Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Previews for Final Season of Little People, Big World.

Here are previews for the final season of Little People, Big World. The final season is only 20 episodes. (the crew packed up and left the Roloff barn a couple of weeks ago).

Important note: Starting Monday, they are going back to the traditional format of two 30 minute episodes on Monday night. The last few weeks have featured only 1 new episode.

If you're counting, these descriptions go up to the 18th episode.

Nov 15, 8:00 pm
Take a Hike

Amy's quest to improve her health hits new heights when she trains hard for an adventurous hike up a mountain with her twin sons. Meanwhile, the whole family chips in to provide Jacob with a boost in confidence.

Nov 15, 8:30 pm
Amy In Command?

Amy hopes to guide her charity foundation to greatness, but when her board members find themselves at odds with one another, her leadership skills are called into question. Can she pull it together in time for this year's big fundraiser?

Nov 22, 8:00 pm
Little Brother, Big Sister

Inspired by his artistic uncle Sam Roloff, Jeremy experiments with becoming a photographer. Meanwhile, Molly may have bitten off more than she can chew when she tries to balance schoolwork, a job, a college search, and running a marathon.

Nov 22, 8:30 pm
Giving Back

Matt launches a bicycle donation program benefiting dwarf children while Amy, Zach and Jeremy journey to Haiti to provide relief for earthquake victims.

Nov 29 8:00pm
Ask The Roloffs: Farm Life

The Roloffs answer frequently asked questions about life on the family farm

Nov 29 8:30pm
Ask The Roloffs: One By One

Viewer questions are answered by members of the Roloff family


Greg said...

"Giving back"...what a joke. Amy, Jeremy and Zach journey to Haiti to provide earthquake relief....do you want to place bets?

Are they going to ignore the FACT that Amy, Jeremy and Zach vacationed like royalty on the largest and most luxurious cruise ship in the world for 7 days?

Expressed said...

Alright! Another Jeremy episode! :)

The Roloffs answer viewers questions will be the first time they act like they're on the show. Well, except for when Jeremy asked the camera man why Amy was in her underwear ;)

Esme said...

It sound like to me this show is not quite that over witn. Amy was on one of their local tv stations being interviewed and at that time I beleive the cruise to Hatti had already had happen.

Due in part she made mention that the show was ending and the production crew had a few more weeks of filming. And from what we have all seen this season was shows that was tape last year or earlier this year.

So if the TLC crew left a few weeks ago these last few shows we should all be seeing should be more recent than last year or earlier this year.

So for that reason alone I believe that this show is not over with yet. They will more than likely use the most recent filming for Tv specials thru out the new year of 2011.

And if these are truly indeed the very end of this show well then that means that they the filming crew had never come back after a few months on hatus cause they TLC had already made their minds up back earlier in this year that they were going to let this show go.

With that being said that means that the Roloffs had already knew earlier this year the show was over and that they were holding off on the anouncement that their show was no longer going to be on air any more and they were keeping it away from us loyal viewers in hopes of TLC changing their minds and keeping on two more years. And that also means Amy was lying on behalf of her husand Matt on one of their local Tv Stations saying they had a few weeks left of filming when they had already had been finish.

That would be something Matt would do or maybe even asking Amy to lie on tv about, Amy seems to be much more of a honest person than Matt. If that is what they did, that is very, very sad on Matt's behalf to miss lead us all like that to the very end. Think about it.

Karen C said...

I would rather watch Jeremy, Molly and Jacob... then listen to Zack go on about poor me... that boy plays the pity card every time he gets to do an interview. ,,,everytime there is a chore to do he will work harder at trying to get out of it then it would take to do a job. Say what you will about Matt and Amy...but you never hear them even hint about being disabled...they show a more positive attitude

Melody said...

Esme, they string together story lines. That's why you'll see things from over a span of a year or a year and a half in the same half hour episode.

Some things are recent, some aren't. The girls and the Roloffs and Zach at the Portland Timbers game was old.

The "Take a Hike" episode that has Amy hiking with the boys is from this summer.

