Friday, December 3, 2010

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat December 3rd

Amy Roloff held another "coffee chat" today. She's was in a cafe that they stream the video live on the internet.

This is her channel and the site is:

Thanks to those that sent us in your own brief recap. Here is a summary of some of the things Amy talked about or was asked about.

*Amy mentioned that she has a cookbook coming out in May of next year. She was asking for your favorite recipes. You can contact Amy through her Charity website:

*She asked people to talk about their Christmas traditions. One of the Roloffs traditions is cutting down their own tree. They did that again this year. They take the Mule and driver over to a Christmas tree farm and cut one down. This year they all agreed quickly.

*On Christmas Eve, Amy and the family always attends the Christmas service at their church.

*She doesn't know what Jeremy and Zach will do this year because they are older. She thinks they'll probably go out to friends. She finds it hard to watch her kids grow up and do their own things for the holidays.

*Molly loves baking Christmas cookies and bread.

*She was asked if the Roloff kids still get up early on Christmas day? They don't. Amy said they all sleep in. She needs to try to wake them up around 10:00 am.

*The mother of Jeremy and Zach's friend, Scott, was one of Amy's guests. She's been a neighbor for many years. Someone (very accurately) asked her about Scott being obsessed with his truck.

*Amy mentioned that she played on the kids soccer team in the co-ed indoor league last weekend. She said the big thing right now is that Zach is mad at Jeremy because Jeremy skipped their soccer game to do something else and he's not going to show up again this weekend, so Zach is very ticked off at Jeremy at the moment. Lisa said Zach played great and Amy said Zach held their team together.

*They had a guy from Aim High Martial Arts Academy on. They partner with Amy's charity foundation. They talked about Jacob. Apparently Jacob quit. Danny from Aim High said Jacob was doing great when he was there and their doors are always open for him if he ever wants to come back. Amy said Jacob is going through a tough time, he's that stubborn almost 14 year old. Amy said it is frustrating because Jacob could have success at it and was talented but it's his decision.

*Amy said she was pushing Jacob to try martial arts because she wanted Jacob to have interests that differ from Jeremy's. According to Amy, Jacob really wants to be like Jeremy and do whatever Jeremy does, so Amy thought Martial Arts would be good because that's something Jeremy and Zach never did, but obviously Jacob wasn't receptive to it.

*One of the questions asked if Molly was the only Roloff that loves Spike the cat? They got Spike as a kitten of one of the stray barn cats years ago. Amy said she (Amy) likes Spike too, but Molly is probably the only one that really loves Spike and takes care of him.

*Amy asked everybody to watch the Finale of Little People, Big World on December 6th. She said you might cry and there will be some answers to questions people are wondering about. The Rolofs might pop back int your life from time to time. Amy is sad about it ending because she'll miss the crew, it had it's ups and downs, but overall was a good experience.

*She mentioned that Zach is furious over the FIFA World Cup announcement that Russia and Qatar beat out England and the United States to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cup of Soccer.

*They're going to have another Coffee Chat next week at the same time, December 10th at 2:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Lisa said they want to build their viewership for these live chats, so tell your friends and next week to encourage people to participate, they'll give away a DVD package of the LPBW series to someone that asks a question.


Judy said...

This is what I've taken away from listening to Amy and my impressions. Contrary to what some people said, Jeremy does not look better on the show because of biased editing. It is just the way they are.

Zach needs to grow up. Honestly. Jeremy is more mature. He doesn't want to spend every weekend playing soccer. He wants to spend time with other friends. Zach is angry at him? Give me a break. Zach needs to grow up. Pronto.

And Zach is angry about the World Cup. Zach is a ball of fun, isn't he? It shows me that it wasn't editing at all.

Jacob is the exact same. He's a quitter. I've heard people criticize Matt and Amy for not getting the other kids involved in other interests. She tried. It's unfortunate that if Jacob wants to be like Jeremy, his attitude takes after Zach instead.

Melissa said...

I think they should give some instructions on how to join the conversation. I couldn't get on. Do you register through Ustream or do you do it on Facebook or Twitter?

Craw said...

You took the words away from me, Judy.

Zach is such a baby. Mad at Jeremy because Jeremy doesn't want to play soccer with mom on a Saturday night? It's called having a life Zach.

Jeremy knows there's a world beyond soccer.

Brandon said...

Judy, I can understand why Zach would be annoyed.

I'm sure Jeremy knew the schedule. Maybe he shouldn't have joined the team if he didn't want to play the games. I would be annoyed too if I joined a recreational team and someone on the team didn't show up two weeks in a row because they have something better to do. The solution is easy, don't join the team.

What's ironic is that's the same issue Jeremy had with the school soccer team when he was 15 years old.

Tina said...

I bet Scott's mom doesn't know that Scott has his own fanclub of sorts :P

Mrs. Lesage, your son is smoking hot when he's wearing only sexy boxers balancing on some girls back! during the course of what must have been a wild party! :) I wish I could link pictures!

Rap541 said...

Yes, I am amused that Jeremy is somehow deemed the mature one for making a commitment and breaking said committment because he's found something better to do.

You join a team, you commit to the games. If this situation was *reversed*, Zach committing to a team that Jeremy plays on and Zach skipping games because he's found something better to do with his time... would *Zach* be cited as "mature" for skipping out on his committment to Jeremy?

