Sunday, January 30, 2011

Matt Roloff Video Message

Matt made a new video update that he posted on You Tube.

Some people are saying they had a hard time hearing Matt, so our Guest Episode Reviewer -- Rap541 -- decided to get back into the swing of things for your entertainment and recap Matt's video. All opinions belong to Rap.

Written by Rap541

Matt is “changing it up” by filming in front of his office fireplace. Someone has suggested he recap his week, and as a private citizen with no desire or need for attention from the public, here Matt is. I mean, far be it for me to point out that people who genuinely want to slip back into their private lives after a lengthy tv show usually skip the demands from fans for special videos and weekly chats (that’s a shout out to Amy who is also making extra special effort to remain in the public eye).

So… Monday! Matt did paperwork with his bookkeeper and paid insurance. That sounds a lot like my Monday except I also watched House. Matt mentions his stool business and the farm and his speaking business and Amy’s speaking business. This apparently took all day.

Tuesday - Matt was downtown talking to lawyers about his adventure park he’s putting up and the big land deal it involves. And of course he’s in such demand for shows that his lawyers also needed to check out deals for that. Matt notes that he has multiple attorneys working on his deals.

By the way, maybe I am just believing crazy stories but… is an amusement park really a viable business in northern states? We had them where I grew up in the northeast but it’s a pretty seasonal business and the parks had a tendency to… change ownership/go bankrupt even in the best of times.

Wednesday - Amy left so Matt had to deal with the kids. I would be a lot more sympathetic if in theory, he wasn’t making it sound like he was playing Mr. Mom to four toddlers. Really, two of the Roloff children are grown men. If Jeremy and Zach still need Daddy to tell them to do their home work and make sure the refrigerator is full, then I really don’t care to hear how they’re mature young men making it on their own. After all, Matt needed to spend his Wednesday tending the four kids, right? Hell even Jake is getting a bit long in the tooth for this. Molly, Jake, Jeremy the College Man and Zach the College Man still need a parent to tend them? Are we supposed to buy this? And if you read between the lines, Zach went shopping aka did the work and Matt watched a movie with Jake until late on a school night.

Thursday - Matt and Camarino did traffic research. Traffic control studies for the big adventure park! If I get the gist of it, they were counting stop lights on their way to the super secret piece of property…. Can’t you just get that info from the county? Well, maybe not if you’re suing the county… But it sounds like a reason to have Camarino drive him around all day.

Friday/Saturday - It is sort of unclear which day he means. He hilariously welcomes Jake into the room. Jake appears to have been sitting in the room the entire time, reflected in the fire screen. In order to continue the masquerade, someone opens and closes the door while pointedly never blocking the light from the door - if he’d been entering the room by the door he would have blocked the light, someone was clearly opening and closing the door to give the appearance of entering but both Jake and the other person were in the room the entire time.

Matt clarifies that it is Saturday and Amy will soon return. Matt is proud to tell us that Jake now has a homework station in Matt’s office as Jake’s room is too filled with toys to have a proper homework station. Matt then laughs about all the stuff in Jake’s room. I note for all the “Matt is a great parent” folks that Matt thinks Jake’s room being so full of toys that he has no place for homework amusing and makes no suggestion that he as a parent perhaps shouldn’t be indulging the lad. In fact Matt laughs about putting a fridge in the room. That’s a concerned parent doing the right thing! He then has a moment of affection with Jake who looks annoyed but pleased.

Apparently his major chore for Saturday was listing Amy’s white van for sale. He notes the Roloffs tend to acquire goods, not sell. Then he holds his cat June for the camera. Ironically, as he does this, I am watching an episode of Lockup where the prisoners have pet cats.

So to sum up, Monday was bill paying, Tuesday was hanging around with lawyers, Wednesday was essentially doing nothing since it isn’t as though the Roloff kids are babies (in theory anyway) Thursday was some piddly project that sounds a lot like goofing off and Matt really never said what happened on Friday or Saturday except that he slept in and sold Amy’s car.

Yeah, he doesn’t sound that busy.



Expressed said...

Is that Jeremy filming it?

LOL Jake is in the room the whole time. You can see him from the fire place glass.

