Monday, December 6, 2010

Season Finale of Little People Big World; Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541

This is Rap541's episode review. All opinions and statements belong to Rap.
Written by Rap541


And so it comes, the end of the show. I'd like to thank Spiritswander for this blog,, and for all the mad editing skills, and send props to my fellow reviewer Expressed (fist bump) because we don't generally agree but I really think Expressed has grown as a reviewer. I have dreamed since I was four years old of writing reviews for a reality show on a blog so of course I must thank the Lord Jesus Christ as well. :)

Dec 06, 8:00 pm
Twins at Twenty
The twins face challenges growing up when Zach puts off buying a new car and Jeremy has a tough time applying for a job.

So Zach isn't buying an expensive brand new SUV? Even after scoring his low paying job that we had an entire episode devoted to?And Jeremy will of course triumphantly get a job thereby showing us all? Oh wait, this was filmed in May-Sept and we all know Jeremy didn't sully himself with work. After all he's a rich boy who lives off Mommy and Daddy and we should all respect his awesome achievement of well, doing nothing but playing. I am just shocked Matt and Amy actually allowed such a negative preview about Jeremy. How dare anyone say WonderJer has a tough time with anything?

Dec 06, 8:30 pm
Moving Out
While the twins explore moving into their own apartment, Matt and Amy reevaluate their lives and seriously consider selling the farm.

So really, the show didn't end last year because of "loose ends needing to be tied up" but we're teased with a cliffhanger? A cliffhanger of lies?

I mean, come on, the twins live at home right now, months after filming has ended and nope, the Roloffs haven't sold the farm. However I am totally willing to bet this ends with the Roloffs sitting around the table and Matt doing a voice over of how freaking amazing everything thing he's ever done is.

Because we must never forget... Its all about Matt and how he's the special snowflake :)

1st Episode

Hmmmm…. So Matt is waking the twins up and Jeremy is sleeping in cowboy town. Yeah this exactly how mature I thought the twins were. Zach asks for breakfast and Matt says NO as he rolls out to Jeremy’s sleep spot. Yes, he’s waking Jeremy and Zach up at 10am at twenty years of age. He comments on how he was already out of the house at their age. He goes on and on about how they are moving forward.

He asks about Jeremy’s resume. Jeremy is “durpa der” aka he says next to nothing other than ummmm. Matt goes on about how middle names are passe but objectives are important. Jeremy doesn’t seem to know what “objective” means. Matt rants and Jeremy looks sleepy, bored, and confused. Matt hay bales how asinine the situation is and how he unintentionally encouraged it. Jeremy also doesn’t know what a cover letter is. Ironically I think this is possibly the most honest scene of Jeremy we’ve gotten in years. No surprises.

Now Matt tales Zach car shopping. Several shots of the Previa. Now they look at an Outback. Matt is all about getting a good price. There’s amiable bargaining. Matt goes on and on how dumb Zach is to not make an immediate decision. Zach notes it takes six years to pay off a brand new car and he wants to think about the commitment.

Jeremy and Zach play video games. Wait, I thought Jeremy James NEVER played video games and abhorred all forms of electronic gaming entertainment as it keeps him from his beloved nature hikes where he ponders theology? Matt and Amy discuss the budget. Matt wants to sell and pitch the twins out. During the voice over of Matt wanting them to leave before he dies, the boys play video games. Matt asks for Jeremy’s resume, Jeremy has little to say, other than there is no resume. Matt thinks about selling and tells Jeremy he’s thinking of selling because he’s tired of the twins being lazy. Matt calls it dragon slaying.

Jeremy whines about how applications are all on line now. Has he ever applied before the world went on line? I mean seriously now, Wonder Jer at twenty has *never even applied* for a job before? And we’re supposed to feel sorry for him? He whines about being ignorant and wanders into Home Depot for a paper app. They point him to the computer application area in the store. He whines how he hates computers and says he can’t finish because he didn’t bring his ssn number. Just for the record, didn’t Go-getter Jer-Bear also need Mommy or was it Molly to tend him and fill out his college application and specifically, remember his social security number for him? Gosh he’s such a man. He heads home after failing at filling out an application for a minimum wage job. Praise him!

