Friday, December 10, 2010

Amy Roloff Live Coffee Chat Dec 10

Amy Roloff held another Coffee Chat streamed live on the internet.

There weren't many questions this week. We've heard from people who are confused about how to join the chat, they aren't sure if they have to register on Ustream or if they can join the chat from Facebook or Twitter so I think that might be part of the problem at the moment.

We certainly receive a lot of questions -- wide ranging questions for Amy and about Amy, although some of them tend to be deeper than the type of questions Amy and her charity team are probably looking for on the live chat which tend to be of the fluffy variety.

Amy had a musician as her guest, Patrick Lamb, who played the sax. A lot of the talk was about him. She also spoke to her personal trainer for a few minutes. The trainer mentioned that viewers didn't get to see Amy's progress in October.

Amy was in Los Angeles for the finale of Little People, Big World. She enjoyed getting to meet the people that work on the show behind the scenes in the editing department and so on.

There were a few things that people might be interested in hearing how Amy answered.

*She was asked why they ended the show. Amy gave a similar answer to what Matt has said about it. She said the timing was right and they were ready to end the show; as was TLC so it was mutual decision according to Amy.

*Amy was asked what accomplishment she was proudest of in regards to the family doing the show? Amy stated that it's the awareness they've raised for Little People and people who are different; teaching that people might look different but are all in the world together. Amy also said she was proud that the family wasn't afraid to be real on the show.

*A viewer asked if Amy felt her edit on the show was accurate (the viewer said Amy seemed very cynical on the show)? Her answer was the same as she's said previously -- viewers see "the moment", but they don't see what lead up to the moment, the before and after. She does feel that their basic personalitis shone through.

*There was a question asking if there would be any specials or follow ups. Amy indicated that's a strong possibility, that viewers might see if the twins move out, where Molly goes to college and how Jacob will cope will with his siblings leaving because he's used to there always being a ton of people at the house. Amy also added that fans might see one or more Roloffs on television in another capacity or involved in other projects.

*Will Molly go to George Fox University? Amy doesn't know, the big test will be in the spring when Molly will have to actually apply.

*Will the Roloffs still have pumpkin season? Amy said it's up to Matt since he does most of the work, Amy and the kids help out a bit, but pumpkin season is Matt's thing and requires a lot of work on his part. However, she did say she expect they'll have pumpkin season for many, many more years.

*What was it like having twins? Amy said there were concerns how a LP would carry twins; she's just thankful they were both healthy. They did know that one would be average size and one would be a Little Person.

*Jacob still has his turtle. Amy sounded amazed that the turtle still gets fed and is still alive.

*Someone asked what Amy means when she says that "Jacob is my teenager". Amy explained that she means Jake has the attitude associated with teenagers. Amy said Jacob has that stubborn streak, doesn't talk a lot when they try to talk to him and he sasses back. According to Amy, she didn't get that too much from Zach, Jeremy and Molly.

There are recordings of her other chats (today's chat is not up yet):

And the 2nd one:


Austin said...

Listen, if they want to say they raised awareness for dwarfism. Fine. I'll give them that. But don't pretend like they are about helping all people of difference! What a crock. Jeremy says bigoted things and offensive words and doesn't even care enough to apologize. The Roloffs don't care about differences, they only care about themselves and how to make money for themselves off it.

Judy B said...

Well. Well. Well.

There is Amy. Mother of all the boys. On the record with the testimonial that none of her other kids (ahem, Jeremy) were as bratty as Jake or ever gave her as hard of a time.

I've seen people speculate here that Jeremy was just as bad as Jake or worse. I never believed that. I'm not surprised that we have heard it straight from Amy.

When I listen carefully to Amy and Matt when they talk about how difficult Jake is it becomes clear to me that as bad as he was on the show, they protected him in the edits. Amy and Matt both truly sound exasperated that Jake gives them so many problems.

Megan said...

Don't let the Roloffs have pets anymore! I bet the turtle won't make it another year.

Michelle said...

