. You're the one that couldn't resist bashing the twins.

"Heh. Molly outshines the twins again. I guess it *is* possible to have good grades and be good at sports... and Molly actually wins games too."

Jeremy was an outstanding high school athlete. His all star selections prove that. It's not his fault the rest of his team was poor.

Lauren said...

When Matt talks about the family from Iraq, I wish he would talk about Russell Hayes and that lady Tammy. He only talks about how HE got them to the United States and what he did. They are the ones that basically adopted the family and live with them every day. I think Matt could at least mention them in these interviews.

Ashley said...

Matt said in that long interview that the kids play characters on the tv show. So much for the show being real and raw!

Matt wants to have dinner with Jennifer Aniston? That one came out of left field!

Rap541 said...

Dana - I mentioned the twins, and you *ran* to point out how Jeremy was better... not the twins.

In your opinion - is Jeremy *better* than Molly?

Do you have the courage of your convictions to make a *clear* statement ie "I, Dana, declare that Jeremy Roloff is BETTER than Molly" or will you wiffle and moan how mean Rap is for asking you to *clearly state your opinion so that Matt's staff can see you run down his daughter for the crime of succeeding where his son didn't*.

What I found noticable about the recent interview is that Matt made no mention of how he as a celebrity was the victim of cyberbullying despite how this interview was clearly recent - it references the holocaust talk where Matt compared being in the hospital to being in a death camp.....

Are we ever going to see Matt Roloff on camera or in print declaring how he's a victim of cyberbullying? As *Matt* said he did interviews?

Lynn C said...

Matt has the right attitude. Like my mothers always used to say, God doesn't close one door without opening another. It's good to see Matt embracing the end of the show as an opportunity instead of looking at it as a negative.

Sandie said...

I'm embracing the end of the show as an opportunity to possibly never hearing about them again :) (she says, sweetly).

Peter said...

If it was a 13 year old or a 20 year old instead of a 12 year old, my guess would have been that it was a Roloff harassing Justin!

Gossip Cop objects to the slur used below, but we are including it as not only central to the Bieber report, but also to the recent pattern of tragic headlines rooted in ugly homophobic threats.

Justin Bieber reportedly was the victim of homophobic bullying during his laser tag match on Friday.

The performer is said to have defended himself from an aggressive fellow player who cornered him and called him a “faggot,” according to TMZ.

The site claims Bieber was sick of being the constant target of another player and told him, “That’s enough.”

Reportedly, the other kid replied, “What are you gonna do about it, faggot?”

When the other player used the offensive term again, Bieber pushed away his hand and left.

Earlier reports had Bieber being investigated in connection with an assault at the laser tag facility after allegedly striking another kid.

Sources for TMZ now claim the ongoing police investigation no longer places the blame on Bieber.

Allison said...

Peter, am I missing something? What does Justin Bieber have to do with the Roloffs?

Peter said...

Allison, Jake, Jeremy and the Roloffs friends cyberbully against Justin Bieber calling him nasty names that question his masculinity.

Matt however complains that the Roloffs are cyberbullied and ignores the Roloffs and their friends and Matt's own fans cyberbullying.

David said...

When Matt rants about "bloggers" he doesn't make any sense.

"Thanks to my facebook fans for keeping up with the current family happenings... I realize it's frustrating for twop bloggers that fall behind and try to play catch up with the facts. :)) Life is soooo fun..."

What is he thanking his facebook fans for? He needs to find a way that enables him to rant about bloggers.

Brandon said...

Tom Summerville is a professional suck up :) I have the urge to vomit every time I read his comments on Matt's facebook. There's nothing wrong with liking people, but he is so over the top. Everything a Roloff does is the greatest thing of all time.

Em said...

I think Matt has serious anger issues. He is very passive aggressive in his posts.

Greg said...

Let the Matt propping up Jeremy begin. I thought Jeremy's videos were going to be something he actually did on his own without it being supported and arranged by Matt. Guess not. Maybe when Jeremy is in his 30s he will actually do something on his own that wasn't orchestrated by daddy.

Susan said...

I have been shocked for years that Matt has never realized that him being a pompous jerk on the internet only makes people dislike his family more.

Melissa said...

Matt is so full of it. He doesn't want his facebook fans to know what's going on. I posted on Matt's wall the link to Spirits story about what Washington County felt about the inspector stuff. Matt deleted because he doesn't want people to know their side of the story?

Getting Roloff news from Matt is kind of like getting your political news from...Fox News.

Greg said...

By the way, whatever happened to the meanies at Facebook that were going to delete Matt's account because they wouldn't let him verify it?

It magically went away after Matt sent his fans into a frenzy pleading for him to stay. Matt does know how to get attention. He doesn't let small things like truth and honesty stand in his way :)

NJC said...

Am I the only one who couldn't get through that video? The subject matter's a little too creepy and it could use some editing. You don't need to ask a guy a question and then follow it up with another guy asking that guy the exact same question.

Lynn C said...

NJC, honestly I thought the video was well done. I like Jeremy's decision to speed it up.

Having said that, the one part I would have omitted was what you didn't like. No need to have the man ask Sam the same question Jeremy asked him in the opening.

That aside, Jeremy did a good job with the video, I liked Sam's painting, but don't understand the concept? Sam is painting over it. How did what people draw become part of it? That might have more meaning if people were reacting to their strong feelings about Amanda Know, but what meaning does it have to have children doodle mindlessly on it?

Kaiser said...

Matt favors Jeremy so much over his other kids it's disgusting.

Debbie said...

Why is Matt so angry? Despite his use of " :)))", in my opinion his comments are dipped with underlying rage and anger.

David said...

Debbie, I agree but the reality is no matter how they phrase it, the Roloffs basically got fired and lost a lot of money. They went from thinking they were going to be paid by TLC for two more seasons, 80 episodes. To only being paid for 20. That's 60 episodes they thought they were going to have finacially and don't.

I think Matt's "Life is good" posts are the old adage, "never let them see you sweat".

