Friday, January 14, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary For Jan 14: Zach Joins Amy

Amy held her weekly Live internet coffee chat today, Friday January 14th on Ustream.

This is a summary of the main things that people might be interested in. The main thing today was Zach joining Amy as a guest, albeit, very briefly. Amy also confirmed that Jeremy and Zach do NOT have twitter accounts. Only Matt has a twitter (through his Facebook) and Amy twitters through her Charity Foundation. That's all for real Roloff twitter activity.

Here is a recap:

*Amy talked about the shooting in Arizona. When the country is in turmoil it's easy to place blame. She thought regardless of political views, that Obama gave a great speech. Amy liked what Michelle Obama said about giving people the benefit of the doubt, to think of people as good and nice. People need to learn to take more care with their words and actions. Amy said it's okay to disagree, but it's important to have tolerance. Amy thought it's sad that it took the death of a young girl (and the others that were killed) for the country to come together.

*Amy was asked about her parents. She said they are doing well, although her father, Gordon Knight, went in for a minor surgery, but he's alright. One of her goals this year is to visit her parents more often. As she gets older and her parents get older, Amy is feeling that as a daughter she should go back to Michigan more and visit them. Now that her kids are older and don't need her as much, she feels like she is able to take off and go back to Michigan to see her parents. For a lot of people, when their parents get older and their health declines, the parents depend more on the kids and they might even move in with them. So because Amy is living in Oregon, she is feeling that she should really make more of an effort to go back and see her parents more often before she regrets not doing so.

*There was a question about what she thought the Roloffs lives would be like if they had never done TV? Amy answered that she wouldn't be doing her speaking engagements or have some of the opportunities to help others with her own Charity Foundation. She thinks the family would have just been like everyone else -- trying to teach the kids good character and etiquette. They met a lot of good people through the show.

*Someone asked about Rob and Amy Haines and their son they adopted. She said they are fabulous. She doesn't hear from them that often. Rob keeps in contact with Matt. She doesn't hear from Amy Haines a lot, she's busy with her son.

*She was talking with someone before they went live about second chances. Amy feels second changes are important in life in many areas. It could be a second chance in a marriage or second chance in the form of a new relationship or with a new job. When people have a major health crisis, like cancer, they sometimes have a new outlook on life.

*Zach arrived! He was very low key. Although that could have been because he said he had just woken up. He was not very talkative.

*What has Zach been up to? Doing homework, hanging out with friends, working at Indoor Goals. He has worked there for about 18 months.

*Zach is playing a lot of indoor soccer. He was playing on 4 or 5 indoor soccer teams, but now it's only 2 teams. Amy likes that better, she thinks less soccer is good for Zach's priorities.

*He was asked if he would ever stop playing soccer for health reasons or concerns about his head or legs; he said definitely not.

*Amy said they had the meeting last night about college plans and possible transfers. Zach said he is staying at PCC for another year. Amy said they are operating in a 5 year program. Amy explained that Jeremy and Zach's lives were crazy with TV so "they didn't take as many credits as they would have liked...or that they should have", according to Amy.

*They asked Zach his feelings now that the show is over? He said there is less stress, but his personal daily life is exactly the same. He has all the same friends, hangs out with the same people, goes the same places, does the same things, still plays Fifa, is still living at home. His life is exactly the same in what he does. Nothing has changed drastically.

*Zach was asked what was his favorite thing about the show? He needed to think about it, but said the activities, they did some fun things.

*Someone or Amy asked Zach who was his favorite producer? Zach asked Amy "Am I allowed to say?" Zach said Eric (Streit). Amy said everyone in the family had a favorite producer or crew member. Some of the Roloffs really like Chris Cardamone and are really close to him. Zach said Eric was his favorite. Amy really liked Eric too.

[Note: Perhaps why Zach asked Amy "Am I allowed to say?"? Eric Streit was arguably the main LPBW figure with the Roloffs for a while or at least in combination with Chris Cardamone....yet if you were ever the type of person to actually watch the credits -- Eric Streit suddenly disappeared and was not apart of Season 6 -- he was there for the Europe vacation trip, but not long after that. If there is ever a true tell-all book, perhaps there will be more about this. There are rumors cloaked in secrecy that Eric's departure was related to a dispute with a certain Roloff]

*Zach was asked about moving out. He said he would like to, but not now. He wants to get some things nailed down before, like college.

