Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amy Roloff Has An Official Fan Facebook Page

Aug 23
Jer off to school couple of days. Hmm ..., choices? I wonder which one he'll take? And his 'new' chair from goodwill. :). My boy leaving? Really? Seasons of life. just love that boy. ♥

Aug 12
Boy with all of the social media- there is a lot to keep up with. Websites FB pages, in fact I have a Amy Roloff Charity Foundation FB page too. Would love it if you 'LIKE' the page. Thanks

Aug 12
My Starry Night Summer's Day Charity Fundraising event September 17th will be U Stream - means you can watch it LIVE on the 17th via the website www.amyroloffcf.org. So come and join me. Can't be there you say - still make a difference and donate or donate in the Golf Ball Drop and see what possibly could happen. Thanks everyone. It's all about KIDS.

Aug 12
THANK YOU To All of you who have joined my for Coffee Chat in the past months - I haven't gone away. The summer has been quite busy as I'm sure you all have been. Traveling, speaking, charity, wedding tomorrow of the boys very good friend, then a get together with friends, filming, Jer off to college, Molly turns 18, Jacob going into HS, . .. September I'm coming BACK! Coffee Chat = little BIG Talk w/ Amy. I like it. Hope to have you on board. Let a whole bunch of other people know too.

Aug 12
So fun, shooting a commercial and special appeal for my www.amyroloffcf.org website and event. Sept 17 - 18 charity gala. If you can't come you can see it LIVE - U stream :)

Aug 10
Thanks everyone for all of your support in watching our show and in my Charity. I know many are 'far away' so I appreciate anything you feel incline to give to help me make a difference in the lives of kids that are facing life challenges. You can donate and/or make a donation in the Golf Ball Drop. It's kind of cool to see which ball gets close to the hole. Just go to www.amyroloffcf.org for more info

Aug 2
Ahh, CMU! Still a Great University.

Aug 1
Road tripping back. Love it! Michigan you're beautiful and awesome !! Miss you already

July 31
I came home to Michigan because I needed to visit my parents. My brother and sisters were there too and I realized I really just needed my family right now. I'm glad I could and did come back 'home

July 30
We went canoeing. As simple and great as that! Awesome time.

July 29
Riding around Mackinac island w/ Molly and Jacob. Had such a great time. Love this place.

July 28
On the Ferry to Mackinac Island. We're excited!

July 24
Sleeping Bear Dunes. Made it to the top but not quite to the Lake. I love it here!

July 24
Wow! Michigan - you still feel like home after all these years! I'm imported from Detroit baby!

July 23
We'll get to Michigan one day - in Chicago - 2 hour layover + 2 hour flight delay. Hmm joy of traveling.

July 23
I'm off to Michigan with Molly and Jacob. Fun Fun

July 19
I'm on AM Northwest tomorrow - our local ABC doing a quick cooking demonstration in one of the Street of Dream Homes. Fun VIP event Aug. 4th - open to the public. Proceeds benefit ARCF.

July 19

My kids are great and wonderful, and keep me on my toes, and always thinking, and make my heart melt . . . . but why do they keep leaving dishes in the sink and everywhere but not in the dishwasher to be cleaned? . . . . Oh yeah, they didn't empty it either. :)

July 19
jUst a few more days and then Molly Jacob and I are in Michigan. So much to do in the meantime. Meetings and more with people who are supporting my charity foundation and speaking engagements and MC. Whew, Love being busy. Means I meet more people and can do more for people.

July 18
I'm coming back to Michigan - July 23 - August 3rd to see my family. Can't wait. Molly and Jacob are coming too. Detroit, Chelsea, Mackinac and Mackinac Island, Lake Michigan and U.P. here I come. My brother and family and two sisters will be there too. Are you having a wonderful summer everyone?

July 17
Heather and I at Relay for Life Columbia River HS Vancouver WA - I'm here supporting her team. Woohoo! Go Heather!

July 15
At mad Greek having a good times with friends. :)

July 15
Had to try. Not the best iPhone pic. Full moon tonight. Beautiful!

July 14
LP Friends Daniel and Pam visiting us. Good time!

July 14
I'll try to do more videos once I figure it out - how to.

July 14
Yeah, it's true.....a miracle happen.....we actually did something together....on the same page....and we're still here. It's coming. Watch it and see more soon and in the fall.

July 13
Rocky I guess needed a change - he decided to take over the cat bed! Silly dog.

July 13
I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. I hope I've made you feel good about yourself :)

July 13
Am I silly - sometimes, I just know that my favorite bear is coming to a theater near you on Friday. I can't wait.

July 13
it's true. TLC and LPBW will be filming a couple of episodes here and there. A video of some sort I may be able to post. So much to do and catch up on after my trip to LA for the LPA conference and Santa Barbara with the family. Book and ARCF. . . . I'm back!

July 12
A rare moment going out having dinner. :)

July 10
Cruising through the golden state - I-5. On way back to PDX. Jer's a pro at driving!

July 10
Golden state - CA. For miles

July 9
Crazy fun RV trip with family to LA and Santa Barbara. LPA conference wonderful - always meeting new people and seeing old friends. Forgot how much I like to dance. Then college hunting and on our way back to the NW tomorrow. Then busy busy on my ARCF fundraiser event Sept. For kids. Life continues :)

July 7
Yes the news is true. A LPBW show here and there to update all our fans. Thank you for allowing us into your home. For official info www.hollywoodreporter.com/live​-feed/little-people-big-world-​returns-208809. :)

July 6

At LPA conference - LA great bunch of youth - Jacob, Molly, Jacob M, Jer, CJ, Zach. We brought CJ, his first for anything LP. Great time.

July 4
LPA conference in LA - statesmen take GOLD in soccer!!! What a game. 1-0. Great competition! WooHoo!

July 2
LPA conference 'LA'. The 'Statesmen' team won gold in 'flag' touch football. Great game good teams. WooHoo!

July 1
Running into construction slowing us down. But as Jacobs sees all the equipment reminds him when he played with 'trucks' 'bulldoser' in the sandbox!

July 1
Ok the longest stretch of driving- Sacramento to LA. Straight hot boring - except for maybe a few orchards. Happy 4th July!

July 1
The road to Mt Shasta - In Cali last hour or so

June 30
The road to Cali - jers reflection - we're rolling along

June 30
On the road to LA ... California dreamin .. 10 days? Then the NW will be calling me back. I have to just plan a 'girls' road trip one day. Too much fun!!

June 29
Hair Cut ...!

June 29
Well, strawberries have been picked and washed, Molly is home from college visits, Jacob's hair got cut - hmmm, kind of liked it long, lots of food for our road trip to LA for the LPA conference . . . will we survive with stories to tell. The Roloff's ride again. Somehow can never leave the techy stuff behind though :)

June 28
Yes we did pick strawberries. A fun time with my jacob

June 28
Jacob went strawberry picking with me. Mollys coming home. She's my fruit girl

June 28
Strawberries we picked

June 27
Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Starry Night Summer's Day
Location: The Reserve Vineyard and Golf Club Aloha OR
Time: ‎5:00PM Saturday, September 17th

June 26
My rollercoaster of a life will be in full ride mode in July. Wait that is in a few days. I'm not even ready! Conference, going back home and everything in between. Coffee Chat will be back in full swing mid-august. In the meantime I'll putting out a few videos to keep you all in tune to all of the excitement. Let me know what you all are doing during the summer too.

June 23

June 23
Matt and I at The Grove LA - break from mtg. Back in Pdx late tonight

June 22
Have to go to LA tomorrow - just for the day. So I'm making cookies for Jacob!

June 22
This is it - haircut. Just couldn't go that short. I like it. Just a little perked up

June 19
Matt's Father's Day Gift - I got the hint from him - having the kids do small projects around the outside of the house. He loved it and the kids were great.

June 19
My Dad, Happy Father's Day. He has given me so much - the foundation I stand on - believe, yes I can, faith . . . . Love him dearly

June 18
What a day/ night for appreciating ARCF supporters! Portland Teen Idol finals today and Patrick Lamb CD release Bash at Jimmy Maks. I'm humbly appreciative! Patrick love ya. Thank you Dennis.

June 17
I was at a special VIP event for Bridge Meadows. Grand opening of their neighborhood NE portland area - N Waylund Ave. All about kids - foster to being adopted and seniors being 'grand parents. I love ARCF to have helped make a little difference in a BIG world. Thank you

June 17
Make this your Saturday night date night. Fabulous music and to celebrate Patrick's CD release. Supports Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. So excited. Great music and Fun time. Jimmy Maks

June 15
Schools out for the summer. Summer has begun at the Roloff house - according to my Jacob. Loves the water

My Jacob on left, Long time friend of the boys Jacob Mueller - like family - and Christian. Good boys. Let me know what's up with you all over the summer

June 15
If you're not being treated with the love and respect you deserve, check your "PRICE TAG." Perhaps you have marked yourself down. It's "YOU" who tells people what you're worth by what you are willing to accept. Get off the "CLEARANCE RACK" and get behind the shiny glass case where they keep the "VALUABLES."
I got this from my friend Patrick Lamb. Awesome guy and saxphon player

June 14
Ok going over tentatively our summer calendar with everyone - summer is just plain too 'short'. It'll go by so fast. July is packed full already - LPA conference and seeing my folks - U.P. in Michigan and trips here and there. August - we are staying put? :) I've got an event to plan. Computer and iPhone you're coming with me.

June 14
Jacob's last day for 8th grade today. He did awesome finishing out the year. Yesterday went to Divine Yogurt. Oh my, way too good!

June 13
I need to get my hair cut. Oh the decisions one needs to make sometimes :) What style to do.

June 13
As the busy summer begins or has already started for many of you, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your comments, interest in what I'm doing and my family, watching Little People Big World, and sharing what you are doing too. The connection to so many people I have really appreciated. Thank you so much.

June 9
Out with matt at his favorite place each night- mad Greek with Pondo and Laurie. :)

June 9
Coffee Chat w/AMY LIVE tomorrow Friday. Guest and other fun things to talk about. So come and join me - 11:30 - 12:30 PST. log on at www.amyroloffcf.org to watch and chat.

June 8
I so enjoy and love cooking. The kids and some of their friends a great dinner - chicken in Beurre Blanc, brown rice toasted almonds cilantro, green salad and cucumbers, and strawberry rhubard crisp.

June 7
I need some more girls night out :)

June 7
Movie night tonight? Bridesmaids. Heard it was good

June 7
Love Jimmy Fallon show NBC

June 4
Some really awesome women doing good things via MO rehabilitation Assoc. A great evening. I'm here fir a speaking Eng.

June 4
Great guys doing some good things via MO rehabilitation Assoc. Great evening

June 4
View overlooking the lake at Tar-Tan Resort MO. From my room. Speaking eng. Never have been here. Beautiful place. Looking forward to mtg people from MO Rehabilitation Assoc.

June 3
I leave in 6 hours for a speaking engagement in MO and return on Monday. Short visit and wish I could visit more in Tar Tan area but school is almost over and need to get back here for Molly and Jacob. The boys are the boys - doing good and finished with their second year in college. Whew. A few more years to go.

June 3
Had a great meeting tonight for ARCF for my BIG fundraising event in September. We are going to raise even more for kids and making a difference in their lives. I have a wonderful team.

June 3
sorry everyone. I forgot to put out a message that there was no Coffee Chat today. I'll put out a summer schedule for Coffee Chat when I'm back Monday. My team and I will be gone here and there for the summer as well as you all. So I'll be doing Coffee Chat and video's. Thanks.

May 31
I didn't know what to have for dinner. So roared potatoes, peppers/ onions and asparagus. Kind of just me myself and I. Nothing like roasted veggies! :)

May 30
A gorgeous beautiful day it ended up being in Portland. Now off making hamburgs and strawberry shortcake.