Judy? You've called Jeremy more mature here. Are you saying its "mature" to make committments and then skip them for something better? If the situation was exactly reversed, would you cite Zach as the mature one?

or is this an example of "Jeremy does it, BLESS HIS EVERY WHIM - Jeremy is so special the team should be simply honored he deigned to put his name on the roster! How DARE the team expect Jeremy to fulfill his comittment! Jeremy wants to do something else and whatever Jeremy wants is right!"

Because it sure feels like you're calling Jeremy more mature for well, breaking a committment to his team. If he was on your team, would you thank him for his lack of committment to the team? Praise him for skipping games he said he'd play at?

Come on Judy - you're the one deeming this "more mature". Its your son's team and a teammate skips games, do you tell your son he's being immature to expect teammates to actually attend games?

Lynn C said...

I agree with Judy and Craw.

In my opinion, it's a matter of maturity. Playing soccer at night or going out with friends? How many social 20 year olds do you think want to play soccer every Friday or Saturday night?

Zach doesn't understand that? Throwing a tantrum and getting mad at Jeremy because Jeremy's life revolves around more than just soccer shows the difference between the Jeremy and Zach and it highlights Zach's immaturity.

Lynn C said...

Come on, Rap.

Breaking a commitment? It's a soccer league for fun. If Amy can play once, it doesn't sound like it's all that serious.

Craw said...

Rap, I can't believe you believe what you write?

Zach throws a hissy because Jeremy has plans that overlap with some stupid indoor soccer game and you're acting like it's some important exam or a professional playoff game! It's a stupid indoor soccer league with girls and guys. Who cares if he doesn't make every game? Obviously you and Zach.

I would bet you anything that Zach is the only one on their team being pissy about it.

Roxanne said...

Tina, where is the Scott picture? Try!

Rap541 said...

Lynn - you do understand the concept right?

This isn't a pick up game. The twins, and everyone else who plays, pay money to join a recreational league team. The schedules are not "whenever", the people paying to join the league get to see the schedule ahead of time and know that there will be 8 games scheduled for Wednesday afternoon or Saturday evening for the length of the league season. This is indeed a committment of time. Other people not *Roloffs* have comitted to play soccer on Saturday night for a set period of time. Jeremy *agreed* to it. He wasn't forced.

Blaming Zach (and btw I love how you characterize him as throwing a tantrum, why the childish term, Lynn? Amy didn't use it so don't blame her) for being angry and ticked off that Jeremy broke his committment to play.... I'm curious, Lynn. If it was the other way around, Amy stating that Jeremy was angry because Zach broke his comittment to play.... would you be all "Jeremy's throwing a tantrum! Jeremy needs to understand playing soccer is immature when compared to Zach going out with friends!"

Or would you be publically deriding Zach for not keeping his committments he made to his brother Jeremy and the other people in the league?

Craw - same question to you - if Zach broke a committment to Jeremy, would you be applauding Zach and calling Jeremy immature for being mad? Or would you be calling Zach a backstabber for not honoring his committments to Jeremy's plans?

Lets see.... Yup, the Jeremy fans are indeed calling Jeremy mature for committing to playing on a league team and skipping games because something more fun was dangled in front of him. You do understand that you're applauding him acting like a spoiled brat who simply wants to do whatever he wants and to hell with any promises he might have made.

I mean, I don't consider it a crime, but I do think its very typical Jeremy... He committs to do something and then something more fun comes along so he runs off and to hell with the previous committment. Jeremy wants to play! So Jeremy does, without a thought to anyone else, the only important thing is what Jeremy wants!

Is acting like a selfish toddler really anyone's idea of maturity? You folks praising Jeremy for his maturity here, please tell me, do you like it when your friends do this to you? Make committments to do something and then back out when they get a better deal somewhere else?

Rap541 said...

I notice btw that no one is willing to say that Jeremy would be deemed immature by them if the situation was reversed and Zach had bailed on an activity that he had committed to attending.

Interesting, that.

Mike P. said...

Why CAN'T Jake have his own interests, even if they mimic Jeremy's? That doesn't him wrong; it's what he wants to do.

And I'd bet that, in the effort, Jake would exceed Jeremy.

Amy Roloff wants to dictate everything in her kids' lives, especially the younger two. She wants to decide their "memories" for them (blatantly on the Rome trip, on beach trips, on vacations) and now she wants to decide their outside interests--shoving Jake into activity he didn't choose himself.

All this says to Jake is "I don't like you as you are, so you need to fix yourself for me, and I won't support you if you don't." What bull. At 13, Jake has a right to his choices. And good for him for resisting.

As long as Jake's choices aren't dangerous, let him pursue them. You might be really surprised by what he can accomplish.

Brandon said...

Mike P, this is one of the few times that I agree with Amy's parenting decision. I think she was right to encourage Jake to do something that Jeremy doesn't.

I used to wonder if Jake even liked soccer or if he did it simply because Jeremy, Zach and Amy are obsessed with it and he learned that's how you gain approval in their family.

Jake's idolization of Jeremy is clear to anybody with the slightest observational skills. Is Jake doing stuff because HE truly likes it or is he doing it because Jeremy likes it and he thinks if he does it too, Jeremy will think he's cool? If so, that's not a reason to do something, because you're trying to make your hero notice you more.