His facebook comments have the tone of a very bitter and vengeful man.

Susan said...

I don't view this as a good thing, but it says a lot about the Roloffs. The cameras are finally gone.

They have the chance to finally get back to a normal life (very important to Jacob, imo). What are they doing? Flying to LA every second week trying to land another entertainment job.

Now they are inviting Tabloid TV shows to their home.

Dana said...

Jeremy at youth group again. Just pointing it out. I hope the other two boys follow Jeremy's example.

David said...

Susan, it was probably the advice Matt was given while in LA. Do as many tabloid things as you can to get and keep your faces in the public.

NJC said...

Zach working again. Just pointing it out. I hope the other 20 year old "boy" follows Zach's example.

Dana said...

I hope you aren't criticizing Jeremy for attending Youth Group associated with the Church. Jeremy does a lot of work for Matt. That is working.

NJC said...

Did I say anything about youth group? No I was not criticizing Jeremy for going to youth group, I was pointing out the fine example Zach is setting for his brother. You know kind of the exact same thing you were doing. I know, my bad, only Jeremy must be praised.

Oh, and I hope you don't mind if I don't take your less than unbiased word about Jeremy's work ethic.

Monica said...

Jeremy still goes to youth group? Does anyone else think this is strange? Isn't he a little old for youth group? Isn't there an age they cap it at, like 18?

"Jeremy's at youth group" makes it sound like he's a little kid.

Their is Faith And Hope In All said...

I see it as, Jeremy is just not quite ready to grow up and be a young adult man. And instead he continues to want to still be a kid and hang out with the youth of Faith Bible High School or his family church youth department.

I know a lot of kids at church in the past years that are not ready to move from the childrens choir to the youth choir as those in the youth choir at times are not ready to move on to the young adult choir, but in time they do move on.

With that being said I just hope that one day soon Jeremy will grow up as the people in my church choirs does and move on to the next stage of his or her life. For Jeremy's sake I hope he does this before he turns 21 years old or right at 21.

Lisa Ann said...

Did any notice in the November 17, video at around 325 Jeremy was talking to a guest in the back ground about going to Photography School in Santa Barbara Ca, but afterwards the customers coversations inside coffee shop started to overlap the other.

I would have love to know what all was said in the conversation about Photography School.

JeremyCFromFlorida said...

I think a LOT of you people probably forget that we don't get every little detail that comes out in every little moment of the roloff family's life as it is. some of y'all sound like wannabe food critics who try to tell where his/her food came from, where it was grown, and what company delivered it when all y'all know is who served it up (overlooking the fact that the waiter/waitress might have spat in your food just for their amusement). stop tearing them apart and just pray for them!

Greg said...

Man, I've really come to hate the saps on Matt's facebook whose default response to anything he says is "Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us".

Uh-huh. Yep. The fame and the money and the mansion and the freebies had nothing to do with them doing the show. It was all about the generous Roloffs "sharing" their lives with the public because they are big-hearted. Excuse me while I vomit.

Carol said...

Matt is hyped for this Inside Edition appearance. He must be trying to get on the good side of all the tabloids before the scandals start to break :)

David said...

Matt truly is devious and void of any honesty when you see the clueless facebook fans asking him why they're leaving tv and begging them to continue.

It's because it was cancelled! Matt suckered the clueless into thinking it was his choice.

E. Streit fan said...

Re: Matt being "glad" to get the barn back for family use...People don't realize that is another source of lost income for Matt. TLC was renting the barn from him the whole time.

Brandon said...

Matt sure doesn't hide that Jer is his favorite, does he?

I do think it's that 20 year old Jer still goes to the mall with Daddy.

Matt must have been buying him everything.

Veronica said...

Matt has a hard life. It seems like he's in Hawaii ever month.

And they wonder why the ratings dropped and people felt they lost touch with the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

Really? Matt's a "sexy bitch"?

Someone really needs to let Matt's facebook fans that he's a conservative Christian, husband and father, not a "sexy bitch" or "hot stuff" :)

Lynn C said...

Who said that Rap? You can't blame Matt for what a few of his 30,000 facebook fans write.

Rap541 said...

Lynn, I believe a certain crowd here just about pissed themselves in rage when someone posted a butt shot of Jeremy Jesus... Funny that Matt's fans being equally disrespectful is not "sullying Matt's reputation as a Christian husband". :)

I guess "sexy bitch" is something we call ourselves in church now? Its certainly not a phrase Matt Roloff minds hearing about himself...

Rap541 said...

Btw Matt doesn't seem to have a problem with it since its still up on his facebook.

Michael L. Burdick sexy bitch! lol... how's it goin' matt? i think often of the tour of the Farm you gave me in October... BUCK

Must've been one hell of a tour if he's calling Matt his sexy bitch :)

Barbie Higginbotham Hey... Hot Stuff :) I'll have what he's drinkin!
12 hours ago · .

Genie Santorini Alrighty, i'm now terribly jealous of you and your awesome tan, Matt your body is rippin, look at them muscles.. Woooo SEXY MATT..

Jean Buchanan Williams YES SUSAN....VERY HANDSOME!! :) Wheww hewww!

Cheryl Prondzinski Whoa! Matt's centerfold pic!

Debbie Williams Omg I like it.

Constance Mitchey wow matt im in love you are truning on the sex a peel. your very sexy matt amy better watch you matt the tan ....♥

Kathy German Copeland Ive never been there. How about doing a show with a total stranger in Hawaii? Ok, I'll do it. LOL

Tommy Conine Huba huba Matt!!

Greg Clark my wife says ur one sexy dude

Paula Lorenz Dump Amy! Date MEEEEE!!! :)

This isn't counting the ones that are "wow wee" and "looking good" - just the overtly sexual ones. :)

Lynn C said...

Rap, you can't be serious. You're blaming Matt for a man making inappropriate comments about him? I suspect it's an internet troll. I didn't go through the list to see if the comment you quoted if it is still there, but if it is I am quite sure Matt or his staff will delete it when they see it or missed it in among all the comments.

