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The Roloff World Blog (Matt Roloff Blog Project) Review by Spiritswander

As Matt has mentioned on his Facebook Page, he has entered the world of blogging on Blogger.

People have been asking for the scoop on it, Matt's motivation and for my opinion of it? One of our frequent, pro-Roloff poster -- Dana -- posed this question: "Spirits, are you worried that you have competition in the Roloff blogging world with the blog Matt has been talking about?"

The answer would no. As we have stated many times, no one associated with Spiritswander makes a single dime off this blog. So it's not like we are the Burger King afraid that a McDonalds opened around the corner and will make us broke.

We do what we do and people seem to appreciate it. Our niche is that we are an independent site focusing on the Roloffs without an agenda. Our goal has always been to be a news outlet regarding the Roloffs and LPBW related people and items. We present all information - The Good, Bad and Ugly. We present it, sometimes voice if I feel it is a good, bad or ugly and then you, the reader, can decide for yourself what you think of the information. We have always subscribed by the theory that people appreciate knowing about the buzz, about what is going on. They like to know for themselves. They don't like to have information censored because someone doesn't want you to know something. So we attempt to pass along all information and be as honest and as real as possible.

Obviously the official Roloff and TLC sites have value for people interested in the Roloffs. People always enjoy hearing what they have to say publicly or the Roloff PR Spin. However, that can also be the downside of offical sites -- particularly Matt Roloff run sites. They are under the direction of Matt and (understandably) you're only going to hear what Matt Roloff wants you to hear -- what has been described as the 'Matt Roloff Spin'.

As for my opinion on Matt Roloff having an official blog they are associated with and why? I do have to wonder why Matt feels it is necessary? One of the stated reasons was to have a place for more expanded thoughts and Matt's Facebook posts need to be brief. Well, there is such a thing as "Notes" on Facebook pages (which basically is a blog post) that could serve that purpose if that was the real reason.

I have to agree with some of our frequent readers that concluded the same thing. It's no secret that the only consistent Roloff blog on the internet is Spiritswander. Matt hates that there is a source of Roloff information that he isn't in control of so....ta-da -- RoloffWorld.blogspot ?

As for the blog is being presented as a Roloff friend who has thoughts independent of Matt. A Roloff friend that talks to Camerino and has lunch with Matt and knows the ins and outs of Matt's day and blogs about it, as well as relays stories about how although Matt was sick and not feeling well, he still graciously chatted with an excited fan.

Matt then revealed that it's a person named Dallah who runs the RoloffWorld blogspot. If that name sounds familiar, it's probably because Matt has mentioned her before -- she is the admin of his Fan Facebook Page (you might recall Amy mentioning in a coffee chat that Matt has "tons" of staff working on his social networking projects).

Dec 15 Matt Roloff = Thank you .. Thank you to all the fabulous people on here that helped me with my facebook problem. ITS FINALLY FIXED!! yea!! A special thanks to Dallah who helps admin my facebook.

As I said, we always try to be real here, so let's examine together.

Let me ask, how many of you, have a daily blog about your real life friends for the purpose of posting about how wonderful they are? We have interacted with many real Roloff friends and associates over the years and I can tell you, real Roloff friends are not the type of people who are so in awe of their friends that they spend their days blogging all about them. And in fairness to Matt, he's not really hiding that fact since he did mention her name -- she works for Matt on his Facebook page.

So that's explains why the Roloff World blogger seems very much like a Matt Roloff staffer -- and if it is a Matt Roloff staffer then that means it is a Matt Roloff project.

We can share a few real details to give you an idea of what Matt is like with friends and information. Perhaps one of the most insightful descriptions of Matt came from a very close friend of the Roloffs. The exact quote was "There is no way, if it's not Matt's way. Matt is in charge of everything." Friends have reported that Matt has given them instructions that he doesn't want them speaking about the Roloffs (keep in mind, most of their core group of friends would be nothing but positive anyway), but Matt doesn't want them letting out any detail that he might not want the public knowing. Matt himself has spoken about this in the past - publicly posting that he would cut friends out of their circle if he found out they were talking about them (not necessarily anything bad, simply talking). It kind of makes one wonder what there is to hide, doesn't it?

By the way, it's not necessarily anything imporant. Matt likes to portray a certain family image -- such as a routine question about the music the kids like -- Matt says his kids listen to Gospel if a friend was speaking and someone asked them what music they listen to when they hang with the Roloffs and they say something like the Red Hot Chili Peppers -- while certainly not scandulous, it does have the potential to contradict the Matt Roloff wholesome family image he is portraying.

Another story that gives insight into Matt and his control of information is a few years ago when fans on Matt's website wanted to ask Jeremy and Zach questions. A fan that Zach had accepted onto his real Myspace account years ago, volunteered to ask Zach questions and report his answers. The fan stated that Zach agreed. The next thing that happened was Matt's appointed staff stating that Matt did not like that idea and it was best that the questions and answers go through her. Matt obviously wanted to ensure that nothing was asked and nothing was reported without his knowledge. The result was that they were all very fluffy question and answers and one carefully crafted and phrased question about a controversial subject.

So Matt Roloff has a reputation of being very paranoid about people that know the Roloffs talking about them. And now all of a sudden, Matt is completely on board with a friend blogging about them. Not only that, but the blog has implied that Camerino might even write... and Jeremy and Zach might contribute too, so.....yes, I would say that it makes sense that it is actually Matt's staff, at least the person that works for Matt as his admin on his Facebook page.

