Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Molly Roloff makes 1st All Star Team in Volleyball for the District

Molly Roloff (along with 3 of her teammates) was selected to the 1st All Star team in Volleyball for her District. Their coach was named coach of the year and Faith Bible won the Sportsmanship award.

2010 Volleyball All-Star Selections
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Tuesday, 23 November 2010 03:20



Coach of the year: Rachael Rethwill, Faith Bible

Sportsmanship: Faith Bible

FIRST TEAM: Jackie Stein, jr, Faith Bible; Emily Kozlowski, jr, Portland Christian; Molly Roloff, jr, Faith Bible; Hannah Johnson, jr, Faith Bible; Sara McMahon, so, Vernonia; Hanna VanDyke, sr, Gaston; Hannah Carbonaro, jr, L, Faith Bible

SECOND TEAM: Brittany Hurliman, jr, Nestucca; Taylor Forney, jr, Portland Christian; Shannon Pieren, sr, Nestucca; Rachel Tadei, sr, Knappa; Lauren Seal, sr, Portland Christian; Kelsey Wright, jr, Faith Bible; Telisha Barth, jr, L, Gaston

HONORABLE MENTION: Brianna Chatelain, sr, Nestucca; Kelsey Hutchin, sr, Portland Christian; Rea Elliott, so, Knappa; Arial Rock, sr, Vernonia; Seair Wade, sr, Gaston; Alexis Anderson, jr, Neah-Kah-Nie; Addie Nichols, sr, L, Knappa


Kayla said...

Congratulations Molly!

Dana said...

That's nice, but before any smart alecs make a comment about Molly exceeding Jeremy's accomplishments, it should be said that Jeremy made the First all star team for the district in his sport (Soccer) every single year he was in High School. Not only in the Junior year like Molly.

Shadow said...

Way to go, Dana. Nice putdown! Apparently, YOU'RE the only smart aleck on this forum...

Good on ya, Molly!

Rap541 said...

Yes, lets make sure to run Molly down!

Good for you Dana, you got right in there with "PRAISE JEREMY! MOLLY SUCKS! NEVER FORGET JEREMY IS BETTER!" :)

After all - its more important to fail in school in tenth grade but be on the All Star team!

Jeremy really went places with soccer - he isn't playing professionally or in college (since he didn't have the grades to get into a college that had soccer, and he wasn't good enough to get an atheletic scholarship either) but everyone please note - Molly is crap compared to Jeremy.

Good grades, and doing well in sports is NOTHING compared to FAILING and doing well in sports. :)


Right Dana? No one will ever accomplish more than Jeremy and every accomplishment of a Roloff must always be met with "but remember you're nothing compared to Jeremy!"

After all, Jeremy failed in school and look what he's accomplished! No job, except working for Daddy and funny.... I heard Jeremy enrolled for next semester at PCC not Brooks (you know, the tradeschool that accepts art students with no portfolio requirements and was sued for being a diploma mill). Maybe if Molly tries hard, she can fail in school like Jeremy too :)

The only way anyone achieves anything is if they imitate Jeremy Jesus in all ways, right? Because everything he does, like failing in school and making racist comments is perfect and praiseworthy! And no one else can ever compare! Right Dana?

Dana, yes or no - do you think Jeremy is better than you?

Anne said...

The sportsmanship award is a nice honor. I'm not surprised that a Christian school won the sportsmanship award.

Mike said...

I'm glad for Molly; she's my favorite on the show, along with Rocky and the cat. (and the rooster, and just about any pumpkin) It's always nice to be recognized as among the best of one's peers.

Mike said...

One more thing: I had written a couple of paragraphs about Christian schools and the level of competition vs. that in regular schools, but decided it was a bit harsh on Molly's honor. (trying my best to be a good Christian)

After re-reading Rap's comments after I hit "post comment", I have to add this:

It should really be hard to fail in a school such as Faith Bible. I've been to their website, noted the student/teacher ratio and it seemed to me it took a total lack of effort for Jeremy (and Zach) to fail ANY courses. (lack of effort = laziness) All they had to do is make a modicum of effort to pay attention in class, crack the books every now and then, and at LEAST make a half-assed effort to prepare for tests.

I wouldn't put all the blame on the boys, though. Quite a bit of it should rightfully fall upon their parent's shoulders. Maybe if they had paid more attention to their children's progress in school, the boys would have done better.

I got exactly two spankings in my life: one was for kicking my crib in a temper tantrum (I remember!) and the other was bringing home failing grades - I was failing because I was more interested in sports, cars and girls. (hmmm, that sounds familiar, doesn't it?) That "posterior motivation" worked.

David said...

