Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Matt Roloff's Video Update -- His 2011 Project Agenda

Matt Roloff made a video on You Tube (two parts) outlining his project list for 2011.

It's 17 minutes long in total, so we will summarize Matt's major points. This is all according to Matt in the video (unless otherwise specified).

*Matt makes a "focus area" list at the beginning of each year. He has approximately 14 focus areas for 2011. People send him private messages thinking he means all of his project ideas have to do with things on the farm. Most of them don't. Here are some of the things on his list.

*He's going to try to spend more time with the family. The filming of the TV show took more time than people realize because they needed to meet with producers and plan out things. Even running out to the bank was time consuming when the cameras were there because they needed to film it a couple of times until they got it right.

*So Matt wants to spend more time with the family this year; he's fortunate to have his office at home so he can see the kids when they come home from school.

*Matt is spending more time with Jacob than he ever has before. He has taken Jacob to the mall and to movies more in the last couple of months than they've been in Jacob's entire life.

*Molly is so self-sufficient and doesn't need much, but it's important to Matt to go to movies with her and attend some of her volleyball games.

*Jeremy and Zach -- Matt is trying to coach them or "hold their hand" through the process of applying for different colleges. It's still undecided about Jeremy going to one college vs another college or Jeremy leaving home, so Matt is working to motivate them. Matt reports that it's getting easier. They are more into it now because some of them friends are at different colleges. They'll sometimes ask Matt 'what about this place, can you help with this application and can you get so and so to write a a letter of recommendation for here'.

*Zach is still working hard at the soccer place and Jeremy continues to work hard around the farm on top of everything else they do.

*So family is #1 on his list.

*DAS (the hotel accessibility kit for LP). Matt started the company with Mike Detjen in 2002. Matt says it continues to be a profitable business even though he hasn't done any sales calls on it recently. Matt wants to really focus on it again and be aggressive in selling it.

*Matt's speaking engagements. Matt likes to go to colleges and universities and motivate and inspire people by talking about things that happened in his life that will help other people live an extraordinary life. It's very close to his heart, he enjoys doing it. He does 24 to 30 of those a year and expects that to continue.

*CoDA. Amy will continue to be busy with her non profit charity ARCF and Matt has his non profit CoDA. They have the bike program, raise money for adoptions and scholarships through the LPA. Matt states they have absolutely no expenses, that they are all volunteers. They use the basketball (Statesmen vs celebrities) games to raise money for CoDA. According to Matt, Marty and Matt pay for the Statesmen and celebrities to travel to those games out of their own pockets. [note: This seems to be Matt's response to a criticism some people have been making about CoDA. Some people think the CoDA basketball games are an excuse for them to get together and party -- claiming that the Roloffs fly first class, stay in nice hotels and ride around in limos. Recently, some people have been citing that Marty back in August, a couple of weeks before the CoDA game in Montana, asked his fans to donate to CoDA and help him out because it gets hard for Marty to fly in and house all the Statesmen and celebrity players -- some people were upset that CoDA donations appeared to be going towards paying for Matt, Zach, and Jeremy's (and all the others) flight, hotel and limos.]

*Matt wants to make himself available to do various Public Service Announcements. He wants to be able to be more available to say yes when people ask him to be apart of this parade or moderate this event, etc.

*Documentaries. He's working on several. Some of them are about little people, some are about outrageous back yards - not the Roloffs, but showing off other people's back yards and crazy projects. They might document those on video camera and maybe they'll just put it on You Tube or maybe they'll find a market for it on a TV network.

*There's a project idea about revitalizing a small town. Coming into a dying town where people have left and see whether they can stimulate the economy and bring people back. These are the type of things Matt is talking about when you see him post about flying to LA to sign non disclosures and things like that.

*None of those things are what Matt would call a spin off of LPBW or anything like that. The Roloffs are still under contract to TLC for another 18 months. They need to make themselves available to TLC if TLC wants anything from them, but Matt doesn't expect to happen, although you might see a special somewhere along the way, they have discussed that, but right now they're not at all focused on LPBW and TLC.

