Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amy Roloff Talks About Bullying, Airport Security And BP Oil Spill

Amy Roloff did an interview with 'Truth Is Scary' TV. They discuss Airport security/if pat downs and scans have gone too far, bullying and the BP oil spill.


Judy B said...

Right on, Amy. I agree with her on all points. Especially the first one. We can't lose our freedoms as Americans.

Austin said...

I'm not surprised that she glazed over the fact that the bullying issue is about gay teenagers killing themselves becaues of it.

Any responsible attitude is going to say they're against bullying, but I've noticed that people taht are anti gay like the Roloffs want to push the homophobic bullying from the forefront and make it a broader issue. That way they don't need to be accountable for their homophobic messages in society.

It's kids like Jeremy and Mueller that contribute to the type of bullying that lead to the deaths that got all of the attention. The cool kids in school that think it's funny to make fun of people, call people f*ggots as insults and mock being gay.

Susan said...

I'm more inclined to agree with Amy on the first topic, although some "freedom" needs to sacrificed to ensure safety. They can pat me down if it's going to ensure that someone isn't going to being a bomb or weapons on the plane.

On the bullying, I think Amy is using her annoyance for bloggers for this and it isn't accurate. I think a lot of the bullying that kids face is from people they know. It's the gang mentality. Gay kids aren't the only ones of course, people get bullied for their appearance or their weight or the way they sound or their clothes, but a lot of it is a mentality.

I think the kids that took their own lives knew who was bullying them and making them feel that way. Amy's rant about blogspot was off the mark, in my opinion.

Austin, I see where you're going, but I don't think the Roloffs are capable of comprehending that it's a mentality and kids like their beloved Jeremy and "good kid" Mueller are part of them problem.

Dana said...

Well handled, Amy.

Austin, why do gays think they can hi-jack bullying? How self asorbed are gays? They think they are the only ones that ever get bullied? Christians get bullied too.

It's ridulous to say Jeremy "is part of the problem".

Aidan said...

DANA! The question asked about the recent increase in bullying. The recent increase which has been highlighted because of gays commiting suicide from intense bullying.

NO ONE is saying that gays are "hi-jacking bullying" just that this is more of a news issue because of all the suicides by gays.

But of course you'd try to make the Christians out to be the victims.

I ask you, how self absorbed are you and your Christianity?

Vic Rattlehead said...

Amy ought to take a look at how we allowed President Bush Jr to use war and violence in his eight years of tyranny and incompetence as a way to justify threatening and invading other countries like Iraq for doing nothing to us and how the her precious Republican/Tea Bag Party acts in DC with some of their senators and house members openly calling for everything from civil war and violently overthrowing the government to investigating the president for made up crimes when Bush Jr is a self admitted admitted war criminal just because they don't like the policies of the Democratic party.

If kids see the people who are supposed to be running the country acting like school yard bullies then they will think it's acceptable for them to do it to.

As for her point about our "freedoms" well we lost most of those after 9/11 when we simply let George W Bush sign things like the "patriot" act into law without a debate or rational thought and we voluntarily surrendered more "freedoms" every time another half-hearted terrorist "conspiracy" was unearthed and some draconian poorly thought out "security" measures were put in place at the airport.

They say the easiest way to control a population is by keeping them scarred all the time and constantly threatening them with horrible things happening if they don't do what they are told.

The whole irrational fear of everything routine worked so well here in the 50's with McCarthyism and the "red scare" so Bush decided why not use those same tactics again for most of his eight years with the "terror alert level" routine that was so often spoken of in the media,

Only this time the boogie man wasn't the big bad Soviet Union it was somebody living in a cave somewhere in the middle east with a rudimentary understanding of the world and an irrational hatred for and fear of the US.

Spidey said...

Dana says 'Christians' get bullied too. Well, gays get bullied a hell of a lot more than Christians do. When I was in school I witnessed many, many, many people who were teased and harassed because they were perceived as being gay. I never witnessed anyone who had that done because they were perceived as being a 'Christian'.

Greg said...

You're totally right Spidey. Anyone in touch with reality knows the number one way to insult someone is to call them gay or insinuate it.

That's exactly what Jeremy and his friends did at the same time Jeremy was lecturing people that "midget is hurtful and he and his friends only do things that they know please God.

H2O said...

I have a relative that went to Faith with the Roloffs for a couple of years in high school. She said Jeremy, Mueller and his group made gay jokes practically everyday, all day. She said one of Jeremy's favorite words was "f*ggot hole".

She said he had a little gang that acted very much the same way he did and followed him around and did what he did.

When you have some facts it makes the crap about Jeremy being so religious and "living to please Jesus" so ridiculously offensive because it's so far from the truth.

BeckyM said...

Whatever Amy.

Baxter said...

While I think these methods used by the TSA are very intrusive, please remember that this was brought about (by what I call) the UN-Patriot Act. However, I wouldn't sacrifice freedom for "safety." I'd remind all who have this mindset that this is contrary to what the Founding Fathers believed; I suggest looking up some quotes from Benjamin Franklin. You have Bush the minor to blame for all this.

Note to several posters: Don't waste your time trying to educate this Dana. She actually believes "Jews" and "homosexual" are synonymous. To steal Barney Frank's words (how appropriate since he is gay), you'd get further talking to a dining room table. No insult to dining room tables.

Shadow said...

Well, as Amy herself said, what is going on in the life of someone who would bully other people? Why does Jeremy feel safe making the homophobic and racist comments he does? Maybe she should be paying attention to her own little world before trying to complain about the big one.

Mike P. said...

Dana: How do you bully a Christian?

Answer: You disagree with him.

Brandon said...

@Shadow - Great point. It's also not the first time there were rumblings that Jeremy and Mueller were fond of making fun of grade nine and junior high kids.

I know, control your shock. Jeremy and Mueller make fun of someone?? Say it ain't so! Oh, like they did their non-"babe" female fans. And gay people.

What is going on in Jeremy's life that makes him feel the need to make fun of others? I think it's called a lack of empathy and an abundance of arrogance.

Vic Rattlehead said...


What Jeremy seems to have is a classic form of sociopathic personality disorder characterized by a complete lack of empathy towards others an inability to feel genuine emotions other than self serving ones and a twisted enjoyment from causing pain to others (evidenced by the pleasure he seems to take in killing small animals).

He will never change because he is more than likely completely unable to feel love concern or sympathy for anyone other than himself unless it would be to his benefit to (like on the cruise when he sucked up to the rich girl and her family)

BeckyM said...

@ Mike P
ROFLMAO!! I'm going to share that with hubby.

BTW with the ending of LPBW, has Matt and Amy been interviewed by any NATIONAL news outlet? I mean Khate Gosselin is on People, Newsweek and every morning talk show she can ho- herself out on.

But the Roloffs?... crickets... which I think is more due to the fact of low interest. Amy and Matt have to keep trying to find ways to keep themselves relevant but I don't think it's working.