Friday, January 7, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Jan 7: Jeremy and Zach Blow Up With Fans, and Molly Has Emotional Moment

Details on the incident at the amusement park between the Roloff boys and fans that Matt discussed on a morning show, Molly having a rare emotional moment, Amy's advice for potential reality show stars, Jeremy's photography, Matt and Jeremy wanting to shoot Rocky, explaining why she talks about being an empty nester when she still has a soon to be 14 year old and Jacob's birthday plans were among the subjects Amy Roloff discussed on her live coffee chat January 7th, 2011.

A recording of the video will be posted on Amy's Ustream channel this weekend so if you missed it, you can watch it then.

Amy's coffee chat summary for Friday January 7th, 2011

*Amy explains what she did for the holidays. She says she did more shopping than she should have. She had a great New Years Eve with her kids at home.

*Amy isn't big on making New Years resolutions, but with all the changes in her life this year, she thought it would be a good idea.

*One of her goals is to continue getting into better shape. She was walking around the farm when she was out of breath and realized she needed to be in better shape. Amy and Matt talked about it, that was when they were still filming so she got the a personal trainer from Suck It Up fitness.

*Amy wants to continue working on her Charity Foundation. Her goal is to raise one and half more money in 2011 than they did in 2010. She started the ARCF because she wanted to help the DAAA. Goals can be daunting, but Amy thinks people should go for their goals. There is no such thing as failure.

*A photographer, Mitch Ward, was one of Amy's guests. He has taken some of the pictures that are on Amy's website. They're going to have a calendar giveaway with shots that Mitch has taken around the Helvetia area. Amy mentioned that her son gave her a calendar with pictures for Christmas. A calendar is a big communication tool in the Roloff home.

*Mitch Ward said Jeremy is a fine photographer. Jeremy is very creative according to Amy. She likes to think that Jeremy got his love of photography and might have learned something from her because she has always loved taking pictures. Mitch said he exchanges tips with Jeremy online. Amy explained that because Jeremy is young he has a way of getting on the computer and finding out things.

*Amy always thought the show should have done an episode where they give Jeremy the camera and then give Zach a camera so people could see things from their perspectives.

*Her goal for 2011 is to raise more money for ARCF. They want to change kids lives in the age range of 10 - 18.

*Another goal is her cook book. The book will be called "Short and Simple". It will be all the meals she cooks for her kids and things that viewers saw her cook in the episodes, like the much discussed enchiladas. The process is taking longer than she thought. She likes to be very hands on and sometimes she gets distracted. It's a long process.

*Other goals are her speaking engagements, she wants to focus on women's groups and colleges/universities.

*Did any of the kids friends not want to be filmed and were their parents that were against it? She said there was some of that when the show began, but as it went on everyone became more comfortable with the show. But there was some that didn't want to be on the show so they weren't filmed. Amy is very appreciative towards the parents of her kids' friends for allowing them to come over because maintaining those friends really helped her kids get through the whole experience.

*What advice would she give people considering doing a reality show? She was actually asked by a producer to speak to a family that was going to do a reality show. Amy's advice was make sure everyone is involved in the process. Communication is the key. Discuss why they are doing it? Are they doing it for the money? Are they out of work and need the money? Make sure everyone knows why they are doing it. Are they doing it for a purpose or to raise awareness for something?

*What does she try to instill in her kids? Amy answered to be good to other people. To appreciate other people. With Jeremy and Zach, she didn't want Zach to be a burden to Jeremy, she also didn't want Zach to be envious of Jeremy. She's thrilled that they are fine young men and completely their own people. Appreciate people for people. Some people will make choices you don't like, but it doesn't make them bad. Amy tried to build her kid's character. To teach them to have empathy and compassion for other people, help other people pick themselves up when they are down. She also tried to teach them about responsibility and consequences. Those are the things Amy cared about, like fans of the show know, she didn't care if they always picked up after themselves. When they remodeled the house, she did ask the kids to keep the public areas clean, but their rooms are their space.