*Farm development. Matt's thinking about projects for pumpkin season, he will keep everyone updated on those to help promote pumpkin season. Last pumpkin season was very successful to Matt's surprise. Matt thought with the show being over people wouldn't be interested in going to Roloff Farms for pumpkins but they actually had their busiest day ever. [Note: Although Matt said the show was over and the news of it ending was announced in late August, during October LPBW was very much still on the air with new episodes]

*The farm will stay open for pumpkin season.

*Publishing: A children's book has been discussed and a 'Behind the Scenes' of the LPBW experience book. It would also pick up where Matt's first book, Against Tall Odds left off in 1999. There was a 5 year gap between that book and when they got involved in television.

*Technology projects. Matt's background is in software as a salesman. Now he's in position where he might be able to fund some of those ideas with his own money.

*Product endorsements. If you have a product and would like Matt to promote it, get in touch with him. Although some of those things might need to go through TLC right now because they are still under contract for the next 18 months. TLC still has a say in what the Roloffs can and can't do. Matt says he already has a line up of possibilities; nothing major on national television, these are more small print ads.

*Voice over work and cartoons and things like that he will keep on the table to keep their revenue stream going forward.

*An adventure park similar to Roloff farm -- but not on Roloff Farm. Matt has a group of heavy hitters and politicians that he meets with regularly to discuss this adventure park. They've identified a piece of land and are looking into the land use laws.

*The legislative process. Matt got more involved last year with politics. He's more interested in the legislative process. He mentions the lawsuit, they need to litigate to get laws changed. He's going to keep up with the process and might make some trips down to Salem to sit in on some of the sessions at the political level.

*Hobby movies. They are going to continue to work on their hobby movies. Jeremy is working a lot of them. Every night they sit down for dinner Jeremy has more ideas. So they're going to get their home movie production equipment going -- they have a studio set up and will upgrade some of their equipment to make some fun movies. Slightly more professional than Matt's You Tube videos, but nothing really professional or broadcast quality, just fun stuff.

*They still have their pumpkin movie that should be out soon. They're working on the score for it down in LA. Matt says he's not all that proud of that movie -- he thinks it looked better on the television show than it does in real life -- but they're going to get it out there somehow. They might put it on iTunes and sell it for 99 cents -- nobody will get rich off it or make their money back, but it might be a fun way to see how that system works out.

*All these things are subject to change. If he starts hearing people Facebook him come June asking him how come he's not doing this or why did that fall through Matt is just going to say go back to the disclaimer.

*So that's Matt's list for now for this year although he knows some people are to criticize it, why is he so busy, etc...but Matt says God bless you anyway. He just wanted to share some details about what is going on. He apologizes that he can't give more specific details. Any businessman like Matt must hold things close to his vest. People get frustrated and Facebook Matt all the time about his teasing or vague hints and why he doesn't just share, but when you're a public figure you have to hold things tight to prevent people from undermining things before you ever get any traction.

*The last thing Matt wanted to say was about Amy and their marriage. Amy and Matt are doing good. Things have really settled down. It's been good that the cameras are gone, they're working together and together all of the time. The entire family went to church together and had a great holiday season.

*Matt thanks everybody for caring.


Dana said...

It's a shame that Matt needs to spend one second explaining himself about CODA. What is wrong with people? They are selflessly helping others but all some people can do is point fingers and accuse. Look in the mirror? How much have you raised for help dwarf adoptions or scholarships or custom-made bikes? Matt, Jeremy, Zach and Marty are giving their own free time and their own money but they get accused of misusing funds or being selfish. What is wrong with some people that they think that way?

I hope the Jeremy bashers are prepared to eat some serious crow. I doubt they'll have the character to admit they were wrong when the time comes. Jeremy is interested in several colleges and it sounds like he is going to use Matt's connections to get some impressive references.

Timothy said...

