Sunday, November 21, 2010

Matt Roloff spokesman for Green Grease

Readers will recall Matt announcing in August that Jeremy and Matt will represent Green Grease.

Aug 13
Matt Roloff = Advertisement: :)) Jeremy and I are proud to represent Green Grease.. as the very BEST and ONLY truly waterproof Grease on the market. We'll be making appearances at future AutoZone shows on behalf of this product that Roloff farm now uses in all our cars and equipment. We fell in love with this product a year ago..... and then they asked us to share our opinions. we are....

Green Grease put out a news release announcing Matt Roloff as their new spokesman. Green Grease's release only mentions Matt as the spokesman, although Matt mentions Jeremy's name.

Green Grease Hosts Little People Big World Celebrity, Matt Roloff, at AutoZone National Sales Meeting

Lewisville, Texas (September 27, 2010) Green Grease, The Best Waterproof Grease Money Can Buy, had a very busy booth at the AutoZone National Sales Meeting on September 21st. Matt Roloff from Little People Big World, the hit show on The Learning Channel, and big fans of Green Grease, was promoting the product and signing autographs.

"My son, Jeremy and I fell in love with this product a year ago and the Roloff farm now uses it on all our cars and equipment,” said Matt Roloff, star of TLC’s Little People Big World. “I am proud to represent Green Grease as the very best and only truly waterproof grease on the market.”

"We were absolutely thrilled to introduce Matt as the newest spokesperson for Waterproof Green Grease during the AutoZone National Sales Meeting,” said Spencer Mackenzie, CEO of Green Grease. “He is an inspiration to so many people. Matt also has his “toys” and with Green Grease he knows they will last a long time."

Waterproof Green Grease™, as seen on Two Guys Garage, Truck U, Inside Drag Racing, Trucks, Pleasure Boating and the Lokar Car Show series, is professional-grade high performance synthetic polymer grease and is ideal for:

• Cars, trucks, boats, trailers, ATV's, RV's, motorcycles.

• Mowers, farm and construction equipment

• General chassis lubrication, including U-joints, tie-rod ends, upper and lower A-arms

• Heim joints, ball joints, steering linkages and bucket pins

• Ball/roller and sealed-for-life bearings

AutoZone is the leading retailer and a leading distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the United States. The annual sales meeting introduces their top 10% salespeople to all the new products carried by AutoZone.

Green Grease is a Brand of OMNI Lubricants and has a 30+-year history of selling to major manufacturers throughout the world. Available at AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, Lowe's, Tractor Supply Company, Bass Pro Shops and participating NAPA stores, or visit 1-877-Go-Grease (1-877-464-7327).


Timothy said...

In other words, it's typical Matt. He was trying to make it sound like Jeremy was actually doing something.

The grease guys don't say Jeremy at all. It's only Matt.

Like everything else, Matt does something and tries to give some of the "glory" (as much glory as there is in hocking grease! :)) to his 20 year old slacker Golden Boy son.

Chris said...

Did they Grease company drop Jeremy? Maybe they were scared away by his bigoted reputation?

Michelle said...

Yeah, what happened to Jeremy? I thought it was a joint venture?

Judy B said...

There could be explanations. It sounds like Matt travelled to Texas for an exhibit or something.

Perhaps Jeremy at college courses and couldn't attend.

Greg said...

I agree Timothy. Matt lies again. He's clearly saying "we". The release clearly makes it known their deal is with "Matt Roloff".

What does Jeremy have to do with it? It was Matt making it sound like Jeremy was in demand and did something.

Chris said...

Jeremy probably slept in on the day they were going to sign the grease contract and mised it. Or he was too busy playing with Mueller.

NJC said...

At what point do people say "you know maybe I should hold off on my Jeremy is God's gift to the world praise until after there's some confirmation he's actually doing something"?

Putting him up on a pedestal like that isn't doing Jeremy any favors.

Dana said...

What do you want him to do, NJC? He is going to college. He got accepted into a prestigious photography school. He is looking at his options and the best route to take. He still has his eyes on God and hasn't forgotten about the Church.

Matt said Jeremy is part of the deal. Matt has no reason to lie.

Rap541 said...

Matt said Jeremy is part of the deal. Matt has no reason to lie.

Ignore the Matt factor, Dana. If *Jeremy Roloff* is a spokeperson for Green Grease... why hasn't there been any mention of it?

If we believe Matt, Jeremy is signed on. Since Jeremy is in college theoretically from sept 23 to sometime in dec, why would Green Grease sign him and then a) not promote him before his scedule made him unavailable or b) set up the event so Jeremy could attend since jeremy being a part of the business is apparently so important they didn't mention him at all, only Matt did?

Dana said...

What difference does it make if Matt says Jeremy uses the product or if the Green Grease CEO says it?

Matt is a bigger, more well known name than Jeremy, that's probably they used Matt's name in the title.

Lynn C said...