*Zach was asked when he does move out, if he thinks he and Jeremy will move in together. Zach was rather matter a fact -- no. He said if they did, it would strictly be for financial reasons.

*Amy said Zach and Jeremy are brothers and love each other but they aren't always buddy buddy. They sometimes do things together but they do things apart too.

*They still have the Previa. Zach said they had 8 people in it recently, it was just like old times. Amy talked about Zach's new vehicle (again Zach wasn't very talkative).

*Amy said Zach had just woken up. She thanked him for coming and asked for a hug. Lisa Dixon asked Zach where he was going, he said he was going back to bed.

*Amy wanted to explain that if people wondered about Jeremy and Zach being 20 and if they are behind...they are not. Amy held them back in pre-school, so Amy says they are right where they are supposed to be.

*Amy mentioned that Jacob has a birthday on Monday. Amy said if they end up changing the time for her coffee chat to later in the evening, she would love to have Jacob come on. Molly and Jacob can't come with her for the coffee chats because they are in school (Amy's coffee chats are presently Fridays at 11:30am -12:30pm in Oregon), but if they do it later in the evening, Amy wants to have Jacob come on. She talked again about Jake being her "teenager", but said maybe she can get something out of him.

*Amy was asked if TLC ever discouraged the producers from being such close friends of the Roloffs and wondered if there were concerns about the professional integrity being jeopardized?Amy insisted the crew always maintained professionalism. Amy explained that when she says they are's not like the minute they turn the camera off, they left. They would talk to each other about what is going on in their lives. They made a connection with them. Amy said it's no different from other people who are friends with people they work with.

*Someone asked Amy if any of the kids ever brought home a girlfriend or boyfriend that Amy really disliked? She said no, she's been lucky. She has liked pretty much all of her kids friends. Jake might have had one friend and Jeremy might have had a friend she wasn't fond of, but for the most part she's liked all of her kids friends. Jeremy brought home a lot more girlfriends than her other kids, but it has all worked out, Amy said.

*She was asked about doing a movie. She didn't think she would do a movie, acting and all that, but she is definitely keeping her doors open, maybe another reality type show, you never know.

*What about an update special for LPBW? Amy said absolutely that might happen, although it would have to be the right mix. Even though they enjoyed the experience as a whole, it still had a lot of ups and downs. It definitely had some tough moments. Amy said it would depend on what story lines they would want to tell.

*There was talk about fake Roloff twitter accounts. Amy's tech support guy, Rich, said they will soon put a links page up on the website and validate the real accounts. Amy's charity Foundation account on Facebook and Twitter and the new Amy J Roloff Facebook Fanpage are Amy's real fanpages.

*Amy said there are so many people pretending to be them. She stated that only Matt (through his Facebook) has a twitter account and she twitters through her charity account. That's all for Roloffs on twitter. She stated that Jeremy and Zach do not have Twitter accounts. She talked about the impostor Amy on Facebook that has over 7000 fans.

*She was asked if she was a hockey fan? When she grew up in Michigan, she skated and used to play hockey with her friends for fun. She likes the Detroit Red Wings. But living on the west coast, it's like hockey, what's that? However, she has a friend that is getting her interested in the San Jose Sharks.

*Amy's parting message was believe in yourself and believe in others.

You can watch the recording of it now:


David said...

Matt caught in another lie.

His quote in his video was "Jeremy and Zach are no longer sleeping in until noon".

It is Friday. It must have been about Noon since Zach wasn't there when they started at 11:30. He admitted he just woke up and was going back to bed. I think it's safe to assume Jeremy was not there because he was still sleeping. Amy said last week that Jeremy does not have class at this time on Fridays.

Gee, sure sounds like lots of changed with Jeremy and Zach since the show ended just like Matt insisted after the finale...not.

David said...

"Amy said it would depend on what story lines they would want to tell."

In other words, if there is a LPBW special it will all be BS "Jeremy and Zach no longer sleep until noon". Read between the lines. What she is really saying is they won't agree to it unless they have control over what the update show would be about.

tay said...

zachs attitude was so bad. can he at least pretend to not look like he's being tortured. no wonder why jeremy doesn't get along with him sometimes. zach is such a downer. i like jeremy a lot more.

Susan Coles said...

Why would she want to have Jake on?? He would be more unwilling to talk than Zach was. It's clear he hates the attention. I doubt he would give more than one word answers. I'm surprised Amy would even want to have him on.