I must admit, I did find it a little humorous that Matt states that the kids are eager to have Dallah share their all of their news. As one of our visitors already commented -- the Roloff kids do indeed know how to use computers and could -- if they wanted -- communicate for themselves -- especially the 20 year old adults. The explanation for that is probably best explained above. Matt likes to have all public comments and information that is released to the public from the family go through him and his staff.

Also, I think observant followers can probably determine for themselves just how eager the Roloff kids *really* are to communicate with fans. Matt was quite forthcoming about how Jacob didn't want him posting videos or pictures of them out together. On Amy's coffee chat, Zach's reluctance to give more than one word answers demonstrated his eagerness to participate. And I think a wise person can deduce how eager Jeremy was to communicate with fans from the coffee chat Amy held in the Roloff dining room while Jeremy was getting breakfast. Amy speaking to an off camera Jeremy and Zach put them on the spot "Hey Zachary, guys wanna come here for a sec? (Amy big smile as no one immediately comes)...yes I know...they lovvvvve it. They are begrudgingly coming. But that's why I love them, because they'll do it for their mom."

So now that the notion that the Roloff kids are "chomping at the bit" to have one of Matt's staff blog their own thoughts and stories for them is a little hard to swallow.

I think the logical conclusion would be that Matt is obviously in control of it all, everything goes through Matt -- regardless of what they will say publicly. There seems to be an effort to stress that Matt is not in control -- which I don't believe at all. That would completely go against Matt Roloff's style. Matt doesn't just let friends talk about them, employees speak, or even his own (almost) 20 year old sons without him being in control of the information.

I also note the disclaimer -- "The views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Matt Roloff." So since it is a Matt Roloff staffer most likely operating under the direction of Matt Roloff -- it seems to be a way for Matt to express himself, his spin on subjects without actually ever being held accountable for what is said.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Amy Roloff Speech at Shepherd University

This article has a nice recap of Amy's recent speech at Shepherd University in West Virginia.

SHEPHERDSTOWN - Amy Roloff told the crowd at Shepherd University that it had not been the ridicule, judgment, name calling and criticism from others that were most damaging to her potential, but rather her own negative attitudes about herself.

Roloff spoke to more than 200 people in the student center about overcoming adversity in recognition of National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day Wednesday morning in a presentation sponsored by Shepherd University Intramurals.

"I had to overcome my own attitudes and perceptions of myself. I had to believe that I was here for a reason and that I, even as a little person, had value," Roloff said. "To do that, I needed some sort of hope and some sort of faith. I had to understand that God doesn't make mistakes."

Roloff delivered a humorous and heartfelt presentation to the crowd of mostly students at the Storer Center. She focused her lecture around a quote from Mike Singletary, former NFL player who most recently coached the San Francisco 49ers. The quote, "Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play," sums up the challenge for little people and lots of other people too, Roloff said.

"All anyone wants is the opportunity to play the game," she said.

Worrell felt she would be a perfect fit and described the event as a great success.

"I'm a big fan of the show. And she worked in education, she played sports and she coached soccer. And she's also a beautiful person," he said.

You can read the full article on the

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amy Roloff Responds (sort of) To Reaction Of Roloff Cat Tossing Pictures

Amy Roloff has responded...sort public reaction of the photos depicting her son Jeremy Roloff and his best friend that Amy has referred to as her "5th kid", Jacob Mueller, tossing the Roloff cat, Mo, towards the ceiling while Jeremy took pictures.

People have been posting the pictures all over Matt and Amy's Facebook fan pages as well as Amy's Charity Foundation Facebook page.

Amy Roloff made several comments Tuesday night which appear to be in reponse to the cat tossing. The most direct comment was in response to a person named Mary commenting on the picture:

Mary wrote: "awww poor cat! disgraceful and no excuses can make this behaviour acceptable!"

Amy Roloff then wrote: "No one is giving or making excuses Mary. But to make assumptions about something or someone by a picture or show and think you have enough in that choice I would think ... Hmmm. Have I met you?"

I have to say that personally, I am disappointed in Amy's response. There is not one word from her denouncing cat tossing or a critical word for Jeremy or Mueller throwing the cat. Essentially what she appears to be saying is that unless you know Jeremy or Jacob Mueller personally, you have no right to criticize them or deem the behavior to be mean, cruel, unacceptable, shameful, etc.

So if you see someone doing something that is unacceptable and wrong, you should not speak out against it unless you know the offender personally? I think that is ridiculous. It is not a rumor or speculation that Jacob Mueller threw the cat while Jeremy Roloff sat on the couch to take pictures of the airborne cat. I don't care if it's your cousin, your friend, your co-worker, a celebrity or a complete stranger -- if you see someone throwing a cat in the air you should say it's wrong. People should always speak out about things that are wrong -- especially when the victims are people or animals that cannot defend themselves. Does Amy honestly think people should not have an opinion and should stay silent when they see Jeremy and Mueller throwing Mo towards the ceiling? Apparently so.

Anyhow, that is my personal view regarding Amy's response.

Amy Roloff made other comments tonight that are obviously related to the cat tossing scandal.

Rick: Amy, my wife and I visited your farm in October, and we were really happy to see you and the family. As animal lovers it was nice to see Rocky getting around pretty good. How is he doing, is he still gettin along pretty good? I hope so, he seems like such a good dog. Anyway, I hope that all the family is happy and doing well.

Amy Roloff: Rick. Thank you for visiting the farm. Because we know the time and care it takes to have pets in ones life/family is why we just have family pets. We love Rocky and he's doing good. Still a little hard for him to get around because little arthritis he's a good dog. We love our Spike and Mo too - our cats.
On her charity foundation page, Amy made this post with pictures.