May 30
I want to thank all of the troops, men and women that have served our country, are serving our country that have given up their life and/or come back injured and their families who have made sacrafices our country so we can still have the freedoms we do. Thank you for giving so much for what our country stands for. Thank you. Thank you. Remember this on your day off. :)

May 28
Great fun time at Patton farm vineyards with Jer photo
Jer as photographer for Sam. Jer is doing some great stuff

May 28
Zach. And friends watching a great soccer game champions game. Manchester - Barcelona.

May 28
What are you all doing this memorial weekend? Love to see some of your BBQ recipes and sauce too

May 28
I'm off to Patton Vineyard - Gaston supporting local artist - sam Roloff
Jer is photographer :)

May 26
Coffee Chat w/Amy LIVE 11:30-12:30 PST. I'm going to talk about Garlic, appetizer, guests, latest news updates and YOU. Let's talk before the long weekend.

May 26
Ok, I almost did a spur of the moment flown somewhere for the long weekend - instead I'm going to give myself a Spa Afternoon after Coffee Chat of course. Still leaves me the rest of the weekend to get stuff done and in fun trouble :).

AZ to see my long time childhood friend or CO to visit with my brother. Last minute thought flights a little expensive so defiantly another time this year. I miss them

May 25
I think we are all getting the end of the school year when is summer going to get here bug.

May 24
Had a great evening with some really good people. She made a great meal and my pie was good too. Awesome to surround one self with good people.

May 24
When you have good music jammin I guess traffic isn't so bad during rush hour. I got here early - never happens to me - so got a coffee before I get to where I'm going with my apple pie :)

May 23
Oh I don't know, maybe because it's a Monday. I woke up - thought - again - I really really - just everything - I love my kids.

May 23
Ok, I know it's a simple movie but one of my favorites because it shows off another one of my favorite places - Mackinac Island - Somewhere In Time - Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer . . . Love the movie. watching it now. So I'm a little romanic :)

May 22
Never let the fear of making a mistake keep you from playing the game of 'Life'.

May 21
A beautiful blooming start and hopefully it'll continuing. Not exactly a green thumb here :)

May 20
Portland Teen Idol Semi-Finals is on Sunday May 29th at the Tiffany Center and tickets are on Sale through www.PortlandTeenIdol.com for only $10 per adult and $5 per youth for general admission.

May 20
OOOPS - NO Coffee Chat TODAY, May 20th, Friday. Rich G. my IT guy is off to celebrate his birthday. Sorry I didn't put this out earlier. He deserves a great day today. Thanks everyone and hope to see you on Next Friday. Amy. Log on www.amyroloffcf.org to see what else is going on.

May 16
Wow, May is half way done and in another month school will be over. My Molly will be a Sr next year and Jacob starting High School. Jeremy in his new school and Zach continuing here and working. The farm is plugging along getting ready for pumpkin season. Summer - I'm not sure what we will be doing at this very moment. What are you all planning for the summer?

May 14
Goats on the lose at Roloff Farm. Zach and I corralled them from house to field where ark is but they kept climbing over cattle guard, escaped, now in MCC. LOL

May 10
Celebrating the boys 21st birthday at El Gaucho's. A wonderful time for a Mom. Love them to pieces as I do Molly Girl and Big Guy Jacob. Thanks Jacob, Lori, Hannah, Jacob M. for coming too. Great time.

May 10
I'm taking my boys out to a fabulous dinner to celebrate their 21st birthday. This is different for us because for so many years we have had birthday parties at the farm and I have made dinner for them. Well, I thought this would be a change for them. Something new as they embark on this part of their life - still trying to figure it out. :) Thanks everyone. :) ♥ ♥

May 8
My Zach, He loves this game and did an awesome job 'reporting' about the game. It's like an internship - non-paying but he'll gain a lot of experience. Check out the video - he needs 'views'. Thanks so much.

Kickin’ It with Zach – Portland Timbers vs. Philadelphia Union
Jocknuts.com correspondent Zach Roloff follows the Portland Timbers as they prepare for their match against the Philadelphia Union at Jeld-Wen Field in Portland, OR.



May 7
to all the Mom's out there - and Mom's to others, Happy Mother's Day. Love ya. You are the best.

May 7
All you mother's out there - even those that are like mother's to others- HaPpY MoThErS DAY!! much love to you all. Have a wonderful weekend and DAYl Know somehow YOU do have the best job in the world. We don't have to be perfect because we are not but we are perfect where we are at - to our kids. Have a great day. Love you Mom! ♥

May 7
I'm out having a lovely dinner with my Molly girl. The place I was going to I couldn't find, friends were busy, but I ended up with the best - time with Molly! ♥

May 5
Remember: Coffee Chat w/ Amy LIVE tomorrow 11:30 - 12:30 PST. log on at www.amyroloffcf.org. Let's talk - about a lot. Your input and questions too.

May 5
Birthday celebrations this year in the Roloff household. Boys turn 21 in about 5 days! Amy (?) and Molly (18) on September 17th. The girls are having a celebration for kids - the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Starry Night Summer's Day Fundraising Dinner/Auction and Golf Benefit September 17th - 18th. Love to see you there and we will Ustream it like we do Coffee Chats w/ Amy Live. WooHoo

May 5
Coffee Chat w/ Amy LIVE May 6th, Friday. So much to talk about. Give me your input, questions, what are you doing for Mother's Day, for your mom and what would you like to do. Summer vacations. And of course Current events. Give me your input, questions and most defiantly log on, tune in at www.amyroloffcf.org to view and/or live chat. HOpe to see you then.

May 4
Had an awesome ARCF meeting with some great people and my team for the 3rd annual ARCF Dinner Auction Gala and Golf Benefit September 17th - 18th. Mark it on your calendars and come. It's all about kids. :) ♥ help me make a difference for kids in this BIG World.

May 2
Had a moment to bask in some Portland sunshine while waiting to pick up Jacob from school. Though It's a bit chilly still.

May 1
Had an awesome time in Utah; met some really wonderful people, worked on a house for Habitat Humanity even squeezed in a quick visit to Sundance and Park City. The best was meeting the mom and kids that will live in the house. Now back to PDX reality :)

April 29
Katie and I visiting Sundance. Beautiful place.

April 29
While in Utah met up with friends Katie and Steve. Wonderful dinner and company. LPBW meets up with Chocolatiers :)

April 29
Ok sunny in Portland and it's snow flurries in Utah right now.

April 28
So why did I leave so late to the airport? I have no idea. Im here on time but Will I make it in time going through security? Hmmm ... I'll probably get searched - you know - im late and little woman could be a threat. :)

April 27
I'll be in the Provo Utah area tomorrow - Sunday - Habitat for Humanity Women Build week. I'm helping to build a home for a single mom and kids with other women. I can't wait. One of the wonderful opportunities with I've had doing TV. Yes, even little ole me can use a hammer pound a nail, climb ladder . . . at least for now still :)

April 27
Thank you so much for all of you joining me on Coffee Chats. Love the interaction and connection. - NEXT Coffee Chat w/ AMY LIVE Friday May 6th 11:30 - 12:30. What are you doing for summer vacation, Mother's Day, What's on your mind TOPIC - Share with me . . . . hopefully you can join me May 6th at www.amyroloffcf.org to log in on that day. have a great weekend.

April 27
I'm so proud of my Jacob and how great he is handling this transition in his life. Matt and I are so 100% behind him. He just went through 4 hours of testing the other day and we went to get the input today. He did great. A few areas he needs to work on so four days a week he is in 'school'. He'll be even more ready for High school. He's a good kid. Love my Big Guy

April 26
I feel so uplifted now. :). Nothing radical - it's me - just trimmed up and me again. Nothing like going to a salon to make you feel better about yourself.

April 26
At the Hair Salon - it's happened before and maybe this time too - I'll soon be looking beautiful again! My treat to me!

April 25
Oh the plans this week. Jacob and homeschooling the rest of the year - so much better for him, cleaning my office and Women's Build week for Habitat for Humanity. A house for a single mom and kids. Couldn't imagine spending a weekend any other way. What's your week like?

April 25
Lots going on planning for my charity foundation main event - September 17th - 18th. I"m working on a surprise for it is my birthday on the 17th. So celebrate with me either by planning to come or a gift. It's about a little difference in a BIG World for kids. So excited for it this year. more info at www.amyroloffcf.org

April 25
Ok, you all are asking what is this about LPBW 'specials' - a lot of talk is going on and we shall see. Calendars, schedules, more discussions need to be had. First and foremost is my Jacob and boys off to college and Molly her last year in HS. Yeah, the empty nester is creeping along and upon me. Poof then it will be here.

April 25
Wow! What a week and a wonderful weekend. We were all as a family except Jer who helps out quite a bit at another church, able to attend church together and then a somewhat traditional Easter Dinner - had to get the Honey Baked Ham. Yum! Cheese cake and delicious sides and home made Hot cross Buns. Miracles and Blessings, come in all moments.

April 20
Cyndi: gosh I miss all of you, how are all the kids doing and Matt. You still have your doggie?

Amy Roloff: we are doing good. changes for Jacob, boys are in community college, Jer transferring, Zach to follow, and Molly looking ahead to Sr. year next year. Then she will be in college. Oh my, the semi-empty nester season is coming upon me. Rocky doing good and our cats. They are pals.

April 20
inspiration: Giving hope, encouragement, love to another when they may have given up on themselves - and they begin to turnaround because you stood by them.

April 19
I'm off to an important board mtg on a sensitive subject and hoping the results will be positive. Positive thoughts and prayers I'd appreciate.

April 18
Another note - I defiantly have to get out of this funk I've been in. It's been too long. Too many things to get done - have no time for this! Thank goodness Mother Nature was kind today - SUN, SUNNY, SUNSHINE :) :) ♥

April 18
Wow! I so appreciate all of the positive feedback regarding the possibility of something LPBW back on TLC. Have no idea yet. it's media, network, and things to work out. We shall see. In the meantime other projects - charity foundation event 17th - 18th of September, book, speaking, and the main point - family life.

April 15
Coffee Chat w/ Amy LIVE 11:30 - 12:30 PST CANCELED TODAY. My IT Rich had a family medical issue today and won't be with me. Without him, my IT Guy, I can't have Coffee Chat. NO COFFEE CHAT TODAY. So Sorry. Will miss you all. Leave messages input thoughts and I'll try to answer and be there during that time via FB. Thank you so much

April 13
I haven't had one of these days in awhile. A straight 14 hour day, non-stop. And nothing concrete was resolved. Crumola! Bummmer! I'm keeping my head high, looking forward, with still a whole lot of hope.

April 12

Laurie:we love you and miss you on cable amy !

Amy: Thanks Laurie for the kind thoughts. you never know. not anytime soon I think.

April 11
Always be the first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version you think someone else wants you to be.

April 11
Ok, daylight savings time is messing with me. Really? 6:45pm and I haven't made any dinner yet? I still think it's about 5:30. Off I go - 'mad fool cooking mom' :)

April 11
Always continue to believe in yourself even when those closest around you begin not to.

April 11
I'm working on this: 'Always be the frist rate version of yourself, Instead of a second rate version of someone else'

April 11
Back home, I miss my kids and how great they are and in just handling things themselves when I'm away. OOOpps, I guess the coffee maker broke just when I got home. So off to the store to get a new one. Have to have coffee in the morning! love going and returning.

April 10
Alexia: Amy, Do you want to move to Az. or stay there in Orgeon? : )
Amy: stay here. To move for Dirt? Hmmm. Dirt will come and go, a home here to stay. Visit AZ not move.

April 9
Early Childhood Conference was fantastic. I was honored to be asked to speak at this conference. Met some wonderful people, talented people w/ music for our kids in classrooms. Fantastic time. Now time to head home. Thanks Robin and all of the future teachers. I was an absolute pleasure to meet you all. Great time.

April 8
I made it to Milwaukee but feels like San Francisco. Sitting on tarmac waiting for gate and it is so thick with fog. Hmm ... Where's the Sun? Haven't seen much if it in Portland.

