Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all that visit our site.

We've received some email questions wondering what the Roloffs did for Christmas and New Years?

The Roloffs had a New Years Eve party at their home.

There were some more Roloff sightings and people emailing us with their Roloff sightings over Christmas and on Christmas Eve.

As Amy said, it's a Roloff tradition to attend the Christmas Eve service at Church. The difference this time was that the family attended a church that Jeremy in particular, is quite enthralled with. It's a conservative church in Portland.

Some readers of our site have commented on this subject as they've noticed on other websites that some Roloffs (namely Jeremy) have "liked" these videos. We're passing this along if you're interested mainly because there has been so much debate, discussion and speculation about Jeremy and religion. And let us be blunt. Whenever the Roloffs and their religion is brought up, one of the main things that is always discussed is the Roloffs views on homosexuality -- arguments between fellow Christians and non-Christians, people that have a problem with the Roloffs being diversity speakers, people that support the Roloffs beliefs.

We're told by friends and can confirm that Jeremy is a big believer and of this speaker in particular. The church is geared towards young people and college aged Christians. If you're interested in what the Church is about and what really captivates the Roloffs and in particular -- Jeremy -- you can check out this video series that pretty much covers a lot of the issues that is often debated regarding the Roloffs.


Dana said...

Anyone that ever doubted the Roloffs sincerity to God were fools.

This is why Christians are so supportive of the Roloffs. It's wonderful to see an example of people that achieve fame and success, but are proud Christians. Amy's not afraid to say they go to church and more importantly, they are Christians that walk the walk.

I am also not surprised that Jeremy spurred this one. I welcome it as an encourgaging sign that the entire family (Jacob) attended and followed Jeremy's example. It bodes well.

I've watched about half of those videos so far, I am even more impressed with Jeremy that this is what captures his heart. He is a remarkable young man of Christ.

Every one should watch Part 5 (the video embedded) starting at 2:40. This is how the gays try to smear Christians. He makes it very clear that Christians do not hate gays. Yet he makes it clear that it's a sin and that homosexuals will not enter the Kingdom of God unless they turn to God and seek Spiritual counselling to allow God to cure themselves of what is broken inside of them.

"Notice homosexuality is a sin, contrary to the lie of liberal church culture. Plain and simple, homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of God."

This is a must watch for all.

Justin said...

I see where Jeremy gets his clothes from...

The guy doing the speaking is "hip", but contrary to what he says, he is being "Dr. Phil with a Bible". He's very judgemental. Surprise surprise. A Christian that is judgemental.

Jen Thompson said...

That's interesting. I can see where Jeremy gets his sexist attitude from. Combine how interprets the Bible with Matt's sexist ideas.

It's explains why Jeremy told Amy that she belongs in the kitchen.

Listen to part one, someone summarizing what they've talked about last "session".

"As you have mentioned and or have implied, women are to be helpers to their husbands and willing to follow them, mainly being there to support his calling on life."

May I vomit!!!! Thank God society has progressed this ancient thinking. I gotta go now and clean the kitchen for my future husband.

Judy B said...

I will watch the whole series later. Thanks. I echo what Dana said. I like what I've heard. It says a lot about Jeremy that he likes this.

Brandon said...

It's just another self-righteous Christian picking and choosing from the Bible to support what he wants to believe.

Personally, I can't get past the fact that the Church eliminated chapters and chapters from the Bible over time because as humans advanced there became explanations for things they couldn't explain in ancient times and they realized how ridiculous some of the stuff was. Now unfortunately, homosexuality is about the only thing that Christians still cling to, as slavery and women's rights have been conquered.

It does explain a lot about Jeremy and the way he thinks and where some of his bigotry comes from though.

David said...

I would like Jeremy to explain why he believes that about homosexuality in the Bible, but not the things about dwarfism and people with physical disabilities?

Abby said...

I see the point but Jeremy probably just goes because it's a trendy thing in Portland. There's lots of girls and guys there. It's a good place to meet people.

John Mark does make a good point. He talks about all kind of sins. He's not oblivious to the fact that a lot of the people listening to him are having sex or will leave the church and go out drinking.

Hmm. Who does that sound like?

Anne B said...

So Jeremy is not a faux Christian like many claimed. He does go to church. He does go to Bible study. He spends his free time watching and listening to these instead of "always playing".

No one is perfect but good for him for trying to live the right way in God's eye.

Ashley Sanders said...

I don't agree with that guy (he is good at keeping it interesting tho) but although he says gay people won't get into heaven he doesn't say you should call people f*gs like Jeremy and his friends. He's telling people that you're not supposed to shame them.

I don't agree with him because I don't believe being gay is a "perversion" but he's right that people that drink or have sex before marriage are equally "sinning" if that's what they believe and it's wrong to hold up homosexuality as the one thing like many Christians do.

Austin said...

What a bunch of garbage. I agree with you Dana. I'm not surprised Jeremy believes that. Funny that people like that are always the ones spewing the gay slurs.

A woman's place is to serve her man and gay people need to be cured. How the Roloffs have concealed these bigoted beliefs and get work in the diversity circuit is a miracle of deception.

Memo to the guy in the video? I'm gay and I have and always had a great relationship with my dad.

