Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Video Message From Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff made a new video message for his Facebook Fan page ( via You Tube.

Here are the main discussion points (with some pictures to spice it up). These are all according to Matt, of course. He made no mention of the recent lawsuit the Roloffs filed against Washington County in this update.

*Matt repeated what Amy said in her coffee chat. They flew to Los Angeles for the finale. They got to meet many of the people that worked on the show behind the scenes.

*Matt and Amy reminisced with some of the executives about the very first pilot that never even aired in 2002. It took another year for Little People, Big Dreams to be filmed and released in 2004 and then another year and some for Little People, Big World to air for the first time on television in March of 2006. Matt says that shows it takes patience and hard work to get projects off the ground.

The next few points was basically shooting down some of the things viewers saw and heard in the finale:

Per Matt, Jeremy and Zach no longer sleep until noon

*Matt reports that Jeremy and Zach no longer sleep until Noon. Now that the cameras are gone, they're focused on school and work --according to Matt. They both have a full class schedule at PCC. Zach plays/manages on several indoor soccer teams.

Jeremy has a lingering foot problem that causes him to miss indoor soccer games much to Zach's chagrin

*Matt says Jeremy fills in on those teams when he can; Zach wants Jeremy to play more, but Jeremy has a lingering foot problem which gets painful; Matt says Jeremy will eventually require surgery.

Zach works at indoor goals

*Zach manages/plays on all of those teams and works 30 hours a week, as well as carrying a full load at school

Jeremy is still mulling over his photography educational options after being accepted to Brooks Institute of Photography in California

*Jeremy also carries a full load at school, is busy with photography, making videos around town, doing some photography projects for companies in Hillsboro and is excited about the work he's doing with a large agency in L.A. Jeremy is still deciding on his photography school options

Molly was selected to the state all star team for volleyball

*Molly excels at everything. She is a star at Volleyball (She made the state all star team)and runs the Roloff online store (plug!)

Matt says he's spending a lot of time with Jacob

*Matt says Jacob has become his wingman; Matt and Jacob frequently go to movies and shopping together. Matt enjoys spending time with Jacob.

*Matt wanted to thank everybody, not just the fans that have left warm and kind comments, but all who write about them - the good, bad and ugly -- Matt wants to thank everybody because it takes all opinions to create the kind of success they've had.

*The final point Matt wanted to talk about was his relationship with Amy. Matt says they've settled into life without the cameras and scrutiny, and they will continue to rely on their faith together.

*Merry Christmas and God Bless you all.


David said...

Matt's motivation for this was to have his say after the end. He needed to some damage control.

Isn't it funny how everytime Matt talks about a problem depicted in the show, he says the problem is gone and everything is perfect?

Lynn C said...

It was a nice message. It was classy of Matt to thank everybody that writes about them (is he referring to Spirtswander?) and not only the "Matt, you're my hero" set of fans.

I think it is healthy for the family to get out of the spotlight for a while.

Greg said...

What a bunch of crap.

Isn't it amazing that after years and years, Jeremy and Zach have suddenly solved their problem about needing help to get up in the morning?

And amazing that Matt and Amy's marriage is now wonderful after both of them were just heard (again and again) saying they had an uncertain future and described it as rocky and iffy.

Brandon said...

It's all roses when Matt talks.

I like that Zach works, but pay attention to words Matt's uses when he talks...or reads which he is obviously doing in this video. Zach "manages" soccer teams. No, he plays on indoor teams. He probably gets the team together because he cares the most, but is playing on indoor soccer games really something to crow about?

Jeremy work for a large agency in LA? This is brooks? He's probably meaning Jeremy applying. Don't we all know that Jeremy's only real job is being paid by Dad?

He also answers the critics by saying he spends time with Jacob. I doubt it. I think Matt posts on his facebook everytime he goes to a movie with Jacob. He's posted that what? Twice?

I'd also bet money that Jeremy doesn't have a serious foot problem. He's definitely learned from Matt though. His foot problems flare up when there is a party to go to. I think Zach knows that on Jeremy and that's why he gets pissed.

Dana said...

Thank you, Matt.

It's very gracious of Matt to take time to update his fans like this.