Zach heads to his job. He awkwardly asks for more hours. The boss sorta mocks him about the farm and his work habits. Zach whines how hard work is. This whole scene feels completely staged.

Matt crutches about. He bitches how the twins suck and skip chores. Matt chastises them and Jeremy smarts off how he works and Matt disagrees. Jeremy notes he doesn’t care what Matt thinks or whether Matt believes him. Gosh is that Jeremy Jesus respectfully agreeing with Daddy as always? Jeremy whines. Matt whines to Amy about selling the farm. Amy starts to talk and Jeremy tells Amy to leave and trot her ass back to the kitchen. You know, because she’s just a woman and not Matt so Jeremy telling the woman who birthed him to do his bidding is respectful. Amy tells him, a bit curtly, like she’s totally aware the camera is there and hoping he shuts up before its too late, to stop while he’s ahead. Jeremy snots off again and Amy notes she’s not gonna hear it from a 20 year old slacker. Oh Jer fans? What I didn’t see was Matt grow some balls and say one word as his son disrespected his wife or say one word when his wife told the 20 year old unemployed slacker to shut up.

So Jeremy is doing some work on a friend’s car. Amy asks whose car it is and Jeremy’s friend is Jeremy Roloff. So he lied right to his mom’s face. I guess that is Christian respect, lying directly to your mom’s face on camera. I mean, I am really curious how this will turn into a “Jeremy was telling the truth when he said it was for a friend because he’s a Christian who never lies!“. They debate the money, and he admits he didn’t even have the money to buy it. Amy hay bales how dumb he is.

Jeremy hay bales how he bought the second car before getting a job. There’s just not much going on in that pretty little head is there? He heads down to one of Daddy’s contacts and applies (not by computer). The interviewer asks about hours. Jeremy goes on about how nice it is there. Since we all know Jeremy isn’t working aside from chores for Daddy, and spent the last six months playing, this whole job thing is especially hilarious.

Matt and Zach drive to get the new car. Zach babbles on the hay bale. He buys a car. I note Zach managed to bring his license and registration with him unlike someone else. Matt congratulates him. Zach rams the curb as he drives off.

Back on the farm, Zach rolls in on his new SUV. Jeremy and Mueller want to sign the ceiling and perhaps realizing how expensive it is, Zach says no. Amy hay bales how dumb Jeremy is to buy a second car with no job. Jeremy sits at the family dinner and mentions moving out. Matt does a hallelujah! He’s just a little too happy, as in it feels like a completely staged moment. Then he notes how they don’t think about the costs. Matt hay bales how the twins are challenged and kinda slow moving out. I’m guessing this episode kinda reflects how no one really needs to kiss ass anymore.

2nd Episode

Amy and Molly and Jake head out to the gazebo. Amy hay bales how divorce is impending. Molly and Jake fight on the hammock. Jake looks a lil young there. As in I think this whole sequence was recycled from years ago. Also I would just like to say I appreciate how TLC continually used footage in such a way that if Mike had wandered through one of these last episodes, I wouldn’t have been shocked.

A realtor wanders in. Matt hay bales how without the twins he can’t work the farm. Ahem. Since Camerino and the staff do all the work and the twins only pitch in at pumpkin season…. Not buying the faux drama. Matt waxes nostalgically about the land as he is a man of the land. Amy chides Matt over that. Now we get a nostalgic mule trip around the farm.. The realtor sounds a bit like Jeremy and he nicely kisses Matt’s ass in this.