About there not being a lot of people on the chat, it might be a disconnect between Amy and her fans. I think most of the fans, at least used to be, are not rich. We work. I'm not home at that time in the afternoon. They should try it later in the evening, maybe around 7pm.

It does sound like Jacob is hard to control. I was surprised she said Jeremy wasn't as bad. Didn't she say last week that Jake was a lot like Jeremy was at that age?

Gina said...

I'm wondering if some of Jacob's problems are because he has been knocked unconscious more than once. When anybody, but especially a child suffers traumatic head injuries it can affect a person's behavior.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Of course Jeremy wasn't as "difficult" because he's a con artist who knows how to manipulate people into getting what he wants and he knows how to play to their emotions and perceptions of his behavior.

Jacob on the other hand seems to be way smarted than his parent and most likely realizes how stupid they actually are when he sees Jeremy getting away with being a selfish disrespectful jerk who acts as if he's so great when everyone else around him sees him for what he really is.

Susan said...

I think Amy might be remembering through rose colored glasses.

I would be shocked if Jeremy wasn't the same or worse than Jacob when he was 13.

I think part of Amy and Matt's annoyance with Jacob and why they think he has such a bad attitude is because they don't want to parent.

How many times are Matt and Amy going to talk about being empty nesters? They still have a 13 year old!

In my opinion, that's where their resentment comes in and skews their opinion. They don't like that Jacob actually requires work from them and attention. They want to be able to focus on their own projects and celebrity status. I'm willing to bad Jeremy's attitude was worse than Jacob but it wasn't as bothersome to Amy because she was still focused on being a parent rather than a celebrity forging a career of her own.

Mary P said...

Some people won't like this, but it's the truth. You want to know why Jacob is out of control? You want to know why Amy says it was different with her other kids?

It's because she wasn't a working woman when Jeremy and Zach were 13.

A woman's priority should be to her children, to be their mother. A mother should be at home with her kids, not off trying to work. Statistics don't lie. That's why kids today are full of disrespect, just like Jacob. It wouldn't be that way if mothers stayed at home with their kids.

Natalie said...

I feel one of the things going against Jake is the show. He's been on tv, a "celebrity" most of his life (that he remembers). He doesn't know what it's like to be a normal person. He's spoiled and bratty because all he knows is getting whatever material goods he wants and that people give them stuff for free. If that's all a kid knows, of course he's going to be a snot.

I don't think Jeremy and Zach were stellar kids by any stretch of the imagination (Jeremy's racist language points to that!) but at least they had some concept about what it's like to be a normal person instead of celebrity life.

Brandon said...

Susan, I agree. I would LOVE to see some footage of Jeremy as 13. I would be shocked if his brattiness didn't exceed Jacob's.

Jeremy learned how to get away with everything sometime before the show started. I think Jeremy was a spoiled brat even before they were rich.

Craw said...

Judy, I agree.

It's not hard. Jacob is a brat. Mystery solve. He's a brat. Everybody in the family has said it. I've seen him act like a brat to every Roloff. Remember when he called Jeremy an idiot when Jeremy was telling him they would come back for him later to let him play in their soccer game? Jacob walked away muttering "shut up you idiot".

Stop blaming everybody else. Jacob is a brat.

Betty said...

I don't know why the Roloffs don't have Jacob in therapy, if they don't? Obviously the kid has problems. They have the money. I've listened to the mom and dad talk about being frustrated with him. Given the legacy of other kids that were famous at a young age, combined with his behavior, I hope they get a therapist for Jacob.

Dana said...

Why is anyone surprised at what Amy said? I'm not.

The comparison between Jeremy and Jake has never been valid. The think one of the issues other than it being that Jeremy picked up Matt's personality traits, is that Jeremy is devoted to God. Someone said Jacob doesn't even go to church. Jeremy does. By his own choice.

If there are two kids and one worships God and one is too busy playing video games, it shouldn't come as a surprised who will be the more respectful pleasant person.

Rap541 said...

"I've seen people speculate here that Jeremy was just as bad as Jake or worse. I never believed that. I'm not surprised that we have heard it straight from Amy. "

Yet when Amy says he's smart, she's lying.

