Monday, December 6, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: LPBW Finale

The guest episode reviewer is Expressed.
Written by Expressed

*The finale episode starts! Matt is walking around waking everybody up. Jeremy is sleeping out in the cowboy town? Matt rides out that to wake him up and did a voice over about how Jeremy and Zach live like kids. Basically the same stuff the Jeremy and Zach bashers on the internet say. Interesting! Matt says he moved out when he was 18.

*I gotta cut them some slack. I didn't move out at 18. Most people I know didn't . It's a different time. But then again, the main reason is financial and that's not an issue for Jeremy and Zach.

*Matt is helping Jeremy with his resume. Jeremy says in a voice over that he and Zach are behind most guys their age because they still don't have a job. He cleverly avoids saying the elephant in the room (they've been making bank from TLC!) He said something like "up until now we haven't needed to".

*I know some people will knock Jeremy in this resume scene because Matt explains everything point by point, but if you're rich like the Roloffs and never needed to apply, there is a first time for everything so he does need it explained to him. Gotta defend Jeremy some!

*Interesting sidenote. Matt tells Jeremy not to use his middle name. He says that was a fad and it's out. It's interesting because it looks like for Jeremy's photography and video stuff he's going by Jeremy James Roloff.

*In the other plot for this episode, Matt takes Zach to get a new car. What a plot. Will Zach buy a car. He's rich but we're supposed to pretend like he's not. They look at an Outback. Matt negotiates with the dealer. Matt is good. I don't care if people don't like Matt's personality but this scene totally shows how good Matt is at negotiating deals. He's an expert. Nobody is going to rip Matt off. He knows all the ins and outs of deals.

*Zach says it's a big decision because it will take him 6 years to pay it off. Oh come on Zach, and people say he's the honest Roloff! Is that 6 years without the TLC money? The drama in this plot is Matt is annoyed that Zach is putting it off and not making a decision to buy it.

* Matt's working on a budget...for the farm? The first mention of the faux plot of the week! Matt says maybe they should sell the farm. He says Jeremy and Zach needs a life lesson and they will have to sell to get them out. He says it in a serious voice here, but it's the same thing he's said as an obvious joke in interviews.

*Matt and Amy are really letting loose with the zingers at Jeremy and Zach this episode! Matt says the twins have no ambition. Cue the editing showing them playing video games.

* Back to the resume scene. They try to make these look like it's a different time, but it's obviously the same scene as before. Matt tells Jeremy it's the end of the line for the farm and he's thinking of selling. Jeremy's expression is totally "Yeah right!!!!" But Jeremy lies talking to the camera outside, he says he believes Matt will sell. I don't believe Jeremy for a second. His expression in the office was the total "yeah right, I'll try to keep a straight face" expression.

* Jeremy goes to a hardware store to apply. Home Depot? He goes because he says he hates computers and didn't want to apply online. I gotta say us Jeremy fans have heard this "Jeremy hates computers" thing before and I didn't believe it before. We all know Jeremy uses computers like every other 20 year old in the world. Anyhow, Jer goes to the store to apply in person. They tell him he needs to apply on the computer they have. Jer is bummed. He repeats that he hates computers about 7 times. It looks straight forward. Select what shifts you can work and stuff like that. Uh oh. Jeremy is doing a lot of talking to the camera btw. He tells the camera he can't finish because he needs to enter his social security number and he didn't bring it with him. Hmm..hasn't this happened before to Jeremy on camera? 2 or 3 times? :) Jeremy says he can't finish and walks out saying "the Big MR" is going to be pissed.

*Zach is at indoor goals asking for more hours so he can pay off the new car. We're still pretending like Zach is paying for a car from the soccer job and not from TLC. The boss seems nice. He wants Zach to work Saturday mornings and be ready for work. Zach says yes. Funny how things are settled so easily when you have a camera crew on your side.