Rap541 said...

Actually it just proves my point that he hides his religious faith.

His faith is such a huge part of his life, we never once heard him say a *word* on his tv show that ran for six years.

Where's Bible quoting "I live for Christ!" Jeremy when the cameras are on? Oh right... *TLC* told him to tone it down only now we know thats not true per his mom. Why was this never addressed if loving Christ and witnessing for Christ and being a disciple of Christ is Jeremy's big thing?

Why was he willing to downplay his beliefs for the show? I'm gonna throw it out here.... because he goes to church with his buddies because its easy and it is what they all do. If he's geniunely into this guy then he should be avoiding sitting in bed with his girl friends - as it disrespects them and he shouldn't be drinking.

Who wants to bet there was plenty of alcohol for the underaged at the Roloff New Years Party? :)

Anon 2nd said...

I wonder what Jeremy's many gay friends - that he said he has in an interview - think of his views.

Seems odd that someone who interviews how he has gay friends actively tells his gay friends that they are going to hell.

Vic Rattlehead said...

So it's the fundamentalist trailer trash version of Christianity that Jeremy Roloff follows, can't say that I'm all that surprised because people with deep personal issues mental problems and the feeble minded (all things that Jeremy is or has) tend to flock to extremist religion as a way to hide from their problems and justify their selfish behavior.

As a catholic I can honestly say that the version of "Christianity" that the Roloffs follow is almost blasphemous in the way that the "preacher" cherry picks and only uses certain passages that afirm his personal views without giving the proper context to what he is saying or using the whole statement.

Real Christianity is inculsionary to everyone not just the select few who fit a certain conformist mold and think in an ignorant conformist way or at lest that's what I learned in sunday school from the age of five.

And for the record that "preacher" sounds an awful lot like Fred Phelps I doubt that he's actually an ordained minister in anything other than what he pulls from his warped imagination.

Kyle Shaw said...

People like this John Mark that Jeremy has much respect for is as responsible for the high number of gay suicides as bullying.

He is part of the machine that teaches young people that there is something wrong with them, that they are "broken" and "perverted" and God hates them (sending someone to Hell is hating them) and won't accept them.

When these young people that desperately want to be accepted find that praying to God or listening to preachers like this tell them they can be cured doesn't work, they see nothing but hopelessness and it leads to them taking their own lives.

It's as bad as if he told someone with dwarfism that they they are perverted and God won't accept them unless they grow taller.

Since John Mark and Jeremy's church believe in "being a man" and traditional gender roles, I wonder what they think of women that are 6 ft tall marrying men that come up to their waist? I'm totally serious. Marty Klebba and his fiancee Michelle or Sam Roloff and his wife? That's not very traditional. For the woman to be almost twice as tall as the man and physically stronger.

John Mark talks about how the woman should not be able to beat up the man. I'm not making this up. Listen to the videos as Jeremy does.

I guess if Sam loves God he should divorce his wife and Marty should break up with Michelle?

Or do we accept that people should love who they love and scoff at those detractors that claim it's not "traditional" or "normal". Or do we only hold gay people to those "traditional" standards?

Shadow said...

The Roloffs and their followers need to re-listen to the part of video where he reads Paul's letter in Corinthians and mentions homosexuality...Paul ALSO INCLUDES DRUNKARDS (DUII trial?), COVETORS (36 vehicles?), FORNICATORS (which the young man identifies as ANY immoral sexual activity outside marriage - you know, like the kind an admitted "old goat" and a young man encouraged by his dad to "sow his wild oats" might commit), EXTORTIONISTS (freebies, anyone?) and a few other categories that might make a couple of the Roloffs in particular feel mighty warm.

That's the problem with their brand of Christianity - they only hear what they want to hear.

Dana said...

Shadow, that's true, but he goes on to state the difference between the other sins and homosexuality. It's their perversion and their problem is that something is broken within in their soul.

He is saying with any of those issues you should ask God for help. The problem is homosexuals refuse to do so because of the propaganda spread by liberal movements.

Vic Rattlehead said...

No Dana,

The problem is all the self righteous fundamentalist "Christians" who insist on trying to tell others how they should live their lives.

The religious far right has far too much political power in this country and needs to be slapped back into the eighteenth century where that kind of chauvinistic arrogant thinking belongs so that real progress can happen.

The only reason that so many uneducated hardcore christians cling to the "sacred institution of marriage" as sanctimoniously put the put it and the backwards idea of it being only between a man and woman is because they have had an exclusive ability to use the term for the last two thousand years and they don't want to give it up.

And by the way you ignorant birk several scientific studies have shown that homosexuality is not a "learned behavior" like so many bible bashers like to say but that it is in fact totally biological, so in other words to fit with your ignorant way of thinking: they can't be "cured" of being gay because it's in their genes which would mean that "god" made them gay.

The type of judgmental self-righteous"religion"that Jeremy loves so much is all about creating total conformity crushing freedom of thought individualism and expression in favor of group think ignorance and intolerance of anyone who dares to speak out against their selfish fascistic agenda.

Austin said...

I find it ironic that it's often Christians like this guy that are obsessed with sex.

