Thursday, January 6, 2011

Matt Roloff Interview; Jacob Had A Confrontation With A Fan

According to Matt, some time ago, during filming at an amusement park, Jacob had an encounter with over-zealous fans that left him jaded and scared.

Matt Roloff was a guest on a local morning show in Portland -- KATU. Matt and Amy have been guests on this show many times.

The biggest or most interesting news that Matt hasn't talked about before came when the host asked Matt if there was a strain on the kids from being on television. Matt said they don't regret the experience, but there were definitely strenuous times.

"For example, Jacob the youngest, he was 6 or 7 when we started filming. He had an experience with an over-zealous fan when we were at an amusement park filming an episode -- it got kind of physical and ugly with him and these older people and it jaded him about people and he became scared. So all in all, you have these great experiences, then you have this one experience with a child. I'm sure Jacob kind of grew up knowing that mom and dad were always distracted with the producers doing the show, but all in all, I think the kids loved the experience and wouldn't trade it for anything."

Matt also explains that people ask him if the content on the show was editing or not -- Matt says there was definitely a lot of editing but it wasn't black and white. Some episodes are highly edited or stacked together while other episodes just let the camera roll and reality is such that they hardly did any editing.

Matt said a lot of his arguing with Amy was about the production process.

They posted this video link on the Roloff Farms Facebook page. Amy commented on it that she learned some things from Matt's interview too.

Here is the full interview with Matt on KATU.


David said...

A couple of things.

1. This is Matt. You're a fool if you believe Matt's account of anything as being the one hundred percent accurate truth. Is it a total exaggeration? Partial truth? There are two sides to every story. What do the alleged "over zealous" fans say?

I have a hard time believing it's as dramatic as Matt makes it sound. Fans attack a child tv star and there is no arrest or news of it?

My complete guess? A fan probably wanted a picture or an autograph and Jacob pushed or hit them. If it was a fan making physical contact with Jacob, a child, we all know the Roloffs are all about lawsuits and suing anyone that looks at them wrong if they think they can make a dollar. Matt is saying it was physical, my guess Jacob is the one that initiated physical contact.

2. Sounds like Matt can't keep his stories straight. "So all in all, you have these great experiences, then you have this one experience with a child."

One bad experience? What happened to what they included in the lawsuit? That Molly has been threatened with harm?

Expressed said...

I wonder if this happened at the fair in San Diego. I remember they filmed there but they never aired anything about it on the show.

Susan Coles said...

If what Matt says is true, Matt and Amy are worse parents than I previously thought.

They have a little boy that is jaded and SCARED, but they kept doing the show because they want material goods and money.

This is exactly why parents that force their kids to be in the public eye are looked down upon.

Like David said, if there lawsuit is to be believed, in addition to Jacob being scared, Molly was being threatened? That's no problem for Matt and Amy, who cares, keep going because there is money to be made. Awful.

Judy B said...

I do feel bad for them if fans acted inappropriately, but I can't stop myself from thinking that this is Jacob, a very rude and moody kid with a bad attitude and disrespectful to all.

I actually agree with David's guess about what probably happened.

That might explain why they kept Jacob caged off from the public at pumpkin season for two years! Ok, not caged off, but at a large distance, the castle where fans could only wave.

Anne said...

Poor Jake. It's too bad that there are people that ruin a good thing. The Roloffs were right to not let bad experiences like that slow them down.

I partially agree with Judy. I think Jake uses things like this as an excuse. He doesn't work during pumpkin season, an easy way out is to say he's scared of crazy fans.

Jason said...

Amy is saying that she learned something new probably because Matt is lying.

tay said...

always trouble with that kid jacob. you never hear anythign troubles like that with jeremy. maybe because jeremy knows how to treat people and jacob is rude.

Vic Rattlehead said...

This is exactly why children shouldn't be involved in "reality TV" shows.

