Friday, February 11, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary Feb 11 with Jeremy and Zach Roloff

For this weeks live Coffee Chat with Amy Roloff, they changed it up. Instead of having it at a coffee shop, they had it from the Roloff Dining room table.

In this summary, we will skip over the parts that Amy was talking to the jeweler showing rings and Amy also did some cooking. They didn't really take viewer questions this week.

We will stick to things that the viewers might be more interested in about the Roloffs themselves.

- Since it was home (at the table), Amy said Jeremy was making eggs for breakfast. She called Jeremy and Zach over to the camera....they reluctantly sauntered over

-Amy said Jeremy is not feeling very well and hurt his back.

-Jeremy had just went to the chiropractor. There is a new trampoline facility that opened in the area and Jeremy hurt his back doing flips. He said Chiropractors are geniuses.

-Jeremy doesn't have school on Fridays. Amy said that's how college kids plan it in case they want to go home for the weekend and stuff.

-Amy said Jeremy is still looking into photography. They mentioned OSU and the Portland Art Institute, so maybe some changes in the fall.

-Jeremy said he's helping out at the farm and joined a soccer team.

-Amy told Jeremy people always ask how life is after the cameras and it's really just the same with less people. Jeremy said it's interesting walking to the barn or anywhere on the farm and not having a conversation with someone. Jeremy said he had a friend come over the other day and say it's deserted, Jeremy said it's actually peaceful.

-Jeremy went back to the kitchen. Amy stopped Zach. He wasn't very talkative. Zach doesn't have class either. He doesn't work later, but has a soccer game. Jeremy doesn't have a game later. Amy wanted Jeremy to clean the garage and Zach to clean up too. Zach was pretty silent.

-Amy got a phone call from Molly asking about her immunization records for her upcoming mission trip to Haiti. Amy forgot to get them.

-Amy went back to Michigan this week and had a great visit with her parents. Her father went in for a minor surgery re: skin cancer.

-Amy took a question from the chat asking about Matt's health. Amy said Matt is doing good. He had a "little thing with his vertigo" so he wasn't sure what was going on. "When you aren't sure what is happening, his balance was off, etc, that can throw you off, so he took himself to emergency. But he's doing good and is traveling today and will be back tonight but he's doing fine."

-Amy's friend Lori joined her. Lori is the mother of a girl that went to school with Jeremy and Zach since kindergarten. Lori was Amy's golfing partner for the LPBW episode about her Charity Golf Tournament.

**A little bit of extra trivia because people expect those little extra details from the Spiritswander site :-) If you remember the original documentary: Little People, Big Dreams and the infamous 14 birthday party and the bullying of Zach....Lori's daughter was "The Girl" that was throwing around Zach. She was actually "dating" Jeremy at the much as 14 year olds really "date". However, as they all mentioned during this coffee chat, everything is cool and Zach obviously got over it because they've been friends the whole time.

-Amy said that she and Lori have always to do the Route 66 thing in an old car like a Mustang and be like Thelma and Louise. Jeremy said it would be cool. They said maybe next year.

-Amy and Lori talked about Jeremy's facial scruffiness. Amy said she loves it. She loves scruff on any man. Lori said Jeremy is looking like a man.

-Amy talked to the jeweler for about 10 minutes. Amy then went to the kitchen to cook. She called Jeremy over to talk about it. Jeremy likes coffee and sweets.

-People in the chat were chatting about Jeremy's foot problem that Matt was talking about. Jeremy must have been reading the chat because he wandered back in while Amy was cooking wanting to give an update on his foot. Amy said Jeremy is falling apart.

-Jeremy explained: "The entire story is I injured my foot sophomore year of high school really bad. But I didn't do anything about it, so it just healed. But it healed wrong so it's really weak. So I just keep re-injuring it." Amy asked him if it was his foot or his toes? Jeremy said it's his toes. "I kept re-injuring them so it affected my entire stability. So a couple of months ago is when I fracture my foot, the outside of my foot, that's when I hurt the outside of my foot...that was like a year ago or whenever it was. But that just ended up healing. So I went to the doctor and he said 'it will either heal, but not correctly and it will be fine until you hurt it again or you can have surgery now' and we just didn't do that.

Amy asked him if it was still hurting. Jeremy said "No, it doesn't hurt at all, it's just, I do a lot of yoga and my right foot can't be flat, it's always...strenuous. But I still do all my stuff so it's not too big of a problem."

-Jeremy said he still keeps going. He just joined a new soccer team -- Mens Division First League, City of Hillsboro.

-After Amy got done cooking, they all gathered around the table to eat them and talk.
-Lori talked about remembering when the Roloffs got Rocky and he was supposed to be a guard dog. Jeremy said he and Mueller will clap their hands and Rocky will run.

-They fielded the always asked "How is Rocky doing?" question. Jeremy said if your dog is having problems change the food you feed them. Jeremy said Rocky is doing magnificent since they changed his food. He said they got him more nutritious, smaller granulated food and they change the brands every two weeks.

-Lori asked how old is Rocky? Jeremy doesn't remember. All he remembers is that Camerino named him in the car ride home. As a joke Camerino said "Rockyy"

-They were trying to show the inside of the Previa, so Zach went to get it. Lori said she had a Previa story. One morning when the kids were seniors in high school (Lori's daughter was in the same grade as Jeremy and Zach) , it was a Saturday morning around 7am, she looked out and the Previa was parked outside her house. She looked around her house and no kids. So she went up and asked her daughter why the Prev was out friend. She said she knew, the boys are camping in it. So she went out and here's 4 boys asleep in the back of the Previa, so she went out, brought them inside, made them breakfast.

-Lori said during the Roloffs remodel, the Roloff kids pretty much camped out in her living room and they were welcome to do that.

-Amy talked about the boys writing "Mike's boys" in the Previa because of Mike Detjen and all this other stuff. Lori added that she wished everyone could smell the inside of the previa -- teenage boys living in it has taken its toll.

-Zach came in all excited. Indoor Goals called him and asked him to cover a game -- which means they asked him to get a team together for an extra game because one team wasn't going to make it. He said he loves working there because they give him all the extra soccer games. Amy said she's hoping he's not getting too comfortable working at Indoor Goals. Jeremy said he will play goalie tonight.

-They said the Previa wasn't starting right now. Jeremy told Zach that he needs to clean it out. Zach said Jeremy and Mueller were the last ones to use it. Jeremy said that was true and the 3 of them need to clean it out.

-They tried to go out for Zach to give the tour of the Previa, but apparently they lost the feed as they tried to walk outside to where the Previa was parked. They said they will try to put the video up later.


David said...

Jeremy is definitely Matt's son.

Let's recap. Jeremy is sick. And has a sore back. And tells us the details of his injured foot.

But when Zach gets a call to put together a soccer team for tonight, Jeremy, without hesitation, volunteers to play.

What happened to poor sick Jeremy with the back problem?

