Sunday, January 30, 2011

Matt and Jacob Roloff in the mall -- video

Matt took a quick video with Jacob in the Mall and put it on You Tube. Not much happens :)...Jacob got some new stuff.

Matt Roloff Video Message

Matt made a new video update that he posted on You Tube.

Some people are saying they had a hard time hearing Matt, so our Guest Episode Reviewer -- Rap541 -- decided to get back into the swing of things for your entertainment and recap Matt's video. All opinions belong to Rap.

Written by Rap541

Matt is “changing it up” by filming in front of his office fireplace. Someone has suggested he recap his week, and as a private citizen with no desire or need for attention from the public, here Matt is. I mean, far be it for me to point out that people who genuinely want to slip back into their private lives after a lengthy tv show usually skip the demands from fans for special videos and weekly chats (that’s a shout out to Amy who is also making extra special effort to remain in the public eye).

So… Monday! Matt did paperwork with his bookkeeper and paid insurance. That sounds a lot like my Monday except I also watched House. Matt mentions his stool business and the farm and his speaking business and Amy’s speaking business. This apparently took all day.

Tuesday - Matt was downtown talking to lawyers about his adventure park he’s putting up and the big land deal it involves. And of course he’s in such demand for shows that his lawyers also needed to check out deals for that. Matt notes that he has multiple attorneys working on his deals.

By the way, maybe I am just believing crazy stories but… is an amusement park really a viable business in northern states? We had them where I grew up in the northeast but it’s a pretty seasonal business and the parks had a tendency to… change ownership/go bankrupt even in the best of times.

Wednesday - Amy left so Matt had to deal with the kids. I would be a lot more sympathetic if in theory, he wasn’t making it sound like he was playing Mr. Mom to four toddlers. Really, two of the Roloff children are grown men. If Jeremy and Zach still need Daddy to tell them to do their home work and make sure the refrigerator is full, then I really don’t care to hear how they’re mature young men making it on their own. After all, Matt needed to spend his Wednesday tending the four kids, right? Hell even Jake is getting a bit long in the tooth for this. Molly, Jake, Jeremy the College Man and Zach the College Man still need a parent to tend them? Are we supposed to buy this? And if you read between the lines, Zach went shopping aka did the work and Matt watched a movie with Jake until late on a school night.

Thursday - Matt and Camarino did traffic research. Traffic control studies for the big adventure park! If I get the gist of it, they were counting stop lights on their way to the super secret piece of property…. Can’t you just get that info from the county? Well, maybe not if you’re suing the county… But it sounds like a reason to have Camarino drive him around all day.

Friday/Saturday - It is sort of unclear which day he means. He hilariously welcomes Jake into the room. Jake appears to have been sitting in the room the entire time, reflected in the fire screen. In order to continue the masquerade, someone opens and closes the door while pointedly never blocking the light from the door - if he’d been entering the room by the door he would have blocked the light, someone was clearly opening and closing the door to give the appearance of entering but both Jake and the other person were in the room the entire time.

Matt clarifies that it is Saturday and Amy will soon return. Matt is proud to tell us that Jake now has a homework station in Matt’s office as Jake’s room is too filled with toys to have a proper homework station. Matt then laughs about all the stuff in Jake’s room. I note for all the “Matt is a great parent” folks that Matt thinks Jake’s room being so full of toys that he has no place for homework amusing and makes no suggestion that he as a parent perhaps shouldn’t be indulging the lad. In fact Matt laughs about putting a fridge in the room. That’s a concerned parent doing the right thing! He then has a moment of affection with Jake who looks annoyed but pleased.

Apparently his major chore for Saturday was listing Amy’s white van for sale. He notes the Roloffs tend to acquire goods, not sell. Then he holds his cat June for the camera. Ironically, as he does this, I am watching an episode of Lockup where the prisoners have pet cats.

So to sum up, Monday was bill paying, Tuesday was hanging around with lawyers, Wednesday was essentially doing nothing since it isn’t as though the Roloff kids are babies (in theory anyway) Thursday was some piddly project that sounds a lot like goofing off and Matt really never said what happened on Friday or Saturday except that he slept in and sold Amy’s car.

Yeah, he doesn’t sound that busy.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amy Roloff Answers Question Re: Controversial Topic of Church Curing Gay People

Amy Roloff held her weekly coffee chat Friday January 21st. However, the buzz after her chat was no doubt centered around one question she received. Thanks to all that emailed their opinions and messages.

To set it up for you -- as some people know and as we mentioned in our Holiday item about the Roloffs Christmas activities --

-- The Roloffs and particularly Jeremy, is enthralled with a conservative Church in the Portland area -- a church and whose main speaker - John Mark Comer -- preaches some things that would have to be classified as controversial -- such as calling homosexuality a perversion, homosexuals are broken deep within themselves and they recommend that people struggling with their orientation seek spiritual rehab so they will be cured of being gay and then and only then -- will they be fit to enter the Kingdom of God. It is a part of this video (this issue is addressed at 2:40 and 7:40)

Despite some people that were attempting to dispute what we reported about certain Roloffs support for the speaker John Mark Comer and this church -- we can absolutely, one hundred percent confirm that Jeremy loves this church -- even since we published that item - we have been told by legitimate friends that Jeremy has been recommending the Loveology Series as delivered by John Mark as recently as last week.

It's not the first time that this issue has sparked debate among different factions of Roloff fans. Years ago the church (a different church than the one that Jeremy is enthusiastic about and that the entire Roloff family were spotted at for Christmas Eve service) that viewers of Little People, Big World will recognize as the Church where Mike Detjen's Memorial service was held - invited controversial "ex-gay" speakers that promote the exact same thing that John Mark stated in his sermon.

Then of course, the other things that tie the Roloffs to this subject was Amy's affiliation to the organization Focus On The Family through choosing to link them on her website at one time and of course, Jeremy's use of gay slurs and perceived mocking of gay people online a few years ago.

So debates about that and how it relates to the Amy and Matt being diversity speakers on the subject of tolerance and acceptance always arise -- some Christian fans staunchly support the Roloffs affiliation with those beliefs and others who feel that it undermines the Roloffs validity on the diversity speaking circuit.

That's the overview, that brings us to Amy's coffee chat. You can watch the recording of Amy's chat on her Ustream channel

To lead into it, these would be the relevant parts:

At 10:23 Amy talks about her upcoming speaking engagement:

Amy Roloff = "But I do have a speaking engagement next week that will be held at the Univ of Tenn. Chattanooga . That talk will be about how to really accept yourself and believe about yourself when you are different or have a disability. Really embracing yourself so you can incorporate yourself among the forest. I call it being the individual tree among the forest. Sometimes you can feel like the lone tree even though you have all these people around you, but how do you incorporate how you want people to think about yourself if you haven't done it for yourself already."