The marathon Molly ran was called "Portland to Coast". My daughter ran in it too. The schools are active in their participation.

Brandon said...

Esme, the Roloffs didn't know the show was going to be cancelled. A month before it was announced Matt was telling everybody the show would go for at least two more years.

Matt is all about appearances and not appearing weak. He's not going to say "we were canned". Instead, to save face, he says they wanted the show to end. But he's on camera and in print months before cofnidently telling everybody that the show will continue for many more years.

Brandon said...

Karen C, I don't think Zach is all "Poor Me".

I thought he did a good job of explaining the dilemma for quiet people. I didn't take it as him being "poor me". He explains what happens accurately.

Zach could be "poor me" if he wanted because he's constanly being compared to and told to be Jeremy's clone.

I disagree. I think Matt and Amy both do more than hint about being disabled. Matt "can't wait in line because average sized people smell so my whole family will run by all the people in front of us" Roloff. And Amy happily went along with it.

abstractdaisy said...

@Karen: "Say what you will about Matt and Amy...but you never hear them even hint about being disabled...they show a more positive attitude"

With all due respect Karen, maybe you missed the episode of the Roloff's on their complimentary TLC trip to Paris where Matt pulled out his dwarf card to go to the front of the line @ the Eiffel Tower because the line was soooo long and gee, doncha know that little people get kinda tired just waiting and standing patiently for their turn. Amy, for once, didn't argue with Matt when he finagled his way to the front. Go figure. Whatever suits the Roloffs regardless of who it steps on.

abstractdaisy said...

I'd like to add another point. My mother-in-law is disabled--with MS. No use of her left arm or left leg. At all. She never wants or asks for special treatment because she wants to be normal and is. Just with a disability. The Roloff's on the other hand CLAIM to be normal with a disability but DO WANT special treatment. That's the difference. Saying and doing are two entirely different things.

Shadow said...

FYI - If this is indeed the race TLC is referring to, the Portland to Coast race is NOT a marathon. It's a relay race where each runner runs 2 legs that are each 4-7 miles long. It's a challenging event, but it's not a marathon (26.2 miles in one go).

Karen C said...

Maybe I did miss a show or 2 where Matt and Amy used their disabilities...but I stand by my opinion that Zack is about the rudest and laziest kid I have ever seen who acts like the world owes him something. That may be why people want to see him be more like Jeremy and learn some manners.

Christine said...

Jeremy has manners? hahaha.
You've missed a lot.

Christine said...

Btw, I don't agree with calling Zach the laziest kid.

What Roloff twin has a job (and Matt paying them ridiculous amounts of money doesn't count)?

Zach has a job. Jeremy, no limitations at all, has no job. Jeremy spent the summer playing and vacationing. Zach spent the summer working and vacationing.

Anonymous said...

Why can people not spell the name Zach? It's right there in front of you. Every comment section on here has at least one Zack or Zac.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, I find it interesting that Zach is being called lazy while we've had time after time, many many fans defend Jeremy's need to play and be "a boy" as to why he's twenty with no job.

Zach working part time = lazy

Jeremy not working at all = Bless the boy! He's god's special little boy! Boys need play! Jeremy isn't lazy, he's a *boy*.

But he's not immature, bless us no! He can't be expected to work because he's a boy (bless the boy!) but he's not lazy because he.. plays so hard!

Does anyone see the double standard?

Karen C said...

Some here are fans of Zack...I admit I am not...I have seen to many shows where Zack is playing the poor me victim...and tries to convince the viewers he is a thinker and a loner. I see him as rude saucy and a show off whenever it suits him and I do not buy into his little act. As far as Jeremy goes he appears to have a better filter on his mouth...I find that easier to deal with.

Brandon said...

"As far as Jeremy goes he appears to have a better filter on his mouth"

Wow. Like Christine said, there is a lot about Jeremy you don't know. That sentence is very ironic.

