Friday, December 17, 2010

Amy Roloff interview with Christian station about the finale, her faith and TLC, and future plans

Amy Roloff did an interesting interview with a Christian radio station from Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was about 10 minutes long, she discussed her feelings about how the final episode ended, talked about whether TLC wanted to minimize the Roloffs religious faith on the show and their future plans.

Here are some of the highlights from Amy's interview:

*They talked about the show becoming an advocate for Little People and those that have disabilities, but eventually viewers saw the similarities. Amy and Matt have issues going on with them and disagreements. Amy said her kids aren't perfect and there's definitely some issues going on with their kids, but that's family and parenting dynamics.

* The host felt TLC was good about not editing out the Roloffs Christian faith; that the kids went to a Christian school and they were shown praying. He asked Amy if they were allowed to be themselves re: their faith? Amy said yes, it was never indicated to them that they don't want them showing their faith. Amy said her faith is what keeps her real. People make mistakes and Amy's Faith is what keeps her moving forward.

*Amy explained she has priorities, the important thing to her was spending time with her kids over being good at organizing. She wanted to be with her kids and be there for teachable moments so she can teach them how to make their own decisions.

*Amy doesn't like blogs, Matt tells her about some of the things people say about her and cleaning, etc. She thinks they get into a weird space where she should do this or that and then who is she catering too?

* The host asked Amy to give advice to any mother's facing challenges with their kids. She said faith keeps her moving on because they aren't perfect and do make mistakes whether she made a wrong choice or friends -- maybe she shouldn't have let her kids play with these friends...they aren't perfect and she's doing the best she can and her Faith is the key.

* Amy said "we" didn't particularly like the way the finale ended, but when they thought about it, that's how life is, several Roloffs are unsure what to do next.

*Amy said she's becoming a career woman, now that her kids are growing up and don't need her to be the mom she was before. Her "mom role" is changing.

*According to Amy, the boys are trying to figure out where they're going to go and they will definitely soon be leaving the house.

*Molly will be leaving in about a year and a half.

*So Amy feels that Matt and her are nearing that empty nest stage although they still have Jacob (he will be 14 exactly one month from today) who needs a Mom and Dad to be there and on him and disciplining him.

*Amy said she's at the spot where how does she further her career, so there is a lot uncertainty about the future.

*Amy discussed the future. She said they probably will still be on the farm. Pumpkin season is up to Matt because it's his thing. Matt has his speaking engagements, Amy has her speaking engagements.

*Amy has a cook book coming out next year. People asked for it because she cooked so much on the show.

*She has her Charity Foundation that is going strong and mentioned that she would like to do some children's books. Those projects are still in the works.

*Amy mentioned there are things in the works, but nothing is solidified for "a lot of us". Amy thinks 2011 will be a big year for the Roloffs.

She mentioned her charity foundation website and her charity foundation page on Facebook. If you're unaware, Amy often posts on the wall of her charity page on Facebook. Click on "posts by others" located on her "wall" and that's where Amy's posts can be found.!/amyroloffcharityfoundation?v=wall

You can listen to the interview here:


Judy B said...

They do not hide their faith. Amy is very natural when do interviews. It was a good interview.

This is my speculation based on what I read, I become more and more convinced that there are deeper problems going on with Jacob with each interview Matt and Amy give.

Perhaps William was right on here when he speculated that Jacob's attitude problems were caused by frontal lobe problems and it's very frustrating for family.

Amy said her kids have issued and used an example of having an on going challege with a child that might be physical or an attitude problem.

Carol said...

She is contradicting herself.

We are empty nesters...Jacob still needs parents. Well, I'm glad she remembered.

Brandon said...

I'm still confused trying to figure out how cooking on tv puts her in demand for writing a cook book? :) I have no idea if she's a good cook or not...that's the point. Neigher does any of the public. Imagine that, a mother cooks and her kids say it's good. If you're on tv, I guess people will become convinced your food is awesome even though they've never tasted it.

Christine said...

I think the interview makes it evident that the Roloffs use being Christian to justify being selfish and "making mistakes". If they do something wrong, who cares, they love Jesus.

They don't follow the message of Christ. The lawsuit is a good example of that.

Anne said...

I'm glad Amy is a loud and proud Christian. Good for TLC for putting Christian families on television.

