Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Best TV Ratings of Season 6 for 2nd Last Week of Little People, Big World

For the first time in Season 6 -- ratings for the Roloff family on Little People, Big World reached the 2 million mark. This past week was the highest rated LPBW shows of Season 6 pulling in ratings of 1.840 and 2.033.

Other TLC shows that people ask about received these ratings this week:

Cake Boss = 2.025
19 Kids and Counting = 1.520
The Little Couple = 1.589
Sarah Palin: Alaska = 3.486

Below is the full list of ratings for Little People, Big World Season 6 (only the finale Dec 6th remains):

Sept 6 (Premiere)
LPBW: 8pm -Little Pain, Little Gain = 1.753 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - Everything Must Go = 1.791 million viewers

Sept 13
LPBW: 8pm - All Talked out = 1.319 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - On The Road with Matt and Zach = 1.614 million viewers

Sept 20
LPBW 8pm - Camp Roloff = 1.142 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Zach Rides On = 1.362 million viewers

Sept 27
LPBW 8pm - Matt's Massacre = 1.069 million viewers

Oct 4
LPBW 8pm - Micromanager Matt = 1.060 million viewers

Oct 18
LPBW 8pm - Rocky's Last Stand = 1.232 million viewers

Oct 25
LPBW 8pm - Little Noah = 1.257 million viewers

Nov 1
LPBW 8pm - Get Off My Turf = 1.160 million viewers

Nov 8
LPBW 8pm - Dating Daze = 1.361 million viewers

Nov 15
LPBW 8pm - Take A Hike = 1.383 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Amy In Command = 1.377 million viewers

Nov 22
LPBW 8pm - Little Brother, Big Sister = 1.355 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Giving Back = 1.379 million viewers

Nov 29
LPBW 8pm - Ask The Roloffs - Farm Life = 1.840 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Ask The Roloffs - One By One = 2.033 million viewers


Judy B said...

Maybe TLC will change their mind? "The last season" was probably all a hoax to get better ratings :)

Timothy said...

I think the TLC commercials have been fooling people into thinking every week lately is the finale.

Ashley said...

I'm surprised they got good ratings this week compared to the other ratings this year.

I thought this week was boring. It was different, but I didn't learn anything new about the Roloffs that I didn't know before.

Rap541 said...

"Maybe TLC will change their mind? "The last season" was probably all a hoax to get better ratings :) "

I would be geniunely amused if only so we could see Matt backpeddle and lie about how the family wanted out but now wants the show to go on :)

I think we're seeing a natural rise because the last few episodes are being advertised as "the last few episodes". I would not be shocked if next week's episode broke 2.5.... Right now they're averaging 1.378 per episode so they'd have to have SPECTACULAR ratings to pull out of the spiral.

David said...

You got it right, Rap. The final episodes should see some rise in the ratings. It was also the season finale of Cake Boss (why the 8:30 episode was 2+, but the 8 o'clock episode wasn't).

The problem that I'm sure TLC figured out is that without a hook - without a death, an accident, they need to deceive viewers to get them to watch. Look at all the dishonestly they've stooped to. Matt having a heart attack, the impending divorce theme, they even resorted to fooling fans into thinking they were going to kill Rocky off.

David said...

And of course the sell the farm and the twins move out hoax.

Brandon said...

Rap, Matt has made so many statements that contradict each other that he's covered his tracks.

He originally said the show was ending but it wasn't over! If they ever make it back to tv he can say he told you so.

He also said they wanted out and have wanted out since November 2009. If they don't get anything, he can say he said they wanted out of the spotlight. That's the thing with someone that lies like Matt.

BeckyM said...

Though Thanksgiving, this week, and next, the prime networks are not having new shows (i.e. House). New shows start in another week so yeah, it doesn't surprise me that cable is bringing in a few extra numbers... for now.

Expressed said...

BeckyM, I was just about to say something about that too.

All the ratings look like they were up a bit. I don't think Little Couple usually gets 1.5 and Cake Boss doesn't always get 2.0