I always thought that Matt and Amy were lousy parents (the twins prove that) but this just lowers my opinion of them even further, they knew that Jake was uncomfortable with the cameras and the "fans" yet they still forced him to do the show (he's a minor after all)because they wanted easy money.

They don't even realize the kind of damage they have probably done to Jake's emotional development by involving him in the charade this show was yet the wounder why he acts out and has a temper, I can't say that I blame him for feeling like the world was closing in around him because he had little to no real privacy and was expected to pretend to be something he wasn't for the cameras because mom and dad were too lazy to go and get real jobs now he's going to have serious trust and emotional issues for the rest of his life unless they get him the help he needs (which they won't).

Matt & Amy should be very proud after all they have raised two total failures (the twins) and their one remaining son is now damaged goods emotionally, they should be ashamed of themselves.

CindyM said...

I agree with Vic mostly.

I would read people criticize Matt and Amy when the show was on for forcing their kids to be on tv. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. If the kids enjoyed it and didn't have a hard time handling it, then that's their decision.

But this doesn't do Matt and Amy any favors. Jacob was scared and it has made him jaded (bad attitude). Matt also is admitting that Jacob knew that Matt and Amy weren't full time parents because of the show.

Is money really worth all that?

Timothy said...

Hey Matt, what happened to showing the "Good, bad and the ugly". Jacob has an altercation with people while filming and not a word about it?

I'm thinking the same way David and Judy are about what happened. If Jacob was a victim, I think we would have heard something about this before. Would the rest of the family, the producer and the gang of camera crew stand around while some fan assaulted Jacob? More likely Jacob did something in appropriate and was at fault.

Brandon said...

David's post was excellent. Well said. Matt loves being able to explain about something when nobody else has a voice to say "it didn't happen that way".

Craw said...

Everything needs to be drama with Jacob. Whatever happened, I'll bet that it would have been nothing if it was Jeremy.

Matt used to talk about how Zach didn't want to do the show.

Zach complained, Molly was in the group that didn't like the show when it started and Jacob hates people. Thank God for Jeremy.

Chris L said...

Notice how the Roloffs are never at fault for any thing that happens.

JimW said...

David, unfortunately I'm going to agree with you about the lawsuit. I'm pro Roloff but hate that they are the sue first, ask questions later type. It's ruining the country. Some people go around looking for lawsuits to file.

When I was growing up when kids didn't get along at school sometimes there would be a fight. They fought and that was that. Today the kid that lost his parents would sue the other kid and then sue on their on behalf for pain and suffering.

Yeah I agree that whatever happened must not have been an attack on Jacob.

Jill said...

Geez. When are the Roloffs going to look in the mirror? Who can they get along with?

They don't get along with their neighbors. They don't get along with the county. They don't get along with fans. They don't like blogs about them. Will they have start to think they might have the problem?

BeckyM said...

Vic - completely agree! The Roloffs sold their children's childhood to what the market would bear. History has not proven that this is beneficial in any shape or form to children.

SMART stars extremely limit countact of their children with the media for the very reason that Matt gave about Jacob's experience: it leaves children, who do not have the knowledge and experience to handle such encounters, bruised, battered and emotionally damaged.

This has already been documented by the experiences and outcomes of the Dionne Quints in Canada.
But of course TLC will hawk anyone odd or strange for a few bucks (go see their current lineup of shows if you don't believe me).

You are accountable Matt and Amy. And the impact is going to be far more lasting then you can even imagine. Parenting Idiots.

Dana said...

That's harsh Becky. The Roloffs have 4 kids. One is jaded.

The Roloffs were on tv for 6 years. Out of that 6 years there were a couple of incidents of fans acting badly in person to the Roloffs.

Listen to what Matt says. Overall, it they think it was a good experience. There are positive and negatives with everything in life.

Greg said...

Dana, one is jaded?? Only one?

Do you forget that Jeremy, Zach and pals insulted fans til the cows came home (or until they got caught!)?

There's even been some reports of people saying Molly and her friends do the same thing.

