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Matt Roloff Facebook Fan Page Updates -- January 2011 And Beyond

April 5
I'm so proud of All my kids. I just had dinner with a friend of mine and made me realize how blessed Amy and I are with all our amazing children. Very very proud of the way they handle themselves.

April 4
Question of the day: "Should people that don't know what they're talking about ...keep their mouths quiet... Or should they speak up and make fools of themselves?" I love that twisted question. :))

April 3
At least one more week of heavy dirt hauling.. then it should (hopefully) slow down to a nicer steady pace through May. I'm ready for it to wind down so I can spend time on my other projects. I had to slip my trip to LA back a week. Oh well... too many balls in the air can be exhausting.. lol .. I wouldn't have it any other way.

April 3
Wow! Thank You ALL for so many kind and supportive comments. You're all the BEST! I'd be kidding myself not to think your encouragement will not have some influence on our decisions. xoxo

April 2
Amy and I had a nice dinner together tonight. We're still discussing if we want to do future LPBW shows or not.... errr... not an easy decision. We're lovin' getting back to normal. TLC's asking.. but not pressuring.. I love those guys for being so cool to us all these years.

March 31
Caught a nice tail wind out of Pittsburg ... Touched down in Denver almost an hour early ... That never happens!! Looks good for being home tonite. Wonderful visits with atlanta perimeter, Delhi and Penn state students. What's a great experience for me to meet so many neat people

March 29
Another very close call catching flights. Thanks to all those who understood why I had to keep rolling (my scooter only goes so fast) while you took your fan photos. You all did great job snapping on the roll. I hope my smile didn't give away My panic of missing the flight. Btw. I made it :)))).

March 29
Sitting on Tarmac in Albany NY. ' flow backup' ... going into DC they holding traffic on the ground. They say only 20 min delay. Thought I'd squeeze in a quick FB hello... HELLO!

March 25
Getting up early to catch 5:45am flight. Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Albany, Pittsburg, DC... In a few days.. somebody's going to have to tell me where I am. Next time I facebook I'll prolly be sitting on a tarmac somewhere stressing about a connection. Nighty nite..

March 24
One more day in the dirt.. Then gear change.. Major Travel Blitz... 5 state speaking tour... all East Coast. see for some details. Gonna visit some old friends (from my software days) and network execs along the way.

March 24
Molly, Jacob and me out having dinner. Amy suppose be here but... Not yet.

March 23
Amy's invited me to be a guest on her Coffee chat tomorrow. ...This feels like i'm headed to the Hot Seat. :)) (Friday 3/25/11 from 11:30am-12:30pm PST.)

I'm warning you in advance.. I'll probably have mud all over my clothes.

March 21
Oh boy! Dallah (who does the new blog) wants to meet face to face on Sunday to delve into "some" subject suggested by you all. She's been getting emails... And says she has a few doozies. Get your 2cents in...if your curious about something in the Roloff World.

March 21
My site is taking a pounding... In a good way! Non-stop action.

March 20
Amy and Jeremy in Santa Barbara, Molly on mission trip in Haiti. Zach took Jacob to winterhawks (hockey) game tonight. I love my kids ! Theyre incredible!

March 19
Started moving dirt again this morning at 6:15am. Hasn't stopped in over 2 weeks. I love dirt.. But enough is enough.. Have a few more golden pass tours (did quite a few last week) of the farm today. That's always a nice escape from the job site and gives me chance to be at the farm a few hours. :)))).
Tomorrow... No dirt for first time in many many days. Sleeping in till noon!

March 16
...Bringing in reinforcements tomorrow.. A 460... 120k lb class machine with a an 8 yrd bucket ought do it.. errrr maybe not... soooo much material. ... Now I ask... How do you say?? "in over my head!"

March 15
How do you say ...One tired little man? 15hrs a day, for last 12 days straight. ..And today we mixed in a documentary crew as well. Bedtime!

March 12
ntel likes our dump site setup so much... They want us to run again tomorrow. errrr we're all exhausted from the big push the lats 6 days.. but gatta make hay while the sun shine so I guess we'r going to go again tomorrow for a short day ... only 50 trucks an hour... 7 hours.
See my youtube channel for the latest.. Jeremy is all over this project..

March 11
Big meeting with production people yesterday about shooting documentary on my dirt project. Little Man, Lots of Dirt! Any Ideas for a name?? Btw see for bummer about why I'm not in telluride right now snow skiing with friends. Errrrrrrrrrrr.

March 7
I'm still figuring out this crazy Youtube thing.. I have sooo many cool videos to share from my soon as I get the time to get a system down.. :))

March 7
Finally got this video uploaded... This is from last Sat night when we had a family game night with our family, my sister Ruth (and hubby Rich), my brother Sam's family. and Pappa Huny... Soooo fun to hang out like regular people with no cameras.. Back to work tomorrow in the mud at 6am again tomorrow working dirt.. 24/7 generating revenue like old times.

March 7
Pappa and hunt (my incredible dad and mom ) joined the action today. This dirt thing is becoming a family operation. See my YouTube channel for an update... 2 new short videos.

March 6
This is was taken last Friday our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. We learned what Molly 'thinks' she wants to study... Accounting, Translating, and Language.

March 6
I give up!! Been trying to post 2 videos from my iphone to share but Youtube just not doing it. Grrr One; of the dirt project that I'm now totally consumed by 7 days a week.. and the other; my sister Ruth, brother Sam and our folks... over last night for dinner and a family game night. --Maybe soon I'll find a few ...extra minutes to goof around with these again. So much to say...sooo little space.
March 2
Franticly working my dirt project...trucks rolling again at 7am.. so up early. My guys are going to have to cover for me tomorrow afternoon cause I'm scheduled for my nuclear (alexis) stress test... whatever that is?

Feb 28
BTW-- Dallah has posted another behind-the-sceens update on she even talked to my folks... She's quite the fact finder.. lol Now the kids are chomping at the bits to get her to share all their big news.

Feb 28
One of my 14 focus areas for this year...Promoting good legislation for communities, small businesses, farms and families... It creates more available open outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. OREGON House Bill 2344

Feb 26
Amy and I out celebrating with the gang for my friend Pondo's 45th B-day

Feb 25
Feeling much, much better today. Doc's going to analyze the results from this little monitor next week. I can't wait to take it off.. it's been a long 48 hours. THANKS for all of your well wishes and prayers. It reignites my appreciation for all of you that have sent me stories about your own health issues. May God Bless each of you!

Feb 24
Jeremy just brought me home from the ER. Earlier echo test... doc called at 8pm and sent me back in Later last evening ...I'll see if they can put a detailed message out on in the morning to give you all and update. Good news is I'm going to live. ;))

Feb 23
Shut down the job early today so I can go get my echocardiogram (heart test)... errr That's not nearly as much fun as playing in the mud. Probably won't know any results for a few days.

Feb 22
Does this one work?

Feb 21
Pappa and Honey (my Mom and Dad) coming home tomorrow after 4 long months away on the mission field. Looking forward to seeing them.

Feb 20
Alright everyone.. I went ahead and taped this silly video update just now. I know it sounds like it was intended to be released tomorrow but I did that just to confuse those of you that are paying too close of attention.. lol Now I'm going to bed... to watch my movie that I downloaded to the Apple TV while taping this. :)) Nite nite everyone!

Feb 20
I'm going to meet with a good friend tomorrow that's been urging me for 2 years to start a blog about the family. errrrrrr I don't like long drawn out ramblings. Ok.. Ok.. I've commented enuff in my last 2 posts.. I'm going go watch a movie and kill some time till Amy leaves for her flight.

Feb 20
It's so hard.... cause when I do these video updates... and it's long... the family and everyone says its BORING and way toooo long. When it's too short... everyone complains... it's not enough detail... ohhh what to do??? Maybe do Nothing? ...and keep everyone happy lol

Feb 20
Loving the lack of rain last few days here in Oregon. We've been working round the clock. Normally take Sundays off... but not today.

Feb 19
Jeremy in the big JD240 ...scalping for the new road.

Feb 19
New road almost completed.

...Helping Pondo make Baklava at the Mad Greek Deli tonight...Yummy.. ...after a long hard week of playing on the dozer in some serious mud.

Feb 16
A year ago ... I thought life could never be any crazier... Well.... I was wrong. In a good way! My dirt project takes me back to my roots. So much fun. Will post job site Update photos soon.

Feb 14
Amy and I out for very nice Valentine dinner. :)

Feb 13
Amy made great Din Din... now watching grammy's in my jammies. Loved Muse!

Feb 13
...When I said... "I'm involved with a monster deal"... I guess it's a big enough to have gotten Obamas attention?? Rumor has it he's coming out to visit the Hillsboro site this week... Before anyone jumps to any crazy speculation... He's NOT visiting me or the farm. I'm just a tiny tiny part of a really, really large deal going down in Hillsboro. ...but Amy and the family are all cheering me on with this one.

BTW-- for those that care... I think this is the largest deal being put together ANYWHERE in the USA at the moment. ...but don't quote me on that.. It might only be second or 3rd. :) Hint: Last time I built a mountain it was to help Intel as well. We stabilized their water supply. That was a small operation compared to this time.

Feb 13
Watched Anchorman tonight... so funny... Then Amy got me going on the Godfather. I've seen it many time but always enjoy it. They don't make em' like they used too. A nice relaxing evening at home.

Feb 12
Beautiful and smooth Climb Out of the LA basin tonight. This photo doesn't do it justice. Perfect picture... for perfect productive day. Just landed in Portland ... Can't wait get home and see Amy the kids. :)). Great to see everybody today! Had a very nice lunch time Stroll down santa monica mall. People soooo cool and easy breezy in So. Cal. ...Life is firing on all 14 cylinders :))

Feb 10
Feeling almost back to normal...So I'm off on my trip to Hollywood. For any of You that are feeling under the weather... My best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Everyone Have a Great Weekend!