Consider me unimpressed about the wonder twins despite Matt's best efforts. Yeah I do believe Jeremy has expressed interest in going to a college. He sees his friends going to college parties weekend after weekend. He probably thinks it would be fun. What happens? Matt writes the application for him. Matt gets somebody to attempt to squeeze Jeremy in somewhere. Same old story. Jeremy does nothing but expects ride Matt's coattails. When is Jeremy going to grow up and do something for himself?

David said...

Matt can't be taken seriously. Anyone still believe Matt's last video that Jeremy and Zach have miraculously matured and no longer sleep until noon? I would love for Matt to take a lie detector test.

Honestly speaking, aside from some speaking engagements, the only project he listed that I see being moderately successful is the behind the scenes book and even that has question marks. My bet is TLC would not allow a behind the scenes book to be released on their watch. 18 months is a long time from now. Will enough people still care? It will also depends on what is in the book? It will need to have a few bomb shells to get people talking and not stuff like "we re-shot this scene 4 times". There will be some interest in a book connected to the show. People the read this blog would read it. Matt's hardcore fans would read it. I just don't think enough casual viewers would be enticed to read it.

Expressed said...

I admit I will gladly spend $0.99 to see Jeremy star in the full pumpkin movie :) I'm surprised Matt thinks it was so bad.

Lynn C said...

Thank you Matt for doing these videos. I like Matt a lot, but I'm not a fan of the teasing he does on facebook. I understand that he can't spill all the details, but it's frustrating when it's one tease after another. I appreciate that he took the time to shed some light on it.

It's good to hear that it sounds like the family is becoming closer now that they don't have the pressure of the show. I thought that might happen.

Judy B said...

Where does Matt get all that energy from? Gotta love him. I definitely could not do it, but that's the way successful people operate. They have all different plans on the go.

I am happy that Matt is spending time with Jacob. Matt's not stupid. He knows Jacob has some problems. Hopefully Matt's influence will be able to straighten out some of Jacob's attitude problems.

Monica said...

Thank you for posting this. I watched it on Matt's facebook but will comment here because the only comments on Matt's page is people saying they love everything Matt says. It is good he is stopping to smell the roses and enjoy spending time with the kids. They have all that stuff, he should enjoy it and the kids.

It's smart for Jeremy to use connections Matt made on the show or from the TLC crew. That's a benefit from doing the show. The amusement park should be interesting.

Chris L said...

Jeremy is working hard on the farm? With his soon to need surgery ankle??????

What farm work is there for Jeremy to do??? They don't grow anything. Any real work is done by Camerino. Jeremy's work on the farm is goofing with Mueller in the woods all night until they pass out.

Anne said...

You can't keep a good man down. One of those ideas will be wildly successful. Glad to hear the family is doing well post TLC.

Deb said...

Wow, that's a lot of opportunity.

Laura said...

I've never understood why people say Jeremy is so much like Matt.

Look at how motivated and driven Matt is.

Jeremy has none of that.

Shadow said...

" sounds like [Jeremy] is going to use Matt's connections to get some impressive references"

Now that I believe...Wonder who is filling out all those challenging applications for Jer-Bear?

DJ said...

Matt sounds like he's bragging a lot. Look at me. Look at how successful I am.

Victoria said...

I know this was about Matt's projects but couldn't he have said a couple of words about the LP kid that died? I thought the LPs were a close knit group? I think Matt could have at least said he was thinking about the family instead of everything being about Matt making money in 2011.

Lynn C said...

Victoria, I don't think that would have been appropriate at all. Just because he doesn't make a video about them doesn't mean he doesn't care or didn't offer his condolences elsewhere...if he even knows the family.

Cindy M said...

I think this explains why Matt has been very complimentary to TLC in his comments. He is at their mercy because they are still under contract. TLC has the power of veto for any endorsement and projects.

Rap541 said...

So I watched Matt's little video. First off am I the only one noticing how Matt seems to delight in telling us how he is just so inundated in private messages, so much so that he just *needs* to clear the air about how his projects are about more than just the farm? I mean, I know I toss "attention whore" out but really, a two part youtube to explain how he plans his days? I know, I know, Matt is blessing us with his sage like words, but really, why does he *care* if his facebook fans think the majority of his fourteen projects are about the farm? For someone who insists that public opinion doesn't bother him, Matt sure has a need to explain himself, doesn't he?

