Friday, February 4, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary For Feb 4 -- Molly Roloff

In this weeks Amy Roloff Coffee Chat, Molly and her friend Sarah joined Amy for most of the broadcast.

The main points that people will probably be interested in were: Molly's college plans and career interest, Jacob hates everyone, Matt and Amy took Jeremy to the Portland Art Institute and Jeremy might live in downtown Portland if he transfers there, and Matt's been really busy working on the big land project deal.

This is the recording of the coffee chat today :

We will do a summary of the main points for people that don't want to watch the whole program but don't want to miss anything.

-Molly and her friend Sarah were Amy's guests. They had the day off school, it's getting near the end of the quarter so it was a Teacher's work day.

- Molly and Sarah are travelling to Haiti for a week in March for a school mission trip. Molly is going to be in Haiti longer than Amy was there, so Molly needs to have some shots done.

-Amy was hoping Molly would do a Habitat for Humanity project with her, but Molly has a lot of tests and the SATS the next week after that.

-Molly wants to stay on the west coast for college or university. She wants to major or minor in Spanish and at the moment she kind of wants to be an accountant.

-Amy said Molly will be her one to go directly to college/university and leave the nest so she'll only have her for another year and a half.

-Jacob graduates from 8th grade in June. Jeremy and Zach turn 21 in May. Molly will graduate high school next June so Amy is kind of over-whelmed. Amy said the Empty Nester dynamic is happening, it hasn't happened yet, but she's preparing herself.

-Molly was asked how she feels about being in high school with Jacob? Molly said she would like it, but Jacob doesn't like her...Amy chimed in that Jacob likes her but Jacob is being a typical teenage boy, 14 and everything and everyone bothers him. Molly said it would be more fun if Jacob was cooler.

-Molly's friend Sarah is the one that viewers remembered from the show that was sick on the boat. Molly jokingly said Sarah loves that memory. Amy said she was such a trooper to hang in there.

-Jeremy and Zach are still at home, but they are definitely looking into options.

- Matt and Amy just went with Jeremy to explore the Portland Art Institute as a possibility to transfer his credits there (Molly added that she thinks he should do it). Amy said even though he might be at the Portland Art Institute, he might end up living downtown, just because of all the studies and the projects he'll have there. So the boys are definitely looking at where they can transfer to from PCC, some could be somewhere in Oregon or the same as Molly -- somewhere on the west coast.

-For Valentines Day, Matt has sometimes given Amy gifts, sometimes they don't give each other anything, sometimes they go out to dinner or he will bring her flowers or a card. Amy said she's a simple woman and doesn't get hung up on that stuff if it doesn't happen. If she wants flowers, she buys them herself, but Matt does do things like that.

-Rocky is good and stinky as ever, he's old and has hip problems but is doing good [I think they are all ready to scream if they get one more question about how Rocky is doing...that question gets asked every chat, about 4 times]

-Jeremy and Zach are off. Amy sometimes does stuff with Molly and Jacob, but they don't do too much as a whole family anymore because Jeremy and Zach are older now.

-Amy is going back to Michigan to visit her parents because her father had a minor surgery and that scared her that she's going to wait too long to visit.

-The next big ARCF event will be on Amy's birthday, September 17th.

-They might have a bowl-a-thon in April for her charity foundation but she has meetings to see if that will happen or not.

-Straight from Amy -- the kids DO NOT HAVE TWITTER ACCOUNTS. "Jeremy, Zachary, Molly and Jacob are not on twitter." Amy said the kids had twitter accounts a long time ago, but they were asked to be off of twitter "for whatever reason" by TLC. Amy's twitter account is through the charity foundation twitter.

-Amy said Matt doesn't use twitter which is right, but people pointed out that technically he is on twitter because he has it set up to post automatically from Facebook (but he doesn't actually use twitter)

-Amy said Matt has "tons of people working on his (internet) things" which is great, but Amy has been a bit slower getting up to speed. She's working on her website which has taken longer than she had hoped.

-Matt isn't currently building anything on the farm. He's working on projects off of the farm. "He's working on this big deal, this land project deal. He's working on this other property that is almost right next door. The cameras may be gone, but their life is still crazy, Matt is busy, Amy is busy.


Judy B said...