Feb 8
Amy home in a few hours... I was hoping the doc would perscribe a week in Maui with Amy and plenty of hanky panky. Oh well... No such luck. Got the.... 'slow down and take a baby aspirin every day until we figure this out' routine.... Dats no fun!

Feb 8
Tests went well this week. More test in 2 weeks. Must not be too urgent :)). Off to LA on Thursday for series of meetings. Then home for a week before travel blitz across country. Everybody suddenly wanting speaking just when I need to slow down. Gotta love how that works. :))

Feb 6
I'm back home and feeling better after a rough start to my weekend... Tupid vertigo. Spent yesterday in the emergency room. Set me back a few days on my projects and may have to delay my trip to LA this week?? ..they wanna run some more tests tomorrow... aside from the vertigo doc is a little worried about my EKG.

Feb 2
In the throws of a monster amazing deal.. Even Zach and Amy rooting me on... Wish I could share more but can't let any nasty gremlins get get in the way. :))

Jan 30
Good movie. Amy, Jer, Jacob, I went. Thanks for many kind notes re: Jacob and I hangin out today. He's anti-video like many teenagers. When he walked into my office while doing the video update, I had to plead him to stay and participate. Convinced him on my 3rd take (lots of audio issues) to jump in. I'm glad he did! ...A sign things are slowly returning to normal. U should see the tons of home video taken before LPBW.

Jan 30
Jacob and I spent the afternoon at the mall. He won't let me publish the video I captured. He's too embarrassed and still shy about being on camera... Oh well. Now we're at baskin Robbins waiting for Amy to join us. Then going to all see The Mechanic together who wha!

Jan 29
...after that.. next on list... Specifics on just how silly blogger are. lol lol
Matt Roloff = Thanks Tammie. I'm having fun tonite making list of just how silly they are.

Jan 29
One of many things on my list To Do this week... Order a new Audio kit.

Jan 29
Finally....Matt Roloff Jan 29th update

Jan 28
Been a crazy ... But good productive week. I'm tired! Hope to get up early and make a video update.... Nah.. I'm sleeping in. :))

Jan 24
... That settles it... Once and for all! I'm going for da gusto. :))))

Jan 24
Wow.. Almost 38k fans on this page. I can't believe it's still growing. You guys are great! I worked on a video update today but ran into some technical audio issues so will have to try to het that published tomorrow. It was a great weekend.. Going to hit it hard tomorrow... My todo list is huge. Life is great. :)

Jan 22
Amy and I had a great nite out on the town together. Dinner with friends and met some new ones too.

Jan 20

I know a few of you may have seen this photo before... but for all those that haven't... This is a very rare picture of inside Molly's Castle. Looking from the "palace" into the "Knight's Quarters".. and Double decker Dungeon area.

Jan 17
What do you get a 14 year old for his birthday ... A mini fridge for his bedroom I guess. That's what he wanted.

Jan 17
14 years ago to the day... Happy birthday Jacob! :)).

Jan 15
Sorry for no recent update... been completely consumed by latest happenings.... everything firing on all cylinders... Video message coming soon.

Jan 11
I recently watched American Chopper Behind The Scenes. INCREDIBLE!! I'm not sure if you have to live it.. To appreciate it .... as much as I did.. But it was fascinating to watch and encouraging to know we're not alone. :))

Jan 9
A warm welcome to the all the new facebook fans that have joined me (and Rocky) in last several days.. We look forward to keeping you all up-to-date.

Jan 7
Hey there everyone... Be SURE to watch my buddy Marty Klebba on The Cape on NBC , Sunday nights at 9:00. It's going to be awesome!

Jan 7
Yesterday morning I got to hang out with my friend Dave Anderson.. Don't know what happened to this post yesterday... errr

Jan 6

I'm wanting to do a video series on here that addresses the 5 top misperceptions of the Roloff family and our show little people big world. To set some things straight. .... But first i have to finished my 28 th time watching my very favorite movei. Rambo First Blood. Best film ever. Every lesson ever needed in life is covered in this film.

Jan 6

Jacob has this totally cool collection of photos he's taken around the farm... I'm trying to figure out how to share them all with you all.?? Stay tuned...

Jan 5

... A really good friend of mine.

Jan 5

Sorry last message was so long. I'll aim for shorter. I hope by putting them on Youtube you can simply pass over if you don't care for so many details... with that said however.. I'm going to put some more specific information up soon. Kinda a video series. If you don't want details.. either ignore link... or unlike ...

Jan 3

....PART 2 ....oh boy ... here we go again...

Jan 3

...alright ...all ready.. You asked for it! Part one and ...soon to follow part 2. Enjoy my ramblings.

Jan 3

If I Youtube a big looong (15 min or so) video update about my project focus areas... would that be tooooo long?

Jan 2

Little Man, Big Nose... New Projects. Who knows someone with an amazing backyard project? Send me a Youtube link. Something to Make our Molly's Castle look like child's play.

Jan 2
My 2011 Project list..... I've narrowed it down to 14 focus areas... And we're still in January.

Jan 2
Little Man, Big Nose... New Projects. Who knows someone with an amazing backyard project? Send me a Youtube link. Something to Make our Molly's Castle look like child's play.

Jan 2
Amy and I just finished watching the Propsal with Sandra bullock together. Very cute movie. I've been on a major holiday movie marathon. Between applelTV and streaming Netflix its so easy

Dec 31
What an eventful and incredible year 2010 was... I love the saying.. "It was real... and it was fun.. but it wasn't Real Fun!" :))) Have a G R E A T New Year everyone! Warmest Regards to all.


The above content is from the Fan Facebook page of Matt Roloff located here:

We have decided to start a new item for Matt's January and beyond 2011 postings.

It was suggested that we open this up because some fans aren't active on Facebook, but still want to express themselves on some of Matt's updates and information, and some people just don't feel comfortable saying what they really want to say or what they think about a particular Matt Roloff posting because his Facebook page is strictly a fan page and some people don't feel comfortable expanding on their thoughts beyond "That's wonderful Matt, you're the greatest Matt" which is the response to most everything Matt posts on Facebook.

You can find the log of Matt's previous comments before January 2011 and subsequent discussion about them located here:


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Brandon said...

Rambo...that's very Christian! ;)

Now Jacob is a photography prodigy too? I would like to see some of Jacob's pictures next to Jeremy's pictures to see if there is any difference.

Timothy said...

If Matt calls something a misconception about the Roloffs, chances are that the "misconception" is a truth.

What will it be, that Jeremy doesn't love a church that thinks gay people need to be cured. Oh, he does love it.

BeckyM said...

So are the videos going to show a clean house? Show the kids getting up and going to jobs? Show the kids studying for school? Show the kids being polite and respectful?

I won't hold my breath.

Julie said...

Matt is always so defensive about these so-called 'misperceptions.' Methinks thou dost protest too much, Mr. Roloff.

watchdog said...

Is that the same really good friend Matt wanted Jeremy to assassinate? If that's how he treats his really good friends, I'd hate to be his enemy.

David said...

BeckyM, I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

I'm guessing 3 of what you listed will be on Matt's list.

That the kids aren't lazy....which of course is contrary to everything anyone that pays a little bit of attention knows. The most ridiculous thing Matt has tried to pitch since the show ended was to mend the Golden Boy's rep, by saying Jeremy and Zach no longer sleep until noon.

I think another one on Matt's list will be another lie. He *might*, if he's willing to broach the subject, suggest that the Roloffs don't hate gays (bigoted/think they are going to hell and need fixing...same thing if you ask me).

Greg said...

Can we all make our own list of top 10 Roloff misconceptions? Go for it Spirits! :)

Top 10 things that trusting naive television watchers believe about the Roloffs that aren't true or don't know about.

Shadow said...

"Rambo First Blood. Best film ever. Every lesson ever needed in life is covered in this film."

How. Very. Sad.

Judy B said...

Rambo isn't my cup of tea, but it's a guy movie. Let Matt be.

Justin said...

Wager now that Jacob's pics will be better or equal to Jeremy's?

Brandon said...

Per Matt's own words, the guy interviewing Matt on the morning show is his "friend". Matt sure is brave :) Most of his interviews are with himself (you tube videos) or with his friends on softee morning shows.

Anne said...

I got a newsletter from Matt. He's not going to send newsletters more. He told to use his facebook page.

He said " on the lookout....for some exciting announcements coming soon."

Shadow said...

"He said " on the lookout....for some exciting announcements coming soon.""

Translation - I'm desperate to keep my name in the news, so I'll tease and hint, and hope nobody realizes the emperor is, um, "clothing-optional." After all, I fooled 'em once, so maybe I can fool them again. People (except for me and Jeremy) are so stupid, they'll believe anything!

DJ said...

I don't watch American Chopper so I don't know what Matt means by "glad we're not alone".

Anonymous said...

What he saw in American Chopper is a lot of chaos and a lot of white trash.

Mark said...

This is old but I wanted to tell people of the special treatment the Roloffs get with everything.

If you look back here Matt has a picture of Jacob playing on the indoor coed league.

I used to play on a team there. The 15 year old brother of one of the people on my team wanted to play and wasn't allowed. They have the rules clearly posted:

"You must be 16 years old or older to play in Adult Leagues. We reserve the right to ask for proof of age."

That is the coed league. But a Roloff that is younger than 16 was allowed to play. Rules only apply to other people. I can't stand people that think they are above the rules or people that allow them to get special treatment.

Jocelynn said...

Mark, I know how you feel! Read my report about the CoDA basketball game that Spirits let me write for here.

It wasn't the Roloffs where I was, but it was special treatment from the organizers for their friends and any Little People. There were very long lines after the game for autographs, but friends of the organizers and of Marty still wanted to get autographs during the public time, they cut in front of the line. Then they went back and picked out any friends or Little People they saw and had them cut in too.