I'm gay and I'm not obsessed with sex. But Christians are all get married so I can have sex. This guy says sex is God's gift to married couples.

There is a lot more to love and relationships than sex. People that make sex into this huge thing that will make them happy are the ones that have a problem.

Michelle said...

Is that Jeremy near the front row wearing a hat? It looks like him.

Timothy said...

I watched all of them. I didn't want to be ignorant. Some of his points are good even if you remove the God angle.

The thing I take from it is just like the guy talking himself, you can easily see the points Jeremy picks and chooses to abide by.

Here's my summary of some it. Ask yourself if Jeremy believes it or follows it.

-A womans job is to serve and support her husband's calling in his life (YES)

-Be smart about situations you put yourself into. Don't sleep next to girls even if you're "not having sex" (NO - Jeremy in bed with 4 girls, multiple times!)

-If you meet your ex girl friend's husband 10 years from now he should be able to thank you for how well you treated her. If you found out your wife's ex boyfriend slept in the same bed with her or fooled around you should be a man and be angry!

-All intimacy, not just sexual, but emotional and spiritual should be saved for marriage....Jeremy and Mueller are treading on dangerous territory there

-The reason for marriage according to God (according to this guy) is to be fruitful and multiply. God engineered a need for life giving relationships

-Age gaps are a cultural issue, not a biblical issue

-People today are growing up later and later and it's not a good thing. We need to grow up, boys need to become men and put childish things behind them.

-Some people's list of requirements for a future spouse is a job description for a slave. He thinks what it should be is "Hot and Holy". Love God with all your heart, soul and strength and look good.

-Should you know how many previous sexual encounters your wife/husband had? God says "Forgive and I will remember no more". Forgive one another as God forgave you (this is a big one for Jeremy and many Christians because it's his free pass).

-People that are arrogant are the most insecure

-Some guy said there's no women left today that save themselves for marriage. He says it's not true. God says you think you are alone but you're not. It's a lie by society that is screaming that nobody is not having sex, nobody is not downloading porn, everybody is masturbating, it's a lie. People think everybody is doing this, everybody does's not true, don't think like that (Isn't that Jeremy's excuse for hate speech and drinking?)

- Don't play around with sin, kill it.

-Sex is only for marriage. It creates a bond, two people become one flesh. It's God's gift to husbands and wives and a curse to people that aren't married.

-Homosexuals are perverts. It's a sin and there's lots of sins, but there is something broken inside of homosexuals, they probably had a bad relationship with dad or were raised by a woman. Liberals are trying to convince people that it's not a sin but it is a sin. Homosexuals need to turn to God and they can be cured into living a heterosexual life.

I'll stop there. It's easy for me to see what Jeremy believes out of that, why he likes and what he ignores from that.

Likes hearing someone that is obviously intelligent and respected saying woman are meant to serve men. Likes hearing that gay people are going to hell. Likes hearing that God forgives his sin and loves him on his worst day.

He ignores everything that requires self restraint.

Lynn C said...

I think that young man, (Jon Mark?) is tremendously blessed. He obviously has a way of communicating to young people that isn't boring. I think he said they were doing that on Friday or Saturday nights. For him to gain an audience of young people he must have talent to capture their interest.

I disagree with you Rap. Substance matters. It is more important for Jeremy to show up and listen to this young man than it is for Jeremy to tell a tv audience that he loves God. Anybody can "say" he loves God. Jeremy is devoting his being and his time to God.

Nancy said...

The Roloffs are entitled to believe have they want. They aren't alone, but I wish they would publicize it. It's not right for Amy to take money from a "social justice" group supporting tolerance and acceptance for gay people when she supports the belief that gay people need to be cured.

They should be up front that they think gay people are going to hell. I totally understand why this compounds Jeremy using hate words like the nasty gay slur starting with the letter F.

Rap541 said...

"Jeremy is devoting his being and his time to God."

By attending this church but not following most of the core beliefs?

look at what Timothy listed here, Lynn, and ask yourself, was Jeremy following the word of the God he professes to believe in when he was grinning in bed with girls he wasn't married to?

How about being 20 years old and unemployed and living as a child with mommy and daddy? Is that a Man, living as a Man, or a boy not putting childish things behind?

I mean, sure Jer is proud to hate queers... now how much effort does that actually take? He certainly isn't making any effort to not lie in bed with girls... he's grinnin' while sinnin' and lets all bless him and hold him up as an example, right?

After all, he is a FINE Christian and an Example that you want your children to follow. Lynn, can we see the photos of your kids in bed with members of the opposite sex? :)

Jeremy talks the talk and makes no effort to actually walk the walk, folks.

Lynn C said...

Rap, do you think Spiritswander is lying when Spirits says that Jeremy adores this church or these videos and what Jon Mark talks about?

If Jeremy is attending these Bible groups on a Friday night and listening to hours worth of Biblical videos to better understand God, I don't know about you, but I consider that to be someone that is serious about Faith.

Is Jeremy a perfect follower of everything talked about? Of course not. Even Jon Mark explained he has things he needs to work on and make right with God.

What Jeremy is doing is showing that his belief in Jesus and giving his soul to God is more than empty words coming from his mouth. I agree, anyone can say "I love God". Jeremy is devoting his time to become close to God.