April 7
There's no Coffee Chat w/ Amy This Friday for I won't be here. I'll be in Whitewater WI for a speaking engagement. Hope you tune in on April 15th. Yes that's the next one. That due date for taxes. Smile, we'll talk about it then. Give me your input, topics, questions . . . . summer plans. Thanks a bunch.

April 7
I'm off to Whitewater WI for a speaking engagement. Have a great weekend everyone.

April 3
Haven't seen a soccer game with my kids playing in a long time. Just love it. Molly and Zach are on an indoor team. Jacob and friends Levi and Paige were there too watching with me. Great to see the bros and sister doing things together the older they get. Love em ♥ ♥

April 3
Karen = "Amy I'm hearing from Matt maybe.....just maybe LPBW might come back on TV. Just to think that you are even talking about it.....Gosh Amy It sure would be so wonderful to see you and the family back on TV. I've got my fingers crossed. Love you guys!!!"

Amy Roloff = "that's Matt :)"

April 1
What is it? I'm suddenly into sappy movies? It Could Happen To You and Maid in Manhattan with Molly Girl :). Love it

April 1
Wieden & Kennedy Founders Day event. Crazy Fun!! I was a talent show 'judge' :)

March 31
I almost forgot to mention. Coffee Chat w/ Amy LIVE Friday 11:30 - 12:30 PST. Come and join me. Dress For Success will be my guest. Log on at www.amyroloffcf.org to view and / or ask questions, give input and feel free to ask questions ahead of time so I'll have more time to get to them. Hope to have you tune in. :)

March 30
Beth: AMY: My son is up there at George Fox University and I am planning on coming up there this month to see him and watch a couple of his baseball games. I was hoping that you might be willing to sit down for a cup of coffee with me while I'm there and share some of your wisdom with me. (see discussion grp "what are your struggles) so you'll know why I would like to sit down with you. Please! :)

Amy Roloff: I'm not sure if I'll be here. I have a speaking engagement coming up. Struggles - right now raising a teenager that doesn't like his Mom at the moment. hmmm .....

March 30
Andrea: You need a girls night with a glass of wine!

Amy Roloff = ABSOLUTELY - how did you know? :)

March 30
I'm cleaning my bedroom. Matt's away so what better time. I think I shop too much . . . . . . . to many clothes.

March 29
What's Cooking? Stir Fry Rice with Chicken and Asparagus. Had a lot of chicken to use.

March 20
Ok I got back portland last night around 11:30pm, should have woken up at around 4:00 am to catch another early flight Santa barbara. Totally forgot to up the volume on alarm and almost missed flight. Got up ready in 15 min to go to airport. I'm so tired. Surprised Jer and I were in 1st class Pdx to San Fran College visit

March 19
I'm so excited - I know the littlest things still put a smile on my face. I got bumped into First Class. Chicago to portland. Silly I know but I feel like a girl who gets to be a princess for a moment :). See you soon Portland :)

March 18
Wow, got to airport record time. 30 min. Getting ready to board ... Second time this happened - flight attendants can not help with putting luggage in overhead? 'law'. Really? So I can't do what others get to do? Really?

March 18
Next Coffee Chat w/Amy will be on March 25th, 11:30 - 12:30 PST. There is no coffee chat tomorrow, the 18th - I'm out of town in IN for a speaking engagement - Kokomo Shine Women Fair on the 19th. I hope to see many of you on next Friday. For us it's spring break so who knows who will want to show up. See you then :) Have a great weekend.

March 16
The news of Japan - days and days, my heart, the emotions are almost overwhelming, my heart goes out to the people, the families, the children, the whole country. I can't even imagine what they are going through. Pray for the people of Japan, if you can, contribute what you can, if possible do something for the people of Japan. When they are affected we are affected. Peace & strength, We All Make A Difference.

March 12
What we lose an hour? Tomorrow will come too soon.

March 11
Beginnings of my indoor herb garden.

March 11
Thanks for being on Coffee Chat w/ Amy today everyone. Great time. Talked about all of this devastation that has happened, Women History Month, Cooking Chicken, Wine Paring, and Zach and Mueller popped in. Next one March 25th, I'm out of town the 18th, speaking engagement Kokomo IN.

March 7
One of those days. It must be a Monday. Now I need to gather my tax info by next Monday. This year trying to file on time - I need a pick me up from something or someone or just an escape. maybe the beach, hearing the waves, the power of the ocean and to think, even with all of God's beauty, even little ole me (and you too) still makes a difference.

Our accountant needs it be March 15th to file by April 15th. Tax season for them, busy busy.

March 6
At the rock and worship roadshow. Mercy Me band with friends David and Diana

March 6
Great way to start my Sunday. Went to church with my Jeremy and Molly. Then off to the Road Show at the Memorial Colliesum with Friends. Great Coffee Chat Friday with guest and friends Captain Shane and Julianne Johnson. Wonderful people reaching out helping others - including my Charity Foundation. Thanks for tuning in everyone.

March 2
Coffee Chat w/ Amy Friday 11:30-12:30 PST LIVE. A Captain and Juilianne will be my guest and thoughts of spring. Hope you can join me

March 2
Thank you for your thoughts on the show and the others things I'm doing. It was mutual with TLC and us about LPBW. A good time for a break. Who knows what will come up later.

March 2
Out with my friend Lori and having a fabulous time! :). Hoping she'll help me with my charity event this year on sept. 17th my birthday :)
Feb 26
Feel like such a girl, all dressed up - Boys Girls Club event help them raised a little money:). Fun time

Feb 26
Ahh Mo came out from her spot in my office into my lap.

Feb 25
The biscuits.

Feb 25
Coffee Chat w/ Amy is canceled today. I'm planning for next week already though. Please join me next week and let's chat. If you have any questions ahead of time, input, thoughts, topics please send them my way. Love to know from you. Yeah, the weatherman predicted something but the something really never happened so my team wasn't able to come this week. Thanks everyone.

Feb 24
Got back from my trip. today a snow day. Beautiful.! Kids are happy. So what do I do? Made a country breakfast for all - homemade biscuits and sausage gravy and scramble eggs. Yumm. I think my clan is happy :)

Feb 18
Thank you to all of you for joining me on Coffee Chat w/ Amy today. it was kind of a crazy day. For sure next week I'll be at the farm. Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be getting ready for a speaking engagement in WV. Best amy

Feb 16
Another event Amy Roloff Charity Foundation was a part of to raise monies for local Special Olympics.

Feb 16
WE're doing well. Matt is busy with dirt and loves it - farm, kids are all about school - a good thing - I'm speaking, charity foundation, building a team, reaching out to other organizations, book, . . . . we are keeping ourselves busy. WE'll see what happens.

Feb 16
A mom's dream come true. To think I would play on the same soccer team as my Zach - DAAA Grasshogs/Statemen. A treasured memory

Feb 14
Valentines Day Dinner. Lovely time - and we agreed :). Wildwood restaurant portland

Feb 14
♥ ♥ Happy Valentines Day Everyone. I hope you will feel, know, and share the love today. You know you have it from me ♥ ♥

Feb 13
Some of you may know that I LOVE TO COOK. But I don't exactly have a green thumb. I think I'm going to grow an indoor herb garden so I can have fresh herbs all of the time. Right in my kitchen. Can I do that? Will they grow? Til outside is warm enough :)

Feb 12
I should be doing a whole lot more tonight but got caught up in an AMC movie - The Godfather. A classic.

Feb 11
Thank you to everyone who joined me for Coffee Chat today. Great time. Love interacting with all of you - Join me next week. Happy Valentines Day. Lots of love.

Feb 8
Coffee Chat w/Amy LIVE Friday Feb 11, 11:30-12:30 from my Farm/ House. I'm making a Valentine dessert, send me your favorite recipe, talking jewelry and .....

Feb 6
The team I was rooting for WON!! ..... Green Bay Packers

Feb 6
Ok I'm in Detroit Michigan. Well really Chelsea. Just saw what I think is the coolest best commercial during Superbowl - Chrysler with singer musician Enimen?! The best!

Feb 6

While you are watching the game, I'm chilling and acting like a kid in the snow and an icicle hot chocolate with my Dad:)

Feb 6
Snow Angel. Lots of snow at my parents place. Fun. Woohoo! :)

Feb 5
Of all things Detroit getting tons of snow. I was delayed in Chicago. Finally on plane do maybe I'll get there.

Feb 5
I'm off to Michigan to visit my folks for a couple of days. Just need to go see them. Maybe make some snow angels too :). Seeing my sister too.

Feb 4
My Molly girl was able to join me for coffee chat. Today, no school and we both wore Red. Thanks Molly.

Feb 4
Thank you everyone for being a part of Coffee Chat today. Sorry for the delay. Rich, my IT person had a family emergency, thankfully everything is ok, and was still able to help me out. Next week, location may be my house. Cooking a valentine dessert and other topics.

Feb 3
Just for your information tomorrow is National Wear Red Day. Support Women Heart Disease Awareness. I'm going to wear Red. Will you?

Feb 3
Coffee Chat with Amy LIVE Friday the 4th, 11:30-12:30 PST just log in at www.amyroloffcf.org day of. Valentines, What special activity/thing do you do, give, show to that special someone, kids, family. What is your favorite thing to receive - a card, flowers, chocolate, jewelry, activity etc. . . Let's talke. Looking forward to chatting with you all tomorrow.

Feb 3
Had a good working day today, alot for Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. Maybe because it was a glorious sunny day here in Portland. Cold but gloriously sunny. I'm feeling for all of you who are getting tons of snow and more snow. Stay safe.

Feb 2
Coffee Chat with Amy LIVE Friday, 11:30 - 12:30 PST. Join in on the conversation. February, about love, and what do you do to celebrate and show love to others. What is that special valentine receiving this ♥ day. Live Ustream. log into www.amyroloffcf.org to take part, ask questions, a specific topic, etc. . . Hope to hear from you.

Jan 31
Pastitsio - I couldn't get it out of the oven fast enough before half eaten already :). It was good. Little greens cucumber onion salad. Yum

Jan 31
I felt like greek tonight so I made a little Pastitsio. Just a little different so my kids would eat it :). Picture to follow. Coming out of the oven now. Love to cook.

Jan 31
I'm kind of thankful January is over, except for the days of birthdays. It was kind of a gloomy month for some reason for me. This week will be nailing down my charity events for the year, meeting up with people who have hugely supported my events, coffee chats - maybe Molly will join me, end of the week I'm visiting my parents in Michigan. Need to see them. What's up for all of you this week?

Jan 29
Just got back to portland from traveling to TN. Saw the movie Eat Pray Love. Good movie and a rare moment to read. Made the 4+ hour plane ride go by faster.

Home but where is everyone! Hmmm

Jan 28
Hey, there will be no Coffee Chat today, Friday. I'm in TN for business, speaking and visiting family. Next week, February 4th is the next one. Hope to hear from you. Have a great Friday.

Jan 22
Molly and I having a mom and daughter day. At salon, she's getting her hair cut and yes, then shopping lunch Woohoo! Love my Molly girl.
Been going to Deb since I moved to Oregon.

Molly all done now off to lunch/shopping :

Jan 21
Awesome time at Space Camp - Huntsville AL

Jan 21
One of my favorite places to visit and hang out - when I can - Mazatlan. visiting with the locals. Only way to see and be in Mazatlan.

Jan 21
Thanks everyone who joined me on Coffee Chat today. Awesome. I love the input, ?s, and interacting with all of you. Have a great weekend.

Jan 20
I have Coffee Chat w/ Amy Roloff LIVE Friday 11:30 - 12:30 PST. anyone from all over can tune in Live - adjust the time to your time- ask questions, give input suggestions etc... It's my way to interact with all of you. you can even ask ?s ahead of time and I'll try to answer them all live on the chat. Visit www.amyroloffcf.org and log in to view it Live and see what others are asking. Hope to hear from you.