Rap541 said...

Matt controls his facebook and negative comments about the family are removed *pretty swiftly* Lynn. If you're not going to bother to check for yourself, you don't get to call me a liar, either. As of ten minutes ago... all the sexy bitch comments were still up.

And clearly there's both men and women (predominantly women actually) commenting on how Matt's hot stuff :)

I'm not blaming Matt, I just find it interesting that he's not protesting being America's Sexy Bitch :)

Melissa said...

Rap, that's true about Matt deleting. I posted the link to Spiritswander's article about Washington County apologizing for the inspector and asked if they accepted the apology. It wasn't rude.

Matt or somebody under Matt's orders removed my post swiftly.

David said...

Matt is still keeping up the deception. Don't think he worded his post today that way by accident. "Amy and I woke up this morning".

After a finale where Matt and Amy out of their mouths say their marriage is rocky, Matt is doing the same old, on facebook painting a rosie picture of everything.

Brandon said...

David, it shows what liars the Roloffs are. They can't blame editing when it's words they say.

I'm so sick of the saps that say "Thank you Roloffs for sharing your lives!"

Do they realize that's not why the Roloffs did the show? It wasn't a charity project. It was all about the money and the free stuff.

I've never heard of thanking people for making themselves rich and for accumulating 36 machines or vehicles.

Rap541 said...

And since Matt has posted, I guess he, as a Christian husband and father, rather likes being everyone's fav lil sexxy bitch as well :)

Brandon, I usually feel a bit sorry fr the fans who don't realize Matt thinks they're idiots for buying into the show's image of the family.

I mean some of those people are making what appear to be very geniune comments of concern. I feel bad for them.

Rap541 said...

Timothy - I think its just SexyBitchMatt's way of suggesting the Roloffs are somehow different from the reality whores on TLC. The President of TLC made a special call to them!

As if the other folks who have done shows don't get polite thank yous.

Brandon said...

LPBW goes out on top of what? Sarah Palin still beats LPBW.

The 2.2 rating is lower than some of the ratings they got before.

Susan said...

Matt doesn't get it at all.

He is so proud of the ratings? Does he care about the content?

It portrayed him on the verge of divorce, his 20 year old rich sons (because of Matt) won't move out or show any responsibility, his golden boy told his wife she belongs in the kitchen among other embarrassing things everyone saw from Jeremy, but all Matt can do is talk with pride about ratings.

Who cares about parenting or having kids with character.

Rap541 said...

Susan, but SexyBitchMatt made money! And gets called SexyBitch! It's always been about Matt getting attention.

Depicting himself on the edge of divorce with the kids too lazy, too dumb, and completely unprepared to fends for themselves? Yeah well, he's just going to claim the show is all lies, and people were stupid to believe SexyBitchMatt's reality show. AFter all, SexyBitchMatt isn't perfect but all criticism is INVALID AND WRONG :)

Between you and I, Susan? I think SexyBitchMatt's protesting he's on top of the world a wee bit much. I'm very curious to see what his new "projects" are...

Dana said...

Now that Matt has provided a screen shot of the facebook warning message, where all of the people that suggested Matt was lying, just looking for attention and to scare his fans when he first posted about the authenticate notification from facebook?

Rap541 said...

Because he's still attention seeking?

Still scaring the fans?

Poor poor Matt vs meanie Facebook!

Hey, maybe he should sue for emotional distress? :)

Dana - I cheerfully concede he was telling the truth when he said face book put a message on his facebook. I can do that.

Now tell me, knowing that Matt is currently stating he wanted to be done in Novemeber 2009 and is telling people he intentionally downplayed his participation in season six (which really isn't evident either but a different issue) then why would a) He sign a contract that technically obligated him to film 80 episodes if TLC *wanted it* not twenty... and b) was he telling the truth in June when he told interviewers the show was going to be on for at least two more years (oddly enough the length of that contract he signed)

I mean, if he wanted out so bad... why all the lies? :)

Dana said...

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do"

Very true Matt. Very appropriate too :)

Brandon said...

Matt is such a Negative Nelly.

Yeah Dana, Matt neverrrrrr criticizes or complains or condemns...he never does any of that about bloggers, his parking customer Bob, Washington County, or his neighbors...(end of sarcasm!)

Rap541 said...

Yeah considering Matt is the one who likes to praise people for attacking critics of his family, I think widdle Matt needs to take a nutter look at 'ol Benny's advice!

Lynn C said...

Way to go Jer!

Christine said...

I wouldn't trust Jeremy with any animal. Jeremy and his friends are sick.

Vicky said...

It's been my experience that cats don't actually get stuck in trees. They can get down just fine.

Greg said...

Jeremy, hard at work. I wonder how much Matt pays him for climbing trees?

Craw said...

Smart choice to have Jeremy do it, Jake would probably drop the cat, fall and knock himself out again. ;)

Jason J said...

I would say I hope the cat scratches the hell out of the jerk, but knowing Jeremy and his friends and their cruelty to animals. They'd probably harm the cat as revenge.

Vicky said...

What is this about Jeremy and his friends being cruel to animals? I wouldn't doubt it, but I haven't heard anything about that. What am I missing?

David said...

Wow. I am shocked that Jeremy and his damaged foot can climb a tree...

Birdie said...

Vicky, in addition to hunting and taking sick pictures of dead, bloody and mutulated animals, Jeremy and or his friends have filmed comic videos in front of brutally slaughted cows and baby calves, they've congratulated each other for shooting squirells for fun, each bragging about how many they killed, blew in half if the ammunition was powerful enough and how many they've injured for fun. They stomp birds to death and ask each other who knows the best way to skin chipmunks.

A wise person once said you can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats animals.

Joan R said...

Matt is so nice to do this for the fans. I'm glad he's posting pictures again. Two in a row! It's good to see a celebrity that cares about his fans.

Diane said...

How nice of Jeremy to take a break from playing with Mueller to rescue a cat that doesn't need rescuing.