Matt: "Oh look who is coming in (door creeks) as someone opens and closes the door that Jake doesn't use because he's already in the room.

Matt: Hey Jake!!

They learned some tricks from the LPBW crew about how to fake things.

Brandon said...

Thatta boy Matt. Way to teach the kids how to lie. Jacob, pretend that you're coming into the room from outside.

Truthfulness and Roloffs are not friends...even about stuff that doesn't matter, Matt's gotta a find a way to play people for fools.

Andrew said...

Expressed, finally some are catching on. It took long enough and Matt giving enough hints before you all seem to get it. LOL I wonder if Spirits will post this TRUTH. So funny to watch and read as you all develop your thinking.

Tired of Hate said...

OMG how petty and immature. Who really cares if Jacob was or was not already in the room, it has no bearing on the video. It is pathetic on what you all focus on to create your twisted viewpoint.

Brandon said...

Andrew, actually a lot of us caught on a long time the first season to how fake the show was. Do you remember fans calling Matt out on how they staged the heart warming "Jer presents Zach with the soccer ball" scene and Matt admitted it on TLC?

Since then Matt and Amy have been insisting the show was "real and raw"? Do you recall those words being used by Matt and Amy? Real? Raw? Staging scenes and faking people entering and leaving rooms isn't something most people would call real and raw, right?

I think most of your scorn should be directed at the Roloffs for ever using the word "real" in association with that fake show.

Dana said...

Rap, Matt does his videos because he appreciates his fans and fans want to be updated.

When Matt didn't communicate with the fans people complained that he was stuck up. Now he does and he's an attention seeker. He can't win with some people.

David said...

Well done, Rap.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Anyone that believes a word that comes out of Matt's mouth is a fool.

He can't even be honest about the fact that Jacob was in the room.

Matt is about deception and then laughing at the suckers that believe him.

Judy B said...

Matt, thank you for the video. I for one enjoy hearing what he is up to. I hope he does one every week.

Jacob wasn't that bad, not exactly charming like Jeremy, but not bad. Maybe the time Matt is spending with him is paying off. Thanks Matt.

Timothy said...

Rap, thanks just like old times. I needed a morning chuckle.

Lynn C said...

I don't ever recall hearing Matt or Amy saying they wanted to stay out of the public eye.

They said it would be nice to take a break from the scrutiny of filming a reality show 16 hours a day for 6 days a week, but they've always been open about wanting to pursue other opportunities.

I agree with Dana. It's nice of Matt to keep his fans informed.

Chris L said...

Go Matt! Deceive just like Jesus commands of his followers! Way to get a 14 year old in on the act! Go Jesus!

Carol said...

Thanks Rap! The fact that Matt feels the need to lie to his fans about something as meaningless as Jacob entering the room speaks to the level of disrespect he has for people.

Greg said...

I wonder how much Matt paid the unemployed Golden Boy Jer-Bear to "fix up" the van.

Since Jeremy's "restoration" projects involve paying professionals/getting freebies to do the work, I wouldn't feel too confident if I was the buyer.

Anne said...

Make up your mind Rap.

Aren't you the one always whining when Amy says her mom role is changing. Are you always yelling "Jake is only 14!"

Matt says Amy is gone so he is looking after the kids and you're complaining.

Which is it? Jake is "long in the tooth" to need a parent or he's "only 14" and how dare Amy say her role is changing?

Rap541 said...

Anne - I have always been clear that there's an age kids start to own their own actions. Are you seriously suggesting a 14 year old needs his mother to wake him up for school? I mean, the alarm clock that *could* wake 20 year old Jeremy (who is also quite a bit long in the tooth to need his daddy to tend him while Mommy is away but I actually avoided that direct comment because its like shooting fish in a barrel) could also be waking Jake up at this point. As it is, if Amy is away, three of the four "kids" Matt has to tend can drive themselves to school and to a resteraunt for food. The only one who needs any assistance is Jake.

That doesn't mean Jake needs to hear "We're done as parents now that Jeremy and Zach are out of high school".