*On that topic, someone asked why the Roloff boys rooms are so messy? Amy agreed they are a disaster. She told a story about Jacob taking a shower, he came down to her bathroom saying there were no towels because they had thrown all the towels in a basket and there were no clean towels. She told him there is a washer and dryer up there and to wash some. So Amy said she has no idea why they don't clean their rooms -- she is getting after them more lately, but bedrooms are their private area.

*Someone said they helped support Amy's charity event and was upset they didn't receive a 'Thank you'. Amy apologized. They asked for the information so they could send a thank you.

*Do they still keep the public areas of the house clean without the cameras? Amy explained that Matt still has a housekeeper come in once a week. Matt and Amy do a lot of running around and the kids are busy with school. The kitchen is the worst area.

*Amy was asked if the kids are part of her charity foundation. Basically...not really. It's Amy's foundation. She encouraged it, but she wanted the kids involvement to come for their own hearts. Zach and Jeremy helped her out with her first charity event -- the Timbers were involved. Jeremy and Zach showed up very briefly at her second charity event. So her kids aren't a huge part of her Charity, they are finding out what's important to them.

*A question about Rocky's health. Rocky is Rocky. He's older but doing okay. He barked once, they were all shocked.

*Amy was asked what Jeremy thought of Matt wanting him to take Rocky out to the barn and shoot him. Amy answered that Matt sometimes like to say things to see what kind of reaction they get. But Jeremy and Matt say stuff like that to each other, they go back and forth with each other and stuff like that. It's a guy thing. However, Amy won't let them shoot Rocky on her watch.

*Will Amy have the family on her coffee chats? Actually, Amy had asked or "encouraged" Jeremy and Zach to stop today. They don't really have school on Fridays. Jeremy might have one class later in the day and Zach doesn't work until later. So Amy had hoped they would come by today...but here she is having her coffee chat now and they didn't show up so....
Molly and Jacob are in school of course.
Matt does his own thing on Facebook and with his YouTube videos for Facebook, but Amy likes the interaction with people on her coffee chats.

*The Haiti experienced touched Amy's heart. She wants to continue to help Haiti. Haiti is the location they want to focus on with their international efforts.

*Amy was inspired by a woman that wrote her saying she tries to help people in ways such as when she sees someone alone, she will ask them how they're doing and just be friendly and show that they care or she'll write notes to people that need encouragement. Amy said we all need to work on doing more of that.

*She was told that people are confused that she keeps saying she's an "Empty Nester" because Jacob is 13. Amy said she's not an Empty Nester yet. It's the psychology of it. She is preparing herself. Even though Jeremy and Zach are still living at home, they are becoming more distant. She is confident that Jeremy and Zach will leave this next year and Molly will leave the year after so that's what Amy means when she talks about being an Empty Nester, but yes, she still has Jacob, she's just preparing herself for the big changes that are coming soon.

*Jacob's 14th birthday is January 17th. It's Martin Luther King Day. She's not absolutely sure what they'll do for his birthday yet. He'll have friends over, maybe they'll go to the beach or skiing. Jacob likes skiing. Amy said perhaps Jeremy will come and they'll go skiing with Jacob.

*Amy was asked if her relationship with Molly was different than it is with the boys. Amy said very recently Molly had a moment. Amy was shocked and didn't know how to react because she never sees that side of Molly. She was glad Molly was sitting down when she let go and Amy was glad that she was there to hug Molly. Molly is at that age where she has a lot of emotions.

*Amy was asked about what Matt said in an interview about the fan incident with Jacob at an amusement park or if that was Matt exaggerating? Amy said it did happen. It was in California several years ago. They didn't know how to interact with fans when they were filming. She said the family got kind of spread apart. Fans caught Jeremy and Zach off guard. Jeremy and Zach didn't want to give an autograph because they didn't feel they should have to when they were there filming. These fans got over-zealous and were offended that Jeremy and Zach wouldn't talk to them or give them an autograph and it got physical; the fan pushed their assistant producer at the time. It really affected Jeremy and Zach. But over time they got better with it and the crew got better with it.