Melissa said...

Jeremy is a jerk, Matt tries hard to put Jeremy in a good light.

Ashley said...

I wonder how June went blind? Probably from something Jeremy and Mueller did to her.

Z to the Zee said...

Matt kills himself laughing at how he can play people.

Jeremy the gentle caretaker of cats? Bahawahahah!

The person I know that is over at their house tells me Mo the cat (the black and white one) peed on the floor. Jeremy is threatening to kill it. He's serious too.

Here is Matt convincing his fans that Jeremy is the gentle care taker of cats. Matt loves playing people for fools.

Cindy said...

Wait a minute, back up! June is blind, but she climbed a tree? Is there anything Matt doesn't exaggerate?

Cindy said...

Z, big macho man Jeremy threatening to kill a small animal. What a tough guy. {shakes head}

NJC said...

I guess we know how Matt is spending his time since the show ended, reading the comments here and making posts in response. I can't fault a father for trying to defend his family but it would help if he could keep his stories straight. I mean, as David pointed out, is that the same foot jammed between the tree limbs that is in desperate need of surgery?

Dana said...

NJC, are you a foot doctor? Don't put words in Matt's mouth.

Is it so hard to believe that Jeremy has a problem that causes his foot to become sore after playing sports or just periodically becomes sore? Perhaps what is causing it will require surgery one day down the road.

He didn't say that Jeremy can't walk or that his foot is in a cast 24/7.

I had a problem with my tooth. Sometimes it would flare up and cause pain. Then it would go away for weeks at a time, then flare up again. It required surgery to solve the problem once and for all. I'm sure you see the point. It's not necessary to act as though Matt is lying everytime you see Jeremy walking or doing some form of activity. All Matt said was that Jeremy has a persisting foot problem that flares up and sometimes becomes very sore, eventually Jeremy will need surgery.

Instead of trying to make Matt sound like a liar, be more productive and pray for Jeremy's good health.

Owen said...

No one believes Matt do they? Jeremy is the best example.

Jeremy plays like an immature child with Jacob Mueller almost every day of his life.

No amount of Matt lying to make Jeremy appear mature will change that fact.

NJC said...

Dana if it's okay with you I'll just take a quick break from my productive around the clock praying for Jeremy's foot health to point out again that when Amy raised this issue in the first place she made zero mention of Jeremy having an injury. She said "Jeremy skipped their soccer game to DO SOMETHING ELSE"

I don't know, call me crazy but I kind of think that if the "SOMETHING ELSE" was going to see the podiatrist, Amy would have mentioned it.

To take Matt at his word on this one you would have to believe that Amy would rather portray her son as frivilous than state his legitimate injury excuse and that Zach would be angry with his brother even though he was hurt. I guess in your and Matt's world it's okay for Amy and Zach to come off looking uncaring and irrational so long as the Golden One remains unblemished.

Rap541 said...

So in other words, whatever Jeremy's vague problem is, its now officially his excuse whenever he decides to skip out on committments or not work or not move out.... yet whenever there is fun that he *wants*, his progressively worsening problem clears up and allows him to PLAY PLAY PLAY.

Interesting that a perfectly healthy looking young man is now handicapped and given an excuse to do nothing *until he has his necessary surgery sometime years from now for his unspecified lingering problem that in no way impedes his active physical lifestyle unless he's more interested in doing something else*.

David said...

Nice subtle plug for the online store. That's what all the "Molly is working at the online store" posts are about.

But...if we are to believe them, poor Molly is behind (another subtle plug that suggests business is booming, always a tool used by salesman, always present an in-demand front) because she is swamped with finals, couldn't lazy ass Jeremy who is on break from PCC and has no job, fill in and help? That's going along with the whole charade that there is a lot for Molly to do since she doesn't correspond with anyone, she packs a t-shirt into a box? Yeah, that must be why Jeremy can't fill in, he's too busy hanging out with Mueller like they are still six years old.

Giles said...

I love that Molly's big job is "working the online store", but Matt implies that it's staff that does the co-ordinating and corresponding with customers...because no 17 year old working on an online store can be the one to actually confirm orders and details. I guess Molly can't dirty herself to communicate with customers because they are fans, they are all supposed to be honored that Molly supposedly touched their merchandise.

Susan said...

Giles, that's a valid point. Molly appears to have the least amount of problems among the Roloffs, but I notice there is tendency to over inflate her accomplishments when compared to regular teenagers across the country.

There are a lot of 17 year olds that manage to get good grades, while working a regular job.

I like Molly, but Matt's references to her great work with the online store is a bit humorous. I trust that it's simply a way to pitch merchandise to fans without saying "Buy our stuff, give me your money!"

How busy can Molly be with the online store? As you said, they get an order, someone hands it to Molly and she puts a sweatshirt into a package. Then Matt brags about how hard working she is and fans make comments that she's headed places.

Even Molly might be in for a surprise when she gets out into the real world and works for someone other than Matt.

Greg said...

It took Matt a while to promote Spencer considering the Mackenzie's gave Matt and Jeremy a free vacation.

Timothy said...

Cool picture from the window of the plane. I like the colors. If Jeremy had taken it there would have been non stop praise for his talent...

Nicole said...

Matt should learn to relax, not travel so much. Stay home and enjoy his beautiful farm and family.

Timothy said...

Nicole, basically...Matt and the family just lost their jobs. That's what the cancellation of the show is, them losing a large money stream.

Wealthy people need as much money coming in to keep live the lifestyle they've become accustomed.

Matt is travelling to create some more money streams. Well that and filing frivolous lawsuits for "emotional distress".

Christine said...

I get sick thinking about the Roloffs presents to each other. Is Matt buying Jeremy his 5th car? Good thing "you can only have so much stuff" and it's about giving back to others...ha ha ha, Amy.

Brandon said...