It really bugs me when people are so inconsiderate of others that play by the rules are patiently waiting their turn. Unfortunately too many people don't think about the right and wrong aspect, and only think about themselves. Think of the Roloffs and the Eiffel Tower line up.

It still makes me mad when I think of it! LOL! End of rant :)

Christianlady said...

It's so nice to see Matt and Amy spending time together looking happy. I think ending the show as good for their marriage.

deb said...

FROM DEBBIE, I Think the family is great, your all just a bunch of A,,,,h,the kids are great to, love the family, they are for real, not fake......

Kayla said...

What will Matt's new video be about?

Greg said...

Kayla, the usual, he has so many projects in the works, tease tease, each of the kids are setting the world on fire and are way more successful and talented than your kids, Amy and him have the best marriage ever and bloggers suck just because.

Y'know, the usual Matt video.

Tom S said...

Deb, I agree with you, they are the real deal...I am trying to make my kids make F's in High School so they can stay at home until they are 30. I like waking them up at noon and making them breakfast for lunch. they are good christians too, so what if they overindulge and glutton themselves with wine, vehicles, vacations and home renovations. They repent of these sins and condemn gays so I know that Jesus loves them.

Rap541 said...

See, what I am curious about, in all seriousness, is whether Matt and Amy Roloff want people like Tom S and Deb to be praised and held up for their comments.

Deb calls anyone criticsing the Roloffs "a bunch of A,,,,h" and Tom S is all "they are good christians too, so what if they overindulge and glutton themselves with wine, vehicles, vacations and home renovations. They repent of these sins and condemn gays so I know that Jesus loves them."

Matt, and Amy - you know what is said here. Care to share how pleased you are to agree with Deb and Tom S?

Matt and Amy, do you condemn gays so Jesus will love you? Come on now, your Christian fans don't want you to wiffle - this is a yes or no.

Brandon said...

Rap, I think Tom S is being sarcastic :)

Rap541 said...

Maybe but honestly when looking at the Roloffs it becomes hard to tell. :)

Lacey said...

Good for Matt if he's able to get some other projects going, but I have serious doubts if anything will be remotely successful.

The show was successful because the kids were cute and the producers molded Matt and Amy's personalities into something that had appeal for the viewers.

The kids will never be that age again and the appeal will be lost. If the show had been about pure dwarfism education it wouldn't have lasted as long as did.

Expressed said...

Is that Jeremy filming it?

LOL Jake is in the room the whole time. You can see him from the fire place glass.

Matt: "Oh look who is coming in (door creeks) as someone opens and closes the door that Jake doesn't use because he's already in the room.

Matt: Hey Jake!!

They learned some tricks from the LPBW crew about how to fake things.

Brandon said...

Thatta boy Matt. Way to teach the kids who to lie. Jacob, pretend that you're coming into the room from outside.

Truthfulness and Roloffs are not friends...even about stuff that doesn't matter, Matt's gotta a find a way to play people for fools.

Andrew said...

Expressed, finally some are catching on. It took long enough and Matt giving enough hints before you all seem to get it. LOL I wonder if Spirits will post this TRUTH. So funny to watch and read as you all develop your thinking.

Tired of the Hate said...

OMG how petty and immature. Who really cares if Jacob was or was not already in the room, it has no bearing on the video. It is pathetic on what you all focus on to create your twisted viewpoint.

Brandon said...

Andrew, actually a lot of us caught on a long time the first season to how fake the show was. Do you remember fans calling Matt out on how they staged the heart warming "Jer presents Zach with the soccer ball" scene and Matt admitted it on TLC?

Since then Matt and Amy have been insisting the show was "real and raw"? Do you recall those words being used by Matt and Amy? Real? Raw? Staging scenes and faking people entering and leaving rooms isn't something most people would call real and raw, right?

I think most of your scorn should be directed at the Roloffs for ever using the word "real" in association with that fake show.

Brandon said...

Matt is ranting at Spirits again. Matt really has anger issues, doesn't he?

Timothy said...

I can't wait for Matt's list about "silly bloggers".

Matt please tell us how bloggers are wrong. Are you going to insist that Jeremy does not love John Mark Comer and his church (aka. Hey gays, go pray to God to be cured of your difference)?

I say we all count the number of lies Matt tells in that message. It will be a record number.

Christine said...

Oh but in Matt's Merry Christmas video, didn't give a whole hearted "Thank You" to all that write about the Roloffs?

Rap541 said...

Christine - there's that, yes he did say that, and there's also the um... amusing fact that after all is said and done... Matt's blogging.

Thats what Facebook is. A blog. Matt's going to whine about silly bloggers in his blog.

Brandon said...

Rap, actually I thought his wording was important. How long has it been that Matt has denied that he read this blog?

What he's doing is like blogging or like twitter, but nobody I know calls it a blog.

Since Little People Big World has ended there is only one place where people are still talking about the Roloffs. TWoP - LPBW is dead, hasn't had a post in over a month. IMDB-LPBW is dead.

There are only two places left that anyone talks Roloffs. Matt's facebook (and now Amy's maybe) Matt says his page is not a democracy and doesn't allow criticism. He obviously doesn't think that's silly. All that is anyway is "I love you Matt, my Monday nights are lost without LPBW, I don't know what to do with my life" to everything and anything Matt posts.

The only other place where there is still talk about the Roloffs is here, Spiritswander.

Rap541 said...

Hey all I know is that people don't like every thing the Roloffs do *hate Jesus Christ*. :)

Thats what Matt's fans say to defend him. I'd like to see him do a lil video to let us know if he approves THAT message. I mean, those are the same people who love him so my natural assumption is that he likes it but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Matt? Are people who criticize you "Jesus Haters"? Do you approve of your fans defending you by declaring anyone who critizes you to be a "Jesus Hater"?

Brandon said...

He's still shy about being on camera? After 6 years of a reality show. Yeah, nobody was forced or anything...

Judy B said...

It's wonderful that Matt is spending so much time with Jacob. His influence is bound to pay off.

Curious George said...

Who thinks Matt and Spirits should get their own show?? This is far more entertaining than the final seasons of LPBW!!

BettyC said...

Great idea Curious George, it could be like TLC's American Chopper Sr VS Jr. The ratings spiked on that show when that happened. Matt likes money and freebies. When the well finally runs dry I bet he would be in 100%.

lisa z said...

is matt ever going to post those pictures jacob took? he said he was going to. i hope he does.

Dana said...

Go Matt! I was had faith Matt would strum something up.

Greg said...

"Wish I could share more but can't let any nasty gremlins get get in the way. :))"

Paranoid much?

Austin said...

It's probably some deal with somebody who is gay and they don't know about the Roloffs bigoted beliefs they support.

Rap541 said...

Heheh really, lets not forget how the boys "signing their own deals" was hoo-hawed as some super secret awesome deal and turned out to be well... not so much.

Hasn't Matt been discussing his fantastic opportunities (with you know, vague remarks and comments about his top secret deals) for a few months now?

NJC said...

"Even Zach and Amy rooting me on" Talk about a nasty gremlin. Way to throw your family under the bus there Matt.

Judy B said...

NJC, that comment stood out to me too, but for a different reason.

How sad that Matt felt compelled to say that. That's on Amy and Zach, not Matt.

Would Matt ever need to say that about Jeremy? We all know the answer to that. However, he felt compelled to add, that for a change, even his wife and his son is rooting for his success.

Amy and Zach should honestly think about that. It's great they finally jumped on board, but you've done something wrong in the past if your husband or father is pleasantly surprised when you're actually in their corner.

Lynn C said...

Oh, it was just a joke people. Isn't Matt allowed to make jokes? Amy usually opposes Matt's projects and Zach argues. It was a joke and should be taken as such.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - so you disagree with Judy B's assertion that Matt clearly meant to chide Amy and Zach?

Btw I know that some people think everything Matt touches turns to gold, but per Matt he almost lost the farm because of his poor financial decisions (read his first book). That's also a pretty big thing for people to get past so perhaps "Amy and Zach should never ever question Matt and always support him no matter how insane his idea or else they are scum" isn't really a fair point?

Just a thought.

Lynn C said...

Rap, yes, I disagree with Judy B.

Jason T said...

Rap, Matt's book was junk. Big Family Values, what a joke. Ghost Written for sure. If Jeremy and Zach needed to read their chapters it would have surely made for hilarious comedy.

Rap541 said...

Jason T - I am referring to Matt's first book, Against Tall Odds. I agree completely about Little People Big Values.

Lynn - thanks for the direct answer.

Carol said...

Jason T, I haven't read it, but apparently Matt's first book was a real book. The "family" book that came out during the tv series was the fluff book.

Terry Knowles said...

Matt likes to drop hints by using clever word games.

Most people read "monster" to mean big or huge, but the use of the words "monster" and "gremlins" could be a clue.

The animated project? The children's book? Perhaps a Shrek-like Monster that looks different but teaches kids that they are just like them on the inside?

We will have to wait and see what Matt has up his sleeve.

Jan said...

If Matt has some "monster deal" in the works Amy either lies or doesn't think it's significant enough to mention it.

In her coffee chat she said Matt has been really busy working on the big land/amusement park project on property off but near the farm.

Julia said...

Did he collapse again? Hope everything is alright.

Dana said...

I hope this is cause for pause for some of you to be more careful in what you say. Are you provinding a positive or negative influence on the world?

I thought the same thing after Mike passed. Maybe people would be kinder in what they post if they realized that the stress they can potentially cause can take a toll on a person like Matt.

Anne said...

Matt, Take good care of yourself. Praying for you and the family.

Justin said...

Matt loves is kind of attention way too much.

For Matt's next project, a reading of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"...

Brandon said...