I rest my case about Jacob. Does anyone disagree that Molly is fair and insensible. You can listen for yourself what she says. Doesn't he sound delightful?

Good for Jeremy. I get the impression Zach is content not to do much, but Jeremy is out and about exploring his options for photography. If I was a betting woman, my money would be on Jeremy moving out first.

Greg said...

"they were asked to be off of twitter "for whatever reason" by TLC`

...yeah, because they were afraid Jeremy would say or support bigoted things or insult the fans again and offend their target audience!

Laura said...

I was surprised at Molly's comment about Jacob.

Brandon said...

Well, Jacob worships Jeremy so he can't actually be annoyed by everyone.

I don't think they realize how they sound when they talk about Jacob, but they don't mind making him sound like a terror, huh? Can he really be that bad?

lisa z said...

uggh! that whole family except for jacob has the problem. they talk like he's soooo bad but they talk about jeremy like he's a Greek God!

Kayla said...

Was it just me or did anyone else pick up that it didn't sound for sure like Molly and Jacob would be going to the same school? She answered like it was hypothetical rather than something that will happen next September. Are they not sending Jacob to Faith?

Michelle said...

It's hard to know if Jacob is

a) A truly a trouble child
b) Demonized by his family
c) A normal teenage boy

I was also expecting Molly to be a little more...loving with her words about him, but nope!

Dios Mio said...


Zack is the one with a real job who's actually earning money while Jeremy screws around with his idiot friends and goes from one flight of fancy to another while showing now desire to actually try and do something to the point that I highly doubt that he'll ever amount to much of anything in life beyond being a trust fund brat who parties all the time and fritters away his time doing nothing of any importance.

Jacob on the other hand is seriously misunderstood in that family and they are so stupid as to wounder why he acts out and can't stand being around them.

JimW said...

I hope Jeremy is serious about photography. A quick browse shows that it would cost $91,000 if he's going for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography.

Diane said...

Can't Jeremy do anything for himself? Why can't he check the PAI out himself?

Carol said...

Not a fan of Jeremy the person, but I think he should take the plunge and go to California. Start fresh with new people and begin to grow up.

Matt and Amy would still do everything for him if he was in Portland.

Susan Coles said...

It's kind of sad to see how excited Amy is (and Legitimately so) that Molly will go off to college when Jeremy and Zach are so content to stay around home with no responsibility.

Rap541 said...

So to be clear, when Molly doesn't expressly praise Jeremy for things Zach has done for her, she's a horrible person, a liar who has no appreciation for the blessed blessing of Jeremy Roloff.

When Molly makes an off hand remark about how Jake *may* react to their upcoming attendence at high school together... she's "sensible and fair"

Could the "BLESS JEREMY ALWAYS" crowd make up their mind? Or is this one of those "If molly is negative about Jeremy or Zach, she's AWFUL, and if Molly is vaguely negative about Jake in events that havent occured, SHE SPEAKS TRUTH" issues where as long as she says something the Matt and Jeremy fans like, then she's safe from the "Molly is disappointing" remarks?

So Jeremy is a go getter for being unemployed and needing mommy AND daddy to look at a college that is a local drive? Did they still need to help him wipe too? I mean, he's just four months from 21 so no wonder he needed help. Is the Golden Boy ever going to earn his accolades?

Christine said...

I find it funny that some people always praised Jeremy for supposedly being so great about the show and "willing to sacrifice" for the show, but in Amy's little chats and Matt's videos, who is the only one that hasn't bothered to stop playing with Mueller and give up a few minutes of his time?

Zach and Molly (although Zach's was really quick) showed up for Amy and Jake put in his time with Matt. No Jeremy because he's too busy sleeping and playing with friends all day.

Timothy said...

Rap, the other day people were talking about the positive affects the show had on Zach. I think this was one of the negative aspects.

Does Jeremy know how to do anything himself? Would he have done or visited anything if not for the entourage of the show?

Lynn C said...

Rap, what do YOU make of Molly's comments and reactions when the topic of Jacob was mentioned?

Amy's comments as well? Do you think Amy is lying when she says every thing and every one annoys Jacob?

I agree with Judy's comment this time, "doesn't he sound delightful"?

Kayla, that confused me too. I would have thought she would have said either "It WILL be so fun" or "I'm not looking forward to it" rather than talking about it like it's not a definite happening in about 7 months.