Jan 20
I'm still in sweat pants sometimes hanging around the house, on FB late, planning and reaching out to as many people as i can about my charity foundation, I'm still a MOM making sandwiches in the morning, just for one really. Havent' quite been able to convince Jacob to eat the sandwiches i make instead of 'hot' lunch at school. I'm still working out because that is a good thing for me.... I'll update more later.

Jan 20
I appreciate the many wonderful thoughts about our show and all the shows you all watched. It was a crazy ride, ups and downs and all but in the long run a good thing. Now back to same reality, just without cameras.

Jan 19

Coffee Chat w/ Amy LIVE Friday 11:30-12:30 PST. Log in to view/chat at http://www.amyroloffcf.org/ Friday. Ask ?'s give input ahead of time or Live various topics. Hope to have you on

Jan 18
Coffee Chat w/ Amy Friday 11:30-12:30 Live. Log in at www.amyroloffcf.org. Ustream icon. Chat on various topics answer your ?s live give your input love to hear from you :)

Jan 17
Jacob and i

Jan 17
Happy birthday to Jacob. Frige he asked for and filled with good stuff :). No MD from mom :).

Jan 17
Ok there's a line up at Safeway. What in the world. I hope the ice-cream doesn't melt. I have to get home to bake Jacobs birthday cake! :)

Jan 15
My Jacob will be 14 on Monday the 17th. He is growing up so fast.

Jan 15
I don't know about you, but I've always not liked getting up late in the morning. I know, I'm strange that way. I figure the day went on without me and I wasn't a part of it. I missed some of it. I don't know what is going on lately but can't sleep at night and getting up late in the morning - 11am or later. What in the World!

Jan 14
I'm editing my intro to my cook book right now. pretty excited about it.

Jan 14
Thanks everyone who tuned in. I'll be there next Friday. 11:30 PST. Just log in at www.amyroloffcf.org and we'll chat LIVE. Great time. I talked a little about the terrible tragedy in Tucson AZ, books, and lots of ?s from 'You'. Had someone from Sweden tune in and other parts of the country. Great time.

Jan 14
I had my Coffee Chat today and it went pretty good. Still figuring out the techy part of it in the sense the WiFi sometimes goes out. My son Zach showed up which was a surprise. I tell them about it but I don't insist on my kids coming. It was good to get questions for him. Good young man.

Jan 13
Amy Roloff = I just forgot, I have a meeting tonight with Matt and Jeremy and Zach talk about colleges to transfer to for the Fall. I'd better be on my way and fight through the portland traffic to get home.

Jan 13
Amy Roloff = Another way to go live is Coffee Chat with Amy, tomorrow Friday, 11:30-11:45 PST Ustream via www.amyroloffcf.org. Log in tomorrow on the Ustream icon. Sometimes I'll have guest, talk about a particular subject, questions form those logged in or ask me ahead of time and I'll talk about it live on Coffee Chat

Jan 13
Amy Roloff = Right now, I just got done with a meeting for my charity foundation and still at 'the office'. I'll be stuck in crazy Portland Traffic going home. Now, what's for dinner. Maybe a little salmon. I think I'm hungry.

Jan 13
Amy Roloff = Hey everyone, tell your peeps I have my own fan page. I'll share about me beyond my personal and charity foundation FB. Always feel free to go there also. I'll get the hang of this by adding photos, video and most importantly I'd love to stay connected with all of you and find out what you are up to also.



Amy Roloff now has an official Fan Facebook Page. Up until now, Amy has been posting on the wall of her Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Page -- mainly all about her charity endeavors. It appears as though she will be more personal on this one, more along the lines of how Matt uses his Fan Page, the tradition "twitter" type celebrity style -- pictures, posting about her day, etc.

Amy J Roloff -- Description on her Facebook Fan Page:

"It's me, the REAL amy j roloff from Little People Big World and so much more. I thought this would be another great way to connect with all of you and you with me. I'll just let you know what is going on with me, all my peeps, and what I'm doing beyond LPBW...... the journey continues."

Amy confirmed her real page on her Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Facebook page.



It might have been confusing at first, because the real Amy Roloff actually "liked" a fake Amy Roloff Fan Page on Facebook. However, she joined only so she could post a message alerting people on the fake page of her real page. As we reported years ago, Amy confirmed that it was indeed a fake. There is a whole Roloff Family of fakes/impostors on Facebook and Twitter that are all linked together.

Here is the real Amy Roloff's message on the fake page:

Amy J Roloff = Just know this page is NOT Amy Roloff. Go to the REAL Amy J Roloff fb fan page and charity FB Get info updates from me Amy that's real. I'm not sure who is doing this it's not me though. Thanks

Amy J Roloff = Hey, I just wanted to let you know that this is not my official "Amy Roloff" page. THIS IS FAKE and not coming from me. So whoever is writing here is NOT ME or a part of me. If you want to really know about me, the REAL Amy Roloff LPBW go to my FB charity foundation Amy Roloff Charity Foundation to get the true late...st and greatest info. I'll be up and running on my REAL FAN PAGE. This is from the REAL AMY ROLOFF :)

We will use this item for a running updates and discussion of Amy's page as we do for Matt's.


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Ashley said...

Yay! It should be good. Amy is more real than Matt. Hopefully it won't be all plugs.

Timothy said...

I always feel bad for the people who are fooled by the fake twitters and facebooks.

Some people get so excited. "Oh Jeremy tweeted me!" "Amy replied to my comment!"...no, because those weren't the real people.

Dana said...

Ashley, Matt runs his fan page perfectly. Some people will always find something to complain about.

I hope people noticed that Amy said they are having a meeting about Jeremy and Zach trasfering from PCC in the fall. Weren't there Jeremy detractors that were doubting him, insisting that he would stay at PCC?

Judy B said...

Good for Amy. She's responding to a lot of her Wall comments. Notice she separated the Jacob to Jeremy comparison by making it clear that Jacob has an attitude.

Melissa - I'm completely satisfied with Molly's attitude! I love the way she does well in school. Little miss straight A! I can see Jacob as a mini Jeremy, it's very cute watching him do whatever he does. :)

Amy - You pretty much nailed it. Molly is my focus girl but she works at it and it dedicated. She is wonderful. Jacob is a lot like Jeremy but he has own wonderful stubborn teenage attitude. He likes to keep me hoping and guessing about him.

Greg said...

Amy says " Thanks Ashley for watching. We pretty much leave it up to Jer and Zach to do their own FB and if they want FB pages. There main thing right now is School, staying connected with friends, work, .... Maybe someday you'll come up to the farm during October when we are open. Stay good."

Jeremy does a good job of staying connected to friends. Cheers for Jeremy on that accomplishment?

Michelle said...

Sounds to me like from the meeting Amy posted about, Jeremy will transfer and leave home but Zach won't. That's what I get from Amy's post.

" I know exactly what you mean. Just had a meeting with Jeremy about when to transfer and go away to college. Along with Zachary. I would love for them to stay a little longer until they are ready my heart says no but my mind says YES it is what is good for them. They need to go. Mom's don't go away our role just changes. It's tough The mom role I know was one I was meant to have in my life. :)"

Greg said...

I don't see Amy's comment that you quoted the same way, Michelle.

I think she is sounding like she is telling them that they will boot them out because she knows they need some responsibility but it's hard for her because she will miss them, but she knows that's the right thing.

Carla said...

Jeremy has always been more independent than Zach. I knew he would move out before Zach. Jeremy grew up faster, more mature.

Tracey said...

I have a mutual friend with Amy on her personal facebook so I sometimes get to see some of her posts. She seems real and nice. She's sometimes up, sometimes down.

Hopefully she will use her new fan page like that instead of constantly trying to sell herself.

Carol said...

I wondered why Amy didn't do a fanpage for herself sooner. A charity page doesn't attract the same amount of attention.

Matt probably doesn't like Amy having a page. If Amy is honest, some of Matt's teasing and stretching the truth will be taken away.

Carol said...

Michelle, I agree with Greg. I'm not reading Amy's post the same way. Besides, even if Jeremy is talking about transferring or moving out, it means nothing with Jeremy until he actually does it. He's all talk.

David said...

Neither Jeremy or Zach is independent, Carla. Take what Amy is saying here. Jeremy will be 21 in a few months, but Matt and Amy are going to meetings with him about what he will do. Same old, same old? Jeremy is happy to let Matt and Amy pull the strings for him. That's not the sign of an independent 20 year old.

Rap541 said...

Dana - wasn't Jeremy *accepted* at Brooks? They have rolling semesters. He could have already transfered. Weren't you the one who said Brooks was banging down his door, demanding he join them?

And Jeremy decided to stay with community college. Hmmm.

And Dana, don't forget - when May 2011 rolls around the twins will have been in college for two years and any reasonable student who hasn't had to drop out due to work or lack of funds should be getting an associates degree. Lil hint btw - the four year schools that community college students transfer to *do* look to see if the student has an associates degree. :)

Its actually becoming increasingly difficult for students to transfer so I hope the lads have kept their grades a little better than a barely pass....

Amanda said...

I think Amy's page will be better than Matt's.

Rap541 said...

Hey Judy B - Don't you have *anything* to say about how it was actually Jeremy and Zach who had the confrontation with a fan?

Or are you still proud of attack a ten year old for something his much older brothers did? I mean, you're showing me how decent Christians act when you throw accusations in public at someone who was a child during the incident and then when you're shown to be wrong, it is of course *Christian* to sit silent and not acknowledge you were wrong :)

Show me more of your decent Christian ways, Judy B - I've learned how to hate on children, what else?

Or are we supposed to ignore how you tore Jake a new one for his horrible behavior that we then discovered was really Jeremy and Zach?

Dana said...

Matt has said time and time again, Jeremy has many options. Brooks is one of them. Perhaps he wants to stay in Oregon. Matt mentioned some apprenticeship opportunities. The truth is you and I don't know all of Jeremy's offer. He will look to God for guidance and make the right decision.

Rap541 said...

But *Dana*..... you keep insisting everything Jeremy does is amazing!

Yet here we are, with Jeremy at almost 21 and no job that Daddy Matt hasn't provided, still living at home.... with all these fantastic "he'll show all us haters how awesome he is" opportunities.... why is Jeremy still living at home?

Perhaps he still manfully needs momma to give him wakey uppies? :) And we know he does, so mature, so Christlike and responsible, Jeremy needing a parent at twenty to get him out of bed.

Maybe Jeremy should pray to learn how to use an alarm clock.

Shadow said...

"I wondered why Amy didn't do a fanpage for herself sooner."

Because with the show on the air, she didn't *need* to shill herself to keep her name in the public eye. Now she and Matt have to actually (gasp!) pretend to care, because otherwise all those speaking engagements and book deals would just disappear...

This is just another PR ploy, and a fairly transparent one, at that...

Nancy said...

Shadow, I thought you liked Amy? At times she seems sincere and honest. I don't always agree with her, but I think she means well.

Timothy said...

Nancy, I know what you mean, but personally, the lawsuit is a big red flag that Amy is just like Matt.

Shadow said...

I don't *hate* any of the Roloffs, no matter what Dana or Judy B thinks. In the past, Amy was more willing than Matt to acknowledge that things weren't always perfect in Roloff-land, so she gets credit for that. But in the last couple of years, it seems she has gotten firmly on the fame-train. I admit, if you like to travel and see new places, and all you've done for 16+ years is stay home on the farm in a (then) crappy farmhouse and pretty much parent four kids by yourself, then all of sudden having the world thrown at you (for free!) and having people line up to worship you could be pretty intoxicating.

But let's be clear - Amy has a Facebook page now because Amy NEEDS a Facebook page now, to keep the freebies and money rolling in. She can no longer rely on the show to do that for her. She didn't just wake up yesterday and say, gosh, I really want to share my thoughts with the world.

That's all. It has nothing to do with whether I "like" Amy or not. I can like someone and still call him/her out when s/he does something for personal gain and tries to pretend it's for some noble purpose.