Amy Roloff: Not that these pictures I posted have anything to do with what I and my charity foundation does to support advocate for kids, I thought I would post since someone posted pics of our cat Mo. Family pets to love and do wonders and add to kids and family's lives.

Ahh Rocky still doing awesome and family dog, especially the boys.

Spike the cat and I. Mo sleeping in her nice corner of my office. Mollys cat

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pictures of Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller Cat Tossing

A series of pictures depicting Jeremy Roloff and his best friend and pretty much a Little People, Big World regular - Jacob Mueller, are making the rounds on the internet. The pictures show them tossing the black and white Roloff cat (Mo) high in the air towards the ceiling, snapping pictures of the feline they sent airborne.

In the first picture Mueller is holding the cat.

In the second picture, Mueller has the cat in mid launch as Jeremy Roloff is positioned on the couch ready to snap pictures of the "action" (no word if these pictures will be part of a Jeremy Roloff photography portfolio...this is probably not what fans had in mind when the Roloffs speak of Jeremy's love of picture taking...)

The third picture shows the frantic cat high in the air.

After some people notified us of these pictures, one of the reasons why we wanted to discuss them was that it is an example of something that has come up time and time again. The Roloffs present a certain image to the public. Trusting fans believe that image. If someone has knowledge that the Roloffs real life actions contradict that image, the Roloff faction deems them either to be lying or "haters". And one of the main criticisms of the Roloff family from detractors is that the Roloffs real life actions differ tremendously from the image they portray to the public for business purposes.

With regards to this subject, Matt has posted a cutesy picture of Jeremy Roloff "rescuing" another Roloff cat from a tree. In one of Matt's You Tube videos, he spoke about how they are extremely careful when putting the calico cat on the ground because the cat has poor vision so they must be very, very gentle. Those comments/picture are met by applause and praise from animal lovers everywhere. "Oh, Jeremy is so sweet for helping that poor cat. God bless him!" "Matt, I love cats too. Thank you guys so much for being so compassionate towards that poor creature'...and comments such as those.

Yet in actuality, evening entertainment for the Roloff kids and their beloved best friends apparently consists of cat tossing and joyfully snapping pictures of the cat's ordeal. I think it's fair to say that most of those ('Jeremy is so sweet and gentle with the cat') comments from the animal lovers would be retracted if people knew that this is an example of what Jeremy and his friends do for fun.

I don't always interject personal opinion on the items on this site, but I will in this case. Have to be honest. I don't think cat tossing is cool at all. I think it's pretty distasteful for buff 20 years olds (some say Mueller is 6'4", some say he is 6'6") or anyone for that matter.... to be throwing a 10 - 12 pound cat towards the ceiling while snapping pictures of it for their enjoyment. I don't think it's funny or cute. My opinion is that it's pretty mean and cruel.

Seriously, are Jeremy and Mueller 11 years old (no, they are 20)? This strikes me as something that badly behaved 11 year old boys with anger problems do to feel in control.

Are we supposed to applaud Matt for successfully duping some fans? Matt is able to get animal lovers to adorn them with praise for being sweet and gentle, when really the Roloff cat is being thrown towards the ceiling for the amusement of the Roloff "boys" and their friends. Are we supposed to say "Congratulations Matt. You're so sly and clever"? Are we supposed to applaud Jeremy and Mueller for finding more ways to make memories together and praise them with "Great cat toss, Mueller! Great positioning, Jer! You look like a pro!"?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary Feb 11 with Jeremy and Zach Roloff

For this weeks live Coffee Chat with Amy Roloff, they changed it up. Instead of having it at a coffee shop, they had it from the Roloff Dining room table.

In this summary, we will skip over the parts that Amy was talking to the jeweler showing rings and Amy also did some cooking. They didn't really take viewer questions this week.

We will stick to things that the viewers might be more interested in about the Roloffs themselves.

- Since it was home (at the table), Amy said Jeremy was making eggs for breakfast. She called Jeremy and Zach over to the camera....they reluctantly sauntered over

-Amy said Jeremy is not feeling very well and hurt his back.

-Jeremy had just went to the chiropractor. There is a new trampoline facility that opened in the area and Jeremy hurt his back doing flips. He said Chiropractors are geniuses.

-Jeremy doesn't have school on Fridays. Amy said that's how college kids plan it in case they want to go home for the weekend and stuff.

-Amy said Jeremy is still looking into photography. They mentioned OSU and the Portland Art Institute, so maybe some changes in the fall.

-Jeremy said he's helping out at the farm and joined a soccer team.

-Amy told Jeremy people always ask how life is after the cameras and it's really just the same with less people. Jeremy said it's interesting walking to the barn or anywhere on the farm and not having a conversation with someone. Jeremy said he had a friend come over the other day and say it's deserted, Jeremy said it's actually peaceful.

-Jeremy went back to the kitchen. Amy stopped Zach. He wasn't very talkative. Zach doesn't have class either. He doesn't work later, but has a soccer game. Jeremy doesn't have a game later. Amy wanted Jeremy to clean the garage and Zach to clean up too. Zach was pretty silent.

-Amy got a phone call from Molly asking about her immunization records for her upcoming mission trip to Haiti. Amy forgot to get them.

-Amy went back to Michigan this week and had a great visit with her parents. Her father went in for a minor surgery re: skin cancer.