*Amy ended with a few inspirational quotes "Winston Churchill" Success is not failure. Failure is not fatal. The courage to continue is what counts. " and another quote about being kind to others and treating others how you want to be treated.


Christine said...

Just when I think I can't dislike Jeremy anymore than I do already! Here's what I take from it.

1. Jeremy is a liar (yeah, not breaking news there!) What happened to Jeremy hates computers and all of Jeremy's excuses about not using computers? Now guess what? Mitch the photographer is always exchanging tips with Jer and according to his own mom, Jeremy is a wizard on the computer. Jeremy caught in yet another lie.

2. Jeremy (and Zach) doesn't even bother to support his own mom when she asked them to do something for her. They must have been playing with Mueller too late last night.

3. Jeremy doesn't care about Amy's charity foundation. Neither does Zach.

4. A-ha! I remember people on message boards and on this blog making Jeremy out to be a victim over Matt wanting him to shotgun Rocky. The truth comes out (again not breaking news!) Jeremy was in on it with Matt. He's just as sick as Matt. I never doubted for a second. Jeremy and his friends are sick when it comes to animals.

5. Jeremy and Zach were rude snobs to fans.

Rap541 said...

To quote Judy B "Well well well"

Seems like someone got called "moody" "disrespectful" "having a bad attitude" "rude" over an incident where " I can't helping thinking Jacob's behavior is what made this an incident that would be referenced years later?"

Anyone have anything to say about calling out a child over something *that his older brothers actually did*?

Or since it's the crap Roloff, are you going to claim to still be right? :)

Rap541 said...

I also trust that people will acknowledge that seeing your older brothers fend off fans and the fan then physically assaulting one of the producers you consider family to be a bit traumatizing?

I mean, considering how it *affected Jeremy, poor poor boy* I trust we'll acknowledge the possiblity that this was indeed frighting for the much younger sibling as well?

Greg said...

Where are the Jeremy fans that said nothing like that would happen to Jeremy because he's so cool???

Seriously, lets think about what really happened. This was back around the time when Jeremy was writing about fans "sucking the unsuckable" and Jeremy and Zach said they were going to tell fans to F off at their 16th birthday beach party with TLC filming. That comment begins to make sense now, doesn't it?

I would bet any money that Jeremy and Zach told the fans to F off.

Read what Amy said. "They were caught off guard". That is code for they weren't "On" (aka. their natural nasty selves)

"They didn't know how to handle it". That is classic code for they (Jeremy and Zach) were rude jerks.

I would bet anything Jeremy and Zach were being arrogant jerks caught up in their new found celebrity. The same way they were posting insults on fans.

Listen, I know that it's a big world and there are some pushy and obnoxious fans, but I also know how a lot of these stories go. A fan comes up to two arrogant teenage tv stars and tells them they love the show and asks for an autograph (the people Jeremy and friends insulted online were big fans, people telling him the Roloffs were their inspirations). Jeremy and Zach respond by giving them attitude and insulting them. The fans get offended and say something back. Then the producer comes in to play hero to the tv stars.

I seriously doubt that someone that took the time to ask them to ask for an autograph that was politely told "We can't right now, sorry" would turn around deck a producer. Things don't usually work that way.

I'm willing to bet anything Jeremy and Zach were nasty mouthy jerks that they were exposed for being on the internet only they did it in person and someone didn't smile and nod.

Susan Coles said...

I can't get over what a huge difference there is between what Amy says and the Roloffs real reactions.

The whole thing about everything Amy taught her kids about empathy and compassion for others and treating others how you want to be treated, completely is contradicted by everything else she says and that we know about the Roloff kids, especially the twins.

Have empathy for others. They don't care about the charity foundation, they don't even care to do something their mom asked of them.