Mike, I don't think parents need to spank their kids to punish them. One of the real things about their dwarfism is that it would make that rather difficult.

However, the punishments for the Roloffs kids seem so obvious. It seems Jeremy's entire existence, from the time he was 4 to today, revolves around hanging out with Jacob Mueller every day of his life and with his other friends.

They should have said, you're failing, you're not allowed to have friends over. Period. Then go from there. No video games, no phones...

Matt and Amy wouldn't do that because it requires effort and it means the kids are going to be mad at you, the parent. I don't think either Matt or especially Amy can bear the thought of her kids, especially Jeremy or Zach, being angry at them.

Carol said...

The lack of discipline makes me wonder about how much of an issue things like teenage drinking and drugs are for the Roloff kids. Those real problems that exist that are never talked about on the so-called reality show about raising a family.

We've seen how ineffective they are at keeping the kids on track in school, am I to believe they were successful at keeping them from running wild in those other things?

Mike said...

Dave, each child is different. I KNEW someone would bring up this and prob. shouldn't have mentioned it. I have two sisters, one who spanked fairly regularly because her boys constantly acted up, and another who never spanked her two girls. Might be apples/oranges w/ the boys/girls dynamic, but the two boys turned out to be good well-mannered men while the girls are rotten little snobs who STILL rebel against their parents at each and every turn.

Dwarfism doesn't have a thing to do with respect for one's parents. Not for sure what you mean w/ that.

Regardless, it worked in MY case. It was the last spanking I ever got.

Jerome said...

I am agreeing with Mike on this one. I got spanked when i acted up/misbehaved when I was younger and it has helped me tremendously with my life and the choices I make.

And as for it being difficult for a dwarf to spank someone. I call bullshit. My mom was 4'10" and she was able to spank me and I was 6'6" when I was 15. It is possible.

I learned my lesson and to this day I thank God that my mom disciplined me properly instead of coddling me and buying me stuff to "make everything better".

David said...

I disagree about spanking. I know many people kids and adults now who are well mannered and never were spanked.

Discipline is necessary. It does not (and should not, in my opinion) have to be physical.

I can't imagine Matt trying to spank a 10 or 12 year old Jeremy or Jacob...

Issac said...

I just found this blog. Maybe I'm old school from Alabama. I don't care if it's not popular but I don't think dwarves should be parents.

God intended parents to be bigger then their children. There are too many things that aren't right about it. It's unfair to the normal kids. This country must return to its traditional roots.

Issac said...

Mike and Jerome are right about spanking. This new wave liberalism is ruining our country. That is how kids are taught right and wrong.

I guarantee that brat Jacob would not act like that if his parents practiced old school discipline. I wouldn't put up with that from my son.

Jerome said...

Isaac - It is amazing when I go out in public and see how kids treat their parents. It is disgusting. Kids talking down to their parents in public, cursing at them, etc...

If I talked to my parents or coped an attitude like most of the kids do today I would find a belt hitting my ass.

David - I agree that there are kids out there who are well behaved without the parents resorting to physicality but it all comes down to how old fashioned the parents are and how they were disciplined when they were younger. Lets agree that as long as the discipline works (whichever way it is dealt out) then that is all that matters. The Roloffs on the other hand need to figure out a different way of disciplining their kids (not just sending them to their room where they have all the luxuries to keep them occupied). I remember I always had to stand in the corner for hours on end. Not go to my room and play playstation and watch t.v.

David said...

Jerome, we one hundred percent agree on that point. Kids are disrespectful and it is a lack of discipline.

The Roloffs are a great example of how so many parents are doing it wrong. Does anyone really believe Jacob lost his phone for any significant amount of time after a $2800 phone bill? Zach crashed the van, they fixed it up for him. Jeremy was failing school, Matt bought him a camaro. If Mueller has parents and I assume someone was paying for expensive Faith Bible, his parents let him go on the BVI vacation with Jeremy months before he failed to graduate high school.

Those are some examples, although mostly school related of parents that refuse to get tough on their kids because they can't stop themselves from spoiling the kid.

Mike P. said...

Spanking only proves that might makes right. And that big people can hit little people. And that violence is the proper expression of anger.

Worse, as violence, it gets passed to the next generation, mindlessly.

It has no place in child rearing. Claims that only spanking is responsible for positive and polite children, as made above, are false equivalences and are foolish.

Jerome said...

David - Well said...

It is scary because these are the kids who are the future of our country.

It makes me hope that I am not around when that time comes.

Carol said...

The spanking issue would be an interesting question to ask Amy in her next live chat.

I would say Matt, but he doesn't take questions unless they are screened and wouldn't give an honest answer anyway.