Like Matt, Jeremy's physical ailments seem to come and go conveniently. His foot is fine, until he wants to go to a party instead of fulfilling a soccer team commitment. His foot doesn't prevent him from hiking, snow boarding or jumping on trampolines.

It's easy to see the Roloff family dynamic. Jeremy gets it from Matt. Jacob will pick it all up from Jeremy.

Dana said...

Well. Well. Well.

I think a whole lot of people owe Matt Roloff an apology.

Jeremy confirmed what Matt said was true. He does have a lingering problem and they have recommended surgery.

Matt was not lying. Jeremy explained it at all. Will some of you have the character to apologize for being Doubting Thomas' when you all insinuated that Matt was lying?

Judy B said...

I don't care what anyone says. Jeremy is so charming. He was much better and more open than Zach or Molly or Jacob. What a good guy.

Kathryn said...

I loved the chat this week. It was much better and cooler to have it at their house than at Longbottoms.

There was some background noise of Jeremy talking, but because it was the Roloffs instead of random coffee strangers, that made it ok. lol.

I loved Lori telling old stories about the kids.

Greg said...

Jeremy and Zach are having breakfast at noon. They have no school (do they ever have school??). Zach at least has a job. Jeremy is doing nothing.

I like how they try to redeem Jeremy by saying he's working around the farm. Last week Amy said nothing is happening on the farm.

Christine said...

I bet they didn't encourage questions because they were afraid of what Jeremy would be asked...

Bernadette said...

Jeremy is adorable!

Expressed said...

Best week ever for Amy's show! Because of Jer! :)

He is more natural and comfortable around the camera than the other kids.

I didn't give a hoot about the jewelery lady and I think Amy was a little too into cooking. Jeremy wanted to talk, but Amy was too busy stirring and mixing! I hope Amy realizes that she doesn't need to be "doing something".

I disagree with them about Jeremy's scruff! Love Jer, but the scruff is bad. It gives him the slob/bum look. He's much more handsome when he's clean shaved.

Carolyn said...

It was a lot better having it at home. They should do it there all the time. It was kind of like having the show back.

Diane said...

Jeremy is so two-faced. The Jeremy Roloff act.

Laura said...

Did Jeremy say he likes Ice Cream and Wine?

I think he looks terrible with all the hair on his chin.

DJ said...

I couldn't tell if Jeremy was tired, sick or hungover.

Ela said...

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think Jeremy looks very good.

Aidan said...

I don't doubt Jeremy's foot issues could have occurred, but doctors tend to dole out surgeries (and prescriptions for that matter) left and right nowadays. If Jeremy's foot problem is so serious enough to warrant surgery, the doctor wouldn't let him sign up for ANOTHER soccer league.

Justin said...

Please. Jeremy is playing in a new soccer league and for Zach's team and is jumping around trampolines doing flips, but he has this terrible foot injury?

It does sound like something he pulls out whenever he wants to get out of something.

Lauren said...

Poor Jeremy, all these injuries.

Ashley said...

Jeremy sounds embarrassed to me when he talks about what he's doing (apparently it's not a whole heck of a lot!).

DLR said...

Dana is right. I wanna hear what Rap has to say now. Jeremy is sick and injured but he still was great.

Henry said...

I don't have anything against them, but who the hell would pay $300 to have a Roloff give you a tour of the place for a half hour?

I hate the whole fascination with celebrities. They aren't any more interesting or important than anybody else.

Rap541 said...

Sorry Dana, no I don't believe the little story being told. I don't.

For starters, Jeremy hurt his foot so badly sophmore year, it still pains him, yet we saw Jeremy on camera for sophmore year, physically active with no limp. The injury was never mentioned and never impeded him from soccer and vacation.... And he actually never went to see a doctor despite the horrible pain, apparently until long after the injury healed. Amy seems, for a parent with a son with a serious lingering foot injury that will require surgery, to have next to no idea that Jeremy has been felled by a serious injury. A doctor has suggested surgery but its apparently optional surgery, and Jeremy also professes to have no problems and that it doesn't hurt at all or prevent him from any activities...

So was Matt lying when Matt said Jeremy wasn't playing soccer on the team he committed to play on with Zach because of the pain from the lingering foot injury? Or is Jeremy lying when he says he has no pain and is not affected by the injury? These stories contradict each other.

Btw I have to agree - Jeremy in "Mr. Scruffyface" mode isn't as appealing as his clean shaven look.

Kyle A said...

Short intro interviews, jewelry chat, cooking segment, big group outro. Is someone practicing/auditioning for a daytime TV talk show...? Next week I propose having a local

tay said...

rap, so you are accusing jeremy of lying?

he said he reinjures it, then it gets better then he hurts it again.

what is hard to believe about that? a lot of people are like that with something. until something gets corrected with surgery it will keep on flaring up. it doesn't mean he's in pain 24/7

Bernadette said...

"Amy seems, for a parent with a son with a serious lingering foot injury that will require surgery``

Listen to what Jeremy says Rap. She does know what is happening. She said she went with him to the doctor.

Rap541 said...

tay - they both can't be telling the truth. Either he's not in pain and has no problems, or he does. Jeremy says he isn't in pain and has no problems, Matt says he was unable to attend soccer games because of the pain. Someone isn't telling the truth.

If Jeremy is telling the truth (and I am more inclined to think he is) then he missed Zach's soccer games because he simply bailed on a committment.

If Matt is telling the truth, that Jeremy was in too much pain, why would Jeremy say his serious injury doesn't hurt and doesn't impede his many many physical activities?

Dana said...

Rap, you are wrong. You don't have the character to admit you were to imply that Matt was lying about Jeremy's foot. Now you are accusing Jeremy of lying too.

You know more about Jeremy's foot than Jeremy???

Matt said Jeremy was a part time player on Zach's team. He sometimes plays to help the team out. Matt said sometimes Jeremy's foot problem flares up and gets sore and that's what prevented him from playing a few weeks ago.

Why don't you just apologize to Matt Roloff (and now Jeremy). Say that you were wrong to doubt Matt and pray for Jeremy's health?

Christine said...

"Btw I have to agree - Jeremy in "Mr. Scruffyface" mode isn't as appealing as his clean shaven look."

LOL! Agreed!

He reminds me of a goat with the scruff. He looks a lot better without it. He looks lazy this way. I don't think it's manly.

Carol said...

I think Jeremy's "sickness" comes and goes. At the beginning when Amy says he's not feeling well, you can hear it in his voice and he's moping around.

It makes me think of a kid that stays home sick from school and has that "I'm so sick" voice when telling mom how sick he or she is.

He doesn't sound so frail when he's sitting at the table talking to Lori and Zach.

Brandon said...

I bet Jer's bad back, bad ankle and overall not feeling well in the slightest won't prevent him from playing with Mueller tonight (after the soccer game of course!).

Jeremy is just like Matt. I don't trust a word either of them say.