Build people up?? What a joke. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Jeremy is the one with friends that tells people they are the biggest losers they'v ever seen and they should kill themselves. Way to build people up Jeremy and friends. They should be ashamed.

Greg, I agree with that. Now that we know it was really Jeremy and Zach, my vote is that they were mouthy brats that knew they were special snowflakes with a crew there to protect them just like they were on the internet (being mouthy brats).

Greg said...

Rap, I often agree with you, but I totally disagree if you're believing any of the Roloff story, that paints the Roloffs as the poor innocent victims. The Roloffs are always the poor innocent victims that are never at fault.

I don't think Jacob was traumatized that Jeremy and Zach needed to "fend off" fans and the fan assaulted a producer.

I don't believe that at all. See my post about it. The wording is all ways to cushion that Jeremy and Zach were mouthy and rude. There is no way I believed they politely declined an autograph and some fan attacked the producer. These jerks are the same guys that were on Myspace around the same time calling fans losers that suck the unsuckable.

I would LOVE to hear the story from the fans involved. I bet you would get a very different picture of what happened.

Diane said...

Spoiled jerks on a free vacation because of their tv show and they act like they are high and mighty and better than a fan. I'm not surprised.

That's definitely Jeremy and Zach.

Well said Susan. Does Amy realize that Jeremy and Zach have none of what she said she instilled in them?

Kayla said...

What's wrong with Molly? I wonder what she was so upset about?

Michelle said...

Does anyone notice how often Jeremy's name comes up? That family worships him to death! Jacob's birthday party turns into maybe Jeremy will come.

Nice that Jeremy will *maybe* go skiing with Jacob only on his birthday. That Jeremy, always giving of himself. Just like Amy found out today when she was stood up by those two.

Jason said...

If a fan assaulted a producer, did he sue? There were no reports about this. They didn't film it? Why didn't they use it like they did with the inspector? Maybe because that's not what happened?

If a fan did assault a producer, I'm left to wonder what upset the fan so much? Did Jeremy use a racial or gay slur when he pulled his Diva behavior? Then the handlers (Producer) backed him up?

The Roloffs don't know how to treat people at all. It makes everything Amy says about being nice to people a total joke because they don't practice what they preach.

Rap541 said...

Greg - regardless of whether the twins were rude - and I don't discount the possibility at all - We're talking about a ten year old child seeing his brothers say no to someone and that someone escalate to violence. Also remember that regardless of who may have been at fault, its very unlikely that Jake ever heard this incident described as anything other than "crazy fans attacking us".

Having seen some completely bizarre things happen between fans and celebs, yes, I can believe that a simple no caused an escalation. Knowing how Jeremy and Zach behave, and how they behaved a few years ago towards fans, no I doubt they were perfect gentlemen.

But I am sure that jake has been told repeatedly that it was all the crazy fan's fault which just might be why he's not so fond of strangers.

Wasn't the LPBD episode the twins fourteenth birthday where there was a lavish day long party? And wasn't Molly taken on some sort of cool overnight trip that was estensively planned? Jake's birthday is 10 days away and he *might* get to go skiing... If *Jeremy* wants...

Dandy said...

These little people with simpleton minds just really need to go away. No one from that family, including Matt's parents have one significant thing to say or report on that is news worthy. And frankly, the only way your recipe will turn out tasting anything like Amy's delicious crap will be is if you add 1/2 cup of dirt and dust to it. Blech. No thanks. I know how to cook a hamburger and scrambled eggs--don't need to buy a cookbook to show me how to do it the "Roloff Way".

Geo said...

Messy house, messy lives. It's not THAT hard to keep a tidy house. Doesn't even have to be clean, just tidy.

C1rca said...

"Amy explained that because Jeremy is young he has a way of getting on the computer and finding out things."

you mean typing in the address bar? that's some skill! praise Jeremy!

Rap541 said...

Some other thoughts.

I notice Amy has no concern that Jeremy will simply be in too much pain from his lingering foot condition that will need surgery to go skiing.