Kayla said...

Michelle, I think that is Jeremy in the audience on the wide shot.

That guy is pretty hot too!

Chris L said...

Like most Christians, he is full of contradictions. He starts out by saying make the most of your time now. Don't squander your time.

Then he tells a girl that she should not speak to her boyfriend for 6 months or an entire year. If they are in love, how is that not squandering their time? They could get into an accident and die in that six months apart. Maybe that person is their soul mate.

I'm not gay myself, but these Christians preaches and Christians in general never think of what it would be like to be gay. It's easy for him to condemn it. He's in love and having sex with his wife. He says people are designed to covet relationships and touch, but gay people don't fit with what he believes. His only answer is to tell them to change who they are. Terrible advice.

Deb said...

I don't agree with a lot of what he said because he is being very selective, but I have to admit he is good. Like someone up above said, I understand why he has a young following. I wouldn't be surprised to hear more from him one day.

Although I think it's actually quite offensive that he is advocating that gay people should be "treated", he also makes it clear though he doesn't use the exact words, that it is not right to use slurs or mock them. He says it is wrong to shame them.

Jason said...

No matter what any of them believe, nothing has or will change with them in the long run...even with success.

Jeremy will always be intellectually challenged. No matter how much he appreciates any doctrine, he'll never amount to anything but a sponge on his biased (unbelievably so) parents. He's not smart enough to make it in any job and doesn't have the drive or motivation to succeed at anything. It was terribly sad to see him squander his youth and any potential he COULD have had.

No matter what he professes to believe now, it won't matter in the end.

How does the saying go? Beauty fades, dumb is forever!

Rap541 said...

Rap, do you think Spiritswander is lying when Spirits says that Jeremy adores this church or these videos and what Jon Mark talks about?

Not at all. I think Jeremy likes going places with hsi friends where they can hang out and be praised and be made to feel good about themselves. You're equating attendence at church with acting as god would want you to, Attending a church where you pay lip service to the beliefs and proceed to sin, and then pull the "well, God forgives all sins so I will pray for you to stop judging me" isn't in any way accepting the beliefs of the church Jeremy attends.

He *knows* - since he attends and prosteliyzes how cool this church is - what the beliefs are. He knows its against his stated beliefs to lie in bed with unmarried women.

Lynn - is he even required to *try* to act right? or "he goes to church once a week PRAISE HIM FOR BEING AN AWESOME CHRISTION and if we see photos of him defling girls, well, he's not perfect but he's an awesome christian so praise him!"

You and Jeremy both seem to view being Christian as a get out of jail free card. Jeremy accepts Jesus so even tho he knows its wrong to say, lie in bed with unmarried girls, all he has to do is say "Sorry Jesus!" and he's an awesome Christian.

He doesn't have to try to be good. He just has to grin and sin and say he's sorry after the fact.... He doesn't have to do ANYTHING that might be difficult, like stand up for his faith, or be open about his faith, or follow any beliefs or rules that he feels like breaking or ignoreing.

He goes to church when he feels like it, and he's not just a good Christian, but an excellent one, and an example that needs to be held up.

Really Lynn, you have kids, if your daughter was caught in bed with a boy Jeremy's age, if she said she was sorry to jesus, do you consider her an example to other girls for showing how well she follows the tenants of her faith?

Under your basic requirements, Jeremy doesn't have to make any effort to be a good practicing Christian other than to attend church. He doesn't have to commit to the beliefs he doesn't like, he doesn't have to say he's Christian, he doesn't have to do anything remotingly uncomfortable or difficult.

I recall, when the lads were exploring Amsterdam's whore street and Zach balked at the idea because he felt it wasn't something they should do - I thought Zach was showing his Christian upbringing... and Zach got called a whiny suck for acting like a Christian should while Jeremy gets to grin and sin with his Christian girls in bed and be held up as an example... because going to church trumps actually acting CHristian.

Doesn't that bother you?

Suze said...

I am a liberal spiritual lesbian, my sister is a conservative Christian republican and my brother is an independent atheist. We were all raised in the Mormon faith. I am certain that I can speak for my entire family by saying that although we respect each others beliefs, we clearly do not think the same or have the same opinions on many topics (including religion) and would never like to be judged by or categorized by the beliefs of one another.

Vic Rattlehead said...


That speaker (Jon Mark)isn't a "blessed" man like you all him, he is just another ignorant hillbilly bible basher who picks and chooses what parts of the bible apply his version of the world and what things are "evil" in his eyes.

To paraphrase another "good christian" one Jimmy Swagart: people like him (Jon Mark) who pervert the word of god for money and fame are little more than cancers on the body of christ which must be excised.

Martin A said...

I think it needs to occur to the readers here exactly what Sprirt's intention is when posting about Jeremy's alleged viewpoints regarding his religion. It is worded very specifically to stir up controversy. And although he claims it to be true, it is rooted in speculation and hearsay from persons unknown.

Spiritswander said...


That is simply untrue. The viewpoints stated in the article is simply that Jeremy is very fond of this church and that Jeremy is an admirer of the speaker in the videos. If you feel that is controversial -- that is your opinion. However, we would not have stated such if it was not known to be absolutely, one hundred percent true -- That is that Jeremy has spent considerable time listening to the content of these sessions and has recommended these, in particular the "Loveolgy" series, to many of his friends.