At 15:15 Amy invites tough questions (this was a speculated issue this week - whether or not Amy would accept "tough" questions or only wanted "softballs")

Amy Roloff: "Keep giving questions, I have Lisa helping me out, writing the questions out, I will try to get to as many as I can. If you want to throw a ball at me with a tough question, feel free. I figure that my life has pretty much been an open book on LPBW so...unless you ask me what color of underwear I'm wearing...that may be a question that I don't answer, but you know what, throw it at me people. I am here to interact and chit-chat with you."

Then later in the chat, Kyle (who has left comments on our site as well) asks Amy a question. Unfortunately, apparently due to space limitations of the text box on the chat, Kyle submitted his question in 3 parts. It was displayed as (with other chatter questions in between)

Kyle_shaw: OK Tough Question :) You talked about accepting yourself and accepting ppl for who they are...but isn't it true that you, Jeremy and the church you attend believe that gay people are broken and

need to pray to Jesus to be cured? How can you say you speak about acceptance if you think some minorities should NOT accept themselves and pray that they get cured?

How would you feel if I said you shouldn't accept your dwarfism and you should pray to get taller? How would you feel if I said that, but also said I'm a diversity speaker about accepting differences?

At 41:00 of the chat, Amy reads the question aloud - unfortunately she saw the final part of his question first (which alone, probably confused Amy as it sounds like a pure insult without the lead on)

Amy answered: It's funny, a lot of people have asked me what I think about dwarfism and did I ever wish to be taller? There are certain things that I can chance, there are certain things that I can't change, there are certain choices that people make....whether you're a diversity speaker on all sorts of diversity but diversity itself and discrimination itself is about people. I think when we start zeroing in on the specifics of that is maybe when you'll start to forget about a different group or a different culture, a different race, a different lifestyle or something like that.

But I am in support of anyone facing discrimination, facing non-acceptance because ultimately we are people first. We have to belief and faith in individuals with worth and value. We can often get cluttered with all of the other stuff, but I'm grateful that we live in a country where we do have choices...still. Does everyone believe and accept those choices or understand all of those choices that people make or what is happening in their life or who they are? No, they don't.

That's why even with my own kids, even when I go out and speak, even with the show there is still a need to continue to go out there and speak on diversity to continue to keep people's minds open and keep them thinking about how different we are, but as I have often said, even though we are very different, we have a lot more similarites involved.

After taking a question about if Zach is taller than Matt, at 44:00 you can see Amy reading the Kyle's full question. As Amy begins to speak, someone in the background (most likely Lisa Dixon who helps Amy with the chats and her Charity Foundation) says something to Amy to which Amy responds "No, that's fine"

Amy's answer: ...."You know, we speak about diversity, we...this is in answer to Kyle's question...I do speak about diversity.

I do attend a church that is Christian biased, but that is my faith. That doesn't always mean that everyone who attends the church will always agree on every little thing a church will preach about, be about, on their website, but does that necessarily you mean that your throw out the church because of that one thing?

Do you throw out the baby with the bathwater because something is wrong? There is always going to be something that you're not going to like about a faith, a religion, a church, a business, people, their thoughts, 'I like black, you like white', but I'm not worth a person, or my opinions aren't worth anything because I believe in this and you don't?

To me it's about the matter of embracing the opportunities, we do have choice, we do have thoughts, we do have opinions and not everyone is going to agree and accept that, but I will still go back to the basic thing that we are people -- we need to appreciate that we all have choices and we are able to do what we do.

So yeah, I am very...the church is what I go to and my faith is very important to me, just as much as faith or some spirituality of other people. So hopefully that answered a little bit of it."

Other people that were participating in the chat were leaving messages as Amy was talking.
One of them was from a Danielle: "Going to church is about having values and living life fully"

Amy responded to that comment as well: "Danielle says "going to church is about having values and living life fully". You can have values in your life and live life fully and that doesn't mean you can only get it by going to church. People can get that from whatever gives them support and encouragement of whatever spirituality or faith they want to lead their life with. But I think everyone has values and people's values will be different from everyone else...but to me, it's like good and bad, doing the right thing, supporting and believing in each other and appreciating our gifts that we are given because not everyone can be a CEO of a company, there are janitors too, but everyone has worth as people."

And thanks to our readers that sent us the chat text so people that haven't participated can get an idea of what it's like. This is after Kyle's question and as Amy is speaking:


3:29 DanielleGS: you are such an influential person amy!
3:29 DebyTaylor: Hello Amy from Houston Texas
3:29 SarahMKenny: @Lisa...Amy missed the first part of Kyle's question
3:29 maillady333: precisely amy!!!
3:30 markjohnsonn: Do the kids have facebook fan pages??
3:30 stardiana: did you give it to amy please? i would like to chat with her personally?
3:30 dscarrier50: people need to stop looking at the outside & look at the inner person
3:30 kyle_shaw: Please show Amy my first part of my question..
3:30 macal: I saw that zachary is taller then amy and matt
3:30 markjohnsonn: Do the kids have facebook fan pages
3:30 DebyTaylor-1: Hello Amy, do you ever plan on coming to Houston Texas?
3:30 Hurleyhero724: I hope to see your family on t.v. again. I can really relate to Zack, because I am a shy quiet person who has troubble coming out of my shell.
3:30 kyle_shaw: but isn't it true that you, Jeremy and the church you attend believe that gay people are "broken" and need to pray to Jesus to be cured? How can you say you speak about acceptance if you think some mi
3:31 markjohnsonn: Do the kids have facebook fan pages???
3:31 aklmom: Do you ever think about returning to teaching?
3:31 RollTideRollAlabamer: Amy I know you watched the world cup gurl!
3:31 purewolf386: have your kids ever complained about being on tv?
3:31 markjohnsonn: Do the kids have facebook fan pages??
3:31 dscarrier50: Amy don't let it get to you
3:31 RevVigeant: Zack's legs were straightening out by themselves, last I saw
3:32 dscarrier50: Kyle everyone beleives what they do thats their right
3:32 maillady333: you tell him amy!
3:32 markjohnsonn: yeah you tell him
3:32 stardiana: i'm a dwarf myself and like to chat with you. my son is facing the same thing as you and i went through
3:32 dscarrier50: GO Amy
3:32 dscarrier50: :-)
3:32 SarahMKenny: There is no such thing as a perfect church...just a perfect Savior!
3:32 suz01ie: Your awesome Amy. Thank you
3:32 markjohnsonn: Do the kids have facebook fan pages??
3:32 dscarrier50: AMEN sarah
3:32 DebyTaylor-1: I like that Sarah
3:32 markjohnsonn: Do the kids have facebook fan pages
3:32 Kerri-Wiemer: Yeah, I didn't like that question. I am glad she is telling him, though. I would have ignored it
3:32 luyos: I dont believe the boys have facebooks, I will be updating the valid links to the web page soon. In development.
3:32 pdx_marigold: Yay Amy! Glad you can address this for all the naysayers out there.
3:32 DanielleGS: going to church is about having values and living life fully
3:32 RevVigeant: good for you Sarah
3:33 SarahMKenny: :)
3:33 dscarrier50: YEAH AMY!!!
3:33 RollTideRollAlabamer: perfectly put Sarah!
3:33 aklmom: What do have planned for 2011?
3:33 Tom_Summerville: What types of recipes and food will be in your cookbook? Any uncommon recipes? Any pies & desserts?
3:33 maillady333: so true amy!
3:33 Kerri-Wiemer: YAY AMY!!!!
3:33 australiansw: say happy birthday to jacob
3:33 provjb-1: what ever happened to the young boy "Chance" who was featured a few seasons back.
3:33 SarahMKenny: OH NOOOO!
3:33 markjohnsonn: what web page will it be on ??
3:33 CODY-kidsTVactor: outstanding Mrs Roloff - thank youuu!
3:33 DebyTaylor-1: Amy will you ever come to Houston Texas?
3:33 RollTideRollAlabamer: give Sarah a shout out for being an awesome person Amy!
3:33 markjohnsonn: Do the kids have facebook fan pages??
3:33 maillady333: oh no we like having you here with us!!!
3:33 dscarrier50: LECANTO FLORIDA LOVE
3:33 purewolf386: are ya'll going to beupdating the rollofffarms website?
3:33 SarahMKenny: I really want a signed copy of the cookbook
3:33 dscarrier50: Lecanto Florida loves Amy
3:34 Lepplady: Well said Amy.
3:34 luyos: It will be Amy's Charitys webpage.
3:34 DanielleGS: i agree Amy!
3:34 aklmom: What do you have planned in your career for 2011
3:34 dscarrier50: Way to go AMy
3:34 markjohnsonn: alright thank you so much
3:34 maillady333: love and blessings out to you and your family amy, will catch you next time!
3:34 CODY-kidsTVactor: praying starts at the home. keep the faith and have hope! thats the key!
3:34 SarahMKenny: I will repeat: No such thing as a perfect church, only a perfect Savior...He only requires our heart
3:34 Kerri-Wiemer: AWESOME JOB, AMY!!!
3:34 Kelton222: How many more pumpkin seasons are there going to be?
3:34 australiansw: say happy birthday to jacob
3:34 Hurleyhero724: Are the boys still going to college?
3:34 rollofffan: what was the most interesting thing that you have cooked? I'm just learning to cook