Rap541 said...

"Perhaps William was right on here when he speculated that Jacob's attitude problems were caused by frontal lobe problems and it's very frustrating for family."

After all, Jacob was an adult at nine and as a responsible adult just got what he deserved, and brought suffering onto his family. *Parenting* and *allowing a nine year old to play with a weapon* isn't something Matt and Amy are responsible for and Jake needs to shape up or ship his brain damaged butt out since it was *his fault he got hurt*.

Right Judy? Poor Matt and Amy... how dare life hand them a problem like a brain damaged child, a child brain damaged thru their own negligence! Lets all feel sorry for the suffering of *Matt and Amy* since they're the once who are *really losing out here*.

You know, Judy, in your rush to attack Jake, have you considered how you look, "bashing" a child who was brain damaged and per you, now causing heartache due to his behavior, because his parents thought "hell why NOT let a nine year old play with weapons?"

You are so Christian, publically calling out a kid you think has brain damage. Wow.

*If* Jake has brain damage, any frustration Matt and Amy feel needs to be shut down... because they *had* a non brain damaged child until they thought letting said child play with a jury rigged trebuchet was great parenting.

*I say if because I have yet to see Matt and or Amy say anything on this topic.

** I also note that Amy has stated she's never been told to hide her religion so lets all stop saying TLC forces the family to hide how Jeremy starts each morning with "I love Jesus!" and ends each day with "I love Jesus and hate gays per Jesus!"

Shadow said...

Well, they *did* show them praying a few times in the first year. After that, not so much. And the Christian school? Other than admitting it was called Faith Bible, did viewers ever see any religious instruction or activity going on? I think Zach made mention of a Bible study class a couple of times in the first or second year.

Then of course, there was Jeremy's and Zach's reaction to the private Christian college they toured. You know, where they talked about how much they *didn't* want to go there because "it was too much like Faith Bible" with compulsory chapel services and dress codes and such.

And Matt's constant boasting about what a stud he was, and the constant sex talk between him and Jeremy, and trying to get girls to join Zach in bed - is that part of their faith?

And did we EVER see them going to church, even a shot from the parking lot, or getting in the car on a Sunday morning? We saw a LOT of camping trips, skiing trips, hiking, vacations, etc. taking place on Sundays.

So, okay, they didn't HIDE whatever Christian faith it is that the Roloffs observe, but it wasn't exactly a huge part, or even much of a part at all, of their lives "as seen on TV." You know, in a REALITY show.

And I *really* feel sorry for Jake. He's the age now the twins were when filming began and Amy was still a full-time mom and heavily involved in her kids' lives. He's been the forgotten child from the beginning of this show, and now that it's ending, Amy and Matt have to keep their name out there through constant promotion and speaking events, so Jake is going to be pretty much on his own. How sad...

Judy B said...

Rap, also you are using hyperbole against Jeremy and people that like him here.

I have never said Jeremy hates gays. Jeremy has never said that. What people have said is that as a Christian Jeremy does not condone homosexuality.

Gay people like to gain sympathy by accusing Christians of hating because as Christians we don't support their choice of lifestyle.

On the point about Jeremy as a Christian on the show, Amy said they were not told to hide it. They still don't have control over editing. There are thousands of hours of film. The editors can pick and choose what to put on the show.

You can't say Jeremy has never talked about Jesus simply because it wasn't used on the show.

He also doesn't have any obligation to talk about his faith to the TLC camera. It is silly and disrespectful for you to judge Jeremy's faith on the basis of whether he tells the television cameras about his love for Jesus.

Jeremy has said in print and in an interview/answering a question. He said he leaves his future up to God and will be happy with whatever God puts into his life. There also have been many stories that I have read and comments that I assessed and found believeable that allude to Jeremy's devotion to the Bible and to attending church.(in addition to Matt's comments about Jeremy being at youth group or at church functions).

Timothy said...

Shadow, I thought the same thing about Jacob. I know Amy caught herself and added that Jacob needs parents, but it doesn't excuse the attitude that allows her to say "now that my kids are older they don't need me to be the mom I was before".

The mother that Jeremy, Zach, and Molly got at age 13 was different than the mother Jacob is getting. Parents can't almost checkout on raising kids because they only have one left.

Deb said...