Tired of the Hate - I'm really curious - what did you think was *hateful* about pointing out that Matt was acting and the "oh look" moment was untrue and badly staged? I thought it was hilarious :)

Rap541 said...

"When Matt didn't communicate with the fans people complained that he was stuck up. Now he does and he's an attention seeker. He can't win with some people. "

But in fairness Dana - I have always been on record stating I have no need for Matt to blog on facebook or participate with his fans on-line. In fact, I have been told off by people for saying its a bad idea. So please keep in mind when you make remarks like this, I have never complained about Matt not communicating with fans.

It's a minor point - I've never seen it end well for the celeb or the fandom and Matt is *not* proving me wrong here.

Bob said...

Yes, more lying by the "christian" Roloffs. Jake was clearly standing there the whole time and you see the person in the background open and close the door real quick for the door sound effect. And to those who think it's no big deal: if they lie so casually about this who knows what else they have lied about over the course of the show?

Julie said...

I can't believe how many Jesus haters are on this blog. I don't have a lot of experience with atheists so it surprises me how rude and hateful they are.

Brandon said...

Julie, if someone is going to hold themselves up as a Christian and be held up by others as being great Christians, they should be held accountable when they go out of their way to act in a way that is NOT Christian.

Is there any confusion that lying is wrong? Does Jesus want His people to be honest or to to deceive?

There is no if ands or buts about it. Matt lied and deceived here and got his 14 year old son in on the hoax.

There was no point to doing that except Roloffs get their jollies over lying to people.

Rap541 said...

Yes, not adoring Matt Roloff's every comment = Jesus Hater.

I wonder if the Roloffs approve of THAT message.

"Don't love us and adore every single thing we do? YOU HATE JESUS!"

Someone needs to pose that to Amy.

BTW Julie - care to provide any back up to your hateful accusations? Or as a Christian, is it your right to call anyone who doesn't love every word of Matt Roloff's a "Jesus Hater"?

Don't kiss Matt's ass, you hate Jesus! But its Matt's *fans* who are loving forgiving Christians! Just don't disagree - then you HATE JESUS!

Thanks for showing us how Christians stay positive and show their love! :)

Casey said...

I must be blind because I don't see Jacob in the room until Matt interviews him and near the end he's standing next to Matt's chair after he puts the cat down.

Jocelynn said...

Casey, watch the fireplace. When Matt talks for the first half of the video Jake is on the right side and the other person is on the left. Watch the fireplace when Jacob walks to the chair, you can see where he was standing the entire time. The other person moves into the center during Matt's interview with Jacob.

Levitcus said...

Matt is going to Hell!!!!! Lying is a sin!!!!!! Good thing Matt likes Red!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muhawwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Julie said...

My comment had nothing to do with Matt or what you all say about him. It is the Christian hating here that is so surprising. I think the real hate here is toward Jesus, not Matt.

Timothy said...

It's Christian hating that people oppose so-called acceptance and diversity speakers embracing Jeremy's favorite pastor message that some people with differences must pray for God to change them?

I don't think anyone would care what the Roloffs believe religiously or socially if they weren't attempting to play both sides of the fence.

Carol said...

Julie, the only reason I can come up with you that you would say that is that you think that people who stand up against homophobia and the hate words that Jeremy used or the very damaging message they apparently support with encouragement against people who are gay, is "hating on Jesus"?

Personally, I think Jesus is repulsed by Christians such as the Roloffs and some of their supporters.

Gandhi said it best. "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

Rap541 said...

Yer on a Roloff discussion site referring to the posters as "Jesus Haters" after people have commented about not appreciating matt adding a lil bit of off the cuff acting into his reality video.

How does your comment have *nothing* to say about what's being said about Matt here? Come on Julie, you just pick random threads to say "This has nothing to do with Matt Roloff or supporting Matt but you people hate Jesus Christ".

"I can't believe how many Jesus haters are on this blog."

I assume you're NOT refering to people who support Matt, correct?

Or are ALL of us Jesus Haters? Is Dana, who supports Matt with all her heart, a Jesus Hater, Julie? What about expressed, who clearly loves Jeremy? Julie? Is Expressed a Jesus Hater?