-Amy took a question from the chat asking about Matt's health. Amy said Matt is doing good. He had a "little thing with his vertigo" so he wasn't sure what was going on. "When you aren't sure what is happening, his balance was off, etc, that can throw you off, so he took himself to emergency. But he's doing good and is traveling today and will be back tonight but he's doing fine."

-Amy's friend Lori joined her. Lori is the mother of a girl that went to school with Jeremy and Zach since kindergarten. Lori was Amy's golfing partner for the LPBW episode about her Charity Golf Tournament.

**A little bit of extra trivia because people expect those little extra details from the Spiritswander site :-) If you remember the original documentary: Little People, Big Dreams and the infamous 14 birthday party and the bullying of Zach....Lori's daughter was "The Girl" that was throwing around Zach. She was actually "dating" Jeremy at the much as 14 year olds really "date". However, as they all mentioned during this coffee chat, everything is cool and Zach obviously got over it because they've been friends the whole time.

-Amy said that she and Lori have always to do the Route 66 thing in an old car like a Mustang and be like Thelma and Louise. Jeremy said it would be cool. They said maybe next year.

-Amy and Lori talked about Jeremy's facial scruffiness. Amy said she loves it. She loves scruff on any man. Lori said Jeremy is looking like a man.

-Amy talked to the jeweler for about 10 minutes. Amy then went to the kitchen to cook. She called Jeremy over to talk about it. Jeremy likes coffee and sweets.

-People in the chat were chatting about Jeremy's foot problem that Matt was talking about. Jeremy must have been reading the chat because he wandered back in while Amy was cooking wanting to give an update on his foot. Amy said Jeremy is falling apart.

-Jeremy explained: "The entire story is I injured my foot sophomore year of high school really bad. But I didn't do anything about it, so it just healed. But it healed wrong so it's really weak. So I just keep re-injuring it." Amy asked him if it was his foot or his toes? Jeremy said it's his toes. "I kept re-injuring them so it affected my entire stability. So a couple of months ago is when I fracture my foot, the outside of my foot, that's when I hurt the outside of my foot...that was like a year ago or whenever it was. But that just ended up healing. So I went to the doctor and he said 'it will either heal, but not correctly and it will be fine until you hurt it again or you can have surgery now' and we just didn't do that.

Amy asked him if it was still hurting. Jeremy said "No, it doesn't hurt at all, it's just, I do a lot of yoga and my right foot can't be flat, it's always...strenuous. But I still do all my stuff so it's not too big of a problem."

-Jeremy said he still keeps going. He just joined a new soccer team -- Mens Division First League, City of Hillsboro.

-After Amy got done cooking, they all gathered around the table to eat them and talk.
-Lori talked about remembering when the Roloffs got Rocky and he was supposed to be a guard dog. Jeremy said he and Mueller will clap their hands and Rocky will run.

-They fielded the always asked "How is Rocky doing?" question. Jeremy said if your dog is having problems change the food you feed them. Jeremy said Rocky is doing magnificent since they changed his food. He said they got him more nutritious, smaller granulated food and they change the brands every two weeks.

-Lori asked how old is Rocky? Jeremy doesn't remember. All he remembers is that Camerino named him in the car ride home. As a joke Camerino said "Rockyy"

-They were trying to show the inside of the Previa, so Zach went to get it. Lori said she had a Previa story. One morning when the kids were seniors in high school (Lori's daughter was in the same grade as Jeremy and Zach) , it was a Saturday morning around 7am, she looked out and the Previa was parked outside her house. She looked around her house and no kids. So she went up and asked her daughter why the Prev was out friend. She said she knew, the boys are camping in it. So she went out and here's 4 boys asleep in the back of the Previa, so she went out, brought them inside, made them breakfast.

-Lori said during the Roloffs remodel, the Roloff kids pretty much camped out in her living room and they were welcome to do that.

-Amy talked about the boys writing "Mike's boys" in the Previa because of Mike Detjen and all this other stuff. Lori added that she wished everyone could smell the inside of the previa -- teenage boys living in it has taken its toll.

-Zach came in all excited. Indoor Goals called him and asked him to cover a game -- which means they asked him to get a team together for an extra game because one team wasn't going to make it. He said he loves working there because they give him all the extra soccer games. Amy said she's hoping he's not getting too comfortable working at Indoor Goals. Jeremy said he will play goalie tonight.

-They said the Previa wasn't starting right now. Jeremy told Zach that he needs to clean it out. Zach said Jeremy and Mueller were the last ones to use it. Jeremy said that was true and the 3 of them need to clean it out.

-They tried to go out for Zach to give the tour of the Previa, but apparently they lost the feed as they tried to walk outside to where the Previa was parked. They said they will try to put the video up later.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary For Feb 4 -- Molly Roloff

In this weeks Amy Roloff Coffee Chat, Molly and her friend Sarah joined Amy for most of the broadcast.

The main points that people will probably be interested in were: Molly's college plans and career interest, Jacob hates everyone, Matt and Amy took Jeremy to the Portland Art Institute and Jeremy might live in downtown Portland if he transfers there, and Matt's been really busy working on the big land project deal.

This is the recording of the coffee chat today :

We will do a summary of the main points for people that don't want to watch the whole program but don't want to miss anything.

-Molly and her friend Sarah were Amy's guests. They had the day off school, it's getting near the end of the quarter so it was a Teacher's work day.

- Molly and Sarah are travelling to Haiti for a week in March for a school mission trip. Molly is going to be in Haiti longer than Amy was there, so Molly needs to have some shots done.