I have dibs that Molly will leave home before the twins! :)

Judy B said...

Rap, please stop putting words in my mouths or the Roloffs mouths for that matter. You do this a lot to dominate discussion.

I will say this once to clarify because it is annoying to have you twist words, but out of respect to others reading I won't argue with you stomping on the opinions of other people wanting to express themselves.

I do not hate Jacob. This is a place to express myself as a fan of the Roloffs. Out of the six Roloffs, Jacob is the one I am least impressed with, I am most impressed with Matt and Jeremy.

These are my opinions. I do not like Jacob's attitude. I did not like the way Jacob was dressed in that episode when his jeans were wrapped around his thighs. Mostly, it is his attitude that turns me off him. I consider myself to be a smart person that can understand the real meaning when people such as Matt and Amy repeatedly discuss how much of a challenge it is to raise Jacob.

William R raised the point that it is *possible* that a contributing factor to Jacob's attitude problems is the frontal lobe head injury. The link was posted that confirmed that sometimes people that experienced frontal lobe trauma have problems with impulse control and the to have empathy for other people.I did not think about that before. It is a possibility that I'm considering has merit. Amy was using it as an example to a hypothetical question. It occurs to me that it's possible they are dealing with issues with Jacob they haven't made public.

Judy said...

This was something that Willam speculated as a possibility. As people, you and I have the ability to dismiss it or consider it. I'm considering it. William did say it is frustrating for both the person affected and their family that needs to deal with them.

No one said Matt or Amy said Jacob suffered on-going damage from the accident. If he did, I certainly do not expect Matt or Amy to feel obligated to discuss it publicly.

What I do know is that Jacob is a kid that has been displaying a bad attitude for a number of years. In my opinion, the more I listen to Matt and Amy speak about how challenged they are to raise Jacob, I get the feeling it is worse than what was filmed for the cameras and tv audience.

I'm not a person that excuses behaviors. I think Jacob is responsible for his behavior. I don't like the idea of thinking he's not accountable for his attitude because it is the catapults fault.

It was an idea that was presented and I am considering it is a contributing factor because I get the gut feeling that Amy and Matt are basing their comments on the difficulty they have with Jacob on something more than just what we see on the show.

It is my opinion. I do not ask you to agree with me. Why do you resort to hyberbole?

Lisa said...

Great interview by Amy.

Dana said...

I agree it was a lovely interview. I enjoy Christian interviews. As a rule in life, when people are Christian you can trust the person. When my family must have work on our cars done or home maintenance, we always take it to Christians. When a person is a Christian, they have an integrity and honesty that non-believers lack too much of the time.

Brandon said...

Dana, yeah you can always be sure Christians are going to be wholesome...except if you witness a conversation between Christian Jeremy and his Christian friends....sort through the lies and bleep out the slurs and references drugs and alcohol. Good ol' wholesome Christians!

Baxter said...

Yeah, or trust those family values people like Larry Craig or David Vitter and his hookers. And we shall not forget that that jackass from Alaska that you can trust so much to get the job done (then quit midway), and her fine, yet foulmouthed offspring. Lest we forget the Roloffs; those fine christians, who are guilty of quite a number of deadly sins. Greed and sloth come to mind her. Give me sinners any day.

I'm sure we could ALL use a cookbook where the main ingredient is tubular ground something-or-other served up with some variety of pasta.

And if having "integrity" and "honesty" means being like the Roloffs or these trolls that post on this board with their nonsense, give me an ex-con any day of the week.

Rap541 said...

Judy B - TLC has not stood in the way of Jeremy saying "I don't condone homosexuality because I am a Christian". TLC has not stood in the way of Jeremy sitting on the hay bale and saying "I give glory to Christ."

I know we've had this discussion before Judy - how can Jeremy be considered a "great Christian" and "an example to Christian young people" if he's choosing to downplay his religion on a tv show about his family's real life? Sorry, but yes, I do indeed expect someone who is lauded as a great christian to actually display some Christian values and yet I am pretty darn certain Jeremy is in the Craw Christian faith... you know, where Jesus only loves the cool kids who smoke pot, drink and party and its cool to hate and Jesus loves you for hating the uncool.