While Matt is whipping his facebook page into a worried frenzy of "we love yous Matt, take care of yourself"....Amy is posting about the Packers winning the Super Bowl and her favorite Super Bowl commericals.


Eldon said...

LOL. Justin, then why do you continue to post and read on here? Doesn't that perpetuate what you complain about? And Brandon, would you prefer matt says nothing? Then what would you do with your time?

Brandon said...

Eldon, no that's not what I'm saying. Matt is fun to comment on :)

What I'm saying is have you ever heard of Matt down playing something about his health? Could he mention that it was something minor? Could he mention that the family isn't worried?

Instead it's always something that will whip his concerned fans into a panic.

I don't doubt that Matt visited the hospital, but I doubt it is serious...see the comments of Amy not expressing concern but instead posting about the Super Bowl and making snow angels.

Matt and Amy might not have the greatest marriage in the world but I think if it was something they were worried about her mind might not be so playful and joyous.

But it never fails. There's Matt to take whatever he can and blow it up into something that will get him the most attention and sympathy.

I wonder if Matt brought Jeremy along on his trip to the hospital, might as well "kill two birds with one stone" and get Jeremy's painful and 'soon to require surgery' foot problem looked at too ;)....another example of Matt less than honest or exaggerating Roloff health issues.

I sincerely wish Matt good health, but you can't ignore his pattern of exaggerating stuff to generate sympathy.

Matt has got his fans worried, but the family doesn't seem terribly concerned. There's something off about that. Quite frankly I think it's kind of crappy to use sickness as a publicity tool...this is not the first time the Roloffs have played with people like this.

Matthew Flack said...

Eldon is the smartest person here. Eldon is right. If Matt Roloff had not said a word about the hospital he would be roasted for not being up front with the fans. If he does tell fans about it...then he is an attention seeker causing his fans to worry.

Rap541 said...

Actually the fans wouldn't know anything to roast.

Like Brandon, I have no doubts Matt went to the emergency room. But... lets see, he wasn't hospitalized and his wife isn't asking for prayers and all in all.... yeah, feels like attention seeking.

Brandon raises a valid point - its not the first time Matt has discussed his health in terms meant to generate sympathy. If I recall, Matt in 2009 was supposed to have serious spinal surgery "in six months" and there was a frenzy of concern then. Matt allowed TLC to stage a vertigo attack to look much more serious than it actually was and literally basked in the attention afterward. Even now during his current serious health crisis, he's made at least one comment about hoping he gets a trip to Hawaii prescribed.

A guess? He's not dying.

If he felt the need to mention the hospital visit at all - and since he's not exactly a huge star and this wasn't likely to be picked up by the media anyway, then there are ways to announce it without suggesting a living wake is in order.

Dana, your comment is amusing.
Maybe people would be kinder in what they post if they realized that the stress they can potentially cause can take a toll on a person like Matt.

Maybe Matt wouldn't be hearing "unkind" remarks if he kept his personal business to himself. (and I don't see anyone being unkind, actually) And I have been told for years and years now that Matt is just like me. So now he needs "praise only" special handling because disagreeing with Poor Poor Matt's actions and comments just might kill him?

Yeah, its too bad he needed to see a doctor over the weekend because going to the ER is a pain....but I bet if we did a roll call question here, I suspect Matt isn't the only one who's had to do that in their lifetime.

BeckyM said...

LOL well if it was attention-seeking, didn't work. Top internet searches are not about Matt Roloff, unlike during his fake TLC cliffhanger episode.

The interest is just not there and why the show was cancelled in the first place.

Stacy P said...

Say what you will about Matt Roloff but he is the true artist in his family, and I am not speaking about paying other people to build yard art, anyone with a fat wallet and a friend like Sven to think of the ideas, and a slave like Camarino can accomplish these goals as they "Supervise". Matt has mastered the art of deception, he still has all of us and his 38,000 facebook fans talking about him when he mentions his health, inking deals and building the next Secret Disney Wolrd Portland park. But in retrospect these numbers are pathetic when you consider Buddy Valastro's public figure page (TLC Cakeboss) and Paul Jr (American Chopper) have twice as many followers. Nevermind. But he can get 200 people to comment on his facebook status. Wait a minute, i have had 50 people comment on my status and I have 600 friends he has almost 40,000. What is he trying to accomplish? Does anyone on here know?

Pearl said...

It appears that there are people on this blog that have lived such a life of namelessness and facelessness that they have gotten out of touch with how their words impact others. It is like those jobs that you only have contact with others through the phone or computer. You truly loose touch with humanity and become so hard edged but you don't even know it.

Greg said...

Stacy, it's true about the followers on facebook. Facebook is so huge that it doesn't take much.

Some dude called "Mike The Situation" is on Jersey Shore? He has 2,304,000 fans on facebook. 2.3 million. It's crazy.

Like you said Buddy from Cake Boss has 68,000+

Greg said...

Becky, well Matt no longer has the benefit of TLC and his producer friends to help push these stories.

Brandon said...

Pearl, what are you saying exactly? That people that don't agree with the Roloffs are hurting the Roloffs by posting their opinions?

"gotten out of touch with how their words impact others."

You know what is ironic? That is the point that a lot of people that criticize the Roloffs say about the Roloffs.

When it's Jeremy, a Roloff throwing around hurtful slur words, the Roloffs took the attitude of drop it or else and don't dare say Jeremy was wrong. Matt allowed his moderator of his own website to say words don't hurt unless you let them and that people are too sensitive. Matt praised his fans that harassed and attacked people that said they were disappointed by the Roloffs.

The Roloffs and their friends like Mueller were viciously cruel to fans, teenage girls that liked them, calling them losers and making fun of their appearance.

But I gather you don't give a rats behind about that. The Roloffs didn't care. All they had to say was that Jeremy, Zach, Mueller and the friends were great kids.

It's the same old thing. People like yourself want one set of rules for how people treat the Roloffs and another set of rules for how the Roloffs are allowed to treat others.

Dana said...

Pearl, thank you. Very well said.

Susan Coles said...

Brandon, you made a great point. You should listen to it, Pearl.

The Roloffs are hardly the kind, innocent victims that you paint them as if you know anything that has happened.

My negative opinion of the Roloffs was primarily formed from watching reasonable people get mistreated by either the Roloffs themselves, their friends or other Roloff fans that Matt then chose to celebrate and thank them for their mean spiritedness on his behalf.

Rap541 said...


Brandon, amusing isn't it? Funny how "words only hurt when you let them" gets used by Matt Roloff's admin to defend the family, but bless us, Roloffs are so delicate, everyone must only praise them, or sit silent lest the harsh words affect the Roloffs.

I trust Matt was a blessing sent from Christ when he was applauding his buddy Sawyer for harassing a teenage female fan with masturbation comments? I image it didn't hurt that fan girl at all to be viciously treated and then have the star of the show *thank* the bully for "kicking hater ass".

Btw I am *still* waiting to see the interviews Matt bragged about in October - where he was being interviewed by national media on cyberbullying.

Tom S said...

Feb 2: Monster amazing deal about to happen
Feb 6: In the ER
This means the deal didn't happen and now he has an excuse. Matt is smart. He covers his tracks well.

David said...

I don't think so Tom S.

I think the monster amazing deal is the land deal on the property near the Roloffs.

My bet is Matt did go to the ER (like many other people) but it wasn't a OMG Matt is dying thing) like he's totally comfortable having his fans think it was and Matt being Matt used the hospital visit to be as dramatic as possible because he likes the attention and sympathy.

Leah said...

Pearl, your words of wisdom are good in a general sense, but I think the Roloffs have thicker skin than that and words don't hurt them.

David said...

Leah, the Roloffs only care when it might affect what else? Money. That's when people come out of the woodwork to deny Jeremy's affiliation with a bigoted church. Not because Matt or Jeremy are crying that someone thinks he's a hypocrite or intolerant, but because it is the potential to hurt the Roloffs cash flow by wiping out a possible speaking fee that might be interested in them.

Justin said...

Color everyone surprised. Matt is fine. What a shock.

Toby said...

Susan said "My negative opinion of the Roloffs was primarily formed from watching reasonable people get mistreated by either the Roloffs themselves, their friends or other Roloff fans that Matt then chose to celebrate and thank them for their mean spiritedness on his behalf."

I have never seen the Roloff's or their friends mistreat people. Did this happen on an episode I missed? And not sure what you are talking about with the fan thing. Didn't see that either. Where do you guys hear or see these things in the first place?

Brandon said...

"I have never seen the Roloff's or their friends mistreat people."

Toby must be blind ;)

Rap541 said...

Well, hell Toby - Jeremy Roloff was calling his beloved father "pretty sweet just like a n*gger".

I assume that's Jeremy spreading Christ's love?

How about Jeremy referring to Mexico as "That beaner place"? Toby - was that *kind*?

How about his use of the term "sleazy jew"? Is that kind?

The fan incident is two fold. Matt chose a person using the moniker Mrs Sawyer as one of his board moderators because he liked how she insulted people to defend him on the TLC boards and on (You can find some of her delightful comments on the TLC boards still). Sawyer on at least one occasion made a crude unkind remark about masturbating to an under age teen fan (who was in fact not even especially critical of the Roloffs). Matt has praised Sawyer for her defense and is known to ask if Sawyer is "still kicking hater ass".

Now, don't call me a liar - call Matt's *board mod* a liar when you declare this never came from Matt's Christ-like lips. Matt on his own facebook was engaged in a discussion with his buddy Pondo about how since someone complained about parking pricing, he heartily agreed with his friend Pondo that the person in question was "a cheap bastard" and Matt facitiously suggested he would increase parking prices to you know, spite the cheap bastard.

There's also the incident where a besmitten fan emailed one of Jeremy's buddies and was told to "eff off and commit suicide". I assume that's not mistreatment?