*A usual setting. Matt in the office. The twins come in. Matt is mad at them. He's threatening to sell the farm and blaming it all on them for being lazy and not helping out. Uh oh, Jeremy sounds pretty pissed. Is Zach rubbing off on Jeremy? Jeremy tells Matt that he does work and Matt never realizes it. The set up of scene seemed staged for the cameras but the emotions sound real. Jeremy is pissed. Here comes Amy! I was 99% sure she was going to yell at Matt!! Surprise! She tells the twins they do need to think about selling the farm because the twins don't help out. Whoa!!!!!! Jeremy shuts Amy up! I think he said "you shouldn't be in the office. You need to help out in the kitchen. Your job is the kitchen". I caught Matt's glance, even his eyes flashed to Jeremy like "are you crazy??" Amy "Oh really???" Molly is at the door now. I think she's peeved with Jeremy. Amy said "That's crap" or something, Jeremy is totally serious. He says he's totally serious. He wants Amy to explain to him why what he said is crap. Amy said he should stop before he digs himself a deeper hole. Jeremy isn't backing down. Zach zooms out of the office. Jeremy tells Amy "the kitchen, the barn". Now Matt makes his exit! Amy has that scowl that is half a smile and half are you kiddding me? She says "I'm not here to clean up after a 20 year old. Jeremy says she's missing his point. Amy says it's because he doesn't have a point.

*Wow. I know what's going to be the most talked about segment of this episode! For the record I must show my Jeremy colors. I think what he was trying to say was that Matt is always getting mad at everybody for the house being messy and he's blaming Amy for keeping a messy kitchen. Ok, I don't know if I just helped Jeremy! But that's what he's saying. And we know what a sore spot the messy house is with Amy. That's why the rest of the Roloffs bailed from the office when Jeremy didn't back down.

*Amy leaves asking out loud "What is going on with my Jeremy? My poor 20 year old. Is she mocking Jer?? I think she is.

*Jeremy and a bunch of friends are outside around another BMW. Jeremy tells Amy that he got a job to work on a friend's BMW. No, Jeremy lied. He says no, it's his BMW, he just bought it. Amy is against it. She tells him he doesn't have money to fix it up. Can we drop the lie about Jeremy not having money??? He's a reality tv show star getting paid every week from TLC! Jeremy says he doesn't have money, he didn't have money to buy it either but he did. Maybe that's a clever joke about ignoring the money from the show? Jer's plan is to not spend a lot to restore it and then re-sell it.

*In a voice over, Jeremy says he kind of screwed up because he bought another BMW without having a job. Yeah, that's a typical problem for every 20 year old. Buying a 2nd BMW without a job. ...

*I sense the happy part of the episode coming! The music picks up! Jeremy goes to Morgan Machinery. They just happen to be the company that transported the ark for Matt on the show. Go figure! Jeremy seems into applying. The owner meets Jeremy personally of course and is super impressed. It does seem like stuff Jeremy would like. Moving stuff on forklifts. Jeremy is happy. The owner is happy. The Morgan Machine guy asks Jeremy about his driving record. Jer says it's pretty good. He tells Jeremy he would need to work 5 or 6 hours a day. Jeremy seems to nod. They leave this scene with the impression that Jeremy is taking the job but I think we all know that he doesn't or hasn't.

*Matt and Zach are at the dealer buying the car. He's doing it. We're supposed to applaud Zach for being rich enough to buy a new vehicle! Zach is signing the paper work....Matt needs to sign it too. Matt says he's proud...again, because Zach is rich from the show? They bring it home. The friends greet Zach.

*Commercial for next episode. More divorce talk!!!! Jeremy says " The divorce word has been thrown around"

*Amy says Zach got a new vehicle and picked up more hours at Indoor Goals, but she's still worried about Jeremy because he bought another BMW but doesn't have a job (so what was the point of the Morgan Machinery "application"?

*Family dinner! They are waiting on Jeremy. Here he comes. Jer speaks.....Jeremy and Zach are contemplating moving out. "Contemplating". Matt reacts by celebrating. Well, that was kind of a weak announcement, we know it's not happening.

End of 1st episode.


2nd Episode

*Amy is out at the gazeebo with Molly and Jake looking at the farm. Jake is biting Molly. Nice. I think this is 2 or 3 years old? Did you see that shot of Jake? He looked so young! Amy sets the stage for the episode picking up on the previous episode. They are considering selling the farm and the twins might move out.