If Jeremy feels we misrepresented him by stating that he is very enthusiastic about this church and this speaker specifically, he is more than welcome to set the record straight. However, there is nothing to set straight about that because it is true. If Jeremy would like to clarify if he believes every thing that John Mark is advocating in these videos, he is more than welcome to do so.

What we have said is that Jeremy is enthusiastic about this church and this speaker. That is the truth. What we have also said is that anytime the Roloffs religion is mentioned, it is a heavily debated issue among the different faction of Roloff fans. Regardless of your personal opinion or beliefs, you have to admit that some of what is said in the videos are controversial (women mainly being there to support her husband's calling on life and gay people being "broken" and in need of healing) and will be discussed by people that both agree with what was said and disagree with what was said.

Greg said...

Spirits, Martin is just upset because they know that stuff like the Roloffs attending a controversial extremist Church could hurt the Roloffs diversity speaking tours.

Timothy said...

Martin, you're really reaching. Jeremy already marked the Loveology vids in his favorites on his You Tube channel.

If you're going to try to deny facts, you better tell Jer to do a better job of concealing who he really is.

In all seriousness, I feel sorry for Jeremy because of that. His opinions, beliefs and thoughts all need to be done in secrecy and with deception because his parents know it could hurt the Roloff brand image.

Judy B said...

I don't know what is controversial or surprising about Jeremy liking this. The man in the video is a dynamic speaker. I would expect nothing less from Jeremy. I support his beliefs.

Spiritswander said...

By the way, nothing we report as a fact (if something is a random sighting, we state as such) is from "persons unknown".

If we are reporting something as a fact, the "person" or persons are very known to us and legitimate. We respect confidentiality one hundred percent. Many friends and associates of the Roloffs don't share some of the Roloffs negative opinion of this site.

Susan Coles said...

Suze, I'm not sure I know what the point is that you're making?

Are you suggesting that the other Roloffs don't have the extremist beliefs that Jeremy has?

I think it's entirely possible that Jeremy has more affection for this church if he goes with friends, but alone in his very conservative and traditional beliefs? I doubt that. I can see Matt's influence in some of those beliefs (the sexist attitudes) and Amy is very conservative )Focus on the Family).

Leigh said...

This continues to be one shock after another for me.

Even going back to the first time I heard about Jeremy using hate speech slurs. I know some kids talk that way, but I thought the Roloff kids would know better given their experience with being insulted. Obviously not.

Then I was further stunned when Amy linked the Focus On The Family website. Amy used to talk about her greatest fear was her kids being taken from her. She supports an organization that instills those kinds of fears in others.

Now Jeremy supports a church with such extreme beliefs that practices that gay people are need of a cure. It's shocking. I never would have pegged the Roloffs for this.

Martin said...

Spirits, when you use adjectives stating Jeremy is 'quite enthralled' and 'captivated' by this or that you are expressing opinion based on gossip, not fact. And when you say that the church the Roloff's attended on Christmas Eve is 'conservative' that is also an opinion and was clearly stated to imply the church preached against homosexuality. It is also interesting how you attribute Jeremy's alleged beliefs to all the Roloff family. News flash, not all family members act, think or believe the same.
Spirits says, "We're told by friends and can confirm that Jeremy is a big believer and of this speaker in particular."
Well Spirits, please do confirm and name your sources. Because unless you have talked to Jeremy Roloff himself and asked him exactly what his beliefs are or what, if anything, about this speaker interests him, all you have is speculation and gossip based on claims from persons unknown. Making such broad stroke statements and trying to paint them as known fact isn't any different then people saying Barak Obama believes as Rev. Jeremiah Wright preaches because Obama was once apart of his congregation.

Spiritswander said...

"Spirits, when you use adjectives stating Jeremy is 'quite enthralled' and 'captivated' by this or that you are expressing opinion based on gossip, not fact"

"Quite enthralled" and "captivated" are adjectives that accurately describe Jeremy's interest and enthusiasm for this church and the speaker. That is not gossip or opinion.

Martin, what is your agenda here because anyone that knows Jeremy would not argue a point that is known fact -- Jeremy is captivated by this church and this speaker.

"And when you say that the church the Roloff's attended on Christmas Eve is 'conservative' that is also an opinion and was clearly stated to imply the church preached against homosexuality."

Well, yes I suppose what constitutes "conservative" is a matter of opinion. The videos are available for your viewing. I believe most reasonable people (both liberal and conservative) would classify the teachings and beliefs presented as "conservative". John Mark often refers to *other* churches as being a "liberal church", which implies what is common sense -- that their church is more conservative in their beliefs and teachings.

As for the church's stance on homosexuality, that is explained in the video. Jeremy is welcome to have whatever religious beliefs he chooses. We are simply stating a well known fact about Jeremy. You're attempting to argue that it's not true, when in fact, it is true.

"It is also interesting how you attribute Jeremy's alleged beliefs to all the Roloff family. News flash, not all family members act, think or believe the same."

Actually what was said was that Jeremy in particular is the Roloff that was most enthusiastic about this particular church.