Please make up your mind.

I agree with others who point out that Jeremy wasn't hearing from ten on how his parents were done parenting.

Judy b - you've said you have kids. When the oldest graduates high school, do you declare to everyone including the younger children you're done parenting and an empty nester? :)

Oh hey Judy B - what's your thoughts on Jeremy telling his mom to tend to the kitchen and leave him alone? That sure seemed... dare I say it... disrespectful... in fact Amy publically commented on her concerns about her 20 year old son at that time....

Lemme guess, she was hating on her son, being too hard and mean and really needs as a woman to mind her dependent male son who has no job and doesn't contribute to the household since he's a christian man and she's a mere woman?

Come on Judy B - you've been very silent about that scene :) Why aren't you proudly defending Jeremy? :D

Btw - wasn't Amy called out as a MONSTER hater for calling/allowing Jeremy to be called "her pouting son"? I think she was :) Jeremy must only hear praise lest he collapse in horror but Jake? Sassmouth sissyman slutty skank!

Jake was been an adult man since eight and needs to MAN UP and take responsiblity! After all he's been an adult since eight! Don't blame his parents!

But Jeremy? Bless the BOY! He's a BOY! He'll always be The Boy! Anything he does wrong is AMY'S FAULT/ZACH'S FAULT/ANYONE BUT JEREMY'S FAULT. He's flawed but ITS NEVER FAIR TO MENTION ANY FLAWS BLESS HIM IN ALL THINGS! Jeremy isn't perfect but ANY FLAW (like when he snots off to his mom, and rolls his eyes at his dad and snits how he can post racist crap on myspace but filling out a job application on computer is TOO HARD!) is not Jeremy's fault.

After all... Amy should have been there with his SSN. How dare any reasonable person expect a 20 year old high school graduate to have the sense to know that? :) Bless his ignorance! He's such an inspiration :)

(Matt's staff, please keep in mind when you do your driveby posts that its Matt's fans who call Matt's son a slutty skank sassmouth sissyman... oh wait, that's how Matt Roloff refers to his youngest on a DVD we can all watch)

Rap541 said...

"If there are two kids and one worships God and one is too busy playing video games,"

You did watch Monday's episode right? The montage where Jeremy was playing video games while Matt noted he wasn't doing anything to find a job?

Dana said...

What kid doesn't play video games? You're missing the point.

Jeremy can play video games, but is still obviously devoted to God and the church. Jacob apparently doesn't. He doesn't act like it either.

If you were ranking the Roloff kids on how much they allow Jesus into their lives, what would the ranking be like.

I think most objective people would say.

1. Jeremy 2. Molly 3. Zach 4. Jacob

Who is the one kid that causes his parents the most trouble? Jacob.

"call Matt's son a slutty skank sassmouth sissyman..."

Those were descriptions based on specific scenes (and I think you are the one that paraphrased in the word "skank") when Christians objective to that scene of Jacob walking in front of the camera with his boxers totally exposed. People said it was inappropriaet and he looked "slutty". That's not the same as saying "He is a slutty skank".

Matt made an accurate comic comment about Jacob. He punished Jacob. Jacob threw a tantrum and ran off. When Matt was describing the incident to Amy, he said he couldn't say Jacob took his punishment like a man, he didn't, he took it like a little pouty sissy man. Matt was accurate in his description.

Lynn C said...

Rap, what do YOU think of Amy's statement in the coffee chat? She clearly said what was posted. Do you think Amy is wrong when she says none of her other kids gave her the attitude that she gets from Jacob?

Rap541 said...

"What kid doesn't play video games? You're missing the point. "

Not at all. Jeremy plays video games all the time. Its good when he does it, per you, and bad when Jake does it.

Dana - you really don't understand that you're completely agreeing with what I said earlier, do you?

Any criticism of Jeremy is someone else's fault or a lie.

He's shown on camera snotting off to both his parents, but BLESS HIM. How about it Dana? He rolled his eyes at Matt the Father when Matt the Father was giving him precious career advice. Should we all applaud his choice there and call it good?