**And look, another new poster who passive aggressively suggests all criticism of the Roloffs is lies... Gosh, I can't help but wonder why these posters seem to have the same agenda? :)

Brandon said...

Rap, you forgot lots :)

How about Mueller emailing Jeremy's biggest adoring fan to call her a bitch?

Or the one that I've always thought was extra crule was Jeremy himself and his friends mocking the looks of a fan from Puerto Rico, another teenage girl that made a fan page about the Roloffs. It was so nice of Jeremy and his friends to be all 'Look at her profile pic, lol! What a freak!"

Then there's all the other stories, like the girl that was on the Oasis of the Seas cruise and made the You Tube video about how rude Jeremy and Zach were.

Or the reports from Heather at a hotel about how Jeremy was arrogantly bragging to the the LP friends how he told a fan off for asking for an autograph. That seems to be a pattern for Jer, refusing autographs at the amusement park, at hotels, on cruises, at half time of a charity basketball game to two little kids.

The only Roloff or friend that had the character to own up to it and take any responsibility was Dan.

But any negative story about the Roloffs and their friends is always all lies...

Toby maybe you would be better to go the "Roloffs and their friends have bad days and can be excessively mean to people" rather than denying their unkindness.

Diane said...

Toby, you must be kidding. Jeremy and his friends are famous for being rude to people.

Brandon, I also remember the person that met Jeremy at PCC that asked him about being a positive person and he ranted to her how she must have a depressing life.

It doesn't take much to figure out that Jeremy and his friends aren't nice guys.

David said...

There is good reason why Matt and Amy don't allow Jeremy to speak on his own.

As Rap said, Matt has a history of patting people on the back for insulting others. More recently, he personally called one of his fans that was boasting about how she and her son proudly use derogatory words offensive to gay people. This person also criticized Amy frequently and made it known she wants Matt if they get divorced. Matt's reaction is to call this person and thank them.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I know, there's plenty to pick from but I went with the ones where Toby, if necessary, can do the minor internet research and find the incidents in question. After all, Toby hasn't *seen* it so since Toby is allowed to suggest we're all lying about these incidents.

As it happens, for people who claim to welcome criticism, the Roloffs are remarkably thin skinned. And considering the "The Roloffs don't claim to be perfect!!!!!" defense that gets tossed around.... I find it hard to believe that there are no incidents of a Roloff acting badly.

Yet, any and all criticism is met with angry defense. I assume we'll be getting a post soon from someone declaring how sad it is that we post here and how wrong we all are to hate".

Because thats the pattern - first the "What? *I* didn't see it! You must be lying!" and then when the incidents are brought up and explained, then the "Why do you keep bringing this up and being so hateful to the Roloffs??? You must like hating."

Matt hasn't helped his reputation at all by endorsing some of the behavior of his boardies. I have to admit - the phone call to the lady who actively trashes his wife and proposes affairs along with savagely defending hatespeech, while hilarious, says a great deal about Matt's character.

(Toby, there's an entire thread on Matt's board devoted to the phone call to the person who thinks hatespeech is nifty keen and that Matt should dump Amy ASAP since Amy is so awful)

Joe said...

Rap, I searched around and couldn't find what you were saying. Do you have links? What about you Brandon, do you have links? Would be nice to see where these stories come from. Does anybody have links or something other than just saying so?

Ihaveacomputerwithgoogle said...

Joe, if you have access to Youtube or Google then type in "Jeremy Roloff". Then "Like" Matt Roloff on facebook and read all post.

Rap541 said...

Also you can pick thru this blog and see the many many times people like Toby and Joe have demanded links and use those.

Joe - to find Matt's charming conversation with his buddy Pondo, all you have to do is read matt's face book and page back a bit. Sorry, but frankly, I'm tired of doing the work for people like you. Maybe instead of tracking down every negative comment to decry it as a lie, the Roloffs could just be nicer people?

I mean really, you can't figure out how to go to and find the thread "Matt called me"?

Closing your eyes and counting to three, and then declaring "I couldn't find it" doesn't mean you're searching around, you know.

Susan Coles said...

Rap, I agree. People that come late to the party...or choose to pretend to come late and plead ignorance...are ignorant.

Some of the things were on IMDB. They don't keep threads forever. Are you going to call everyone that saw it, liars? The screen captures of the nasty emails received by Jeremy's biggest fan were posted after people like Dana attacked her and called her a liar.

People also emailed Peggy because at the time she was giving Christian speeches and her grandson and friends were being so extremely cruel. To Peggy's credit, she at least sounded like she was taking it seriously and said she had called Jeremy about it and apologized on behalf of him and his friends.

Some of the comments, like the mocking of the fan girl from Puerto Rico were on Jeremy's site that he closed after the National Enquirer busted him.

Why don't you click on the story at the sidebar, Daniel Meichtry's interview? He at least has the character to admit they were nasty to people and admitted many of the language incidents Rap and Brandon referred to.

The comments from Matt's favorite poster, "Ms. Sawyer were deleted on IMDB and TLC because they were so obscene and vulgar. You can find Matt's posts about her on his website unless they deleted Matt's old posts (I haven't been there in months).

Christine said...

Joe, this is the one about Jeremy and Zach being rude on the cruise.

Are you going to say the girl is lying? I think that's unlikely. She was right about what happened on the cruise, where they docked in Haiti, that they weren't there for long. The mother of the pretty rich girl that Jeremy was hanging around with posted here. The girl that posted the video was right with what she said. That family is rich, they are friends with the Captain of the biggest cruise ship in the world and were on their 28th cruise or something.

The girl that posted the video also said that Amy, Lisa and Gayle were really nice, but Jeremy and Zach were stuck up and insulting people (other than the pretty rich girl).

Justin said...

Matt's big trip to the ER doesn't interfere with his travel plans. Who'd have thunk it?

Anita said...

I don't think Matt can be faulted for times that Jeremy was rude to people. Parents can only do so much before the son or daughter becomes responsible for their own behavior.

There was evidence of Jeremy admitting that Matt instructed him to be kind to fans. That's all a parent can do.

We don't know if Jeremy regrets some of the things he might have done or said or whether he feels it was taken out of context. Until Jeremy wishes to set the record straight, why speculate?

Matt and the phone call to his fan is a double edge sword. When he ignored his fans he was deemed to be ungrateful. A celebrity calling a fan is what makes the Roloffs appealing. They connect with their fans because they are real people. Matt probably doesn't know the details of every comment his fans made. He probably interpreted that lady's comments about wanting Matt to dump Amy and hook up with her as a joke and nothing more.

Eric S said...

The Roloffs are a bunch of phonies. End of story.

Get a clue people. Is it that hard to figure out why Matt doesn't want anyone (other family members or friends) saying a word about the Roloffs except for himself? They have a lot to hide because they are not nice people.

Rap541 said...

Anita, to sum up:

If Jeremy is a rude little pig, Matt is STILL an awesome parent.

If Jeremy never says a word of apology, everyone has to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's sorry. Jeremy is not required to actually *do anything* that might be construed as an apology or feeling bad in order to be held up as an extraordinary Christian With A Great Loving Heart.

Although Matt is often praised as being intelligent and savvy, he can't possibly be expected to know anything about his own website. Therefore, the many many posts this fan made about Amy that are often incredibly uncomplimentary, and the whole pro-racist speech stanch this fan takes - well, poor Matt can't be expected to know this. Despite how he not only has his staff scouring the internet for what he terms "negative nellies" (and please don't accuse me of lying, he's admitted this), but he also has time for Facebook and per the fan, seemed to have a pretty good idea who she was on his board, Matt isn't responsible to know this.

*You're also ignoring the extensive history Matt has with his boardies - this fan was not picked out at random by Matt. Likewise Matt picked his moderators over there, not at random, but because *he liked how they insulted posters who criticized the Roloffs*. The boardies are very very proud of how Matt likes them because they kick "hater ass". But I guess when Matt was asking how the ass kicking was going, he wasn't responsible for that too, since when it badly reflects on Matt, Matt has no idea what happens on his own board... although he sure knows exactly whats happening over here. maybe if he spent more time minding his board, he might not have so many people relating bad experiences with his hand chosen buddies.

Diane said...

Matt is part of the Intel plant??

That's the word from the White House, which just announced the Feb. 18 trip to Hillsboro, Ore., as part of the president's push for technology. He will appear with Intel CEO Paul Otellini.

Obama will tour one of the world's largest and most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facilities, and learn more about Intel's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education programs -- part of Intel's efforts to prepare the next generation to compete for high-tech jobs.

In his State of the Union address last month, Obama repeatedly spoke of "winning the future" by preparing children to be competitive in the global economy. His plan calls for key investments in education to grow the economy and create more jobs.

Greg said...

Diane, knowing how Matt is so vague, he's probably talking about this land amusement park idea. If Obama is coming to Hillsboro to spread the message of creating jobs, Matt could be lumping this proposed land deal into it.

Rap541 said...

Or... He's just twisting words?

He's NOT visiting me or the farm. I'm just a tiny tiny part of a really, really large deal going down in Hillsboro

The big deal is that Obama is visiting the Intel plant in Hillsboro, and its a relatively small community so they're probably all excited. Matt's wording suggests its about *his* "big deal" but if you read carefully, he's joking in the first line, clearly says it has nothing to do with him in the second, but then goes back to his amusement park issues at the end, which will lead those not reading closely to think that yes, President Obama's visit has something to do with his plans.

Anne said...

Rap, Matt has helped stabilized Intel's water supply. It sounds like it has something to do with helping Intel and sounds like big money headed the Roloffs way.

Brandon said...

Man, some of Matt's fan facebook comments are downright embarrassing.