At least Zach showed up. I understand that the kids aren't into it, but if this is important to Amy to get her coffee chats some steam, I think the older kids can support her. Obviously they aren't doing anything else with their time other than sleeping and playing with Mueller.

Zach showing up is more than the Golden One. There must not have been any treats offered for Jeremy to entice him to get out of bed.

Ashley said...

Is anyone else surprised that Zach and Amy kind of sounded like Zach and Jeremy don't get along that well? I thought they did.

It was weird Zach said he would only move in with Jeremy for money reasons. What type of place are they planning on moving into? They are rich. He talks like they are the run of the mill poor college students that need to share a place to cut costs.

Timothy said...

It was interesting that Zach leaned in and asked Amy if he was allowed to say that Eric was his favorite producer.

That explains why Jeremy and Zach aren't trusted to speak for themselves just a few months before the 21st birthdays. They obviously have been told they can't talk about some subjects.

Lynn C said...

It's unclear to me whether Zach was speaking for himself. I think he meant that he, Zach, was going back to PCC for another year. It wasn't clear to me what Jeremy has decided. On the facebook post last night Amy specified that she talked to *Jeremy* about transfers and moving out.

I was a little surprised at Zach's response to the question about moving with Jeremy. Obviously the episode about Zach, Jeremy and Mueller apartment hunting together was a total put on and staged.

Brandon said...

Amy missed the point about the producer becoming friends question.

If you are in charge of trying to produce an honest depiction of someone, if the person you are depicting is someone you have a personal relationship with, it is going to severely affect your objectivity, because you'll be thinking about it from the perspective of a friend, rather than a professional. You can see how the producer being best friends with them affected the quality of the episodes.

Jeremy is a slacker. Can't be bothered to show again.

David is right. Another day, another Matt Roloff lie.

Natalie said...

Yeah, why does Amy want Jacob as a guest?????? I think Jeremy would be better (if he ever got his lazy butt out of bed!).

Diane said...

I guess I can understand Zach not looking excited and Jeremy no showing.

Jeremy and Zach hate the fans. When the show ended, they probably thought they were finished needing to pretend to be interested in fan questions. Amy wants them to do it, even if it is only for a few minutes.

They aren't getting paid for it. Jeremy doesn't do anything he doesn't want if he's not getting paid.

Katie said...

I could tell Zach totally didn't want to be there but only went because Amy wanted him too. That says something.

I wonder if it's true that Jeremy and Amy don't have the greatest relationship. I was surprised on the show in that one episode when they said their relationship is the same as Zach's with Matt's. I think that was before Jeremy told Amy that she belongs in the kitchen!

I've heard some people speculate they don't have a good relationship. Little stuff like this makes me lean towards believing it.

Brandon said...

Katie, I wouldn't read too much into Jeremy not being on Amy's coffee chat. It's Jeremy being Jeremy. If there's nothing in it for him, if Amy's not dangling carrots, Jeremy isn't interested. Matt gives Jeremy money and free trips filled with fun. If he didn't, I'm positive Jeremy would be home in bed sleeping instead of doing something Matt asked of him too.

Deb said...

For the record, Amy is saying on her fan page on facebook that Zach coming on was a surprise. She wrote that she tells her kids about her coffee chat but doesn't insist on them coming.

Chris L said...

I don't get the big deal about the kids being on Amy's chat. Like you can see, it's not like they are going to say anything interesting.

Zach blew that open by asking Amy if he was allowed to say. If someone doesn't want to be honest or feels they can't be, what's the point?

The few times Jeremy has done something publicly he is the fakest, most phony person I've ever seen in my life. His "Golly Gee, aw shucks, take care, God bless" fake persona that was busted anytime someone gets a glimpse of his real friends.

Greg said...

I just watched the Zach interview part.

When he's talking about the previa, Amy said someone said they saw them in the previa, she didn't think it still ran. Zach said "Camerino put a new battery in it".

Camerino? Why do they need Camerino when they have Jeremy the talented mechanic?

Amanda F said...

I love Amy's idea about giving a tour of the inside of the Previa. I've always wondered what they've written all over the insides of it. I wonder if it's PG enough for her to show? :)

Brandon said...

Hey Rap! Watch the Coffee chat recording at 30 minutes into it about Jake's birthday...

...Jeremy must have said no to Skiing with Jake! This is what Amy says about Jake's birthday.

