Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ron and Peggy Roloff Having Some Health Concerns in Thailand

Matt Roloff's parents, Ron and Peggy Roloff are currently back in Thailand, where they returned to help against the child sex trade industry.

Unfortuntely this time both Ron and Peg are experiencing some medical problems although Ron seems to be improving.

They are blogging about their experience both on Peggy's website:

And on their Fan Facebook page:

Here are some excerpts:

Jan 4th
11 in Sickness and in Health
By Peggy Roloff

"Our promise when we married was ‘in sickness and in health’. We both made the trip to the hospital here in Chiang Mai yesterday. My left ankle /leg is still swollen and red from the bobby sox line to my toes. That’s what drove me to go again to the hospital. (third trip) This time the doctor says it is cellulitus which can be serious. I’m going to give the drugs a couple of days (began with one yesterday and another last night) to see what happens. He said if it didn’t get better then come in for an injection.. not a shot but an injection!! That didn’t get lost in the translation.

I posted on our facebook but haven’t told those of you who don’t go there. The back of Ron’s thigh has several angry welts and the doctor thinks it’s shingles. At this point we’ll just have to get better. Infact just checked Ron’s leg and it is much better.. I think the 3 in one ointment we brought is making the difference. started using it yesterday morning and it’s healing already. Angry and nasty looking big red welts but drying up. sorry to discust you.

My leg is a different story and I wouldn’t want infection in the bone. it is drawn in one place that is so sore and that concerns me. Like my bobby sox were too tight. We’ll be keeping close watch and right now is the best time as the teams are gone and with the holidays over things are settling down. no pressing needs except to get to Burma and get our passport visas renewed. It’s a 3 hr. drive but can be done in one day. We are going tomorrow. Today I kept my leg up on the back of the couch which is really awkward trying to type on this..

Thank you for your prayers and love, Peggy and Ron"


JimW said...

I hope they get bettter. It's nice they want to help out around the world, but personally I would never go to countries like that or China. Too many diseases.

Aidan said...

I've been to Thailand, no problems and even Cambodia, a third world country, unlike China, and didn't get the slightest bit ill. Didn't even take special precautions e.g. shots, malaria tablets, not eating street food. I'm glad I didn't prevent myself from seeing the wonders of Angkor Wat just because I was afraid of "too many diseases".

JimW said...

Aidan, to each their own. Me and my kid? No way. I hope the best for Peg, but it doesn't come as a big surprise. Then there's the issue of poor medical treatment.

Shadow said...

Cellulitis and shingles are not the type of illnesses you get from travel. They happen anywhere, anytime.

patricia giaquinto said...

God bless you both,prayers will be said for you both