Per Amy - TLC has never stepped in to stop Jeremy from quoting the Bible, as I am told he does when NOT on camera. Same with Matt. If Jesus Christ is such an important part of Jeremy's life, and TLC isn't whitewashing the religion, I find it extremely unusual for someone as outspoken on his love of Jesus as Jeremy is purported to be to not once make any sort of religious statement.

If what we saw on the show is *real* then I personally would consider the Roloffs the sort that pay lip service to religion. I think someone used the term "Pseudo Christians".

Judy - I seriously ask you - what responsiblity as parents do you think Matt and Amy bear over the trebuchet accident? Jacob was nine.

You never answer on this - do you think Jacob at nine was responsible enough to know the dangers of playing with a medival seige engine?

Keep in mind that you're one of the ones who lets Jeremy off the hook for not being capable of waking himself up because "he's a teenager and his brain isn't fully formed".

As I said, if Jake suffered brain damage because of the trebuchet, the frustration they might feel needs to be tempered with the fact that they made the parental decisions that led to them having a brain damaged child. Considering you've already said you don't find brain damage to be an excuse, I think the only reason you're harping on it is to spread your Christian love.

Which makes this especially laughable because if Jake has brain damage impacting his behavior, we've got four seasons of his parents insisting he's just fine when they really should have been turning off the cameras and getting him some help.

Oh I forgot, Jake was a responsible man at nine and needs to own his own decisions and suffer the consequences since his parents can't possibly have known that letting their nine year old play with a jury rigged seige engine could end badly. Bless Matt and Amy for allowing it! They were such good parents that day, Judy, you allow your kids to do this now too, right? Since it was an awesome decision?

Mike P. said...


No one with any sophistication continues to insist that homosexuality is a "lifestyle choice." No one--gay or straight--has that choice; orientation simply arrives, naturally, unbidden.

The insistence on this falsehood puts everything else Judy has to say into a perspective that she will not even begin to fathom, so out-of-whack are her perceptions. Particularly telling, in this perspective, are her constant statements of scorn toward Jacob.

The search for dirt in other persons' lives--even the life of a young boy--is a particularly Christian endeavor; how else will their theology of "love" be proved true?

So we see the continued search for fault in Jacob; the self-revealing and self-embarrassing fascination with his underwear and the tightness of his pants (and the blithely willful ignorance of kid fashion); the rush to see pathology in simple childhood immaturity--in all these things and more, the sour religiosity glowers at poor Jake.

And of course this is "love"; there's not a molecule of dirt-gathering judgment anywhere near it.

If the Christian shrews who gather here could convince me that they possess even a sentence of real information or real-life experience, maybe their apologies for the Roloffs and attacks on the youngest wouldn't seem so blindered. Maybe they would invite actual respect. But that is not yet the case.

Tombo said...

I can't wait until the family is bankrupt and begging for money.

I see Jeremy turning tricks as rentboy for cash soon.

abstractdaisy said...

@Dana: "When a person is a Christian, they have an integrity and honesty that non-believers lack too much of the time".

How about this list of Christians:

Christian Evangelists:
Jim & Tammy Bakker
Jimmy Swaggart
Ted Haggard
Eddie Long
Marcus Lamb

Father Ken LeBlanc
Father Tony Walsh
Father Robert Schaeufele
Father Micheal Ledwith
Father Brendan Smyth

Boy Scout Leaders (A Christian based Org.)
Documents from a Boy Scout lawsuit revealed that the organization has removed 5,146 adult Boy Scout leaders since 1946. In the last 15 years, the Boy Scouts of America have removed leaders at a rate of one per day.

I bet the victims of these sad excuses for human beings would disagree that Christians have integrity and honesty just because you profess to love Jesus.

Rap541 said...

I believe Ted Haggard, Praise Jesus, was into gay sex, praise Jesus :)

Actually Ted is an interesting dilemna... Christians who love Jesus - hand on the Bible, do you forgive Ted's sin of homosexuality and want him forgiven.

Or do you think he'll be back to humping male prostitutes as soon as no one is looking?

I remind you - real Christians would express no doubt that Ted speaks the truth when he says he's stopped.

And when Ted *denied* humping male prostitutes he was also speaking the truth until he got caught. Christians always speak nothing but the truth *until they get caught*. Then they apologize and demand forgiveness and act affronted that no one trusts their word.