David said...

Well said, Shadow.

BeckyM said...

Agree Shadow. But without the show, I belief whatever the Roloffs will do in the public arena will be far less than what they cashed in on before.

1.) there just isn't the interest there in a big way. That's obvious from the penny-ante media outlets that Matt and Amy interviews with;

2.) What fresh perspective do they have to offer to a jaded reality-watching audience? None.

It all amounts to a goodbye to the cash and with the way they've gone through it... cars, home remodeling etc... I expect in five years, their annual income to be far less then even before TLC entered and stole their children's lives away.

Carol said...

Shadow, I agree as well. I think it extends to the charity foundations as well.

I think part of it is Amy having good intentions. I think she is happy to raise money for charities she feels are a good cause.

I also feel part of it is Amy knowing a charity foundation is a good way to keep herself in the public eye. Without a television show, she can't keep being a guest on tv and radio shows. However, if she is promoting a charity, then it gives her an excuse to do the media for it.

Then there is the party fun factor that people have talked about with the CODA charity.

I feel a lot of the motives around Amy's charity isn't genuine. It's not just Amy either. Look at her Charity Facebook page or her new Facebook fan page or during her coffee chats. There are quite a few locals that keep asking Amy how they can become part of her charity team.

Is it really because those people have such giving hearts, they are itching to do charity work and can't possibly find any other charity that they can help. That the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation is the only charity they feel strongly enough about to help?

Or is the real reason transparent? Joining Amy's charity team is an easy and respectable way to become personal friends with people they watch on television. They'll probably get invited to Amy's home sooner or later if you're on her charity team. You'll probably meet the rest of the family. I think it's as transparent as can be.

From Amy herself to people wanting to be apart of it, I think there are a lot of other motives behind it that have nothing to do with having a deep desire to help those less fortunate.

Christine said...

I like what Amy's doing with her page. Matt teases too much and always has an agenda to make himself look like the most successful person on the planet.

Laura Q said...

Hi Amy
I just want to say "Thank you" for sharing you and your families life the last few years. I know how hard that had to be to have camera's everywhere watching every move you make. I enjoyed your show so much. You and your family are delightful and very funny !! I admire you very much. You are a very loving and devoted mom to your kids. So what's this about a cookbook that you are writing?
Happy Birthday to Jacob he is such a cutie. Warmest regards to you and your family.

Laura Quirin

Debbie said...

Is Amy doing her facebook page or is it the girl in the picture with her or her charity foundation team?

The messages say "Chat with Amy live". If it was Amy posting, wouldn't it say "Chat with me live"?

I've always had a pet peeve about celebrities that have staff or their friends post for them on fan pages and pretend to be them. I think it's so deceptive and dishonest. If it's not the real person, tell people that it's staff posting instead of tricking people.

Expressed said...

Debbie, I don't know for sure either but I think it's a combination of both. Amy's charity twitter account looks like it's the same way. I think it's Lisa posting most of the time, but sometimes it's Amy.

I think on her fan page it is Amy that responds to people's comments, but yeah, the Chat promo messages seem like it's probably someone else.

Susan Coles said...

I know Amy has her faults too, but she is so much more real than Matt.

Even a little thing like her latest post. January is a gloomy month. Amy had kind of a gloomy month and she's glad it's over. That's life.

Matt on the other hand, everything he posts is the greatest week any human has ever achieved and the kids are reaching new heights in terms of success. Amy also doesn't have the aspect of trying to make people look like idiots by lying to them about every little thing like Matt.

Christine said...

That Pastitsio does look good! And Jeremy will be happy, Amy is in the kitchen 'where she belongs' Pfffttt! She should't feed Jeremy

Kayla said...

When she says ask questions, a specific topic, does she mean the topics she listed?

Is she changing it after the question she got last time?

Ashley said...

I think Molly is going to be on Amy's coffee chat tomorrow. She said before that she was hoping Molly might be a guest and now Amy's charity twittered like there will be a surprise.

"Amy Roloff is Back for Coffee Chat! Jewelry, Valentines treats and? Live Feb 4th 11:30 to 12:30 PST"

Any questions for Molly?

Ashley said...

Kayla, I noticed that too. This weeks they don't seem to be as inviting about being open to all questions. They are stressing subjects.

Lynn C said...

Molly will be on today. You were right Ashley. They pushed the time back to Noon PST.

Ashley said...

I wonder if Jeremy is going to be on Amy's coffee chat today. I bet so. She's having at home. Jeremy is the only one of the kids that hasn't done anything to help Matt or Amy out with their video and things. She's having it at home, it should only be a matter of if she can wake up Jeremy up by Noon.

Greg said...

re: the picture of Amy at the Special Olympics event, it's a great cause, but I hope they kept Jeremy and Mueller away from them.

Abbey said...

Greg, why do you say that? Jeremy and Mueller dont like the special olympics?? I haven't heard anything about that. why?

Greg said...

Abbey, Jeremy and Mueller have insulted people that are mentally challenged. They have made fun of people by calling them "cross eyed downies" and things like that.

They are slimeballs. It makes me sick that Jeremy and Matt were able to con a free trip on a yacht with a family that wants to eliminate the word "retarded" from the vocabulary because they were fans of the show and believe Jeremy's image instead of how he really acts with best pal Mueller.

Jeremy should be ashamed. I hope he will one day have trouble sleeping at night for how much of a fraud he is and how he benefits from it.

Judy D said...

Amy and Matt it gave my family on Vancouver Island,B.C,NANAIMO a great pleasure to sit and watch your program,Little People BIG World. A lot of great ideas Matt thanks. GOD BLESS.

Vicky said...

Oh come on! Amy is posting pictures of Mo. Does she really think this makes up for what Jeremy and Mueller do to the cat?

I feel sorry for the people on Amy's facebook that are being fooled by Amy telling her how cute Mo is and that Mo looks just like their own cat. I bet they don't know that Mo really gets thrown in the air by 20 year olds.

Melanie said...

Hi, does anyone know, does Amy and her friends take home a salary for their charity foundation?

Amy's friend Lisa lists the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation as one of her employers.

Melanie said...

Amy is also the President of "Living Large Enterprises". What is that?

BeckyM said...

@ Melanie

Living Large = Tax Shelter

Brenda said...

Amy says it was a mutual decision to end the show?

David said...

Brenda, I think the Roloffs don't have the humility to say TLC cancelled it because ratings were sagging and no longer worth it considering the salaries the Roloffs demanded.

Someone wrote "Yes I miss the show. I would watch it every Monday night. Why did you take it off the air".

I think that's why Amy was posting about it. What is she going to say when people keep asking her why she ended the show?

I think Spirits article about it explains it all. A month before the Roloffs were saying the show would go for two more years. Four weeks later the show is shut down.

It wasn't only Matt either. I remember Amy saying in an interview that the show would continue for a long time. Someone had asked her what would happen to the show if Jeremy and Zach moved away for college. She said the show would continue, but with a different dynamic. A couple of months later the show is done. It's not hard to see that the Roloffs had the carpet yanked out from under their feet and weren't expecting it.

Janet said...

Is Amy going to talk about the cat tossing in her chat today?

Christine said...

Amy asked for topics and questions in advance, Janet. Someone asked her that they wanted tossing Mo as a topic.

If she doesn't mention it, she is avoiding it.

Rachelle said...

Is Amy's coffee chat today (March 4) at home or at Longbottoms? I liked the one she had at home.

Ashley said...

Rachelle, I agree they are better at the farm.

Last time, she was back in the coffee shop, but she said the week she was at home she felt more comfortable in her own house. But if she does it home, people will want Zach and Jeremy go on. Amy said she doesn't want their to be that expectation and there is if she does it at home.

Greg said...

Ashley, poor Jeremy and Zach. Where else would 20 year old slackers be at noon on a weekday except sleepily wondering around the kitchen? Plus there is potential for dangerous PR antics when she does it at home. She could flash to another room and walk in on her precious boys and their friends while they are throwing the cat around the room.

tay said...

see i always knew jeremy and molly are the most religious of the kids. amy went to church this morning with jeremy and molly.

Austin said...

I'm assuming that is the John Mark anti gay, gays need curing church?

What, Amy doesn't have an "accept differences" speech this month so she can support intolerance and bigotry? Roloff family bonding through intolerance...sweet?

Headaches said...

Tolerance is a circular argument-- calling someone intolerant for not agreeing with you is, in fact, intolerant all on its own. I am neither gay nor a religious fundamentalist, but I respect both sides' positions. If I can't respect the other side of one of my positions, then I don't really care what they think.

Austin said...

No, it's not. You can't always pull out that argument, if you say someone is being mean, then you're being mean by calling the person.

The Roloffs get paid to spread the message of tolerance and acceptance. How much more blatant can you get than Amy giving a speech called "Accepting your difference and the differences of others"? It makes them hypocrites and two-faced to get paid to give speeches like that when they are supporting organizations that preach the message that a group of people with differences must pray to God to be cured of their difference.

You don't get to say you're pro-diversity and for accepting people who are different than you are if you support these organizations that preach the exact opposite message.

If you're singling out just one group not to accept than you're a bigot.

Samantha P said...

Austin, yes. They attended John Mark Comer's church this morning. They had a wonderful time praising Jesus as everyone does who attends. Jeremy and Molly go all the time and LOVE it.

Sandie said...

Praising Jesus isn't a virtue. Living a compassionate life towards all is. I wish I could see that in this family. I don't.

Rap541 said...

Samantha - does your pastor say "Praise Jesus, and if you don't like cats, jesus loves it when you mistreat things you don't like"?

Because thats the excuse you handed your Christ loving buds Jeremy and Jacob - they don't like cats but they *looooove* Jesus so its kinda ok for them to hurt cats...

You never answered my question, btw. I don't like dogs so you would have no issue at all if I threw Jacob Mueller's puppy to the ceiling right?

Jesus says its fine to torment animals you don't like. Is that what John Mark Comer teaches? Its ok to abuse animals as long as you praise Jesus?

Derek said...

I'm sad that it looks like Molly is being sucked into the same church of hate and exclusion as Jeremy. I remember someone was speculating that because of Molly's choice of reading material, she might be more worldly than the other Roloffs. Maybe not.

Does anyone know about Zach? I don't hear people say Zach is seen at that church? Does he realize that he doesn't fit into John Mark Comer's traditional view of the world and what a man should be? It's easy for Jeremy and Molly to accept John Mark Comer's sermons when they are never the outsiders to his message.

Expressed said...

Jeremy and Amy are on their way to San Fran for a college visit? Is this Brooks again? It's in Santa Barbara.

"Ok I got back portland last night around 11:30pm, should have woken up at around 4:00 am to catch another early flight Santa barbara.... Surprised Jer and I were in 1st class Pdx to San Fran College visit."

Greg said...

Jeremy is in first class (sigh) Spoil somebody who is already spoiled to death.

Amy is really trumpeting this first class status.

Christine said...

Wasn't it already decided that Jeremy was going to a school in Portland?

David said...

Christine, to avoid being made out like a fool, you should never take anything a Roloff says in public at face value. They are perpetual liars.

Brandon said...

David, you're right. Amy did just say it was confirmed that Jeremy was going to a place in Portland. Today she says it's a college visit in S.F? Who knows which one was a lie.

I am obviously not a Jeremy fan (hahaha) but hopefully Brooks or another college in California isn't out of the question. I know Brooks has some question marks that come with it, but Jeremy's future as a decent human being is at stake. I think the only way he salvages being a half decent human being if he gets away from Mueller, the rest of his friends and his family.

Rap541 said...

I'm just surprised they're not stopping at Disneyland. Jer's a boy who needs his play after all ;)

Kerry said...

Jeez, what is wrong with Jacob? Does he think he has it tough?

Amy should take him to see kids that really have something to complain about than he might stop with the bad attitude.

Leigh said...