I wonder if Amy has considered the emotional impact of her younger children constantly hearing how she's done parenting and an empty nester. I understand her point, but it's still telling the two younger kids that you're done parenting because the two older ones are adults.

So is Jeremy a guy with mad computer skillz or not? I begin to think his "Gosh I ain't never figgured there'd be ONLINE applications fr jobs, I'm too naive to manage this applying for jobs!" thing is just someone being lazy and not wanting to man up and get a job. Since the computer incompetance is apparently a put on.

Amy, they all live like dirty pigs because you and Matt give no negative consequences for living like animals. Start insisting that things be neat or things like say, cable in every bedroom, videogame systems in every bedroom, friends using the house as their toilet, will go away, and I assure you, the widdle babies will figure out how to get their fancy priveledges back.

While I think Jeremy does get his jollies killing animals, I don't think he has the balls to kill his pet dog.

I'm also curious if by saying this, Matt will feel it's necessary to actually film Jeremy shooting Rocky. You know, to clear up misconceptions.

Amy doesn't talk about Matt that much, does she.

Timothy said...

Well, the Roloffs have turned Amy climbing onto the inspector's lap into "the inspector came into physical contact with Amy"...that's an example of how the Roloffs twist incidents. It doesn't take much for me to believe that Jeremy and Zach did something to spur something on.

I'm also amused that it comes out that Jeremy is a computer whiz. He said he couldn't ever interact with his fans because he wasn't a computer person. He said he hated computers and had trouble searching for a job. That more of Jeremy lying, unless you think Amy is lying when she says Jeremy is good on the computer and her friend often talks to Jeremy online.

The life of Jeremy Roloff is one lie and contradiction after another.

Matt and Jeremy, what macho men they are. Talking tough about how they can take a gun and kill a defenseless animal.

Jane Carlson said...

It's cool that Amy is willing to put herself out there and interact live with fans.

Thank God Amy has common sense re: Rocky. Shame on Matt and Jeremy for even talking that way!

I think Amy means well. I like what she said about the advice her friend gave about trying to build other people out or show kindness towards someone who is lonely. Little things like that go a long way. People don't need to spend weeks volunteering or giving thousands of dollars (that doesn't hurt though) to be a positive influence in the world.

Deb said...

Thumbs down to Jeremy and Zach for ditching Amy. They were probably still sleeping despite Matt's claim that they no longer sleep until noon.

Speaking of selfish, I think it was selfish for that person to complain about not being thanked for supporting Amy's charity event. Another confused person. You don't do charity events or support charity events to receive thank yous and praise, it's supposed to be helping other people, not trying to get personal kudos.

I'm confused about the amusement park incident. Why did Matt say it was Jacob but Amy talked about Jeremy and Zach?

Carol said...

I would really like Amy if I didn't know that most of what she says about how people should treat one another doesn't apply to her own family.

Brandon said...

Yeah Rap. Amazing that Jeremy's painful foot condition isn't a factor that keeps Jeremy from skiing.

"Jake's birthday is 10 days away and he *might* get to go skiing... If *Jeremy* wants..."

I gotta say though in fairness to Amy on that one. Jake clearly worships the ground Jeremy walks on and all that he does. If a birthday is about doing something that will make the birthday boy happy, Jake going skiing with Jeremy would probably do the trick.

Remember the camping trip. Zach was spending time with Jake and all Jake could do was moan that Jeremy wasn't there to see him cross the log. It would likely be the same way abut the birthday party.

Katie T said...

I wonder what got Molly so upset?

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I agree and since Jeremy isn't working, it sure seems like a respectful Christian boy who loves and respects his family would be happy to spend time with his little brother on his little brother's birthday.

