Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Matt Roloff Sighting In Los Angeles Airport

This is kind of a random Matt Roloff sighting in the LA airport. It was posted by a family with a You Tube channel that makes hundreds of videos. Their flight was delayed and Matt was beside them.

Matt comes into it at the 6:55 mark in the video.


Expressed said...

I know Matt must get it a ton, but he sounded so bored when the guy told him he loved the show.

Debbie said...

It must be hard for Matt to travel alone all the time.

Anonymous said...

Matt looked pissed at being filmed by fans. What a jerk.

Bob said...

God, is that an annoying family.

Baxter said...

Is he going to attempt to sue this poor slob who took the video too?

Chris said...

A family with kids more bratty than the Roloffs!
Let the kids run around the airport. Yep, I can tell they watched the Roloffs! ;)

Ashley said...

Matt didn't look or sound too friendly.

Jerome said...

Matt is probably still salty at the fact that his gravy train of a show is over...

Dana said...

The man said Matt was very nice and modest. I don't know what you all are talking about.

Jason said...

It's funny that you don't know who 'the guy' in the video is. His name is Shay and him and his family (2 sons, 2 daughters, and wife) have a youtube show they film daily vlogs for. They are in the top #10 most subscribed and viewed youtube personalities. I'm sure some of you will talk shit about 'ooh who gives a crap about this guy and his family?' but you're putting everthing this midget family does under a microscope. Unlike the asshole Matt, Shay does EVERYTHING for his children and wife and you can see the wonderful chemistry they all have by watching some of their videos. You can tell they actually enjoy being around one another. The Shaytards (of course not their Real last name. Shay has made up names for the kids to protect them from creepers on the internet and in society in general.)really enjoy showing the world their family and what they enjoy doing AS A FAMILY. Nothing is scripted or faked for the sake of 'entertainment'. They are a what ya see is what you get kind of clan. The way it should be. If you would like to check them out on their youtube page. Goto www.youtube.com/shaytards. Enjoy

Dana said...

Jason, educate yourself. "Midget" is insulting. Do not use it if you want to be considered respectful, otherwise you are ignorant.

You are right on one point. That family should never be compared to Matt Roloff and his family.

That family is along the lines of "Balloon Boy" family. They aren't doing any good. They aren't serving society. They are just another money attention seeking family. Selling t-shirts and the sort.

The Roloffs have helped educate society about dwarfism (obviously it went over your head). No one person has done more for dwarfism in the last 20 years than Matt Roloff. The Roloffs allowed people to feel as though they knew them to break down barriers, making it easier for all little people.

There is nothing educational or inspirational about a family that calls themselves the something "'tards", video records themselves and makes you tube videos hoping to sell t-shirts and make money.

One is self-serving seeking money, while the Roloffs educated society on the behalf of Little People everywhere.

Craw said...

None of the "Shaytards" show any sign of being as cool as Jeremy.

Anybody can make videos and put them on you tube.

Shadow said...

"Selling t-shirts and the sort."

Oh, you mean like JARS OF DIRT?


Rap541 said...

Shadow - don't forget the Roloffs sell t-shirts now :)

Because you know, every cent the Roloffs make selling souvineers is donated to LP charities. Oh wait... thats not true at all :)

"Anybody can make videos and put them on you tube."

Yup. Like Jeremy does. I'll be reminding you of this comment the next time you're cooing over whatever piece of crap he puts up.

Dana - Midget is rude. So is f*g, n-word, "Downy", beaner, sleazy jew.... If Jason is "ignorant" for using something you consider insulting... why do you piss yourself with rage when people say they are offended by Jeremy Roloff's language? Its rude and shows he's ignorant, correct?

Or is "midget" insulting (even tho Matt kinda says it isn't and also refers to himself as a midget farmer) but BLESS JEREMY for his sweet comments about his dislike of homosexuals and he should be on a travel show describing the delights of Mexico called "That Beaner Place Per Jer-Bear Roloff, WonderBoy"?

Lynn C said...

"Yup. Like Jeremy does. I'll be reminding you of this comment the next time you're cooing over whatever piece of crap he puts up."

Both of Jeremy's videos were high quality and impressive in my opinion.

I recognize Dana's point. Jeremy is showing an artistic side with videography. It's not the same as some father rolling the camcorder to film his kids running around.

Mike P. said...

Off-topic, and because I've never known: Why is "midget" offensive?

I've seen the claims, but I've never seen an explanation.


rico said...

I would go nuts if I was stuck on a plane with that annoying family!

callitlikeiseeit said...

I hope Santa brings crawDUD some coolness which she admires so much since she has so little. Keep praying that thee shall receive. Proactive is a nice stocking stuffer too, you know.

callitlikeiseeit said...

