Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marty Klebba's New Show Tonight

The Roloffs friend and Matt's partner for CoDA, Marty Klebba has a new show premiering tonight: The Cape on NBC.

There is an interview with Marty in the Detroit Free Press. They talk about Matt Roloff and CoDA last page of the article.

"Q: I talked to your friend Matt Roloff (TLC's "Little People, Big World") before the charity basketball game you hosted a couple years ago at Troy Athens (High School). How's everything going with CODA, your Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy?

A: That was so fun, that game at my old high school. CODA, it was created by Matt and me a few years ago, and 100% of the donations we receive go to helping dwarves, things like building bicycles, home improvements and education.

We've both been pretty busy lately, but we're hoping to get another charity event together. We're trying to work with the government right now to get funding for research and charity. ... But, times are tough for a lot of people and there are a lot of other great charitable organizations that receive more attention than we do, so we just want people to know that every little bit really helps."

And for those wonder how CoDA began, Marty talks about it in this older interview.

Cooper: You started an organization to benefit little people.

Klebba: It originally was called the Martin Klebba Foundation, but then upon further research I found out that you have to have a board of directors to get a 501(c) tax ID, so that way everything’s on the up-and-up. I don’t want anybody thinking that any donations were going into my pocket. One hundred percent of every dollar we get from donations goes to helping little people, whether it’s little-people couples or average-sized couples looking to adopt little people children from around the world, or maybe a little person who needs some accessibility features on a car or a home.

I recently attended the national convention for little people in Detroit, which happens to be my home, so this year CoDA [Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy] did two things. We sponsored an athlete to attend the conference, paid for the hotel, the conference registration and the flight. Without our help, he wouldn’t have had the money to get there. We also gave a $5,000 scholarship to one of the applicants who’s finishing up a graduate degree.

We’re doing a fundraiser in Salt Lake City, UT, and my friend Lee Arenburg, who played Pintel in Pirates, is going to come out to do some TV and radio to promote it. We’re going to sign autographs and take pictures to raise money. I’ve got my career, and at the same time I’ve got this other thing on the side where I can help people.

Cooper: How long has CoDA been around?

Klebba: About two years. One of my great friends, Matt Roloff, who does the show Little People, Big World, is president, because he had prior experience as president of Little People of America. I’m the vice president. Sometimes I go out on movie shoots and I don’t have time to hold the reins, but he’s generally home filming the TV show and can be around a lot more than I can.

Cooper: Where does he live?

Klebba: Portland, OR, and that’s where we’ve made his office. Have you ever seen the show Little People, Big World on TLC?

Cooper: Yes I know about the show. I think they are doing well.

Klebba: They’ve done well. With a lot of additions to the house, it’s tripled in size since I visited.

Cooper: It’s filmed in his house.

Klebba: Yes. It’s about his family. He’s married to a really old friend of mine, Amy, from Michigan.

Cooper: She’s really old?

Klebba: (laughs) I’ve known her a long time. They have four kids. They’re both little people, and their first set of kids were twins. One was average height and one was small, and then there are two other kids after that, who are both average size. So you’ve got three little people in the family and three average size people.

Cooper: I always hear good things about the show.

Klebba: I’ve been on it quite a few times. The one thing little people don’t like is the “M” word, “midget.” To us it’s like calling a black person the “N” word. The show has enlightened and educated people who might not know that. Or they get some insight into what it’s like to be a little person as far as the daily routines you go, whether it’s driving or doing laundry and dealing with the counters. You go into a hotel and you see that things are really high for a little person."


Greg said...

Spirits, like I have said before, I don't think you should spend any time promoting CODA.

I don't believe in CODA. I don't think they do anything that is illegal, but I think they are one of the many black eye charity organizations the misuse the money they receive.

Marty's own words said not 100% of donations to to the people CODA is supposed to benefit. Technically they can cover themselves by saying spending the money on first class treatment for themselves is going to towards CODA events, it's not a good use of donations.

"Martin Klebba: We have a tax id # in the link. You can write a check or do Paypal. No amount is to SMALL ;). Having to fly in and house alot of the CoDA team and The Statesmen is hard for me. PLease feel free to help me. Leave a little note saying you donated because of me. "

There is Marty admitting it. Matt, Jeremy and Zach fly first class, they get limos and the statesmen and celebrities booze it up when they get together.

Add in that one of the recipients of the bikes is Zach's prom date and personally I think CODA stinks.

Who is the home renovations for? Matt and Amy's good friends, Rob and Amy? LP party boy Bill?

Jerome said...

No offense to Marty's opinion...but I am pretty sure using the "N word" to a black person is a lot more offensive than using the word "midget" to a little person. One is a racial slur and the other one is just a rude stature related insult. Not that I am condoning the use of the word midget...just that comparing that use to the use of the "N word" is a little extreme...

Ashley said...

Matt has compared it to the N word too. At least when he was in his "midget" is offensive mode. Then he kind of changed when they and their defenders were arguing that words don't matter when people were mad about Jeremy saying the N word and "f*g".

BeckyM said...

Hm was there wide enslavement of midgets? The comparision of the words is ludicrious.

Brandon said...

Far be it from me to be Roloff (or in this case, Marty) defender, but I understand their point.

Midget is the offensive word to people with dwarfism, like the N word is offensive to black people, like "fag" is offensive to gay people, like "retard" is offensive to people and family members of people with mental challenges.

That's all they mean. The problem that we all know is Jeremy loved saying all of them except for "midget" and they preach against that. They are hypocrites.

Charlie said...

Yes midget can be offensive, but if it was really as bad as the other slurs then they wouldn't still call things like midget submarines or midget racing by those names.

BeckyM said...

All I know is that The Cape is one piece of melodramatic dribble that after 10 minutes my kids (age 17 and 13) wanted me to change the station. It won't last.

Christine said...

Thanks for the review Becky. I actually was planning on watching it but missed it both times. It's getting a lot of promos. NBC put it on both on Sunday and Monday.

Did you change the channel after 10 minutes or did you watch the whole episode? How much was Marty in it?

Marty getting primetime exposure could be good for Matt and their CODA parties ;)

BeckyM said...

Hi Christine

The kids actually preferred to watch one of my COOKING SHOWS over it so we flipped to Iron Chef. So no, did not watch - it read like some sort of melodramatic, ill-done, comic book and my teen son is a gamer who loves comics/graphic novels done to television or movies.

Do you recall the Pop-Art of the woman in the soap comic crying? If not, refresh your mind here
That is this show. Very over top, bad acting, wince-worthy. JMO.

Hint: the fact they are opening this show mid season means it was not considered strong enough to start in the fall and is a "replacement" backup show.

JMO the more promos that air, the worst the show/movie. Look at Tron.