I think it would be healthy for Jake to do an activity or sport where he's not competing with the Legend of Jeremy James Roloff.

I agree with Amy's line of thinking. If he hates it, like he might have with karate, no I don't think she force the kid to do it, and she's not. But I don't blame her for trying.

Even Jeremy who isn't the most observant person around can tell that Jake has interests because he's looking for approval. That's not healthy. All Amy can do is try to encourage him, if he's determined to only like things Jeremy does that will eventually be his own problem.

Lynn C said...

I would feel the exact same way if the roles were reversed. I'm not surprised that the roles aren't reversed.

One of them is taking soccer too seriously and the other one sometimes has life plans interfere with a silly soccer game.

It's rec league. Business people sometimes join those leagues. There is no rule that you have to attend every game.

Rap, you are over valuing the importance of soccer game. You and Zach share the same problem.

Throwing a tantrum was my words. I was paraphrasing. Amy said it was the issue right now. She said Zach was really mad at Jeremy. I paraphrased that into Zach throwing a tantrum to make the point of how silly it is to get "really mad" over Jeremy missing an indoor soccer game.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - so do you think Jeremy has no reason to honor the committment?

I mean, that's your point right? When Jeremy makes a committment, even a small one, if he doesn't want to follow thru with it, because something better came up, well, good for him. :)

Lynn, its a committment. If that's how Jeremy handles minor committments, its indicative of how he handles major committments. We've seen time again, dangle a treat in front of Jeremy and he runs to whoever is offering the treat, disaregarding any previous committments.

Is he a man of his word? Or is he the guy you always have to worry about, says he'll show but you can't count on it until he appears?

You're applauding his being the guy who can't be counted on as "mature". And deriding Zach as silly, immature, throwing a tantrum, for having a problem with someone making a committment to play on a team and then ditching said team for "something better".

If he'll ditch a committment to his brother, what committments will he ever keep? As Brandon said, its not the first time we've seen this behavior... only Jeremy is twenty now. I can guess why he's still unemployed except when Daddy wants him to play at chores on the farm.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - is there ever any thing Jeremy could do that would ever justify anyone being "really mad" at him?

Because I sense you think the answer is no :)

After all, "he was a boy" and "a teen" and "all kids his age say racist things" and "just because he's had two car accidents on screen he's still an awesome driver" and gosh I could go on for days about all the things that Jeremy isn't to blame for, or has too nice an ass to ever be responsible for himself....

Craw said...

Rap, you totally don't get it.

I'd think Jeremy was a nerd if he actually got upset because someone else had plans on a Saturday night that was more fun than a stupid soccer game.

It was a stupid soccer game. Things have different priorities. Missing a soccer game doesn't matter.

Julie said...

ROFL. You Jeremy fans who are insisting that you'd feel the same way even if the situations were reversed - yeah, I'm not buying it. I don't think anyone with two brain cells to rub together will buy it, either. Don't even try to deny that if Zach had skipped out on a soccer game and Jeremy was mad about it, you'd be praising Jeremy up the wazoo for sticking to his commitments while blasting Zach for being a flake.

Look. I don't give a flip about recreational soccer. But a commitment is a commitment is a commitment. No, a commitment to play a soccer game isn't on the same level as performing brain surgery, but you still don't blow off a soccer game just because you have something better to do. You know, if I make plans with Friend A, and then Friend B (whom I like better) comes along and asks if I want to do something, the MATURE and PROPER thing to do is stick to my original plans with Friend A, even though I might like Friend B better. Who wants to bet that Jeremy on the other hand would immediately drop Friend A and go running over to Friend B? The boy's a flake.

Nobody put a gun to Jeremy's head and made him sign up for the league. He shouldn't have signed if he wasn't prepared to play all the games (barring emergencies or illness). Who cares if it's just a silly recreational league? The point is, Jeremy willingly signed up and he flaked out. Twice. Once could be an anomaly. Twice means that Jeremy is a flake.

Z to the Zee said...

Julie, you are spot on about Jeremy's thought process about Friend A and Friend B. Jeremy is famous for ditching his friends for another friend if something better comes along. Even his close friends think he's a flake because of it.

Rap541 said...

Nobody put a gun to Jeremy's head and made him sign up for the league. He shouldn't have signed if he wasn't prepared to play all the games (barring emergencies or illness). Who cares if it's just a silly recreational league? The point is, Jeremy willingly signed up and he flaked out. Twice. Once could be an anomaly. Twice means that Jeremy is a flake.

Bravo Julie. You've said it much better than I.

Craw - in all honesty, I don't believe you've ever insist Jeremy was wrong to be annoyed. Sorry. You've insisted too many times that what Jeremy wants is always right.

Hand on the bible, swear on the blood of Christ, Craw - you'd say Jeremy had no right to be mad if Zach made a committment to play soccer on Jeremy's team and bailed to do something Zach considered "more fun and more cool".

Swear on your love of Jesus you'd say Jeremy was wrong to be annoyed. :)

Craw said...

Holy crap, I answered. You asked a question and I answered.

IF Jeremy was mad over someone missing a stupid rec league indoor soccer game I'd say he was wrong. You don't get to ask a question and then keep on asking it if you don't like my answer!