Why is it when Amy is critical of Jeremy, she's always deemed a liar who hates her son and is far too critical?

When Amy says Jake is a smart kid, ie is complimentary, she is also deemed a liar. Even MATT is called a liar when he is complimentary of Jake or Zach.... But let Amy say something nice about Jeremy and suddenly she's a font of truth!

Honestly, Dana, I have said this before. People would be far less critical of Jeremy if his fans didn't insist every criticism was a lie and every example of bad behavior should always be excused.

Believe me - I think Jake will end up just like Jeremy, possibly worse because he's smarter than Jeremy and therefore more likely to get into bigger trouble. I think ALL the Roloff kids reflect their poor parenting.

Rap541 said...

I think Amy has abdicated parenting anyway, Lynn. Personally, I think what someone said above, that Amy might be remembering things too fondly is accurate. Watch some of the early dvds for sass. Its interesting.

I also think Jeremy and Zach never heard "I'm done parenting" at age 11-13 from both parents, and also while I think there were marital difficulties earlier, I think its fair to say that when your parents toss around the divorce word and selling the house - its different whent you're 13 compared to 20.

I know... Jake needs to MAN UP. After all Jeremy was living on his own, working a job at 13... oh wait he had a stay at home mom and a stay at home dad with a ton of money suddenly rolling in.

BeckyM said...

Dear Amy - if you screw $200,000 out of the government, which taxpayers will pay directly to you, on your frivilous lawsuit are you donating that to Haiti for more backpacks?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Aidan said...

Michelle brings up a good point about no one being in the chat. Amy is always doing them during the day! I second the fact that she should make a night chat session. 6pm Oregon would make for a reasonable time for the rest of the US.

Dana, I think your blind faith in God is making you blind to think that it's Jeremy who "allows Jesus into their lives" more than Molly.

And that is just stemming from that fact that Jeremy has a bad track record (bigot, misogynist, etc) and Molly, well she is pretty leveled headed and well studied; which would lead me to believe she would actually do bible study and live accordingly.

NJC said...

Apparently the Jeremy is Jesus crew missed the final episode. Better to be a brat at 13 than at 20.

Anon 11th said...

It's wrong to bash the kids the way some of you have. Mental issues with any of them are none of our business, they opened their lives up to us for many years.

I have really enjoyed being able to spend time with them and it makes me sad that they are considering selling the farm. I did learn that I need to spend as much time with my baby boy cause he will grow up fast.

I think the kids are well behaved with the exception of Jeremy, the kid's attitude really turns my stomach. No respect for his mom or dad, they gave that kid everything he ever wanted and he walks all over them.

Judy B said...

Anon 11, are you sure you don't have the names mixed up?

Jeremy is the kid with the attitude? After you just finished excusing Jake?

I still haven't heard a good explanation why both Matt and Amy Roloffs, parents of all of the kids who love them all, repeatedly have made it clear that Jacob has given them the most problems and the most attitude. Amy went into detail here when she was asked what she meant. Matt in a different interview has said they don't understand why the things they did as parents worked with the other kids, but don't work with Jacob.

Listen to what they are saying. Read between the lines. Jacob has problems. Behavioral problems that are nothing like they've experienced from the other three.

Anon 11, do you mean Gina wondering if Jacob suffered a lingering head injury that affects his behavior?

I understand why someone might wonder that, but I think it's an excuse. People are desperate to come up with an explanation why Jacob has more problems than his siblings.

I think Jacob is simply badly behaved. He's certainly not only the out of control disrespectful 13 year old in America.

Rap541 said...

NJC - its really quite noticable how the "Jeremy is Jesus" crowd has not one word to say about the last two episodes and Jeremy's bratty bratty attitude towards both his mother and his father. Heck we even had precious Jer-bear needing wakies from Daddy to get himself uppies for workies :). But Jer-Bear needed a cuddle and kiss and mommy to walk with him to Lowes since he's too widdle to wipe or know his own personal info. Poor widdle Jer-bear :) Funny how none of the Jer fans are praising him for his proud independence, his responsibility and his can do, never give up positive attitude. Jeremy was lazy and quit when it got hard... again :) Btw Brooks works on a rolling semester plan so Jeremy can pretty much start at any time...but rumor has it Jeremy will still be at PCC next semester.