It's good to hear the real story straight from Matt and not through selective editing. I agree with Matt, it sounds like it will be good for the family to re-energize without the cameras.

The one negative thing I have to say is about Zach. Jeremy having a significant foot ailment goes to show how people shouldn't judge because we don't know the whole story.

I hope everybody is forming the line up to apologize to Jeremy for "skipping" soccer games. He obviously has a serious physical problem. I realize Zach is very passionate about soccer, but shame on Zach for not being understanding to Jeremy's health issues. Indoor recreational soccer is not worth Jeremy putting himself in pain and doing further damage to his foot. Zach needs to mature. Does he think that because Jeremy isn't a dwarf that he doesn't ever feel pain or have physical ailments?

Other than that, it's great to hear that the family is doing wonderfully. Thanks Matt.

Lynn, it was very big of Matt to thank the bashers. I sure wouldn't have done that if I was Matt!

Ashley said...

Who was that on the left in the green shirt at the very start of the video? Jeremy?

Timothy said...

Matt can't be believed.

Jeremy and Zach are mature. They're awesome at school, they now work, him and Amy are doing great, he's hanging out with Jacob, yeah right.

Matt just uses his video to respond to the criticism without saying that he's responding to the criticism. The part about Jeremy's foot is a good example of that. Giving Jeremy an excuse because people were calling him a flake for dropping out on his team.

Timothy said...

Oh, I also think it's ironic that Zach is the dwarf, but it's big not-so-tough Jeremy that is in too much pain to play soccer.

Spirits said Zach suffered a concussion playing soccer but keeps playing. But Jeremy is forced to miss games? He misses games on the same nights his friends are having parties. How handy.

NJC said...

Wow Dana that must be some powerful kool-ade you're drinking there!

I'm gonna have to take a pass on that apology line. Amy said "the big thing right now is that Zach is mad at Jeremy because Jeremy skipped their soccer game to do something else and he's not going to show up again this weekend" You'd think that if that "something else" was nursing an injury that's going to require surgery, Amy might have mentioned that. And Zach would have to be a real evil bastard if he'd be mad at his brother for missing games because of a legitimate injury.

Anyone with an iota of common sense can see that this is pure Matt Roloff damage control, and as usual he's more than willing to throw one child under the bus to protect the Golden One.

Rap541 said...

He misses games on the same nights his friends are having parties. How handy.

Does Jeremy's lingering foot problem have a name? If it's lingering, that means its been ongoing for some time. Why no mention ever on the show?

Does this condition have a name? I trust it hasn't impacted Jeremy's ability to party/wakeboard/hike/do yoga/ski?

You'd think if the problem was so severe he needed surgery, that he simply would no longer play soccer, and Amy might have mentioned it in her chats instead of throwing Zach to the wolves by noting how annoyed he was that crippled in pain Jer-Bear was in too much pain to play?

Sorry - I take the judge judy view - if you are in too much pain to make it to a committed activity, then you are in too much pain to party. Also I think based on Matt's comments, its hard to believe Jeremy has such a severe lingering foot problem that he doesn't limp ever and hasn't curtailed any of his physical activities (unless there's a party).

Who wants to bet crippled in too much pain Jer still goes to the gym and has snowboarding and ski plans for the holidays? :)

Jason said...

Matt is so fake. Helloooooooo Cleavers!

Nobody's family is as perfect and swell as Matt always makes the Roloffs out to be.

Connie said...

How did Jeremy hurt his foot? I've never heard anything about that. I'll say a prayer for Jeremy.

Craw said...

"I take the judge judy view - if you are in too much pain to make it to a committed activity, then you are in too much pain to party."

That's the stupidest thing you've ever said Rap!

Do you know what soccer is??? To play it you need to run. To play it you need to kick the ball with your feet.

To party and hang out with friends you don't need to run and kick.

Zach takes soccer way too seriously. Jeremy loves soccer too but if he's hurting himself and can't play then he can't play. Zach needs to stop being a baby.

Brandon said...

Rap, great point about Jeremy snowboarding. Wanna bet that he does and has?