"Well Spirits, please do confirm and name your sources."

As stated, we value confidentiality and will not betray sources. No amount of baiting will lead to that :-)

"Because unless you have talked to Jeremy Roloff himself and asked him exactly what his beliefs are or what, if anything, about this speaker interests him, all you have is speculation and gossip based on claims from persons unknown. Making such broad stroke statements and trying to paint them as known fact isn't any different then people saying Barak Obama believes as Rev. Jeremiah Wright preaches because Obama was once apart of his congregation."

We have stated our position. Jeremy is very (choose your adjective) enthusiastic towards, enthralled, and captivated by this church and this speaker. He has spent a considerable amount of time listening to it and has recommended several teachings of this speaker to many of his friends. No one that knows Jeremy would deny his affection for this church or his admiration for the speaker. That is what we stand behind.

Again, Jeremy is more than welcome to speak for himself and clarify if he shares John Mark's views on all, some or none of the issues he enjoys listening to often and recommends.

Timothy said...

I am highly amused that someone is arguing against Jeremy liking this church and this series.

What this tells me is that the point Rap has been making all along is bang on. The Roloffs are afraid of their religious beliefs becoming known because they probably know it might nix one of Matt's 14 projects at least.

Greg said...

Do tell, Martin. Who is the liberal, atheist rebel in the Roloff family? Ha!

Brandon said...

Timothy, that could be the reason why Matt doesn't trust Jeremy to talk. Better to keep the golden boy's radical beliefs under wraps.

Christine said...

Jeremy's church of choice is consistent with Amy's support of Focus on the family and Ron's 'only Christians are Americans' attitude.

Martin, Why did the Roloffs go to this church like Matt said in his video if they don't believe in it? Did they all go to support it because Jeremy loves it so much?

Dana said...

Martin, intentional or not, I don't like your implication that Jeremy is straying from the Roloffs core faith by supporting what this man is preaching? It's not controversial. It's what any true Christian believes.

In Ron and Peggy's holiday video Ron said his holiday wish is that his grandkids become even closer to the Lord. Amy interviewed that her greatest wish for her kids is that they stay close to God and live for Jesus. I am sure that all the Roloffs are thrilled that Jeremy has put his heart into what this pastor preaches.

Austin said...

Jeremy talks like bigot. He goes to a church that preaches bigotry. There's a pattern.

Rap541 said...

Martin if the Roloffs attend a church that hires a speaker who preaches how gays can be cured (see the previous article on this topic) then yes, they attend a conservative church that preaches against homosexuality. If Amy Roloff supports Focus on the Family, then yes, she's supporting an organization that uses the church against homosexuality.

If there is something that draws the Roloffs attention to these organizations but they otherwise disavow the stance their church and Focus on the Family has, they are very welcome to say so and have not.

I've heard from other sources that Jeremy does indeed love this church and has recommended the video sermons to many of his friends. It's part of what enforces my belief that the Roloffs were always pretty careful to make sure that their more extreme beliefs were downplayed or hidden so that they could have a larger audience and make more money.

Now, the show is done, and Jeremy is an adult, Martin. Is Jeremy NOT enthralled with this church? He's certainly free to say so, isn't he? I mean, at some point, and frankly that point was about two years ago, Jer-Bear isn't gonna need permission from Daddy and Daddy standing three feet away to make sure Jer-Bear says exactly what he was told to say, to speak for himself.

What if he does attend and love this church? Its not my cup of tea, but it sure seems like someone doesn't want it known.

Samantha P said...

Martin, why are you denying that Jeremy loves it? It's nothing to be ashamed of and I can tell you for sure that Jeremy is not ashamed of it! It's the exact opposite.

It's an awesome church. Everyone that has been loves it.

BeckyM said...

Wouldn't matter to me what church they go/went too or how bigoted they are if they did not produce a show that was ALL about acceptance of people who are "different."

I live in the Bible belt, surronded by evangelist preachers (2 HUGE Bible colleges) who think they can cure with their hands - have worked for the worst employees ever (both devout "Christians" who lied and had drug using sons) so please, I know all about these types first hand.

You can't have it both ways. That's the rub and why the family has NOT been open about their religious and political beliefs contrary to Amy's interview that they were.

If they want to go to an anti-gay church, is it acceptable for me to go to an anti-midget (slur deliberate) church...? Would that be okay with everyone? Would I be American enough for the Roloffs?

Personally the Roloffs should beware of their own mouths. It wasn't that long ago that people with their disability were in freak shows (and now they sell themselves on the freak channel - TLC) and circuses as "amusements" for the "normal" people.

Watch those glass houses and rocks, Roloffs. The next stoning could be yours.

Susan Coles said...

Well said, Becky.

The saying that I always think of regarding the Roloffs and their fight against gay rights and acceptance?

The old poem that has changed a few times over time. The "Then they came for me" poem.

It's a free country and they are allowed to believe what they want. It does bother me that they hold themselves up as diversity speakers yet have bigoted views. How many of their fans might not be as supportive if they knew the Roloffs have kids that spew hate speech slurs (and never apologize for them) and believe that gay people require therapy to be cured? It's almost scandalous for people that are collecting money from diversity organizations.

