Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amy Roloff's 911 call regarding Roloff lawsuit against Washington County for $200,000

KPTV in Oregon posted Amy Roloff's 911 call in regards to the incident featured on an episode of Little People, Big World. The Roloffs are suing Washington County for $200,000 claiming Amy suffered severe emotional distress.

You can listen to the 911 call here:

This was Washington County's statement on the incident (this statement was made before the Roloffs officially filed the lawsuit although at the time Matt Roloff said they were exploring their legal options).

And the first news of their lawsuit:


Susan said...

It's not any different than her manner on the show during that incident. She was irrate and irrational.

"He is refusing to leave"....No, Amy, that's not my take at all. He was trying to leave when she tried to prevent him from leaving. Then she assaulted him by taking control of his vehicle and placing herself on his lap.

It's sad that people will lose all their morals and stoop to ridiculous claims in the greedy quest for money from lawsuits.

Baxter said...

And these grifters think they'll prevail? The court should fine these money grubbers for wasting the court's time.

Neil said...

In my humble opinion, the county has a great case. They should stand firm. A good lawyer will have a delicious picnic with this

The county should go all out to send a message that it isn't worth it to other residents who are in search of a cash grab.

The facts of the incident will just be one aspect. The reason why he was there will be another. The Roloffs past history with dangerous structures.

Proving Amy suffered severe emotional distress will be another one. I'm sure they'll have video of Amy's many motivational speeches after that date that they'll cite to show just how emotionally distressed she was.

I suspect the county will want Jacob to testify since he witnessed it, not just the edited version.

Great going, Matt and Amy! Drag your 13 year old son into a court case so he can see first hand how to sue people for "emotional distress". I hope the money is worth it.

Shadow said...

This is like instant replay in football - both sides will have access to film of the entire event, courtesy of TLC. Should make it relatively easy to get at the actual "facts" of the case, as opposed to the he said/he said situation of Matt's DUI.

Mike P. said...

The Roloffs make the mistake of believing their own editing.

Anonymous said...

Already the facts are being twisted on Fox news and now being perpetuated on this website. This was not a 911 call. This sounds like the TLC audio of Amy calling Matt. I predict this will be an important case that may get appealed to the District or State supreme court. That's just a guess. I think people on here may be misjudging the nature and importance of what's going on with this. JMO

Cindy M said...

I thought the "911 call" sounded familiar. But she did call the police. Did she call the local number or 911? I'm guessing she called 911 because she was so angry. If this wasn't the call, leave it to Fox News to say it was.

I don't think it will go to the Supreme Court. I think the Roloffs will end up feeling sorry they let their greed get the best of them.

Justin said...

The Roloffs are obviously hoping the county will settle and they'll get a nice lump of cash without working for it.

I don't like this litigation obsessed society we live in People sue because their feelings get hurt. Get over it and earn your own money.

Ashley said...

Anon, how are people misjudging this case?

I think most people see it for what it is. A money grab.

The Roloffs think filing a law suit will be a quick and easy way to get some money.

Does any sane and realistic person without an agenda honestly think Amy suffered severe emotional stress from that incident? She was so stressed she could barely make her speaking engagements or hold her successful charity golf tournament.

If the inspector stressed Amy out, Matt better watch out because Amy might sue him for causing her stress! :)

abstractdaisy said...

"I predict this will be an important case that may get appealed to the District or State supreme court."

Seriously? Stress? Let's talk about stress--did anyone from that airplane crash that landed in New York a few years ago, the Captain Sully heroic landing, sue the airlines or Captain Sully for being stressed out? None that I've heard of. Now that's stress--you think you're life's over or won't be what it was due to some incredibly overwhelming life altering situation you've been subjected to.

Amy Roloff was never "stressed out" or in any danger until some attorney called her and introduced the concept of suing the county for mental stress.

Vic Rattlehead said...

This is a nuisance case nothing more nothing less.

Amy wants some easy money so she and Matt found the first bloodsucking ambulance chasers who would be willing to help them sue (and I'll bet that their lawyers will get fat fees regardless of weather they win or loose).

There are people who have really been wronged or injured by others who deserve to have their day in court but they will have to wait because Amy was just so emotionally distressed by what happened over a year ago that she needs $200.000 to make the pain go away.

Matt and Amy Roloff are just a couple of bottom feeding tea bagger crybabies who want some free government money so they pursue frivolous legal actions that are designed to waste the courts time.

I really hope that they loose and are forced to pay through the nose for the counties legal fees court costs and filing expenses.

Karen C said...

Vic Rattlehead ... Very well said. Had I been that inspector I would sued Amy for sexual assault ,,, Good lord,,, she climbed right up on to his lap. She saw the name on the side of the door so she had no reason to behave in that manner.
That whole family needs some lessons in MANNERS.

Emma said...

Call me a bad person, but I hope the Roloffs lose this case. Suing for emotional stress is the most absurd thing I've ever heard of. The Roloffs are just turning into a bunch of money hungry leeches.

Mike P. said...

@Karen C:

Manners, yes.

But more than that, lessons in ethics.

Steve said...

Next time she behaves like that with a trespasser, put on a wrestling costume and take him down.