Rap541 said...

Dana - I don't trust a word that comes out of matt's mouth. Jeremy says it doesn't cause him pain. Matt says it does. Explain to me who is telling the truth. Jeremy made a point of saying it doesn't keep him from his many physical activities.

Are you calling Jeremy a liar? :)

Here's what I think happened. Matt didn't like the idea that people think Jeremy skipped Zach's games after committing to them to party with friends, so Matt threw out an excuse. When it becomes clear that people are questioning how Jeremy can maintain his active lifestyle and also be too crippled to play soccer... Now Jeremy is just fine, no pain, and the injury doesn't bother him.

Really, Dana, aren't you questioning the parenting here? An injury so severe that it still lingers and Matt and Amy never took him to a doctor when it occured? And we never saw Jeremy limp? Even though its still an ongoing problem?

Angela said...

Jeremy is wonderful. He might not have wanted to go on camera but he did even though he was sick and not feeling well. He is more natural and down to earth on camera than the other kids. He sounds like he cares about Rocky too with getting him the new food.

Jeremy will find his way in life eventually because he has a good personality and loves God.

Timothy said...

I'm just curious, did anybody in the chat ask or try to ask Jeremy about his feelings about the John Mark Comer church and his sermons?

I'm with the person that said the lack of their desire to field questions might have had something to do with Jeremy being "the guest".

Chris L said...

Watch out. The Roloffs will probably sue the trampoline place for Jeremy's back injury. Slime balls that never take personal responsibility and always look for an easy way to make a quick buck.

tay said...

rap you must be joking.

he said he keeps re hurting himself off and on and it will never stop completely unless he has surgery. it doesn't mean he's in pain all the time or that he can never play soccer.

it's like somebody with a bad knee. they can sometimes still do things, but eventually they will keep hurting it until they have surgery.

Rap541 said...

Tay - have you looked at Jeremy's active lifestyle since sophmore year? Post injury? Where he never once limped? And I ask you - he says it doesn't hurt and doesn't impede him.

Is Jeremy lying? Because he sure seems to be saying No, it doesn't hurt at all,... So was he in too much pain to play (but not too much pain to party with girls in bed) as Matt says?

And where exactly have his parents been since he was injured sophomore year and never went to see a doctor until long after it healed wrong? I mean, who doesn't take their kid to the doctor when they have a serious orthopedic injury?

Petra said...

I really liked the chat today. Jeremy and Zach are growing into nice young men. I think Amy will do well to have them on more often as they were very popular with the viewers. As for the overly rehashed stories? They are in the past and should be allowed to remain there. At this point it really only showcases the ignorance and narrow mindedness of the poster and it makes this blog very daunting to wade through.

Susan Coles said...

Rap, I'm of the same mind. I doubt Jeremy a bit too.

I don't believe he "fractured" his foot "about a year ago". Jeremy fractured his foot but nothing about it never made it on the show? Not a comment? Not Jeremy in a cast. Not Jeremy ever said to be missing a physical activity. Not even Jeremy limping around.

Natalie said...

For Christ sake people why don't you ask him to shove a thermometer up his butt and give you his temperature? He was a little under the weather, his back was giving him a bit of a problem. He never claimed to be on his death bed as you would have liked it be interpreted. Thousands of people every day go to work and play feeling a bit under the weather and with a little back ache that doesn't mean he is exaggerating or lying!!! The handful of malicious poster need to get something different to focus on. May I suggest Jersey Shore or Beverly Hills Housewives. As it seems that you enjoy bemoaning and groaning, I think these shows will give you great fodder to complain about.

David said...

Petra, speaking of exaggeration...

"I really liked the chat today. Jeremy and Zach are growing into nice young men."

What exactly did they do that is deserving of "fine young men".

They 20 year olds lazing around Mom and Dad's house doing absolutely nothing except maybe playing a soccer game for fun.

They unenthusiastically walk in front of the camera at their mother's urging and answer her basic questions.

What is the criteria for "fine young men"?

It is that we should be impressed because Jeremy managed to speak on camera without using racist slurs, insulting fans, jews, or without mocking the gay people he thinks needs to be cured?

Carol said...

"For Christ sake people why don't you ask him to shove a thermometer up his butt and give you his temperature? He was a little under the weather, his back was giving him a bit of a problem."

His back is giving him problems but it doesn't stop him from playing soccer tonight.

Jeremy is all about the drama. Gee, I wonder who he gets that trait from?

Brenda said...

Jeremy is so lazy! What is he doing with his life?

He had all this opportunity but all he is doing is being a bum by letting his parents take care of him. He needs to take some responsibility for himself and stop playing with Mueller every day of his life.

Amy is way too soft with him. If Jeremy was my kid, I would be making him pay for all his expenses, demanding rent or else he needs to move out. At least Zach is working which it at least something.

I think Jeremy has the stubble on his chin because he's too lazy to shave.

Cynthia said...

Molly is the only good kid the Roloffs have in my opinion. I don't see what anybody sees in Jeremy. He's lazy and dishonest. I can totally tell that he tries to be different when he's in front of a camera. He's so obnoxious with Mueller and his other friends.

Austin said...

I wish Amy would have this at night. Have Jeremy on again. I would want to ask him on the spot about his bigotry and hypocrisy.

That would be a good talk. Amy preach about acceptance while Jeremy preaches "gays need cures or will burn in Hell".

Craig G said...

Jeremy milks everything. Notice how nothing stops him when fun comes to town...

Brittany said...

I like Amy, but don't like Jeremy at all. Amy deserves better.

At least that sexist didn't tell her she was in the right place when she was in the kitchen. Jeremy is a jerk that would have been better suited to the 1920s.

Giles said...

Rap makes a good point about Amy's lack of concern. Since one thing you can't knock Amy for is not caring her kids, especially a few years ago when she wasn't as busy with other things, but somehow Jeremy's grave foot injury never caused her concern that he should see a doctor.

This sounds a lot to me like Jeremy's "breathing problem" on the Bahamas trip that was thrown out as an excuse and never mentioned before or after.

Mark P said...

When is Jeremy going to grow up, get some guts and answer some tough questions? He's an immature wimp and a fraud to boot, imo.

Grace said...

I could be wrong but I don't think Jeremy was sick or in pain. I think he didn't want to be on with Amy so he told her he was in pain hoping she wouldn't put him on the spot by asking him to be on the show.

I liked that Amy did it at home. It was more personal than at the store.

Atheist said...

Does all Jeremy's injuries mean that God isn't watching over him anymore?

Natalie said...

To the people here who just can't step down from their soapboxes I suggest that you PM, email or FB post Jeremy and ask for the intimate details that are none of your business, but that you apparently desperately need to keep your mental health in line, In the meantime the rest of us will be fine with the few details he had time to give in the short time he spoke about it and understand that he is telling us the truth and we will also know that it's about his private health and he may not feel the need to go into great detail with a bunch of strangers.