What is your opinion of Amy's answer?

That was the part of the chat was that really stood out, however, here is a summary of some other things Amy said in the chat (if you haven't watched the whole chat yourself --which you are encouraged to watch!)

-Amy is struggling in the month of January, it's kind of depressing. She's staying up late, sleeping in...she doesn't like it much.

-Jeremy and Zach are in the same spot. They are still figuring out their schedules. They are still at PCC. They are focusing on transferring but it's much more of a task than they anticipated. They are still at home, there are some rules, but they are independent for the most part. Amy says friends don't come over as much as they used to.

-Zach is still working at the indoor soccer place. He's looking into other opportunities with soccer.

-Jeremy is looking for a part time job. He's still doing his photography.

-Do Jeremy and Zach still need Amy to wake them? Yeah sometimes, but not all the time.

-Jacob's birthday was a great time. Molly came back from a skiing trip just in time for them all to go out to dinner for his birthday.

-Jake has a lot of stuff, but he's had a lot of stuff taken away from him too (punishment for poor grades, etc).

-In addition to the mini-fridge they bought Jacob, they also got him a stereo. She hopes it will keep him motivated while doing homework. Amy thinks he wanted a mini fridge because that's what his brothers and Molly have. Amy made sure to stock it with healthy food and drinks.

-Molly is going out with friends more this year. She's going to be going on a school mission trip to Haiti. She's excited. Other people have supported her financially to allow Molly to go. Molly is using some of her own money, but she's also reaching out to others for assistance. Amy is proud Molly is going and likes to think that she had an influence.

-Not much is going on around the farm in the winter months. March is when Matt begins to think about plans for pumpkin season.

-Molly is 17, Jacob will be graduating from 8th grade in June.

-Jeremy and Zach will probably be transferring from PCC to a University next year.

-None of her kids have left home yet, but they will start to leave next year, so she's having those pre-empty nester feelings.

-Amy's mom role is changing. Amy says her whole family thinks she is changing, but Amy thinks it's her role that is changing, she's always had this side of her.

-Matt's health is doing pretty good. The winter months can be tough; the cold makes his joints stiff and sore. He's looking into whether it's just the cold or if he should look into other solutions. Matt is on meds for high blood pressure and diabetes. He is on the low end of being a diabetic. Amy looks at it as a wake up call before it gets worse.

-She mentioned her Amy J Roloff Facebook Fan Page and encouraged people to go there for the latest updates from her.

-Her travel schedule depends on womens groups and non profit organizations that are interested in her speaking about diversity from her view.

-Everyone asks her if they'll keep the farm and if pumpkin season will continue. Yes and Yes as long as Matt has the energy for pumpkin season - because Matt is the driving force of pumpkin season - the rest of the family helps when it's actually open, but Matt does all the planning, etc..

-Jake is doing a little bit of soccer, he's trying to figure himself out. This is the toughest time Amy has had with Jacob in supporting him, to get him to do his best, trying to find out what he has a passion for...other than that Jacob is a great young boy.

-She had musician Patrick Lamb as a guest. He mentioned at the end that "when you get your own syndicated talk show, I'll be able to say I knew you when..."

-Amy is going through her old photos. She might share some of them. Her kids and their friends have been bugging her to make a photo album of all their old pictures.

-She likes the book Chicken Soup For the Soul - likes positive thinking.

-Who was born first Jeremy or Zach ? Jeremy was born first. They were a bit premature. She needed to wait two and a half weeks to take them home because their lungs weren't fully developed.

-There won't be a coffee chat next Friday because she will be away for her speaking engagement, but it will return Feb 4th.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Washington County Denies Wrong-doing In Roloff Lawsuit

For the first time since the Roloffs officially filed a lawsuit against Washington County for $200,000 -- Washington County has commented -- to the Portland Business Journal. The county state that the actions of their inspector, John Wheeler, were appropriate and that the Roloffs had previously provided Wheeler with permission and access codes to discuss construction activities with contractors.

Wendy Culver of the Portland Business Journal has the following in her new article January 21, 2011.

"In a response filed Jan. 12, Washington County acknowledged that Wheeler crawled through the fence and was taking photos.

But it said Wheeler’s actions were acceptable because he was investigating potentially unpermitted activities. It said the couple previously provided Wheeler with permission and access codes to enter the property to discuss construction activities with contractors.

The county also denies that Wheeler initiated a physical conflict with Amy Roloff, who pursued Wheeler back to his truck after ordering him off her property.