-Amy was hoping Molly would do a Habitat for Humanity project with her, but Molly has a lot of tests and the SATS the next week after that.

-Molly wants to stay on the west coast for college or university. She wants to major or minor in Spanish and at the moment she kind of wants to be an accountant.

-Amy said Molly will be her one to go directly to college/university and leave the nest so she'll only have her for another year and a half.

-Jacob graduates from 8th grade in June. Jeremy and Zach turn 21 in May. Molly will graduate high school next June so Amy is kind of over-whelmed. Amy said the Empty Nester dynamic is happening, it hasn't happened yet, but she's preparing herself.

-Molly was asked how she feels about being in high school with Jacob? Molly said she would like it, but Jacob doesn't like her...Amy chimed in that Jacob likes her but Jacob is being a typical teenage boy, 14 and everything and everyone bothers him. Molly said it would be more fun if Jacob was cooler.

-Molly's friend Sarah is the one that viewers remembered from the show that was sick on the boat. Molly jokingly said Sarah loves that memory. Amy said she was such a trooper to hang in there.

-Jeremy and Zach are still at home, but they are definitely looking into options.

- Matt and Amy just went with Jeremy to explore the Portland Art Institute as a possibility to transfer his credits there (Molly added that she thinks he should do it). Amy said even though he might be at the Portland Art Institute, he might end up living downtown, just because of all the studies and the projects he'll have there. So the boys are definitely looking at where they can transfer to from PCC, some could be somewhere in Oregon or the same as Molly -- somewhere on the west coast.

-For Valentines Day, Matt has sometimes given Amy gifts, sometimes they don't give each other anything, sometimes they go out to dinner or he will bring her flowers or a card. Amy said she's a simple woman and doesn't get hung up on that stuff if it doesn't happen. If she wants flowers, she buys them herself, but Matt does do things like that.

-Rocky is good and stinky as ever, he's old and has hip problems but is doing good [I think they are all ready to scream if they get one more question about how Rocky is doing...that question gets asked every chat, about 4 times]

-Jeremy and Zach are off. Amy sometimes does stuff with Molly and Jacob, but they don't do too much as a whole family anymore because Jeremy and Zach are older now.

-Amy is going back to Michigan to visit her parents because her father had a minor surgery and that scared her that she's going to wait too long to visit.

-The next big ARCF event will be on Amy's birthday, September 17th.

-They might have a bowl-a-thon in April for her charity foundation but she has meetings to see if that will happen or not.

-Straight from Amy -- the kids DO NOT HAVE TWITTER ACCOUNTS. "Jeremy, Zachary, Molly and Jacob are not on twitter." Amy said the kids had twitter accounts a long time ago, but they were asked to be off of twitter "for whatever reason" by TLC. Amy's twitter account is through the charity foundation twitter.

-Amy said Matt doesn't use twitter which is right, but people pointed out that technically he is on twitter because he has it set up to post automatically from Facebook (but he doesn't actually use twitter)

-Amy said Matt has "tons of people working on his (internet) things" which is great, but Amy has been a bit slower getting up to speed. She's working on her website which has taken longer than she had hoped.

-Matt isn't currently building anything on the farm. He's working on projects off of the farm. "He's working on this big deal, this land project deal. He's working on this other property that is almost right next door. The cameras may be gone, but their life is still crazy, Matt is busy, Amy is busy.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Matt Roloff Facebook Fan Page Updates -- January 2011 And Beyond

April 5
I'm so proud of All my kids. I just had dinner with a friend of mine and made me realize how blessed Amy and I are with all our amazing children. Very very proud of the way they handle themselves.

April 4
Question of the day: "Should people that don't know what they're talking about ...keep their mouths quiet... Or should they speak up and make fools of themselves?" I love that twisted question. :))

April 3
At least one more week of heavy dirt hauling.. then it should (hopefully) slow down to a nicer steady pace through May. I'm ready for it to wind down so I can spend time on my other projects. I had to slip my trip to LA back a week. Oh well... too many balls in the air can be exhausting.. lol .. I wouldn't have it any other way.

April 3
Wow! Thank You ALL for so many kind and supportive comments. You're all the BEST! I'd be kidding myself not to think your encouragement will not have some influence on our decisions. xoxo

April 2
Amy and I had a nice dinner together tonight. We're still discussing if we want to do future LPBW shows or not.... errr... not an easy decision. We're lovin' getting back to normal. TLC's asking.. but not pressuring.. I love those guys for being so cool to us all these years.

March 31
Caught a nice tail wind out of Pittsburg ... Touched down in Denver almost an hour early ... That never happens!! Looks good for being home tonite. Wonderful visits with atlanta perimeter, Delhi and Penn state students. What's a great experience for me to meet so many neat people

March 29
Another very close call catching flights. Thanks to all those who understood why I had to keep rolling (my scooter only goes so fast) while you took your fan photos. You all did great job snapping on the roll. I hope my smile didn't give away My panic of missing the flight. Btw. I made it :)))).

March 29
Sitting on Tarmac in Albany NY. ' flow backup' ... going into DC they holding traffic on the ground. They say only 20 min delay. Thought I'd squeeze in a quick FB hello... HELLO!

March 25
Getting up early to catch 5:45am flight. Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Albany, Pittsburg, DC... In a few days.. somebody's going to have to tell me where I am. Next time I facebook I'll prolly be sitting on a tarmac somewhere stressing about a connection. Nighty nite..