Your point is a good one. People with dwarfism need to pray to God that they get taller because God did not intend adults to be 4 ft tall. They shouldn't be able to raise average height children either.

Am I now qualified for the diversity speaking tour and a tv show?

Melanie Connors said...

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm disappointed to learn that the Roloffs have such bigoted opinions. I don't care whether they are religious or not, they are bigoted and intolerant. How people that make a livelihood off "diversity" can be so bigoted is beyond me.

I have a hard time believing Jeremy is the only bigot in the family. Usually kids pick up those ideas from their parents.

Samantha P said...

Martin, where did you go? You might want to look through the fan list on Solid Rock's official page on facebook.

Guess who is a proud fan SR/John Mark Comer?

Timothy said...

Samantha P, Martin doesn't care about the truth. Martin is the same type of poster that tries to convince people Jeremy has lots of gay friends.

Yep, any gay person that I've ever known loves being friends with people that think they're going to hell and believe they need to be cured.

Martin doesn't care that it's true Jeremy supports what that speaker says in his sermons. Martin just wants to make people doubt it because Martin knows what Matt knows, that kind of extreme belief could hurt the Roloffs down the road.

Kyle said...

I just can't wrap my head around the extent of the Roloffs bigotry. Jeremy loves this guy's sermons!

Gay people are perverts, broken and they're gay because they didn't have a good relationship with their father....what a bunch of crap.

I think I want to join the anti dwarf movement now to give the Roloffs a taste of their own medicine.

Riley Roars said...

It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. The politician that the Roloffs support, Bruce Starr, is one of the most anti-gay politicians in the country.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Roloffs use gay slurs. They support bigotry and intolerance against gay people in their church speakers and they whole heartedly support anti gay politicians.

"Representative Chuck Riley is challenging incumbent Bruce Starr for the District 15 Senate seat. Riley was elected in 2004 to the Oregon House of Representatives where he worked to fully fund Oregon’s schools, reduce healthcare costs and reform the payday loan process. Riley is a pro-equality candidate and was a solid vote on Oregon’s 2007 non-discrimination and domestic partnership laws. His opponent has one of the worst voting records in Oregon-- he (Bruce Starr) voted to oppose both laws. The choice is clear, and it is Riley."

Vic Rattlehead said...

To all of those ignorant posters who think that it's acceptable for people like this John Mark clown to preach hate fear and intolerance a few things for you to think about:

What he is saying when he says women should be seen not heard and should live their lives in silent service to their husbands or suffer their wrath he is essentially saying that it's perfectly alright to for a man to beat and abuse his wife if he feels that he's justified in doing it.

Fact: in states where the percentage of fundamentalist religious beliefs are the highest the percentage of men on death row for murdering their wives did so after having long histories of abusing their spouses and often use religion to justify what they did is also remarkably higher.

When you marginalize people who are in a minority like gay people just because they are different you are justifying any acts of violence against them.

Fundamentalist Christians in this country have this victim complex that they love to use as a way to justify their fear and ignorance and refuse to admit that more often than not they are the victimizers and not the victimized.

Dana said...

Vic, you're deranged. That's NOT what John Mark is saying at all. He explains that single women should not be at home pining for a man. They should be out living their lives. When they are married, the woman should support her husband. Why is this controversial? I am there to support my husband and help him in his life.

Nowhere does John Mark advocate men abusing women! He talks of respect and honoring women.

Vic Rattlehead said...

What John Mark is arguing for when he says things like that is the subjugation of women and making them into subservient spouses.

It doesn't honor women to tell them that they should "shut up stand aside and be obedient wives".

People like John Mark teach selfishness and ignorance to lie ignorant people like Jeremy into believing garbage they don't understand.

And what I said about States with the highest number of self described fundie christians (like Kentucky where 15 of 40 men who are on death row are there for murdering their spouses or their spouses and children openly describe themselves as fundamentlist christians) also have the highest number of men on death row condemned for murdering their wives often after years of spousal abuse which is often justified by their citation of cedrtain biblical verses that say it's ok to beat your wife or child.

Marc said...

Hello my name is Marc, I live in The Netherlands and I am a christian & married and was BORN gay. This is who I am and this is how GOD made me. God is all about love and respect, not about ignorance and hate.

Dana said...

Marc, you can't be a Christian and be gay. As John Mark says, the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. It is. You can't be a Christian and believe God condones it.

Please listen to the video that is linked. Listen to John Mark Comer. In the next video he lists a website that can help you.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Hey Dana you hatemonger.

People like you and John Mark Comer (ironic last name that considering people like him actually alienate people from christianity) are the ones who clearly don't understand what real christianity is.

Real christianity is about accepting people as they are loving your neighbor and NOT BEING JUDGMENTAL OR SELFISH.

The kind of christianity that John Mark Comer pushes is the selfish "god only loves you if you're like us" train of thought that ignorant hicks and unintelligent boobs like Jeremy follow because they are too stupid to see what a lie it is.

These are the major flaws in the fundamentalist thought process are:

1: the fact that they so arrogantly act as if they are the only ones that god "loves" and that he "hates gays and anyone who supports gays so therefore he hates america for recognizing gays" (like Fred Phelps and his vile daughter like to say).