I guess you'd know all about rude, Dana, since you practice your hypocritical contempt and rudeness to people on this board daily.

Shadow said...

"Anybody can make videos and put them on you tube."

So, so true. Even Jeremy. Although given his inability to change his course schedule or complete a job application online, he may have had to have someone else post them for him.

NJC said...

I never thought I'd say this but I agree with Dana. I couldn't watch more than a couple minutes of that video. It was obnoxious. Definately had a "balloon dad" feel to it. I can't believe they've had millions of views.

I also agree about the use of "midget". It's low class. People know better nowadays especially people who would be commenting here. I'd like to think that even Jeremy learned his lesson about those kind of words but who knows.

Christine said...

"Even Jeremy. Although given his inability to change his course schedule or complete a job application online, he may have had to have someone else post them for him."

Good point. I wonder if it's true that Matt hired somebody to teach Jeremy about photography and making videos. For a guy that supposedly hates computers he's all of sudden becoming a lil bit computer savvy.

I don't think I know how to edit a video for you tube. I could probably stumble through it, but like you said, Jeremy can't fill out an application because he hates computers so much.

Cindy said...

NJC, I share your feelings on the video, the vibe from the dad and about "midget" being low class.

I'm not as hopeful about Jeremy. His lack of acknowledgement or regret is disappointing. He still hangs with the same crowd and some of them still talk and act the same way on the internet (I'm guessing they probably all do in "real life" but the ones on the show learned the same thing Jeremy did about getting caught. Make no mistake though, people Jeremy still spends his time with are still just as offensive, ignorant and immature.

From the times Matt and Amy have vaguely discussed it, I think all Jeremy learned was not to do it in public because people will criticize him. I don't think he "learned" the right lessons. The time Amy referred to it, she went on to say she feels sad that Jeremy needs to be careful about what he says. That's not the lesson the Roloffs should have learned from it.

Rap541 said...

Off-topic, and because I've never known: Why is "midget" offensive?

I've seen the claims, but I've never seen an explanation.


It depends partly on usage. Its also not universally understood to be offensive - please see Matt Roloff referring to himself as a midget farmer.

It actually is a term to designate someone who was physically proportional but very small. "Dwarf" in contrast was used to designate someone with disproportional limbs, like Zach and Amy.

It is considered offensive but there are many LPs who use it - Matt, the fellow who played Tatoo on Fantasy Island. The offensive nature is because PT Barnum and other circus sorts used "midget" as a way to advertise the side shows.

Considering Matt's waffling on the topic, I'm hard pressed to say whether he would consider Jason's usage "offensive" or if the people protesting were "too pc".

David said...

"Midget" has been frowned upon because of the way it's been used in society.

Honestly, nearly every time I see the word used it's either used in a sarcastic, giggling, comic or in that insulting ownership way.

I wouldn't want to be referred to as something that is commonly used as a put down or as a joke.

It's the same kind of reason why "retarded" has become offensive if you referred to someone with developmental issues as a "retard". Retarded is used as an insult and has become synonymous with someone who is incredibly stupid.

Would you honestly want your brother that you love referred to as a "retard" when you know how the majority of people use the word? It's almost impossible to show respect to the person you're talking about if you use a word that has that meaning behind it.

It's the exact same thing with the word midget and how it has been used.

The only problem I have with the Roloffs about it is their hypocrisy because of their shifting position on such words when Jeremy got caught using offensive words for other groups. Then it became leave Jeremy alone, words don't matter and people are too sensitive.

Mike P. said...

Thanks for the insights, Rap and David.

"Midget" had never had a pejorative tone in my ear until Roloff complained about it. I'd always thought it was just a synonym for dwarf, and it seemed to me, frankly, that Roloff wanted to have something to wear on his sleeve so that he could correct people.

But I'm willing to take his/their word on it, hypocritical though they may be about its use, and their use of other words to disparage other groups.

Thanks again.

Karen C said...

Any word can be used in an offensive manner ... (ex) when you hear someone say "well that's a woman/man for you" should we also ban those words.
Time to get over it and move on.

Roger Ebe said...

It is very evident that since LPBW closed up shop, the content of this blog is really reaching for relevancy in every nook and cranny. It appears that we are presently engaged in banal Facebook reviews and insignificant coffee chat gossip with a few 'blink of an eye' Roloff sighting videos thrown in for good measure? Someone should call up Matt Roloff and ask for an interview. Now that would be interesting.

Spiritswander said...