We have all seen Matt's declining physical abilities. I doubt Matt can physically do the work that would require him to use the product himself. However, it's his farm. His projects. Jeremy, on the other hand, works on his cars, and at least sometimes helps Matt with machinery. Perhaps Jeremy is the one that actually uses and likes it. Maybe Matt told the company that "they" use it and that's why he said "they: "Jeremy and I" are representing Green Grease. Perhaps the company felt only using Matt's name was necessary. It's still the Roloff name.

abstractdaisy said...

And it could be that Matt is living vicariously once again through Jeremy with another lame attempt to get John Q. Public to adore and worship his loser son. This is just another fine example of Matt's inability to let his children figure life out on their own without his meddling and incessant pampering. I know that my children (I have three in various stages of life: 26, 17 and 16) would be incredibly embarrassed and unimpressed if I were to be their mouthpiece and tout them to be people they weren't. My family, however, is just average size people living in a big world so maybe little people living in a big world look at things differently.

Rap541 said...

In fairness, where has the CEO said Jeremy Roloff is a spokesperson for Green Grease?

He's not a child. He's old enough at *20* to sign his own contracts.

Why *wouldn't* Green Grease's CEO mention Jeremy Roloff's *endorsement* if he was paying Jeremy to endorse the product?

Folks, do you understand the concept of endorsement? The person paying someone to endorse a product will generally mention that person by name. That means it makes sense that *Matt* is mentioned in the *public release* by the CEO. Matt is being paid to endorse the product.

If *Jeremy Roloff* was under contract to endorse the product.... it makes NO SENSE that the CEO wouldn't say a thing and would sit on his hands and pay Jeremy for *nothing*.

Does that make sense? That Jeremy can't be considered to endorse a product unless *Jeremy* and not *his daddy* committ to being a Green Grease endorser?

If the CEO is PAYING Jeremy James to endorse his product.... it makes no sense that we have NO comments from Jeremy James Roloff telling us about his love of Green Grease.

Lynn, Dana, explain to the class why if Jeremy is getting paid to endorse a product, why wouldn't the CEO of Green Grease mention in a news release how someone who actually uses (unlike matt who apparently is too disabled) the product is endorsing it?

"Matt is a bigger, more well known name than Jeremy, that's probably they used Matt's name in the title. "

Agreed Dana - now explain why Green Grease is PAYING Jeremy under contract to endorse a product and not mentioning his name and you even agree he's not famous enough to really be worth paying? :)

Hey Green Grease folks? You paying Jeremy Roloff to endorse your product or what?

Brandon said...

"I know that my children (I have three in various stages of life: 26, 17 and 16) would be incredibly embarrassed and unimpressed if I were to be their mouthpiece"

Abstract, I think the part I quoted is one of the things that is the biggest knocks against Jeremy. It doesn't even matter if what Matt is saying is true or if he's making Jeremy into someone he's not.

It's the fact that Jeremy still has Daddy speaking for him. At 20.

I can understand Matt speaking for Jake, but Jeremy? Still??? He's 20. Matt needs to tell people that Jeremy is representing grease. Because Jeremy can't say so himself? Matt needs to tell people to watch Jeremy's video...because Jeremy can't do it himself?

It's ridiculous. He's 20 years old. He has all of his fingers. He's not incapable of typing or talking. But apparently he is! Because Matt still does everything for Jeremy.

abstractdaisy said...

@Brandon--you're elaboration on my quote was correct. Jeremy's 20 and doesn't seem to have an issue with his parents still pampering him and clearly making him out to be someone he may not really be or even wants to be. That's just odd. Who knows what he's really thinking since he's never allowed to speak without his dad okaying the script. Of course, if past "unauthorized" chats are any clue, maybe that's not a bad thing. I guess the reality of the whole situation regarding Jeremy is, for me anyway, that if he would just say, ya know what world, I'm just gonna ride this wave for a while and do nothing but I'll get it together some day. I could respect that. At least it would be the truth and not some trumped up, glorified story from his parents about how Jeremy has so many opportunities and talents that he just can't pick what he wants to focus on.

Brenda said...

I can't fault Matt. Anybody that lives in Hillsboro knows that Jeremy and his friend Mueller spends their time living like they were still 14 years old.

There is no comparison between Matt and Jeremy at Jeremy's age. I don't fault Matt for doing his best to boost Jeremy up. I wouldn't expect him to say I'm disappointed my 20 year old son is happy to live at home, happy to have me as his spokesman and loves spending everyday hanging out with his best friend like every 14 year old kid in every neighborhood.

Vic Rattlehead said...

This Green Grease product must not be very good if they couldn't find at least one person from the auto industry or a b-list driver from NASCAR or INDYCAR to be a payed spokesperson.

I don't put much faith in products like this when they are being hocked by d-list "reality TV personalities" like Matt Roloff or his son.

If they got Mario/Michael/Marco Andretti, Richard Petty Jimmy Johnson,Dale Earnhardt Jr, Chip Foose,Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton or Jackie Stewart I'd probably be a little more willing to buy this stuff because those people actually have experience in the automotive industry or motor sports that goes beyond paying other people to fix up old scarp heaps and then driving them really fast on country roads.