If you're gonna be a big girl and spread that Christian love of yours - oh Forgive me Julie - I assume you are indeed Christian, correct? A Christian calling people "Jesus Haters". You do support Matt, riught Julie? I am not presuming you just pick random blogs to call "Jesus Haters"? So why is it unreasonable to presume you're defending Matt when you insist people who criticize Matt are "Jesus Haters"?

And I would still like to know how Matt feels about people who criticize him being called "Jesus Haters!" I mean... is that Matt's stance now "I welcome all criticism and if you criticize me, I like my fans to name call you "Jesus haters!"

"Jesus haters" isn't being too "negative nellie" for Matt?

I assume "queer hater" is acceptable as Jer-bear's new nickname then? Since "Jesus hater" is now coolio?

Rap541 said...

Carol - and yet the irony is that Jesus would NOT approve of the namecalling and hatespeech but would succor a gay person in hopes of bringing them to God.

I know being called a "Jesus Hater" for criticizing Matt Roloff really doesn't inspire me to be more Christian. Although apparently once you accept Jesus you can be a namecalling ass and just say "Whoopsie Jesus!" and continue on with your hate with no consequences.

At least thats what the Roloff Christian fans have taught me - you can be as hateful and nasty as you want as long as you apologize to *Jesus*. Its like a free pass to act like an asshole.

Susan Coles said...

Julie, I don't see Jesus hating. I see a resistance to people hating on gay people and making them feel inferior by using the Bible as a reason to hate and I see people annoyed with with a specific type of Christian that are vocal about being Christian but don't reflect it in their actions.

Vicky said...

I think it's a good idea to have Jacob do his homework in another building besides his room. They tell you that's the environment you should provide for your kids when doing Homework. No distractions.

Shelby said...

Why is Matt untruthful about insignificant details?

Greg said...

Shelby, it's perplexing. My guess? Matt didn't want it to look like he was forcing Jacob to be on camera again so he wanted to fake it like Jacob was randomly stopping by. How convenient that the other chair was all set up. LOL!

Nice wholesome values he is instilling in the kids...

Lynn C said...

See? Matt admitted in his latest post that Jacob walked in while he was filming and he convinced him to stay. So they mimicked him coming in for real. Much ado about nothing.

BettyC said...

Lynn C, he did admit this only after people called him out on it on Facebook and after he read Spiritswander blog. He knows people like you will buy his lies. I bet he was actually mad at Jeremy or who ever was in charge of the video when he found out he was busted for trying to fake a happy scene. They need to work on their editing skills. I loved the video but I think they are just trying a little too hard to portray a certain image.

William said...

Lynn, Most of the commentary on this blog is much ado about nothing. The people here definitely have an agenda to turn every little thing into something diabolical. It didn't used to be that way, but it is now.

Rap541 said...

What I don't understand - now that the cameras are gone, is why Matt wants to continue the pretense of faking scenes?

So it's the "third take" - we know there's a camera, why not just say "Hey, Jake's here in the room"? I mean personally, I don't consider it a huge deal - except that it was amatuerishly hilarious - but it does go to Matt's tendency to lie even when there's no need to. Honestly he does himself more harm than good when he throws out things like "I'm being interviewed by national media on cyberbullying" (we still haven't heard word one on that) or "Jeremy has a lingering foot problem causing him pain that will require surgery" - considering the reports of Jeremy snowboarding/partying/hiking for the love of Jesus/etc - yes, people are going to question this little pronouncement.

Andrew - I am always amused at the idea that noticing that some aspects of the show are staged is "Matt dropping hints to the unintelligent masses".

I mean first, if that's how Matt thinks, that his fans are stupid halfwits who are fools to believe anything shown on his reality show, that doesn't scream "I respect the people who ultimately provide me with a nice living" now does it?

Was the audience supposed to be in on the joke, Andrew? Because there are a lot of interiews with the Roloffs insisting what we see is real for Matt to play the "You're so stupid for believing me, hahhah" game now.

Brandon said...

William, nobody is making anything up.

Matt went out of his way to lie and play people for fools for no reason whatsoever.

What was the point of faking Jacob entering the room? Is it moral to deceive people because it's fun?