The point is it's a stupid hypothetical because Jeremy is not like that. He wouldn't be the cool person that he is if he got pissed off over meaningless things like someone missing 2 indoor soccer games on a weekend because they actually have a social life.

Samantha P said...

Some of you people should stop judging Jeremy when you don't have the all the facts.

Last weekend Jeremy was at a party with girls that he goes to worship with. Why should he be criticized for wanting to spend time his friends on a weekend?

I bet whatever Amy said on that program about Zach was taken way out of context.

Rap541 said...

Samantha - he made a committment to play soccer. He broke that committment to go to a party. The people he made the initial committment to, including Zach, have every right to be angry that he dumped that committment to go party. Instead, Jeremy is being *applauded* and deemed "mature" for skipping out on a committment, and Zach should be smiling and saying "Yes bless Jeremy for ditching me! WHatever Jeremy wants! If jeremy says he'll do something with me and then decides at the last minute to party with girls, bless him and I thank him for showing me that partying with girls means more than a committment to a family member! Jesus loves Jeremy for partying!"

Craw - I notice you aren't swearing on the blood of your savior. If you're telling the truth, and if you love Jesus, you'd swear on Jesus's name.

Unless you're not telling the truth.

Rap541 said...

Oh and Samantha - address Julie's point... this would be the second weekend where Jeremy's blessed need to party took precedence over his committment to his soccer team. Perhaps the whole team should just say "Bless Jeremy for skipping on us! We deserve to be dumped! After all, Jeremy needs to PARTY!"

Partying is of course Christian. Do the party girls sit chastily and quote the bible?

Somehow I suspect thats not the sort of party Jeremy attends :)

Kickerkevin said...

Jeremy did not make a commitment to play every week on our team
He committed to being a part time / filler player
Zachs expectations go beyond jeremys commitment to help us out from time to time. This is exactly how these indoor leagues work.
You always try to sign up more players than you need because often players can't or dont make the games. Rap if you write a four page reason to explain why you are not wrong again on your accusations. I for one won't be reading it. You simply type far too much whenever you're digging out.

Rap541 said...

Kickerkeven - if you're on the team, man up, don't be a ghost id.

What's your name and who are you to the roloffs?

After all... any idiot who wants to defend Jer-Bear can claim they know Jeremy and Zach and know what was happening.

Don't disapoint Matt. He hates ghost id's. What's your name and how can your claims that Zach is overreacting (and therefore bad and mean to Jeremy) be verified? :)

Come on. Matt hates anons. You know the Roloffs. You say you're on the team.

OregonSoccer4Life said...

I'm on Jeremy and Zach's team and we were expecting Jeremy to play.

It's not a big deal but...

Brandon said...

KickerKevin, you're on the team ("our team"). Did you tell Zach you think he's a whiner? Did you tell Zach you think he's over-reacting?

You realize anybody could lie and say they know that Jeremy is doing Zach and the rest of the team a favor by blessing them with his presence only when he chooses (boy, does that sound like the typical Jeremy fan boy/girl spiel.

I'd like to give Zach some credit. If Jeremy only joined to be a "filler", I doubt that Zach would have been pissed off about it.

Rap541 said...

Yeah come on "Kickerkevin" - .. name yourself so Zach can know your opinion. After all, you're the big man with the balls to post claiming you're on the team.

Or are you a ghost identity that Matt Roloff hates? Matt Roloff hates ghost ids so man up, and say who you are. I've never understood how Matt rails about ghost ids but has no problems with *friends who play with his children* not saying so to the public.

After all, "kickerkevin" you've done nothing wrong calling out crybaby Zach, right? Say your name so Matt can pat you on the back as a friend of Jeremy :)

Julie said...

"Why should he be criticized for wanting to spend time his friends on a weekend?"

He should be criticized for hanging out with his friends if he had previous plans and commitments otherwise. Yes, to reiterate, an indoor soccer league isn't a huge deal. But, neither is simply wanting to hang out with one's friends, especially for someone like Jeremy, who hangs out with his friends all the freakin time. If Jeremy had been sick, or if he needed to take a weekend off in order to study for a test, then I could see why he might not be at a game. But simply blowing off a commitment for something as mundane as 'hanging out'? Yeah, sorry, that's not gonna fly.

Dios Mio said...

It's funny that Zack is so consumed with anger about Russia and Qatar getting the 2018 and 2022 World Cups respecitvely.

He obviously doesn't know about the accusations of bribery and corruption in the England 2018 bid and doesn't realize that not everyone in the US cares about soccer as much as he does not to mention the 2022 US world cup bid never really had a chance (it was eliminated in the second round of voting)because FIFA wants to take the World Cup to places it hasn't been before (hence South Africa hosting the 2010 world cup).

But then again he doesn't seem to know that much about the world around him anyway.

As for Jeremy, well all I can say is that I'm hardly surprised that he'd break a serious commitment (to his brother no less) so he could go and screw around at a party with his trailer trash friends because he's a selfish clown who only thinks of himself and what pleasures him at that moment.

Rap541 said...

Yes, to reiterate, an indoor soccer league isn't a huge deal. But, neither is simply wanting to hang out with one's friends, especially for someone like Jeremy, who hangs out with his friends all the freakin time.