2: They want to legislate morality like they did with alcohol prohibition and want to do with abortion gay marriage and anything else they consider "wicked" without realizing that it never works.

3: They love freedom of expression unless that expression offends them in some way then they wage war against that free expression by ordering boycotts and start demanding censorship to appease them like Marry Whitehouse did in Britain during the 70's and clowns like Pat Robertson Jerry Falwell (thank god he's dead) and the ultimate religious con man Billy Graham (ditto with Falwell) tried and failed to do here in the 80's.

4: They don't understand that modern science is close to proving that homosexuality is caused by biological factors (meaning it's natural) and therefore can't be cured anymore than the common cold or flu can be cured so no matter how much church sponsored brainwashing "therapy" a gay person is put through it will not change who they are.

Marc is right and you are totally and utterly wrong, god loves everyone not just those fundies who act as if they and they alone are deserving of his love and compassion or at least that's what I learned in catholic sunday school when I was a child.

Timothy said...

Hi Marc, I'm curious, is it actually possible to be gay and be Christian? How do you believe?

Most Christians that I know do believe that the Bible is the world according to Jesus. I think that yes, the Bible does say homosexuality is a sin.

Is it possible to be a Christian and not believe the anti gay sentiments? The "one man, one woman?

How do people that are gay or even not anti-gay, but are Christian, explain it? Do you think the anti gay messages in the Bible are lies, but you believe the rest of it?

I'm not Christian or gay, I'm just wondering how people that are gay or pro-gay rights accept the Bible? Thanks.

Marc said...


Don't tell me what I can or can not be.
I am a christian and I am gay.

I wish you all the best !


I don't have all the answers, what I do know is that we are all human.
I try to live my life with empathy, compassion and without prejudice.
For me it all starts with love and respect in order to find balance in life, what I think, say and do.

I don't think in terms of heaven or hell, life is not just black or white.
Life is a palette of colors.

Is god only found in the bible or church ?
Personally I don't think so, for me god is all around us.
Listen and see around you and you will find god is everywhere, that is what I do.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Best regards

Dana said...

Marc, no real Christian could believe what you wrote.

"I don't think in terms of heaven or hell..."

You're not a Christian if you don't believe in heaven, hell and that the Bible is the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rap541 said...

And as a follower of Christ, Dana, you concede and accept that you are not God and have no place judging someone else's beliefs? Or has Jesus personally told you who to hate and spit on, hate is Christ's way?

Come on Dana, has Jesus personally told you that you have a right to judge, and to hate? :) Because if Jesus Christ has not done that, you have NO right as a Christian to judge anyone. Come on Dana, has Jesus personally handed you the right to hate? :)

If I have learned nothing else from "Roloff Christians" its that Roloff Christians love to hate! Matt? Do you love how your followers HATE? Matt?

Dana said...

I did not say anything about that. I do not hate. Rap, you're famous for putting words in other people's mouths. You're typical of gays and the gay agenda that accuse Christians of "hating" when we are only stating that we as Christians do not support homosexual lifestyle.

Listen to the video of John Mark as Jeremy does. Christians want homosexuals to turn to Jesus for help. I want them to enter the Kingdom of God as John Mark says in his sermon. To do so, they need to turn to Jesus for healing.

Listen to what John Mark says:

"One, homosexuality is a sin. Contrary to the lie of liberal church culture, plain and simple homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God".

It's people like you that turn that into "God hates".

Rap541 said...

You do believe Jeremy has the right to call homosexuals ugly names, right?

Jeremy has the *right* as a Christian, per you.

Christians have the *right* to treat others as less.

Dana - you do approve of Jeremy calling homosexuals *f*ggots*, yes?

Come on Dana - is Jeremy allowed to cruelly namecall others in the name of Christ?

He doesn't approve of gays so he gets a free pass to call them names.... how is that NOT a free pass to hate, Dana?

Dana? come on, Jeremy calling gays names, is it his right?

Does John Mark endorse his flock heading out to namecall? Do you?

In all seriousness Dana, if you and Jeremy *geniunely* believe homosexuals can be cured, do you really think Jeremy saying "Hey f*ggithole, get your gay bragging ass! Fagg*t!" is going to lead anyone to Jesus? If you geniunely believe homosexuals are sick, why all the disdain, why the namecalling and bullying? Why do you endorse Jeremy driving people away from God with his hateful words?

Leslie said...

What a horrible message to give people. I would have never thought the Roloffs could be so close minded given their own experiences. As long as they are accepted, the Roloffs don't care, I guess?

"If you are struggling with your orientation, it is a perversion of the natural desire, which simply means there is something broken deep within and you, like the rest of us, need healing. But I have good news for you. Jesus is in the business of healing."

I firmly believe people like this speaker will be in for a great surprise one day when he finds out that God made people in all different ways and he wanted these people to accept themselves for the way he designed them and to ignore all the ignorant external pressures from the likes of John Mark and his followers like Jeremy.

M.Quiron said...

I would question any church that earns the appeal of Jeremy Roloff. He shames what it means to be Christian.

Owen said...

Martin, you are grossly mistaken. Jeremy is good friends with the entire Comer family and all that have the privilege of serving at the church.