Lori said...

I agree with Molly, Jeremy should go for the Portland Art Institute. Get some hands on training.

I don't think it's unusual for a young person (and 20 is still young...) to seek the advice of his parents about deciding on the best route for his future.

Brandon said...

It is kind of amusing that it sounds like just about the only time Matt and Amy do something together it's to take (or drag?) the Golden Boy on a college search somewhere.

Chris said...

My question would be is Mueller going to the Portland Art Institute? Jer can't be more than 10 minutes away from Mueller at all times. Thank God for iPhones or they would die.

Christy said...

Matt must be pulling some strings for Jeremy at the Portland Art Institute. Where ever he ends up, Matt will have his fingerprints all over it.

Jeremy is a jerk. A stuck up arrogant sob if he was a nicer person I would hope for his success, but he's so full of himself and a plain ol jerk.

Karen D said...

I agree with Amy when she says she feels like she should visit her parents before its too late. Those are the things people regret. I'm glad she's not waiting any longer.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - btw Amy and Molly's comments also remind me of this conversation I had with some coworkers over drinks on how their teenagers were annoyed and irritated with everything they did. Considering there were about ten of us that night at Chilis, and only two of us didn't have kids, and everyone else was nodding and telling stories of how their own kids went thru that phase... Gosh I dunno, it sounds like pretty normal teenage behavior.

Care to explain how its not? I mean, you and Judy B seem to think this is indicative of serious mental issues and also that it is VERY unusual for a 14 year old to be disagreeable so since you have such issues with MY opinion, perhaps its time you justified your own instead of whining "well, its my opinion he's a horrible person and MY opinion needs no justification!"

Mind you - I know you will fall back on whining that I am unreasonable etc etc etc and will continue to insist ragging on a kid aged 8-14 and justifying the same behavior in his older brother with excuses isn't hypocritical, so I will leave you with this.

If this was one of your friends describing their son and daughter, would you find anything horrible or ominous or even unusual about any of this?

Counterfeit God said...

The only reason Jeremy ever succeeds at anything is because of daddy's nepotism.

When Matt involves himself in Jeremy's affairs somehow this undeserving spoiled brat who has never done anything for himself suddenly finds himself getting offers of education from locally known and pricey education institutes like PAI.

Opportunities that should go to more deserving and qualified people instead go to someone who doesn't deserve them because daddy has money and uses it to influence people so he can get his way.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - Honestly - I think of how my sister, who I had and continue to have a great relationship with, told me the day I entered the high school as a freshman that it was her senior year and I was NOT to impinge on her good times with pals. I also remember being horrified and embarrassed at being in classes with my sister.

Crazy huh? How Molly and Jake seem to have similar average high schooler views?

Oh did I mention that my parents didn't consider my awkward embarrassment to be a sign I was mentally disturbed? And they didn't consider my sister's dislike of having her little sister hang around a sign that she was somehow making a value statement on my worth as a human being?

As for agreeing with Judy B - yeah, I believe Judy was the one talking about how Jake must've been the instigator in the "fan assault" which is why his parents "kept him caged away" from fans at pumpkin time and then when it was pointed out that the fan assault incident was actually involving *Jeremy* and Zach, well well well... someone didn't rescind their delightful public comments about a ten year old child now did they?

So if you want to play the "I think it is my moral duty" card with Judy B then so be it.

Lynn C said...

Rap. you are unreasonable and it is impossible to have a civil, adult discussion with you because of your hyperbole, taking things out of context and putting words in people's mouths.

Matt and Amy make public comments about their family. People have opinions on those comments. You're entitled to have your own and agree or disagree. I agree with many of their comments. By the way, I do discuss with my family and other friends, what I think when my friend tells us all the problems her daughter is causing her.

As I recall, both Molly and Jeremy & Zach said they thought it was cool when Molly was joining their high school. I don't recall Jeremy or Zach saying it would be fun "if Molly was cooler" or anybody saying that it won't be fun because Molly hates Jeremy and Zach.

Jacob is 14. Jeremy and Zach were 15 when the show started. I don't recall any Roloffs saying that Jeremy or Zach were annoyed by every thing or everybody. Especially Jeremy because it is my opinion that he is the most pleasant of the kids because he takes after Matt the most.

Dana said...