And Julie, again with the wisdom. Turn it around. If Jeremy had committed to partying with friends, and then decided playing soccer with different friends was a better use of his time... he's still *breaking a committment* to the first group whose plans he said yes to.

It all goes down to trust. If you ask Jeremy to do something or attend something, do you have to worry he's going to bail at the last minute if he feels "something better" has come along?

It sure sounds like the answer is yes, you do have to worry.

Aba said...

I don't know if this was the same night as soccer......but looks like Jeremy was busy being in bed with 3 different girls.

I found this as some girls profile picture. That's why it's small. It's a normal college dorm room single bed. They've pulled couches and stuff together to make a giant bed for all of them to get cozy :)

Click on my name for the direct link or copy and paste...

Melanie said...

Who all is that in the picture? Mueller? Dan??? Is Dan cheating on his future wife or did they call the engagement off?

Expressed said...

Melanie, it is Dan, but the other guy is Jake Remple not Mueller.

They're fully clothed. I don't see the big deal.

Rap541 said...

Heh. They must be "contemplating Christ's role in their lives" here.

I wonder if Jesus told them about condoms? :)

After all, Jeremy as a Christian man needs to spread his seed... looks like he's found some fields to plow. Matt will be so proud that Jeremy is out and about, giving it up before he settles on just one woman as an "old goat".

I assume Matt and Amy will have no problems when Molly is twenty with her behaving in a similar fashion as Jeremy's little harem of Christian girls.

"I got into bed with Jeremy Roloff! I'm so Christian!" - Their parents must be so proud :)

Isn't Jake Rempel the always drunk friend?

Timothy said...

That picture shows how big of a Christian joke Jeremy really is. His whole life is a hypocritical lie. Claiming to believe one thing but being so flimsy in his beliefs that he does the opposite.

Stay with me for a second. I know for a fact that Jeremy liked and listened to a Bible study speech about gender roles, dating and how 20 year old Christians should interact with the opposite sex.

The Christian message was you do not get physical with a girl that's not your wife. That was the message that Jeremy applauded enough to hit the like button and listen to.

The Pastor took questions from young Christians. One of the questions was asking if it is ok for a Christian guy to sleep in the same bed as his girlfriend as long as they don't have sex?

The entire Church and the pastor laughed. He quoted Bible passages explaining how followers of Jesus are not to tempt themselves.

The Pastor took it even farther. He said it's about respect for your Christian brother. Because that girl that you're laying in the same bed with will be someone's wife one day. Would you want another guy to have treated your now wife like that? To have pictures of him in bed "but not doing anything!" with the woman you now love? The pastor played the macho card. He said "Be a man! No! You wouldn't like that!"

This is not me making those rules and expecting Jeremy to follow them.

It's message from a church that Jeremy proclaims to be so inspired by that he chooses to attend and listens to.

That's why Jeremy is a Christian Joke. J-O-K-E!

He willingly listens to that, pretends to believe it and then he goes off to lay in bed with three girls and do all the other stuff that everybody with a brain knows Jeremy does.

Greg said...

Well said Timothy and Rap!

Rap, yep, that's Jake. The vodka -> Sprite switching drunk that burns down the barn with Jeremy, and called Jeremy "Haha you drunk".

Dana said...

Some of your are pathetically desperate to sully Jeremy's repuation as a Christian.

It's not even doing it justice to say some of you are making a mountain of molehill. It's not even a molehill!

They clearly all have their clothes on. It might be a make-shift bed, but it really looks more like a couch.

It's not morally wrong for a Christian man and woman to sit on a couch with a blanket. That's what that picture shows Jeremy doing.

Some of you are trying to suggest that it proves Jeremy isn't sincere in his love for Christ? You're getting more desperate by the day.

Em said...

Dana, seriously this is just a picture. I would bet a lot that things got a little more wild after the picture was taken.

I've seen the girl beside Jake R in other party albums. She was dressed as a cow girl with her boobs hanging out draped around Scott's neck as they both looked like they were having trouble standing up.

Timothy got right to the real point. Jeremy can do what he wants and no I don't think that picture is that bad, but he should stop trying to convince himself that he's some devoted follower of Christ.

He doesn't even love Christ enough to not drink, smoke and spend his nights lying in bed with a bunch of girls.

I am really surprised Dan would put himself in that position. As far as I know, he is still engaged. What does Erica think about Dan being apart of his giant orgy fest or whatever you'd call it?

Rap, you're right about that friend Jake. His myspace hand picked url was "drunk irish 666" and he had a bunch of pictures of him drinking booze. He also said he got arrested when he was 16.

Rap541 said...

I guess my question Dana, is what you would call the girls in bed with Jeremy?

Would you call them "good Christian girls"?

Would you, if this was one of your daughters, pass this photo around at church? "Look at my daughter and her male friends in bed, aren't they loving Christ and respecting themselves?"

Really, are we calling a bunch of partying kids in bed together "Christians loving Jesus, bless their innocent play!"

It might be a makeshift bed but since a couch is involved, its not *really* a bunch of twenty somethings in bed together so bless their Christian love under the covers! No doubt they were all "Praise Jesus!" all night long. Because thats what twenty somethings do in makeshift beds at parties, right Dana?

You want your daughters to go to this kind of Christian study group, right Dana?