“Defendant John Wheeler did not intend to cause Amy Roloff emotional distress and the conduct of John Wheeler was not an extraordinary transgression of the bounds of socially tolerable conduct where the entry was limited to viewing activities in an open field and the defendant complied when asked to get off the property. This is particularly true in this case where plaintiffs filmed the entire incident and Amy Roloff was physically aggressive towards defendant John Wheeler,” it said."

You can read Wendy Culver's full article on the Portland Business Journal.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amy Roloff Speaking at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Amy Roloff will be speaking at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on January 27th.

"Amy Roloff, star of TLC’s “Little People, Big World” will be speaking on Thursday, January 27 at 6 p.m. in the Roland Hayes Theatre in the Fine Arts Center.

Her topic is “Standing Out Among the Trees: Diversity & Living with a disability-Being a little person.” The event is sponsored by the Office for Students with Disabilities and the Office for Equity and Diversity.

With her family, Roloff starred on the TLC reality television show for six seasons. She is also involved in philanthropy and founded the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation, benefiting the needs’ of kids, at-risk youths, and disability groups.

Last time Roloff visited UTC in 2008, more 600 people attended."

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday Jacob Roloff

Happy Birthday Jake Roloff! He is 14 today.

In her coffee chats, Amy has discussed Jacob's birthday plan. A couple of weeks ago she said Jeremy might join them and they would go skiing. This past Friday she said they would probably just have a normal 14 year olds birthday -- a bunch of friends, X Box and pizza.

Matt and Amy posted some pictures on their Fan Facebook pages. Along with the comment that they got Jacob a mini fridge for his bedroom because that's what he wanted. Amy's comment was "Happy birthday to Jacob. Frig he asked for and filled with good stuff :). No MD from mom :)."

Friday, January 14, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary For Jan 14: Zach Joins Amy

Amy held her weekly Live internet coffee chat today, Friday January 14th on Ustream.

This is a summary of the main things that people might be interested in. The main thing today was Zach joining Amy as a guest, albeit, very briefly. Amy also confirmed that Jeremy and Zach do NOT have twitter accounts. Only Matt has a twitter (through his Facebook) and Amy twitters through her Charity Foundation. That's all for real Roloff twitter activity.

Here is a recap:

*Amy talked about the shooting in Arizona. When the country is in turmoil it's easy to place blame. She thought regardless of political views, that Obama gave a great speech. Amy liked what Michelle Obama said about giving people the benefit of the doubt, to think of people as good and nice. People need to learn to take more care with their words and actions. Amy said it's okay to disagree, but it's important to have tolerance. Amy thought it's sad that it took the death of a young girl (and the others that were killed) for the country to come together.

*Amy was asked about her parents. She said they are doing well, although her father, Gordon Knight, went in for a minor surgery, but he's alright. One of her goals this year is to visit her parents more often. As she gets older and her parents get older, Amy is feeling that as a daughter she should go back to Michigan more and visit them. Now that her kids are older and don't need her as much, she feels like she is able to take off and go back to Michigan to see her parents. For a lot of people, when their parents get older and their health declines, the parents depend more on the kids and they might even move in with them. So because Amy is living in Oregon, she is feeling that she should really make more of an effort to go back and see her parents more often before she regrets not doing so.

*There was a question about what she thought the Roloffs lives would be like if they had never done TV? Amy answered that she wouldn't be doing her speaking engagements or have some of the opportunities to help others with her own Charity Foundation. She thinks the family would have just been like everyone else -- trying to teach the kids good character and etiquette. They met a lot of good people through the show.

*Someone asked about Rob and Amy Haines and their son they adopted. She said they are fabulous. She doesn't hear from them that often. Rob keeps in contact with Matt. She doesn't hear from Amy Haines a lot, she's busy with her son.

*She was talking with someone before they went live about second chances. Amy feels second changes are important in life in many areas. It could be a second chance in a marriage or second chance in the form of a new relationship or with a new job. When people have a major health crisis, like cancer, they sometimes have a new outlook on life.

*Zach arrived! He was very low key. Although that could have been because he said he had just woken up. He was not very talkative.

*What has Zach been up to? Doing homework, hanging out with friends, working at Indoor Goals. He has worked there for about 18 months.

*Zach is playing a lot of indoor soccer. He was playing on 4 or 5 indoor soccer teams, but now it's only 2 teams. Amy likes that better, she thinks less soccer is good for Zach's priorities.

*He was asked if he would ever stop playing soccer for health reasons or concerns about his head or legs; he said definitely not.

*Amy said they had the meeting last night about college plans and possible transfers. Zach said he is staying at PCC for another year. Amy said they are operating in a 5 year program. Amy explained that Jeremy and Zach's lives were crazy with TV so "they didn't take as many credits as they would have liked...or that they should have", according to Amy.

*They asked Zach his feelings now that the show is over? He said there is less stress, but his personal daily life is exactly the same. He has all the same friends, hangs out with the same people, goes the same places, does the same things, still plays Fifa, is still living at home. His life is exactly the same in what he does. Nothing has changed drastically.

*Zach was asked what was his favorite thing about the show? He needed to think about it, but said the activities, they did some fun things.

*Someone or Amy asked Zach who was his favorite producer? Zach asked Amy "Am I allowed to say?" Zach said Eric (Streit). Amy said everyone in the family had a favorite producer or crew member. Some of the Roloffs really like Chris Cardamone and are really close to him. Zach said Eric was his favorite. Amy really liked Eric too.

[Note: Perhaps why Zach asked Amy "Am I allowed to say?"? Eric Streit was arguably the main LPBW figure with the Roloffs for a while or at least in combination with Chris Cardamone....yet if you were ever the type of person to actually watch the credits -- Eric Streit suddenly disappeared and was not apart of Season 6 -- he was there for the Europe vacation trip, but not long after that. If there is ever a true tell-all book, perhaps there will be more about this. There are rumors cloaked in secrecy that Eric's departure was related to a dispute with a certain Roloff]

*Zach was asked about moving out. He said he would like to, but not now. He wants to get some things nailed down before, like college.

*Zach was asked when he does move out, if he thinks he and Jeremy will move in together. Zach was rather matter a fact -- no. He said if they did, it would strictly be for financial reasons.

*Amy said Zach and Jeremy are brothers and love each other but they aren't always buddy buddy. They sometimes do things together but they do things apart too.

*They still have the Previa. Zach said they had 8 people in it recently, it was just like old times. Amy talked about Zach's new vehicle (again Zach wasn't very talkative).

*Amy said Zach had just woken up. She thanked him for coming and asked for a hug. Lisa Dixon asked Zach where he was going, he said he was going back to bed.

*Amy wanted to explain that if people wondered about Jeremy and Zach being 20 and if they are behind...they are not. Amy held them back in pre-school, so Amy says they are right where they are supposed to be.