Counterfeit, You sound like you applied and were turned away and you're jealous of Jeremy's opportunity.

Some of us, like Matt himself, always had complete confidence in Jeremy's talents and that he will lead a successful life filled with happiness. It sounds to me like whenever one of those opportunities for Jeremy is mentioned, some people feel that they must diminish Jeremy's possible affiliation with it by either knocking the Institute or smearing Jeremy by saying it's only because of Matt. Matt is a great father and Jeremy is blessed to have parents that care about his future, but their caring doesn't diminish Jeremy's interest in different career paths in any way whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Portland Art Institute is a for profit school. 'nuff said.

Rap541 said...

Oh Dana!

You sound like you applied and were turned away and you're jealous of Jeremy's opportunity.

You've made a riduculous statement. What on earth makes you think this? Don't hide behind " I have an opinion and I don't have to provide ANY facts!" - something about what Cuonterfeit prompted you to suggest he/she was a failed a student. Spell out why, please, or admit you're just maligning an anonymous poster you can't possibly know.

Btw when will Jeremy need to actually do more than be an unemployed slacker? I mean he's already obviously turned down Brooks, and no one is making noise about Jeremy *graduating* from community college despite how normal students who have 1 and half years under their belts would be looking to get their associates degree.... In case you fail to understand the implications, Jeremy is behind the curve at community college if he's NOT getting an associates degree soon.

When exactly will Jeremy be accomplishing anything? I mean, you insist we'll all be shown how he's so special and accomplished.... He's almost 21 and he's still behind. When will he show us all how wrong we are?

Rap541 said...

Lynn - so indeed - you resort to namecalling and insulting me. I answered your question - I find it normal that a teen entering senior year isn't entranced with her sibling entering high school at the same year and vice versa.

I notice that you demand I "prove" my opinions and demand answers to your questions...but bless us all, Lynn has an OPINION and that is NOT to be questioned. So spare me the "you're unreasonable and uncivil" - I am not namecalling you, I am treating you as you treat me. If thats unreasonable and uncivil then maybe you need to be telling Jesus your sins.

I asked before and you are refusing to answer - if it wasn't "Molly and Jake Roloff" - would you find the dynamic described about a high school junior and an eighth grader not being being entirely happy about the upcoming year unusual to the point that you would suggest the eighth grader had serious mental issues to his parents?

Lynn C said...

Rap, this is exactly what I'm talking about. It's impossible to have a real conversation with you. A person can either ignore you or play along and go on for ages repeating what they said and denying all of your hyperbole.

This will be my last post to you.

"I asked before and you are refusing to answer - if it wasn't "Molly and Jake Roloff" - would you find the dynamic described about a high school junior and an eighth grader not being being entirely happy about the upcoming year unusual to the point that you would suggest the eighth grader had serious mental issues to his parents?"

This is exactly what I'm talking about. Look at my comment. Nowhere did I say Jacob had serious mental issues.

Molly said Jacob hates her. Amy said no he doesn't, but every thing and everybody annoys Jacob. Judy commented "Doesn't he sound delightful." I agreed with that comment.

Here you are going on implying that I said Jacob has mental health issues.

Also, it is your opinion that Molly's answer was typical. I don't agree. Molly didn't feel the same way when she was the younger sibling entering the high school. Jeremy and Zach didn't make similar comments when they were the older siblings with their younger sibling joining their high school. If I recall correctly, they all said it was cool attending together.

Katie said...

What's wrong with a profit school? Aren't all schools/colleges/universities about making money, hence why they are so expensive!!!

Anonymous said...

For profit schools accept anyone. They make money wether the student completes the course or not.

You pay money and you pass. No oone cares if you learn because they already jabe your money

Rap541 said...

Molly said Jacob hates her. Amy said no he doesn't, but every thing and everybody annoys Jacob. Judy commented "Doesn't he sound delightful." I agreed with that comment.

Here you are going on implying that I said Jacob has mental health issues

To be fair, Lynn, what ARE you implying?

Please spell it out as you are insisting your comments do NOT imply you think something is mentally wrong with Jake Roloff.

I know, you're whining I am puting words in your mouth. So please clarify your words. What did you mean here? You're already on record declaring I am wrong to think you think Jake has mental health issues so.... your problem with Jake is?

Sara said...