Come on Dana - your daughter - would you say "God bless her for getting into bed with Jeremy Roloff" and show the pictures at church? :)

Timothy makes an awesome point - if Jeremy is applauding traditional gender values then why is he disrespecting these girls by getting into bed with them?

Because they're just fields to plow? Bless Jeremy for that, right? He's loving Jesus! Getting into bed with girls is how Jeremy loves Jesus?

Rap541 said...

Timothy got right to the real point. Jeremy can do what he wants and no I don't think that picture is that bad, but he should stop trying to convince himself that he's some devoted follower of Christ.

He doesn't even love Christ enough to not drink, smoke and spend his nights lying in bed with a bunch of girls.

Em, you've summed it up nicely. Frankly, my issue here is less that I have a super problem with the behavior, and more that I have a problem with "RESPECT JEREMY FOR HIS SUPER CHRISTIAN BEHAVIOR".

I mean, he sure doesn't seem like a super devoted Christian. Doesn't he need to *try*?

Even a little?

I really don't understand how anyone can claim the Roloffs are conservative Christians when this is how their kids act. I mean really, conservative christian fans, I am seriously asking - if it was your kids, would you be showing this picture around church with a "we're so proud"?

Anonymous said...

"Some of your are pathetically desperate to sully Jeremy's repuation as a Christian."

If he's the dumbass letting this sort of picture be taken, isn't he the one sullying his reputation?

He's been on tv how long now and already had one scandal due to posting dumb stuff on line, when will he wise up?

Timothy said...

If anyone doesn't believe me about what I was describing here is the link. I know for a fact Jeremy likes this and listens to it. I think you might even be able to see Jeremy sitting in the Church with his hat on when they pan back.

The issue I was talking about starts at about 8:03 and continues on to the next part.

Thanks Rap and Em.

One other interesting thing about that and Jeremy's adoration for it. Near the beginning, it says they've been talking about how women are to be helpers to their husbands and are there to follow their husbands in the man's quest in life."

That might explain some of Jeremy's sexist behavior we've seen flare up a few times on the show (even through the protective editing).

Melissa said...

Timothy, thanks for the link. You said it perfectly.

It sheds a lot of light on what Jeremy believes, but he sure isn't committed to it.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Those pictures don't surprise me in the least.

Every single person I've ever met or seen on TV who screams at the top of their lungs about their "christian faith" has always turned out to be a total hypocrite who loves to sit in arrogant judgment of others while doing the same things behind closed doors that they openly condemn in others (remember Jimmy Swaggart screaming about the pornography of popular culture and how it promoted sex promiscuity and violence and then being caught six months later with a prostitute in a New Orleans parking lot).

Jeremy is obviously either lying about his so called "devotion to god" and has fooled himself into thinking that people are stupid and will believe whatever he says or he doesn't realize that allot of people are much smarter than he gives them credit for and are capable of seeing through his ruse about loving god and living for christ.

There are three kinds of people I have no patience or time for in this world they are :thieves liars and hypocrites.

Unfortunately Jeremy fits into two of those categories because from all appearances he is a liar and a hypocrite for claiming to love god and follow his teachings to the letter going as far as condemning those who don't follow and believe what he believes yet he attends parties that are swimming in alcohol cheap easy (and nasty) girls and empty sexual indulgence.

I sort of hope he ends up with some kind of STD so he could learn a lesson about humility.

Brandon said...

How soon we forget there used to be a picture of Jeremy in bed with some pretty girl at a LPA convention, but it was deleted once people found it?

Rap541 said...

Just to add to the inherently ridiculous way Jeremy is over praised, I'd like to remind everyone how *significant* Dana felt the soccer team was.

"Whether people want to admit or not, having Zach on the team is a disadvantage. Jeremy went through this in high school and now for indoor for recreational fun. He allows Zach to play on the team even though he may be a hinderance. That is a loving brother who supports his family. "

He *allows* Zach to play on *his* team... gosh, the way Dana describes it, Jeremy has a really big part of his life invested in this soccer team, and kindly deigns to *allow* Zach to play on *his* team. Despite being a hinderence.

Yet *now* soccer is a silly waste of time and Jeremy has every right to ditch the team (that he's not very interested in and just a floater and not very important at all to the team) to you know, lie in bed with hot Christian girls... Praise Jeremy :)

Which is it Dana? Weren't we supposed to praise Jeremy for his love of the game and his deigning to allow Zach to play despite how it hurt Jeremy's game?

I would like to know... am I supposed to praise Jeremy for his dedication to soccer and his family or am I supposed to praise him for ditching soccer for cool nights on the town?

Or is he so super perfect almost christlike as he lies with those girls, that we need to praise him for both? he's SOOOO dedicated to family and the game, and he's soooo damn cool to ditch his very special team that he's sooo dedicated to?

Gosh, perhaps we should all praise Jeremy for going on the potty too! After all he's so darn praiseworthy :)

*here's the origanal thread where Dana praises Jeremy

abstractdaisy said...

For what it’s worth and after reading all the posts about Jeremy--we need to remember we’re dealing with a 20 year old+ man-child. He’s been pampered, spoiled and idolized his entire life. How can we, as adults, expect Jeremy to act like a responsible adult when his parents don’t expect it and never have. Jeremy does what he wants, when he wants and how he wants without regard for others. Again, I’m going to stress my belief that Matt is living vicariously through Jeremy so I suspect he’s privately delighted with his escapades. I suspect Amy’s not quite as impressed, but he’s 20 and she just isn’t going to “rock the boat” with the potential affect of Jeremy moving out. The kids are Amy’s life and she’d be lost without them. The dynamics of Matt and Amy’s relationship is so non-existent that she simply wouldn’t know what to do without mothering and smothering her adult sons. How sad is that?