Melissa said...

I also noticed the 'i'm so sick' voice' on Jeremy at the start.

I think Amy is a good person, but Jeremy is a faker and an overall jerk.

Carol said...

Natalie, what are you saying?

Now you think Jeremy is lying when he said that his foot is not sore, that it doesn't prevent him from doing any activities he likes?

What I'm getting from your message is that you think something more serious is going on and Jeremy doesn't want to discuss it because it's private and personal?

Anonymous said...

If he broke his foot on the show, why wasn't it shown?

Christine said...

Natalie, Jeremy doesn't have a public email and he doesn't seem to answer any fan messages (remember, Jeremy is a very stuck up snob of a person). He has one fan page that he can't be bothered to use except for some generic "Happy Thanksgiving" or "Merry Christmas" every few months.

He doesn't do interviews (by non Roloffs). I don't know why you would even suggest asking Jeremy anything when Jeremy isn't mature enough to ever speak for himself.

Rap541 said...

If something more serious was going on, isn't it odd he went trampolining (hardly easy on the joins) and will be playing soccer tonight?

Carol - I think Natalie is playing the "If you don't agree with me, SHUT UP HATERS" game.

Interesting that its "standing on a soapbox" to point out that Jeremy's story contradicts Matt's.

David said...

Just so you aren't confused Natalie. I think a lot of people are of the mind that Matt was lying about Jeremy's foot injury, much more than Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Christine - Valid point - Matt speaks for his almost 21 year old son. Jeremy isn't allowed by Daddy to answer questions unless there's a grown up with him.

Natalie? You're the one bitching about it - how do we ask Jeremy questions when he isn't allowed to talk to anyone mommy and daddy don't approve of?

Rap541 said...

David - Bingo!

I have no trouble believing Jeremy's little story of a foot injury in high school that does not cause him any pain or impede his activities.

Its Matt who says Jeremy was in too much pain from this injury to play soccer. This was only mentioned because people pointed out that Jeremy bailed on a committment to his soccer team to party. Matt stepped in and threw this down, that Jeremy was too much pain to play (although partying until late was not tooo painful)

Jeremy says it doesn't hurt him and doesn't restrict him. Matt says he was in too much pain to participate in a beloved activity. Who is telling the truth?

Greg said...

"If he broke his foot on the show, why wasn't it shown?"

The logical explanation is because it never happened.

"Jeremy breaks his foot" would have made for a nice plot. They could have given the story line cheat sheet writers a break and had a plot about something real. They could have turned it into a two part cliff hanger episode.

But nope, it was never on the show. If Jeremy honestly broke his foot and they never said a word about it on the show then LPBW was truly the worst reality show in television history and the producers involved are awful at their jobs.

When did Jeremy break his foot? He said about a year ago? That would be right around the charity basketball game in Michigan. Nobody said anything about Jeremy limping.

Mueller posted videos on You Tube of him hiking huge mountain trails with Jeremy all spring and summer. No broken foot then. No broken foot sightings from all the people that saw Jeremy on the cruise or in Nashville for the LPA.

Wow, Jeremy had a broken foot and nobody ever knew. Yeah, that's as ridiculous as it sounds.

Jeremy and Matt either flat out lie or stretch the truth and exaggerate so much that it turns into lies.

Brandon said...

Natalie, please answer Rap's question

"Natalie? do we ask Jeremy questions when he isn't allowed to talk to anyone mommy and daddy don't approve of?

I still probably wouldn't agree with Jeremy, but I would at least respect him if he ever becomes a man (it's not by being scruffy) and speaks for himself, become his own person instead of letting Matt and Amy and his friends be his mouth piece. He's not mentally handicapped. Why doesn't Jeremy speak?

It makes me think that Jeremy must be even worse than a lot of people think he is and everyone close to Jeremy is petrified at what he will say will damage the Roloff brand image.

Z to the Zee said...

Natalie, Jeremy doesn't even check his FB messages if he at all can help it.

He tells his real friends to text him or if they must, email him, because he doesn't want to need to check his messages on facebook because he is very annoyed by fans and avoids them as much he possibly can.

Jeremy has bragged to his friends that he has thousand of unread messages that he never plans on opening because he thinks fans are a royal pain in his ass.

Anne said...

As someone else said, does it not occur to people that medical conditions do come and go?

It's not a matter of either Jeremy is lying or Matt is lying.

They are both saying the same thing. Jeremy had a foot injury. A doctor told him for the problem to solved it will require surgery.

You can go months without a something physical causing you pain, but then something will trigger it. You recover and feel back to normal and resume activities. Then sometime in the future, it happens again. Why is this so hard to believe that this is what happened to Jeremy?

Anne said...

Add: Jeremy is not obligated to answer fan emails or give any interviews.

He graciously agreed to participate in Amy's coffee chat today despite feeling under the weather.

George said...

You got it right Anne, but no one wants to hear the simple story. It always has to be a long drawn out analysis.

Melanie said...

"He tells his real friends to text him or if they must, email him, because he doesn't want to need to check his messages on facebook because he is very annoyed by fans and avoids them as much he possibly can. Jeremy has bragged to his friends that he has thousand of unread messages that he never plans on opening because he thinks fans are a royal pain in his ass."

I believe it. Jeremy sounds like such a douche bag. He should think about all of his BMWs when he's proudly ignoring those awful fans.

He sure isn't too busy because this coffee chat showed that he isn't busy, he has nothing but free time.

I can't believe I used to like Jeremy.

Paige said...

Natalie, I don't think it's right to tell people they should ask Jeremy himself when Jeremy isn't open to it.

You have to be living under a rock for the last 6 years to not know that Jeremy hates talking to fans on the internet, email or whatever.

I think it's sad that he has all those unread messages. You can laugh at them if you want, but some people really pour their hearts out in letters and Jeremy can't even be bothered to open them.

Anyways, there is no way to ask Jeremy questions and like everybody said, Jeremy doesn't do interviews. Matt probably told him he's not allowed unless Matt or Amy are there.

Sukki said...

Funny how gossip works. We see/hear an itty bitty window of information and then we insert our interpretation, we conjecture and assume, we apply our opinion and paint it with a brush of our perspective so we can make a bigger more sensational story for us to spread around.

Rap541 said...

Kinda like how Matt drops little teases on his facebook in order to stir the pot, huh Sukki?

(Anyone who wants to debate that point needs to head to and the forums where Matt clearly states he enjoys using his facebook to wind people up)

Lordes said...

If you want to contact Jeremy Roloff you can pick one of the many myspace pages that say they are him or go to the dozen or so facebook profiles that claim to be Jeremy Roloff. That's where you can get the real story right?

Sal Gonzalas said...

Sukki, This is exactly what I read from this site. Thank You! But it is fun. and I bet it does help the Roloff's in the end.

Brandon said...