Christine, Jeremy's gift will probably another date with the BMW restoration experts for his second Beamer. Then Jeremy and Matt can brag about how talented Jeremy is and that he gets it done when he sets his mind to something because giving professionals money to fix your car is such an accomplishment :)

Diane said...

Such a sincere Christmas wish, because it's impossible for the other Roloffs to do it themselves. What's the reason for that again? Can't use computers? Ha ha, it's so respectful to lie to people.

Oh that's right, when the kids talk about fans it's behind the back bashing and name calling. On second thought, I totally understand why Matt speaks for them.

But he should stop insulting people's intelligence.

Lynn C said...

Diane, Matt is simply the classiest of the Roloffs. And he's the family spokesman. It's fine for him to do a greeting from all.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - to be fair, Matt refuses to allow his family to speak out despite their increasingly adult status. They aren't on tv anymore... why can't Amy and Zach and Jeremy speak on their experiences? Why does Matt need to control them?

As for classy, Lynn, do you recall Matt agreeing with his buddy Pondo how people who complain about his parking prices are "cheap bastard douchbags"? And what about Matt praising his boardies for "kicking hater ass"? You do understand that kicking hater ass, on many occasions, involved boardies being vulgar to underage posters, aka Cyberbullying?

If Matt is the classiest of the Roloffs, and *this* is how he treats people... then really, the standard of behavior for class you set for a man is *very low*.

Mike P. said...

Matt may be the "classiest" of the Roloffs, but that doesn't mean he has any class.

Susan Coles said...

"And what about Matt praising his boardies for "kicking hater ass"? You do understand that kicking hater ass, on many occasions, involved boardies being vulgar to underage posters, aka Cyberbullying?"

Rap, that's absolutely true. I recall Sawyer, telling a then 15 year old girl (Roxanne) that she probably masterbates while watching the show. When the girl said her mother wrote to the IMDB to attempt to ban her from posting, Sawyer said she should stay off the internet if she doesn't want to receive vulgar sexual messages.

Matt said he made his board with Sawyer in mind because she had been banned from TLC for making numerous vulgar insults such as that. In one of Matt's rare stop ins over there, he asked how Sawyer was doing. Matt has said he wants to meet Sawyer in person.

That spoke worlds about what impresses Matt and his Christian character and class.

That was the first big sign I had that the Roloffs public image portrayed on the show was a great big sham.

Can you imagine if an adult had told Molly that they think she masterbates while watching tv? The Roloffs would sue for emotional distress! Instead, as along as it's done by a person defending the Roloffs, Matt praises them and has a desire to meet them to thank them.

That is Matt Roloff's Christian character.

Rap541 said...

The incident with Roxanne was what I was thinking about as well. Matt even made Sawyer a moderator on his forum. Thats the kind of behavior Matt likes directed at people who criticize him.

And agreed, he'd have a stroke if Molly was given the treatment his special friend Sawyer liked to dish out to minors.

And I sure think Amy would take a strong stance if it was HER daughter... and not be all "What in Sawyer's homelife was causing her to suggest that Molly masturbates while watching a certain tv show".

Lets all remember that Matt wants to thank someone for calling out a 15 year old girl by making a disgusting sexual comment! Stay classy Matt!

*After all praising someone for attacking a teenager online isn't *praising a cyberbully* when Matt Roloff is being criticized, right Matt fans?

** And I am sure that Matt does not welcome fans making comments about what his daughter's sexual activities are, yet Matt *praises and thanks* his fans for making comments about *nonRoloffs*. He's so saintly :)

Aaron T said...

Coda is such a crock. I pity anybody that gives their money. I saw them at one of the their "events" in Michigan around town (I live in the Big Beaver area). They were riding around in limos getting sloshed.

Their motto should be "Give to Coda. Spoiled celebrities need a free party."

Anybody sincere about charity don't demand first class star treatment because they want the funds to go to the charity. Not towards the limo, the first class flight and the booze.

It's disgusting, really.

Dana said...

Aaron, what is wrong with that? You must not be familiar with any celebrity charity events.

What were you expecting? That Matt, Zach and Jeremy were going to take the bus around Detroit?

Vic Rattlehead said...


In my opinion the Roloffs are fourth tier celebs at best they're not deserving of the first class "star" treatment especially when it's at one of Matt's so called "charity events" which actually sound like excuses to get hammered and live fat off the hog.

It sounds to me like most of the money they raise at those events goes to paying for "administrative expenses" and very little actually goes to the charity itself? Matt and the rest of them don't need limos to get around because there's a little thing called a rental car.

EM said...

Please send me a self addressed envelop with a note saying "I'm considering making a donation, Please send me CoDA's financial statements" and we'll gladly send you a copy. Vic, Aaron, I think you'll be surprised.

111 S.W. Fifth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204-3699

Burr Dee said...

Vic, Aaron, the other CoDA project, Custom made bikes for "LP Kids" is also shady if you ask me.

Do you remember the last girl they showed in the episode?

Her name is Samantha G. She is friends with Zach. They are such good friends that Zach was her prom date. Sam(antha) and her friends also have went wake boarding and surfing with both Zach and Jeremy.

One of the people benefiting from CoDA donations is Zach's good friend. Is that what people think when they hear Matt say CoDA is providing LP kids with bikes because every kid should have a bike? That one of the people getting a bike will be Zach's prom date? I'm surprised they didn't change CoDA's mission to "provide LP girls with paid for Prom dresses". Afterall, why should a Roloff date pay for their own stuff when there is CoDA??

What's next? Will the next CoDA project go towards getting Mueller some new wheels?

Suzie Warren said...

Why do we have to say we are considering a donation? Don't all non-profits have to disclose their financial statements to anyone who requests whether they are considering a donation or not?

Jim R said...

So because she is a friend of Zach's she should be disqualified from receiving a bike? I personally don't have a problem with it and I don't think it is shady either. For all we know she could have been one of the people to inspire the bike project.

Mike Bass said...

Anyone who runs charity events or has volunteered on a charity event committee will know that very often, especially when celebrities are involved, services such as limos are sponsored. That limo service either comped their fee or may have even donated to CODA to provide the service.