Regardless of whether Jeremy blew off a soccer game to jump in bed with chicks--it’s Jeremy and it’s what Jeremy’s all about: himself. If history tells us anything, Jeremy will continue doing what he wants--despite the fact that he talks out of both sides of his mouth and professes to “love the lord“. Actions really do speak louder than words and in Jeremy’s case, clearly he’s a liar. Certainly that can't be surprise to anyone.

Rebecca Pearce said...

Am I the only one that loves Matt but doesn't like Jeremy? I don't know why everyone says Jeremy is just like Matt. I don't see it.

Jeremy is slacker. Matt isn't. Matt overcame adversity. Jeremy doesn't. Matt is independent. Jeremy isn't.

Rap541 said...

Do be fair, I don't care for either, Rebecca, but you make fair points. I have never said Matt is a slacker or Matt doesn't work.

A subset of the fans here who adore both Matt and Jeremy tend to play games on this point. "Matt *says* Jeremy is like him, therefore saying Jeremy isn't like Matt is to say Matt is a liar".

Now, Matt does indeed lie but thats not the point of this back and forth. ;) Since the Matt fans also tend to be Jeremy fans, this comment by Matt is considered to supercede any actual evidence.

Realistically, the child most like Matt in personality is Molly. She is clever, she has discipline and determination and she doesn't let peer pressure get in the way of what she wants to do for herself. And its not a perfect fit, mind you - Molly is definetely not Matt's minime in personality, but she certainly is the one with the independence and drive to succeed.

Dana said...

Wow. I am stunned at the Matt/Molly comparison while dismissing Matt and Jeremy's similarities?

I don't watch Molly and think she's her father's daughter.

Rap, it's nice for you to admit Matt is clever, however so Jeremy.

How many times does Matt need to say he didn't do well in school? Rap if Matt's high school years were being filmed, you would be bashing Matt for being a dumb slacker just as you do Jeremy.

Do you think Matt is lying when he states repeatedly that he was just like Jeremy in school?

You're admiting that Matt is clever. You're admitting that Matt has drive. He didn't have it for school.

Jeremy has Matt's personality, not Molly. Matt has the charismatic personality. That's why Amy doesn't like Matt at her events.

Jeremy has the same type of magenetic personality. Even Amy talked about it in the last episode.

To ignore all the personality trait similarities and say Molly is most like Matt because she does well in school when Matt has admitted he was a carbon copy of Jeremy in school if plain foolish.

Lynn C said...

I don't see a Matt and Molly connection. Jeremy shares Matt's dreaming gene. Not Molly.

Matt is a people person. I don't see that in Molly, but I do in Jeremy.

David said...

I know what you're getting at Rap, but I don't share your opinion.

I agree Molly appears to have the most traits that will make her successful in life.

Matt, like him or not, is successful. Does that make them Molly like Matt? I don't think so. There are different ways, different personalities are successful. I wouldn't make the blanket statement that she's successful, he's successful, thus they are similar.

Matt is a bull sh*tter. Or, I believe the polite, cute term the Roloffs use for it is "a salesman". It means he lies and manipulates.

Discounting Jacob because 12 is too young to assess his personality, which one of the kids will lie to squirm out of things and get what he wants? Which one of the Roloff kids will deliver some touching speech about how he looks at Matt to inspire him through the tough times because he knows that will gain him pats on the back even though most intelligent people can't fathom Jeremy actually acting this way? Jeremy.

Molly might not be quite as sweet as some fans hope, I've seen some spoiled flashes in her, but she's not the lying manipulator that Matt is.

What have we seen from Matt during the course of the show? He will ditch others, including his family on vacation if it isn't what he wants to do? Which kid is famous for ditching plans when something better comes along, with a recent example of soccer vs partying? Jeremy.

I agree that Matt is overall more intelligent than Jeremy. He's more cunning and has more of a drive than Jeremy. I don't think he's as childish as Jeremy, but I think it's fair to say the kid that is most like Matt is Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Well, of course "dreaming" is the ONLY comparison to be made then. Clearly Jeremey is just like Matt, and already moved out of the house at eighteen, and successflly full time employed at 20, right?

Dana - I have never said Matt didn't have drive and cleverness. I just don't see the comparison to Jeremy. If you can't see that Molly has drive and determintation, and that Jeremy is NOT a carbon copy of his dad (who was out of the house and full time employed at Jeremy's age) then I can't help you.

Please continue to claim Jeremy is as motivated as Matt and provide examples of Jeremy showing that drive... without his parents prodding him. Meanwhile I continue to point out matt was an independant adult living on his own at twenty while Jer-Bear still needs mommy to give him wakies and dindin.

Rap541 said...

David - in all honesty, I don't see any of those kids as a carbon copy of their parents personality so its a bit of a pointless debate. But Molly seems to have gotten most of Matt's positive traits.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"He has Matt's dreaming gene"

Uh Dana did you take some bad LSD in the 60's or something?