Christians here, hand on the bible, who would let ted haggard babysit their kids based on his saying he's sorry?

Baxter said...

Rap, even the elders of Haggard's church and congregation have refused to forgive the man. Hardly Christian behavior. This rigid, ignorant and unforgiving "christians" are the type that worships these Roloffs, yet would refuse to forgive Ted Haggard for something that is NOT the man's choice. He has really suffered after this and I believe he's paid the price for his dishonesty about his sexual orientation. And it's NOT that he's gay, it's because he was not honest about this is the reason to be forgiven.

These self-professed "christians" like those church elders and posters on this don't know the first thing about Jesus, because Jesus preached forgiveness and tolerance. I know more about Christ's teachings than some of these posters here and I'm not even Christian. According to one ignoramus here, I must be gay because I'm Jewish. These are also the type of "christian" that uses God and Jesus to justify their hate. WWJH (who would Jesus hate?). Whatsmore they are judgemental...and the Bible teaches not to judge lest YOU be judged. Sad excuses for Christians and even sadder excuses for human beings. Who other than some miserable, inhuman slug would hate on a CHILD? I'm speaking of Jacob and the hate directed at this little boy. If they'd pull their heads out of their collective arses, it's quite easy to see why this boy acts the way he does.

Craw said...

Oh get over it people. The kid is a brat. Everybody in the family has said it in their own way. Stop being so PC. You don't want anybody to say what everybody knows? Jacob is a brat! There I said it!

He's not brain damaged, he's a brat. Saying he's brain damaged is just a lame excuse.

Rap541 said...

Craw, hand on the Bible, don't lie.

Do you think Jesus loves it when you namecall Jake Roloff?

You refused to swear on the blood of Christ the last time I asked. Do it now. Swear on your love of Jesus that you believe Jesus thinks namecalling a kid you have never met is a blessed act.

If you genuinely believe you're walking with God in your comments, you won't hesitate to say you'd put your hand on the bible and swear in Christ's name that Christ thinks namecalling someone you've never met is a rightious act that he'd bless.

Swear it :)

Craw said...

Rap, get real. We are not supposed to lie. Honesty is not a sin. Calling a spade a spade is not a sin. Jake acts like a brat.

Jesus does not care that I think Jake is a brat.

Ashley said...

Craw, I agree about Jake being "brain damaged" is a load of...

Ridiculous. He's a bit bratty and whiny and spoiled, but permanently damaged from the accident? C'mon! He's not mentally impaired or out of control.

Rap541 said...

So again, although you defend your views, you're not willing to swear on the name of your savior that He would agree with you.

In other words, you know He wouldn't approve. If you thought He would approve, you wouldn't hesitate to swear it. :)

If you're right and Jesus wouldn't care... why whon't you swear on His name that Jesus approves of you namecalling. If you *really* thought it was ok by Jesus, you wouldn't hesitate. :)

Vic Rattlehead said...

Hey Dana here's a list of "Trustworthy Christians" you seemed to have forgotten about.

Jim Jones: Baptist Preacher/Cult Leader/Man behind the worst mass murder of American Citizens before 9/11 (Jonestown Massacre)

David Koresh: Cult leader/excommunicated preacher/pedophile & mass murderer responsible for ordering the fiery end of the waco standoff.

Thomas Detorcemada: Catholic Priest/Lead Inquisitor of the Catholic Church who was responsible for ordering thousands of tortures and executions during the Spanish Inquisition.

Miroslav Filipović: Dominican Friar & Priest/Ustaša Chaplain/Commandant Of Jasenovac Extermination Camp In Croatia: Personally ordered and participated in mass murder and Genocide at Jasenovac and permitted other members of the clergy in Croatia to commit criminal acts against humanity and genocide.

Adolf Hitler: Need I say more about the most evil man in 20th century history (and he was a catholic).

Pope Pious The Tenth: Catholic Pope who turned a blind eye to the Holocaust of European Jews and also knew about The Ustase in Croatia and the open participation of members of the Catholic Clergy (Priests/The Bishops of Serejavo & Belgrade /Franciscan & Dominican Monks) and did nothing to stop it, also signed concordant with Hitler and Mussolini that allowed them to act with impunity while the church was officially "neutral" during the war.