Let us look at each part

Family - The best part here is how we immediately get into the lies, as though people who follow his facebook are incapable of well, looking at his face book. He's spending more time with the family (despite the endless trips he brags about) and basically lets slip the reality that he wasn't spending all that much time with Jake until the show ended ("I've gone to the mall and movies with Jake more in the last few months than in many years.....) and seems to deem Molly low maintence. Zach and Jeremy are of course successful and Matt saves most of the comments for Jeremy. Really, Molly apparently has a stalker and Jake was assaulted as a child in amusement parks (and knows that Mom and Dad are too busy with producers to care) and the important thing is that the twins are doing really well and moving forward as they continue to live at home. Oh and Jeremy is still only working for Daddy and btw if the twins were having a normal, successful trip thru community college, they both should be recieving associates degrees this spring. Anyone wanna bet? :)

DAS - Matt's descrisption of basically how he let this go after Mike's death is totally believeable... and goes against the party line of how DAS is doing just fine etc etc. I trust we all remember the many protests certain posters who then vanished made that DAS was incredibly successful and in hotel catalogs etc etc?

Speaking engagements - If he does 24-30 speaking engagements and charges 7500 per engagement, he's making 180k minumum on that aspect of life alone. My only irritation here is that its all "I just want to give and do this to give back. No, he's making bank.
Here's the thing. I totally believe that Matt enjoys doing talks about living an extra ordinary life and I imagine this did start with some schools and the hgh minded attitude of "doing it for the kids". But... its clearly a business and he clearly doesn't do these talks for free. Its a perfectly legit way to make money, honorable even, but Matt has this need to make it sound like he's doing something amazing and selfless.

CODA - I get the impression Marty does most of the leg work. He was very quick to note how everyone is a volunteer though - and also quick to imply that coda was the fund raising branch of the LPA. I imagine the LPA appreciates that. For the record, I have always been on record stating I don't think either Matt or Marty are dumb enough to commit any sort of fraud with CODA

PSA/charity appearences - Bet this doesn't happen in any real sense. This felt like Matt throwing shit out there. PSAs are a bit old school to begin with and aside from TLC, he's not that well known, and forgive me but the trials of dwarfes are hardly the hot bed of concern these days. Cyberbullying seems to be the hot spot and we're all still waiting on the interviews Matt did with national media in October....

Next up...

Rap541 said...

Documentaries aka reality shows - He's so coy, calling them "documentaries". He's also so coy, asking people to submit their homespun yard art to him. The yard art documentary sounds doable for tlc or the travel channel but I don't know how much that will last... I can't see it as more than a one off show. The problem is that these shows already exist on The Travel Channel. They have shows all the time about weird amusement parks, waterslides of the world, funky decorated places.

farm development - I found it really amusing actually how he downplayed the farm. No major projects etc. An odd area to downplay. I'm inclined to agree with Spirit that its disengenious to suggest that Pumpkin Season 2010 was representative of what the farm will do *after* the show. I imagine they'll see a drop off this year (and that btw is not a slam, I think its realistic to point out that they're going to get a lot less free advertising this year)

publisinging - behind the scenes/children's books - I think the behind the scenes book will happen, but, to a different point, Matt made it very clear that he can't do any shows without TLC's permission for apparently 18 months. Not sure if a book about tlc would fall into that. But... a behinds the scenes book needs to come out fairly quickly to get the best sales. And btw back to my initial point, I hear Matt is now planning some video rants on how wrong and stupid everyone is.... Matt, no one will buy the cow if you're giving the milk away on Youtube! But I imagine he's bored and needs to see a bunch of people say "We miss your show" again.

Technology research - This is one of those "eh whatever" things. I mean, maybe one of *my* new years projects is to redesign the Ipad... But since Matt's already made it clear that actually holding him to any of these projects is unfair, well, whatever Matt.

Product endorsements - I was amused that he conceded he's not getting the big nike offers. I was also amused that he basically said he'd endorse anything, just call and have money.