March 24
One more day in the dirt.. Then gear change.. Major Travel Blitz... 5 state speaking tour... all East Coast. see for some details. Gonna visit some old friends (from my software days) and network execs along the way.

March 24
Molly, Jacob and me out having dinner. Amy suppose be here but... Not yet.

March 23
Amy's invited me to be a guest on her Coffee chat tomorrow. ...This feels like i'm headed to the Hot Seat. :)) (Friday 3/25/11 from 11:30am-12:30pm PST.)

I'm warning you in advance.. I'll probably have mud all over my clothes.

March 21
Oh boy! Dallah (who does the new blog) wants to meet face to face on Sunday to delve into "some" subject suggested by you all. She's been getting emails... And says she has a few doozies. Get your 2cents in...if your curious about something in the Roloff World.

March 21
My site is taking a pounding... In a good way! Non-stop action.

March 20
Amy and Jeremy in Santa Barbara, Molly on mission trip in Haiti. Zach took Jacob to winterhawks (hockey) game tonight. I love my kids ! Theyre incredible!

March 19
Started moving dirt again this morning at 6:15am. Hasn't stopped in over 2 weeks. I love dirt.. But enough is enough.. Have a few more golden pass tours (did quite a few last week) of the farm today. That's always a nice escape from the job site and gives me chance to be at the farm a few hours. :)))).
Tomorrow... No dirt for first time in many many days. Sleeping in till noon!

March 16
...Bringing in reinforcements tomorrow.. A 460... 120k lb class machine with a an 8 yrd bucket ought do it.. errrr maybe not... soooo much material. ... Now I ask... How do you say?? "in over my head!"

March 15
How do you say ...One tired little man? 15hrs a day, for last 12 days straight. ..And today we mixed in a documentary crew as well. Bedtime!

March 12
ntel likes our dump site setup so much... They want us to run again tomorrow. errrr we're all exhausted from the big push the lats 6 days.. but gatta make hay while the sun shine so I guess we'r going to go again tomorrow for a short day ... only 50 trucks an hour... 7 hours.
See my youtube channel for the latest.. Jeremy is all over this project..

March 11
Big meeting with production people yesterday about shooting documentary on my dirt project. Little Man, Lots of Dirt! Any Ideas for a name?? Btw see for bummer about why I'm not in telluride right now snow skiing with friends. Errrrrrrrrrrr.

March 7
I'm still figuring out this crazy Youtube thing.. I have sooo many cool videos to share from my soon as I get the time to get a system down.. :))

March 7
Finally got this video uploaded... This is from last Sat night when we had a family game night with our family, my sister Ruth (and hubby Rich), my brother Sam's family. and Pappa Huny... Soooo fun to hang out like regular people with no cameras.. Back to work tomorrow in the mud at 6am again tomorrow working dirt.. 24/7 generating revenue like old times.

March 7
Pappa and hunt (my incredible dad and mom ) joined the action today. This dirt thing is becoming a family operation. See my YouTube channel for an update... 2 new short videos.

March 6
This is was taken last Friday our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. We learned what Molly 'thinks' she wants to study... Accounting, Translating, and Language.

March 6
I give up!! Been trying to post 2 videos from my iphone to share but Youtube just not doing it. Grrr One; of the dirt project that I'm now totally consumed by 7 days a week.. and the other; my sister Ruth, brother Sam and our folks... over last night for dinner and a family game night. --Maybe soon I'll find a few ...extra minutes to goof around with these again. So much to say...sooo little space.
March 2
Franticly working my dirt project...trucks rolling again at 7am.. so up early. My guys are going to have to cover for me tomorrow afternoon cause I'm scheduled for my nuclear (alexis) stress test... whatever that is?

Feb 28
BTW-- Dallah has posted another behind-the-sceens update on she even talked to my folks... She's quite the fact finder.. lol Now the kids are chomping at the bits to get her to share all their big news.

Feb 28
One of my 14 focus areas for this year...Promoting good legislation for communities, small businesses, farms and families... It creates more available open outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. OREGON House Bill 2344

Feb 26
Amy and I out celebrating with the gang for my friend Pondo's 45th B-day

Feb 25
Feeling much, much better today. Doc's going to analyze the results from this little monitor next week. I can't wait to take it off.. it's been a long 48 hours. THANKS for all of your well wishes and prayers. It reignites my appreciation for all of you that have sent me stories about your own health issues. May God Bless each of you!

Feb 24
Jeremy just brought me home from the ER. Earlier echo test... doc called at 8pm and sent me back in Later last evening ...I'll see if they can put a detailed message out on in the morning to give you all and update. Good news is I'm going to live. ;))

Feb 23
Shut down the job early today so I can go get my echocardiogram (heart test)... errr That's not nearly as much fun as playing in the mud. Probably won't know any results for a few days.

Feb 22
Does this one work?

Feb 21
Pappa and Honey (my Mom and Dad) coming home tomorrow after 4 long months away on the mission field. Looking forward to seeing them.

Feb 20
Alright everyone.. I went ahead and taped this silly video update just now. I know it sounds like it was intended to be released tomorrow but I did that just to confuse those of you that are paying too close of attention.. lol Now I'm going to bed... to watch my movie that I downloaded to the Apple TV while taping this. :)) Nite nite everyone!

Feb 20
I'm going to meet with a good friend tomorrow that's been urging me for 2 years to start a blog about the family. errrrrrr I don't like long drawn out ramblings. Ok.. Ok.. I've commented enuff in my last 2 posts.. I'm going go watch a movie and kill some time till Amy leaves for her flight.