Rob - "I just hope he listens to you, gives you credit for your ideas, and doesn't step on "The Little Man" being, anyone of us. Obama and their adminastration tends to do that and only after they think they're "saving the world" with their ideas, do they go, " Hey, maybe he/she was on to something after all"... In other words, be very leary, guard your secrets, and get your recognition because Matt, you're a genius and this may be your time to shine, don't let Obama steal your spotlight !!"

Um, ok.

Monkeymania said...

Downright embarrassing comments about the Roloff's. Nothing you know anything about Brandon. lol lol

Rap541 said...

Anne - I ask this nicely - what are the details of Matt stabilizing Intel's water supply?

Matt's a high school graduate who has designed software and sold software. What was his involvement with stabilizing Intel's water supply? I saw his comment on his facebook as well... but without any back up detail, its fairly meaningless.

Let me give you an example. I helped liberate Kuwait in 1991. Does that mean I drove a tank? Drove a supply truck? Took out a Scud missile? Handed out aspirin? Rescued wounded soldiers? Did paperwork?

See how without any back up detail, you don't really have any idea what I mean?

With Matt - considering he's not an engineer, this: "Last time I built a mountain it was to help Intel as well. We stabilized their water supply" - could mean anything from Matt led the project to Matt was slightly involved in a minor way.

Gia L said...

Rap you are the one twisting words. Matt's wording doesn't 'suggest' that it is *his* deal. He clearly said he was involved in "a" monster deal. You are the one 'suggesting' and like always making assumptions and conjectures and calling them facts. You are sure no Bob Woodward, actually your more a Dale M Courtney. Now let us recap Matt's very clear message: He is a small part of a huge deal that has gotten the attention of President Obama.

Sylvia said...

What does the level of Matt's education have to do with his involvement in an Intel project? You don't have to have a college degree to be a part of a solution for Intel.

Carol said...

I don't care if Matt is building a rocket ship. He still doesn't have an ounce of moral fiber.

Al said...

Mike Detjen used to work at Intel. Mike took an early retirement to help Matt.

Deanna R said...

Right on Sylvia, I have a cousin who has a 4 year college degree and she has been working for years in a credit card call center (good money she says)and then I have three friends that only have high school educations one is a CEO of a multi-million dollar restaurant company and the other is the Creative Director of a very successful marketing firm and the last one is the owner and CEO of a huge packaging and fulfillment center. I think I would rather have the drive and creative mind of my friends.

BeckyM said...

Yeah Obama better watch out! Matt may steal his thunder! Yeah, whatever....

Have you ever seen a rubber band that has lost all it's elasticity? That is the strength of Matt's moral fiber.

Brandon said...

Well said, BeckyM.

Peter said...

If things are as awesome between Matt and Amy as Matt likes to say, it makes the point what a totally awful show LPBW was and the Roloffs are a bunch of immoral swindlers.

On the show it's all "We lost friendship", "I don't know if I see us together in 20 years", Amy cries on camera, says the marriage is rocky.

Jeremy supposedly breaks a foot, nothing about that. The whole time the Roloffs are begging people to watch the show so they can see their lives because what they see is real and raw.

No morals, totally dishonest people.

Jan said...

So it is the amusement park deal afterall? Amy said Matt was busy on the big land deal near the farm.

Rap541 said...

I wouldn't say immoral swindlers.

At the same time, I am always amused by how the Roloffs are held up for doing a reality show while other families are vilified for whoring their families out.

Eldon said...

For the record. I admire them.

Carol said...

There is nothing about the Roloffs to admire for me.

People that lie, deceive and manipulate (and sue) to be "successful" to make money have no admirable qualities as far as I'm concerned.

The values Amy talks about are wonderful, but the Roloffs don't actually live them or practice them.

Eldon said...

Carol. I actually see them in our community. What you read in the national inquire and on the Internet is not always a truth foundation to build on

Carol said...

Eldon, what you read about the Roloffs from Matt Roloff PR team on Facebook or from their producer friends on the show is not always a fooundation of truth.

What was in the Enquirer was true. There is no doubt about it. Spirits has had a lot about it. People saw what Jeremy and his friends were saying. They posted it on Roloff and TLC boards but they were deleted because it was bad PR. Then the National Enquirer got wind of it and carred it.

It was true. Even Matt's vague statement about it admits it was true as does Jeremy's friends Daniel's interview with Spirits. That's another reason why there's noting to admire about the Roloffs. People do make mistakes and do stupid things. Own up to them, apologize and rectify it and don't do it again. Roloffs don't do that.

The Roloffs lie and ignore and manipulate and attempt to flex their power because all that matters to the Roloffs is the money making factor, not moral character,

That's just one example of the many things I don't respect about the Roloffs.

Christy said...

Eldon, you see them in the community? Socializing with the rich and powerful. Maybe you're a CEO or the owner of some company or an investor or a rich cruise girl. Because thats what the circle the Roloffs like to float with.

They only use charity when they have a chance to promote themselves and get good publicity.

The cruise "for Haiti" is the Roloffs in a nutshell. They get a free luxury cruise, Jeremy and Zach act like stuck up snobs, hanging around round rich pretty girls. They dock in Haiti for a few hours, they do a photo session and then jump back on their luxury cruise. But they tell everyone that the 7 day luxury cruise was a "trip for Haiti".

Greg said...

Shameless promotion with the Greek Deli friend. Want to bet Roloffs eat free? Then Matt and Pondo insult Roloff customers that are concerned about prices.

Vicky said...

That's the two cat abusers in the first picture of the road isn't it? I wonder if they're throwing the cat from it :/

I am so over them. Nothing ruins a person quicker for me then finding out they think it's fun to torment animals.

David said...

Right Matt. Everyone wants to know how you get your shirts pressed. That is is the pressing issue.

Hello Elephant in the room, I didn't see you standing there.

Hmm...I wonder why Matt wants a blog.

Ashley said...

Yeah, what's this about Matt blogging? Isn't that what his facebook is?

Brandon said...

Ashley, Matt hates Spiritswander so much because he doesn't control it. Matt wants a blog that he controls.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me a lot like Matt's ill fated message board. Staff running something with promised contributions from the Roloffs...all Matt Roloff manipulation. Nothing will be said by anyone unless Matt approved it.

Justin said...

Reading between the lines, Matt's big dirt project and big contribution to Intel is being paid to be a dumping ground for construction dirt and waste materials?

Mmmm, I won't get too close to my jars of Roloff dirt!

That's what " even Zach and Amy" were cheering him on about? Go Dad! Lets be the dumping ground!

Rap541 said...

Reading between the lines, Matt's big dirt project and big contribution to Intel is being paid to be a dumping ground for construction dirt and waste materials?

That was honestly about what I expected. So Matt isn't working for Intel, and he's not involved in any engineering project with Intel, and he's not building something for Intel. He's accepting construction fill and dirt and waste onto a parcel of land that is near the farm. I mean, that's nice, but I am beginning to suspect that "Matt stabilized Intel's water supply" means "Matt was paid by Intel to accept waste dirt"... which makes the first statement a really gross exaggeration.

Christine said...

It seems like Matt has been trying to make Jeremy sound busy.

Because he doesn't want people to think that he's lazy, with no job, going to school 4 days a week max and throwing cats the rest of his time with Mueller.

Jan said...

I don't understand? All that land and all they are doing is taking dirt and spreading it around?

Is that what they did? They bought a piece of land so they can have Intel move all the dirt from their construction site to this land? If it's profitable for Matt to get paid by Intel, why didn't Intel buy it themselves?

I'm just asking, I don't know how these things work. Thanks.

Rap541 said...

Jan, Matt can (and no doubt will) correct me if I am wrong but basically when a building is built, there is a lot of dirt displaced leveling the land and digging out for the building's footings. The dirt has to be put somewhere so Intel no doubt contracted Matt to accept the dirt on his land as "fill". Matt is saying that the property is "swampy" and that he intends to use the construction fill as farmland eventually. Its profitable in the sense that Intel is going to pay Matt well to use his land as a construction dump. Intel probably isn't interested in maintaining their own dumpsite so it's cheaper to contract a landowner. Whether the filled land will ever be acceptable as farm land is probably the long term question.... I personally wouldn't want to live near it but thats just me.

David said...

Looky there. Matt talking about his heart problems. His timing is impeccable, huh?

Any bets on the other issues he will pull out of his hat to distract people from the fact that his Golden Boy and Mueller like to throw the cat?

Laura S said...

All this stress is not good for Matt, a person with heart problems. I put some blame on Jeremy and Mueller. They are of an age when they should be help making Matt's life easier, not contributing to adding stress to his life by forcing him to deal with stupid things like this.

We love you Matt. Take care of yourself.

Madeline said...

Just imagine the stress that poor Mo deals with.

I'm concerned about Mo too. I don't believe anybody there cares about Mo. I hope Molly does, but I don't think she would stand hard against the whole family. She might think it's all funny. I hope not, but if Jeremy is so different than how they made him out to be in public, the same could be true of Molly.

Pamela said...

The most blatant example of internet cyber bullying of a celebrity is TMZ and Justin Bieber. Shameful. They were cruelly making fun of a 15 year old boy for nothing more than his appearance, writing that he looks like a transexual. Why wasn't Matt speaking out against that? Instead he saves the bullying talk for people that criticize his son for using slurs and for being cruel to animals.

Christine said...

Matt's going to live. That's surprising :/

Rap, I'm curious, what do you think Matt is doing with a blog? What's your take?

Spirits, do you you know anything about Matt's blog? Why?

Dana said...

Spirits, are you worried that you have competition in the Roloff blogging world with the blog Matt has been talking about?

I'm praying for Matt's health. He doesn't sound concerned, however it concerns me that they called him back at night.

BeckyM said...

@ Brandon
Agree completely.

Rap541 said...

Christine - I'm sure it will be hilarious. :)

The extended posting rules pretty much guarantee that the only acceptable responses are "I love you Matt!!!"