It wasn't Zach that had the article written about him calling him a bigot because of his nasty mouth. They kept that out of the show because the show is not real life and Jeremy has been on Matt's leash ever since because the 20 year old boy can't be trusted.

I agree Jeremy is more "social" than Zach. That's personality. But I don't agree that means Jeremy has better manners than Zach. I've still never seen Jeremy do anything on the show selflessly for someone else and that's saying something. At least there are a few instances with Zach (making Molly's first high school dance special).

Karen C said...

You said it " because the show is not real life "
Jermey working with Matt is hard work...how many here have ever worked on a farm to make a profit ? It takes a lot of hours and hard work, the job does not stop after 8 hours. This is my opinion and I still stand by it... I may not agree with your comments but I do respect your opinion.
As I have said before "I am not into kids who talk saucy to the parents who have looked after them.

Brandon said...

Karen, do you honestly believe Jeremy or any of the Roloff kids "work on the farm" like most "farm kids"?

Camerino and Matt's other employees do the work. Or the companies that were comping their services for tv exposure.

I don't believe any Roloff does anything to maintain the landscaping of the farm. I've noticed in recent years the look of the farm has become very professional looking, like a resort. Pretty soil and perfectly maintained grass. I don't believe for a second that Jeremy or any Roloff as a thing to do with it.

Farming? What farming do the Roloffs do? They barely even grow their own pumpkins. The Roloffs sure don't do any of the work themselves. The kids haven't planted pumpkin seeds since 2006.

If I'm not mistaken, I think earlier this year Matt made a post about having an important meeting about pumpkin season...and it was when Jeremy, Zach and Amy were vacationing on the luxurious Oasis of the Seas cruise ship. That says a lot about how involved Jeremy is in farm activity.

What Matt has paid Jeremy for over the years is stuff like cleaning his room, cleaning the laundry room. According to Zach who is at least honest, Matt pays Jeremy "ridiculous amounts of money" to do stuff like that. You know, normal household chores that most kids do without pay.

Yeah, maybe when Matt has some big one day project like knocking down a barn and moving the woood, Jeremy and 20 of his friends are paid to help, but seriously, how often do you think that happens? A few days out of the entire year? Matt is not knocking down barns every week and like I said, most of Matt's projects have professionals doing the work.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, gotta be honest, I really don't see the Roloff kids as "farm kids". I grew up with farm kids, and they were quite jealous of me as a town kids.

Farm kids don't get to sleep in until 11 or 12 on a summer day. Farm kids need to be up at the crack of dawn so the field work can get done before the sun gets too hot. Farm kids don't get to do a lot of extracurricular activities. Farm kids need to head home after school and do the afternoon chores.

Matt clearly has staff that handles the vast majority of the farm work. I don't begrudge him that at all, I mean, why not if you can afford it, but at the same time, lets not claim that the Roloff kids have to work the fields.

Because they clearly don't.

Liz said...

"The whole family chips in to boost Jacob's confidence"

He's a spoiled brat. What about chipping in to provide him Jacob with some much needed discipline and respect?

This "feel good about yourself" generation and parenting style is ruining kids.

Judy B said...

Liz, I couldn't agree more. In my opinion, Jacob is not lacking confidence. He's lacking a lot things, but confidence isn't one of them. Pick a bratty kid and say he's lacking confidence. Give me a break.

Rap541 said...

"He's a spoiled brat. What about chipping in to provide him Jacob with some much needed discipline and respect?"

They never bothered to teach the twins any discpline or respect, why should they change now?

Shadow said...

"I don't believe any Roloff does anything to maintain the landscaping of the farm."

Oh, I can believe that Jeremy *occasionally* mows the soccer field. Wasn't there an episode where Matt "bought" (was given) some gazillion-dollar mower with all sorts of gadgetry? You know Jer would want to play with a toy like that, and you know Matt didn't get it for Camerino and crew...

But yeah, the notion that the Roloffs are "farm kids" is HIGHLY amusing...they are like other wealthy kids in the Portland suburbs. They live in a big house on on a big piece of property that Daddy hires people to maintain.