*Amy mentioned that Jacob has a birthday on Monday. Amy said if they end up changing the time for her coffee chat to later in the evening, she would love to have Jacob come on. Molly and Jacob can't come with her for the coffee chats because they are in school (Amy's coffee chats are presently Fridays at 11:30am -12:30pm in Oregon), but if they do it later in the evening, Amy wants to have Jacob come on. She talked again about Jake being her "teenager", but said maybe she can get something out of him.

*Amy was asked if TLC ever discouraged the producers from being such close friends of the Roloffs and wondered if there were concerns about the professional integrity being jeopardized?Amy insisted the crew always maintained professionalism. Amy explained that when she says they are's not like the minute they turn the camera off, they left. They would talk to each other about what is going on in their lives. They made a connection with them. Amy said it's no different from other people who are friends with people they work with.

*Someone asked Amy if any of the kids ever brought home a girlfriend or boyfriend that Amy really disliked? She said no, she's been lucky. She has liked pretty much all of her kids friends. Jake might have had one friend and Jeremy might have had a friend she wasn't fond of, but for the most part she's liked all of her kids friends. Jeremy brought home a lot more girlfriends than her other kids, but it has all worked out, Amy said.

*She was asked about doing a movie. She didn't think she would do a movie, acting and all that, but she is definitely keeping her doors open, maybe another reality type show, you never know.

*What about an update special for LPBW? Amy said absolutely that might happen, although it would have to be the right mix. Even though they enjoyed the experience as a whole, it still had a lot of ups and downs. It definitely had some tough moments. Amy said it would depend on what story lines they would want to tell.

*There was talk about fake Roloff twitter accounts. Amy's tech support guy, Rich, said they will soon put a links page up on the website and validate the real accounts. Amy's charity Foundation account on Facebook and Twitter and the new Amy J Roloff Facebook Fanpage are Amy's real fanpages.

*Amy said there are so many people pretending to be them. She stated that only Matt (through his Facebook) has a twitter account and she twitters through her charity account. That's all for Roloffs on twitter. She stated that Jeremy and Zach do not have Twitter accounts. She talked about the impostor Amy on Facebook that has over 7000 fans.

*She was asked if she was a hockey fan? When she grew up in Michigan, she skated and used to play hockey with her friends for fun. She likes the Detroit Red Wings. But living on the west coast, it's like hockey, what's that? However, she has a friend that is getting her interested in the San Jose Sharks.

*Amy's parting message was believe in yourself and believe in others.

You can watch the recording of it now:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marty Klebba's New Show Tonight

The Roloffs friend and Matt's partner for CoDA, Marty Klebba has a new show premiering tonight: The Cape on NBC.

There is an interview with Marty in the Detroit Free Press. They talk about Matt Roloff and CoDA last page of the article.

"Q: I talked to your friend Matt Roloff (TLC's "Little People, Big World") before the charity basketball game you hosted a couple years ago at Troy Athens (High School). How's everything going with CODA, your Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy?

A: That was so fun, that game at my old high school. CODA, it was created by Matt and me a few years ago, and 100% of the donations we receive go to helping dwarves, things like building bicycles, home improvements and education.

We've both been pretty busy lately, but we're hoping to get another charity event together. We're trying to work with the government right now to get funding for research and charity. ... But, times are tough for a lot of people and there are a lot of other great charitable organizations that receive more attention than we do, so we just want people to know that every little bit really helps."

And for those wonder how CoDA began, Marty talks about it in this older interview.

Cooper: You started an organization to benefit little people.

Klebba: It originally was called the Martin Klebba Foundation, but then upon further research I found out that you have to have a board of directors to get a 501(c) tax ID, so that way everything’s on the up-and-up. I don’t want anybody thinking that any donations were going into my pocket. One hundred percent of every dollar we get from donations goes to helping little people, whether it’s little-people couples or average-sized couples looking to adopt little people children from around the world, or maybe a little person who needs some accessibility features on a car or a home.

I recently attended the national convention for little people in Detroit, which happens to be my home, so this year CoDA [Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy] did two things. We sponsored an athlete to attend the conference, paid for the hotel, the conference registration and the flight. Without our help, he wouldn’t have had the money to get there. We also gave a $5,000 scholarship to one of the applicants who’s finishing up a graduate degree.

We’re doing a fundraiser in Salt Lake City, UT, and my friend Lee Arenburg, who played Pintel in Pirates, is going to come out to do some TV and radio to promote it. We’re going to sign autographs and take pictures to raise money. I’ve got my career, and at the same time I’ve got this other thing on the side where I can help people.

Cooper: How long has CoDA been around?

Klebba: About two years. One of my great friends, Matt Roloff, who does the show Little People, Big World, is president, because he had prior experience as president of Little People of America. I’m the vice president. Sometimes I go out on movie shoots and I don’t have time to hold the reins, but he’s generally home filming the TV show and can be around a lot more than I can.

Cooper: Where does he live?

Klebba: Portland, OR, and that’s where we’ve made his office. Have you ever seen the show Little People, Big World on TLC?

Cooper: Yes I know about the show. I think they are doing well.

Klebba: They’ve done well. With a lot of additions to the house, it’s tripled in size since I visited.

Cooper: It’s filmed in his house.

Klebba: Yes. It’s about his family. He’s married to a really old friend of mine, Amy, from Michigan.

Cooper: She’s really old?

Klebba: (laughs) I’ve known her a long time. They have four kids. They’re both little people, and their first set of kids were twins. One was average height and one was small, and then there are two other kids after that, who are both average size. So you’ve got three little people in the family and three average size people.

Cooper: I always hear good things about the show.

Klebba: I’ve been on it quite a few times. The one thing little people don’t like is the “M” word, “midget.” To us it’s like calling a black person the “N” word. The show has enlightened and educated people who might not know that. Or they get some insight into what it’s like to be a little person as far as the daily routines you go, whether it’s driving or doing laundry and dealing with the counters. You go into a hotel and you see that things are really high for a little person."

Friday, January 7, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Jan 7: Jeremy and Zach Blow Up With Fans, and Molly Has Emotional Moment

Details on the incident at the amusement park between the Roloff boys and fans that Matt discussed on a morning show, Molly having a rare emotional moment, Amy's advice for potential reality show stars, Jeremy's photography, Matt and Jeremy wanting to shoot Rocky, explaining why she talks about being an empty nester when she still has a soon to be 14 year old and Jacob's birthday plans were among the subjects Amy Roloff discussed on her live coffee chat January 7th, 2011.

A recording of the video will be posted on Amy's Ustream channel this weekend so if you missed it, you can watch it then.

Amy's coffee chat summary for Friday January 7th, 2011

*Amy explains what she did for the holidays. She says she did more shopping than she should have. She had a great New Years Eve with her kids at home.