Mueller and Jeremy and Zach go apartment hunting in the Previa. Jeremy snots how mature he is. Everyone looks SHOCKED at the rent costs. This is dull because I know the twins didn’t move out and certainly didn’t move in with Mueller. Also, I don’t know about Oregon but really, there aren’t free advertising magazines in the grocery stores for apartments? You don’t have apartment hunters? You can’t go to and check pricing? This should not have been a shocker at all.

Matt notes a stain on the driveway. Amy notes that its from the Mercedes. Matt chides her, and Amy notes she did it on purpose to piss him off. Matt runs off to complain to Jeremy. Then Matt rants at her over the oil, and calls her lazy over the car problem. Molly notes on the hay bale that they aren’t communicating well. The divorce word finally rears its head. Matt hay bales how staying married might not be realistic. I’m sure tomorrow Matt will point and laugh how dumb everyone is to believe that.

The twins make lists on what they need as they wander about the store. They make Jake do math for them. That’s sad. More talk with the realtor. Amy shows the realtor around. Molly seems sad on the hay bale. There’s flashbacks of Matt letting the kids do dangerous stuff on the Mule. Amy goes on about the memories and playing with the kids. Insert picture montages.

She takes the realtor around the attractions. Amy and Matt go looking at houses. Matt notes how he’s just curious of Amy will agree with him on anything/ They look at BIG houses for “empty nesters” and I respectfully point out they still have two kids in school. I mean, that’s before I point out how Thing One and Thing Two have no interest in leaving. They look at another huge house. Amy goes on about moving and change and says the kids won’t run the farm. Amy seems to be having a midlife crisis. Again.

Jeremy and Zach and Mueller debate moving out and how expensive being grown ups is.

Molly hay bales how she doubts the twins will ever leave. I know she’s the smart one but that’s a pretty safe bet. Jeremy tells Amy how it makes more sense to loaf at home with Amy in the kitchen tending him than working. Because he’s a man and needs Mommy to tend him and mind him.

Matt tells the twins to get out and don’t think about bringing home grandkids. Amy hay bales how the twins will move out eventually. She seems pretty ready for that moment.

Matt talks about selling so he takes Amy out on the mule. They discuss making memories. Matt refers to the property as a palette but also feels tethered down to the land. Yeah, this is dull. Matt and Amy actually seem pretty disconnected from each other.

Matt hay bales how they might sell. Amy goes on about her memories and we get photo montages. They’ve come to their decision and they’re not selling…. Right now. Really this is a BIT forced. Matt and Amy need to work on the marriage, Amy calls it rocky and iffy. Yeah that’s super positive. There’s more montage. Oh hey there’s actually words to the theme song! WHY IS THIS THE FIRST TIME WE HAVE HEARD THE WORDS???

Back to Amy and Matt on the Mule. Both Matt and Amy make vague comments in voice over about the future…..and they mule off. So… we end on vagueness, hints of pending divorce and the sad realization that yes, the twins are lazy boobs.

And now the Cake Boss! But… the theme song with words will be on Itunes? It was the best part of the show :)


Brandon said...

" I am just shocked Matt and Amy actually allowed such a negative preview about Jeremy. How dare anyone say WonderJer has a tough time with anything?"

Don't worry, Rap. That will only be the first two minutes of that story in the episode. The rest will be about how Jeremy accomplishes anything he wants.

Good Bye Roloff Family said...

According to my Digital Cable Box Little People Big World first show tonite is going to be about "Twins at twenty" The twins are now Twenty, and they are facing the challenges of growing up, from getting jobs to buying new cars.

I thought that Zach went from part time at Indoor Goals to full time status due in part he was now ready to be a young adult and not fully depend on his parents for their help all of the the time,and also becasue he now needs a new vehicle cause Amy's old van that was given to him was starting to fall a part.

As for Jeremy he already has a 1971, 2002 Beamer that was totaly redone inside and out. the difference between him and Zach is Zach is actually working outside of the farm for his new car, Jeremy worked and save his money and half worked on the farm to buy his Beamer and that was it for him cause daddy Matt paid to get it restored. So what is the purpose of this eposiode?

