Thursday, January 6, 2011

Amy Roloff Live Chat Returns Friday

Amy Roloff returns tomorrow with her live "Coffee Chat" which they stream live on the Internet. She had been holding her live chat every Friday at 11:30am Pacific time, but there has been a two week gap due to the holidays.

If you wish to join the chat, it's recommended that you register in advance on her the Ustream site.

They are also conducting a poll for best time to hold her live chat. You can participate in the poll on Amy's charity foundation website. Some people have been saying they wish they could join her chats but can't due to work Friday mornings/early afternoons.

Amy also appears to be ready to use her own website again. She had the AmyJRoloff site but then began using her charity foundation website.

Amy posted a brief entry on

December 31st, 2010

"It’s a New Year! A time to reflect on the year past - memories you wish didn’t have to end, some things you don’t want to remember, hope for new adventures, accomplishments, kids growing up, so much. Yet the hope and thrill of a new year is exciting.

This is my website. One that needs to be tended to. My goal for 2011. I’ll update my pictures, bio, calendar, and blog. You’ll know where I’m at for speaking engagements, appearances, my charity foundation, Ustream Coffee Chat with Amy, and thoughts and commentaries. Little People Big World has ended after 6 seasons and 230 episodes. Wow, what an adventure. Met some wonderful people. Lots of ups and downs for the family and my kids are growing up.

More stuff later. Lend me your thoughts, ideas, comments, life, favorite quotes, ideas, what works best for you, what doesn’t on living, parenting, relationships, work, what you like and don’t like.

Oh 2011 will be a change. I hope for many things. Most though is much joy, lots of love, work hard, fun times, some success, and still enjoying life. All my best to you



Lynn C said...

I voted for the early evening but or a weekend afternoon but I don't think the latter will win.

Amy should have done a facebook page like Matt did. She could have as many fans as Matt if she did it the same way instead of always being about her charity.

Matt is smart. He throws in the pictures and the personal stuff about movies to keep people interested.

Austin said...

Has anyone asked Amy tough questions in these things, like about Jeremy's hate speech or about wanting gay ppl to get cured? Does she just ignore them?

Nancy said...

Austin, the people that have logged onto the chat have been respectful. She ignored some questions but they weren't what I would call "tough". I don't know if she ignored them or if it is because she missed them. If people ask more questions they get buried. Sometimes Amy is busy talking to her guests.

Susan Coles said...

Austin, personally I wouldn't even though I have a lot of negative opinions about the show. It's rude. It's the same reason why I don't post on Matt's facebook. That's why I'm here, somewhere that is not strictly a fan page, where people are free to be pro or con.