William R said...

Jacob experienced a very traumatic frontal lobe injury. The frontal lobes of the brain are the areas that process judgment and emotion. It gives us the ability to understand other people's feelings and essentially controls our humanity. this area is very critical for our socialization. It is entirely possible that the issues Jacob is experiencing are grounded in this injury. My brother experienced a similar injury at the age of 10 (he is in his 50's today) He has struggled with anger and other socialization problems ever since. It is sad and frustrating for any person with these types of problems and for the families who love them.

Charlie said...

The Roloff's have never claimed to have perfect children; Matt and Amy have never said Jeremy is their perfect son. Jeremy has never said that he crumbles when criticized; he has never claimed to be perfect. All of the gripes that are constantly brought up here are also made up here, they are not real comments or beliefs of any Roloff. Even Rap admits that the issues she has with the Roloff's is based in how syrupie sweet the fans treat the Roloff's. She says that she would not be as critical if the fans were not fawning all over them. All this is just so stupid.

Timothy said...

Charlie, the comments about Jeremy being the Golden Boy is based on what people observe of the Roloffs both on the show, in real life and the comments Matt makes about him compared to the other kids during interviews and online.

Craw said...

I think that's a bunch of bull WilliamR. Why do people need to find excuses for Jacob? He's a brat. It's not more complicated than that.

Brain damage my foot.

Susan said...

William R, I disagree with you about Jacob's "problems" being as a result of the trebuchet head injury.

The Roloff kid that I have the most problems with is Jeremy. However, if we're talking about Jacob, I believe all of his behavior can be explained quite easily.

First of all, I don't think he is the devil child that some make him out to be. I don't believe his behavior differs that much from the twins.

See my first comment in this post. I think that's what contributes to why Amy is frustrated.

What I see from Jacob is a spoiled kid that was forced to grow up on tv, have his faults aired to the world, heard his parents discuss his failings and he sees the favoritism awarded to Jeremy and Zach.

Zach being the most astute Roloff, even commented on that in an earlier episode. Jacob sees the twins do crap and get away with it. Then he does it and gets in trouble and is deemed "challenging". Good on Zach for recognizing that.

Another factor is the lack of parenting. Matt and Amy are so busy being celebrities that I think Jacob gets shoved off on his siblings and hangs out with 17 - 20 year olds a lot. How do we expect a 13 to act if he is often hanging around 20 year old guys? Does he have a strict bed time? I doubt it. Is he made to do homework before he can play with friends or his siblings or video games? I think we all know the answer to that one.

I think those are logical reasons why Jacob has an attitude. Not damage suffered from the trebuchet

Greg said...

William R, I don't get people like you (or Matt and Amy for that matter) that act like Jacob is a monster.

Jacob lacks empathy? Jeremy lacks empathy. He didn't get hit by a cement block. What's his excuse?

Leigh said...

William R is right.

"One of the most common effects of frontal damage can be a dramatic change in social behavior. A person's personality can undergo significant changes after an injury to the frontal lobes, especially when both lobes are involved. There are some differences in the left versus right frontal lobes in this area. Left frontal damage usually manifests as pseudodepression and right frontal damage as pseudopsychopathic"

Jacob's damage was to his right frontal lobe?

" A condition of personality following frontal lobe lesion in which immature behavior, lack of tact and restraint and other behaviors symptomatic of psychopathology are apparent but are not accompanied by the equivalent mental or emotional components of psychopathology."

Katie said...

How can people say Jacob's personality changed? He was only 9 when it happened.

I think his behavior is typical for the youngest of the family. It is compounded by being spoiled as a result of the influx of money and fame.

Rap541 said...

I don't believe his behavior differs that much from the twins.


Jacob sees the twins do crap and get away with it. Then he does it and gets in trouble and is deemed "challenging".

Also agreed.