Jeremy and Zach are a few months away from being 21 and they don't even talk for themselves. I don't know if that's them being jaded or them being spoiled, but whatever the reason, it's not good.

Brandon said...

Becky and Greg, that's true and I understand your point, but I'm not willing to completely believe Matt's story.

I believe it about as much I believe Matt's story about motorists getting out of their vehicles at stoplights to demand Zach's autographs (c'mon, the Roloffs aren't the Beatles in the 60s) but that's what Matt said to defend off the complaints about Jeremy and Zach insulting fans. When you hear people calling the Roloff kids rude, it's because of crazy fans. No, that's not what it is. It was the Roloffs being unnecessarily rude and cruel.
This could have been the same thing. A totally reasonable fan that liked the Roloffs show and asked for a picture. Jacob probably heard Jeremy and Zach call the fans dumb idiots that take pictures of them, followed their example and mouthed off or pushed at them

I don't disagree that it's wrong for the Roloffs to make their kids public figures like that, I just don't want to vilify fans all based on a Matt Roloff story.

Rap541 said...

I do feel bad for them if fans acted inappropriately, but I can't stop myself from thinking that this is Jacob, a very rude and moody kid with a bad attitude and disrespectful to all.

Because Jake is a MAN and was a MAN when this incident occurred, right Judy B? Considering that the amusement park episodes were all when Jake was 9-11, he's totally accountable and AT FAULT (please don't deny you're putting the fault on Jake, you clearly are) when overzealous fans do overzealous things.

Having seen some overzealous fans in my time do some REALLY ugly things to get their target's attention, I find it bizarre that you're rushing to make the 9-11 year old accountable.

With that said (and it needed to be said since Judy was attacking someone who was a little boy at the time of the incident) I really do trust everyone picked up the awesome parenting?

Per Matt, who never lies or exaggerates, someone "got physical" with his young son. BeckyM said it best -

SMART stars extremely limit countact of their children with the media for the very reason that Matt gave about Jacob's experience: it leaves children, who do not have the knowledge and experience to handle such encounters, bruised, battered and emotionally damaged.

And what does matt say?

I'm sure Jacob kind of grew up knowing that mom and dad were always distracted with the producers doing the show

That's from the horse's mouth, folks. Jake grew up knowing mom and dad were always more interested in other things.

Please feel free to suggest that Matt (and not Amy) provided lots of matierial goods and giving Jake things makes up for giving Jake parenting.

Julie said...

Yes, thank God for Jeremy. If Jeremy had been in that situation instead of Jacob, the situation wouldn't have gotten physical. Instead, Jeremy (and his ever-present shadow Mueller and other friends) would have only made fun of the fan(s) and possibly told them to kill themselves. PRAISE JEREMY.

Judy B said...

Think what you want Rap, but stop putting words in my mouth. You use hyperbole words like "attack".

All any of us knows about this is what Matt said in the video. It's up to each of us to determine what might have happened. I have my opinion based on Matt's words and my opinion of Jacob and how he would react. As I said, I can't helping thinking Jacob's behavior is what made this an incident that would be referenced years later? Am I wrong? Maybe. Am I right? Maybe. It's my opinion.

Anne said...

It's one small story in six years. Some of you are making this a bigger deal than I think Matt intended.

Matt shows some perception, that he knows that Jacob might have felt he could get away with things because they were distracted with producers and people want to use that against Matt to label him a bad parent. It shows awareness on Matt's part, in my opinion.

Are parents of star kid athletes bad parents if one person acts inappropriately one time? Nobody would make that kind of bold statement.

Anita said...

What was the rest of the family and the crew doing when this thing with the fan and Jacob was happening????

Em said...

I don't know why people think Jeremy would be the expert at handling these kind of situations, regardless of what *actually* happened.

Personally, based on how aggressive Jeremy and his friends were in their insults against fans online and based on Matt saying things like Jeremy wanted to get the gun and shoot gawkers that would drive by the gate during closed season to get a glimpse of the house, I don't think Jeremy is Mr. Manners...