You know, the Roloff's aren't my fav family, and I do think being on TV went to their head. But truly, I think Jacob is ok. I think he had to fight his way for attention, not literally, but acting out sometimes. He looked up to his brother and wanted to spend time with him and pouted when he didn't get his way. He has teenage angst, and as far as I can tell, Matt is spending more time with his 14 year old son then some Dad's do. I think Jacob is right on track. I really don't give a rip out the twin's and I think Molly will be just fine. I don't understand why people get so fired up about this family that isn't on TV anymore.

Counterfeit God said...


Do you even know what the word nepotism actually means?

Because I can give you the definition right now.

nepotism (ˈnɛpəˌtɪzəm)

— n
favouritism shown to relatives or close friends by those with power or influence.


Favoritism granted to relatives or close friends, without regard to their merit. Nepotism usually takes the form of employing relatives appointing them to high office or providing undeserved opportunities to a close family member.

[C17: from Italian nepotismo, from nepote nephew , from the former papal practice of granting special favours to nephews or other relatives]


— adj


— adj


I think that this describes what Matt does with Jeremy in regards to getting him undeserved opportunities.

Jackie said...

I heard Matt Roloff went to the emergency room yesterday. Anyone have details?

Ashley said...

Jackie, Where did you hear that?

I doubt it.

Amy is in Michigan with her parents. She just posted pictures of her playing in the snow. You'd think if Matt was in the emergency room one of the kids might have text her and she wouldn't be posting about having so much fun.

Brandon said...

What is Matt up to? More health publicity by blowing something out of proportion again?

Be prepared for the "Matt Roloff had a heart attack and died" rumors to start so he will make it into TMZ again :)

Judy B said...

Jackie, where did you hear that?

I hope not. I will say a prayer for Matt just in case. May God Bless Matt.

Jan said...

Jackie, stop spreading false rumors. It's not funny or cute.

If something was wrong with Matt, Amy would say. Instead she's posting about the snow and chatting with fans on her fan page.

David said...

Matt's health would be better if he let go of some of that anger that surges underneath the surface.

A1 said...

Matt is fine...

Timothy said...

Well, I don't wish anything bad on Matt health wise. Having said that, history teaches us if it's true it was probably something minor and it's not unlike Matt to exaggerate for sympathy points.

Lynn C said...

If it's true, it must be scary for the kids given what happened to Mike.

Nancy said...

Get well Matt. I hope everything is o.k

Lisa said...

What happened, chest pains? Matt doesn't like he hospitals, he wouldn't go if it didn't have the potential to be something significant.

Take care of yourself Matt.

Burr Dee said...

I think its hilarious when people ask what Jeremy and Zach have been up to?

They've been doing the same thing they've done for the last 15 years of their lives. Hanging out goofing around with exactly the same buds they were playing with 15 years ago.

Until Matt or Amy puts their foot down making them responsible for something in their own lives nothing is going to change.

A7 said...

Rap- What "fan attack"?

Greg said...

A7, Rap means that Matt said there was an incident at an amusement park with Jacob and fans and that it got physical and scared Jacob.

When Amy was asked about it, it turns out the incident was about Jeremy and Zach vs fans.

Amy said it was a while ago, they were at an amusement park with the crew to film. Fans asked Jeremy and Zach for an autograph or a picture and they refused. Amy said the assistant producer intervened and the fan pushed him.

My speculation on what really happened without hearing the other (fans) side of the story based on the words Amy used to describe it like "Jeremy and Zach didn't know how to deal with fans" and 'Jeremy and Zach didn't feel they had to talk to fans when they were there to film' combined with the fact that it was around the time that Jer and Zach were on Myspace telling friends that fans sucked the unsuckable, that Matt told them to be nice to fans but Jeremy didn't care and Zach saying that he and Jeremy were planning on telling fans to F*@& off at the TLC beach party, makes me think that fans asked Jeremy and Zach for a picture and the twins were mouthy brats. The fans probably didn't take kindly to being mouthed off at and the crew jumped in to defend the pampered stars of the show.

Anyway, Rap's point is that when Judy (who likes Jeremy and doesn't like Jacob) thought the incident was between Jacob and a fan she said Jacob was probably rude and that could be the reason why they keep him away from fans at pumpkin season. When it came out that the incident was about Jeremy and Zach, Judy didn't say anything similar.