Voiceover work (may be product endorsements) - Seems pie in the sky - Matt has a grating voice and he's not especially good as an actor - a bit hammy (no shame in that, I am the same way). His fame might get him some work.

Adventure park - Yes, of course. Of course Matt's working on a giant theme park and of course there's no details because really, everyone loves amusement parks and no one loves living near amusement parts and Oregon has fairly strict land use laws.... I just trust Matt realizes that he'll actually have MORE inspectors and codes and such to deal with and the "they're against me because I am a successful dwarf!" line eventually will need geniune proof to work.

Rap541 said...

part 3 - I shoulda asked Spirit to post this as a review ;)

Legislation/politics - I'd love to see this but I honestly don't know that Matt is this dumb. I think he IS interested but I don't think he has the ability to keep his mouth shut when it's necessary, and frankly I think a lot of his psyche is wrapped up in being the outsider railing against the insiders. Once he is elected, I think he'd lose interest and be trapped in the job. Honestly he seems a bit ADD and prone to flitting about, and that becomes problematic in an elected official . Personally I think this is another pie in the sky idea anyway - matt doesn't have the patience or the ability to bear up under the scrutiny for politics. Point - if he thinks the family is under scrutiny NOW....

Hobby movies with Jeremy - yes, of course this is a perfectly realistic way to spend one's time, making hobby movies that may never be seen by anyone. Really why not just burn money? I really hope they've got money put away. And really, how exactly is indulging Jeremy in hobby movies going to help Jeremy as Matt "hand holds him" to college? I did I mention that I loved Matt conceding his go-getter needed handholding like the widdle boy he is? Because yes, this is exactly what I expected of Jeremy. Daddy needing to hand hold him at twenty. Oh, and the only props Zach gets is that Zach actually has a job but really the twins are hardly living extraordinary lives now are they?

And finally his little end rant that was basically a "Screw you if you don't like it, and screw you if you dare judge me for not doing any of these things, and screw you if say anything negative. Matt has issues, I think.

Justin said...

Jeremy and Zach aren't exactly living extraordinary lives, are they? Does anyone think about that when Matt gets paid $7000 for speeches about how to live an extraordinary life?

It's like marriage counsellers that have divorced four times.

Jeremy and Zach are 20. They live at home, take a few classes at a college five minutes away. Zach works at a soccer place. Jeremy has no job unless Matt comes up with an excuse to give him money.

They play video games and soccer. They have 20 friends come and party at their parents house on their parents property.

That doesn't fit the definition of living extraordinary lives. Maybe Matt should be able to motivate his own kids before he gives motivational speaks.

It does explain why Matt lies about stuff like Jeremy and Zach not sleeping until noon even though everybody knows they do.

Rap541 said...

Maybe Matt should be able to motivate his own kids before he gives motivational speaks.

Heh. Good point.

lEONARD said...

They all are so spoiled the show change them, may be it didn't they may have been that way always, there salery was to high and they were given to much and it went to ther heads. they should have given the $$ to a needy cause instead of throwing it away.

foxy yaya said...

I started watching the show three years ago. Don't really know for how long it had been running before that. The show gave a down to earth family-farm life atmosphere. Enjoyed the one on one with kids and mom and dad... especially Amy. She really tries to be a good parent and she does, you can see it in the kid's smiles. But, the years have changed as well as the kids.and the remodeling of the house didn't help with the shows "family togetherness". I would get angry with how the kids would act with no appreciation for what they were living in and what their parents were doing for them. Unfortunately, what everyone else said about them going out and getting jobs like other kids, is true. But the same scene is showing up in Hollywood with the young stars too.

Don't get me wrong. I love Amy and Matt. I loved their show and sad that they aren't producing shows any longer. But lets face it, how would you feel and act if you had a camera crew in your face all the time and wanting you say something funny or dumb? Stat your day at five in the morning?

Take care Amy and Matt, I'm in your corner.
Maybe one day I'll get to meet you both.
foxy yaya

Helia Ganhao said...