*Btw, Spirits said the filming they did last week was producer Chris doing final barn bites. I'm guessing after they put the episode together they forgot something and wanted final voiceovers. I've been trying to guess what the final voice over/barn bites was as I'm watching this.

*They're going heavy on the sell the farm plot. They've brought in a realtor. Not any realtor. The guy that sold them the farm 20 years ago. That's cool. He advises Matt not to sell.

*Mueller is with Jeremy and Zach. Surprise! The move out plan consists of Zach, Jeremy and Mueller. Hands up if you thought Jeremy and Mueller would eventually think about moving in together? (not that I'm being sucked into this faux plot!)

*They are apartment hunting. They're looking at a nice place. Hm, there's 3 of them, but they aren't sure if they're getting a 2 or 3 bedroom place. No Jeremy and Mueller jokes!!! Anyways a 3 bedroom place is $1035 a month. Jeremy looks shocked. Zach is stunned. Zach says he thought places were $250 or $300. I wish Zach! This is stupid tho. Divided 3 ways it's not that much. And there's that elephant in the room. Jeremy and Zach are freaking rich! But they're pretending like they'll have a hard time paying that.

*Mueller wants to know what will happen if they get the place and then lose their job....I don't know if that says something about Mueller or if it's foreshadowing the end of LPBW for Jer and Zach (gulp!)

*Matt is mad! There is oil on the driveway. Amy says it's from her Mercedes. Amy doesn't care. Matt says the driveway is ruined forever. Amy sarcastically says yep, she did it on purpose to piss Matt off. Matt has Jeremy by his side on the mule. His angry that Amy blows it off.

*Oh no. Marriage/divorce drama. The kids all give voice overs except for Jake. Zach said Matt and Amy have stress in the marriage because they have different personalities. Molly says they are too stubborn, she thinks they both need to suck it up. Jeremy said the divorce word has been thrown around.

*Stop right there! Jeremy is on the show saying divorce has been talked. But in interviews and on the internet Matt AND Amy scoff at the divorce talk and look down on people for not understanding editing. Hey guys, people talk that way because of stuff like this!!!! Jeremy on the show saying divorce has been talked about.

*Jeremy and Zach (Jake Roloff is tagging along) are pricing stuff to see how much it would be if they moved out. Jeremy wants to steal Matt and Amy's toaster and stuff like that. They ask Jake to do the math and add it these episodes are really throwing Zach and esp. Jeremy to the wolves! I'm kinda shocked about. So they ask their 13 year old brother to do the math for them. The total is $1682

*Matt and Amy are going to look at another house. Amy says she doesn't know what Matt is thinking but she's going along for it...probably because it's in the storyline cheat sheet :)

*Molly talks about the farms, she has memories of the family when they were young. Amy thinks about the memories, she loves the farm because she could hang out with her kids.

*Matt and Amy are looking at a new place. It's really nice. It has a huge yard and pool too. Are they sure this is downsizing??? The inside looks a lot like the mansion they have now. Well, the rooms look the same anyway.

*Matt is talking about the bad marriage. Because this is Matt ON THE SHOW. Matt on the show talking about his marriage is totally different than Matt off the show talking about the marriage. He says in their bedroom they have a Bible quote about encouraging one another. He says they've forgotten about that.

*Amy is talking about selling the farm. She says the kids won't run the farm. Interesting.

*Here comes the big decision!! Jeremy gets ready for the announcement. After pricing apartments and costs, Jeremy and Zach have's best for them to stay at home for at least another year. Shocking! So basically everybody was exactly right. This was nothing but a plot filler.

*Amy tells us that one day, some day, one day, Jeremy and Zach will leave the farm. Either they'll force them out, they'll choose to leave or life will dictate that they leave, but they will one day leave! Yeah, that's a safe statement to make!

*Matt and Amy drive off in one of the 9 mules or polaris rangers to look at the farm. Matt says the farm causes him stress because he can't leave it without thinking he's behind. Amy thinks about all the memories the family has with the farm.

*Amy says they know what they're going to do....they're going to keep the farm! So everybody that said this was a just a plot for the finale was right.