20 Anon said...

Romans 6, verses: (English Standard Version) 18: For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. 24: Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, (25) because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen. 26 For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; 27 and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error. 28: And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. (29) They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, (30) slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, (31) foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. (32) Though they know God's decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.

Emma said...

I don't think it's fair to judge Jake like some of you are doing. He's a teenager. So many teenagers are moody. Also, think of it from his standpoint: his parents are constantly off being celebrities and money hungry leeches. His mom is always saying they're empty nesters now that the twins are grown. She doesn't acknowledge the fact Jacob still needs parents to guide him. His parents are too concerned with themselves to pay any attention to him. Maybe that's why he acts out. He wants his parents there for him.

Lynn C said...

"She doesn't acknowledge the fact Jacob still needs parents to guide him."

Emma, you're wrong. Amy does acknowledge that. She said exactly that. Listen to the interview.
Amy said Jacob still needs a mom and dad to be there and ready to discipline him.

Susan Coles said...

Emma, I agree with most of what you said but will add this.

I think Jacob is happy his parents are absentee parents for the most part.

One of his problems right now is that Jeremy and Zach have made his home party central for a bunch of college students and Jacob is allowed to hang out with them and with Molly's friends.

Is it shocking that a 13 year old that is always hanging around 20 year kids at community college (a lot of them with the same motivation as Jeremy and Zach, living at home with their rich parents) and with questionable morals, that Jacob would spring an attitude?

Amy and Matt aren't there to care that it's not appropriate and if they are it's easier to let Jacob join the party than put him in a bad mood by telling him no.

The other solution is something Matt and Amy would never do. Tell the twins that they can't have 50 friends hanging on the farm because it's not a college residence or bachelor pad, it's home to a 13 year old that needs some structure.

I know some people won't like this next part, but too bad. One of those friends Jake is always around is Jeremy's BFF Mueller. His language and conduct became evident when Jeremy made the tabloids as well as some of the mean spirited classless things he told some of Jeremy's fans. He has a mouth and an bully attitude. He failed subjects in schools. I've read it was because he skipped classes and got behind. He didn't graduate on time. I'll guess he's still living at home with his parents. But Mueller is always at the Roloff home and an important influential figure for Jake. I imagine Jake thinks Mueller is cool, just as he clearly worships Jeremy for his coolness. Too bad Matt and Amy haven't realized that Mueller isn't a good person to always have around your 13 year old.

Brandon said...

Susan, great point about the friends. Lets not forget that Amy flat out said she wants her home to be the party place for her kids and all their friends and Matt laughed when posting on facebook that he returned (I believe on a school night) to find 50 kids in his house with music blasting. I think we all know that's how things usually are at the Roloff home.

I'd like to know who Amy was thinking of when she said "maybe you wish you hadn't let your child hang out with this friend"...was she thinking of someone specific? I'm sure it's not Mueller because she's vouched for what a wonderful guy he is.

Rap541 said...

"Emma, you're wrong. Amy does acknowledge that. She said exactly that. Listen to the interview.
Amy said Jacob still needs a mom and dad to be there and ready to discipline him."

At the same time she is also saying, repeatedly, that she and Matt are done parenting now that the twins may or may not be moving out, and asserts that she and Matt feel like empty nesters, her mom role is changing and she's working and Matt is working on post children projects....

Sure sounds like Matt and Amy have already made plans.... guess they aren't planning to devote much time to their brain damaged offspring.

(Lil hint folks - if Jake is suffering from brain damage, he needs MORE hands on parenting, not less, and if he has the serious impacts being alluded to, then Matt and Amy are pretty crappy parents to just leave him to be raised by the pack of partying 20somethings that hang out at Club Roloff)

Julie said...

Hey, I'll admit that Jacob is a brat. But then again, so is Jeremy. (NEVER FORGET: Jeremy telling Amy to go back to the kitchen.) And Jeremy is worse off because he's older and should know better. At least Jacob still has the "he's still a young teenager" excuse. What's Jeremy's excuse? There isn't one. He's an adult, he should be more mature than he is right now. And clearly he isn't.

So, yes, Jeremy fans. I'm willing to say that Jacob is a brat. But are you guys willing to admit that so is your hero, Jeremy?

Rap541 said...

Julie - none of the Jeremy fans have made any comment on Jeremy's petulant performance where he told his mother to head back into the kitchen.