Sylvia said...

Dana--Are you going to hang out at roloffworld now?

Greg said...

Good ol' Pondo that trashes Matt's customers that are concerned about additional costs and cash grabs. Those regular folk who aren't owners and are just regular people.

Brandon said...

LOL. Yeah, I'm sure the kids are chomping at the bit to have Matt's staff share all their big news.

Like the kids are incapable of sharing their stuff themselves or would even want to.

I don't get that "blog"? It's Matt's staff. Isn't that what is for?

Ashley said...

That answers the question about that blog. It's a PR blog run by Matt's staff.

In an old Facebook post he said Dallah helps run his facebook page. Now she has PR blog for Matt.

Mo said...

Pray for Mo.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, yeah, I bet Jeremy the little boy wants Daddy Matt's big girl friend to recount his recent Adventures With Kitty since he's a such a big boy now. I mean, he learned how to throw his kitty cat to the ceiling! He's such a great big boy, I wonder if Dallah is the one who gives him wakies for big boy college now that Mom works.

Does Dallah change his dipy too? Or does Widdle Jerry Berry Roloff do it on the potty now that he's *almost* twenty one?

He's such a great big man boy! Why doesn't Daddy Matt talk about Jer's kittycat accomplishments? :)

Or is Jerry Berry too shy? I mean he's still such a widdle baby boy baby... Poor widdle Jer...

Expressed said...

Jer is looking mighty fit :) Is his neck getting thicker? Either that or he just has good posture :)

Sam's youngest son has cool hair.

I know somebody else asked this too, but I still don't understand why Intel didn't buy a bunch of land themselves to use as a dumping ground? Matt and a partner bought a piece of land. Then Intel pays them to dump all this dirt from the site they're building their new facility. I don't understand why Intel wouldn't buy land themselves to use as a dumping ground and cut out the middle man?

David said...

Another Jacob themed video...Hmm.

I have two ideas on that.

One - Jacob is the only kid that can't hop in the car and escape.

Two - Matt thinks selling Jacob is the way to renew interest in the Roloffs. Jeremy is getting too old and would get paid himself. Perhaps Matt thinks promoting Jacob is the way to attract the attention of the network.

Christine said...

I like Matt's sister Ruth. I don't know why because I haven't heard her speak a lot, but there's just something I like about her. I get a good feeling from her.

What was the thing Jacob was acting out when Matt was going around the room? They said "fat", but then when Matt came back to Jacob, I think it was "Hailing a taxi". Was the first one "fat" and the next thing was "Hailing a taxi"?

Angela said...

I like Matt's little home movies.

Ashley said...

This is off topic, but isn't Jeremy's ex girlfriend Kirsten living in Hawaii right now? I think she is. Did she evacuate?

David said...

A documentary about the dirt project? It's not that exciting.

The Roloffs would want to do a documentary about ordering a pizza if it meant they would get attention and get paid for it.

Brandon said...

Matt's blog is SO narcissistic since his staff is behind it.

Shall we erect the shrine to Matt as the World's Greatest Human because that's what his assistant friend implies :)

Rap541 said...

Brandon - its hilarious isn't it? :)

Judy B said...

Brandon, Rap...are you saying a person that knows the Roloffs can't express their opinions about what is going on?

Rap541 said...

Judy B - I really would like you to point out where either of us said "a person that knows the Roloffs can't express their opinions about what is going on".

You've made the accusation, and that is not an opinion. Prove it or apologize.

Or sit silent as you usually do when you're called out.

Btw Judy B - you still have no comment on how you are allowed by God, apparently, to publically judge Jake Roloff, but are quick to insist that no one should judge Jeremy Roloff when he's caught out taking pictures of his buddy throwing the family cat.

Why aren't you explaining yourself?

Perhaps because your position is indefensible as it amounts to "I like Jeremy so SHUT UP HATERS and I don't like Jake so I get to call him the family shame.

How come the rest of us aren't allowed these rules? :)

PS - weren't you done responding to me? :D

Judy B said...

Thanks for reminding me that you can't be reasoned with, Rap...

Ok, let me start again,
BRANDON, I don't see why you are calling Matt a narcissist? It's not his fault that someone that actually knows him has a positive opinion of him.

Brandon said...

Judy B, come on. Read Spirits' article about it. It is not a random person. It's not an objective person.

It's Dallah, the ADMIN for Matt's Facebook page and who knows what else she does for Matt.

You can't really be that dense. The whole objective of her blog is to sell Matt as a God among men.

She wouldn't be allowed to say anything about the Roloffs if Matt wasn't approving it. What does Matt approve? Downright embarrassing praise that makes Matt sound like a legend.

That's the narcissist part of it.

Rap541 said...

Yup - I knew Judy B was a hypocrit :)

Its ok to HATE Jake Roloff, but bless us no, Jeremy musn't hear any criticism as judging is something only God may do :)

And look - when Judy B gets called on twisting words and lying, suddenly she remembers how "unreasonable" everyone else is - guess its ok for Judy to lie about and judge what Brandon and I said, but bless us, when Judy B gets called on it, we all better hush hush and let her spew her lies.

I mean, how dare I defend myself? Judy B said I was not allowing anyone to express a positive opinion and since she's Christian, I better shut up and take it because its *unreasonable* and *irrational* to prove Judy wrong :)

Brandon - how do you feel about Judy B publically stating that you're not allowing people who know the Roloffs to express themselves?

After all, it sure does seem like Dallah IS expressing herself, despite Brandon, per Judy B, *not allowing it*. :)

And we're all still waiting on why Judy B thinks public judgement is wrong when it's precious Jer-Bear, and perfectly acceptable when it's Jake.

We all know Judy can't defend it... thats why she refuses to :) But bless her public hate, right Roloff Christians?

Maria said...

I don't believe Matt about a documentary about dirt. They are dumping dirt on Matt's land. It's not innovative. It's not exciting.

Rap541 said...

Personally, Maria, I agree.

Matt's project, however interesting he may find it, isn't innovative or exciting or new or special.

With that said, I do think TLC isn't adverse to having a Roloff special. The show has been off the air for months... I wouldn't be surprised if there was talk of filming something this summer with a fall release.

But I would be surprised if anyone other than TLC was approaching Matt, and I don't see TLC focusing an hour on Matt yelling at people in a mudhole.

Dana said...

It's great to see Matt and Jeremy working together. When Matt needs help, who is there and able to do the work? Jeremy.

Where are all the people that call Jeremy lazy? It sounds like he is working his butt off on this dirt project, along with Matt.

Maria said...

Yeah Rap. I'm not even bashing Matt. I don't care who's dirt it is, it is dirt on a construction site being dumped. It's not my idea of entertainment, lol.

If it was, I would drive 5 minutes from my house and watch them dump dirt by all those places down by the harbor in my area. lol.

Expressed said...

I have to agree, Maria. I don't think even Jeremy can make this project watchable :) Maybe as it gets warmer, Jeremy will lose a couple of layers of clothing and then I might be back on board :)

Rap541 said...

Dana, no one is impressed that the big boy (not a man, not ever a man) is playing with daddy and only has a job that daddy gives him. Working for Daddy Matt is working for the one employer who can't fire him and can't set any expectations. Jeremy is almost 21 and has never gotten a job that didn't involve Daddy being his boss.

Rap541 said...

Maria - I'm probably percieved as bashing Matt because Matt says this is a "Monster" project so we're all supposed to coo and applaud but I mean really, he's creating a landfill.

Good for him, I am sure it's lucrative....But this isn't exactly the first time anyone has ever dumped construction fill.

Even on "Dirty Jobs", they don't spend a lot of time on this kind of thing.

Dana said...

There you go again. Do you not watch any of Matt's videos?

Construction work is "playing" Do you go down to construction sites and harass the workers by saying they are "playing". It is hard work.

Weren't you the one defending Zach for his job of coaching little kid's soccer? That is "real" work, but Jeremy busting his butt in bad weather doing heavy work is "playing"?

Who cares that it's Matt's project? The point is Jeremy is working hard. He is indeed working.

Rap541 said...

Dana, yes. I do watch Matt's videos. Most of them don't depict Jeremy at all. The rare ones that do typically show Jeremy for seconds.

Jeremy works for Daddy Matt, so Jeremy can do whatever the hell he wants - including staying up all night with buddy Mueller. Its not as though his daddy is going to fire him or reprimand him or make him do anything he doesn't percieve as fun. We know that from watching Matt and Amy with ALL of their kids.

Zach in contrast, works for someone outside the family and therefore has to display a work ethic to keep his job. Jeremy can skip to party or camp, or have a lengthy nature walk with God and Mueller, and Matt isn't going to fire him. If Zach attempted that, there's no parent at the soccer gym to keep him employed.

See the difference? There's a very big reason Jeremy "works for Matt" - because he's the boss's son and gets all easy fun jobs and doesn't really have to do very much and can set his own schedule since if Matt fusses, Amy will ride Matt's ass until Jeremy gets his playtime.

I think Jeremy would be appalled at how hard he had to work if he was on a real construction crew. He'll never know, of course. Working for daddy is so much *easier* than being a man.

Justin said...

'k, I know it's Matt's bragging about his kids, but with the possible exception of Molly who is doing something good, what makes the kids incredible? Jeremy visiting a school with Mom and 21 year old Zach taking Jacob to a sporting event. That's incredible?

Lintons Lint said...

Justin, he's impressed with his kids cat tossing abilities perhaps? ;)

His kids can throw cats better than your kids!!!

David said...

Matt is so transparent. Why doesn't he just say he is going to do his "misperception" tirade? That's what the last Facebook post was setting up.

Peter L said...

Matt is a dare devil in giving interviews ;) He is willing to be interviewed by his staff and his wife. Live on the wild side Matt!