Sukki, you should be more specific on gossip and truth. It's similar to when Martin or somebody accused Spirits of lying about Jeremy liking the John Mark's Church with the anti-gay beliefs, but the more people listen it comes out that Jeremy really is attached to it.

It's truth Matt said Jeremy had this foot problem after people were pointing out that Zach had a right to be miffed at Jeremy for skipping out on commitments to party. It's truth that the same weekend Amy said he was missing the soccer game that pictures of Jeremy in bed with 3 girls surfaced.

It's truth that in this video Jeremy says his foot was fractured about a year ago. Do you believe Jeremy had a broken foot, but the show never bothered to talk about it and not one Roloff ever said so? A cover up about Jeremy having a broken foot?

Do you think it's gossip about Jeremy and fans? It's more than gossip that Jeremy did rarely respond to fans on the internet like Natalie suggested. You can look on Matt Roloffs message board and see Jeremy give an excuse that he rarely uses computers. Do you think that's gossip that Jeremy said that?

I think what Z is saying sounds on the money. It's consistent with somebody, Jeremy, that would give a ridiculous excuse like 'I don't use computers much' or "I'm too busy" when fans were complaining he ignores them. I can believe that the real reason was because Jeremy thinks fans are a big fat pain and that's why Jeremy was giving bad excuses and that's why there are a lot of Jeremy fans that testified they never heard back from Jeremy (except to be insulted by him or his friends) but not many ever say Jeremy answered them. It's Natalie that introduced the whole subject of asking Jeremy directly. Other people are just saying truth, that it's stupid to suggest because the Jer Bear has a bad reputation with his fans.

It's not pure gossip when people say that the soon to be 21 year old Jeremy doesn't speak without an adult around. The only time Jeremy has ever answered questions like this is the one time Matt arranged on his site with his questions with his people edited by his staff or today with Amy.

Maybe Natalie knows Jeremy and out of frustration for having a different opinion than a lot of people about what Jeremy said about his foot because it's well known that Jeremy doesn't have time for fans.

Christine said...

Lordes, I don't know if you meant to disagree, but we agree.

The real Jeremy doesn't talk people. What's really hilarious is that about the only time I've ever seen a fan say Jeremy was nice to them, it's been a fake Jeremy on Myspace, Facebook or Twitter.

Then you agree that Natalie was wrong to say people should contact Jeremy?

Thanks Rap. I wonder if Jeremy will ever talk for himself without Matt or Amy holding his hand.

Shadow said...

Jeremy explained: "The entire story is I injured my foot sophomore year of high school really bad. But I didn't do anything about it, so it just healed. But it healed wrong so it's really weak. So I just keep re-injuring it."

So, SIX YEARS AGO, Jeremy supposedly hurt his foot "really bad," but didn't do anything about it? WHILE he was playing high school soccer, trying out for ODP, playing club soccer, and doing all the activities (hiking, fort building, wrestling, etc.) shown on the show. And TLC had NONE of this on the show, even though it would certainly have been a good "storyline" - Jeremy hurts his foot "really badly'!! Oh no!! Will it ruin his chances of a pro soccer career? Will it keep him from attending the winter formal?

I think the real truth is in the first three words of Jeremy's statement - "The entire STORY..." Like his dad, Jeremy has come to believe that if he SAYS it, it must be true, regardless of what the actual evidence shows. And if you don't believe him, in spite of the evidence, you're just a hater...

Of course, if you DO believe him, he and Matt will be out in the barn, rolling on the floor laughing at the gullibility of some people.

But the reality is, fewer and fewer people care every day, thank goodness. Like Jer-Bear says, the farm is deserted. I couldn't care less whether he's telling the truth or not. I come to this blog for amusement, not because I care for or am interested in the Roloffs. It's like reading People magazine while you're working out.

All of this is just a desperate attempt to keep the Roloff name out there until Matt can swing another deal.

Curious George said...

Sal, I agree. I would have forgot all about the Roloffs since they're off tv if it wasn't for Spiritswander. This site makes it fun.

Brandon said...

Shadow, Excellently stated as usual.

Susan Coles said...

"Of course, if you DO believe Jeremy, he and Matt will be out in the barn, rolling on the floor laughing at the gullibility of some people."

That's precisely why neither Matt or Jeremy have character because that is what they do. They somehow think that's an acceptable to behave in life.

Austin said...

Jeremy and Matt have no respect for people. That's what the problem is.

Andrea said...

I think it's kind of sad that Jeremy had all this potential and opportunity, but when you strip away all the bull...he is going to be 21 year old living rent free off his parents, not responsible for a darned thing, with no job spending his days being lazy and playing with friends.

IMO, he wouldn't be as narrow-minded about life if he was more adventurous and moved out of his comfort zone. He would be more worldly. Instead he's comfortable being stuck in the rut of living like a child.

Jeremy was handed everything and has done nothing with it.

Linda W said...

Who pays for Jeremy's health insurance?

Alexandria said...

Zach really doesn't like being on camera again. He was like, whatever, stop talking to me, let me leave.

I think Shadow is right about Jeremy and Matt. They are so dishonest. I think they kill themselves laughing at how they play people for suckers.

The Foot Doctor said...

What category would Jeremy's foot problem be listed under?

KarmaRules said...

Jeremy has a lot of bad karma coming back to him for how badly he treats people. Life gets people like that back naturally.

Jason said...

Jeremy is a suck. Best thing Matt and Amy could do for him is kick him off the farm. He might thank them in 10 years.

JerFan10 said...

Jeremy is in the first division soccer league. I remember people like Rap making fun of him because he wasn't playing soccer. Now what do you have to say? He's playing first division mens soccer. He was better than you gave him credit for.

Scott C said...

Wow, all of these hidden Jeremy injuries. I always thought Jacob was the injury prone Roloff. Who knew it was Jeremy all along?

Bob Garza said...

Sal, I don't know if this will be posted, but I heard that Matt and Spiritswander are in cahoots. This is all a tool to promote the Roloffs and keep people talking about them because the worst thing is if people stop talking. Out of sight, out of mind. Conflict and controversy is good for the Roloffs. Matt is a mastermind like Keyser Söze.

Rap541 said...

Jerfan10 - he's playing in a non professional league. I know this might shock you, but once you're an adult, if you aren't playing pro or at the Olympics, most people consider your participation on a sports team a funny hobby, not an achievement of the ages.

Sal, Bo I would laugh if your theory was correct and then I would gleefully point out that Matt as a parent has assisted in the trashing of his kids in public for the almighty dollar.

Mind you - thats about what I expect - dangle a dollar and Matt will do just about anything - but how's that going to play with the fans who geniunely believe Matt?

If you're right, then Matt *is* a money grubbing attention seeking whore.

Rap541 said...

Heh, Matt is no Keyser Soze, but its interesting that you think comparing him to a vicious fictional criminal mastermind is a compliment.