Can't play on the soccer team but can stuff his damaged surgery needed foot in a hard uncomfortable ski-boot.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I am very curious to know if Jeremy has been doing anything physical like hiking, playing soccer (one had the impression he hadn't been missing games - did he play tonight, despite his severe pain?) snowboarding, skiing, etc etc etc.... seems like a condition severe enough to keep him from playing what has been characterized as a rec game with his mom and his handicapped brother would sure keep him from other physical activities.

Craw - weren't you the one citing Jeremy as the one who NEVER got hurt because he was blessed by Christ? I mean, technically, isn't he being a crybaby to not play? How hurt could he be if he's so perfect he's never hurt? Poor crybaby jer showing his jake side, too hurt to man up and play.

You'll forgive me but Jake was cited as a crybaby for wearing a cast... I don't see no cast on Jeremy so how hurt can he be, Craw? I mean.... he's too hurt to play, but no limp, no cast, no discernable injury but poor poor widdle Jer....

I'm curious why Jeremy with no discernable injury at all earns your sympathy Craw :) After all I thought he was too fantastic, per you, to ever be injured or ever complain... yet here we are with Jer too hurt to get off his bed of pain (and girls) to attend a "rec game with his mom and his handicapped brother"

My guess? He's rather be "christian" in bed with his lady friends :)

Aidan said...

I beginning to think that Dana is really just being incredibly sarcastic because I cannot believe for one second that someone would be so blind so stand up and side for the Roloffs on every single criticism. That or she's amazingly delusional.

David said...

Re: Jeremy's "persistent foot problem". When did this "persistent foot problem" occur?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Jeremy spend his summer when he was in Oregon going on hike after hike after hike? He went with Amy and Zach. That was on the show. He went with Mueller. Mueller recorded it. Amy talked about Jeremy going on a lot of hikes this summer.

Some of those hike trails are almost a full day trip. Hours and hours and hours. A person with a persistent foot problem doesn't walk mountains for hours, week after week.

Phyllis said...

I love that first picture when the kids were young. Matt is such a good father. Look at all the smiles on the kids faces in that picture. That's a dad creating memories for his kids that will last a lifetime, just like Molly said.

Craig said...

I don't remember what episode, but I remember someone mentioning Jeremy's foot hurting before.

Jocelynn said...

I don't remember any talk about Jeremy's foot before.

It's seems kinda fishy. Unless it just happened, I think Jeremy having a serious foot problem that will reguire surgery would have made it into a storyline.

I also think Matt is making Zach look like an unsympathetic jerk. I have a hard time believing Zach would be angry at Jeremy for missing a soccer game if he had a legitimate health issue.

Zach listens to Jeremy complain that his foot really hurts. It's game day and Jeremy tells Zach he's not going to play because his foot hurts. Zach is going to be angry? Come on. Throw in that Jeremy must have got checked out by a doctor that told him his foot is so bad that he needs surgery. That's going to be Zach's reaction? I have a hard time believing that.

The other reason why I doubt it is because Amy sounds honest and gives impulsive answers during her live coffee chat. The soccer subject wasn't a planned topic, Scott's mother mentioned it the soccer game. That triggered Amy to say "Zach is not very happy with Jeremy"...I think Amy would have mentioned Jeremy's foot problem as the reason.

LL said...

All Roloffs are perfect according to Matt.

Trends that we've seen on the show for 5 years disappear the second the show ends.

Yeah right, I don't believe the twins now get up early, work hard and do great in school.

Jason said...

boy, so many of you have made a lot of assumptions that were not even in his video. Guess you all have to keep the negative stuff going even if you have to make it up.

JustSayin' said...

