Monday, December 13, 2010

The Song From The Little People, Big World Finale

We have been receiving a lot of questions from people asking what was the name of the song that was played at the end of the series finale of Little People, Big World?

Thanks to everyone that submitted the answer on their own.

The song is called 'No Way You're Gonna Stop Me' - written by Joey Newman and Gabriel Mann.

You can listen to the full version of the song on Joey Newman's website at this link. It's under "Songs" and then "No Way You're gonna Stop Me"


Laura said...

Thanks! It's a great song!

I like the other one on the website too? "This is where I live"? It sounds like it was written for the Roloffs too. Maybe they went with the other one because the uncertainty in the marriage they ended the show with didn't fit the happy lyrics?

Anne-Marie said...

The song and the montage was my favorite part of the finale. I love the song. Good job Joey Newman! I enjoyed the music in most of the episodes. The words were great for Matt in this song!

People say I'm crazy
And in over my head
This world wasn't made for me
Making it mine instead
Nobody believes that I can
Just look at where I am

Darlene said...

I really liked that song and the video they made out of it. I liked seeing the old Roloffs. Maybe it's just me but they all seemed happier even though they didn't have the big house or as much money as they do know. I think it proves the old saying true that money doesn't buy happiness.

cathelitou said...

I like the song! Where can I see the video montage?

Joey Newman said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone! Gabe and I had a great time working on the songs.

Laura, you are correct in that "This Is Where I Live" was inspired by the Roloffs and how Matt travels so much but ultimately - home is where the heart is... It's actually a pretty universal feeling, eh?

Thanks for the support!
- joey

Laura said...

Joey, thank you so much for answering :) Yay, I was right! I thought both songs were wonderful. They should have done two montages :)

I agree with you. It is a universal feeling. That's why I was unsure if it was inspired by the Roloffs, it fit them, but it applies to a lot of people. Thanks again and great job.

Nicole said...

Hi Joey, I really love the song as well. Who sings it? Gabe? Or is that you?

Kathy said...

I'm so glad I found this.

Mr Newman, thank you for all your talented work you've done on LPBW. You played such an important part. Your music helped shape and extract the emotion from a particular scene.

Nancy said...

Thank you. I was wondering what the song was too.

Timothy said...

Nice work, Joey.

Did you write the song specifically for the finale? When did you start it or did the song and the words exist the whole time?


Carol said...

I also like the song a lot. My favorite piece of music for LPBW was "Remembering Mike".

In my humble opinion, you should have won the Emmy for that one, Joey.

The emotion is so powerful. I love the music around 3:43 when Amy says "I would rather that that than all the other stuff". I still tear up when I listen to it.

Carol said...

Oh, I forgot, is there anywhere I can listen to "Remembering Mike" (I think that's what the piece was titled)? I believe it used to be on but I don't see it there now?

Expressed said...

Joey, great job on the song.

I like "This Is Where I Live" too. When I listen to it, I can picture the montage they could have used for it.

Michael said...

Mr Newman,
I've admired your music on the show for a long time.

May I ask what was the process like in making music for the LPBW episodes?

Did you receieve each episode after editing and then did you have control to compose and insert music into the appropriate scenes or was their instructions with each scene such as "Uplifting" music, "emotional", "quirky". I'm just wondering what the process was like?

Thank you in advance.

Rap541 said...

Wow! I definately have my views and feelings on LPBW but honestly, my comment at the end of my review was heartfelt. Love the song and I wish we'd known there were words and such long before this. Do more music please Mr. Newman

Melissa said...

I'm a little bit confused :/

Was "No Way You're Gonna Stop Me" the theme song? The first few notes of the song sounded like it, I think?

Did they just use the music without the words for the theme song in the opening credits every show?

Joey Newman said...

Wow! Great questions! Here are my answers to the best of my ability...

Thanks again for your sweet comments.

* Nicole:
It's Gabe singing. He's great and is currently in a band called The Rescues. He also scores film and TV like me...

MUCH appreciated! Thank you! It's been an amazing journey on that show...

I didn't write it for the finale even though it seems like I did! I actually wrote and produced "No Way You're Gonna Stop Me" and another song called "This Is Where I Live" with Gabe Mann at the same time back in 2007, I believe. The initial thought was that the songs were to be bonus tracks for a proposed LPBW soundtrack CD release. Discovery couldn't get everything up and running so it lingered on to no avail. When we hit season 5, the show's producers asked if they could use the instrumental version of the song as the new main title. Cut to season 6 here and everyone wanted that song to end the series...

Thank you SO much. That was an emotional time alright. I felt so sad for all of them... I don't have "Remembering Mike" on my website anymore, and I doubt it's anywhere else. Email me from my website and I will see what I can do...

Thanks for saying it that. It would have been great to put that song in the show if it worked out though it was never designed for that ultimately. The female singer opposite Gabe is a wonderful singer by the name of Kyler England. She's in the Rescues with Gabe and has a solo career of her own...

The process evolved over many years on this show. Since there was no "music library" to pull from, I had to create it from scratch. The other thing I've done with this show from day one is score every scene - that's where the big difference (among other things) lies from a show like LPBW and other "reality" music. I approached this score the same way I would approach any project - with 150% attention to each cue and just by all your nice words, it transcends! You are correct in that I usually received a final locked episode and the producers/editors and I would discuss mood and feel for each place music would be needed - their instructions were more detailed than one would think since they were such talented and creative people. I think the proof is in the pudding! We really fine tuned it the process for speed and efficiency over time so that we pretty much knew what to do unless it was a special and out-of-the-ordinary episode (like when they were in New Orleans or Ireland).

I really appreciate your interest and support, everyone!

- joey

Mark said...

I made a nice trailer with the mp3 with Joey's permission. Enjoy!

Expressed said...

Thanks Joey! And thanks Mark for making the video :)