*Amy isn't big on making New Years resolutions, but with all the changes in her life this year, she thought it would be a good idea.

*One of her goals is to continue getting into better shape. She was walking around the farm when she was out of breath and realized she needed to be in better shape. Amy and Matt talked about it, that was when they were still filming so she got the a personal trainer from Suck It Up fitness.

*Amy wants to continue working on her Charity Foundation. Her goal is to raise one and half more money in 2011 than they did in 2010. She started the ARCF because she wanted to help the DAAA. Goals can be daunting, but Amy thinks people should go for their goals. There is no such thing as failure.

*A photographer, Mitch Ward, was one of Amy's guests. He has taken some of the pictures that are on Amy's website. They're going to have a calendar giveaway with shots that Mitch has taken around the Helvetia area. Amy mentioned that her son gave her a calendar with pictures for Christmas. A calendar is a big communication tool in the Roloff home.

*Mitch Ward said Jeremy is a fine photographer. Jeremy is very creative according to Amy. She likes to think that Jeremy got his love of photography and might have learned something from her because she has always loved taking pictures. Mitch said he exchanges tips with Jeremy online. Amy explained that because Jeremy is young he has a way of getting on the computer and finding out things.

*Amy always thought the show should have done an episode where they give Jeremy the camera and then give Zach a camera so people could see things from their perspectives.

*Her goal for 2011 is to raise more money for ARCF. They want to change kids lives in the age range of 10 - 18.

*Another goal is her cook book. The book will be called "Short and Simple". It will be all the meals she cooks for her kids and things that viewers saw her cook in the episodes, like the much discussed enchiladas. The process is taking longer than she thought. She likes to be very hands on and sometimes she gets distracted. It's a long process.

*Other goals are her speaking engagements, she wants to focus on women's groups and colleges/universities.

*Did any of the kids friends not want to be filmed and were their parents that were against it? She said there was some of that when the show began, but as it went on everyone became more comfortable with the show. But there was some that didn't want to be on the show so they weren't filmed. Amy is very appreciative towards the parents of her kids' friends for allowing them to come over because maintaining those friends really helped her kids get through the whole experience.

*What advice would she give people considering doing a reality show? She was actually asked by a producer to speak to a family that was going to do a reality show. Amy's advice was make sure everyone is involved in the process. Communication is the key. Discuss why they are doing it? Are they doing it for the money? Are they out of work and need the money? Make sure everyone knows why they are doing it. Are they doing it for a purpose or to raise awareness for something?

*What does she try to instill in her kids? Amy answered to be good to other people. To appreciate other people. With Jeremy and Zach, she didn't want Zach to be a burden to Jeremy, she also didn't want Zach to be envious of Jeremy. She's thrilled that they are fine young men and completely their own people. Appreciate people for people. Some people will make choices you don't like, but it doesn't make them bad. Amy tried to build her kid's character. To teach them to have empathy and compassion for other people, help other people pick themselves up when they are down. She also tried to teach them about responsibility and consequences. Those are the things Amy cared about, like fans of the show know, she didn't care if they always picked up after themselves. When they remodeled the house, she did ask the kids to keep the public areas clean, but their rooms are their space.

*On that topic, someone asked why the Roloff boys rooms are so messy? Amy agreed they are a disaster. She told a story about Jacob taking a shower, he came down to her bathroom saying there were no towels because they had thrown all the towels in a basket and there were no clean towels. She told him there is a washer and dryer up there and to wash some. So Amy said she has no idea why they don't clean their rooms -- she is getting after them more lately, but bedrooms are their private area.

*Someone said they helped support Amy's charity event and was upset they didn't receive a 'Thank you'. Amy apologized. They asked for the information so they could send a thank you.

*Do they still keep the public areas of the house clean without the cameras? Amy explained that Matt still has a housekeeper come in once a week. Matt and Amy do a lot of running around and the kids are busy with school. The kitchen is the worst area.

*Amy was asked if the kids are part of her charity foundation. Basically...not really. It's Amy's foundation. She encouraged it, but she wanted the kids involvement to come for their own hearts. Zach and Jeremy helped her out with her first charity event -- the Timbers were involved. Jeremy and Zach showed up very briefly at her second charity event. So her kids aren't a huge part of her Charity, they are finding out what's important to them.

*A question about Rocky's health. Rocky is Rocky. He's older but doing okay. He barked once, they were all shocked.

*Amy was asked what Jeremy thought of Matt wanting him to take Rocky out to the barn and shoot him. Amy answered that Matt sometimes like to say things to see what kind of reaction they get. But Jeremy and Matt say stuff like that to each other, they go back and forth with each other and stuff like that. It's a guy thing. However, Amy won't let them shoot Rocky on her watch.

*Will Amy have the family on her coffee chats? Actually, Amy had asked or "encouraged" Jeremy and Zach to stop today. They don't really have school on Fridays. Jeremy might have one class later in the day and Zach doesn't work until later. So Amy had hoped they would come by today...but here she is having her coffee chat now and they didn't show up so....
Molly and Jacob are in school of course.
Matt does his own thing on Facebook and with his YouTube videos for Facebook, but Amy likes the interaction with people on her coffee chats.

*The Haiti experienced touched Amy's heart. She wants to continue to help Haiti. Haiti is the location they want to focus on with their international efforts.

*Amy was inspired by a woman that wrote her saying she tries to help people in ways such as when she sees someone alone, she will ask them how they're doing and just be friendly and show that they care or she'll write notes to people that need encouragement. Amy said we all need to work on doing more of that.

*She was told that people are confused that she keeps saying she's an "Empty Nester" because Jacob is 13. Amy said she's not an Empty Nester yet. It's the psychology of it. She is preparing herself. Even though Jeremy and Zach are still living at home, they are becoming more distant. She is confident that Jeremy and Zach will leave this next year and Molly will leave the year after so that's what Amy means when she talks about being an Empty Nester, but yes, she still has Jacob, she's just preparing herself for the big changes that are coming soon.

*Jacob's 14th birthday is January 17th. It's Martin Luther King Day. She's not absolutely sure what they'll do for his birthday yet. He'll have friends over, maybe they'll go to the beach or skiing. Jacob likes skiing. Amy said perhaps Jeremy will come and they'll go skiing with Jacob.

*Amy was asked if her relationship with Molly was different than it is with the boys. Amy said very recently Molly had a moment. Amy was shocked and didn't know how to react because she never sees that side of Molly. She was glad Molly was sitting down when she let go and Amy was glad that she was there to hug Molly. Molly is at that age where she has a lot of emotions.

*Amy was asked about what Matt said in an interview about the fan incident with Jacob at an amusement park or if that was Matt exaggerating? Amy said it did happen. It was in California several years ago. They didn't know how to interact with fans when they were filming. She said the family got kind of spread apart. Fans caught Jeremy and Zach off guard. Jeremy and Zach didn't want to give an autograph because they didn't feel they should have to when they were there filming. These fans got over-zealous and were offended that Jeremy and Zach wouldn't talk to them or give them an autograph and it got physical; the fan pushed their assistant producer at the time. It really affected Jeremy and Zach. But over time they got better with it and the crew got better with it.