Second Show of the hour and the Series Finale is "Moving Out" Zach and Jeremey think about getting their own place, prompting Matt and Amy to seriously consider selling the farm.

How can these young men move out of their parents castle when Zach is in School part time,and he is working fulltime to save up to buy a new vehicle Zach would need another part time job meaning he would have to quit School in order to move out. And what is Jeremey doing besides half going to PCC?

Who is going to pay for all of their bills if they move out? Mommy Amy and Daddy Matt, if that is the case they might as well stay home, cause it is being done already at home.

I was excepting the last two finale shows for the series would have went back to the basic and simple life where it was raw and real and not stage. But they the Roloffs and the Tlc film crew decide to not have class and end the show with class but end it with pointless stupid staged fake mess.

I will not be looking at the Series Finale, I will be watching NBC Network Season two Premiere of The Sing Off. I am done with the Roloffs and everyone else should be done also, join me tonight on the Nbc Network for the Sing Off.

Happy Holidays to all & to all a Good Day & Good Night.

Brandon said...

GoodBye RF, the part about Jeremy and the BMW restoration is ridiculous. Ridiculous that the show uses it as proof that Jeremy is "talented and determined to succeed!"

They even used in a dramatic montage last week as proof of Jeremy accomplishing something! Hah!

Jeremy took it to a restoration shop, in his words "for almost a full restore". Their services were probably comp'd because the name was seen on the show, but if the show is to be believed, Matt paid for it anyway. is this an example of "Jeremy being bound and determined to succeed? Because he's a rich boy that can afford to have professionals do the work for him and if he can't afford it, Daddy buys it for him. Way to go, Jer!

Expressed said...

Thanks Rap! Although we don't usually agree like you've said, I have laughed at some of your humor ;)

I really hope they aren't fake for the final episode. I don't want to be thinking "this isn't what really happens!" the whole episode.

It's the finale. People would watch anyway without the fakery.

TLC seems to be moving on. TLC's twitter did tweet about it, but they seem more excited about promoting some new show after LPBW. Another cake decorating show??

TLC jumps on an idea and does it death don't they? Little People, Families with tons of kids and shows about making cakes.

Rap541 said...

Expressed, I *mean* it. Your writing has improved immensely and I take pride in knowing you sharpened your skills with me :)

Cakes meh. The most important thing is taste. I mean sure its pretty but is it edible? And I have had enough of those fondant based cakes to say "no... not really edible".

Aidan said...

I'm offended that they think I'm stupid enough to even believe for a second that they'd sell the farm. For the past six years we've seen them building it up to be everything they ever wanted/needed so what makes the producers think the loyal viewers would believe any of that nonsense!?

Anonymous said...

He doesn't know his SS # - how funny is this...uh, not very....

Esme said...

Well No final end at all. All stupid pointless plots if that what any one wants to call it with lies to bring in one more final rating Post for for TLC Monday Night Prime Time.

Best Wishes to you The Roloff Family and the next mess of a New Chapter of you all's lives.

M said...

I was expecting more from the finale. I personlay thought it ended on a low. A show about selling the farm(yeah right!) and the twins moving out. We all know they aren't leaving the farm(liquading some of that crap would be a smart move... Who needs 34 vehicular equipment?) but they aren't going anywhere. They also act like it's the end of life the twins *might* leave... Let's sell the house! I kept on thinking "hello? Um you still have your other 2 kids. In middle school and high school. So you uproot them? It's like they couldn't care less about them and it's all about the twins!"
Seriously in the real world, Jer can't move out if he doesn't even have a job. No place would even rent to him without him having a steady job. The boy doesn't even know how to apply or know that he needs his ssn for a job application! They only thing he could put on it was he's only had experience on the farm at pumpkin season. Yeah unless your selling pumpkins or driving a tractor... Yeah.
That was just the most stupidest thing!