Roger Ebe,

Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

If you have story suggestions or ideas for the site, you and/or anyone else is welcome to email at spiritswander@gmail.com and we will certainly consider them. If you have no interest in adding to the content as it pains and bores you so much to read the site, you could do yourself a favor and not read the site if you dislike it so much? :-)

We have at times shared "inside" information and stories with the fans because we're aware of what people are actually interested in; we attempt to be as real as possible and keep fans in the loop. However, it may come as a surprise to some and perhaps even to the Roloffs, but we do respect their privacy. We're not TMZ standing outside their door with a camera that think they have absolutely no right to privacy at all ever.
There have been things that we've deemed too private or not necessary to publish (there are a number of factors that go into that). Having said that we still realize that we have a responsibility to keep our many loyal readers and followers in the know so they're not made fools of, answers to commonly asked questions or topics, and we're as honest as possible.

Also, there has to be a natural realization that with Little People, Big World ending and the Roloffs drifting out of the public spotlight somewhat that there will be less to "Keep Up" with. It's not as though there are loads of information about the Roloffs or stories that we are neglecting. Other than Matt's Facebook interactions, Amy's coffee chats, the Roloff lawsuit against Washington County that we have covered extensively and random Roloff sightings, there hasn't been a lot to share.

As for your "suggestion" about Roloff interviews and Spiritswander -- more on that subject at another time in a separate item.

Melissa said...

Roger, if you know anything about the Spiritswander blog you know that Spirits made an offer to Jeremy and the Roloffs for an interview a long time ago but the Roloffs ducked it.

Maybe there is something that Spiritswander knows that I don't, but considering the Roloffs weird paranoia and hatred of Spirits an interview request would be pointless. You do know that Matt has banned the name SPIRITSWANDER on his website and on his facebook page? I kind of doubt Matt would do an interview with a blog that he has banned and obviously hates.

David said...

You're crazy, Roger. If I were Spiritswander, I would definitely not call the Roloffs.

The Roloffs have proven their lack of integrity when they decided to sue Washington County.

I wouldn't trust Matt. If Spirits called Matt for any reason, Matt would probably accuse Spirits of stalking and making harassing phone calls.

Once people have proven themselves to not be people of character, you can't trust them to be reasonable about anything. I wouldn't put anything past the Roloffs.

Don't trust them, Spirits.

Greg said...

Roger, Matt is afraid of interviews that he doesn't control and 20 year olds Jeremy and Zach still aren't trusted to speak for themselves.

IMO, the Roloffs have too much to hide that's why they only do interviews that they're in charge of and why only Matt speaks.

Rap541 said...

I'm sure that if those interviews that Matt did with national media sources about cyberbullying and how it affects celebrities actually occured, then we would be discussing those and not random sightings at airports. Its been three months since that particular Roloff brag.... I thought Matt was out there, *fighting* since he's a *fighter* and he's been interviewed by national media on how he's been cyberbullied and is *fighting*.

Christine said...

Yeah Roger, don't know how you can blame Spirits that there isn't more stories about the Roloffs.

Frank A said...

I agree with Roger, why not contact Matt Roloff? But honestly, I don't think he would talk to anyone without knowing their real name.

Dana said...

It would be a waste of time. Matt has made it clear that he hates this blog and that's his right.

Brandon said...

"Matt has made it clear that he hates this blog and that's his right."

That's the spirit of Christ's love flowing through Matt's soul!

Spirits would know all the details, but I know from reading other interviews Matt and Amy have done with other internet sites that don't follow the Roloffs half as closely or aren't half as popular, that they all say they were contacted by the Roloffs or Roloff representatives (after all, the Roloffs are big stars and they have their "people" do that for them...)

Spirits hasn't been contacted? Oh and look at that, Matt has banned the name of this blog on his site like other people have said and Spirits made offers to them that only the friend Dan accepted.

Yeah...I would say those are big signs that an interview idea with the Roloffs would be pointless.

Rap541 said...

Spirit has always been upfront that if a Roloff wants an interview, it could happen here but there wouldn't be any off limits questions.

Matt clearly knows about this blog and could if he wished, look at the terms under which Spirit would do an interview. Anyone who disagrees that Matt doesn't waste his precious time on bloggers....

1) He's on record stating he plans to devote an entire chapter to his disagreements with online posters

2) Go try mentioning Spirit's blog on Matt's facebook or his forum.

If I were Spirit, I wouldn't bother. Its obvious to me that *someone* wants Spirit to contact Matt, and I can't help but wonder at the agenda behind that.... but the offer was already made. Spirit made the offer some time ago, and Matt clearly reads here and is aware of it. If Matt wants an interview then all he has to do is contact Spirit.

Roger Ebe said...

Yesterday I sent a private message to Matt on his facebook asking about doing an interview. I haven't heard back yet but we will see.