I think the theory is that if they never acknowledge his brat behavior, then it never happened.

After all, to acknowlegde it is to agree Jeremy is a brat (thats about the only way one can describe an unemployed 20 year old mooching off mom and dad and acting like he owns the place)

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting video of Amy - Watch the whole thing.

Laura said...

I like that it's not pre-recorded. It's real and more spontaneous when it's live.

I like when conversations lead Amy to comment on her family or give some insight.

Like it was said before, I hope they'll be able to do one later. People that work can't go on live. Maybe 7 or 7:30 west coast? That would still only be 10pm in the east coast. I think more people would be able to watch live.

Lynn C said...

I like Amy's cover for her laptop. That was a good point about trying to teach your kids about giving and the people around them that don't have much.

Timothy said...

My connection kept booting me out, I needed to refresh a few times to watch, but I did watch the end, around the 29 minute mark.

Amy really has issues with blogs doesn't she?

I don't think Amy and Matt and the rest of the Roloffs understand that the bullying issue is not about millionaire reality tv stars that sell their privacy in exchange to be broadcast into the living room of strangers to watch and yes, judge.

She also doesn't look at her own kids with the same judgemental eye. Jeremy and his friends were bullies to people, uncool female fans. They called them losers, nasty names, told them to do horrible things. They were bullies. But Amy only sees 'mean people on blogs saying her kids are slackers that don't respect others'.

Amy said this around the 29 minute mark

"The bullying issue and things that affected me, some of the comments on the blogs and the judgemental things that people say to each other. Even when you're a reality tv star trying to be yourself as unperfect as I am, I try to keep it as real as I can.....The most important thing is to be able to look in the mirror and be good and be happy with what you've done that day. Are you saying good things? Are you encouraging good things? Words and actions complement each other. They cannot be separate. Just like you, I'm dealing with issues with my kids and I'm doing the best I can."

I think Amy is being sincere but it's like she has a mental block. The Roloffs have a very narrow-minded one way of looking at things. When people don't approve of some of the nasty things Amy's kids have done, that's judgemental people bullying. But when her kids are nasty, that's just not being perfect.

Anne B said...

Again Amy says she is dealing with "issues" with her kids. What is she referring to?

Greg said...

Anne, maybe Jeremy's bigotry issues? Or Jeremy's issues with substances? No of course, it must be all about Jake.

Rap541 said...

Anne - could be Jake, I can be fair. He's almost 14 and that can be a difficult age.

Could be Molly - she's 17 and as the "good" one, but I could also see her being more restricted than Jeremy and Zach were (or are) and resenting it.

Could be Zach and Jeremy - the cameras are off and the twins still live at home and seem to have no discernable plans for their lives. Zach is at least working, in a job that isn't going to go anywhere, and Jeremy is not working. Technically, if the twins were following a typical community college progression - they should be getting associates degrees this spring but based on their reported course loads, I doubt that will happen, which means at least an extra semester for both, if not more.

She's got two twenty year old kids in the house who she and Matt appear to be fully supporting and their income is about to dramatically decline. That's an issue.

BeckyM said...

I just find it amusing that with the show ending the only media interested in interviewing the Roloffs is Christian and/or local media. Shows how non-interested the mainstream was in this show as it went out with a whimper.

Cheryl said...

Maybe one of those issues is the side effects of whatever crap Jeremy is putting into his body.

I saw a clip from the early family Christmas of both sides of the family. When was that, last November or the November before that? Jeremy came down the stairs shirtless to clean out the van because Zach was picking up someone at the airport. Jeremy was not bulging out with muscles. He looked very normal.

The difference today is crazy. I don't know what he's doing, but whatever it is I believe all those muscle building crap does have side effects and effects a persons body. It's not natural.

Susan said...

" That was a good point about trying to teach your kids about giving and the people around them that don't have much."

Amy's messages are good, but she doesn't practice them.

That's easy for her to say. Shall we examine it? With Jeremy's newest BMW and Zach's new ride, her family now has 36 vehicles and machines.

Her family isn't practicing what she preaches. Just like what Jeremy's whole language scandal revealed. The Roloffs default response to anything like that is "we aren't perfect".

They have to expect that if they're going to advocate something that people are going to be paying attention to see if they are walking the walk.