Like a lot of kids, when he gets older he will regret treating his parents badly.

Jan said...

Hopefully Jacob being mad at Amy means that she is being a parent.

If she was that way with the twins maybe they wouldn't be the messes they are as self centered thoughtless lazy adults.

Sinna said...

Either you're very old, or old at heart. I love Disneyland and I am a 55 year old woman. You must be a real stick in the mud to not like a fun day playing at Disneyland. I'd never want to be a grumpy old person!

Brandon said...

Sinna, are you serious? You don't understand Rap's point and have no sense of humor?

Rap541 said...

Ha :)

Sinna - I know - from the "stick in the mud" comment and the personal insults that you have an agenda... but lets play, shall we?

If Jeremy needs a playtime treat every time his mommy escorts out into the world - then lets stop the "Jeremy is a responsible young man doing extraordinary things as he lives not a normal life, but an *extraordinary* life" nonsense.

Seriously, Jer-Bear still has Mommy Amy walking him thru the motions? His sister Molly can fly to Haiti (a bit of a hellhole by all reports) and work for a week, but "extraordinary" Jer-Bear can't fly to Santa Barbara without a real adult holding his hand and chaperoning him?

If they geniunely did stop off somewhere so Jer-Bear could have a treat to balance the oh so horrible three seconds of adult behavior he was required to manage.... good god, he's a precious little spoiled boy.

Honestly, has Jeremy Roloff ever spent a moment of his life without some *other* adult ultimately taking responsibility for him? Gosh, I wonder if Amy or Matt will be driving him to the liqior store next month and helping him show the clerk his big boy ID?

He'll certainly be needing a *real* adult to remind him he's gotta have that ID, because apparently he's too extraordinary to manage on his own.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - always remember when people have no defense to your points, they attempt to personally insult you. Because yelling the equivalant of "but you're poopy!" doesn't make you look bitter at all :)

Or does it? ;)

Brandon said...

Gotta love that Amy doesn't seem as comfortable lying to people as Matt.

Matt 'ahhhhh TLC wants to bring the show back. It's our decision. We don't know if we want to."

Suckers 'Matt, please agree to do the show!!!!'

Matt to the suckers 'Thanks. We will take that into consideration when we tell TLC our decision.'

Suckers go to Amy 'Please go back on tv!'

Amy 'You won't see us back on tv anytime soon'

Matt 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. We might move to Arizona!!!!'

Suckers to Amy 'Amy are you moving to Oregon?'

Amy 'Move to Arizona for dirt? No way!'

Matt probably liked it a lot better when Amy didn't have a fan facebook.

Since Jeremy and Zach have the maturity level of 11 year olds and are happy to be treated as such. Amy is the only one that can trip him up when he's tricking people (in the name of Jesus of course!)

Brandon said...

When I think that the twins and Mueller tracked dog crap through the house leaving it for their mom to clean it up, I wonder about Amy gushing about how responsible the kids are when she's gone. But really Amy? The twins are nearly 21. Molly is turning 18 this year. Even Jacob is 14. They SHOULD be able to cope with her gone without it being a major accomplishment.

Heather said...

I wonder what is wrong with her computer guy's family member. Hopefully whoever it gets better.

Elaine said...

Amy and Matt should stop focusing their attention on trying to get back on tv and more on their out of control boys.

Austin said...

A board meeting with a sensitive subject? Probably something anti-gay, knowing the Roloffs.

Greg said...

If she wants prayers for a board meeting I'm guessing it's the Roloffs trying to use their power and fame to stomp over a non celebrity.

I would reserve my thoughts and prayers until I knew what it is at stake...

Dana said...

The Roloffs are in my prayers.

Greg, when someone asks for prayer, a decent person does as requested without asking questions.

Judy B said...

Changes for Jacob? What does that mean? I wonder what he's done?

I'm glad to hear Jeremy is transferring and pursuing his goals just like Matt taught him.

Greg said...

Judy, I bet whatever the changes are for Jacob, Matt will make it sound like the best change ever. I always count on the Roloffs to be dishonest.

Michelle said...

Greg, that's a fault I have with Matt. He is such a salesman. He's always focused on impressing people that he ceases to sound human and real.

I understand being an optimistic person, but life has ups and downs. When is the last time Matt expressed disappointment about something or said something didn't turn out as he hoped?

He doesn't. I don't think that's being an optimistic person, I think it's not being human and not being real or honest.

Anne said...

Michelle, I don't think that is fair to say. Matt can be honest. He said he is cutting his business trip short to attend to important business at home.

Greg said...

Amy's attitude is becoming more and more evident. I can't stand celebrities that think they should get special treatment.

She shows up late and complains that she needs to go through security? It seems to me like it's another example of Amy expecting special treatment because she's a LP.

This is the second or third time in the last couple of months Amy has complained about airports or flying.

What happened to not judging others if you don't know them personally?

Judy B said...

Amy talks about Roloff birthdays and doesn't include Matt's 50th? :/

Ashley said...

Is Jacob going to be on today? They said he goes to "academic training camp" 4 days a week. He probably doesn't go Friday.

Sandie said...

mmmmkay, Amy.... I'll "deFIANTly" log on...;) actually, that's probably the only way I would do it :D

Christine said...

I think the soccer thing sounds like something great for Zach. But I know he's only getting it because his name is Roloff.

This is kind of like what Spirits said about Zach and Jeremy not interviewing for themselves. If Zach wants views, why isn't he posting it and asking people to watch?

Fans were annoying losers in Jeremy's and Zach's mind that they never have time for until they come in handy for things like this.

Brandon said...

Christine, I agree. But I think Zach did well in the video.

I notice they say Zach has a twitter account, but he hasn't used it. I wonder if Zach realizes if he wants to be a reporter he's going to need to respond and interact politely with fans.

Ashley said...

Zach, did great, but you're right Christine. Typical Roloff. Treat the fans like dirt until you need them. Why is Amy doing the promotion for him? If Zach wants the attention for his soccer project, he should dirty himself to communicating with the fans himself.

Spiritswander said...

For the record, Spiritswander or anybody associated with it, does NOT have an official You Tube account.

I see there was a "comment removed" on Zach's You Tube video from a "Spiritswandering" that is using our logo/banner. I don't know what the comment was, but that is an impostor. If I had something to say about the video, I would say it here.

Greg said...

Yep. Very Roloff like to turn to the fans when it's convenient.

Couldn't have treated the fans worse for all those years, but now he wants a following.

The worst part of it all is that Amy is doing it for him.

Dana said...

Greg, what is wrong with that?

This is one of the gifts that Matt gave his kids by getting the family involved in television. They have opportunities like this because of their past association.

Zach did do well. That's another asset of the show. He would never have been able to do that without the show.

It was Zach and Jeremy's choice not to be interactive with LPBW fans. I see nothing wrong with Amy or Matt or Zach or Jeremy sharing the link if that's what they want to do.

Rap541 said...

Dana - because they crap on fans and mock fans when they aren't USING fans.

Using people to get what you want and then treating then like they "suck the unsuckable" to quote the precious loving Roloffs who always respect their fans - ain't Christian.

Or is it now? Using people? And then treating them like trash? Zach and Jeremy choose not to interact with LPBW fans UNLESS IT GETS THEM SOMETHING. Jeremy won't associate with fans unless he's given a free trip to the Bahamas. Zach has no use for fans until he needs youtube clicks. Then they have time.

I see nothing wrong with pointing out that is classless. Dana? If someone was nice to Jeremy just to get something, what would *you* say about that?

Brandon said...

Well said Rap. Perfect point.

Jocelynn said...

Nicely stated Rap. I agree with you 100%.

Rob said...

Bang on, Rap.

The Roloffs don't live by the motto "Treat others how you want to be treated."

Rap541 said...

Thanks Jocelynn and Brandon.

I honestly wonder how Matt and Amy would react if people used their children the way they encourage their children to use others.

Let's be honest - who would be the bad guy if say someone did do something nice for Jeremy with the soul intent of getting a nice treat from Jeremy that they didn't have to pay for?

Applauding *using people* means I better not hear the Roloffs bitch when it happens to them.

Melissa said...

Ditto Rap.

It is using people 101.

If Zach and Jeremy didn't want to give anything extra of themselves when they were getting paid for the show and getting the trade outs, fine.

I think they should have, but they didn't have to and they didn't.

But now they need views for the soccer project. Now the links are being plastered to the fans with please watch.

A person with character wouldn't have done that. If they didn't want to interact with fans, then you NEVER interact with fans.

It's terrible to only do it when you have something to gain from it. But that's what the Roloffs are about.

Carol said...

@Rap541 - Excellent point. It speaks to the overall lack of character of the Roloff family.
They really have no idea how to treat other people.

hvnlymusic said...

My dear Amy and also Roloff Family:

What a sweet family you have. I have just watched your show on Netflix. I really enjoyed watching your family grow together. I thank the Lord that you showed the world that it is ok to pray in public places. I loved seeing so much of Portland. I am not too far south from you. We are major fans of Portland Timbers, and I can imagine that Zack is loving it, you may even have season tickets! I loved watching how you focus on each of your kids in individual ways. With 2, I don't feel I am spending the right time with them.

I wanted to write to you because I related with you because your Zack, sorry if my spelling is off but my son spells his ZAC. I also relate because I am hydrophilic. I have a shunt and received mine at 6 months. Mine is from a cyst that was at the base of my brain. I don't know if I am still shunt-dependent, but I have never had it replaced. I don't know if your farm is still running, but I would love to bring my family at harvest time. God Bless you all; Amy

Craw said...

There Rap!

Amy said it. Are you happy?

"Wow, May is half way done and in another month school will be over. My Molly will be a Sr next year and Jacob starting High School. Jeremy in his new school and Zach continuing here and working"

Rap541 said...

Craw, I respectfully point out that its not Jeremy saying it - though while I think Amy is being committed, she's done that before and then backpeddled. I am curious to see if Jeremy has made a decision.

I hope he does, for his own sake.

Craw said...

Rap, you said neither Matt or Amy were willing to be definite. Amy is being definite.

Jeremy isn't saying it because Jeremy doesn't like speaking to fans.

Rap541 said...

And Amy has been definete before and back tracked.

And I notice she's not mentioning his "new school" by name now is she? :)

Craw said...

Your getting desperate..She said the name before. She said going away to school. She means Brooks obviously....

Christine said...

Mistakes don't matter to the Roloffs because they never admit them or are accountable for them anyway...

They use stuff like that to be selfish and treat people bad but not feel guilty for their behavior.

Timothy said...

Amy saying this probably means the twins got into big trouble :)

Ashley said...

At least Amy doesn't tease. She said she almost flew somewhere for the weekend. When someone asks where...Amy answered. That's refreshing for a Roloff.

Adele said...

Hi Amy,

Adele is my name and I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. I had a
knee replacement last year and whilst recovering I watched quite a lot of tv, that is
where I came across your family story. I am not into reality tv usually but I quickly
got hooked on your show which is shown daily on cable.

Unfortunately the shows are not always in sequence so they often go from when the eldest were quite young to the latest when I think Zack and Jeremy are 19 or 20.

Amy where do you get your energy from, I get tired watching you. I love the whole
family including the grandparents but I have a soft spot for Zack, I have often cried
when he misses out on something because of his size especially his beloved soccer.

I think you and Matt were very brave putting your story out there for the world to see but
I am sure it has given others with disabilities a lot of encouragement to help them
improve their lives.

Love your story. You rock Amy!!!


Sandie said...

To Amy Roloff (re: post May 26, and previous posts) because sometimes spelling DOES matter:
def·i·nite (df-nt)
Indisputable; certain: a definite victory.

de·fi·ant (d-fnt)
Marked by defiance; boldly resisting.

***de·fiant·ly adv.

Lynn C said...

You're being a jerk Sandie.

I could figure out what she meant.

It's nice that Jeremy can get some valuable experience and help Sam at the same time.

Greg said...