Feb 20
It's so hard.... cause when I do these video updates... and it's long... the family and everyone says its BORING and way toooo long. When it's too short... everyone complains... it's not enough detail... ohhh what to do??? Maybe do Nothing? ...and keep everyone happy lol

Feb 20
Loving the lack of rain last few days here in Oregon. We've been working round the clock. Normally take Sundays off... but not today.

Feb 19
Jeremy in the big JD240 ...scalping for the new road.

Feb 19
New road almost completed.

...Helping Pondo make Baklava at the Mad Greek Deli tonight...Yummy.. ...after a long hard week of playing on the dozer in some serious mud.

Feb 16
A year ago ... I thought life could never be any crazier... Well.... I was wrong. In a good way! My dirt project takes me back to my roots. So much fun. Will post job site Update photos soon.

Feb 14
Amy and I out for very nice Valentine dinner. :)

Feb 13
Amy made great Din Din... now watching grammy's in my jammies. Loved Muse!

Feb 13
...When I said... "I'm involved with a monster deal"... I guess it's a big enough to have gotten Obamas attention?? Rumor has it he's coming out to visit the Hillsboro site this week... Before anyone jumps to any crazy speculation... He's NOT visiting me or the farm. I'm just a tiny tiny part of a really, really large deal going down in Hillsboro. ...but Amy and the family are all cheering me on with this one.

BTW-- for those that care... I think this is the largest deal being put together ANYWHERE in the USA at the moment. ...but don't quote me on that.. It might only be second or 3rd. :) Hint: Last time I built a mountain it was to help Intel as well. We stabilized their water supply. That was a small operation compared to this time.

Feb 13
Watched Anchorman tonight... so funny... Then Amy got me going on the Godfather. I've seen it many time but always enjoy it. They don't make em' like they used too. A nice relaxing evening at home.

Feb 12
Beautiful and smooth Climb Out of the LA basin tonight. This photo doesn't do it justice. Perfect picture... for perfect productive day. Just landed in Portland ... Can't wait get home and see Amy the kids. :)). Great to see everybody today! Had a very nice lunch time Stroll down santa monica mall. People soooo cool and easy breezy in So. Cal. ...Life is firing on all 14 cylinders :))

Feb 10
Feeling almost back to normal...So I'm off on my trip to Hollywood. For any of You that are feeling under the weather... My best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Everyone Have a Great Weekend!

Feb 8
Amy home in a few hours... I was hoping the doc would perscribe a week in Maui with Amy and plenty of hanky panky. Oh well... No such luck. Got the.... 'slow down and take a baby aspirin every day until we figure this out' routine.... Dats no fun!

Feb 8
Tests went well this week. More test in 2 weeks. Must not be too urgent :)). Off to LA on Thursday for series of meetings. Then home for a week before travel blitz across country. Everybody suddenly wanting speaking just when I need to slow down. Gotta love how that works. :))

Feb 6
I'm back home and feeling better after a rough start to my weekend... Tupid vertigo. Spent yesterday in the emergency room. Set me back a few days on my projects and may have to delay my trip to LA this week?? ..they wanna run some more tests tomorrow... aside from the vertigo doc is a little worried about my EKG.

Feb 2
In the throws of a monster amazing deal.. Even Zach and Amy rooting me on... Wish I could share more but can't let any nasty gremlins get get in the way. :))

Jan 30
Good movie. Amy, Jer, Jacob, I went. Thanks for many kind notes re: Jacob and I hangin out today. He's anti-video like many teenagers. When he walked into my office while doing the video update, I had to plead him to stay and participate. Convinced him on my 3rd take (lots of audio issues) to jump in. I'm glad he did! ...A sign things are slowly returning to normal. U should see the tons of home video taken before LPBW.

Jan 30
Jacob and I spent the afternoon at the mall. He won't let me publish the video I captured. He's too embarrassed and still shy about being on camera... Oh well. Now we're at baskin Robbins waiting for Amy to join us. Then going to all see The Mechanic together who wha!

Jan 29
...after that.. next on list... Specifics on just how silly blogger are. lol lol
Matt Roloff = Thanks Tammie. I'm having fun tonite making list of just how silly they are.

Jan 29
One of many things on my list To Do this week... Order a new Audio kit.

Jan 29
Finally....Matt Roloff Jan 29th update

Jan 28
Been a crazy ... But good productive week. I'm tired! Hope to get up early and make a video update.... Nah.. I'm sleeping in. :))

Jan 24
... That settles it... Once and for all! I'm going for da gusto. :))))

Jan 24
Wow.. Almost 38k fans on this page. I can't believe it's still growing. You guys are great! I worked on a video update today but ran into some technical audio issues so will have to try to het that published tomorrow. It was a great weekend.. Going to hit it hard tomorrow... My todo list is huge. Life is great. :)

Jan 22
Amy and I had a great nite out on the town together. Dinner with friends and met some new ones too.

Jan 20

I know a few of you may have seen this photo before... but for all those that haven't... This is a very rare picture of inside Molly's Castle. Looking from the "palace" into the "Knight's Quarters".. and Double decker Dungeon area.

Jan 17
What do you get a 14 year old for his birthday ... A mini fridge for his bedroom I guess. That's what he wanted.

Jan 17
14 years ago to the day... Happy birthday Jacob! :)).

Jan 15
Sorry for no recent update... been completely consumed by latest happenings.... everything firing on all cylinders... Video message coming soon.