Michelle Thomas said...

Jim R, I couldn't disagree with you more. If she in fact has went on dates with Zach, it is problem.

Even my local SPCA disqualifies family members and friends from winning the seasonal SPCA lottery. Most charities understand that it's a conflict of interest for close friends to benefit from charity donation.

I'm just speculating on this next part, but what do we know about just about all friends of the Roloff kids? They are not hurting for money. Most of Jeremy and Zach's friends come from upper class to rich families. Is this girl poor?

Jim R said...

Wow, that is quite a speculation Michelle. I was not aware that all the Roloff friends were only upper class or rich, when did their financial statements become public? And at what level of income do you consider poor enough to not be able to afford a custom made bike? I am on the board of two non profits and it is the by-laws that determine appropriate distribution of funds. One of the boards I volunteer on distribute funds for scholarships that board member's family and friends are welcome to apply. Selection is determined on the applicants qualifications fitting the criteria. I am sure that CODA had an application process and a criteria that was met for all recipients. I don't think we are looking at bicycle-gate here.

Greg said...

Jim, there are always exceptions, but Michelle's statement that "Most of Jeremy and Zach's friends come from upper class to rich families" accurate? Are you really disagreeing with this?

A lot of their friends are fellow Faith Bible students and grads. The tuition alone speaks to the income of their families.

Then there's things like the number of their friends that were bought brand new cars and trucks on their 16th birthday. Remember Jeremy's friend that destroyed his truck jumping during a mudding adventure? Bought him a compact car...that he was whining about because it wasn't another truck.

Parents buy their kid an expensive truck when they're 16. The kid smashes it up. Parents buys the kid another car. That tells me all I need to know about the financial status of Jeremy and Zach's friends.

Christine said...

"One of the boards I volunteer on distribute funds for scholarships that board member's family and friends are welcome to apply."

IMO, that's not right.

Amy says her charity helps kids. What if she said her next fundraiser was to help "under privileged kids". What if one of the "under privileged kids" she helped was Jeremy BFF, Jacob Mueller and she used the donations to pay for his PCC tuition? There is no clear cut definition of "under privileged". I'm sure they could justify it by saying he's not as privileged as the Roloffs or some of the other friends.

Do you seriously think the majority of people would not have a problem with that? *IF* Amy used her charity to benefit Jeremy's best friend?

I don't see a huge difference between that scenario and using Coda to give Zach's date material goods.

Lynn C said...

I don't see anything terribly wrong with "Bike Gate". It's also possible that she became friends with Zach after the bike project?

Christine, I would have a problem if Mueller was the benefactor of one of their charities, but I don't see the comparison between that and a Little Person getting a custom made bicycle. It's not like you can go to the local Walmart and buy a LP bike for $150.

Rap541 said...

Jim R - I think the question becomes "Is it appropriate for the people recieving free, apparently expensive bikes to also be dating the son of one of the charity runners?"

I doubt there's a HUGE impropriety here but really - to me its more a question of whether I want the *appearence* of an impropriety. Really, out of all the possible recipients of a customized dwarf bike, Zach Roloff's girfriend just happened to be in play?

When I couple that with Matt organizing people donating to "Zach's team" and the people needing donations included "Zach Roloff - on tv and actually paid to go to Ireland but needed a corporate handout", "Marty Klebba - Movie star who needed a corporate hand out", "The Manuel twins - in a family that is clearly upper middle class who needed a hand out"...... then yes, I do start to question where the money is going.

Now, in fairness, that wasn't CODA, that was just several members of CODA... but a quick perusal of CODA's website indicates it hasn't been updated since 2008.... that alone would make me leary. Why not put up the financial statements on the website so possible donors can have a look?

Theresa said...

"there are always exceptions, but Michelle's statement that "Most of Jeremy and Zach's friends come from upper class to rich families" accurate? Are you really disagreeing with this?

I disagree. You can not necessarily judge a families income by the tuition of their school. My kids went to a very nice private school and we were not upper class or rich by any means. We scraped together the money because we believed it was the best investment for our kids future and we gave up much more than luxuries to pay for it.

Dana said...

Rap, where do you get that this bike girl is "Zach Roloff's girlfriend"?

You don't even know for a fact if
A) Zach is dating this girl
B) If Zach did date a girl if it is the same girl

You are putting a lot of trust into anonymous posts on the internet.

Christine said...

I can't believe that people would actually argue that most of Jer's and Zach's friends are rich. Of course they are.

And of course even on the week long crew, who do the stuck up snob twins pal around with? The rich girl and her family on their 27th cruise who are friends with the captain of the biggest ship in the world.

Christine said...

*"cruise" not "crew". I wish I could edit on here!

I meant the luxury cruise that they promoted as the cruise for Haiti. What a joke.

Ashley Z said...

My little sister's friend who is not rich at all is good friends with Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland who is very rich, so saying that rich kids only hang out with other rich kids is lame.

Greg said...

Ashley, who said it goes for "all" rich kids?

All that was said was that the majority of Jeremy and Zach's friends are upper class to rich.

I agree with Christine. I didn't predict that this would be a point of contention. Is this part of the 'Roloffs are just like you' image hoax?

Rap541 said...

Dana - hey, take the potential girl friend out of the mix. To be honest, the red flag for me and Roloff charities was the team sponsorship letter that nicely left out the reality that Zach was actually being paid to be filmed, and that several of the needy kids were adults and or movie stars and or from clearly affluent families. I have my own sources that indicate Zach has when on dates with a LP girlf. If she got a free bike from Matt's charity - I wouldn't consider it *monstrous* but I would consider it along the lines of Zach needing a corporate sponsor to cover his costs even though he was clearly being paid to be filmed.

Greg - I suspect the poor friends of Jeremy and Zach are their many black and gay friends that Jeremy has claimed to have that never once made it on camera despite six years of filming. *waits for people to claim its because TLC is racist*

Rosa said...