I mean, isn't Matt supposed to be a Christian? Complimenting him for lying and manipulating with skill seems... contradictory, but hey, yay, Matt's a great scumbag liar! Matt and Keysar Soze, two peas in a pod, hurrah for being good at lying. :)

Jim Beem said...

All, I noticed in the episode about the garage sale this year that jeremy was wearing a walking boot in a few scenes. so it looks like he did break his foot even though the show never addressed it.

Jennifer said...

I love "Usual Suspects" and I love Kevin Spacey!! Time to Netflix and pop the popcorn.

Sissy said...

I heard that it is virtually impossible to find private insurance if you are a little person and if you do it costs a whole lot more.

Dawn K said...

Jeremy has a public facebook fan page that people have posted and commented on and he comments back. I have commented on it. But I wouldn't want it to become a war zone with people from here.

Expressed said...

Jim, I never noticed Jeremy in a walking boot in the garage sale episode. And I watch Jeremy very closely in all the episodes, lol.

If Jer broke his foot why the heck world would the show never have talked about it? It makes no sense.

Ashley said...

Jim Beem, you're wrong. I just watched again to be sure. Thanks for making me look for Jeremy's feet. Now I feel like one of those foot fetish people!

He was not wearing any walking boot in that episode. There is even a close up of his feet in the opening scene. Later in the episode he jumps down the stairs past Mueller to get the blue tooth gift from Amy.

When he's outside moving around the garage sale stuff with Mueller he has his red shoes on.

No walking boot.

Jim Beem said...

Look at the garage sale episode at 13:48 - 13:52 (assuming you have it on itunes). Jeremy is standing behind Amy in his red sweatshirt as Amy is looking at some videotapes on a table. Jeremy clearly has one regular shoe on and one walking boot.

Lintons Lint said...

The best part was Amy explaining why Jeremy didn't want to have class on Fridays. Because like most college students he wants to be able to come home for the weekends....uh. oh, um, ah, yeah.

That's not the real reason anyway, nevermind that Jer Bear is living at home. It's another night you can go and get smashed and not worry about going to classes the next day hungover, but Amy might be so naive about her precious Jer Bear that she probably doesn't think about that ;)

Jim Beem said...

In addition to the scene in the garage sale episode (Everything Must Go), look at the picture of Jeremy working on his BMW, posted by Spirits on May 28, 2010. His left shoe clearly does not match his right (as Expressed noted in the comments). I hypothesize he was wearing some sort of orthotic on that left foot, which was also the foot seen in the walking boot in the garage sale episode. I think the evidence is overwhelming that Jeremy did have some sort of foot problem.

Bette G said...

My son lived with us until he was 23 years old. He was in college after graduating high school and then when he graduated college he couldn't find a job. After searching for over a year he found a great job and then it was nearly another year before he moved out in 2008. This is not unusual and I wouldn't want someone calling my son a lazy bum because of this. Thousands of people are out of work right now, it is not easy to find a job even with an extensive work history, let alone finding one without a work history or just high school behind you. And even if you find a job it is not necessarily going to provide a living wage. I bet there are people here that are currently out of work or who are living with relatives to help them get by.

Lynn C said...

Jim, I just watched the iTunes episode part that you recommended. You're right. But there is something that doesn't make sense to me.

At 13:52 the white boot is clearly on Jeremy's left foot.

In the BMW picture Spirts posted, the white boot/shoe looks like it is on his right foot. I can't see his left foot in that picture, but it looks like he is wearing a normal shoe on his left foot.

When Jeremy is explaining it in Amy's video, doesn't he say it is his right foot?

Why is the boot on his left foot in the garage sale episode?

Jim, do you have any ideas why the shoe never mentioned it at all? If you've read my posts, I am very pro Roloff, but why would a reality show neglect to say one word about one of the stars injuring his foot? What's so secret? I can't think of a good reason why they would ignore that. They did a little scene about Molly having something removed from her tongue, but Jeremy breaks his foot and they never dedicate 10 seconds to it?

Very strange. If all that is true, it has me leaning to the side that producer Chris that the Roloffs love had totally lost touch with what the audience was interested in. As a viewer, I wanted to know what was going on in the Roloffs lives. It's why I watched. Jeremy breaks his foot and the producers never care to tell about it? Some reality show!

Greg said...

Well, his "broken foot" didn't stop him from hiking with Mueller all summer.

I think the show would have used it if they could.

Why is it something to hide? Did he break it after a wild night of drunken stupidity and that's why they couldn't talk about it?

I had a friend that broke his hand after punching a wall one night when he was hammered. He didn't like to talk about how it happened either...

Susan Coles said...

Betty G, Jeremy is not unable to find a job. I don't believe that for a second. We are talking about a part time job for now.

His dwarf brother found a job. It might not be the most glorious job, but I will never knock Zach for it because at least he is demonstrating work ethic.

I believe most of their friends have jobs. Jeremy could find a job if he wanted. He doesn't because he's lazy and it's more fun to be free to play every day.

The only thing Jeremy does is get paid by Matt to do chores that kids should do for their parents for free as long as they live at home.

The other factor that you're ignoring is that Matt and Amy enable Jeremy and Zach. I will allow my kids to live at home after high school BUT they will be required to have some form of employment AND they will pay rent and they will pay their own expenses.

Parents do kids no favor by doing what Matt and Amy have done for Jeremy and Zach. I think we all know that they do not pay rent and do you want to bet that Matt and Amy pay their car insurance and pay their health insurance?

Jeremy doesn't get a job because he knows he doesn't have to and it's easier to be a lazy bum around Mom and Dad's house.

The final factor that you're ignoring is that most kids that are living at home are doing so for financial reasons or because parents don't want to kick their kids out and into some bad part of town. Jeremy and Zach have money to work with. They got paid for Little People Big World. There is no reason why they could not afford to get an apartment and a job to help pay for themselves.

Instead they live at home with no expenses. In Jeremy's case, he has no job and at the very MOST goes to school 4 days a week.

That's why Jeremy deservedly gets called a lazy bum.

If that is identical to your son's situation, then I'm sorry, but yes I do think your son is a lazy bum and you're making questionable parenting choices. If that is not your son's situation, then it doesn't apply to him.

Spiritswander said...

Dawn K,

To be fair, that's a bit misleading about Jeremy's fan page. In 8 months he has posted approximately 7 times. He has responded to comments (all very complimentary) 3 times in those 8 months.

It's his choice to have a fan page and rarely use it. Although personally, I think it's more disrespectful to have a fan page and then very rarely use it -- sort of like inviting people to meet you in Siberia and while they are all there waiting, you never show up.

However, I think it's misleading to suggest that it's possible for normal fans to get answers from Jeremy himself.

Spiritswander said...

Bob Garza,

For the record, we take no directions from Matt Roloff and receive no encouragement or support from Matt :) It has been said that Matt has instructed Roloff friends and associates not to speak specifically to we are definitely not being supported by Matt.