I'd add a third factor - that Jake is allowed to hang around much older kids regardless of whether their activities are age appropriate.

Why does Jake think crude language is ok? Because Jeremy calls his dad a "dick" (check out some of the early episodes for someone's potty sassmouth) in a public setting on camera and Daddy Matt is smirking over it, not "Jeremy James! Copy the Bible now! Jeremy! Copy the Bible NOW!"

Jeremy and Zach throw balls at each other and at friends all over the house? Cutesy fun complete with piano soundtrack. Jake throws a ball at Molly and HE'S BAD and Matt shuts him in a room by himself. Zach punches Jake and makes him cry in front of his mother? Jake gets a lecture on leaving the older boys alone. Zach *shoots Jake in the face* and well... Amy does nothing.

If Jake has lingering effects from brain damage... all the more reason that he needs consistent rules and boundaries and needs to see that the rules and boundaries apply to everyone. All the more reason he needs his parents (whose idiot ideas were ultimately the reason he's brain damaged) to stop with the "the oldest boys are graduated so we're empty nesters, ready to move on!"

Z to the Zee said...

Jacob worships Jeremy and Mueller. Maybe that's his problem?

Christine said...

"He has struggled with anger and other socialization problems ever since."

William why do you say he has stuggle dwith socialization problems? How so?

Do you mean that he doesn't like meeting the fans at pumpkin season?

Vicky said...

Jake isn't brain damaged. I think that's ridiculous.

I hate that as a society nowadays, we feel the need to diagnose everything.

A kid is disrespectful so his frontal lobe must have been damaged and that's why he did it....give me a break.

Abby said...

Yeah William, I don't understand Jacob's "socialization" problems?

What do you mean?

From what I read when they finally got Jacob a job to do for pumpkin season (that soccer thing), he was nice to people. I saw lots of teenage girls post their pictures with him gushing about how nice and hot he was.

It doesn't sound like he had socialization problems then.

Marlene said...

I wonder if the Roloffs have ever considered putting Jacob on a Ritalin or a similar drug to help with the problems they allude to in interviews?

Randy said...

Vicky, I agree 100% with your post. A kid is acting out, so we assume he has some kind of condition (or brain damage in this case) that he needs medication for? That is exactly what's wrong with America today.

How about we start with Jake's parents, who show no signs of discipline. From what we've seen on the show, the kids can mouth off/disrespect their parents with little to zero consequences.

So when Jake is asked to do help out or do something, he acts like a brat because he knows he can get away with it.

How come in the last 10-15 years there's been such an increase in kids being diagnosed with ADHD and behavior issues? It's because parents aren't doing their jobs. Most of these parents don't show tough love, so the kids end up controlling the parents. As a result, the parents figure their child must have a condition that can only be fixed with medication.

whatever happened to grounding a kid for acting out? And not 2010 grounding where a kid is sent to his room with his flat screen tv, video games, computer, cell phone, and ipod. But no technology, no friends, lose all privileges.

And I'm not promoting abuse, but a swift smack on the behind, face, soap in the mouth, etc is a lot better then sending your kids to a 5 minute timeout to "think about what you did." If I ever talked to my parents the way the Roloff kids sometimes did, it would have been a one time thing because my mom/dad would have slapped me so hard across the face and then consequently grounded me, that I would've known not to do something like that again.

It's like how a kid learns not to touch a hot stove. The parents might tell him, but if he doesn't listen, he'll find out himself by getting burned. Then he'll realize he shouldn't do that again.

If time and time again, a kid can act like a jerk and talk back to his parents without consequence, why would he change his attitude? It all starts with the parents, and I think it's clear Matt and Amy haven't done a good job.

Tammy said...

William R, that's a terrible thing to say. Jacob didn't suffer a brain injury that affects him today.

His problems are nothing that some discipline and boundaries wouldn't have fixed.

Chambers said...

I would like to know what other average height boys that are born to two dwarf parents are like in personality? Are there any studies? Both the average sized Roloff boys appear to be arrogant and spoiled. I wonder if that's the norm for boys to dwarf parents?