Rap- Are you black or gay, or are you just racist yourself? why do you assume only black or gay people would be poor? You claim to have some unknown secret inside source of Roloff information. You clearly have no clue!

Robin said...

Saying that the Roloff's only have rich friends is as narrow minded as saying that they only have LP friends. I think it is ridiculous to pick apart the demographic of the Roloff's friend circle.

Burr Dee said...

Dana, it's the same girl. Trust me. You might not recognize her because she has her hair done up and looks like a million bucks. As you can see, she surrrrre looks like she comes from the poor part of town.

They do make a cute couple.

Vicky said...

Zach looks great in that picture, BD!

Expressed said...

That's a fantastic pic.

More than the bike thing, I think it shows how LPBW lost its way!

Reality = Zach is looking like a stud going on dates with pretty girls.

LPBW episode = Zach (and Jeremy!!!!! What a load!) is a loser when it comes to girls. He might never, ever go on a date because he never talks to girls and is so shy.

It shows how fake the show was.

Rosa said...

Now only rich people can look nice and dressed up. So if rich people look like "a million bucks" when dressed up, poor people must look like 5 dollars? Stereo-typing away, as usual, Burr Dee.

Burr Dee said...

Rosa, yeah yeah, all poor people spend a lot of money on their hair and pretty dresses for the prom.

That's confusing the issue. Zach's prom date is where Coda donations who are going to and you don't think there's anything wrong with it?

Melissa said...

She's cute and Zach looks great but count me on the side that thinks it's wrong.

Is that her house / property in the background? I'll guess she doesn't live in a shack.

About the Roloffs friends, they're rich!

Greg already talked about Brendan.

I've seen pictures of Dan's house. If you wouldn't say it's flat out a rich neighborhood it's definitely upper class. He already has his own car too.

Scott has a truck and goes to OSU. Wanna bet his parents can afford the tuition?

I've seen pictures of lots of their friends with cars that they were obviously given. It's not like their families are breaking the bank to send them to Faith and they need to take the bus everywhere...

I think the video that was posted about the cruise says everything about Jeremy and Zach and their snobbish ways and how they flock to other rich people with money.

Greg said...

Rap, good point. I almost forgot about Jeremy claiming he has lots of gay friends. Guess he forgot to tell his real friends that because I remember his real friends using the excuse for Jeremy's homophobic slurs was because he's never around any gay people.

Rosa, I don't think Rap's point was that hard to understand. Rap wasn't saying that gay and black people are always poor.

Rap's point was that Jeremy's friends are known to come from wealthy families. But now people are saying they have poor friends...that nobody knows about. Just like Jeremy claims he has black and gay friends, but they've never made an appearance in 6 years of the show.

Kayla said...

Wow, Zach has a girlfriend? I feel lied to. Sometimes I think the LPBW producers and the Roloffs intentionally tried to put as many fake things into the show so they can laugh at everybody that believes it.

Rap541 said...

Rosa - I merely note that while Jeremy in an interview claims to have black and gay friends, those friends were never seen on the show, despite six years of filming. Now people are running to insist that the Roloff twins do indeed have "non upper middle class or rich" friends... and much like the black and gay friends... they aren't exactly visible :)

Who are the "poor" friends? Since we never ever saw the black and gay friends on screen, and most of the friends seem to come from pretty wealthy families...

And since Rosa, you seem like one of boardies - let me explain. I don't think Jeremy Roloff was telling the truth when he interviewed (with daddy there) that he wasn't a racist because he has lots of black and gay and mexican friends. its very noticable that the only time we ever saw non white kids were during orchestrated events not "Peter from school hanging with Jeremy.

I also don't think the Roloff kids hang with a "poor" crowd and I find it hilarious that even this form of criticism brings out the protests. "the Roloffs AREN'T perfect but how DARE anyone suggest the kids hang out with just upper class and rich friends because even though we can't cite any examples of geniune friends of the Roloffs being poor, OF COURSE they Roloffs are eglatarian and not snobs. They AREN't PERFECT BUT AS USUAL ALL CRITICISM IS FALSE!!! STOP HATING ON THE ROLOFFS WHO AREN'T PERFECT BUT HAVE NO FLAWS!

Right Rosa?

Rap541 said...

Rap's point was that Jeremy's friends are known to come from wealthy families. But now people are saying they have poor friends...that nobody knows about. Just like Jeremy claims he has black and gay friends, but they've never made an appearance in 6 years of the show.

Thanks for the sum up, Greg. Seems like ol'rappy isn't the only one who likes to twist words, huh Rosa?

I was always amused by Jer's blessed christian never lies words where he says he has many black and gay friends versus his friends saying he calls people fags because he doesn't know any gay people and therefore has no idea its hurtful.

I assume the Jer- Fans *will* be deeming all of Jeremy's *friends* liars, lying on Jeremy's sweet Christian rep?

Rosa said...

Do tell Rap, what are the distinguishing visible signs to look for to determine ones sexual orientation and their economic status that we should have looked for and didn't see? Are you saying that since we may not have seen the stereotypical flaming queen or butch female hanging around the Roloff's house we can definitively assess that they know no gay people? Or maybe since their friends did not wear shoes with holes and torn clothing and they had all of their teeth they were automatically living an upper class life? Maybe we should have demanded that all Roloff friends wear signs to let us know what category they fall in? You are also assuming that all of the kids friends have made an appearance on the show at one time or another. I am sure the Roloff's, like all kids, have close friends they hang out with outside of school and many more school and church friends they see at school and church. So you stating that Jeremy was lying about his friends is just trying to stir up controversy to feed your own self importance.

Greg said...

You still don't get it Rosa.

In Jeremy's interview that Matt was in charge of, when he was asked the poorly phrased question 'Are you a racist bigot?' Jeremy said he has gay friends.

Jeremy's other friends, friends that people actually know are really his friends, defended Jeremy when fans would write them. Their response was that Jeremy said "f*ggot" so much because he was never around any gay people and had no idea it was hurtful.