Having said that, it's not to say that your logic regarding discussion is flawed, because it's not. In fact, when the show was in production TLC staff were quite cooperative and complimentary of our site for that reason -- even giving us special advance access to preview clips and things of that nature.

Although Matt's micro-managing ways and desire to control everybody explain his disdain for our site, I do believe he recognizes the point you're making. Say what you will about Matt, but he is savvy and he's an intelligent person or else he would have never been successful financially.

I'm not sure what you've heard, but we might expand on this in the future. The Roloff camp did once propose a partnership in promotion which would have included an interview. We accepted their deal and fulfilled our end of the promises we made (it involved doing items about Roloff charity events - nothing that made us uncomfortable from an integrity or honesty standpoint). However, the Roloff camp did not keep their word, gave an excuse and backed out without ever holding up their end. I believe it was probably a miscommunication within the Roloff camp, however it was disappointing from a moral character standpoint because if you propose a deal, the other party accepts and fulfills their end of should have the character to keep the promises that were made.

That's as close as we've been to receiving any sort of cooperation from the Roloffs.

Anyhow, we would never be so dishonest as to dupe are loyal readers to play games. As we've said many times, I don't consider us to be "anti-Roloff" at all. If we were really "anti-Roloff" the smartest thing we could do would be to stop talking about them and close the site.

The main reason why we are considered an enemy to the Roloffs by some is because we always attempt to be upfront and honest with the public about what we know to be the truth. And that truth often contradicts the image the Roloffs sometimes portray. Hence, reporting the truth makes us the "bad guys".

The most recent example of that was us reporting about Jeremy's affection for John Mark Comer's church in Portland. It's 100% true, but it has the potential to contradict Matt and Amy's diversity/acceptance speeches, so we were vilified by some for reporting that truth (by the way, Jeremy is still more than welcome to contact us and have his say if he feels we were misleading about anything we reported -- he has not).

And stay tuned, because I think there will be another example of that (discussing a truth that contradicts an image the Roloffs like to portray and won't want people to be aware of it) very shortly :)

Perhaps consider us the Anderson Cooper of Roloff reporting...'Keeping them honest' :-)

Carol said...

"Perhaps consider us the Anderson Cooper of Roloff reporting...'Keeping them honest' :-)"

Love it, Spirits!

Keeping Matt and Jeremy honest would be daunting task for anyone. I think Amy tried years ago and eventually gave up!

Cindy M said...

Lynn, you're right. Jeremy does say it is his right foot that is the problem. Why would the brace be on his left foot?

Count me in the confused group.
Natalie? Jim? Any answers? Why was Jeremy's foot injury getting the silent treatment?

I find it hard to believe that it was "too personal". It's a foot. It's not like it's something private like testicular cancer or something along those lines.

Peter said...

If Jeremy actually did break his foot and the show completely ignored it, that more than anything proves what a garbage fake show it was.

Shame on Matt and Amy for ever using the words "real" and "raw" to describe it.

Jamie said...

Spirits, this video is perfect for how Jeremy treats his fans. lol

Verbal Kint said...

All hail Keyser Soze!

Jim Beem said...

Anyone's guess is as good as mine as to why the show didn't cover the foot issue. Perhaps the injury happened off-camera, and the producers never found a good way to weave the topic into any of the remaining episodes.

Expressed said...

Jim, thanks. Wow, I forgot all about my comment on the BMW picture. Good memory Jim!

"Perhaps the injury happened off-camera, and the producers never found a good way to weave the topic into any of the remaining episodes."

I don't know why the show felt everything needed to happen on camera for them to include it. I don't think they realized that viewers weren't as stupid as they thought. We realize things happen off camera. It would have been nice to know instead of ignoring it.

When one of the kids on that Table for Twelve show got a black eye off camera, the dad just explained to the camera what happened "the other day". That way fans knew why one of the kids suddenly had a black eye. I don't know why LPBW didn't do that. It makes them seem more dishonest to ignore something like that.

Natalie, I don't see why Jeremy would feel all private about it. Considering the way he and Mueller talked about their near death experience with the out of control van, I think Jeremy would use his injury stories like badges of honor. Unless like somebody said there was some embarrassing story about how he hurt it, but I don't think so. Jeremy is active, he could hurt it a lot of ways.

Lynn is right about the changing boot and Jeremy did say it was his right foot that won't stay flat when he's doing yoga. He pointed to the outside of his right foot when he said he fractured it.

I couldn't tell if he meant the sophomore toe injury was the same foot he said he fractured about a year ago or not.

Dawn, Natalie, I gotta agree with Spirits and other people that answered. Trust me as a huge Jeremy fan, trying to get through to Jeremy is nearly impossible. I totally believe Z about Jeremy having 3000 unread messages or whatever because he purposely ignored them.

As a Jeremy fan, it was one of those things you had to accept and get over, he hated talking to fans.

My guess is he hated it because there was so much fake stuff about the show and with his image that he hated needing to pretend and if he interacted with fans he would need to be in character all the time to put on the act. It was not easy being a Jer fan trust me! His strong point wasn't showing his appreciation for fans, but like I said, you just had to get over it and let it go.

Shadow said...

"Jeremy is in the first division soccer league."

Hahahahahaha...ooohhhhh, myyyy. You obviously know NOTHING about recreational adult soccer leagues. There are no tryouts. You get a bunch of friends together and pay a registration fee. You CHOOSE which "level" you want to compete in - the "first division" usually has teams of guys who played high school and/or college soccer, but no one's checking your cred or anything. You might have a practice now and then, if everybody can get off work or out of class at the same time. The teams with money might get matching shirts made - the rest show up in "everybody wear a black t-shirt" type of outfits.

But feel free to be "impressed" if you like. Bwahahahahahaha...

Anne said...

Shadow, why must you mock Jeremy?

Kelly R said...

"Perhaps consider us the Anderson Cooper of Roloff reporting...'Keeping them honest' :-)"
Spirits, How very pompous of you. I don't think Anderson Cooper would be flattered. His reporting is based on facts, not fiction. You need to seriously revise your comparison. Think of yourself more like Borat

Rap541 said...

Anne - why must Jeremy be held up and praised for common accomplishments?

That is Shadow's point, and mine, on Jeremy's current soccer career. He didn't *try out* to join the team. The first division, at least where I live, is exactly what Shadow described - the folks who played in high school and who are looking for a more intensive game than say the co-ed family league.

Anyone who wants to play can join. There might be some peer pressure if you geniunely suck, but thats it. He's playing soccer as a hobby. Come on, take the kid down off the pedestal and stop worshipping him.

(And I hesitate to mention but with his ahem, serious foot condition that now seems to affect both his feet, his professional soccer career is as likely as Zach's)

J. Stone said...

Shadow, no one was asking anyone to be impressed. But it appears that you are feeling inferior and need to take Jeremy down a peg. We get it.

Trucker said...

Uugh, hate Amy's new "host" voice. It is so fake.