"He's going to be 14. We will probably just have a few kids over, have pizza, he will probably play a little Xbox, just do an average 14 year old birthday, I'm not sure but it will be fun."

The skiing trip idea if *Jeremy* wanted to must have been shot down by Jeremy himself. I was wrong! I thought Jeremy would be for it because it's fun on a ski hill.

Abby said...

Ah, so they were lying about Jeremy not having girlfriends. According to the show and what the Roloffs say, Jeremy only had 2 girlfriends and hasn't had a girlfriend since Kirsten. But Amy says Jeremy has brought home A LOT MORE girlfriends than her other kids.

I think all the rumors about Jeremy being a player with 30 girlfriends all over Portland is true.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - its very noticable how differently the Roloffs treat their kids. Jeremy and Zach have massive birthday blowouts. Molly gets special trips. Jake gets pizza and video games.

Lynn C said...

Well personally, like I've said before, I'm not going to shed any tears for how under privileged Jacob Roloff is according to some people.

That poor mistreated, forgotten kid that has so much "stuff" in his room that the only danger is him tripping over it and his neglectful parents that pay for him to be on a competitive soccer team and pay for Karate lessons and a has a Camaro waiting in the wings...poor poor Jacob Roloff. Deprived of so many luxuries by his unfair parents....

If I listened to some of you people that talk about how favored Jeremy and Zach are compared to Jacob, I would start to think that Jacob is forced to sleep outside in Rocky's dog house.

Dana said...

Bravo Lynn! Best post on here!

Rap541 said...

Lynn - when you have four children, you should treat them equally when it comes to material things.

When you lavish gifts on three, and exclude one, you are indeed making a judgement.

Jeremy had expensive trips, large lavish parties, a truck, a glider flight, competative soccer, a trip to Europe complete with special daddy bonding time, and more toys in his slop pile of a room (please don't suggest that Jeremy is somehow neat, he lives as filthly as all the Roloffs) and what exactly has the blessed one done to earn it? And bless me, we aren't suggesting that Jeremy and Jake have recieved equal material things are we, Lynn?

Lynn? Did he deserve a truck for calling Mike "his n-word"? Hey I think his mother who needs to mind him and trot herself back in the kitchen (and you've never acknowledged whether you as a mere wife take orders from your sons as they have man parts and therefore are your rulers) actually bought him fancy bluetooth toys along with a special party for his latest birthday....

Lynn? Do you make sure to hand out material gifts to your children based on how well you like them? Do you make it clear to your kids that child X gets more because you prefer child X?

And before the Jeremy fans freak out and insist on how he *deserves* lavish treats.... you know I am going ask.


What behaviors do you see that tell you Jeremy deserves more material gifts than his siblings?

Jeremy, to use a term that gets tossed out a lot, acts like a spoiled brat. When he doesn't want to do something, he walks away or whines until he can find an excuse to get out of it. What is the Golden Boy doing that impresses?

Oh, and "loving god" doesn't count since the big boy doesn't have the chops to take the heat for actually standing up for his god.

BeckyM said...

Actually, I think Jacob's birthday sounds NORMAL for his age... while I can see the issue with Jeremy having more lavish parties, I also don't think that evolved Jeremy into the best person he could be. Having over-the-top birthday parties made Jeremy more appreciative? Nah....

So I personally am FOR Jacob having a normal party for his age, without the filming of TLC or the other phoniness that this family has been living with during the years of filming.

Again, not to go against the stream, but the boys sleeping till noon? Not surprising - I grew up with three brothers! If a teen or young man could sleep till noon he's going to do it. I wish I could! LOL! But until they have the responsiblity of job or school to get up for, why not stay up all night and sleep in as late as they want?

For my son, I let him sleep in until 10 on the weekends, BUT that would all change if he had work obligations to get up for. Meanwhile, M-F he gets up at 6:30 to get ready for school and no slacking.

While his room is his kingdom, he does have to keep it picked up. I need to see the floor, the bed is to be made, and dirty clothes need to be brought to the laundry room. He has a list of chores to do and doesn't get paid to do them. I expect homework to be done daily, and for grades to be no lower then a B.

He graduates high school in 2012 and we have already discussed the college issues. Fails a class; he pays us back and pays to re-take it. Goes to school, then he can live at home; doesn't go to school, then he works. Doesn't work or go to school, then he will be kicked out after age 18.