"The boys are the boys"

I finally agree with Amy. Difference is "the boys" (Jeremy and Zach) still being "the boys" is not a good thing like Amy thinks it is.

Monica said...

What can Amy do speaking for a rehab center? Can someone fill me in?

Melissa said...

Monica, in my opinion, not much.

I think it's a waste, but that's how organizations usually operate. Instead of using money towards the actual costs, they create more by paying a semi celebrity like Amy or Matt $7000, pay for their flight and put them up in expensive hotel resorts.

From what I see, the organizers or the people on the boards like mingling, having dinner, and drinking with celebrities that were on tv.

A sad waste of money, imo.

Sandie said...

I'm rather puzzled by Amy's remark about the twins "finished with their second year in college.... a few more years to go."

The college they are going to is a two year course of study, which neither have completed, but is she saying it will take more than a year for Zach to complete? And is the photography school a two year course?

Christine said...

I think Brooks is longer than 2 years. Ex students were saying it ends up costing $100,000. I've seen numbers that said it's about $27,000 per year?

I don't think Zach and Jeremy did well at PCC. The mere fact that Matt hasn't said a word in the last few months about how great they're doing speaks volumes.

Matt lies, but sometimes not blatantly. His way of lying is to imply things that aren't true.

Amy has already said Zach has more years at PCC and Jeremy doesn't need anything except money to go to Brooks.

Rap541 said...

Brooks offers a fine arts degree in three years and has some certificate programs as well. In theory, some of Jeremy's general studies courses may transfer. In reality, most colleges have strict criteria for transfering credit, and a vocational school like Brooks isn't going to have a lot of general studies anyway. If Jeremy was able to transfer more than 30 credits, I'd be surprised (and thats not a mock or a dig at Jeremy btw - its just the nature of the beast)

That said, here's how you tell how well Zach and Jeremy have done at community college. PCC awards associates degrees to its graduating students who aren't in certificate (job skills) programs. Jeremy and Zach aren't in certificate programs, they're on the associates degree track. It takes two years for an average student to obtain an associates degree. (its why community college is called "junior college" - the associates degree counts as the first two years of a four year degree)

Zach and Jeremy have been at community college for two years now. And neither are graduating. And considering how any achievement is paraded out for praise, I really doubt the Roloffs have suddenly decided to keep things on the down low.

Hey, when is filming started? I believe Matt said "Art, I thought we already announced that the show would be back. If not... Well do that soon as well" And "Amy and I just worked out a tentative filmIng schedule for the lpbw episodes we'll be filming this year".

I mean.... Matt *said* the show *was* coming back... was he lying?

Or is he gonna dance for us? On how his comments should NEVER have been construed as more shows...

I bet we get to hear how *hateful* it is to dare suggest Matt spoke too soon ;)

And I certainly bet we'll see that dance :)

Christine said...

Wow, Jeremy looks so happy...

It's shocking that Mueller is at the Roloffs mooching dinner.

Kayla said...

What's Jeremy's problem in the picture?

Chris Linton said...

Christine, I think Jeremy wants Amy to put the camera away, then he's free to throw the cat and be a weed master ;)

Expressed said...

Thats a rare occurrence! It's actually a good picture of Zach. Jeremy isn't smiling and isn't make a goofy face. That doesn't happen often.

Fran said...

Jeremy is a jerk.
Mueller needs to go home.

I would never let my son spend that much time at a friend's home. I wonder about Mueller's mother? Does she have problems?

Amy needs to stop babying them all. They are 21. Jeremy eating Amy's food. In Amy's house. With his phone that I'm sure Matt and Amy pay for.

Grow up men.

Diane said...

Maybe Amy isn't paying Jeremy and that's why he looks miserable.

Ashley said...

Does anyone else ever wonder what the audio would be like after these pictures? A few insults about the dumb stupid fans?

Greg said...

Yeah, Jeremy really exudes extraordinary...

Shelby said...

Was he (Jeremy) just not smiling for the picture or in a bad mood?

Craw said...

OMG people shut up about knocking Jeremy for a meaningless picture at supper.

Expressed said...

Shelby, probably the latter, but who knows.

It was yesterday. I noticed Jeremy had made a you tube video of a friend named Christian running around the farm. That was the whole the video. lol. But at one part, Rocky was sitting on the edge of the "Grand Canyon" dirt part. Christian came up behind Rocky and put his hands on his back like he was going to either push him off or push him out of the way. Rocky resisted and sat down like a dog does when you're trying to move it and it doesn't want to.

Someone left comments asking if they were going to push Rocky off the cliff and made a wise crack about at least Jeremy and Mueller weren't throwing cats in this video.

Someone else said cats are gay and so was the person making the comment.

Then someone said said that was a typical Jeremy fan, gay insults, immature insults and support of animal abuse...

The next time I went to look at the video it said it was gone. That was yesterday evening.

I don't know why Jer would go to the trouble of making a 5 minute video, edit it, put music to it, take the time to upload it and then delete it not long after. I'm guessing he was pissed that people were talking about the cat and homophobic stuff again.

When I saw he deleted the video last night I though he must have been annoyed at the comments he was getting. Maybe that explains why he doesn't look like his usually happy self...or maybe he just didn't smile at that exact second for the picture :)

Shelby said...

Thanks Expressed. He does look a little mad. Maybe you're right.

Dana said...

That's a very unfortunate and sad example how hateful some people are towards Jeremy. There's no reason to spread their bashing of Jeremy on videos about totally different topics.

It's not the first time either. Jeremy needed to disable the comments on his first video in the tunnel. A couple of years ago Jeremy's friend ended up deleting a You Tube video of them having a flat tire on the highway because people were making rude comments about how they don’t like Jeremy. People like that have something wrong with them.

Vicky said...

Jeremy is never apart from Mueller. It's odd.

I think it's too bad. With the right focus and direction, I think Jeremy would have been so much more than he is and a much better person.

Instead he's stuck in a comfortable rut because it's easy and fun and his bad attributes stick because he never changes the people that he hangs out with.

Justin said...

Dana, some people would call that karma.

Jackie said...

Is Amy's cookbook coming out soon?

Rap541 said...

OMG people shut up about knocking Jeremy for a meaningless picture at supper.

I'll merely point out the many times this has been said to you when you rant about meaningless pictures. If *you* can draw meaning from meaningless pictures... then so can everyone else. You've greatly enjoyed namecalling the other roloffs as "whiny sucks" for similar pictures. If *you* have the right to your opinion then so does everyone else. Its a free country, not a Christian country.

Marlene said...

Expressed, do you have proof that's the reason why Jeremy deleted a video?

Heidi said...

Expressed, tell me more about this secret video??

Rap541 said...

Dana - what Justin said.

If I recall, when Jeremy and his buds were getting their jollies saying that fans suck the unsuckable (which is btw those sweet christian boys proudly saying the LPBW fanbase likes oral sexual intercourse, God Bless their precious compliments) it was excused because Jeremy was a child, a poor precious little boy trying to live his life the best he could despite the massive pressure of his fame....

Screw that. He was mean. Now people are being mean to him. You'll forgive me if I am not crying my eyes out in horror that poor precious Jeremy is getting a taste of his own medicine. Dana? What about Mueller telling an adoring fan she was a b*tch and Jeremy's friends telling her she should eff off and commit suicide because she was such a loser? What ABOUT that? Jeremy's been caught doing a lot of nasty things and since he's still Matt's widdle baby boy, we have no idea if he feels bad.

Perhaps one day, Matt will show Jeremy how to do his poops in the potty and take Jeremy's diapers off and let him be a 21 year old man instead of Matt's little boy who isn't responsible enough to speak without Daddy holding his hand.

Maybe then we'll find out if Jeremy geniunely feels bad about the nasty hurtful things he's said and condoned by his DBU buds. Until then, the Roloff family line seems to be "DO YOU KNOW US? YOU DONT KNOW US! STOP JUDGING US, HATERS!" and "We have money so we're better than you."

*This post intentionally references "poop" since Matt adores speaking like a baby and referencing scat.

Expressed said...

@Marlene, what??? I didn't know I was saying anything significant enough that I needed proof? lol.

I have no idea why they took the video down. Jeremy doesn't consult me about these things :)

Heidi, even talking about it like this makes the video sound much more interesting than it was. You didn't miss much. It would have been more exciting for me if it was Jeremy in the video but it wasn't!

It was just them filming a kid named Christian running around the farm like one of the army video games. He would jump off the roof of the Western town, land, roll, get up and run somewhere else and jump, roll, get up and run. It was 5 minutes of that.

Like I said people started commenting about the part where it looked like Christian was going to give Rocky a little push over the edge of the dirt/grand canyon part and started talking about the Roloffs abusing animals and all that stuff.

The next time I went to go back to the video to see if there were more comments or to see if Jeremy had said something, it said the video no longer exists. I ASSUME the direction of the comments was the reason why he would remove it since he didn't take it down until after people started commenting but I have no idea.

Justin said...

Rap, I agree, but I don't know if I'd call it just being mean. I didn't see it, but if one of them was pushing at old Rocky to get him to jump/fall off 6 foot drop, people referencing the cat throwing and the Roloffs fondness for mistreating animals seems like a logical comment.

But you're right. It is karma. Jeremy and his friends are so disrespectful and nasty to people, they try to be privately but there's been enough times of them being caught to know what they're really like. Spare us if people don't consider Jeremy's feelings when they make those kind of comments on his things.

Greg said...

How sweet to see the Roloffs with Pondo. How much trashing of Roloff pumpkin customers that don't like the added parking charge did they do?

Carol said...

Amy giving and getting congratulations to Jacob for his few hours a day, a few days a week at some learning center after he got kicked out of school. Topped it off with some delicious yogurt!

It's a good thing that Amy doesn't like rewarding bad behavior...

Brandon said...

This means Mueller is going to the LPA conference? So wrong.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, not wrong so much as kinda sad in what it says about Jeremy. And about Mueller.

I could understand the desire to bring one of Jeremy's average height playmates along when the twins were younger. although the older they got, the lest ok it got. Basically I could see it because the LPA con is well, for little people, and activities that Zach could do like sports? Not available to Jeremy so why not let him bring a friend.

The older Jeremy gets, as in, 18 years old and older, the more ridiculous it becomes that Jeremy needs a friend along to keep him entertained. For starters, if he's that bored, then its perfectly legal for his parents to leave him at home. Second, if he geniunely does have little people friends he wants to support, then he can do that without his hand being held by an average height buddy. Really, he can't support his lp friends without Mueller? I mean, he enjoys attending, fine. That suggests he wants to be around LPs, his LP friends who he wants to be with. He can see Mueller every day of the week.

If he can't attend the LPA convention without an average height buddy to party with at 21, perhaps he should stay home.

Mueller is getting a little old, and a little sad to be a mooch. I mean, good lord, doesn't *Mueller* have a job? Does he do anything other than pretend to be a Roloff? Isn't he getting to an age where he should be paying his way on these things?

Dana said...

Rap, did you not see the pictures of Jeremy and Mueller at the LPA conference in Detroit?

I saw those pictures. Jeremy and Mueller were having a good time, both with the LP friends and "double dating" with two average height girls that also had LP siblings or friends.

There is no problem. They are all having a good friend.

Mueller is also Zach's friend.

Rap541 said...

And they date little people girls?

Or is it a "we're here, we're average height studs and we want attention!" type of thing. Do Mueller and Jeremy look at lp girls at all when they aren't at the con, front and center on the dance floor?

Who are the LP girlfriends of Mueller and Jeremy?

Dana said...

I said they are average height girls there for the same reason as Jeremy and Mueller. They do also "hang out" with the LP friends.

How is Mueller preventing a LP from enjoying themselves?

Rap541 said...

So... Mueller isn't there to support his little person girlfriends, and Jeremy isn't there to support the LP girl he dates. The two average young men attend the LP con to hang around with the *average height* girls on the dance floor at the LP dance...