Dana, even if Jer has a real foot problem, Zach should be able to get on to him about not playing. Zach has had multiple leg surgeries in the midst of playing soccer. Do you remember the episodes about Zach's leg surgery? Amy said Zach's legs would hurt just WALKING, and he was still able to play soccer, despite the pain.
Personally, I have painful hip problems. I sat out 2 seasons of high school soccer to completely fix one hip, which included 2 surgeries(one of which is harder to recover from than a hip replacement) and a LOT of physical therapy. I could have sat out another season to fix my other hip, but I wanted to play soccer at least one more season before I graduated. I loved being able to play again, but after every game and practice, I could barely walk.
That soccer season,I also managed to sprain my ankle and wrist. Those were nothing compared to my constant hip pain. One night, I had to chase down balls for a soccer game, so I had to convince someone else to help me out. At halftime, that person was complaining of foot pain. I said something along the lines of my ankle and wrist hurt, not to mention my hip problem, which is more painful than you can imagine. The person got quiet pretty quickly. I was annoyed that she was complaining that her foot hurt when I had played through, and was still playing through a lot worse.
If you're interested, my hip problems are: femoroacetabular impingement (for which I have had open surgery on one side, and arthroscopic on the other. The arthroscopic has not helped, so it looks like I'll have an open surgery on it later) and bursitis (which has not responded to NSAIDS, steroids, any herbal anti-inflammatories, or arthroscopic bursectomy). If you don't want to look them up, here's a short overview.
FAI: Too much bone in my hip joint, which basically wears away at the cartilage in your hip. Extremely painful. It's possible to wait a few years and have a total hip replacement (easier to recover from), but I'm not even 20, so that's not an appealing option. The open surgery includes surgical dislocation of hip (with a 12-inch incision) and literally shaving off extra bone. Not fun, but it immediately takes away the pain. There are no comfortable sitting/standing/resting positions.
Bursitis: The iliotibial band on the outside of my hip is inflamed, which causes pain with each step I take.
So Dana, and those who agree with her, I don't intend to sound mean or anything, but Zach should be allowed to get mad at Jeremy for not playing through some pain, if it does exist. He's been through worse, and so have I, so I know Jeremy should be able to suck it up for however much time is left in the indoor soccer season.

David said...

Jason, such as what? The discussion about Zach, Jeremy and the soccer game?

If you know anything about Matt, you would know Matt is very calculating and manipulative. When he talks about something out of left field, he has some motivation for doing so.

Matt needed to tell us in this video that Jeremy only fills in on the soccer team because he has a persisting foot problem? Funny that it's on the heels of Amy's off the cuff remarking that Zach was mad at Jeremy for skipping out on the soccer games. That subsequently made Matt's golden boy look like a flake that was breaking commitments.

Jeffy said...

How can Matt expect an update about Jeremy to be believeable when he doesn't mention Mr. Mueller? Mueller and Jeremy are never out of each other's site.

William said...

It was strange for Matt to want to thank all that write about the show.

Spirits, has Matt ever thanked you for having this blog?

Rap541 said...

William - Matt likes to claim he welcomes all criticism. So he'll periodically, about once a year, make a comment thanking the criticizers. Then it is back to removing posts that mention this blog from his facebook and the barbed comments about "negative nellies" etc

Lynn C said...

I don't think that's what Matt meant, Rap.

I think Matt does understand that places like this blog where the "Good, bad and the ugly" is discussed is good for the interest in the Roloffs or their show.

That doesn't mean he wants it on his official page. I am sure you have realized that the majority of the people on Matt's facebook page only want to hear the good and get very upset if anyone alludes to the bad, nevermind the ugly.

He wants to give those fans a place where they only hear the good. That doesn't mean he fails to see the value in places where all aspects are discussed.

Baxter said...

@Lynn--you've made a pretty good assessment of Matt's fans in your second paragraph,

However, I have to say I disagree with your final paragraph; at least the last sentence. I have read this blog for quite a while now and have heard on here and other places, that Matt does NOT appreciate anything negative said about him or the family. If he has such a thin skin, he shouldn't purport to feel otherwise as he has done in the past. He chose to put his family on TV and negative remarks, etc., go along with that. Personally, I wouldn't put my family out for all to see as he did, because I don't think I could sit back and say nothing. He has to suck it up because of the choice he made. Back to this blog, Spirits has mentioned several times that he/she has been attacked by Matt and his followers for the content on this blog. To me, that's hardly seeing value in the negative things said.

aponce16 said...

This is Matt's last insult to his fans. He is insulting your intelligence. Come on. All lies. "I want to thank my critics because they help us succeed. Sorry, no. Because of your many many critics your show was canned by TLC. I am so glad I was one of those critics that help get rid of your fakery.
Good bye Matt. Enjoy being irrelevant. Keep posting updates of how your kids have cured cancer, Amy is running BP now and you have canonized in life by the Pope. I am sure there are still morons out there that will buy even that bucket of bull.