There is nothing wrong with a junior or community college. Especially, for two young men who have shown absolutely NO aptitude for school. Community colleges have smaller classes then 4 year universities (generally) and have more assistance (in tutoring for example). I have gone to over five different schools, both junior, and 4 year and have a B.A. as well as post-graduate work, and they all have their pros and cons.

BUT this is the problem I have with Amy and Matt: no rules, no responsbilities, no real guidelines on expectations... it is ALL to much freewheeling in that house. Too much treating these young men like they are Jacob's age.

The other thing: why should Zach be supportive of his mom's work? Why should he want to communicate with fans? When he was UNDERAGE, he was forced by his parents to participate in years of reality television (and if you go by the salaries bandied about - really didn't get that much in cold, hard cash).

I see no reason why a young man, who was filmed as a teen with no legal right to say no, should feel a need to communicate with fans. Personally, the quicker he goes back to living an ordinary life (which sounds like he wants too - and is doing it!) the better it's going to be for him.

I respect Zach for it - far more then I do Matt and Amy who are still milking the Reality Cash Cow who has dried up.

Why is Amy constantly trying to draw her children back into these stupid, publicity hunting stunts? It's OBVIOUS they do NOT want to do it! Lay off, Amy and let your son develop his own interests without asking that he stay tied to your apron strings.


Jerome said...

Wow. sleeping till noon on a weekday and after doing a couple minutes of Q&A Zach is going back to bed. What a hard life!

Giles said... feelings exactly.

Becky, I agree that it's wrong to spoil Jacob with lavish parties and material goods simply because they did that with Jeremy and Zach.

I disagree about the Zach and Jeremy being forced to do the show and their responsibilities. I don't have sympathy.

What you said would have some validity with me if Zach and Jeremy broke free the second they had a choice. They didn't. For two years they willingly had the choice to sign their own contracts and they willingly signed on to the show for two more seasons and would have kept going if TLC didn't end it.

The money, trips and the stuff was worth it to them to keep themselves in it.

I don't have sympathy about how they need to be polite to fans either. Adults and teenagers that are being paid minimum wage manage to be polite and friendly to customers. Boo hoo, Zach needs to put up with people being nice to him asking him things about soccer.

Like Jerome said, the proof is in the pudding. If Zach wasn't on coffee chat, his sleeping until noon wouldn't have been interrupted. He could have slept until 3. Hooray!

The problem with Jeremy and Zach sleeping until noon is that they have no responsibility because they did happily agree to be on the show for two or more seasons.

Rap541 said...

BeckyM - my only real point with the lavish parties vs pizza and some friends over is this.

Matt and Amy treat the kids differently. Jeremy gets glider rides and beach weekends. Molly gets special one on one trips. Jake gets pizza and gifts that on at least one occasion were clearly purchased at last minute.

If we can see that Jeremy is the favored child - and since Lynn and Dana bray that Matt loves Jeremy best and most all the time, then don't you think Jake can see that his parents think he's the least too?

Lynn? Dana? You two have kids right? Since making it clear that you love one more than the rest and will matierely reward the one you prefer, please state for the public which of your kids is the best, and which of your kids *is your least loved child*.

And if you protest that no parent would do that then please ask yourself why Jake shoudl thank his mom and dad for making it obvious to the world how they rank the Roloff kids with Golden Boy Jer-bear as "The Best and Most Loved, Matt's *FAVORITE*, MATT'S DESERVED BLESSED CHILD* and that he's their shame and disappointment.

Do you really think kids don't notice that they're treated differently?

Jerome said...

Every parent has a favorite child...whether they choose to admit it or not they do. They might not show it outright but deep down they sometimes favor one child over another for some reason...whether it be grades, behavior, their traits resemble those of the parent when he/she was their age, etc...

Lynn C said...

Jerome, I agree. Rational people understand that.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - since you embrace displaying which child you love the most - please tell us which of your children you love the least. You agree that it happens, so come on.

And btw - you do realize that you are embracing the idea that you will reward your preferred child with material things and will slight your least loved child as all parents have a favorite and you have no problem with showing it, right?