Both plots were not happening. They made the finale about two things that smart people knew weren't happening.

*Amy talks about the marriage. She says they have a rocky marriage and the future of it is iffy. Matt talks about the kids thinking Matt and Amy will be at the farm sitting on a rocking chair together but he doesn't really see it that way.

Again this is Matt Roloff ON THE SHOW speaking. Totally different than Matt Roloff in interviews or on facebook. I wish Matt and Amy would remember all the quotes they say on the show about their marriage when they laugh at people for speculating about divorce.

*They show a really nice video montage of all the memories. It is kind of emotional. They show the Roloffs hugging and smiling.

*The final moments...Matt says people ask what the future holds, he doesn't know, Amy says life is changing but they'll put one foot ahead of the other and do their best.

End of show, end of series.

I'll need more time to digest that this was the end! My first impression of the finale other than being right (and everybody else!) about the bad fake plots, was I'm surprised the finale made Jeremy look so bad. The finale was probably the episodes that made Jeremy look the worst in at least a couple of years. I thought they would end on a more positive note.


Ashley said...

What was up with Jeremy?? Did he really tell Amy that her job is the kitchen and to go to the kitchen?? Yes he did.

Now I know why people were saying Jeremy was listning to Church lecture about gender roles!

Matt looks a lil helpless whenever Jeremy lips back to him.

isoady said...

I'm gonna miss Jeremy, he should have his own show.

And Jeremy was right about Amy keeping the kitchen clean. If the twins have to keep up with the whole farm, then she should keep up with her part.

Emma said...

"Your job is in the kitchen." My jaw dropped. Completely sexist comment. I couldn't believe TLC kept it in there!

I don't know why people rag on Zach so least he has a job. He might be making two paychecks at once (with one being significantly higher and requires little to no work), but at least he put his passion into something he loves and is doing something he loves, and that's soccer. Kudos to Zach. I think he deserves a praise every now and again.

Jocelynn said...

Even though I know it was filmed for the cameras to give them a story, I was disappointed that Zach would even consider moving into a place with Jeremy and Mueller.

For Zach to grow as a person he needs to get away from those two, not continue to be their third wheel.

Susan said...

Emma, I completely agree. I was stunned! Jeremy told Amy to go to the kitchen where she belongs!

What a sexist pig. I wish Amy would kick his butt out of HER house.

Cindy said...

Amy gets no respect for Matt and Jeremy. Jeremy didn't show any to Matt either!

Matt had the nerve to say Amy was too lazy to pull the car into the garage? I've seen pictures from pumpkin season. Matt's VWs and Jeremy's BMW are parked there all of the time! But Amy is lazy? Matt is a jerk.

There are no words to describe how wrong it was for Jeremy to mouth off to Amy. I couldn't believe what I heard.

Aidan said...

Cannot wait to see what Dana has to say to try and defend the HORRIBLE comments Jeremy made about his mother needing to stick to working in the kitchen. My jaw actually dropped when I heard him say that!

tashapork said...

I will miss the Roloffs and I hope they will do an occasional special. I wonder if part of Matt's upset is his knowledge that the gravy train is ending or at least part of it. My only concern is that they seem like they are so done raising kids and ready to retire, but Molly and Jacob are still needing raising, don't they deserve as much raising by their parents as the twins. I also wonder if Matt required the twins to cough up some rent each month, things would be different. I do agree that they would do good to not move out as a pair or threesome with Mueller

SaskatoonMark said...

It doesn't look like there's a happy outlook for the twins, if at age 20, this is their lifestyle. For a family of that affluence, college tuition would not be a problem, but the twins don't seem to be college material. At least Zach has a job -- is this his career? -- but for Jeremy, this episode portrays him as someone destined to be a lifelong loafer living off of his parents.

He's a 20 year old who doesn't want to use computers? This is pretty bleak. It's amazing he and his parents allowed him to be portrayed so negatively in this episode. This is the way the public will remember him, and it's a helluva way to exit the limelight.

I have hopes for Molly. Notice how careful she has been about putting her personal life on display, which suggests she has been wiser about keeping her feet on the ground despite the media attention.