And Mueller's LP friends are?

Mueller attends because Jeremy wants to hang out with his average height friend from home, and the two twenty one year old men *aren't* interested in dating LP women, they just want to have fun at a Little Person conference with average height girls and well, to party.

Here's a guess. Two average height men, one of whom is not in any way related to an LP, dancing at the LP dance with average height girls just might be a little irritating to the LP attendees.

Are the Roloffs still comped by the LPA to attend? If so, if I were an LP, I would be annoyed that Mueller was staying in a comped hotel room while actual LPs don't attend because of money concerns.

Cookie said...

Honestly? I think Mueller is Jeremy's date and has been for a long time. I really do--it's somewhat odd that two 21 year old men just cannot be apart for any length of time. At all. Go back and check the photo on Matt's blog/FB or whatever it is and look at the picture of Jeremy & Mueller sitting together at Sir whats his names island. I was joined at the hip with my boyfriend now husband but can without question say I was not that way with my girlfriends. So be it, frankly don't care but if I were to put some money on the fact that Jeremy & Mueller were a couple, I probably wouldn't lose.

Cindy said...

Cookie, I really don't think they're gay, but I agree it is very, very strange. I know about having best friends, but they are 21 and can't be separated. That can't be healthy. Are they bullies and they only feel strong when together? No confidence when they are separated? Whatever it is, it is very strange.

Christine said...

Amy doesn't get it. Jake playing with a 20 year old. They both failed school. If you surround your kids with bad influences don't be surprised when they emulate them.

Jocelynn said...

I really dislike Amy vouching for Mueller as a good person.

Ashley said...

Amy's quote about how others treat you depends on how you let others treat you can be dangerous if the person is already an arrogant person.

Timothy said...

They let him hang around with party college kids but they still wonder why Jacob is challenging. They don't get it.

Cookie said...

Well now, Timothy. Jacob can hang around men, and they are by age definition, men and specifically Mueller, because Mueller's a Christian.
Not sure why Amy felt compelled to point out that Mueller's a Christian (which is dubious at best but hey, as long as Amy's the story teller why can't she embellish the truth). Perhaps if Mueller were Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or omg, gasp, Agnostic or Atheist then he probably wouldn't be quite so welcome in their Christian, always god fearing home.

Spiritswander said...


To clarify, although Mueller is a christian, Amy was referring to the 3rd person in the pool picture by name, not their religious faith.

The kid next to Mueller name is Christian.
Hope that helps.

Cookie said...

Thanks Spirit's--it does clarify. The way Amy's post reads, its "Mueller--and Christian--to boot". LOL. I stand corrected.

Chris Linton said...

Well, at least that picture answers the question of Mueller's occupation.

Professional mooch.

Is Mueller going with Jeremy to California (if, and that's a big if, Jer Bear actually cuts the cord)?

If Mueller doesn't go with Jeremy, I see Mueller becoming Jacob's BFF. Yeah, that's not strange at all, a 20 year old and paling around with a 14 year old.

Any good mooch has to have many ways in!

M said...

Wow Mueller is tan!! Spend an hour in a tanning booth? I also read that like Mueller Christian? I was thinking who that's specific Amy and then I realized it was the other guy. Haha

Seriously mueller is what 20 chilling with a 14 year old? Doesn't seem right to me. If Muel spends so much time with Jacob he should really be a good role model and well not Mueller. I bet Jacob is picking up so much "fun" stuff! How long till Jacob is drinking? If he hasn't already started sipping. Putting it out there you'd be surprise how young kids start now a days. Young!

Rap541 said...

If there's anything that tells me that hanging around the Roloff boys isn't a career helper, it's Mueller.

Isn't he almost 21 now? Let's see, barely scraped by in high school, no college, apparently lives at the Roloffs/with his rumored to be horrible family*, seems to move from dead end job to dead end job, occasionlly supplemented by Daddy Matt hiring him, and what are his summer plans?

He's gonna be Jer-Bear's big boy playmate! Then this fall, when and if Jeremy finally leaves home... then what? He'll be Jake's big boy playmate and continue to pretend he's Amy's extra son and continue to mooch his way along.

*Frankly I don't know anything about Mueller's homelife except what "kind" anonymous posters have said, that it was very very difficult and we shouldn't judge... but really, I kinda wonder how the Mueller parents feel about how their son is portrayed as that poor boy the Roloffs took in and lavished with the love his cruel parents weren't willing to provide. Hey Spirit, have you ever considered asking the Mueller parents for an interview?

M said...

Even if Mueller's, parents are horrible they paid for his private school tuition (I'm assuming that anyway). Faith Bible isn't cheap!

Rap541 said...

I guess my point, M, is that for all the hints dropped about his terrible homelife, Mueller is now almost 21 himself and still technically living at home when he's not portraying himself as the Roloffs extra son.

I wonder how the *Muellers* feel about the way their son is depicted as a homeless waif who has troubles at home so dark they can't be discussed publically but certainly can be hinted at whenever "Why doesn't Mueller go home?" gets brought up. Yes, its very nice of the Roloffs to feed and clothe their adult son and take their adult son on vacations that apparently the Muellers can't afford to lavish on their son... But gosh, I know my parents wouldn't have taken kindly to the implications here.

Janice said...

I'm beginning to wonder, how much actual 'work' or money does Amy contribute to her charity foundation?

Reading her posts, it sounds like she goes from one "VIP" party to another VIP. I've been to those events. Music, usually free food for the attendees donated by an organization.

Amy's form of charity work is asking others with far less than she has to give their money as she attends these VIP parties while Amy accepts the personal praise of saying "I raised money for others."

Konk said...

The Mueller's don't know what is said here. And Jacob doesn't either. Even if they knew, I don't think they'd care all that much.

M said...

I wasn't disagreeing with you rap. Just adding my 2 cents. Haha

Z to the Zee said...

Konk, you're wrong about Jacob Mueller not knowing what is said about him.

He doesn't read daily, but he knows generally what people say about him. All the Roloffs know.

You're right when you say JM would say he doesn't care. He hates LPBW fans. He's not going to say he cares about what they think of him. It's not cool for them to admit they read or care about what people say.

But he does. JM disabled the "message" feature on Facebook for a specific reason. He knows what fans think of him and he doesn't like it. For them, checking in here is like driving past a car accident. They don't want to look, but they can't help it. They want to know what people say and how much they know.

Vicky said...

Amy's haircut looks good.

Amanda F said...

Has Amy stopped her coffee chat? She said she would post a schedule for the summer but she still hasn't.

Justin said...

You can almost see the disdain Jacob has for the world in his eyes in Amy's up close picture.

Brenda said...

I think jacob looked better with longer hair. He should have stayed with something unique to him.

Carol said...

That looks safe...Jacob sitting on a stool.

Christine said...

Spirits was right again! :)

The picture sums up everything in Spirits article about Mueller.

Jeremy must have Mueller seated next to him. Jacob must be acting cool next to his 2 heroes.

Brianna said...

Mueller is on this trip? Really?

Jackie said...

Is it being filmed?

Diane said...

Caption that picture "Three badly behaved rude boys and one good girl."

Tracy Lynn said...

Is Jacob Roloff putting on weight?

Michelle said...

I think Jake looked better with his long hair.

What's up with a road trip? It must be to get back on tv. The Roloffs have some issues with fame I think. They need it to breathe.

What 21 year old guys want to road trip with their entire family?

Jason said...

Good thing those pictures don't have sound. They are probably making fun of the fans.

Shauna said...

I think it's wonderful that the Roloffs do things as a family. Good wholesome family time.

Nicole said...

Wow, Jeremy looks out of it in Amy's picture!

Ashley said...

What is with jeremy in the last few pictures? He's not looking very coherent. I think the rumors about Jeremy are true.

Amanda said...

There goes Amy on her kick again about how Mueller is a great person. If someone treated Molly like Mueller treats girls, Amy wouldn't like them too much

Heather Porter said...

What is wrong with Jeremy in the picture?

Michelle said...

Amy's desperation to get back on tv was so obvious.

Chantelle said...

I wonder if Amy believes herself?

Brandon said...

Amy is right into the whole Roloff way of life isn't she? Jeremy is the most amazing driver in the history of the world!

On a serious note, when you think about the dynamics in the Roloff family, it's easy to see why Jeremy developed such an enormous ego and thinks he is so awesome. The entire family seems to worship his every move.

Christine said...

I wonder why Jeremy and Zach aren't going with Amy to see their grandparents? It sure isn't because Jeremy works. lol.

Grace said...

Does Amy really believe that she gets paid and travels around the world "for the good of others?"

Talk about being delusional.

Ellie said...

I saw Amy on the KATU show. I can't believe they think they are Christian.

Helen told her that the promo specials say everyone wants to know if Matt and Amy are divorcing. Then she asked her, so are you getting a divorce?

Amy said you have to go to her Fan page or better yet, watch the specials to find out.

Wow. She considers herself Christian? I didn't know divorce was a subject that people were supposed to use as a mystery....ohhh, gotta watch to see if we are divorced!

If they were really Christian or even decent people, they would not use some subjects as cliff hangers. Divorce, issues of health, those are things you don't tease about.

It figures the Roloffs tease about both of those things for the sake of ratings.

Ashley said...

Amy sure does complain a lot...

Jeanine said...

Are the Roloffs actually paying for this Mackinaw Island vacation or are they getting it for free?

I hate how they mooch everything for free like they were royalty.

Carolyn said...

Whatever happened to Zach's apprenticeship with that sports site? He did one video, one tweet and that was it? Maybe it was too much work for the lazy Roloffs.

Sandie said...

Does anyone know why Amy's pictures lately have her face so close, ususally on the side, when she takes her pictures? Is this some kind of trendy photo style?

Jocelynn said...

Sandie, I think it's because she's just taking the pictures on her phone. She's trying to get all 3 of them including herself in the picture. She's holding the phone with one hand and that's why her face is close.

Sandie said...

Thanks, Jocelynn, I didn't think of that! I was thinking it was annoying back when she was taking a picture of Molly's haircut, and had to put herself in it.....

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Amy, "WOW, I still have kids in the house?"
Uh, yes Amy. ALL FOUR. Remember?
Too much!

Shelby said...

Why is Jeremy taking stuff from Goodwill?

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Jeremy's, but you don't "take stuff from Goodwill". You purchase items from Goodwill. That money goes to support those who work at Goodwill (typically people needing the job and learning from the job) as well as other Goodwill programs which may vary from area to area but often include job search help and education. Items are donated to Goodwill for which one may receive a tax deduction. Just an FYI on how it all works. It is a great way for college students to furnish their dorms/apts.

Anonymous said...

I know if I had a fake wanabe christiane young adult son like Jeremy I would not be allowing him to take my good nice chair out of my house to go off to college with, I say this due in part Jeremy likes to party and party very wild at that.

Just having the thought of my good chair going off with him would scary me to death, thinking and feeling all the wild parties and hopefully protect sex and heavy drinking/vomiting that might or could go on in that dorm room with him and his future friends on the very chair I would have lone him would keep me up for the whole time he is off to college.

So with that said going to and buying a chair from their local Good Will Store in Oregon was and is the best route to go with a young adult male like Jer Bear.Plus the proceeds of buying the chair from the good will store helps out the local community.

It's a win win for Amy, Jeremy and their home town Good Will store.lol Amy can sleep a little better at night knowing she did not lone Jermey one of her nice expensive chairs for his booze/sex parties.

Rap541 said...

Agreed, anon at 11:41. Goodwill is good stuff and you buy that stuff and the people who work there are the people being helped.

Anon at 12:48, also agreed, with the caveat that I don't see the point in hauling an armchair to santa barbara when there's plenty of good stuff at Goodwill there as well.

Anon24 said...

Could have been an impulse buy so Mama has something to take a pix of for facebook. With the added benefit that when he comes home with some silly excuse to keep on living on the farm he can simply leave the chair in California without missing anything.

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