*Amy ended with a few inspirational quotes "Winston Churchill" Success is not failure. Failure is not fatal. The courage to continue is what counts. " and another quote about being kind to others and treating others how you want to be treated.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Matt Roloff Interview; Jacob Had A Confrontation With A Fan

According to Matt, some time ago, during filming at an amusement park, Jacob had an encounter with over-zealous fans that left him jaded and scared.

Matt Roloff was a guest on a local morning show in Portland -- KATU. Matt and Amy have been guests on this show many times.

The biggest or most interesting news that Matt hasn't talked about before came when the host asked Matt if there was a strain on the kids from being on television. Matt said they don't regret the experience, but there were definitely strenuous times.

"For example, Jacob the youngest, he was 6 or 7 when we started filming. He had an experience with an over-zealous fan when we were at an amusement park filming an episode -- it got kind of physical and ugly with him and these older people and it jaded him about people and he became scared. So all in all, you have these great experiences, then you have this one experience with a child. I'm sure Jacob kind of grew up knowing that mom and dad were always distracted with the producers doing the show, but all in all, I think the kids loved the experience and wouldn't trade it for anything."

Matt also explains that people ask him if the content on the show was editing or not -- Matt says there was definitely a lot of editing but it wasn't black and white. Some episodes are highly edited or stacked together while other episodes just let the camera roll and reality is such that they hardly did any editing.

Matt said a lot of his arguing with Amy was about the production process.

They posted this video link on the Roloff Farms Facebook page. Amy commented on it that she learned some things from Matt's interview too.

Here is the full interview with Matt on KATU.

Amy Roloff Live Chat Returns Friday

Amy Roloff returns tomorrow with her live "Coffee Chat" which they stream live on the Internet. She had been holding her live chat every Friday at 11:30am Pacific time, but there has been a two week gap due to the holidays.

If you wish to join the chat, it's recommended that you register in advance on her the Ustream site.

They are also conducting a poll for best time to hold her live chat. You can participate in the poll on Amy's charity foundation website. Some people have been saying they wish they could join her chats but can't due to work Friday mornings/early afternoons.

Amy also appears to be ready to use her own website again. She had the AmyJRoloff site but then began using her charity foundation website.

Amy posted a brief entry on

December 31st, 2010

"It’s a New Year! A time to reflect on the year past - memories you wish didn’t have to end, some things you don’t want to remember, hope for new adventures, accomplishments, kids growing up, so much. Yet the hope and thrill of a new year is exciting.

This is my website. One that needs to be tended to. My goal for 2011. I’ll update my pictures, bio, calendar, and blog. You’ll know where I’m at for speaking engagements, appearances, my charity foundation, Ustream Coffee Chat with Amy, and thoughts and commentaries. Little People Big World has ended after 6 seasons and 230 episodes. Wow, what an adventure. Met some wonderful people. Lots of ups and downs for the family and my kids are growing up.

More stuff later. Lend me your thoughts, ideas, comments, life, favorite quotes, ideas, what works best for you, what doesn’t on living, parenting, relationships, work, what you like and don’t like.

Oh 2011 will be a change. I hope for many things. Most though is much joy, lots of love, work hard, fun times, some success, and still enjoying life. All my best to you


Ron and Peggy Roloff Having Some Health Concerns in Thailand

Matt Roloff's parents, Ron and Peggy Roloff are currently back in Thailand, where they returned to help against the child sex trade industry.

Unfortuntely this time both Ron and Peg are experiencing some medical problems although Ron seems to be improving.

They are blogging about their experience both on Peggy's website:

And on their Fan Facebook page:

Here are some excerpts:

Jan 4th
11 in Sickness and in Health
By Peggy Roloff

"Our promise when we married was ‘in sickness and in health’. We both made the trip to the hospital here in Chiang Mai yesterday. My left ankle /leg is still swollen and red from the bobby sox line to my toes. That’s what drove me to go again to the hospital. (third trip) This time the doctor says it is cellulitus which can be serious. I’m going to give the drugs a couple of days (began with one yesterday and another last night) to see what happens. He said if it didn’t get better then come in for an injection.. not a shot but an injection!! That didn’t get lost in the translation.

I posted on our facebook but haven’t told those of you who don’t go there. The back of Ron’s thigh has several angry welts and the doctor thinks it’s shingles. At this point we’ll just have to get better. Infact just checked Ron’s leg and it is much better.. I think the 3 in one ointment we brought is making the difference. started using it yesterday morning and it’s healing already. Angry and nasty looking big red welts but drying up. sorry to discust you.

My leg is a different story and I wouldn’t want infection in the bone. it is drawn in one place that is so sore and that concerns me. Like my bobby sox were too tight. We’ll be keeping close watch and right now is the best time as the teams are gone and with the holidays over things are settling down. no pressing needs except to get to Burma and get our passport visas renewed. It’s a 3 hr. drive but can be done in one day. We are going tomorrow. Today I kept my leg up on the back of the couch which is really awkward trying to type on this..

Thank you for your prayers and love, Peggy and Ron"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Matt Roloff's Video Update -- His 2011 Project Agenda

Matt Roloff made a video on You Tube (two parts) outlining his project list for 2011.

It's 17 minutes long in total, so we will summarize Matt's major points. This is all according to Matt in the video (unless otherwise specified).

*Matt makes a "focus area" list at the beginning of each year. He has approximately 14 focus areas for 2011. People send him private messages thinking he means all of his project ideas have to do with things on the farm. Most of them don't. Here are some of the things on his list.

*He's going to try to spend more time with the family. The filming of the TV show took more time than people realize because they needed to meet with producers and plan out things. Even running out to the bank was time consuming when the cameras were there because they needed to film it a couple of times until they got it right.

*So Matt wants to spend more time with the family this year; he's fortunate to have his office at home so he can see the kids when they come home from school.

*Matt is spending more time with Jacob than he ever has before. He has taken Jacob to the mall and to movies more in the last couple of months than they've been in Jacob's entire life.

*Molly is so self-sufficient and doesn't need much, but it's important to Matt to go to movies with her and attend some of her volleyball games.

*Jeremy and Zach -- Matt is trying to coach them or "hold their hand" through the process of applying for different colleges. It's still undecided about Jeremy going to one college vs another college or Jeremy leaving home, so Matt is working to motivate them. Matt reports that it's getting easier. They are more into it now because some of them friends are at different colleges. They'll sometimes ask Matt 'what about this place, can you help with this application and can you get so and so to write a a letter of recommendation for here'.

*Zach is still working hard at the soccer place and Jeremy continues to work hard around the farm on top of everything else they do.