Jan 11
I recently watched American Chopper Behind The Scenes. INCREDIBLE!! I'm not sure if you have to live it.. To appreciate it .... as much as I did.. But it was fascinating to watch and encouraging to know we're not alone. :))

Jan 9
A warm welcome to the all the new facebook fans that have joined me (and Rocky) in last several days.. We look forward to keeping you all up-to-date.

Jan 7
Hey there everyone... Be SURE to watch my buddy Marty Klebba on The Cape on NBC , Sunday nights at 9:00. It's going to be awesome!

Jan 7
Yesterday morning I got to hang out with my friend Dave Anderson.. Don't know what happened to this post yesterday... errr

Jan 6

I'm wanting to do a video series on here that addresses the 5 top misperceptions of the Roloff family and our show little people big world. To set some things straight. .... But first i have to finished my 28 th time watching my very favorite movei. Rambo First Blood. Best film ever. Every lesson ever needed in life is covered in this film.

Jan 6

Jacob has this totally cool collection of photos he's taken around the farm... I'm trying to figure out how to share them all with you all.?? Stay tuned...

Jan 5

... A really good friend of mine.

Jan 5

Sorry last message was so long. I'll aim for shorter. I hope by putting them on Youtube you can simply pass over if you don't care for so many details... with that said however.. I'm going to put some more specific information up soon. Kinda a video series. If you don't want details.. either ignore link... or unlike ...

Jan 3

....PART 2 ....oh boy ... here we go again...

Jan 3

...alright ...all ready.. You asked for it! Part one and ...soon to follow part 2. Enjoy my ramblings.

Jan 3

If I Youtube a big looong (15 min or so) video update about my project focus areas... would that be tooooo long?

Jan 2

Little Man, Big Nose... New Projects. Who knows someone with an amazing backyard project? Send me a Youtube link. Something to Make our Molly's Castle look like child's play.

Jan 2
My 2011 Project list..... I've narrowed it down to 14 focus areas... And we're still in January.

Jan 2
Little Man, Big Nose... New Projects. Who knows someone with an amazing backyard project? Send me a Youtube link. Something to Make our Molly's Castle look like child's play.

Jan 2
Amy and I just finished watching the Propsal with Sandra bullock together. Very cute movie. I've been on a major holiday movie marathon. Between applelTV and streaming Netflix its so easy

Dec 31
What an eventful and incredible year 2010 was... I love the saying.. "It was real... and it was fun.. but it wasn't Real Fun!" :))) Have a G R E A T New Year everyone! Warmest Regards to all.


The above content is from the Fan Facebook page of Matt Roloff located here:

We have decided to start a new item for Matt's January and beyond 2011 postings.

It was suggested that we open this up because some fans aren't active on Facebook, but still want to express themselves on some of Matt's updates and information, and some people just don't feel comfortable saying what they really want to say or what they think about a particular Matt Roloff posting because his Facebook page is strictly a fan page and some people don't feel comfortable expanding on their thoughts beyond "That's wonderful Matt, you're the greatest Matt" which is the response to most everything Matt posts on Facebook.

You can find the log of Matt's previous comments before January 2011 and subsequent discussion about them located here:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some TLC TV Ratings Since The End of Little People, Big World

We received some inquiries wondering if TLC will bring Little People, Big World back and the television ratings on TLC since the end of the Roloff Family show LPBW.

You can check out the full list of ratings for Little People, Big World Season 6 here:

As you can see, with the exception of the premiere (the conclusion of the cliff-hanger of Matt's dramatic collapse) and the series finale episodes, most episodes drew ratings between 1.0 million and 1.4 million. The single highest episode of season six was the finale -- "Moving Out" which received a rating of 2.238.

Here are the recent ratings for some of the other TLC related shows that people have been asking about:

Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker - 2.379 million viewers

19 Kids and Counting - 1.708 million viewers

American Chopper: Senior vs Junior (Discovery) - 3.157 million viewers

Lottery Changed My Life - 1.377 million viewers

The Kennedys' Home Movies - 1.442 million viewers

Say Yes to the Dress - 1.613 million viewers

Police Women of Cincinnati - 1.406 million viewers

My Strange Addiction - 1.154 million viewers

Toddlers & Tiaras - 1.195 million viewers

What Not to Wear - 1.449 million viewers

Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker - 2.341 million viewers

19 Kids and Counting - 1.616 million viewers

Say Yes to the Dress - 1.896 million viewers
Say Yes to the Dress - 1.906 million viewers

Four Weddings - 1.549 million viewers

Sarah Palin's Alaska - 2.457 million viewers
Sarah Palin's Alaska - 2.369 million viewers

William, Kate, and 8 Royal Weddings - 1.419 million viewers

My Strange Addiction - 1.772 million viewers
My Strange Addiction - 1.678 million viewers

Toddlers & Tiaras - 1.346 million viewers

Extreme Couponing - 1.113 million viewers

By the way, for those wondering -- Roloff family friend, Marty Klebba's new show on NBC - The Cape, the ratings are as follows:

Jan 31: The Cape - 5.343 million viewers.

Other network shows on Monday:

The Bachelor = 9.660
Castle (Repeat) = 6.218 million viewers
How I Met Your Mother (Repeat) = 7.263 million viewers
Two and a Half Men (Repeat) = 11.207 million viewers
Mike & Molly (Repeat) = 9.056 million viewers
Chuck = 5.574 million viewers
Harry's Law = 11.016 million viewers
Human Target = 7.745 million viewers
Lie to Me = 7.056 million viewers
90210 = 1.667 million viewers
Gossip Girl = 1.505 million viewers