I just watched the twins in their europe tour, Scotland and germany in particular, I got a tear in the corner of my eye, this kids are so great, they touch peoples lives. I admire Amy and Matt, long live to u all. cheers from Portugal

Me said...

I watched all the LPBW episodes. I thought they were interesting. Through the years you could see how the strain of being on camera affected the family. Aside from Amy and Matt both being control freaks, it appeared they were happy together. The twins are spoiled by any ones definition, but seem to be good people. Zach has such a good heart and I'm sure will find his way. Jeremy may never be a college graduate, but seems to have other talents that will earn him a living. Molly is just a really neat person and it seems Jacob will have problems along the way from being the youngest and most spoiled of the kids. The family may seem weird to a lot of people but hey, they are from Oregon and Oregonians are a different breed. I wish the best for the family and hope Amy and Matt realize they are lucky to have each other. Roloff's Rock.

Greg said...

I think you're believing the fake portrayal of the Roloffs on the show and in the media way too much.

I don't think Jeremy is a good person at all. He has so much to hide. They are not the PG version the Roloffs to try to present to the public.

Sonny Haskins said...

It sure seems a lot of people have a lot to say about other peoples business. All I can say is,
thanks Matt and Amy for many years of good entertainment with LPBW. I enjoyed you all. You let your family hang out for all the world to see. Good, bad, and indifferent. God bless you all and a good long life.
Sincerely, Sonny Haskins, from Florida

Peter Lane said...

No Sonny, they didn't let the "bad and indifferent" creep into how they were portrayed. There are any number of topics that was carefully not exposed on the show.

Then when there was something that was negative, like Matt being selfish and running off to Switzerland with his favorite son, Jeremy, because they didn't want to be bored waiting for Zach at the Dwarf Games. Matt laughed at how stupid and naive the fans were to believe how it was presented, even though it was his good girl daughter plainly saying "I think dad and Jeremy are being selfish. This is supposed to be about supporting Zach. Run off to Switzerland because you don't want to be bored? That's selfish".

That's what his daughter said out of her saintly mouth. Then Matt laughs at the silly people that think Molly was telling the truth. If Matt's right, then Molly is nothing but a big liar.

Point? No giving them credit for showing the "good, bad or indifferent" when

A) There's several topics they never dared put on the show.

B) When there was something that was negative, Matt laughs at how silly the fans were to believe it.

MKG said...

Why the obsession to pick the Roloffs apart? None of us could bear this type of scrutiny. To me, the Roloffs are an (imperfect) family with a story to tell. I see Matt, warts and all, as this man with little physical strength--totally living from his heart. I wish the Roloffs and all other imperfect families (like mine) well.

Tink Kerbelle said...

Well, I miss the show, it was a favorite of mine because they allowed us into their home to view their lives, warts and all. They aren't perfect, but no family is. Yes, I think the big TLC contract and money-making opportunities changed the entire family and not necessarily for the better. But, I believe Matt and Amy and the kids are all good people. The boys need a dose of economic reality and to grow up. Jacob needs to be left alone during his teen years and Molly will put all her brothers to shame. She seems like an amazing young lady. Thank you for sharing your lives with us Roloffs. Best wishes.

Christine said...

Tink, I disagree. I think Jeremy is a terrible person and Matt has no conscience. As time goes on, I think Zach and Jacob are turning into clones of Jeremy.

They are rich spoiled snobs that have no idea what the real world is like or how to treat people.

I'm up in the air about Molly. I'm inclined to agree with you but then I wonder how much of the "Molly is so wonderful" is how the Roloff brand and the producer friends markets her.

Molly seems to spend a lot of time with Jeremy and Mueller for such a supposedly nice good girl and it's said that just like Jeremy, Zach and their friends, Molly and her friends name call the fans.

JGB said...

I would like to believe the best of the Roloff's, but it does seem they have been affected negatively during the course of the show. I've probably watched more that half of the episodes, and the Roloff's are more "flawed" than most families I know. I get no comfort from that. I really miss this series.

Good luck to all the Roloff's; I truly wish them well.