I got to admit I'll miss watching. Good luck in the real world Roloffs!

Mike P. said...

An interesting don't-let-the-door-hit-you moment:

I switched on TLC-HD at 5:15pm PST only to discover that "Twins at Twenty" was already underway. Huh?

Checking into it, I discovered that on HD, at least, Little People was finished at 6pm, replaced through the rest of the evening by the (execrable) Cake Boss and his new show.

Until now, LPBW has had the 8 and 8:30pm prime-time slots. Weird (and fitting, in a way) that they would be shoved aside on their very final night. Tsk.

On standard TV, they still have the time slot tonight.

Shadow said...

Don't know if it was on earlier, 'cause I didn't get home from WORK until 7ish, but on the West Coast, they're showing it at 10:30? Yeah, TLC loves them some little people in a big world...NOT! Stick a fork in 'em, they're done!

Guess I'll have to make do with the reviews (thanks, Expressed and Rap), 'cause I was up until the wee hours last night, and have no intention of staying up to watch Jeremy be a sexist pig. If I had been Amy, I suspect the next scene would have shown me marching up to his room, and throwing all his crap out the window. Then I would have ripped his cell phone out of his hands, locked up all his expensive photography equipment, video games, computers, TV and any other electronic devices I paid for, and ordered him off MY property.

Y'know, if Jer likes being outside and driving trucks and forklifts, the Armed Services are always looking for a "few good men." Heck, he's already jumped with the Golden Eagles; I bet he could enter as a captain, at least! Hardeeharhar...

Ick Ick Ick Ick Ick...this show needed to end a looooong time ago. This season destroyed *any* semblance of the illusion that they were doing this show for a worthy purpose.

Aidan said...

I used to love LPBW but now I'm kind of glad it is finished because this whole last season, like the finale itself, led us NOWHERE! The twins think about moving out, but they don't. Matt and Amy think about selling the farm. but they don't. The Roloffs didn't have anything else worthwhile going on in their lives to make a TV show out of and that's why ratings plummeted and the show was cancelled.

Carol said...

Well said, Shadow. That's exactly what I wanted to see Amy do too. I wish Amy would show Jeremy some "tough love".

He is too obnoxious and arrogant for words.

I find it interesting that the episode that portrayed Jeremy's disrespect and prejudices the most were saved until the very end.

Amy should kick him out.

Zach has his faults too, but despite the out of touch comment about rent, at least he is working and seems to have some awareness that there isn't much to be proud of to be living off mom and dad with no responsibility.

Jeremy still thinks he's awesome and believes everyone should feel blessed to have him living at home ordering the women to stay in the kitchen.

Martin said...

Is Jeremy mentally disabled? He is looking at a website with the word "Careers"...but he has no idea how to use it to search for a job. Speechless.

Jason said...

Jeremy looked like the perfect picture of a disrespectful bum when Matt was, writing his resume for him. He had such a sarcastic expression, he looked like he was hungover with a 5 o'clock shadow. He looked like bum.

I actually felt sorry for Matt and Amy for having such a slug for a son. At least Zach got a job and didn't tell Amy her place is in the kitchen.

Timothy said...

The logical question is who completed the application to get Jeremy accepted to Brooks? Even if they go for the money, this episode made it clear that Jeremy couldn't apply for anything on his own.

Em said...

Jason, Jeremy wasn't looking very pretty in the office for the resume scene with Matt. Sometimes I wonder if he spent a lot of time with the LPBW make up artist.

Greg said...

That whole hour showed what a douche bag Jeremy is as a person.

Melissa said...

So the vehicle count they did in the "answer your question" episode was wrong.

They now have 36.

Kayla said...

What was the red mark on Jeremy's forehead when he was doing his barn-bites? Acne? I thought he was over that. He had that in the first season then it magically disappeared. Did he get hit between the eyes?