Which of your children do you love the least, Lynn. Don't be ashamed - all rational people understand that parents have ranking orders and can and will display the ranking of their love. Who is your favorite child, and which of your children is your least favorite. Matt and Amy love Jeremy the most, right? So Jeremy gets the treats and you approve :) So tell us which of your children you love the least. Come on, don't be shy, you're a rational parent and its perfectly acceptable for a parent to make it *clear* who sucks. WHich of your kids is the crap child, Lynn? One of them has to be since *rational parents have favorites* so come on :)

After all, you love the Roloffs and want to emulate their parenting by sharing in public which of your kids you love the least, right?

Well? Show us some parental love and name which of your kids is your shame child, Lynn. After all, if one is the favorite, then one is the pile of crap.

Rap541 said...

And btw - Jerome, I do understand the concept of parents having a favorite, however most parents understand that holding one child up as "the good one" and lavishing material gifts on "the good one" and making it clear in public how the children are ranked in your mind is actually a bit cruel. Mark my words, while Lynn sits here embracing favoritism as rational, she will *not* tell us how she ranks her children and which child is the least in her eyes.

Because deep down, she knows thats cruel. Any rational person knows that, which is why *none* of the Jeremy fans will emulate Matt and make it clear to the public which of their children is the least in their eyes.

Rap541 said...

Btw, no one is answering the question - do you really think kids don't notice that they're treated differently? Lynn? Since you are on record approving of favoritism, do you think your crap least child notices they get less because you like them least?

Lynn C said...

The words "any rational person" is key because someone here has proven themselves to not be rational...either that or they arguing for the sake of arguing.

Jerome's point to which I agree was not hard to understand. Every parent unconsciously has a child that is their favorite whether they admit it or not, to themselves or to others. Some will insist they don't, but everyone does. It's human nature. That doesn't mean you go around telling all your kids who is your favorite. The majority of parents try very hard not to show any favoritism. However people that observe them well can pick up on it.

In my opinion, I feel Jeremy is Matt's favorite. Amy's favorite is Zach. That doesn't mean that I think they treat them better than they do Jacob or Molly.

Jacob has a room full of material goods just like the twins.

If Jeremy, Zach and Molly had more interesting birthdays (and that is a questionable conclusion...what did the boys do for their 18th birthday? A pool party? 19th? 20th? A cake and not much else?) it is only because of the timing of the show. If the show was still filming, maybe they would have done something that is more filming friendly than a regular 14th boys birthday party consisting of friends, pizza and video games.

I have to say it's a very immature opinion to think that because I have a favorable opinion of the Roloffs that I would agree with everything they do. I don't agree with everything my mother does, I don't agree with everything my husband does, I'm not going to agree with everything a family I know from tv and the internet does. That doesn't prevent me from liking them or having respect for them.

Lynn C. said...

Matt has never said that Jeremy is his favorite or ranked his children.

People, including myself, observe and speculate based on what Jerome is human nature for parents to have a favorite child.

Rap, you're ridiculous.

Jerome said...

Rap - I never said that parents show their favoritism outright by inundating them with gifts, excessive praises, etc...I said that "deep down" they might favor one child over another. Whether they choose to act on that thought and proceed to treat the child better than others in public is up to them and yes I do agree that it is cruel if it becomes overly excessive and is noticeable to other people.

Rap541 said...

Lynn, you're refusing the question for exactly the reason I thought you would.

Clearly you *don't* think your children should know the pecking order of your love, despite how you applaud the Roloffs making it crystal clear to everyone watching the show what their pecking order is.

I don't really understand your theory... its cruel for you to name your most and least favorites but you're being super kind and just a delightful person to openly discuss how Matt *deserves* a son like Jeremy and how Matt *must be ashamed* to call Jake his son.

I wonder if you would appreciate hearing from Matt on which of your children he considers your worst?

And why is it "irrational" and "ridiculous" to ask you to stand up for your stated beliefs. All rational parents have favorites per you. WHy are you ashamed to discuss which of your kids is the most in your eyes and which is the least? I mean, you're the one claiming to be rational here, Lynn. And if you like and respect the favoritism that the Roloffs show their kids, then say so.

And if you *don't* approve of how the Roloffs show that Jeremy is clearly their preferred child, you have the ability to say you don't approve.... but you won't.

Do you approve of how blatent Matt is with his favoritism?

Or will you ignore the question and refuse to answer? :)

Rap541 said...

And consider the lavish all day affair the twins 14th birthday party was.... a clearly well planned event. Consider Amy's comments on Jake's 14th.

Do you think Jake just might notice the difference?