*So family is #1 on his list.

*DAS (the hotel accessibility kit for LP). Matt started the company with Mike Detjen in 2002. Matt says it continues to be a profitable business even though he hasn't done any sales calls on it recently. Matt wants to really focus on it again and be aggressive in selling it.

*Matt's speaking engagements. Matt likes to go to colleges and universities and motivate and inspire people by talking about things that happened in his life that will help other people live an extraordinary life. It's very close to his heart, he enjoys doing it. He does 24 to 30 of those a year and expects that to continue.

*CoDA. Amy will continue to be busy with her non profit charity ARCF and Matt has his non profit CoDA. They have the bike program, raise money for adoptions and scholarships through the LPA. Matt states they have absolutely no expenses, that they are all volunteers. They use the basketball (Statesmen vs celebrities) games to raise money for CoDA. According to Matt, Marty and Matt pay for the Statesmen and celebrities to travel to those games out of their own pockets. [note: This seems to be Matt's response to a criticism some people have been making about CoDA. Some people think the CoDA basketball games are an excuse for them to get together and party -- claiming that the Roloffs fly first class, stay in nice hotels and ride around in limos. Recently, some people have been citing that Marty back in August, a couple of weeks before the CoDA game in Montana, asked his fans to donate to CoDA and help him out because it gets hard for Marty to fly in and house all the Statesmen and celebrity players -- some people were upset that CoDA donations appeared to be going towards paying for Matt, Zach, and Jeremy's (and all the others) flight, hotel and limos.]

*Matt wants to make himself available to do various Public Service Announcements. He wants to be able to be more available to say yes when people ask him to be apart of this parade or moderate this event, etc.

*Documentaries. He's working on several. Some of them are about little people, some are about outrageous back yards - not the Roloffs, but showing off other people's back yards and crazy projects. They might document those on video camera and maybe they'll just put it on You Tube or maybe they'll find a market for it on a TV network.

*There's a project idea about revitalizing a small town. Coming into a dying town where people have left and see whether they can stimulate the economy and bring people back. These are the type of things Matt is talking about when you see him post about flying to LA to sign non disclosures and things like that.

*None of those things are what Matt would call a spin off of LPBW or anything like that. The Roloffs are still under contract to TLC for another 18 months. They need to make themselves available to TLC if TLC wants anything from them, but Matt doesn't expect to happen, although you might see a special somewhere along the way, they have discussed that, but right now they're not at all focused on LPBW and TLC.

*Farm development. Matt's thinking about projects for pumpkin season, he will keep everyone updated on those to help promote pumpkin season. Last pumpkin season was very successful to Matt's surprise. Matt thought with the show being over people wouldn't be interested in going to Roloff Farms for pumpkins but they actually had their busiest day ever. [Note: Although Matt said the show was over and the news of it ending was announced in late August, during October LPBW was very much still on the air with new episodes]

*The farm will stay open for pumpkin season.

*Publishing: A children's book has been discussed and a 'Behind the Scenes' of the LPBW experience book. It would also pick up where Matt's first book, Against Tall Odds left off in 1999. There was a 5 year gap between that book and when they got involved in television.

*Technology projects. Matt's background is in software as a salesman. Now he's in position where he might be able to fund some of those ideas with his own money.

*Product endorsements. If you have a product and would like Matt to promote it, get in touch with him. Although some of those things might need to go through TLC right now because they are still under contract for the next 18 months. TLC still has a say in what the Roloffs can and can't do. Matt says he already has a line up of possibilities; nothing major on national television, these are more small print ads.

*Voice over work and cartoons and things like that he will keep on the table to keep their revenue stream going forward.

*An adventure park similar to Roloff farm -- but not on Roloff Farm. Matt has a group of heavy hitters and politicians that he meets with regularly to discuss this adventure park. They've identified a piece of land and are looking into the land use laws.

*The legislative process. Matt got more involved last year with politics. He's more interested in the legislative process. He mentions the lawsuit, they need to litigate to get laws changed. He's going to keep up with the process and might make some trips down to Salem to sit in on some of the sessions at the political level.

*Hobby movies. They are going to continue to work on their hobby movies. Jeremy is working a lot of them. Every night they sit down for dinner Jeremy has more ideas. So they're going to get their home movie production equipment going -- they have a studio set up and will upgrade some of their equipment to make some fun movies. Slightly more professional than Matt's You Tube videos, but nothing really professional or broadcast quality, just fun stuff.

*They still have their pumpkin movie that should be out soon. They're working on the score for it down in LA. Matt says he's not all that proud of that movie -- he thinks it looked better on the television show than it does in real life -- but they're going to get it out there somehow. They might put it on iTunes and sell it for 99 cents -- nobody will get rich off it or make their money back, but it might be a fun way to see how that system works out.

*All these things are subject to change. If he starts hearing people Facebook him come June asking him how come he's not doing this or why did that fall through Matt is just going to say go back to the disclaimer.

*So that's Matt's list for now for this year although he knows some people are to criticize it, why is he so busy, etc...but Matt says God bless you anyway. He just wanted to share some details about what is going on. He apologizes that he can't give more specific details. Any businessman like Matt must hold things close to his vest. People get frustrated and Facebook Matt all the time about his teasing or vague hints and why he doesn't just share, but when you're a public figure you have to hold things tight to prevent people from undermining things before you ever get any traction.

*The last thing Matt wanted to say was about Amy and their marriage. Amy and Matt are doing good. Things have really settled down. It's been good that the cameras are gone, they're working together and together all of the time. The entire family went to church together and had a great holiday season.

*Matt thanks everybody for caring.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all that visit our site.

We've received some email questions wondering what the Roloffs did for Christmas and New Years?

The Roloffs had a New Years Eve party at their home.

There were some more Roloff sightings and people emailing us with their Roloff sightings over Christmas and on Christmas Eve.

As Amy said, it's a Roloff tradition to attend the Christmas Eve service at Church. The difference this time was that the family attended a church that Jeremy in particular, is quite enthralled with. It's a conservative church in Portland.

Some readers of our site have commented on this subject as they've noticed on other websites that some Roloffs (namely Jeremy) have "liked" these videos. We're passing this along if you're interested mainly because there has been so much debate, discussion and speculation about Jeremy and religion. And let us be blunt. Whenever the Roloffs and their religion is brought up, one of the main things that is always discussed is the Roloffs views on homosexuality -- arguments between fellow Christians and non-Christians, people that have a problem with the Roloffs being diversity speakers, people that support the Roloffs beliefs.

We're told by friends and can confirm that Jeremy is a big believer and of this speaker in particular. The church is geared towards young people and college aged Christians. If you're interested in what the Church is about and what really captivates the Roloffs and in particular -- Jeremy -- you can check out this video series that pretty much covers a lot of the issues that is often debated regarding the Roloffs.