I've heard Amy in the past say Jacob is a lot like Jeremy. In the first season she told her her dresser she was trying to prevent Jacob from turning into another Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Chambers thats true, that Amy said that.

Unfortunately when it comes to what Amy says, she's always lying and being a hateful mother who is far too critical and harsh when it comes to Jeremy because she's hateful and mean. Therefore if she ever says anything negative about Jeremy or to Jeremy, she is always hatefilled and lying.

Likewise, when Amy says something positive about Zach or Jake, she is also lying. Amy knows deep down the best child is Jeremy and is often hatefull towards him and will often lie to make the other two boys not look like the horrible pieces of crap she knows they are.

Amy in her heart knows Jake is a monster demon that she should have strangled at birth. When she says things like she's hoping he doesn't turn into another Jeremy, she's just showing her true, Jeremy hating colors and is of course lying.

Do keep in mind that if Amy says positive things about Jeremy, those comments are *always truth*. Her negative comments about Jeremy are *always hatefilled lies*.

And this is somehow logical and realistic to some people.

Anne said...

Family knows Jacob best. Their comments suggest their is a deeper problem with Jacob.

Rap541 said...

Anne - so when Amy says Jake is smart, she *isn't* lying?

And when she said she didn't want him to be another Jeremy - she wasn't being a hateful hater on Precious Perfect Jeremy?

Anne said...

No, I don't think Amy is lying when she says Jake is smart...I don't think intelligence has anything to do with the behavorial problems that are evident from Matt and Amy's repeated sentiments when they talk about the challenges that raising Jacob presents to them and their family.

I don't think there is a comparison between how they talk about Jacob and Amy's one comment to the hairdresser. She could have just finished having an argument with Jeremy when she said that. Matt and Amy have both talked about Jacob being so difficult numerous times. Both of them made the point to state that the older kids never presented the problems that they face with Jacob.

Rap541 said...

I'm curious - do you think the situation and circumstances (being on tv since age 8 etc) have anything to do with the problems Matt and Amy face with Jacob?

tay said...

rap you blame everybody and everything for jacobs attitude problems except for jacob.

DJ said...

If Jacob is this bad, why don't they get him some therapy? They can afford it. I don't know, maybe he is already in therapy.

Rap541 said...

Tay - Jacob is still a child, and apparently a brain damaged child.

Please explain how a brain damaged child is a responsible adult while a 20 year old high school grad is a widdle baby boy blameless as he sits in bed with his Christian ladies?

Point - Jake's getting very close to the age where I consider him responsible for his actions. Believe me - I can and will cite him for being old enough to know better, when I consider him old enough to know better.

There's a reason I don't point to Jeremy grinning while his best buddies spit on his brother at their birthday party and say "Look at the bad man!" - he's not a man and an adult should have stepped into that ugly episode and it says a great deal about the parenting in the roloff home that a bunch of 12-14 year olds weren't being supervised by a parent while Zach got a on camera beat down.

Rap541 said...

PS - Until Matt and or Amy Roloff note that Jacob is seriosly impacted by the *brain damage their idiot parenting caused, as opposed to comments by folks with ghost ids (that Matt Roloff manfully hates yets never comments on when it is negative about Jake despite it being obvious he does indeed read here) I personally am not willing to endorse the brain damage theory.

Matt, Amy - speak up. If jake's problems are the result of *his brain damage* have the balls to say so.

Anonymous said...

Wow you people are more than a little harsh, I always felt that Zach was the spoiled lazy one of the group I think they let him get away with a lot because of his size. Jeremy on the other hand is a hard worker he knows a lot about the farm and building things he will grow up and do fine. Molly is just a sweetie, Jacob I think was very young when they started doing the show and maybe got lost in the process Mom and Dad being very busy older brothers picking on him I don't think he is brain damaged. Spoiled yes as the youngest often is. I think that Amy was a good Mom, I just think she is a little bit of a softie, I know Amy I am the same way. I just enjoyed my kids so much they always made me laugh and they could get around me. Guess What? They are all wonderful adults and very successful.