As far as Jer's foot. I believe him. He most likely suffered a stress fracture that often times does not need treatment, except rest. He was in HS at the time, and probably kept right on. If stress fractures do heal wrong, the result is horrible pain, and surgery to rebreak the bone and pin it properly. I very much believe this. He avoids it because he would be on crutches/walking boot for 6 to 8 weeks.

And Amy loses Molly immunization records!!!??? Sounds like Amy

Spiritswander said...

Kelly R,

That's the default response for people like yourself that don't like we report things that the Roloffs would rather not have discussed.

What you don't seem to realize is that by calling us liars for reporting truth, you are the ones that make whatever it is into a big issue and make it seem like an unforgivable offense.

No one, not even Matt, ever goes on record stating that "X" is a lie.

What are the things that we have reported as fact that you are claiming is fiction? Anything that might put the Roloffs in a bad light? As others have stated, while people like yourself will say that the Roloffs are not perfect, you sure are quick to decry everything and anything negative as a lie.

So what are the lies according to you? Be certain to make sure it is things that we have stated in the Article Items as fact.

That Jeremy is enthusiastic about John Mark Comer's Church and his sermons and that he recommends them to his friends? Are you claiming that is a lie? If you are so confident that we are lying that you know Jeremy personally, why don't you simply have Jeremy publicly state that he does not like John Mark's sermons, has never recommended them to friends and is not affiliated with his church in any way whatsoever? That's not going to happen because Jeremy is not that big of a liar and is not ashamed of his affection for JMC or that particular church (and his many friends that share his love for the church and JMC would certainly be shocked if Jeremy ever made that declaration). However, if you are so confident we are lying, simply have Jeremy state that it's a lie?

What else? Some of the obvious things that the Roloff camp obviously would prefer not being reported:

Amy's promotion of Focus on the Family on her AmyJRoloff website in the link section. Are you claiming that's a lie?

The obvious one is Jeremy's whole language scandal. Are you claiming Jeremy never used those slurs? Again, by deeming us liars spewing fiction, you are bringing it all up again. The whole language scandal is so far past the point of denial, however, is that what you are claiming are our lies?

That Jeremy and Zach have insulted fans and Roloff friends have been unkind to Roloff fans? Are you claiming that's a lie?

Are you considering us reporting that TLC cancelled the show as a lie? Because Matt Roloff is on video a month before the cancellation stating the show would go on "for at least two more years".

Do you think our reporting on the real time line of "Matt's collapse" used for the cliff-hanger at the end of Season 5 was incorrect?

Matt's conduct on his own website message board? He did, several times, praise people that were banned on other websites because she was so vulgar and insulting. He did personally call a female fan that proudly declared she uses derogatory terms for minority groups, continuously trashes Amy and has made it known she is ready and waiting for Matt. He did allow and thank his appointed moderator to say things such as "Words don't hurt" and people are too sensitive re: slur words which clearly contradict that rather noble message the Roloffs had promoted for years.

Do you think we were wrong when we declared the impostor twitter counts we named as fakes?

Spiritswander said...

If these are lies why not have Matt (or Jeremy for the the things that involve him, but only Matt speaks publicly for Jeremy about these types of issues so...) go on the record very clearly declaring them as lies? Why doesn't Matt say:

"Jeremy does not like John Mark Comer or his church. Anyone that says he does is lying."

"Amy never linked Focus on the Family on her website." Anyone that reports she did is lying."

"Jeremy and Zach never insulted fans. Their friends never insulted fans." Anyone that reports they did are lying.

And so on and so on. However, I doubt very much that Matt will be so bold because he will be caught in those lies.

It's much easier for people like yourself who will probably never post again, attempt to confuse well-meaning fans by making blanket statements that we are lying - yet never being specific about what -- just the default "You're lying" post.

The ironic thing about all of this is that some of those things are not necessarily "bad" depending on your opinion. The Roloffs are totally within their rights to have whatever political, social and religious views they want to support. Many people would support them. However, given their whole image and their message re: diversity speeches, it does make some of those things seem rather hypocritical (and some of those things are simply unkind and distasteful), hence why they would prefer them not be discussed or known and why certain people with an agenda respond with the default "You're lying" mantra.

Rap541 said...

Shadow, no one was asking anyone to be impressed

You're incorrect, J.Stone.

Jerfan10 said:

"Jeremy is in the first division soccer league. I remember people like Rap making fun of him because he wasn't playing soccer. Now what do you have to say? He's playing first division mens soccer. He was better than you gave him credit for"

We're clearly being told that this is an impressive accomplishment. And clearly *someone* doesn't like it pointed out that playing in a rec league isn't exactly getting Jer his due props.

You know, his props for playing soccer as a hobby? Because god knows thats an amazing accomplishment that no one else ever has or ever will manage?

Aidan said...

Although it's obvious that Jeremy's foot issue isn't THAT serious seeing as he just joined another soccer league, I figure the reason the show might not have documented it is because of LPBW editing. To the loyal observers you can tell when things have gotten pieced together for one episode from footage over months of taping. If they focused on the foot issue, one episode would feature him in a boot then a few weeks without it then it'd be back again. It'd be too much of a continuity issue.

Shadow said...

"[A foot boot would] be too much of a continuity issue."

Given Jer's amazing hair (It's short! It's long! It's buzzed! It's long again!), I wouldn't think continuity was at the top of TLC's worry list. In fact, if you watch any of their "reality" shows, you'll see endless examples that demonstrate continuity is the last thing they consider during editing, if at all.

Ashley said...

Who will be the guests this week? She's doing it from the house again. I hope they show the inside of the previa this week.

Amy or someone wrote this on her charity foundation wall.

Coffee Chat w/ Amy LIVE Friday, February 18th 11:30 - 12:30 PST from my farm. Guest, topics, discussions, fun, and Q&A with you all. Let's talk techy and a possible guest that is a part of something for a moment here in town that day. Hope that you will join me for Coffee Chat w/ Amy

Judy B said...

Obama is in Hillsboro on Friday but the Roloffs are too smart to have him on. Blech.

Expressed said...

Since it's at the house, maybe Jeremy will be on again

Justin said...

"Since it's at the house, maybe Jeremy will be on again"

Unless he is sleeping. It is a weekday afternoon for an almost part time college student with no job. Where else would he be?

Vic Rattlehead said...


People mock Jeremy's so called "excellence at soccer" because the only success he's ever had at it was playing in a very small private school league where ANYONE can show up for tryouts and get on the team so it's not that hard to be the best player on a team where EVERYONE is mediocre.

And being on a "first division" hobby soccer league team isn't anything that impressive either for the same reason as being on the "star team" that was chosen from amongst a very small number of private schools in a high school league with only 8 schools in it.

It's like some guy who races go-karts as a hobby on weekends in a local semi-competitive league thinking that he's the next Nuvolari or Schumacher just because he won a couple of friendly races, it means nothing.