Friday, January 21, 2011

Washington County Denies Wrong-doing In Roloff Lawsuit

For the first time since the Roloffs officially filed a lawsuit against Washington County for $200,000 -- Washington County has commented -- to the Portland Business Journal. The county state that the actions of their inspector, John Wheeler, were appropriate and that the Roloffs had previously provided Wheeler with permission and access codes to discuss construction activities with contractors.

Wendy Culver of the Portland Business Journal has the following in her new article January 21, 2011.

"In a response filed Jan. 12, Washington County acknowledged that Wheeler crawled through the fence and was taking photos.

But it said Wheeler’s actions were acceptable because he was investigating potentially unpermitted activities. It said the couple previously provided Wheeler with permission and access codes to enter the property to discuss construction activities with contractors.

The county also denies that Wheeler initiated a physical conflict with Amy Roloff, who pursued Wheeler back to his truck after ordering him off her property.

“Defendant John Wheeler did not intend to cause Amy Roloff emotional distress and the conduct of John Wheeler was not an extraordinary transgression of the bounds of socially tolerable conduct where the entry was limited to viewing activities in an open field and the defendant complied when asked to get off the property. This is particularly true in this case where plaintiffs filmed the entire incident and Amy Roloff was physically aggressive towards defendant John Wheeler,” it said."

You can read Wendy Culver's full article on the Portland Business Journal.


Brandon said...

Wooh! They're fighting it. Go Washington County!

Rap541 said...

Yeah, giving out access codes screams "I thought he broke in to rape my daughter and I had no idea who this was!" doesn't it?

I'm not getting excited until it actually goes to trial. But I do appreciate that Washington County is pointing out the reality that she told him to leave and then Amy got physically aggressive.

David said...

I'm also glad that they pointed out the obvious, that Amy got physically aggressive with the inspector.

tay said...

what does this mean?

"The Roloffs sued the county in state court in October for trespassing and civil rights violations. The suit, later moved to U.S. District Court for Oregon, seeks $200,000 in damages related to a confrontation with a building inspector that was caught by cameras filming for the TV show."

they sued them in october? but it got moved up to district court in december?

Anonymous said...

The reason that Amy got physical was because the inspector wasn't leaving and wouldn't tell her who he was. He had no identification and wouldn't tell her and he would't leave until she started to get angry.

Anonymous said...

If I remember right - after Amy told him to leave she was the one who tried to stop him as he walked to his truck and physically stopped him from driving away.
Another Roloff publicity stunt just as they do everything possible to this day to stay in the limelight with coffee mornings and U-tube videos.
It is high time they just went away.

jean todd said...

I love the roloffs and the show.I did not think amy was in the wrong at all.You go girl.I'm on your you all.

onyourside said...

No entity of government has the right to enter onto your land to "see" if something your doing or might be doing is up to "code" without your permission. To sneak over a fence and "gather" evidence by taking pictures is a serious violation of your constitutional rights. Could you imagine if the police entered your property to take pictures of you while you were in your house to see if you were breaking the law? If they suspected something of being not to code then they should have facilitated an inspection by notifying the land owners of their intent to do so. I hope Amy wins this one.

Brandon said...

You're completely wrong, Onyourside.

The government's safety inspector's absolutely has a right to enter your property to ensure safety.

The section of the code states that the inspector is allowed to enter the property during a reasonable hour. This obviously took place in the afternoon.

The inspector was not sneaking around the house peaking into the windows. He was in an open field to take pictures of a potentially dangerous structure that could have injured someone. Unless the county is lying, they were investigating complaints from the neighbors about the boat and the possibility that it was going to fall over and crush someone. The Roloffs are the same people that built a structure that nearly killed two people and could have killed and injured more. Also if the county is telling the truth, Matt had given the inspector that he knew for years the security codes for the inspector to enter the property and discuss his the structures with Matt's contractors.

The police officer explained why safety inspectors don't give the owners advance warning of their visits. It's for the same reason that health and safety inspectors don't inform employers and restaurants when they will be arriving to inspect.

Lets play "what if". What if the county isn't lying (I doubt they're lying about this because it will be easy for them to prove) about neighbors complaining about the possibility of the structure being dangerous and crushing someone.

What if that inspector didn't investigate that day.

What if later that day one of Jacob's friend or what the hell, Mueller and Jeremy were playing around the boat and it fell, killing Mueller.

You know that the deceased's family could hold the county responsible. They got reports that it could have toppled over, but they didn't investigate it in a timely fashion.

Mike P said...

It is people like the Roloffs who have made it necessary that health and safety inspectors have authority to make surprise inspections.

It's not bad government at work, it's bad citizenship.

If people like the Roloffs didn't consistently thumb their noses at land-use law and building codes, didn't jeer at neighborhood complaints about their behavior, didn't consider themselves special and exempt from the law, these apparent "intrusions" wouldn't happen nearly so often. If at all.

The Roloff couple not only deserve to loose their suit, they deserve to be counter-sued for costs.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, lets stop mincing words. Government officials can come on your property without your invitation and express permission under MANY circumstances. The county says it had complaints. Whether they're lying is a different issue - legally they have to investigate code complaints and no, they don't *have to* have your express permission. In fact, another reality show "Hoarders" on A&E and "Hoarders: Buried Alive" on TLC make it pretty clear that one's right to own property and do whatever the heck you like is not without restrictions.

And frankly if the issue is the constitutionality of the inspecter even stepping one foot on the property... why is Amy claiming emotional distress in the lawsuit? Complete with "Molly was stalked! Our home was burglarized!" to explain her horror at the stranger (who appeared on camera years earlier so therefore at some point at the very least signed a filming agreement to be on the show) on her property....

Brandon sums it up nicely. If all government officials are prevented by law from entering your property, no exceptions, then why hasn't Matt and Amy pursued criminal charges?

Two Words said...

Ruby Ridge

Rap541 said...

Yes, Amy finding a county inspector on her property investigating complaints and ordering him off, only to then change her mind and try to detain him by sitting on him in his car, while being filmed by her camera crew, is the exactly the same as the ATF fabricating illegal weapons charges, surrounding the Weaver home, and executing a 13 year old and his mother while the mother was holding a baby.

The Roloffs are certainly as victimized by the government... I mean, it was Washington County that parked that big old ark there, wasn't it? And Washington County tricked Matt into making that unsafe trebuchet and we should always remember, Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff are clearly being viciously assaulted and never ever in Christ's name ever, deserve anything but "God bless you! You're right and never wrong! Not perfect like Jesus but there are never ever any valid criticisms of a Roloff!"

Really, I am still waiting for "Matt 'Never lies because he's with Jesus!' Roloff's" interviews that he said he did in the national media over how he's cyberbullied and how serious he thinks these cyber bully stalkers are!

Perhaps someday soon, he'll share how he truly feels the pain of the Weavers since his family has been thru the same thing ;)