Kayla said...

I almost forgot, I couldn't believe it when Jeremy asked "What are those things called we wipe our hands with?" Zach said paper towels.

I hope for Jeremy's sake that was scripted!

Katherine said...

Jeremy was more of a jerk than he's ever been and that's saying a mouthful.

Natalie said...

Jeremy was just brutal. They should have ended it last week with the Q & A.

I wonder if the editors or producers have been hiding the massive loser Jeremy is this whole time. I've never been a big fan of Jeremy's but he was 50 times more of a lazy jerk than usual.

Rap541 said...

" If I had been Amy, I suspect the next scene would have shown me marching up to his room, and throwing all his crap out the window. Then I would have ripped his cell phone out of his hands, locked up all his expensive photography equipment, video games, computers, TV and any other electronic devices I paid for, and ordered him off MY property."

My mom, upon being spoken to that way, would have asked where his rent check was and when he planned on paying for maid service.

Now I know this was a storyline and not reality but really, those twins need a reality check. When you can't summon up the common sense to apply for a minimum wage job... how will you establish a successful photography business? There's more to that sort of job than taking pictures, saying "awesome" and someone handing you a wad of cash to blow.

Mike P. said...

"You're just too lazy to park the car in the garage."

That Roloff feels free to speak to anyone in that manner, let alone his wife, says everything you need to know about him. Completely absorbed by himself.

And literally looking for reasons to attack. Oil! On the driveway! Oh, noes!!!!

First. Time. Ever. (Since the invention of automobiles.)

And that LAZY woman didn't even care. She didn't even try to call me . . . .

Another thing, I've been constantly amazed how indifferent the Roloffs are to wasting other peoples' time. Not just college tour guides, but college deans; not just a realtor, but two of them; not just a rental agent, but two or three. And so on--I've forgotten all of them.

And all without any real intention to follow through.

You can say that those people are there to do what they did. But I think that they also expect at least a modicum of good faith.

And good faith is not the Roloff's strong point.

Aidan said...

So now will we get a tell all from the people behind the scenes of the show or are they under some gag order not to let us know first hand what it was really like filming LPBW?

Lola said...

Weirdest ending of a series ever. Did TLC want to show us the real Rolloffs? Jeremy- paper towels-women in the kitchen- lack of computer skills- huh?! That's what they leave us with? And Matt being a real jerk to Amy about the driveway. I have an interlock driveway. Oil gets on it and I just hose it off until the water runs clear then the oil spot will fade- or flip the stones over!!! I'm sure they were left extra stones if they need to replace them. This is how Matt wants us to remember him? I'm glad the series is over. Maybe Molly and Jacob have a chance to grow up normally now. (If it isn't too late!!)
One last thing, why do they act like their lives will end when the twins leave home? They have 2 other children- Molly 17 and Jacob 13. It never made sense to me.

The Truth And Nothing But The Truth said...

Totaly agree with all of what you said Lola. Matt crying over oil in the drive way come on now isn't that is what the drive way is for to park your car and if oil leak on your brick drive way so be it.

All Matt had to do is put some Kitty Litter over the soild area of his freaking drive way. Cat litter does wonders when it comes to sucking up oil and other leaks and spills in drive ways.

As for Jer Ber he is just a plan dumb smart at the mouth jerk. Being so disrespectful to his mom saying that her place is in the Kitchen when he can not he think of or even say the word paper towel.

But yet we were considering moving out on our own with Zach and Mulluer who both have jobs and yet we Mr. Smart at the mouth does not have a job. Then he turns around and buy a another car and still no job, very smart and bright Jer.

I guess Zach and Mulluer would have to pay for Jeremy portion of the bills along with their own if they would have really decided to move out.

Thanks goodness this show is truly over with cause their was just nothing their for this show any more.

Emma said...

What was the name of the theme song!? I loved it!

Alaina said...

Rap, why do you love hating on Jeremy so much?