William said...

Matt didn't go out of his way to lie and fool anybody. Good grief, get over it people, this is not Iran Contra. It is not a case of juvenile corruption. Matt is not teaching Jacob to sell drugs or shoplift. He is encouraging him to open up and say hi and have fun. You keep asking Matt to come clean on some perceived belief you have tagged him with. Well, you all need to come clean and fess up to being hypocrites, liars and manipulators who make up huge misconceptions in order to fuel your attack on the Roloff family.

Brandon said...

You're calling people liars when nobody is lying or manipulating anything.

Was Jacob in the room? Yes he was.

Did someone open the door to fake it like Jacob was entering? Yes.

Did Matt say "Oh, look who is coming in right now" when Jacob was already in the room? Yes.

Was it dishonest? Yes.

None of that are lies. He's teaching the kid to be dishonest.

He could have taught Jacob to "open up" without the lie. What the purpose other than to be deceitful?

Timothy said...

How is criticizing Matt Roloff for telling a boldface (and pointless) lie, "hating on the Roloff family?

Any criticism of Matt is "hating on the Roloff family and "hating Jesus"?

BettyC said...

William, it is just funny that Matt tries to pull the wool over peoples eyes and portray a certain image. I do not hold it against him. This image was his source of income for more than 6 years and now he is attempting to get a 16th minute of fame. Calling him out on his "widdle white lies" is just for entertainment. Matt has turned his family into a parody of themselves. I was a fan of the show until I saw an interview with him on a Portland TV station where he stated that he was going to do the show for 2 more years and then after TLC canceled the show he said he was done. As a loyal fan of the show I felt like I had been duped. And then there was the Gay bashing thing. We do live in a free country, and if they want to hate gays and go to a gay hating church well that is within their rights to do and no one should have any problem with this. But when they go out and portray an image and give speeches about diversity and acceptance... well thats just hypocritical. Matt could learn a lesson from a quote from Mark Twain "Always tell the truth. That way, you don't have to remember what you said."

David said...

Great quote, BettyC. Matt gets caught up in that a lot. I wonder if Matt will update us on Jeremy's "foot surgery" :)

Marianne said...

Can someone please fill me in, what is this Jeremy foot problem I keep reading about? Is this some kind of inside joke?

Rap541 said...

Marianne - when Amy in one of her chats let slip that Jeremy was skipping soccer and irritating Zach, several of us commented that Jeremy was skipping out on a committment to party with his buddies (which he did on the nights of two of the team's prescheduled soccer games). Matt then made a public comment that Jeremy "had a lingering foot injury that would require surgery" in a public statement.

Since Jeremy has been snow boarding etc since Matt made this comment (and was partying with friends on nights he was in too much pain to play soccer) people are now wondering if there is any geniune injury at all or if this is just a lie by Matt to get Jeremy off the hook for "lacking committment".

Personally - I don't know any foot/ankle/leg problems that would allow Jeremy's consistently active lifestyle. Also - if someone has already suggested surgery is in order, then when will it be occuring?

Christine said...

Rap explained it Marianne, but I'll add that Jeremy fans said Zach was being a baby by getting mad with Jeremy about missing the soccer games.

The rest of us, like Rap said, were saying that Jeremy was being Jeremy, being selfish and breaking committments when something more fun comes along.

In one of Matt's video updates, Matt needed to protect the Golden boy as always by throwing Zach under the bus and telling this story about "that painful foot problem" Jeremy has that will require surgery and that's what he only plays part time.

Like Rap said, Jeremy is obviously still active and Amy mentioned him skiing or snowboarding, Matt even posted pictures of Jeremy climbing trees.

Most of us figure it was Matt lying to protect his favorite son.

Marianne said...

Rap, Christine - Thank you for the answer.

Rap541 said...

The people here definitely have an agenda to turn every little thing into something diabolical. It didn't used to be that way, but it is now.

Riiight... and the posters who call anyone who disagrees with Matt or who questions Matt "Jesus haters" and comment how Matt is schooling us and watching us learn to think from his many hints that he delights in mocking the fans over aren't in any way working an agenda..