Jeremy fans note - I am not suggesting Jeremy spend every waking moment making sure Jake is entertained .... we are talking about one day a year where Jeremy *could* put family ahead of friends. A brother who can't spare a younger sibling one day out of the year because having fun with friends is more important really isn't much of a brother. Hopefully Jeremy will make the right choice. AFter all, Jeremy's busy adult life is filled with nothing but goofing with friends and attending an occasional class (and btw Jake's birthday is on a national holiday so Jeremy won't need to sacrifice attending yoga class to ski with his brother)

Cathy said...

I feel bad for Amy that Jeremy and Zach let her down by not showing up. I don't know what to say about those two. I don't see many signs that they possess many of the qualities Amy had hoped for or are showing signs of maturing and caring about things beyond themselves, video games, soccer and Mueller.

I hope Molly is alright from whatever got her feeling down.

Dana said...

If people listened or read Spirits recap, they would already know why Amy doesn't talk a lot about Matt in her coffee chats. Matt prefers facebook and youtube videos. He does "his own thing" there.

No one should be surprised that Jeremy might go skiing. Matt never said that Jeremy can't walk or do anything physical. All Matt said was that Jeremy had a persistent foot problem that sometimes flares up and becomes painful, he will eventually need surgery to correct it. He didn't say he can't ski or walk on it.

In my opinion, one of the good signs of hope for Jacob is that he looks up to Jeremy. It says a lot about Jeremy that his presence at the birthday party event is what Jacob seemingly wants.

Rap541 said...

Too much pain to play soccer on a team he committed to, but can party on the same nights as the games! Bless Jeremy for "gutting out the pain" and partying despite it all, huh Dana?

Now that Jeremy has intermittment needs surgery foot pain, he has an excuse for all events! Wants to go snowboarding? Sure! Needs to party? Sure! Needs to find a job? Too much pain! Spend time with family? Too much pain! Fun times with friends? Sure!

When will Jeremy be having his necessary surgery? For his undefined lingering fot problem that only seems to flare when he is faced with something unfun to do? :)

Shadow said...

"Wasn't the LPBD episode the twins fourteenth birthday where there was a lavish day long party? And wasn't Molly taken on some sort of cool overnight trip that was estensively planned? Jake's birthday is 10 days away and he *might* get to go skiing... If *Jeremy* wants..."

Unfortunately, now that TLC isn't footing the bill, freebies are no longer falling from the sky, and Amy and Matt have moved on to other activities to keep their names in the public recognizance, it's unilkely that any of Jacob's birthdays will in any way resemble the lavish blowouts with private nightclub parties, limos, glider rides, etc. that his older siblings enjoyed. Just another sad effect of being the youngest child of publicity hounds...

Brandon said...

My prediction Rap, is that Jeremy will go skiing with Jake for his birthday.

It's the Golden Rule of Jeremy Roloff. Is it fun for Jeremy? It's a free skiing trip. Yeah it's Jake and not a bud or one of the many Christian girls Jeremy lays in bed with, but at the end of the day, it's still Jeremy going skiing or snowboarding. That's fun for Jeremy. I think Jeremy will be in for the trip.

If Jake wanted to do something that Jeremy had no interest in, that's a different story. I bet Jeremy wouldn't be on board for that. But this is skiing.

Jeremy doesn't need to worry about that because strangely enough, it seems like all Jake's interests are things Jeremy has given the cool stamp of approval.

Brandon said...

On my last sentence, I sorta wonder if the reason why Jake dropped out of the karate class was because Jeremy had NOT given the cool stamp of approval to karate.

I still think Amy was right to try to get Jake interested in something that Jeremy isn't, but there isn't much she can do if he's determined to be Jeremy's clone.

Em said...

Brandon, I thought that too. Matt was hinting that he's going to post Jacob's photography pictures. My first thought was gee, it's easy to figure out why Jacob is now into photography.

Give him another couple of years and Jacob will be in the National Enquirer for bigoted language too!

Lynn C said...

Shadow, the LAST thing Jacob needs in my humble opinion is limo rides and extravagant parties. The kid needs discipline. He already has many too many bells and whistles. His behavior doesn't warrant it. JMO.