Vic Rattlehead said...

So Matt thinks that people will care about a "documentary" about dirt (ie: construction waste).

If I want to see dirt and construction debris being dumped on an empty lot all I have to do is walk out of my house and go to the end of the block at any time during the summer and I can see the city dumping all of it's dirt and construction waste on an empty lot.

David said...

I'm cynical that Matt has so many fans randomly snapping pictures of him walking through the airport.

Considering Matt had his staff blog about Matt chatting with an adoring fan on his way to the hospital, I suspect this is an image Matt that Matt wants to perpetuate.

David said...

Yeah right, Matt. If TLC was asking, the Roloffs would be snapping it up in heartbeat.

Matt's constant Facebook, videos and blogs and Amy's coffee chat blatantly gives away the fact that they would like nothing better than to be on TLC again.

I don't exclude the possibility that TLC will want to do an "update" one episode special, but in my opinion as usual this is Matt making it look like it is something it's not.

Brandon said...

Matt is such a slimeball ain't he?

I would say Amy basically outs Matt as being a liar when someone told Amy they were glad to hear from Matt that the show might come back.

Fan "Amy I'm hearing from Matt maybe.....just maybe LPBW might come back on TV. Just to think that you are even talking about it.....Gosh Amy It sure would be so wonderful to see you and the family back on TV. I've got my fingers crossed. Love you guys!!!"

Amy says "that's Matt :)"

Hmm what does "that's Matt" with a smiley face mean? That Matt is a big hearted Christian liar that loves disrespecting his own fans by misleading them. What a man!

Rap541 said...

Personally, while I am certain TLC will do at least one special for the Roloffs (it seems like a fairly standard procedure at least with the Gosselin Horrors) I don't believe TLC is begging Matt and Amy to reconsider doing LPBW.

A) I don't believe Matt and Amy chose to end the show.

B) If LPBW geniunely wanted more episodes... all they have to do is enforce the contract *they currently have* with Matt and Amy. EVeryone remembers that contract right? The one with 80 episodes and two years that TLC graciously "allowed" the Roloffs to finish up with just twenty episodes? Look at what happened to Jon Gosselin and really ask yourself if Matt and Amy are under contract and TLC *wants* the show - who is going to win this? Lets not pretend that TLC is some form of saintly Santa Claus - The Roloffs have an enforceable contract. If TLC wants more LPBW,the Roloffs have already agreed to give it to them.

What Matt is likely doing is yes, attention seeking and attempting to show TLC that the fanbase is still strong. Which I can't really fault him for, he obviously wants the show back.

I just think this "well, we're *thinking about it* and *tlc wants it* is going to bite him on the butt so to speak, because of what I just outlined. Until that contract runs out, TLC can pop in to the Roloff Farm and say "we have a contract and we're enforcing it" so all this talk from Matt is just that, talk.

Which, to Brandon's point, amy probably knows.

LOVE LPBW said...

Hi everyone, I was actually in Atlanta last week sitting in the Grand Hyatt when my husband and I saw Matt Roloff in the Lobby. We shook his hand and told him we missed his show. He introduced us to the woman he was sitting with as being the President of TLC and said something like "well this is the President of TLC and she wants it back too". She just smiled and shook her head. I kick myself for not asking for a photo.

Anonymous said...

Actually Brandon I take that to mean 'Leave it to Matt to announce it before the deal is in concrete'. BTW, you're very negative in all your posts.

Christine said...

Well said Rap.

Greg said...

Yeah right LOVE LPBW.
Do you have swamp land in Florida for sale too?

Anonymous said...

Eileen O'Neill used to head up TLC but now she is the Group President of Discovery Communications and TLC is being run by Edward Sabin for the interim until she appoints a permanent replacement.

Justin said...

@Rap - Agreed

"What Matt is likely doing is yes, attention seeking and attempting to show TLC that the fanbase is still strong. Which I can't really fault him for, he obviously wants the show back"

Dana said...

Great question, Matt :)

Waiting for Ra..and 3, 2, 1...

Linton said...

I like Mark's answer...

"Or, feature themselves and their family in a freak TV show to make money and have 15 minutes of fame."

Nadia said...

I wouldn't watch the Roloffs if the show did come back. After reading a site like this one, I'm done with the way the Roloffs act. Like the video and story from the cruise

Jeremy and Zach having all friends that are rich. They are rude snobs to the people that support the show. They they're better?

I'm tired of Amy bragging about her Mercedes and her first class airplane princess treatment.

I didn't like when Matt said that he teaches the kids not to make eye contact because that's a good way to avoid fans. That's a great way to raise unappreciative spoiled rude little brats.

I can't stand rich celebrities like the Roloffs. I bet most people that watched the show were like me. Hard working people trying to get by with good old fashioned hard work. The Roloffs use that, think they're better but in their real lives they're all about having rich and spoiled friends. People like that forget what put them there in the first place.

Greg said...

My guess is that Matt thinks if you believe Jeremy, Zach and Mueller were nervous when the police showed up on their camp site because they weren't just eating smores and drinking hot chocolate that you're a fool.

I know the real fools...anyone that believes the public words out of the Roloffs mouths.

Rap541 said...

Dana - what? You think Matt is refering to things being said here? Why? Why do you think that?

And if say, Matt genuinely isn't under contract with TLC and TLC couldn't enforce that contract if they wished... why is Matt being so coy?

I mean - this isn't some personal issue about the *family*. If Matt is telling the truth, that TLC is begging him and Amy to come back and the only deciding factor is whether Matt and Amy want to - that the contract they are currently under for the next two years that still technically has 60 episodes to go - why be so coy?

If I am wrong - it sure seems simple for Matt to proudly stand up and say so and detail exactly how TLC can't make him do the show unless he gives the ok. Instead, he seems to be playing some sort of passive aggressive game.

If he's refering to spirit's site at all... its hard to tell whether Matt's making an accusation or a playful question since he's not willing to say what he means.

One would think that if I was utterly wrong, Matt would rather enjoy stating how wrong the negative nellies are and how TLC doesn't have an enforcable contract with him to make 60 more episodes of LPBW if *they* choose. They do have an enforceable contract with him to keep him from doing anything they *don't* approve....

ie if the Roloffs geniunely signed a contract and then put their feet down with "No, you can't make us be entertaining" - while TLC would be within their rights to force the issue, there were also the waning ratings and higher costs and bad press to think about, so I can understand the fiction presented. But after watching TLC put the screws to Jon Gosselin... until that contract the Roloffs signed is done, if the Roloffs refuse to do LPBW, even a special, TLC can and will refuse to allow Matt and Amy and the twins to do ANYTHING ELSE media related. Matt's even confirmed that eclusivity,

I just don't understand, if Matt is the decision maker here, why be so coy? TLC is begging him, right? And TLC has a contract with him so...

Peter Van said...

I guess it's Greg's turn to be the fool today.

Nica said...

I never take anything Matt says at face value.

Renee said...

Even if the show came back it wouldn't make the Roloffs better people. That's the biggest thing I see with them. The TV experience made them worse people. Look at how nasty the kids are with the way insult people.

Sarah said...

I think Matt and Amy should more concerned with raising their kids. I'm not impressed. Those aren't nice kids or young adults now.

Timothy said...

Gee, I wouldn't want to meet the friend's kids if they made Matt think his kids are amazing...

Michelle T said...

Matt doesn't realize that is the problem. He and Amy think their kids are little darling angels and they aren't (with the exception of Molly who does seem like a good person).

Refer to all the real stuff about Jeremy and Zach that doesn't come from Matt or the tv image.

They do not have respect for other people...or animals!

David said...

It's not unusual for a parent to think their kids are wonderful, but I think it's been well established that Matt's kids are not amazing or extraordinary as Matt likes to say.

Christine said...

Matt, come back to the real world. Jeremy is the biggest hypocrite phony example of a lazy 21 year old that I've seen.

Jeremy treats people like crap unless they benefit him. But since Matt had a part in raising him, Matt doesn't realize it or care.

Zach unfortunately appears to have grown closer to the Jeremy and Mueller mold.

Lorena said...

I like Matt, but respectively disagree. He is right about Molly, but the rest, I should not comment.

I have been very disappointed to learn all the things about Jeremy that I've learned here. I am hard pressed to call him a good person or even a nice person, let alone amazing.

Austin said...

What? Matt is proud of raising a bigoted, hypocritical lying stuck up spoiled snob? I'm not surprised.

Grace said...

I don't agree with Matt.

Molly is a good kid.

I liked some things about Zach, but I think he has been too coddled by Matt and Amy. He should have broke free, but he's become too comfortable being apart of Jeremy and Mueller's stupidity.

I don't want to be too hard on Jacob, but even Matt and Amy make him sound troubled and miserable.

Jeremy? Do I even need to say? What a mess of a person. He has no moral character or integrity in my opinion. He is an example to everyone of how Christians should not behave.

Justin said...

Matt, if they're so amazing, maybe you should buy them all new cars? That is sure to help them become decent people.

Diane said...

Matt is in denial. The kids are spoiled and selfish. They don't have respect for others. I think Matt and Amy have taught them to lie and trick people. That's not my definition of amazing kids.

At least Molly shows signs of promise. The "boys"? Don't even get me started.

Anne said...

Nothing wrong with what Matt said.

DJ said...

Matt is out of touch. Has Matt convinced himself that his kids are actually the way he tries to portray them as and not what is really true? Spoiled rich kids with no empathy towards others and turn their noses up at people they think they're better than.

I think Mplly is the exception

RadioTV said...

The way some people suck up to celebrities is pathetic.

I can't believe there are any idiots that think they know what Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob are like as people in real life by the way television networks that had the parents as producers portrayed them or from what their father says about him on his celebrity fan site.

I learned this in grade 10 english class about doing a character study. That was not the criteria.

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