Kinda strange that Jeremy's close friends has no idea that Jeremy has all these gay friends, dontcha think? Or maybe like Rap said...Jeremy was lying.

Ben F. said...

So because she is a friend of Zach's she should be disqualified from receiving a bike?

Yes. Its a conflict of interest. It leads to the suspicion that one is more likely to be a beneficary of the charity if one has a personal relationship with the people running the charity, than if one has a geniune need. Want a free customized bike? Better make sure you're friendly to the charity head's son. That might trump any other criteria.

Is that what happened? Maybe. Maybe not. But if one of the bike recievers is or was dating the son of the charity organizer, people will ask the question. That is why, as someone up above said, many charities restrict friends and family from participating. To avoid the question of impropriety.

Rap541 said...

Hey Rosa - just point out Jeremy's many black friends.

Or his latino friends.

And please explain why while Jeremy says he has many gay friends (and I agree, you can't tell by looking at *gay* people although I trust you agree that people of different races can be distinguished on looks alone?) Jeremy's best buddies have periodically defended Jeremy with how he doesn't know any gay people and therefore doesn't know its hurtful, and or "he's a christian god blesses his namecalling"?

Why is that Rosa? Why would Jeremy, who per Jeremy, has many gay friends, be ok with his other friends citing his ignorance of gay people in his life and his religious convictions as an excuse for his hatespeech?

Brandon said...

Rap, Matt himself, in his always vague words when he's talking about his Golden boy's bigoted words said something similar. Remember what he said when he did an interview speaking in San Francisco (I think) a year ago? He said something like San Fran is more accepting of diversity than Oregon and that he needs to work on that with his own kids...

Gee. I. Wonder. What. He could have been referring to? I wonder why he would say that if Jeremy was telling the truth and has all these black and gay friends?

Rap541 said...

Brandon, all I know is that in six years of filming, we never saw Jeremy bring his nonwhite friends over to the house to sit around the way he did all his Faith Bible chums.

Also we're told repeatedly that Jeremy does not LIKE homosexuals or his friends, by his fans... I mean thats fine... but it does make one question Jeremy's statements in his interview.

The show depicts reality right? And on the show, the only time nonwhite children are seen on the farm is a)pumpkin season b)when "needy" children are brought in by the Boys and Girls club to build for Marr and c) when native American children are brought in for a one time only staged event.

Timothy said...

Is Matt's last message for 2010 that the show wasn't real? (it was real, it was fun, but wasn't real fun").

He spend years doing a dance. It was real and raw. It was all editing that people would be stupid to believe.

Will this be it now? That the show wasn't real?

Rap541 said...

Timothy - more likely he is suggesting that 2010 wasn't one of his better years.

David said...

Matt must be angling for a freebie with the plug for Apple and Netflex.

Lynn C said...

David, or that could have been what he used. Not everything the Roloffs like are pitches for free merchandise.

David said...

You're talking about Matt posting publicly, Lynn. Matt doesn't pick up a fork without having an agenda...

Carol said...

@David LOL!

David said...

Spirits, what would be the point? Matt is incapable of being honest. He would spout BS and be difficult. Look at how Matt treats anybody he doesn't like. He wouldn't be honest anyway. Why bother?

Nancy said...

Matt must be working on a building project. This is the second or third time he's asked people to email him with their stories.

"Who knows someone with an amazing backyard project? Send me a Youtube link. Something to Make our Molly's Castle look like child's play."

tomS said...

Matt Roloff lied again several times, he has no original attraction ideas and copied this western town with tunnels and mollys castle.

Lynn C said...

Tom S, Matt didn't "lie". Matt never claimed to be the only person in the world to think of an idea of a Western Town. He has fully admitted a lot of the farm was inspired by knots berry farm. What is unique is actually doing it on your own property.

TomS said...

I understand that he built these things in his backyard. I question why he took down 3 different comments from 3 different people that posted something about this man having neat projects? He took the comments off his post about Mollys Castle within 30 minutes. Does he not want people to know that someone built a western town and castle an hour away and 20 years earlier? This guy started out building these attractions in his own yard. Why do you think Matt would not want his fans to know about him?

Lynn C said...

I didn't see the comments that were deleted on Matt's facebook, Tom.

Without seeing them, I can't say whether I agree or not. If they were said in a nasty accusatory or insulting tone, then I understand it.

Also, I can't hold Matt accountable for every deletion on his facebook. He has named a woman called Dallah that helps as an Admin on his facebook. I think she might be Roloff farm staff for pumpkin season. She is probably doing her best to keep Matt's page clean. Not every deletion comes straight from Matt himself.

TomS said...

The following comment made by Chris was deleted from facebook comments when it was accompanied by a youtubelink that featuring videos of replicas built 40 years earlier of Mollys Castle and the Western Town. Other Youtube links were permitted but this one showing that there is a western town and a Mollys Castle that are virtual carbon copys of Roloff Farms "attractions" than Matt had commisioned and built by professionals. Keep in mind the person that built Enchanted Forest lives less than an hour away in Salem, Oregon.
The Comment was edited without links... "Matt you have commisioned several neat visual attractions on your farm but your ideas are Busch League compared to Roger Tofte. you should coonsider building attractions that are interactive instead of just a "looked at", this fella created...... a real "hands on" and interactive experience instead of just "yard art". not sure if the county would allow actual "rides" or if the funds are even there for such elaborate proects now that TLC canceled the show. I think Tom Summerville had a good idea about opening up the farm at Xmas and other times of the year. but without the exposure of the TV show, a farm experience would be better than the detached yard art thing. GOOGLE Enchanted Forest in Salem Oregon. This is where you can see a Western Town with Tunnels and Castles, PLUS Rides and other fun attraction just an Hour away from Roloff Farm."

Anonymous said...

Its his facebook. He's never accountable for anything done in his name. If his mods at his personal website act nasty, its not Matt's fault. Now Matt isn't responsible for post deletions on his facebook.

Is matt ever accountable?