Brandon said...

Shadow, look at it this way, if Jacob wants Green Grease he's in luck! ;)

Rap541 said...

Lynn - after all Jeremy earned his treats with his racist mouth, huh? Big boy calls Mike his n-word and gets a glider ride for it :)

Calls mexico that beaner place and gets a weekend at the beach.

Refuses to give autographs at an amusement park and mocks fans, gets a special trip to switzerland with daddy.

Fails in school, gets an extended rv roadtrip.

Disrespects his mother (and Lynn, do you take orders from your unemployed adult sons who you fully support? You've been pretty silent on Jeremy's disrespect) and gets another car to play with.

Yeah Jeremy sure has earned all those lavish gifts... jake needs to really imitate these behaviors, doesn't he?

Rap541 said...

Btw -

Am I the only one who thinks Jacob Roloff is due an apology over this remark?

That might explain why they kept Jacob caged off from the public at pumpkin season for two years!

Judy B? Care to say something since we now know the incident that frightened Jacob was something he witnessed happening with Jeremy and Zach?

Or are you still insisting Jake was the problem? :)

Laura said...

Too bad Jeremy and Zach didn't bother to show up for Amy.

Penny said...

There is an amazing disconnect between Amy's words and her actions from herself and her family.

Amy talks of love, helping others and building others up. Instead she files a lawsuit claiming emotional distress in hopes of money and destroying a man's life.

Amy talks of teaching her kids to have empathy for others. Her son Jeremy and his friends jumped on an opportunity to cruelly ridicule people that like him, they did so with pure meanness.

Dana said...

I hope everyone noticed that there is yet another person who is not Matt or Amy, that is vouching for Jeremy's immense talent in photography.

Mitch Ward is a professional photographer. He calls Jeremy, without any prompting from Amy, "A fine photographer."

Mitch, a professional himself, respects Jeremy enough to "exchange" tips with him.

Professionals would not put their reputation on the line by vouching for Jeremy if they didn't mean what they say about him.

Rap541 said...

Wow, that's an assumption, isn't it? That Mitch Ward is *vouching for Jeremy's immense talent*? Mitch is putting his professional reputation on the line to praise Jeremy's skills?

Now to be fair, while extremely unlikely, sure maybe Mitch fell to his knees and saw how Jeremy was the one true God of Photography... but here's the far more likely scenario. And I'll provide circumstancial evidence for my scenario.

Let's see, Mitch is doing a calendar of the farm. In other words, Amy or Matt hired him, and he's doing work as a professional. His employers, Matt and Amy, have a son interested in photography. Since there might be the potential for future work, Mitch more than likely is happy to share tips with Jeremy and take a pleasant interest because hey, its polite and breeds good will.

Amy invites Mitch to her coffee chat and remarks on Jeremy's love of photography. Mindful of a) the potential for future work from the Roloffs and b) the reality that Amy is technically his boss and might not appreciate hearing a genuine opinion of her son and C) also mindful that the chat is being publically diseminated and trashing your employer's son... or even simply not being complimentary would be considered incredibly rude.... Does anyone really think Mitch is going to say anything that isn't pleasant?


More to the point - if Jeremy is so good, why isn't *he* doing this work for Amy? Hmmm?

Sure seems like for all that there's a "fine photographer" in the house, when the job is professional, Matt and Amy hire a professional photographer instead of trusting Jeremy's immense talent to get 'er done.

Rap541 said...

Btw - I have a friend who is a professional writer who occasionally exchanges tips from me and vice versa. That in no way is that person acknowledging me as anything other than an interested amatuer. For all I get told to knock off the hyperbole... really, I'm not the one stating that a professional photographer has put his professional opinion on the line and unequivocally stated he personally vouches for Jeremy's immense talent at photography.

And btw Dana - where's your thoughts on Jeremy sadfacing to the camera how he can't apply for jobs because he's hating computers and has no idea what to do?