Rap541 said...

Alaina is that a real question or are you just taking the opportunity to call me a hater? :)

I'm ok with both, but if any answer I give you will end with you bitching how wrong I am in my motivations and I am just a hater in your opinion, save us both some time and just be honest and call me names. :)

Kyle said...

It spoke volumes that Zach never talked about or considered the increased insurance costs or insurance at all. He was only worried about car payments.

Why? I know the answer. Because Matt and Amy pay the insurance costs for the 20 year olds Zach and Jeremy.

Christy said...

Jeremy is sexist and cocky! How nice of him to announce that he will stay at home to "help out". He doesn't "help out"

THey should be paying rent. Instead Matt pays him money to do any little thing.

Julie said...

Alaina, I don't think people would spend so much time hating on Jeremy if he didn't make it so gosh darn easy. The boy gives us a lot of ammo.

And actually, I don't think I'd give him nearly as much grief as I do if it weren't for his obtuse fangirls who insist on defending EVERYTHING he does. It's not like Jeremy is this evil bastard who's going to start knocking over liquor stores and robbing banks. But he's not Mr. Awesome McAwesome Christian either.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how unprepared for the real world Z & J really are. They are absolutely useless, never mind the smart mouth on both of them. Entitled, obnoxious, immature...sad. All I kept thinking was "Molly! Jake! RUN! GET OUT OF THERE, IT'S YOUR ONLY HOPE"!

Alaina said...

Rap: Call you names? What..? I'm just pointing out that you seem overly sarcastic and sometimes rude when it comes to anything that has to do with Jeremy. Now that you mention it, yeah, I'd agree you're a "hater".

Anonymous said...

Just very, very sad that we won't be watching the Roloffs on Monday nights any longer. As crazy as it sounds, it feels almost like a death in the family.

T Allen said...

I've gotta say that the ending of LPBW has left a big hole in my heart. For whatever reason, I felt completely connected to the Roloffs as if they were part of my own family.

Roland said...

Jeremy is one little lazy jerk that only want's to work for TLC.

Sydney said...

I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed this, but when they were showing that scene where Jeremy was on his computer, did anyone else notice he was signing onto Facebook? It was blurred out (obviously), but it looked alot like the Facebook homepage.

Expressed said...

Sydney, I didn't notice that on screen, I thought it was the homepage for the place he was applying to? I think it was Lowes. Maybe that's where the blue came from and why you thought it was facebook.

Jeremy does have a facebook. He doesn't talk to fans or any of that, but it's not surprising if he was on facebook.

Jer does use computers. Maybe he hates them but he definitely does use them.

Rap541 said...

Alaina - so indeed your agenda here was simply to name call for "the love of Jeremy". Thanks for playing.

Why is it we get these new posters with new names who all sound vaguely?

Then again, I'm still waiting for KickerKevin to man up and tell us (and Zach) who he is so Zach can know who on his team thinks he's an overreacting bitch. Also waiting for Frank the Tv Producer (who sounds a lot like Jeffrey and a few others) to do as Matt does and tell us all how stupid we are and how smart he is since he's working in tv :)

aponce16 said...

Hey, When Jer was filling out the computer application and couldn't finish because he didn't have or remember his SSN. How come he didn't just call his Mommy to get the numbers? He is either dumb or he did it on purpose... I bet the answer is both.

Michael said...

can anyone please tell me the name of the song played at the end of the final episode? TY!

Moonster said...

I'm just curious.. why do you guys even watch the show if you're so negative? What's the point? If you don't like them or think they're wrong - why even bother paying attention?

I find it all a bit laughable that you're so critical, yet you still watch.

Are you getting paid to do this or something? If so, I guess that's one way of making money.

I agree that the older kids are spoiled. At that age, I was in college. But then again, I was more like Molly and a bit of a nerd. Eventually, I'm sure their parents will gradually get them to see the positives of being on their own.