Jerome - where I think it starts to become noticeable is that indeed, we're now offically at a point where we can compare "what the twins got" to "What Molly got" to "What Jake got" - based on the older kids 14th birthdays, Jake is treated differently. Since the money isn't officially gone, it's noticable.

Ashley said...

She is having the musician Patrick Lamb again. She said she you never know who might show up. I wonder if Jeremy will ever get out of bed in time to be her guest?

Greg said...

If Jeremy is on, someone PLEASE ask him tough questions. Please!!!! Ask him about John Mark "gays are broken and perverted" why he likes those videos and if he believes that? Ask him about the hypocrisy with his language.

karma said...

there must be a scandal with this producer dude eric and matt. look at the way zach looks at amy shocked like he can't believe she asked him about his favorite producer.

BeckyM said...

Rap - my personal belief is that the lavish parties for the twins was partly due to the TLC FILMING. Look at Khate plus 8 and all the trips those kids take. TLC loves their families to take trips and sightsee because there is no REAL SUBSTANCE to their shows.

Was there favoritism? Is there favoritism? Sure. But notice how Molly has pulled away from the filming and was rarely shown in the later years and most agree I think that she's probably the best balanced of the children from what we know.

Perhaps Jacob, who is not that keen on being filmed or trotted out to be shown off, would benefit from a quiet, low-key party? Again, personally, I believe it's time for these two stupid parents to start looking after their kids and give them what is important - and that's NOT high dollar parties - but TIME and ATTENTION.

What Amy should have said was that, after all the attention of filming, the family and Jacob decided that a personal, low key party with friends would be desirable and then a discreet one-on-one trip with parents such as skiing or whatever Jacob likes.

Instead, she once again, throws Jacob away in her comments. Quite clearly showing that she is "done with parenting" and having an "empty nest" mindset, that does not bode well for Jacob, or even Molly.

Rap541 said...

Becky _ I am sure that that the lavish nature of the twins and also Molly's birthday's were due to filming. However, it really doesn't change the fact that materially, Jake gets less. So they filmed Jeremy and Zach's birthdays.... its not as though Jake was part and privy to that decision.

But you nailed it with the second part. Time and attention and perhaps not having to hear how both your parents are ready to be done parenting would do wonders on Jake's disposition.

I don't think, because I actually don't think either Matt or Amy is a monster, that they intend to say "we wish we didn't have to deal with the younger kids growing up" but really, what is Jake supposed to think? The "empty nester" and "done with parenting" remarks really aren't something kids like hearing.

BeckyM said...

Rap - the reality is that if this was your average family, Jacob would be the one who would be spoiled rotten. Typically, the youngest in a family gets cut more slack (I come from a family of 5 and yes the youngest, my brother D got cars bought for him when the rest of us did not).

I feel that Matt has produced a monster in Jer - and he will regret it one day when the golden boy turns on his own day - which will indeed happen as he has been indulged far too much.

What concerns me most for ALL of the children, is that Matt and Amy don't seem to understand that filming their children's childhood has a track record of NOT being a good thing for that child's overall mental health. Neither have made any appropriate decisions to protect their children and brush off the idea that what they did was perhaps foolish.

Jer - a slacker that I am sure was encouraged by the easy money by TLC and adoration of fans.

Zach - who should be thinking of breaking out on his own, but like Jer is tied to home and thinking about the easy way out, provided by TLC on a platter.

Molly - who seems to be "normal" but my feeling was she was very much effected by the filming and lack of privacy. I suspect you will hear little of her in the media and I also predict whe will be the first to leave home and will seldom be back.

Jacob - who has become a whiny brat that feels acting out is appropriate behavior. This will only worsen as he enters his older years and continues to emulate his brother Jer as a role model.

Instead of commercial stuff and MORE MORE MORE, the Roloffs should actually believe the crap they spout about family values. I don't think they are hypocrites - but only stupid. Their permissive parenting style is downright dumb.

Unfortunately, they reap what they sowed. Which was indulged, non-disciplined, non-structured childhoods with too much *stuff* and no consequences or responsibilities upon kids who tell their mother to go back to the kitchen and are too lazy to get out of bed to wipe their own arse.

Rap541 said...

Becky, I agree and usually the youngest gets a bit more of the attention as well, but with the twins being so challenged....

Anyway - we seem on the same page. Considering the way TLC has shut down a LOT of its kid based shows, I wonder if they are starting to be concerned that they might see lawsuits a few years from now.