And you still haven't said one word about unemployed, fully supported by two working parents Jeremy telling his dad off about how much he works and telling his mom to go tend the kitchen. How about it Dana? Got anything to say about Jeremy's loving respect? DO you Dana, take orders from your unemployed son as you are a woman and should mind anyone with a penis?

Christine said...

Rap, I think Mitch lives in the same area as the Roloffs and did a calendar of things around town. Amy was letting him plug it on her show. He's also done most of the pictures for her charity events.

Rap541 said...

I'll take that, Christine but it still goes to my point. Amy is doing Mitch a favor with some free advertising. Is he really going to be all "Honestly Amy, Jeremy isn't very good"?

Is any reasonably polite person going to do that?

Christine said...

Oh I agree Rap. I think he was only being nice. I was just correcting you, the calendar he didn't wasn't on Roloff Farm, it was around the area that's all.

I would like to see what people that don't know the Roloffs or aren't related to Jeremy think of Jeremy's photography.

Shadow said...

BTW, I wasn't suggesting above that Jacob should get the limo treatment. I was thinking more along the lines of his "parents" paying attention to him on his birthday and going out of their way to make it a special day for him. He'll never get the extravaganzas his sibs enjoyed, but they could maybe make up *some* for forgetting they had a fourth child the last few years.

aponce16 said...

What a bunch of crap. Please. Matt is such a liar. He uses an incident like that and he blows it into a life altering event for Jake. Let me remind you people that all major TV production teams keep security on site. I really doubt that anything interesting happened.

Anyway, you people are ignoring the real reason why they were talking about that supposed incident. Matt and Amy were using the local press to plant the idea of this incident in the public mind so any prospective jurors might get exposure to the story. This is all a planted story to influence public opinion in their favor. Remember that there is going to be a trial soon and they want people thinking that Amy was overreacting because the family has been exposed to overzealous fans and they feel threaten by then... so any overreaction on their part is perfectly natural. Do you see how devious these people are?

Brandon said...

Alex, that's a very good point.

That whole angle in the lawsuit was ridiculous. Heightened sensitivity to intruders had nothing to do with the inspector.

Does anybody honestly think that Amy (surrounded by her army of production crew) thought that the man with the pocket protector taking pictures of the ark, with the vehicle that said "Oregon Dept of Land Use" thought that the man was a stalker that threatened to harm Molly? The guy had also been to the farm several times before and was seen in an episode on Amy's show. He was the same guy that inspected the deck.

Amy was pissed when she saw him not because she thought he was a crazed stalker, but because she knew exactly who he was and knew the Roloffs might get in trouble for possible safety infractions.

Kayla said...

That actually makes a lot of sense, Alex. I was trying to figure out why Matt made it sound like something scary and physical happened to Jake when it was Jeremy and Zach basically being stuck up snobs.

Anonymous said...

The obvious question becomes "Where are the police reports"?

If Molly has been threatened by a stalker, if there have been burglaries on the Roloff property... why are there no public reports?

Lynn C said...

There wouldn't necessarily be public records. Police don't release all those details. Years ago I remember the local sports team had a star player, the team said he had a stalker. They released the news, none of all the reporters in the city knew about it until they decided to talk about it.

Rap541 said...

I would find that odd for a burglery attempt, Lynn.

I mean, a) if my daughter was being stalked, I would want it in the records that I contacted police over it. B) The Roloffs are claiming burglers were *in their home*. I find it hard to believe that they'll call 911 over the county inspector... but let people rampage and steal in their house and don't call the cops.

Burglary reports would certainly be recorded.

Mike P. said...

The police blotter is a public record.

Except for an ongoing investigation, police calls are public records.

You'd need to know the date and which police were called (city, county, state), and you may have to go personally to look at the records, but the records are public. And names are included.

This is part of the principle that there are no secret arrests or secret trials in the US.

sk said...

sk; all this sounds like roloffs are playing us the veiwer as fools . i always thought amy wasn't always behind matt's atempt to better there lives.