Rap541 said...

udy B - you're the one blaming a child. Why don't you trot on over to Matt's facebook and tell him he should be putting all the blame for this incident on Jake? I mean, you believe a child is at fault, right?

Right? When an overzealous fan approaches a child and things "get physical" - the person to blame is the child, right?

Matt and Amy? As parents are blameless! After all, the *child* was old enough to handle things and needs to be blamed and shamed by the parents fans.

Anne - considering how *awful* Jake's every action is and has been, per some(that would be Craw, Judy B, Dana, you) I really don't understand why Matt and Amy are perfect parents when you and Judy B and Craw and Dana believe they raised such a rotten kid?

Particularly when similar behavior by Jeremy is excused as "Christian" and "but he's a BOY, he didn't know it was wrong".

Anita makes a great point - where was the rest of the family when this happened? Jake was by himself in an amusement park? Great parenting!

BeckyM said...

Here's the reality - is anyone here a famous "star"? I doubt it.

Then why do REAL stars (those known for their talent) keep their children hidden away from the media hype? Because they have lived the damage that too much media attention can give, and know FIRST HAND a CHILD is not ready for it.

It's only the reality media hos's like the Gosselins, the Roloffs and Teen Moms who are SELLING OFF their childrens' childhood... Visit Paul Peterson's website and read what a child "actor" (and we know these kids were acting - told where to stand, what to say, follow a script) has to say about the damages of acting to a child's being:

Here's the reality - Matt and Amy have pathetic parentings skills which many have noted i.e. no rules, permissive parenting, kids with poor grades, kids with poor work ethics, kids who use slurs upon other minority groups, and kids who seem to be acting out (including Jeremy IMO, Molly who avoids the camera, Jacobs' smart mouth and attitude) and people here are saying that it is right? that is its healthy?

Perhaps it's harsh but I am a child advocate and what Matt, Amy and the Gosselin parents have done will result in behavior we are already seeing in child stars such as Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan etc...

Matt is just deluding himself if he thinks otherwise. Unfortunately, time will prove me right. Once Jeremy is away from the Matt umbrella of protection, his acting out will only become more obvious.

Shadow said...

I'm just thankful this family is OFF televison. It was way past time for them to go. I hope Jacob can recover from being the forgotten child during his formative years, with or without the support of his "parents" and learn that being an ordinary person is perfectly okay. I'm sure Molly is much happier now; while she certainly enjoyed the financial perks of fame, she never really enjoyed being on camera. Now she has her money and her privacy. I still hold out hope that Zach will get away from Jeremy and Matt and discover his own self-worth and purpose. I hope that Jeremy finds a passion that lasts longer than five minutes, and learns to stand on his own two feet and achieve something by himself.

As for Matt and Amy, I don't really care. They made their decisions; they can live with the results. I don't believe anything Matt says and never have, and Amy has become much more like him in the past six years. He was always a fame and attention whore, and she has fallen into his trap. Sad...

Brandon said...

" I still hold out hope that Zach will get away from Jeremy and Matt and discover his own self-worth and purpose. I hope that Jeremy finds a passion that lasts longer than five minutes, and learns to stand on his own two feet and achieve something by himself"

Shadow, I agree about Zach. He seems unwilling to make the move though.

I totally agree about Jeremy. I think it would do him a great deal of good to get away from Matt exactly for the reason you explained, to achieve something by himself.

It sounds like Matt is the one pulling the strings for Jeremy to fill out (and physically take him to Brooks) applications for photography schools, get him references and it even sounds like Matt has his hands all over Jeremy dabbling into videography, with a studio and expensive equipment.

Will something ever go off inside of Jeremy when he realizes that mooching off dad for everything and letting dad be responsible for his successes or failures, isn't a way to earn respect or to be proud of yourself (Jeremy has no problem with that!)?