There's no such thing as a "dreaming gene" where I'm from we refer the way Jeremy and Matt think as "having a head full of clouds and no direction".

Jeremy isn't that creative and is wholly incapable of being independent he's also a lazy unmotivated spoiled selfish and arrogant braggart who thinks the world revolves around him.

Anon 6th said...

If you've ever known Zach you'd all know he always takes soccer games too seriously. Everybody knows thats just the way Zach is. Friends and his family accept that Zach will always overreact about soccer.

glhonda30 said...

I enjoyed watching the Roloff family grow before our eyes and simply be pretty regular humans. We're all human and no different that the Roloff's at the end of day. SO>>>> Quit hating, quit being jealous, and get some self confidence. When you feel good about yourself, then you won't feel the need to criticize others for being REAL PEOPLE!!! Relax and smile :)

Anonymous said...

You all take this show very seriously. We only see the family the way TLC portrays them.

Prada said...

Rap, I am sure Jeremy couldn't care less about you as he laughs his way to the bank. Who annointed you a judge of religious character?

Rap541 said...

Prada - I am sure "Jeremy coudln't care less about you as he laughs his way to the bank" isn't the compliment on his religious character that you intend. :)

I mean... I personally think he IS laughing at everyone who thinks he's a pious religious sort. Any evangelical born again Christian would be out and proud to publically say he's a Christian and lives by Jesus's law. Kirk Cameron did it. Jeremy James Roloff has not. I'm pretty certain Jeremy has matt's slick sloppy "drink, sorry jesus , drink again" morality. After all, he sure did immediately drink up in Europe didn't he? He sure didn't say no to the stroll down the redlight district did he? :)

Thats all on camera.... Christian Jeremy wanting to see naked whores !

I guess looking at naked girls is christian now? :) Praise Jeremy for looking at whores! Lets all go to our pastors and demand our teen sons be taken to whore streets to see boobies. After all its Christian! :)

prada said...

Rap I don't feel I have the right to judge anyone on their commitment to their religion and have never commented on his religious character one way or another. I am curious what makes you feel that you do? Are you a fundamentalist Christian and therefore judging him on his commitmen to God? I can't think of any religion besides fundamentalist sects that allow man to judge on commitment. That is usually left to the deity. I guess if Jerry is as bad as you think then he will get what is coming to him huh?

prada said...

Also, "whores"? Really? Wow.

Rap541 said...

Prada - what do you think was being sold in the windows of the Amsterdam Red Light District that Jeremy toured?


No... little hint... it involves legal prostitution!

What I find curious Prada - along with your lack of acknowledgement that "Jeremy coudln't care less about you as he laughs his way to the bank" isn't exactly you being completely nonjudgemental (in fact you're clearly judging me as wrong, and stating out right that Jeremy is judging, aka "laughing at" people who criticize him) - is your need to get an answer that is different from what I have already given on many occasions on this website. You've clearly read more than one post of mine, so let me say it again.

I expect that if I am required to laud Jeremy Roloff as a great Christian man, that Jeremy Roloff a) publically make a statement of faith - since he's lauded in public AS a Christian, it shouldn't be that hard for someone with such a big Christian heart to stand up and say "I am a Christian, I love Jesus Christ" abd b) make a concerted effort to walk the walk AS a Christian. That means no funtimes with girls in bed and booze and a "sorry Jesus" later, and no "Jesus doesn't give me anything I won't be able to handle so pass the pot". If I have to praise him for living as a spectacular Christian, sorry, I am going to need more than Jer-Bear strolling down the red light district and grinning as he sucks down the suds.

Don't like it? Don't tell me Jeremy is an awesome Christian and then get pissy when I point out that if we're all supposed to kiss his ass, then he needs to actually *act* Christian.

prada said...

You can't spin what I didn't say. I never said a word about Jeremy's beliefs nor have i said he is an awsome christian or that he is judging you. One loses all credibility when they resort to this tactic, at least in my opinnion. The notion that anyone needs to stand up and make a declaration of his beliefs to you, a stranger, on the internet no less, is absurd. Seeee ya!

Brandon said...

Prada, you missed Rap's point.

You said "I am sure Jeremy couldn't care less about you as he laughs his way to the bank."

Like Rap said, if Jeremy is laughing all the way to the bank at people that criticize him, that is an example of him judging people and also like Rap said, it doesn't say much for Jeremy's religious character if what matters to Jeremy is making money and laughing at people.

Rap541 said...

Brandon don't worry. This is how people that all sound like Matt's staffers play. They ask loaded questions, generally with insulting comments like "I am sure Jeremy couldn't care less about you as he laughs his way to the bank."

In this particular case - Prada is telling me that she/he is sure Jeremy couldn't care less about my opinions as he laughs his way to the bank... When I point out that indeed, that is both Prada and perhaps Jeremy making a judgement - and even then politely answer their question.... suddenly they accuse me (or whoever else is pointing out the flaws in their arguement) of "spinning", say something insulting and insist they are done.

Gosh Brandon, how many times has "Jeremy doesn't give a damn what you think" been trotted out?

Btw I still have a marty klebba autograph for you.

Rap541 said...

PS - I also like how Prada completely ignored the way Jeremy the Christian toured the red light district aka went looking at whores. Thats entertainment for all ages, huh Matt?