Sunday, December 5, 2010

Matt Roloff interview with Vancouver Sun about Little People, Big World Finale

There is an article from a writer for the Vancouver Sun who interviewed Matt Roloff about the end of Little People, Big World. (Matt has done a few interviews with this writer over the years).

It's pretty much what you've come to expect and things you already know if you're regular reader to our site.

There are a few things you might be interested in:

It hints (keep in mind this is coming from a newspaper columnist talking to Matt on the phone) that Matt will likely be back on television "perhaps involved in animation or as a host".

If you're wondering about this statement: "Even though the series finale is nigh, cameras were still rolling as recently as a week ago" -- we're told that producer Chris Cardamone came back for a couple of days to do the final touch up on barn bites (those are the "interviews" with the Roloffs speaking to the camera in the barn setting).

Matt says he wanted to end the show after 5 seasons, but Amy wasn't done.

"After five seasons, I was pretty well done," says Matt. "I wanted to move on, but Amy was more like, 'Hey, I still want to work my charities and do some things."'
So they agreed to one more season of filming, much of which has seen Matt take a background role."

People that have followed all of Matt's interviews and knows the history, are aware that it wasn't exactly like it was portrayed in the above sentence ("they agreed to one more season of filming"). Two months prior to the cancellation announcement Matt was on video proclaiming that they would do the show for "at least two more years".

If you haven't already, you can read what we were told from industry insiders about what really happened regarding the decision to end the show. Since we published this, we've been told by multiple sources that this is completely accurate.

The other piece of information from the Vancouver Sun article that some people might be interested in -- although it's nothing new, if you were wondering how the Roloffs were going to handle the misleading previews for the finale -- Matt does confirm that Jeremy and Zach have not moved out and are still happily living at home on the farm.

"Matt says all the Roloffs are still happily living down on the farm."

You can read the full article here:


Greg said...

Is it mandatory for every author interviewing Matt to kiss his butt? Is that one of the requirements?

I liked that JessXOXO blogger that interviewed Matt, then Amy, but she confronted Amy on all of Matt's dishonest lies he told her.

Matt and truth are not friends.

Ashley said...

I hope the previews are wrong as always and the episode isn't really going to lead fans to think they're selling the farm and that Zach and Jeremy have moved out.

Being dishonest in the finale with fans that have watched their show for several years is totally disrespectful.

David said...

Is there really a market for animated Roloffs? They aren't *that* popular.

Matt as a host? A host of what? I would guess an educational program about Little People? I think the public are LP'd out.

Matt's going to be haunted by his past claims that the show was real and raw. He's a producer and he's admitting his Christian self and his Christian wife is intentionally deceiving the public about the twins moving out.

Rap541 said...

I'm just amused that now Amy is the one who wanted season six.

Lynn C said...

David, I'll be surprise if they lie. I am sure Jeremy and Zach have pondered moving out and the episode will illustrate that.

I agree the previews are misleading, but that's nothing new for LPBW or television shows in general. Have you ever watched Survivor?? The purpose of previews is to get you interested enough to watch.